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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 7, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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pocket or by doing some kind of work. >> she filed a false report. this time i think she needs to face the consequences of her actions. >> thank you for responding. we'll see you tomorrow morning on 5:00 a.m. >> "fox and friends" starts now. good morning to you. today is thursday, may 7th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. at least 30 twisters tearing through tornado alley creating a path of destruction and ripping apart home after home. >> mike, we have a roof that just flew through the air here. i don't know where it came from. >> look at that. and a huge scare, a tiger safari was in the middle of the twister's path. why residents had to lock their doors. it is terrible. she exercised her right to free speech. here's what the radical islamics think should happen to her next.
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>> she should be put before sharia court. she should face capital punishment. >> the organizer of that contest coming face to face with one of the people that would like to see her head chop said off. pretty boy tom brady caught lying. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing of any -- yeah, i'm very comfortable saying that. >> really? the bombshell deflate gate that have calling for him to be sidelined. we'll discuss all that. i read the report. mornings are better with friends. welcome aboard live to studio e here on -- what is this? today is may 7th.
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may 7th? it's my friend todd's birthday. the reason i mention is he a has the same birthday as that guy. >> thank you very much. to celebrate i have a 230 page report to read on deflate gate. >> we thought that would be coming in time for you. it's a fiery talk going on right now. >> we'll talk about deflate gate. we made that our third talking point. ff we start with it we won't get to anything else. >> nasty storms slamming the central plains overnight. spawning dozens of tornados leaving behind a path of destruction and injuring at least 12 people. >> we have -- we have a roof that just flew through the air here, i don't know where it came
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from. >> oh, boy. >> a twister hitting north of wichita, kansas, sending roofs flying through the air. the oklahoma city area hit the hardest. tornados toppling buildings and shredding a trailer park to pieces. at least 12 people were hurt. >> an animal safari park was damaged. a number of animals were believed to have been on the loose probably when they got out of their fences. thankfully this morning, apparently all are accounted for. the storm dumped several inches of rain within hours, straining drivers and turning roads into rivers. oklahoma city declaring an emergency. 30 tornados were reported across kansas, oklahoma, nebraska and texas. some severe weather is expected today across the midwest as well. it was a wild storm that came up. my sister in kansas and i were talking about it all night long.
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>> that's where you grew up. >> yep, tornado alley. three minutes to the top of the hour. nobody is escaping what happened on sunday in garland, texas. it was a prize for sketching the best muhammad cartoon. that ended up being something that had everyone thinking about security. two islamists from arizona came to texas. thankfully they were stopped at the perimeter. the big debate is should they have had the conference and how big is isis in our country. the fbi is trying to find out if there was an isis connection or inspiration. the debate is raging here on free speech. >> particularly because isis posted something tuesday, it was a chilling post saying they wanted pamela geller, the organizer of that event dead.
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that they wanted her slaughter. they said had 71 trainred soldiers in 15 states ready to fight. the question you just alluded to should this event have taken place. in this nation our freedom of speech is protected. if it's subjectively offensive to some -- >> like the westboro baptist church. >> it is still protected by our constitution. when you hear from the mouth of someone they want pamela geller dead it makes your head stop for a beat. hannity had this exchange with an imam. >> do you support this deaths threat against pam gelper because she ran a free speech rally drawing cartoons of your prophet. >> we're not talking about mickey mouse, you're talking about people who
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competition to -- >> to make cartoons. >> if you saw the cartoons that charl charlie hebdo drew -- >> she should be put before sharia court and tried and if found guilty she should face capital punishment. >> how many times in the last couple of years have we heard it is clear in the koran that islam -- this was actually started by the taliban in 2001. >> even the no kites, no music people. >> those same geniuses started that. pamela geller, she lives here in new york city, apparently the new york city police is looking
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at what threat there is to her and take the appropriate actions. what she says is protected. that is the way it works here. not where the imam is from, but the way it works here. hillary clinton, the way it works when a politician says they want to be president, hillary clinton took five so far. she sent her daughter and husband out to answer her questions about her days as secretary of state. the book that came out called "clinton cash." a lot of people are fed up with it as she heads to hollywood to get money. >> she has three fund raisers to attend there. big money coming her way. she's on day 26 of campaigning she's only answered seven questions. >> about three and a half question as day? "the new york times" is trying to present themselves as fair and balanced which is pretty funny. they started something in their
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first draft section where they have started asking questions of hillary, even though she wasn't answer them. so the question they started with yesterday was a question about something she has been talking about, which is immigration. >> that's right. this is a first hypothetical. president obama said his executive action on immigration went as far as the law would allow. you say you would go further than he did. how can you go past that? >> even jon stewart called that pandering. we'll give you the questions and the questions are valid. the bottom line this is "the new york times" having a public questionnaire giving to hillary clinton because they are frustrated. they're trying to point out how inadequate her question and answers have been so far should she -- >> how can you claim to be close to the heart beat of americans when you're not answering questions for "the new york times." they have to put a whole section out there of hypotheticals because you won't answer them.
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>> "the new york times" wants hillary clinton to win, if not her, a democrat. the last person they want to win is a republican. they're putting this out here, hey, she should answer them because "new york times" is on their team. what question would you, if you were running "the new york times," ask of hillary? if you were fair and balanced, this is one of the one i would asked. when you accept what looked like bribes from foreign governments, didn't you think that would look bad? that's my question. >> twitter and e-mail here at "fox and friends." >> who wants to toss to heather? >> i will -- >> go ahead it's your birthday. >> here's heather with the news. thanks. a lot of people have bought things through craigslist. we have an all too familiar story to bring you. an arrest has been made in the murder of a college student who vanished after trying to sell his car on craigslist.
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police in st. louis say this 19-year-old killed taylor clark on his lunch break. he had contacted him online through an ad about selling a car. they met up at a trucking company. clark's body was found in a shallow grave. witness to michael brown's shooting in missouri. it's the same guy that was when brown earlier that day. he was with a group of people that were reportedly armed last night. just a few days ago, johnson filed a lawsuit against the city of ferguson for targeting him without probable cause. chilling footage shows the moment a low flying airplane buzzes and almost takes out a fishing boat. take a look. it makes you duck when you watch this video. here is another look. the boaters were part of a
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fishing festival in argentina when a plane from a nearby air show swooped down and it missed their heads by just a few inches. unbelievable. look at that. if they were here in the united states they would get in a lot of trouble for that. >> great balls of liar and nfl probe has brady by the deflatables. >> the report is finally due. we're talking about -- deflate gate where the quarterback of the patriots was accused of being behind having two equipment people take air pressure out of the footballs to make it easier to throw according to tom brady. he likeatize a certain way. he said had nothing to do it. in starts the probe, out come the text messages. man, does he look guilty. >> he sure dead. the attorney hired by the nfl the conclusion
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it is more probable than not that air was released. it is more likely than that that tom brady was aware of it. >> he put these two people up to it. >> he sure did. >> we'll be the equipment assistant and the locker room attendant. you be -- >> he says. >> tom is acting crazy about balls. >> then mcnaly says, tom bleeps i'm going to make that ball a bleeping balloon. >> he brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. >> the only thing deflating son is his passing rating. according to the nfl report, they cheated. >> here's the thing -- >> is anything going to happen to them? they already won the superbowl. >> when you see the communication increase around the time of january 19th, 20th
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and 21st. that's when the phone was actually taken, you understand that -- first of all, he hadn't been invited to the quarterback room ever, right? he goes to the quarterback room on january 20th and 21st and 19th there were a ton of calls made over 45 minutes at one point when they're talking. they hadn't talked by phone in six months. >> let me get this real quick, tom brady was giving the guy sneakers and autographs to get this thing done. he did not make his e-mails and text messages available. the guy who is called the deflater, he calls himself that. case solved. jim mcnaly was not allowed to get reinterviewed afterwards. i feel bad for the fans and bob kraft. >> bob kraft still believes natural causes had to do with the pressure. anyway, what do you think, e-mail us he's one of the few world
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fundamental problem, extremist islamic terror. what they represent is the perversion of a major religion. and not its true adherents. they are fanatics who have attached themselves to a death cult. >> the uk election could leave another party in charge. thanks for being here, daniel. >> good morning. >> what would it mean to see a different government step in and cameron out? we heard his strong stance on terror. >> well, we're a long way away from that. we've still got near later 11 hours to vote. i'm hoping my party stays in office. we'll see what happens. i think it is fair to say that david cameron has taken a very strong line. you heard it there. he recognizes the value of main stream islam in britain. he distinguished between the
3:19 am
main stream modern adherence to the faith and these young jihadists who are blaspheming their own religion and threatening the western world. you compare that to the alternative, the labor leader is he wants a law against islam ophobia. the one thing we don't need at the moment is further restrictions on free speech. we've had enough of that. >> we're dealing with that right here in the united states. you say 11 hours is a long time. to many that's not enough time. if a coalition does actually make its way into your government, what does it mean globally? for americans, why should americans care if this should happen? >> in your country, as in mine, you have to be solvent to have an effective foreign policy.
3:20 am
i'm proud that our two countries have stood together for freedom. today is the 70's anniversary of the defeat of the german army in europe. it was the moment when the english speaking people trium triumphed and when our system which elevates the individual over the collective was victorious over tearny. if you're a bankrupt country, that limits your freedom of maneuver. so just as the u.s. can hardly fail to have been weakened by the extensive federal debt, so i think the main difference that would come under a labor government would be the economic one. we've had five years of strong recovery in this country. we have been the envy of europe. we're the fastest growing economy in the world. we've created more jobs here than 27 other eu states put together. if you jeopardize that there is bound to be a knock on foreign
3:21 am
policy. >> thanks for being with hus. >> thank you. now this, a professor fails his student because she wouldn't condemn her christian faith. that 16-year-old girl not giving up without a fight. she's next. appears buster's been busy.
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witanywhere on any can manage your account anytime,
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just sign into my account to pay bills, manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at a florida professor using his platform in the class room to condemn the christian faith. one question asking why did christianity and its male gods seek to silence women. another said that criticizing christianity saying it's one of the most violent religions.
3:25 am
our next guest challenged the professor and got failing grades for it. grace lewis and her attorney is joining us from florida today. >> good morning. >> all right. we should point out, grace, you are 16 years old. you're still in high school. and you were taking a virtual class over the computer. with this professor of humanities, a fellow by the name of lance russem. at what point did you realize that this professor was anti-religious in the way he was presenting his humanity? >> it began in the very beginning of the course. within week one when he gave us a taste of his believes when he said all religions came from the same source. human imagination. then it become evidently clear in week four as the essay questions became more opini opinionat opinionated. and near the end, week 11, 12,
3:26 am
13, 14 i was given zeros for not agree ing with him. >> you were being punished because your point of view was different than his? >> yes. yes, sir. >> we looked for a picture of this professor, but we couldn't find one. however, we did find an image on his facebook page. and this tells you a little something about him. that is an image of jesus and we have blurred out the fact that jesus is flipping the bird right there. matthew, at what point did you get involved in this case? >> grace and her family contacted us after she got not one, not two, but four zeros. she is a 3.9 gpa. she's very intelligent. she was being belittled because this person is a militant atheist intent on destroying her faith. he hasn't done it to her, he's done it to others as well.
3:27 am
a recent student who has been part of his class. he required students to make journals. s when grace and her family were not able to resolve these zeros, then they got involved with us. and we communicated to the dean and to others and to him. and thus far, the dean has not taken remedial action. to remedy this out of control professor. >> i tell you what, we got a statement from polk university. they wrote us last night. they say this accusation and baseless without merit and lacking factual support. grace, after you got a lawyer involved, and after you got four zeros in a row, your grades suddenly got better after you complained to the administration, didn't they? >> yes, sir, it did. >> why do you think that is? >> i think it's because possibly
3:28 am
that they might know that something's up. that they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing. al. >> right. when he took you aside and you said -- he said you got to drop the class. you thought about it but you decided to fight, why? >> because students shouldn't be afraid to believe in faith. and dropping a class would have been good for me, but it wouldn't have been good for the students coming behind me. a lot of people ask why didn't i just appeal the grade. again, it's about the students that are coming before me that are going to have to go through this. and this is not what education should be. >> i agree. matthew, what do you want from the school? >> we want the school to go back and grade those, certainly you don't have an f on this particular assignment. i've read the assignments. i've been a dean and professor of law. this is a very high level response by her.
3:29 am
what i think they need to do is they need to go back with and they need to address this professor. he is proselytizing militant atheism. on his e-mail he says adolph hitler was not violent enough. they need to address this professor. whether he's qualified or not is another issue. >> to get four zeros in a row is extraordinary. we thank you very much for joining us live. keep us posts on what happened to that professor down there at polk state. what do you think about that? e-mail us. straight ahead the mainstream media already counting him out. dr. ben carson says he has what it takes to be our next president. ben carson here live to make that case to you. then, forget wishing you had a six pack abs like brian and me
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♪ wow that's my 5-year-old birthday. it seems like yesterday. it's a nice hat i had. >> that was so sweet. >> if you're just joining us, today, may 7th which we celebrate here in new york city as brian kilmeade tribute day. >> it's trending. >> look at you, you got --
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>> it was hard getting him to sit next to me. >> you are waiting patiently for your cake. >> the less you want to emphasize your birthday when you get older. >> so true. you love to celebrate it with your children. then, you know -- >> yeah. >> we've moved on. in fact, we have moved on. >> in what respect? >> remember the days when we used to work out at the gym for the perfect body? that ship has sailed. now because online, apparently women really like dad bods. >> it's trending. >> that's a dad bod. >> here's what the the dad bod says to people. it's a clemson university sophomore. she loves dad bods. i go to the gym occasionally but drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy a slice of pizza from
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time to time. girls tend to picture their time together with dads early on. if they have a dad bod going on, we can get used to it. we know what we're getting into when he's got the exact age of 22 that he's going to have in 45. there's security in the dad bod. >> women are saying i don't want to work out all the time. >> he's not going to be crazy about it. >> it's easier to cuddle. >> they say we don't want a guy -- >> that is a hairy guy. >> -- insecure about our body. we don't need a perfectly sculptsed guy sitting next to us. >> it's -- they call it not quite muscular but not all quite beer gut. >> he night go to the gym but he definitely eats pizza on the weekends. >> judge me. >> i don't have a six pack, it's a keg.
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now i'm in vogue. >> they want to have the mom bod trending. >> heather you want to jump in here. it takes pressure off the woman if the guy is not in that shape. >> i get it. >> if you're not in very good shape at 22 it could get ugly by 42. >> aren't we under enough prers already? >> most of the pressure is coming from within. don't we drive on pressure? >> no. be happy. >> who wants to ruin a relationship. i like the dad bod. >> you don't want people to look at sears and say you have good bodies. you could tell these people wear sometimes tight t-shirts. you want people to go up to you and say you have two average bodies?
3:37 am
wouldn't you rather have people walk up to you and say great physiq physique. >> oh, my. >> that's what the dad bod is trending. >> take your shirt off and send us your picture. >> send us your dad bods. >> don't! we're talking about men only. >> yes. >> elizabeth hasselbeand i woulo see the pictures. >> be proud of your dad bod. >> the hairier the better. >> it's a sign of selflessness for a guy that isn't letting is go but isn't serious about his physique. veterans out there do, and they get a pass on that one. i have a story about something that happened in florida. and it's a serious story. there was a veterans battlefield cross statue in florida. we've all seen those. this one was destroyed more than a month ago. now we are learning there may be a new break in the case. a piece of a memorial in the town of margate was stolen.
3:38 am
residents and veterans alike were saddened and outraged by this. >> it's the most disgusting thing i've ever seen. >> it's unbelievable. that somebody would do something like this. >> no kidding. now, a piece of that statue has turned up in a ft. lauderdale scrapyard. police believe the person who sold that statue to the scrapyard is not the actual vandal. police are now seeking the public's help in that case. this morning, we are getting brand new details about the murder of a new york city police officer. it turns out that the gun was used to shoot and kill officer brian moore was stolen years ago from a pawnshop in georgia. this surveillance video from 2011 shows a thief swiping 11 guns from a pawnshop outside macon, georgia. ten of those guns have been recovered. nine of them were found on the streets of new york. a 3 d gunmaker is now
3:39 am
challenging the feds to a constitutional dual. cody wilson was a creator of the first 3 d printable gun. he's filing a lawsuit against the government. the state department came after wilson accusing him of violating regulations after he released the gun plans online. he claims the state department violated his rights. no comment from the feds yet. those are your headlines. i'll see you back in a half an hour. fans love it, critics love it. outlander is back after a seven month long wait. we can't wait. >> desperate times call for desperate measures. >> we're step into the fox light with fox vice president of marketing michael tammero who talked to the cast of the time traveling show. >> the so-called drought lander is over. the book turned into serious is must see tv. there's a few more episodes to go before the finale.
3:40 am
i sat down with the cast to see where this action love story is going to go. >> how would you describe the show? >> it's hard to describe. probably the hardest question that people ask. you know, it's a historical drama with some fantasy. and at the heart of it, a beautiful love story. >> you are my own love. >> they're great stories, great characters. you think it will be one thing, you find out about this character and it's not as black and white as it may seem. >> a scottish warrior and mysterious medicine woman. >> you realize speaking of secrets, gale has a lot of secrets herself. there's a rich pallet of colors,
3:41 am
which is fascinating to watch, mostly really fun to play. >> tell me now at this time i want the truth. why are you here? >> is it true we find her in prison in the next half? >> she ends up in the clutches of some very rabid village people. not the bands. >> and finally, we get to the bottom of the most important question. how comfortable is that kilt? >> it's supercomfortable. it's the most comfortable clothing i've ever worn. >> i'll have to try it when i get home. >> always asking the hard questions. >> i was going to wear my kilt this morning, but with a name of tammero it didn't make sense. catch them saturday nights on starz. follow me @foxlight. >> do some binge viewing.
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>> 19 minutes before the top of the hour. he tossed his hat into ring for president. up next the three things you did not know about dr. ben carson when he joins us live. >> excellent. tornados tearing through the plain states leaving communities in pieces. we're live on the ground surveying the damage. next on "fox and friends." across america, people are taking charge oftheir t. ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills, and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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yourfull of advice.lways usually bad. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. the e series. legendary quality. unexpected low price. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. the field of republican presidential candidates growing this week with three new hopefuls throwing their hats into the ring. >> a new quinnipiac poll shows wisconsin governor scott walker is leading the pack among likely iowa caucus. trailing is ben carson. >> joining us is dr. ben carson who announced his candidacy. i know you were in dallas to see
3:46 am
your mother who is not feeling well. how is she? >> she's in the end stages of alzheimer's. she did eat something yesterday for the first time in a few days. you know, a little bright spot there. >> absolutely. well, our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you and your family as well. it's mainly been a tough week, but it's an exciting week because you want to be the next president of the united states. >> i certainly have thrown my hat into the ring. and am willing to work hard along with others to see if we can change the course of the nation. as i travel around, there is so many people who are direly concerned about what is happening to our nation. it seems to be changing at a very rapid pace. we have to worry about our children and our grandchildren and their future. so, yes. >> absolutely. dr. carson, it's said that you're set to be meeting with leaders in baltimore today with faith and community leaders there. what message is missing there that you hope to bring?
3:47 am
>> well, i think one of the key messages is that we have to recognize that we're all in the same boat. and to those of us who were in the nicer part of the boat, have to understand what's going on with those who are not in a nice part. and perhaps learn how to invest in them. because that's an investment that can pay a lot in the long run. i'm not talking about government programs where we throw money at people. i'm talking about developing relationships. that's another thing that's going to help tremendously with police community problems. if we get the police in there early on so that when little johnny encountered a policemen for the first time, it's a pleasant encounter and he develops a different impression of who the police are. because, in fact, if you stop and think about it, what would our communities be like if there were no police? >> yeah. >> total chaos. >> i don't really know what the mayor is going at still attacking police as of
3:48 am
yesterday. you go into the eye of storm in baltimore. a lot of people there will see what do you know what we went through? you know exactly what they went through. you grew up in extreme poverty t. how do you expect to get the message across? >> i will tell some of my experiences growing up. i spent a lot of time in emergency rooms in baltimore. seeing some of the carnage that is there. we need to talk, not so much about who causes all this, but, rather, what can we do to stop it? what can we do to empower people? what can we do to bring business and industry back into the area so that people have hope again? you know, we have seen a change, but we've seen a lot of hope lost. and we want to bring it back in the other direction. we all have to work together to do that. >> this week you are rolling out your presidential campaign. we have three facts about your faith a lot of people don't realize. you were twice baptized
3:49 am
seventh-day adventist. you prayed before you start surgery. you believe that christians have a responsibility to look out for the poor in a way that uplifts them. back up to number two. you probably performed thousands of surgeries. and before every one you prayed? >> absolutely. because i believe that god is the source of all wisdom. and, you know, he is a very important part of my life. and has never failed me. >> quick question, do you think it's harder to go from your dire circumstances as a child to neurosurgeon or will it be harder to go from neurosurgeon to president? >> my life has been full of things that looked impossible. i could write a whole book on things people said that couldn't be done that were done. i say it can't be done until somebody does it. >> it ain't brain surgery. >> could be the prescription that this nation needs, dr. ben
3:50 am
carson. thank you for your time today. our prayers are with your mom as well. >> thank you so much. >> we'll see you in the studio. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. tom brady caught in a lie. the bombshell deflate gate report that have some calling for brady to be sidelined at least six games. do you read bedtime stories to your children? one professor says if you do that you're not being fair to the unfortunate kids. how does that work? plug in the tv or the x box. ♪
3:51 am
when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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3:53 am
3:54 am
an independent investigation just released says new england patriots employees likely deflated footballs before this year's afc championship game and during the season. the league found the face of the team, quarterback tom brady, was probably aware that the rules were being broken. probably is being very nice. so what reaction should the nfl take if any? here to weigh in, nfl uniform inspector randall hill. you see the facts, 230 pages. these two equipment people were working together to deflate the footballs. the championship game, they have them going around to the bathroom coming out in a minute and half and admitted it. the guy was called the deflater on text messages. they got him, right? >> i would say that they do. they have probable cause. you're going to hear that a lot because of mr. wells and his background. the proper word will be probable cause. >> so what kind of penalties will the patriots pay?
3:55 am
will tom brady pay? >> well, the nfl is not going to put up with a lot of the nonsense that went on last year. they will make an example out of mr. brady and the patriots regardless of the relationship between mr. crabden and the nfl. you'll see heavy fines and penalties. maybe a six game suspension or loss of a draft pick. the nfl will defend that. >> i feel bad for the pats fans and owner. what about tom brady who told us for 45 minutes at a press conference with his wool hat on he knew nothing about it? clearly that's not true. >> the owner is going to protect his team. he has to. that's just -- how it is. and tom brady is going to probably definitely try to protect his legacy like a barry bonds or alex rodriguez. but it comes with the territory. and i'm sity. and i'm s'me that a lot of the fans would like to see him say,
3:56 am
i made a mistake. let's move forward. >> how do you feel as a player, will it play with him or against him? >> i think that it's going to probably play in the middle. because players don't really care. players believe in going out and winning games. they don't want to see other players trying to cheat or get advantages that are not part of the game. players will probably just tee off and have fun and try to pick off the balls and move forward. >> here's what stands out for me. they asked for his cell phone and text messages and e-mails and he said no. that will play into suspension wouldn't it? >> i think it would. with that being said, it's not a criminal investigation, so he doesn't necessarily have to give it up. you talk -- i'm a pure investigator, being a special agent. he doesn't have to give it up because it's still administrative at this point. >> randall hill, curious to see what happens in the next two to three days. thanks so much. coming up.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is thursday, may 7th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. >> here we go. >> at least 30 twisters tearing through tornado alley overnight. creating a path of destruction. and destroying home after home. she exercised her right to free speech. here's what the radical imam, at least one, thinks should happen to pamela geller next. >> you know what? she should be put before sharia court and tried. if found guilty she would face capital punishment. >> maybe over there, but not here in the united states. the organizer of that cartoon
4:01 am
contest in texas coming face to face with somebody who would like to see her dead. all right. and convince donald trump to stip lunch and take a walk with me down one of manhattan's busiest streets. that's what we did. it was me and the billionaire. >> you haven't seen anybody screaming i hate you trump. they love trump. because i love the country and they want what's good for the country. they know i'm the one that can do it. >> donald talks more than politics like the stories you have not heard about being a dad. let me bring this up, by the way, mornings are better with friends. a lot of people don't realize how tall donald trump is. >> he's 6'3".
4:02 am
>> that's a great question. because he has quick to -- donald trump acts like today he has -- every day he wakes up with mow money. the first thing he said did you see my hand bags. >> i have her shoes on today. >> really? what's she going to wear. >> you're funny on your birthday. >> it's his birthday. >> right. >> we'll talk more about that a little later on. let's start with an extreme weather alert for this wednesday. it's a -- thursday that is. a brutal day in the midwest after 30 separate tornados touched down in four different states. look at this. >> here we go. >> down in oklahoma. the oklahoma city area hit the hardest. tornados toppling buildings shredding trailer parks to pieces. at least 12 people were hurt. >> scary moments in a small town southwest of oklahoma city after a twitterer damages a safari
4:03 am
animal park. officials scrambling to find the tigers telling residents to stay indoors. no one was hurt. >> only bears. >> just bears. >> that makes me feel better. 30 tornados were reported across kansas, oklahoma, nebraska and texas. today more severe weather is expected across the central plains. >> yep. so keep an eye on the sky. meanwhile, it was hard not to watch a debate last night on the sean hannity program. we've been telling you ever since monday morning about the shootout in garland, texas, where pamela geller, a new york city resident had organized a free speech event where they had a depict muhammad cartoon contest. a couple people drove in from phoenix and wanted to kill everyone last night. last night hannity had her on
4:04 am
and also an imam who currently lives in london who said what she did she should be killed for. watch this. here they square off. >> do you support this death threat against pam geller because she ran a free speech contest drawing cartoons of your prophet? >> let's be absolutely clear. we're not talking about mickey mousory donald duck. you're talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger muhammad. >> to make cartoons so you support -- >> if you saw the cartoon -- bear with me. if you saw the cartoon that "charlie hebdo" drew you would understand the anger. >> you want her to die? >> she should be put before sharia court and tried. if found guilty she would face capital punishment. >> pamela geller had this anything but weak response to him. >> does anyone really think these jihadis would have been peaceful loving americans? >> can i come back to that --?
4:05 am
>> i submit to you -- i'm talking sir, i know you're used to stepping over women. not going to have it here. my conference saved lives because i understand the threat and we had enormous protection and the garland police were sube. >> by the way, these two radicals who showed up were from arizona. one guy, elton simpson, so far the fbi says he was radicalized inspired by what he was doing with social media. he wasn't necessarily trained and came back and they haven't found direct ties to isis. >> there's no phone call from the head office. how many times did we hear al qaeda inspired, now we're hearing isis inspired. pamela geller, the new york city police department is looking into the online threats. they're taking them very seriously. keep in mind, what she said, some people find offensive. others say it is free speech. it is protected speech.
4:06 am
you've got to stand up. you've got to protect her because what she said, it's her opinion, but in this country, that's how it works. >> even if it's offensive. it's protected here in america. >> bill o'reilly, laura ingraham, many others we saw rob o'neil yesterday all say, hey, it's not a wise thing to have the conference. that may or may not butrue. it's no reason for radical islamics to show up and kill you. in america you have the right to have anything going on if you want. the westboro church is the best example. they protests every veteran's computer. >> radical islamics have in their mind. this might have been something that occurred in their path. they would do it anything. >> i'm christian, catholic, i've seen crazy things online about the pope and jesus. we had a crazy depiction of jesus in the last hour.
4:07 am
will i show up somewhere -- i could show up and complain. if i show up with an ak-47, really? >> you'll be dead, especially in texas. six minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert. good morning. new overnight this information coming in an arrest has been made in the murder of a college student who vanished after trying to sell his sports car on craigslist. police in st. louis say that michael gordon killed 19-year-old taylor clark while he was on his lunch break. gordon contacted clark about his online ad. they met up at a trucking company near where gordon works. the car was near the company and his body was found buried in a shallow grave. the polls are open in great britain. it's the tightest race in a generation. current british prime minister david cameron is neck and neck with his opponent. the election could have major implications here and around the
4:08 am
globe. cameron has been a strong voice against radical islam. >> he distinguished between the mainstream moderate adherence of the faith and these young jihadi fundamentalists who are pl blaspheming their own religion. you compare that to the main alternative. the labor leader, his big new thing is he wants a law against islam ophobia. talk about a real thrill ride. seven people left hanging in the air in the netherlands when a ride gets stuck with the riders hanging upside down for 45 minutes. crews were finally able to restart that ride and bring the people down safely. no one was injured. the ride has since been shut down. this is what it looks like when 7'1" totally wipes out.
4:09 am
>> this is obvious. oh. >> that poor guy. i hope he's okay. the former basketball player lost a shoe. the nba co-host, they broke out in laughter. guess what he weighs? he's 7'1"? >> i would say 310. >> 324. his shoe size 22. it looks like he tripped off the step which happens to us climbing off that step. hope he's okay. good morning, shaq. come on in, we miss you. >> the neighborhood shook. the shaq shake. >> it looked like he rolled with it okay. >> when my kids were growing up i can't tell you how many times i read good night moon, right? then we also had the other one, i love you forever. read those books to the kids
4:10 am
over and over and over because kids like that. and i like that. >> i read the samuel l. jackson book, shut up and go to bed. >> maybe you agree with this professor. there is a professor, who is actually saying that reading to your kids is a bad idea. >> it's true. >> what? >> yeah. he said that he wants to ban it. take a listen to what he said on the radio. it's unfair. >> we think you have to allow parents to engage in bedtime story type activity. we would encourage them to do that. because those are the kinds of interactions between parents and children that do, indeed, foster and produce these relationship. i don't think parents reading their kids bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way they're disadvantaging other people's children. but i think they should have that thought occasionally. >> between good night mush and hush you should be thinking in
4:11 am
that moment how at the same time you're nurturing your child you are placing someone at a disadvantage and you should have a redistribution of reading time. >> because nobody -- there are some kids out there who a parent or grownup is not reading to them. >> which is sad and is true. but his perspective is interesting. there are a lot of programs out there where you can read to kids. >> we have a stranger over to read to them? >> exactly. >> once in a while you should think about in that moment -- not stay in the moment with your child, you're putting somebody else at a disadvantage. >> i feel terrible. >> i'm sorry my kids is picking up the schoolwork because i read to them. here's the other thing they have. if you do have an issue and it's a sad thing for a kid not to have parents. they have something that would make it betterment you know that pencil you put over the words and reads out loud? you could read to yourself by going over the words. >> you can have your smartphone read to the kids. >> it's not as personal.
4:12 am
you don't want to sit there and look at your smartphone. >> when you start dozing off, it's hard to follow with a pencil. do you feel as though by reading to your kids, or maybe even helping with their homework or giving them an extra book you're giving them an unfair advantage over the other kids who don't have as good as parents as you are? >> should you feel guilty? there's a call to be more present with your kids, be with them, read to them. and this guy is saying while you're doing that make sure you feel guilty. >> the redistribution of parenting. e-mail us >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour. >> an accusation against a state's attorney prosecuting the cops in baltimore. a former deputy state attorney who served in the same office for decades say marilyn mosby could face charges for what she's done. judge andrew napolitano is on deck with that. it survived the revolutionary war and superstorm
4:13 am
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4:17 am
an explosive accusation against the baltimore state attorney, prosecuting those cops. a former depsty state attorney who served in the same office for 21 years saying marilyn mosby could face charges for what she did. mosby has undermined the cause of justice rather than promoted it with her haste. if so, it was mosby who made the illegal arrest and could be charged under her own theory of false imprisonment. let's talk to the judge. what do you think about that? >> this allegation is made by a former prosecutor in the same office of which ms. mosby is now the head. and the allegation is you've arrested these cops for making a false arrest. and other charges. you have arrested them falsely and, therefore, under the theory by which you've arrested them you could be arrested. that doesn't hold water. because when the prosecutor
4:18 am
decides to arrest and charge, the prosecutor has immunity and cannot be prosecuted for that. that's to give prosecutors broad discretion as to who and how to charge. >> apparently, officer edward neary who is one of the charged police officers he made the initial arrest reportedly. his attorney says that mosby had said at the press conference that the arrest was illegal because the knife was legal. but according to the defense attorney, the knife was illegal in baltimore because it had a spring in it. >> here's the law in maryland. >> now he wants to see it. >> he has an absolute right to see the knife. the constitution has what's called the confrontation clause. meaning you have the right to be confronted with the evidence against you, to challenge it and to examine it. the question s what kind of a knife is this? is it a pen knife you hold with one hand and take the blade out with the other. or is it known as a switch blade
4:19 am
where you press a button or flick the wrist. >> apparently it is some thing with a button and spring. >> it is lawful only in the home. it is not lawful to carry. if it require as hand to open the blade, it is lawful to carry. the arrest must be legal from the beginling of the arrest. the police would have had to have probable cause to believe he was carrying the switch blade at the time they began the chase. if the chase is lawful, because they had probable cause, then all evidence they find as a result of the chase, can be used against him. but if the chase is not lawful, a chase for some inappropriate reason, then it doesn't matter what they find on him. that cannot make an unlawful arrest, arrest suddenly become lawful because of what they found at the time of the arrest. it is getting complicated. with respect to mosby and with respect to the mayor, if i may, sometimes when people get elected to office, they still act like they're candidates.
4:20 am
and they still act like -- >> we've seen that. >> we have that here in new york city arguably with the mayor. they act like they represent the narrow group that got them elected rather than than putting their arms around everybody and trying to solve the greater amount of problems for the greater good. freedom and public safety. >> good closing argument, thank you, judge. coming up on this thursday, hypocrisy alert. they're responsible for enforcing tax laws. wait until you hear what hu hundreds employees are accuse said of doing. what could possibly go wrong, brian and donald trump are on the streets? >> hi, everybody. hello mom. have a good time, man. ♪ >> they're hitting the streets with the celebrity stroll.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at welcome back. time for your news by the numbers. 1,600, that's how many irs workers willfully evaded taxes over a ten year period. >> are you kidding? >> no. the agency's inspector general finding they received bonuses and raises. the worst city for drivers is boston. folks driving there experience 53 hours of traffic congestion a year. limited parking and bad weather contributes to the headache. >> i wonder if they inflated those figures? >> i still like it there. $173 that's the average americans will spend on mom this year for mother's day.
4:25 am
that's $10 more than last year. good news,b moms. >> when is mother's day? >> all right. it's time for this week's celebrity stroll where i convince a famous person to skip lunch and go for a walk with me. this week one of the biggest names in business and soon maybe politics, i walk would donald trump who may be more famous than you think. ♪ >> thanks so much for your time. >> you pull that door. >> it's good to be donald trump. the elevator is waiting for you. whoa. whoa. >> is this a normal life? all day long we have people
4:26 am
waiting at trump tower. it's never been like this. i guess it was the show. real fast, from brazil, go ahead. let's go. costa rica, thanks, brian. >> we're supposed to stroll and we can't get out of the building. i appreciate you taking a stroll with us. i think so many people want to know, they want to know how your life is like. do you ever get used to this? >> i love this, from the day i built trump tower it was a success. >> why did you build it here? >> the highest rent, the best location. >> is it hard for you to go out. >> a little bit hard. at the old days i'd look at real estate. today i can't do that. >> you said [ bleep ] i can't get used to that -- >> hey, look at him. you have a natural relationship with blue collar worker. >> people that like me the best
4:27 am
are the middle class and poor people. the rich people hate me. it's true. >> how do you explain that? >> i think they're jealous because they want to be famous. >> when you go out to iowa and new hampshire. you're meeting farmers for the first time. you're meeting people with lives you don't have experience with. >> you know that, i get the biggest crowds, the biggest responses. i get the biggest standing ovations of anybody. anybody running. because i talk about how our country is going down and how we can bring it back. nobody knows how to bring the country back. >> whey not become mayor and see if donald trump likes the world of politics first before you jump in. >> this is something i want to do. i'm looking at it strongly. that's only presidential. president, you can really make a difference. we're losing our base, our jobs, our manufacturing, we're losing everything. we don't have victories anymore. everything is bad. >> we hear the economy is coming back. >> it's not coming back. you're going to get hit by a truck. if i do this, you will have so
4:28 am
many jobs. it will be great. nobody thinks i'm running. you think i'm running, right? >> my gut tells me an announcement is coming in may or june you're in. >> let's see what happens. do you notice this? >> i don't notice it. hello, everybody, how are you? how are you? >> look at the response. you haven't seen anybody screaming i hate you trump, they love trump. because i love the country and they want what's good for the country. they know i'm the one that can do it. that lumber, company those are the guys. you like donald trump? >> i like you. >> have a good time, man. >> when you talk about your opponents, one guy you were a big supporter of and you've been critical of since is mitt romney. >> i like him, he blew it. he choked, something happened to him. that's an election that should have been won. where are you from? >> spain. >> spain.
4:29 am
she's got to get her camera. mom? i love mom. good luck, everybody. >> something else i found out. i go to your finale, how have you done what many people think is impossible, had success, worked a lot, but yet still have the connection with your family? >> i have a great family. i have great children. >> it doesn't just happen. >> no, it doesn't. i mean, we have natural base. my father was from brooklyn and queens. my father could not believe what i did. i'm glad he got to see it before he passed away. he was a very proud father. he was great guy. >> we took our stroll during lunch. i know you stay upstairs and work through it. did you enjoy the celebrity stroll? >> i enjoyed it. i love your show. the three of you are fantastic people. i wouldn't do this for anybody but you. 2016. and i didn't put you there, right?
4:30 am
i don't know who this guy is. >> he loves people. when you think about people in new york city, who really is more famous than donald trump? >> no one. he's so iconic. >> they love him. he saved your life. >> from getting hit by a truck. that was -- we had a little bit of security. that was with security. and they were penetrating. >> he's so comfortable. >> it was so nice of him. you wouldn't believe how busy it is. he could have bought 3 buildings. >> he's a mogul. thank you for skipping lunch with brian jacoming up, millions being spent to train teachers on white privilege. that the sth best use of our tax dollars? >> we are bringing the wild west to manhattan. we're going to learn how to cook like a cowboy next. ♪ [phone rings]
4:31 am
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4:34 am
remember deflate gate, the thing that happened in the 90s? how long ago did that happen? this is a good lesson for kids. if you cheat, don't play fair, you'll be the mvp of the super bowl and marry one of the most beautiful women on earth. remember that. >> don't ever cheat, kids. >> listen up, kids. >> we're about to see if tom brady will pay the price. he's had a charmed professional life. >> i have a tom brady bauble head in my room. >> was it bobbing? >> it's still there. i wonder what they think. >> the many aspects of deplate gate, but now we turn to heather who joins us with headlines. what happened to that bauble head will be a sign for parents to watch across the country. good morning to you all.
4:35 am
hope you're off to a great day. a couple news headlines to bring you. school districts around the country are spending millions of your tax dollars on white privilege training for teachers. thal organization pacific educational group reportedly raked in nearly $4 million over the past five years teaching schools to treat white students and black stupiditidents differ. pittsburgh spent nearly $600,000 on that training. here is a sad irony to tell you about. it is unbelievable. a true in new jersey survived the revolutionary war and superstorm sandy until it was chopped down on earth day. town officials say that tree was more than 200 years ago. it was protected by a town ordinance prohibiting the removal of historic trees. a developer who bought the
4:36 am
property fought the decision in court and won and down went the tree. the singer adam lavine, he tweets things like this, dear fox news don't play my music on your evil channel ever again. we just learned that sugar isn't always so sweet. ♪ >> lavine got sugar bombed outside jimmy kimmel's studios yesterday. he was signing autographs when a guy hurled a bag of powdered sugar at him. he was arrested for battery. let's head outside to steve, elizabeth, and brian. >> good morning. our hats off to you. heather. there are hungry cowboys at the range. nothing hits the spot like the chuck wagon. you can enjoy it all with recipes that will give your
4:37 am
family country comfort. welcome to our plaza. >> this is so authentic. you can see the chuck wagon with a budget rental car. a lot of people think about eating around the campfire they think about the movie blazing saddles. >> this is lightly different. >> whaare you making here? >> sparkling potatoes, you take bacon, saute it. take a potato slice it about that thick. put all this together. after we get that soft -- >> these are breakfast potatoes right? >> any meal. get that mixed. season with good seasoning. al then the magic ingredient. >> sprite.
4:38 am
>> that's why the sparkle comes from. >> that's why they shine. it gives it a little caramelization in there. you want to make sure you keep it about halfway up on the liquid. stick this rascal in the oven about 350. best meals on wheels. >> how did you come up with that? >> that's all they had. >> ranch cooking in the texas pan handle. we had been so long we got snowed in, running out groceries you get experimental. i looked around, there was a bottle of sprite, and there was potatoes. cowboys are great experimentitation. they can't go no where else to eat. >> is this the finished product? >> yes, sir. >> they look delicious. >> sourdough biscuits. lemon cake, shannon's favorite dilly bread. >> what is dilly bread? >> it uses dill seed. it's not like a dill pickle flavor you're thinking.
4:39 am
it gives it -- >> i think the key, you look at you, you're so fit. there's a lot of carbs here. is the key thing active, it doesn't matter what you eat if you have to round up cattle, that's going to burn calories. >> it takes a lot of calories. >> what do they call it -- >> breaking. we left yesterday 173,000 acre ranch, we got up here. it's populated by 20 people. y'all probably got 173,000 people on 20 acres. >> a taste of cowboys, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> what a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you. >> until we meet again. >> you have the smile for inmornings, you are a morning person. >> we are usually up at 4:00. >> it's a great book. ranch recipes and tales from the
4:40 am
trail. >> i hope you enjoy our car service home. >> they're going to hook up us to that. coming up, he's set to become the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. who is joe dounford? a plane almost running over a boat. what caused that close call? we'll find out here. ♪ i'm hungry like the wolf
4:41 am
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4:44 am
. we are back with an extreme weather alert. the central plains slammed with dozens of tornados over night. leaving a path of destruction across four states. oklahoma city and surrounding towns hit the hardest. koh reporter is live with the overnight damage. >> reporter: that's right bri e bridgecreek is 33 minutes from oklahoma city. we have emergency crews doing searches of the debris to make sure there is nobody trapped inside. i want to show you some of the damage. this is a sign that was standing right in front of a convenience store off of one of the major roads here. you can see the sign actually came up from the cement and toppled over. walk with me over here. i want to show you this tree
4:45 am
that was up rooted from the ground. it's laying here in the parking lot of this convenience store. if we take a look at the video of thearial damage you can see thousands of people are waking up to a lot of damage. the governor will be touring this area later on today. back to you. >> we thank you for the live report from oklahoma. president obama nominated a new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. listen. >> my choice for the next chairman of the chiefs general joe dunford is known and respected by our allies, members of congress on both sides of the aisle. >> who is he and what can we expect from his leadership as he commands our military? joining us now is lieutenant colonel oliver north. we've seen him in action for years. what can we expect? >> well, i think he's the best choice for chairman you could
4:46 am
possibly make. most importantly, he's a warrior. to my knowledge, it's the first regimental candidater to be shot at since the korean war. we saw him rush to the sound of gunfire countless times to save his marines. he's a thinker. he knows the purpose of our military. it's to deter war. and if we have to fight, to win. we have had a lot of political leaders in washington and military leaders who can't define victory. >> you saw him up close as early as 2003. he went from a one star brigadier general to four star in three years. it's staggering. he's talking to you about his military and family history. >> this was his grandfather's world war i trunk. we have his picture. his father served in korea. >> he was with the first
4:47 am
battalion, fifth marines. and he fought at seoul marched out of the reservoir. >> his father retired from boston police after 40 odd year. >> a special family. >> well, his wife is a medical professional. she's a physical therapist. she is probably spent more time with military families and the wounded than anyone i know. and to say that she's beloved by those who know her is an understatement. that long lineage in the marine corp, his grandmother, father, brother and that foot locker really do mean a lot to them. that interview was made the day he took over as staff commander. i went overseas and did the second part of it. but they together, brian, personify the idea that semper fidelis is more than a slogan.
4:48 am
it means always faithful is a way of life for them. back in 2003, after his marines had liberated baghdad and driven all the way north to tikrit, i asked him how he wanted to be remembered. here's the measure of the man. >> i would want to be remembered as somebody that my marines could count on and they knew i was looking out for them. i was doing the right things for the right reasons. probably nothing more and nothing less than thatts that means more to me than probably anything else. >> doing the right thing for his marines. they know that. i think everybody in the armed forces, soldiers, sailors, airmen guardsmen and marines realize this is going to be a great chairman. >> i agree with you. everyone says that on both sides of the aisle. i hope the president listens to him. >> he'll speak truth to power. >> he wouldn't have taken the
4:49 am
job if he wasn't given a guarantee of that. thanks. no one else could have brought us that story like you did. thanks. 11 minutes before the top of the hourment it's the time of the year when most people fix up their homes. why stop there? how about building a successful career. sheryl casone with the companies who want to hire you right now. on this day in 1977, hotel california by the eagles was the number one song in america. ♪ such a lovely place ♪ such a lovely place taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin live claritin clear. every day.
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. may is national home remodeling month. it could be time to remodel your life with a new job. on our plaza with the top remodeling companies hiring from our sister network.
4:53 am
you've got great opportunities here. we'll start with chem dry. >> he's the president and ceo of chemdry. it's about carpet cleaning but a earth friendly carpet cleaner. >> we do 10,000 homes day. we use green certified solutions and get out 98% allergens of the carpet. we will have 750 jobs in technician as well as customer service representatives. >> this looks great. we'll let the work continue to be done. this is wood renewal. >> they've got about 500 jobs. this is the president of enhanced wood renewal. talk about how bad is america's wood looking right now? and the cabinets out there, right? >> there's a lot of work to be done. we enhance our customers fall in love with their kitchens all over again. we do it without the mess, dust
4:54 am
and odors and all the time that's associated with traditional ways. >> some of these guys can make $40,000 a year? >> great opportunities here. we'll move on to rebath. >> i just remodeled my apartment. it's so much fun. >> spring is a good time to think about doing this. >> this is the president of rebath. and you're looking for women that can help design bathrooms. you're saying men can't design them very well? >> we're not saying that but women do a good job at that. the remodeling industry has been dominated by men. we would like to hire women as design consultants. >> i know so many of my friends actually have these concepts and thou they can make it better. they make it better, you will make it official.
4:55 am
>> we want to put all that into the process. >> chicago, miami, los angeles, thank you very much. that's where they're expanding. >> this is exciting. shelf genie, i do i need organization because i'm not naturally organized. >> this is julian harper julian. you've gdeas here. >> absolutely. that's what we're all about. we actually have a noble purpose. that is to go into homes where you're experiencing frustration and pain because you can't access your belongings. we turn that into enjoyment and love. >> show us what the shelves do. this is pretty cool. check out what these hidden trash can, that's my favorite there. >> i love anything that slides out. i like the tray strorage as wel. >> all of those annoying baking trays. >> i wrestle with mine. >> what are you looking for? >> we're recruiting designers and installers at our location.
4:56 am
we have around 160 locations across the you know and canada. we have 400 positions. >> i want to go over here because she was telling me earlier they can put up to 100 pounds in some of these cabinets. this can hold up to 100 pounds. i don't think i have that many cans. >> if i had a shelf like this, maybe i'd fill it. >> thank you so much. this is excellent. >> they create a custom solution with our clients and work with them and make sure they get as much as access out of their kitchen as they can. >> you are all over the country as well? >> u.s. and canada, we're in 160 locations, yeah. >> spring has sprung. it's time to renovate and make changes at home. the opportunities for jobs is great. thank you for bringing us. >> i'm going to stay out here and see how i'll do my cabinets. brady busted. what did he know about deflate gate?
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning. today is thursday, may 7th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. this is a fox news alert. >> here we go. >> at least 50 twisters tearing through tornado alley overnight. creating a path of destruction and destroying home after home. >> we have a roof that flew through the air here. i don't know where it came from. >> at least 12 people injured and even a zoo is hit, sparking fears bears on the loose. that's not good. meanwhile, she exercised her right to free speech. now she, pamela geller, getting death threats. >> you know what? she should be put before sharia
5:01 am
court and tried and if found guilty she would face capital punishment. >> maybe somewhere, not here throw. that organizer of that cartoon contest in texas coming face to face with somebody who wants her dead. tom brady caught in a lie. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing of any -- yeah, i'm very comfortable saying that. >> wow. a bombshell deflate gate report have some calling him a liar. and says he should be sidelined. how many games? what about the team? think about that while i tell you mornings are better with friends. welcome aboard. you know, today is brian's birthday. happy birthday? >> thank you. >> you're having a good day. do you know who's having a bad day? it's good day to be a headline writer at a newspaper.
5:02 am
the "new york post" says regarding the deflate gate tomshell. nfl probe has brady by the balls. great balls of liar. big nose, small. you get the idea. tom brady is being called a liar from coast to coast. >> tom wells did an extensive report. over 300 pages. it doesn't read like a lawyer document. it reads like a story. it's not good for the fans of the quarterback or these two equipment employees were getting irritated. >> he was generally aware of the inappropriate actions. it means there is a press conference likening him to the deflating events. when you read it through the conversations are wild. >> let's start at the beginning. once again, what were the patriots accused of doing? >> the championship game, one of
5:03 am
the balls intercepted was brought to the sideline. they already knew ahead of time that there had been talk about the patriots deflating some of the footballs. they wanted to keep an eye out for them. they told the refs before the game. at halftime they looked at the ball it is soft. they checked them off. 11 of 12 were soft. they're going to investigate, finish up the game with the balls that with urere inflated properly. tom brady is forced to talk about it before the super bowl where he can exonerate himself or that he did take equipment people to take air out of the ball. remember what tom brady said, listen back in january. >> i feel like i've played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i was surprised as anybody when i heard monday morning what was happening. i would never, you know, have someone do something that i thought was outside of the -- i
5:04 am
don't know what happened over the course of the process with the footballs. i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of any wrong doing. i'm comfortable saying nobody did it. as far as i know. i don't know everything. >> that was january 22nd. you go back to the day after the game and when the story broke. there were a ton of text messages. they're in the report. he hadn't talked to tom brady in six months. three days between january 19th and 21st, they spoke by phone for over an hour and had multiple text messages going back and forth. what do you think those were about? >> i think he loves talking to equipment people. this dates all the way to october when the jets and patriots again. the jets accused them of the same thing. he wanted to get to a certain inflation rate. tom brady, he doesn't treat them too well. >> can we do.
5:05 am
>> between mcnaly. >> it's a soap opera. the conversation between the ball manager. >> tom is acting craze a eabout balls. >> meanwhile, mcnaly says, tom, bleeping i'm going to make that next ball a bleeping balloon. >> talk to him last night. he actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. october 17th. >> the only thing deflating, son is his passing rating. >> dun dun dun. how about that for a hit. they go back and forth. tom brady didn't make his text messages, e-mails or telephone available. when they wanted to go back and talk to mcnaly one more time they said no. >> they referred himself as the deflater. >> you got to feel sorry for the patriots fans. they believed in the team, they believed the owner. bob kraft says natural pressure
5:06 am
loss was to blame. the big question is what's going to happen. we asked you what you think is going to happen. >> cheaters should never be allowed to play again. that should be his punishment. he has stained him name. >> john sharing this, they should probably get the facts before doing anything. >> they just did. we can't get anymore facts. four games, i say four games and a number two draft pick next year. that's my prediction. >> okay. they were the super bowl champions. >> and the team is cull wantable because he did not like mcnaly speak again and they didn't force tom brady to be transparent. >> chances are they probably would have won the game. >> absolutely. >> none the less it is a stain on the history of the game. six minutes after the top of the hour. we have weather to talk about. we're talking about a bad weather situation. this coming out of the plain states. dozens of tornados slamming that region overnight. take a look at this.
5:07 am
>> we have a roof that just flew through the air here. i don't know where it came from. >> now at least 16 people were hurt in oklahoma and kansas. the oklahoma city area hit the hardest so far. and then some scary moments in a small town southwest of oklahoma city. after a twister damages a safari animal park. officials there scrambling to hunt down tigers that they believe were on the loose telling residents to stay inside their homes. park workers say just bears had escaped. they were all quickly returned to their cages. in all their reports of 50 tornados across kansas, oklahoma, nebraska, and texas. and the worst may not be over yet. more severe weather is expected in the plains region today. and also some flooding concerns in oklahoma. also overnight. for the first time ever we are hearing the voice of a slain texas terrorist in a youtube video surfacing from 2012.
5:08 am
elton simpson compares his faith to weapons. listen. >> it provides a form of weaponry to go out into the real world and use that weaponry against the tricks of shatan. >> that means the devil. that video was posted by his phoenix mosque to raise money for that center. chilling footage shows the moment a low flying airplane nearly takes out a fishing boat in argentina. look at this. you watch that it makes you want to duck, doesn't it? here's another look at it. the boaters were part of a fishing festival when a plane from a nearby air show swoops down. scary for them. do you remember the hamburgler, he used to be a big part of mcdonald's, right.
5:09 am
that's the old virg. they're coming out with a new version. the newly revamped hamburgler looks like this kind of creepy guy. slick black trench coat. high tops. this is the first time since 2002 that the burger thief will be back. what do you think of the new guy? i think he's creepy looking. >> whoever came up with that should be let go. >> i'd like to go back to the old hamburgler. >> me too. >> we didn't want somebody else. >> how about somebody that doesn't promote crime? >> like mayor mccheese? >> exactly. >> mcdonald's is having a terrible time. i think the hamburgler is the least of their troubles. there is trouble down in garland, texas, a couple nightsinights ago when a couple guys when wanted to kill people inside a center came face to face with a
5:10 am
texas cop. pamela geller who organized that event, a draw muhammad cartoon event, she's been under fire. essentially the victim has been blamed. megyn kelly last night made a great point. because her speech was protected, megan said if we blame her, the terrorists wide up winning. >> that's a good point. that's the push back against maybe laura ingraham, bill o'reilly and donald trump. rob o'neil came out and said we shouldn't be doing things like this. it provokes anger. >> franklin graham, too. >> you can't confuse kindness or rudeness and being offensive. all those are protected under our constitution. ize did take credit for their first terror attack they were saying on our soil. and threatened to slaughter pamela geller. she's getting it
5:11 am
from all angles. last night sean hannity sat with her and an emam. >> you support this det threat against pam geller because she ran a free speech contest drawing cartoons of your prophet? >> we're not talking about mickey mouse or donald duck. they had a celebration to -- >> to make cartoons. >> you support -- >> if you saw the cartoon -- bear with me. if you saw the cartoons that "charlie hebdo" drew you would understand the anger. >> you want her to die? >> she should be put before sharia court. >> she wants herr. she at one point was able to get a word in and she said this to the imam. >> does anyone think these jihadis would have just been
5:12 am
peaceful loving americans? >> okay can i -- >> of course they wouldn't i submit to you that -- >> pamela. >> nope i'm talking sir. i know you're used to stepping over women. not going to have it here, okay? my conference saved lives because i understand the threat and we had protection and the garland police were superb. >> she's protected by the constitution. it is protected speech. it is very clear. >> i hope the fbi took a page from this. here's why, what they did is they smoked out two terrorists. she did. the fbi could be doing things like this. holding their own cartoon contests. make that be the magnet and be ready for them as the people of texas were, as the great cops from texas were to take out those two before they took out 300 people. she's being called the roommate from hell caught on camera putting win dex on her
5:13 am
roommate's food. will this video be allowed in court? >> it should be. over 26 days on the campaign trail hillary clinton has only answered seven reported questions. does the math add up? even "the new york times" is saying, hillary, answer a couple, would you? ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
south carolina college student facing felony charges and 20 years in prison after a hidden camera set up by her roommates allegedly catches her in the act. you're watching it now. showing her spit swg pouring n windex into their food. will this video even be allowed in court? if not, what will that mean for the case? joining us to discuss this and debate it is a criminal defense attorney and whitney bowen. >> will this video be allowed in court? >> it should. the roommates, it was their house. they had control of the house and they set it up to catch
5:18 am
their roommates. >> we saw you shaking your head, you do not think it was -- it was the day before, why do you think it will be allowed? >> i think it will not be allowed because it violated her right of privacy. we don't allow things to be admissible in court because it sets a bad precedent. it violates our right to privacy. it's not coming in. >> there's no right to privacy in a kitchen that is shared with other people. it would be different if -- >> it's in her home. >> it is their shared home. it's where every one shares a home. it's not like her private restroom. that is a shared area. you know that. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. >> i guess you'll say her defense is her roommates wanted to do a cleanse so she used windex instead of green tea.
5:19 am
is that going to be your defense? >> real quick, let's say, number one, if this is thrown out. if you're wrong and you're right. what does this do to the case? >> what it does, it helps her, obviously. i would say i don't think that that video is 100% conclusive of what she did. that's if i'm her attorney, of course. if it's out, i think that it comes down to the context of her statement to the police. it comes down to did she intend -- >> she said she said. >> right. it comes down that she intended to cause any harm. that's what required by the statute. she's presumed innocent. eric knows that. that's how this works. >> i agree. if the video is out, they will have trouble proving it. several people had access to the kitchen. proving who did it would be a problem unless she gave a statement. >> we're out of time. now i have to say good bye.
5:20 am
thanks so much. thank you. all right. coming up straight ahead. buying a home is tricky business, especially when it comes to the deposit. what is the some of the biggest mistakes made in the real estate process? forget wuishing you had six pack abs. turns out having a gut will get you the girls. why women are telling guys to enjoy their dad bods while they're young. ♪ success starts with the right connections. introducing miracle-gro liquafeed universal feeder. turn any hose connection into a clever feeding system for a well-fed garden. miracle-gro. life starts here.
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offer ends june 1st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit enjoy your prius. thanks, jan. look out people, coming in hot. toyota. let's go places. quick headlines. the gun used to murder new york city policeman brian moore was stolen. surveillance video from tw2011
5:24 am
shows a thief swiping guns from a georgia pawnshop. nine were found in new york city. moore will be laid to rest tomorrow. marilyn heartman racking up two arrests one this week in chicago. she's been arrested 11 times for trying to sneak on planes. she successfully boarded one in august without a ticket. buying a house or a property are major commitments. >> both require meticulous planning and a generous wallet. how do you avoid making mistakes in these crucial real estate transactions. here to weigh in is bob massi. good morning. good morning. >> when you're talking about mistakes that people make, and earnest money. we know that earnest money protects the market and lets someone know you're committed. >> a debecauposit. >> what are the biggest mistakes that property buyers make? >> when you eliminate a realtor to a transaction, which i don't
5:25 am
agree with and you give that earnest money check to the seller and the deal breaks down, good luck on trying to get the money back. never give the money to the seller. make sure you review the contract you sign. i'll tell you why. there is direct correlation between the due diligence period which is the period of time you have as a buyer to check out the property to see if you have problems with it. if there is problem that earnest money deposit could come back. if you miss that due diligence period you have a problem to get that back. never give that to the seller. >> my wife j i bought a house last summer. the real estate agent said the bigger it deposit you make, the more -- than the seller is going to know that you mean business. but the thing is, to your point, if you dent give the money directly to the seller, who do you give it to?
5:26 am
>> usually, like, on the west coast we have escrow companies, back east in pennsylvania, lawyers did closings. you give it to a lawyer, they put it in a trust account. the realtor involved should know how to do that. you always give it to a third party. you make sure -- i always ask, if you deal with reputable companies it's not an issue. it goes to the trust account not the personal account. if you decide as a buyer you're going to release that earnest money for any reason, you modify that contract. here's how it happens. let's say you want to extend escrow because the lender hasn't approved that. the buyer says i want that earnest money deposited. you modify that contract, you put conditions in that contract why it's released in order to protect yourself as a buyer. >> makes sense. >> great advice in a season when
5:27 am
a lot of homes are going on the market. a lot of buyers are out there. incredible advice today, thank. >> tell brian there is a marquee on the strip wishing him happy birthday. >> take a picture of it and we'll show it on the show, okay, bob? >> all right my friend. >> if you have a question for bob, head over to you'll find the rebuilding your dreams tab click on that and send him a question. professor fails his students because she wouldn't condemn her christian faith. that 16-year-old girl is not giving up without a fight. you will hear from her next. parents, get your kids. it's disney's latest hit, girl meets world. spinoff of the 90's show boy meets world. ben and rowan here live.
5:28 am
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5:32 am
eight. i was into taking crime -- i wanted to stop crime by myself. >> remember when little boys used to be allowed to have a gun? >> yes, we were encouraged. >> there's the birthday boy waiting for your cake. what birthday is this? >> probably my seventh birthday, two years ago. and i -- >> brian, look we got you a case. >> this is so nice. very nice of you. wow. >> there you go. >> who made this cake, was it the western couple we had outside a short time ago? >> it's made with bacon. >> okay. >> steve and i were working on something in between the breaks. >> this is nice of you and very well done. it's great news for the crew. >> right here in new york city -- >> it was baked in new york city with love. >> can i ask what flavor it is? >> birthday surprise?
5:33 am
>> you got to take a bite. >> stick your finger it? >> i can't stick your finger in it. this is great news. thank you very much for getting this. joel, you can hand it out to the rest of the guys. >> what a sweet team we have. how fun, happy birthday? >> do you know what flavor it is? >> it looks like chocolate to me. >> would you eat it? >> of course. >> we have a no weapons policy on the case, so we can't have weapons. >> what is your favorite cake? >> bundt. i have headlines to bring you. hillary clinton says she's going to answer some of your questions if you send them to her, okay? hillary clinton is under fire this time from "the new york times." the paper is claiming that clinton has only answered seven questions from reporters since she declared her candidacy on
5:34 am
april 12th. the paper is posing questions that reporters should and clinton if they're given the chance. the first question about her promise to expand on president obama's immigration plan. they asked how could you stretch the law further than the president of your own party says it can go. they want readers to send in questions. this guy may be the dumbest criminal every. police say this man robbed a bank and posted the crime on instagram, including a picture of a note asking the teller to hand over the money. then the video of the money being put in the bag. that's not such a good idea. this stupid criminal was arrested 20 minutes after he left the bank. he says he shouldn't have been charged because he didn't threaten anyone and he asked for it nicely. okay. a failing grade for a christian student at a florida college. all because she wouldn't write jesus is a myth in an
5:35 am
assignment. a humanities professor at polk state college gave a 16-year-old four zeros on four separate papers. she says she's being punished for not conforming to the professor's views of jesus and of women in the church. grace and her attorney joined us earlier on the show to talk about their fight for faith. listen to this. >> students shouldn't be afraid to believe what they -- to believe in faith. and dropping a class would have been good for me, but it wouldn't have been good for the students coming behind me. >> she simply was being belittled because this person is a militant atheist intent on destroying her faith. he hasn't done it just to her. he's done it to others as well. >> after the complaints she was given a passing grade. this is our favorite story of the day. six pack washboard abs are so out. in is this, the dad bod. and that's what it's being
5:36 am
called. it's the newest trend sweeping the internet and driving a lot of young women crazy. the physique favors a round belly. a lot of women da-- elizabeth a i find it attractive. single girls get to picture their future significant other with a dad bod. it sets their expectations lower. bri brian, in honor of your birthday, show us your dad bod. >> women feel the pressure is off when the guy's body is not that great. >> the guy could go to the gym or get a pizza and a beer. either way. it makes them feel safe. >> we asked you what you thought about dad bods. >> the dad bod is real as it gets. just like womenigate weight from work, stress diet and age. i love a man that looks real.
5:37 am
>> i'm a 41-year-old dad i say put a shirt on. >> joy writes a man with a gut knows how to have a good time. there you go. >> how funny. >> that's a quick look at the real world. talking about being a teenager, so imagine having your dad, dad bod or not as your teacher. >> everyone thought they were the center of the universe. and that everything else circled around them. >> i know somebody who circles around he a little too closely. >> is that what you think is happening here? >> we're in the 8th grade now. we're a year older we should be able to head on and explore without you. >> you guys think you're ready? >> born ready. >> i'll get there. >> a sneak peak at what happens during the second season of girl meets world. it premieres monday. it's a spinoff of the 90's show boy meets world. >> here to join us is ben savage who reprises his role and rowan
5:38 am
blanchard who plays his daughter. we have to stop with the dad bod. >> i feel the pressure is off now. i feel great. >> moms are asking for the mom bod to start trending as well to let them off the hook. >> sure. >> do it. >> this is great. >> relax have a good time. the second season, is it true that some of the characters of boy meets world will be back. >>? they're all coming back. i think our first season was about establishing the show and the new characters, establishing the father daughter relationship. our second season is welcoming everybody back and kind of saying come join us. the second season has been a lot of fun. >> it will dive into deeper issues, more that teenager face now? >> our first season was definitely about establishing all the kids' characters. now that we're kind of
5:39 am
comfortable in our character skin we can explore. riley faces a lot more with lucas, we kind of addressed that whole relationship. then, a lot more with all of the kids. >> i agree. i think what it's about is we're tackling issues a lot of kids in middle school and 8th grade have to deal with. >> like what? >> family life. relationships, bullying. >> putting down the smartphone. >> that was definitely an episode. >> we did nat. >> it's a very complicated world. >> how do you study that? >> i think you know, it's really about mr. matthews. he kind of obviously they went with all those story lines. it's up to him to show riley how to navigate the world. >> we're kind of incorporating life lessons into the classroom. i play her history teacher. we take lessons from some event in history and incorporate it in modern day life. >> that's fantastic. >> everybody knows fred savage is your older brother.
5:40 am
he got into director. are you -- >> i'm directing. i directed a couple of episodes of girl meets world with a few more to come. it's a lot of fun. it's challenging, but i don't know, i think i'm a good director. >> you are. you are great. he's great. it's so much fun to watch ben direct. he's so happy and passionate when he's directing. it's good to see that. >> i think actors make good directors because they know how to work with actors. >> what about the cake? are we sharing the cut? >> we will cut the cake and you can stay. >> are you going to stick around? >> yes. >> it's officially a party. meanwhile, overnight at least 50 tornados tore up four states. we're live on the ground to see the path of destruction coming up next. do you want your third grader to know about gender identity confusion? a school system set to vote tonight on something that could bring it to light. lead the woman leading the
5:41 am
charge against this coming up. ♪
5:42 am
♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. 40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks,
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5:45 am
out losing a shoe. it look like he hurt his ankle. probably too embarrassed to admit it. steve? thnow it's time for extreme weather. dozens of tornados left behind a path of destruction across four states. 16 people in oklahoma and kansas were hurt. hardest hit area round ok city. >> klkh reporter is live in bridge creek oklahoma with more on the damage. good morning. devastating images we're seeing what can you tell us this morning? >> yeah. good morning, steve and elizabeth. we know now the cleanup process has started here at bridge creek. i want to show you some of the damage. we're not only dealing with homes but businesses. take a look at this fence that was pulled out of the ground. we're about 30 miles southwest
5:46 am
of oklahoma city. and as this storm made its way through oklahoma, there was even reports of the storm hitting the tiger safari not too far away from bridge creek. take a look at this tweet that was sent out. tigers on the luce. luckily the officials there at the zoo were able to recapture all of the aninals that were on the luce. the big story this morning is the cleanup process. we know the under sheriff here in bridge creek says that around 200 homes were destroyed from the storm. we're hearing reports as many as 1,500 to 2,000 homes that were damaged from last night's storm. we also know the governor is expected to make a tour of the area just a little bit later on today. back to you. >> thank you very much for the live report. terrible. >> it sure is. do you want your third grader to be about gender identity confusion? a school system is set to vote
5:47 am
on that tonight. up next, the woman leading the charge against it. well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without its charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? not this guy! new sweet heat? sure! there are no rules here. no rules on aisle four! our new sweet heat is cooked according to our secret family recipe, with a sweet and spicy chili sauce. did you get a can of bush's beans? yes, yes i did.
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5:50 am
bill clinton speaks out about the clinton foundation. is he making things worse? doug and monica here on that. the battle over free speech has megan kelly and o'reilly fired up. we'll report on that. tornados in the heartland where are they headed next? the unbearable lightness of footballs leaves pats fans feeling a little bit deflated too. we'll take than on when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. the school board in fairfax county virginia is getting ready to vote tonight on a change to his non-discrimination policy to include gender identity.
5:51 am
a male that student that is mal identifies as female will be allowed to go to the bathroom. we have the president of traditional values coalition. she is leading the charge against this policy change. thank you for being with us. there's a community organizer in the area saying this proposal, if approved tonight with this vote could save 500 people from suicide. you say this will cause more harm to the student body? why do you hold that position? >> thank you for having me. i'm speaking on behalf of a lot of parents in fairfax county, virginia. there was one person that said 500 children will die. i think that's an inflated number. the school district is trying to slip this thing through without the parents knowing about it. children will end up having tra transgender teachers. it's a confusing matter for children whose identities are
5:52 am
being developed. >> how young are we talking about? >> preschool. they go k-12th grade. we're talking about small children, whether it's dealing with a teacher who is transgender or even the shared bathrooms, which is issues of privacy, modesty, all of this is very confusing. and so we've got a group of people are saying no, we oppose this. >> let me ask you this, this is -- there is a large number of you that do oppose it. it doesn't seem as though your voices have been heard. this is a huge district. why are the parents' voices not heard? >> this is the tenth largest district in america. it educates children of congress men. it claims the obama administration if they don't add gender identity they will pull federal funding from fairfax schools. that on top of the fact that the
5:53 am
sponsor of this has said let's pass it and we can read what's in it later. we heard that with obamacare. we're hearing this again. they just want to push this thing through. they have not thought about the ramifications, how it will affect, students and teachers. this is a significant change. it is unnecessary as well. >> the vote is tonight. the non-discrimination policy states this, now student employee shall on the basis of among other things gender identity be excluded from participation or be denied the benefits of be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity as required by law. tonight, if this passes, what will you do? >> we're still trying to figure it out. what we do know this doesn't need to pass this. even a board member as said that. we have great compassion for individuals struggling with gender identity. there are ways they can facilitate bathrooms and other things without putting this into
5:54 am
the policy. it's unnecessary. we'll see what happens. you know, afterwards, what other options we have. this -- beware of people watching this, this is not just virginia. this will happen in every neighborhood. the administration thinks it is appropriate that third graders should have transgender teachers. people who are psychologically unhealthy. we need to protect our children and provide for children who are struggling their identity. there are ways to do it without impacting everyone in a negative way. >> the meeting is tonight. the voting will be held at that meeting. >> please show up. please come. >> a huge surprise for brian's birthday. more "fox and friends" just moments away.
5:55 am
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♪ happy birthday brian kilmeade. today is your birthday. we got you a cake. we know the answer to what flavor it is, it is chocolate. >> it is very good. it's fantastic. >> i tell you what, before you do that, we have somebody coming in on the phone. she was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago. megyn kelly, where have you been? >> i have three kids under the age of six. when he turns 50 i will prioritize him over them. >> that was nice of you to call. you usually sleep to like, 11:00. >> absolutely.
5:59 am
i have pink fluffy slippers and i go in at 8:45 to do my show at 9:00. happy birthday, brian. >> we'll save you a piece of cake. >> i'm surprised you have those beautiful pictures of you when you were little. you must have not been the third kid like me. there are no pictures of me. >> i'm the middle child i was ignored. the younger one was cute, the older one was mature. they let me raise myself. >> the other thing we have in common is our deep love of sports. >> here comes the crew. >> i'll see you later. >> brian has turned out to be a huge hit for us on "the kelly file" have you seen the brian kilmeade segment? >> it's my favorite segment. >> it's quickly become mine, too. i want you to bring me a piece of one of those cakes.
6:00 am
>> we're saving you a piece. >> this is for megan i'll keep it right here. >> i feel like we could have done better. >> thank you very much for joining us. we'll be watching tonight 9:00 eastern. bill: good morning, everybody. a fo -- a fox news alert out of tornado alley after tornado hit in 7 states. i'm bill hemmer, welcome to america's newsroom. martha: i'm martha maccallum. at least 12 people injured as twisters ripped through oak homa, texas,


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