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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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. tune in tomorrow. we have dr. phil. we discuss his philosophy that changed my entire. life. thanks for watching. tonight -- she's not a muslim. pam geller under attack. why the obama administration not doing anything to protect her from radical islamists. >> did you reach out to the fbi? >> i did. >> fbi hasn't gotten ahold of you? >> no. >> she's back tonight. and liberalism is failing baltimore. 2016 presidential candidate ben carson met with the city's community community leaders earlier today. >> it's good to be back in baltimore. >> he's here with reaction. and sophia vergara square off.
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>> i don't want this person to take advantage of my career. >> it has nothing to do with her or a baby. lives were already created. >> who is right? our panel weighs in. and tom brady busted. >> i feel like i have always played within the rules. >> could one of the nfl's biggest stars be suspended? joe theismann and spencer tillman weigh in. welcome to "hannity." the organizer of an event came on this program to take on radicalists. e he called for pam's death. watch this. >> let's be clear. you're talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger to make
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cartoons. if you saw the cartoons like "charlie hebdo" drew, you would understand the anger. this woman wants to have people draw cartoons knowing full well this carries the death penalty in islam. >> you want her to die? >> she should be put before court and tried. >> she's not a muslim. >> i would retaliate someone insulting my own mother, let alone the prophet. >> if anybody says anything against your prophet that you don't like you want them dead? >> any profphet. >> that was issued against me my name is proceeded by con sere. it means pig. it's the word mohammed beheaded
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jews. do you think they would have been peaceful loving americans? of course, they wouldn't. i submit to you that -- i'm talking. you're used to stepping over women, but you're not going to have it here. >> i think it's too good for you in the first place. the fact is that you insulted the prophet and obviously you knew the consequences or you wouldn't -- >> i live in america. i live in america. there are no consequences. >> america are the champions of murdering. >> you're pathetic. you're just pathetic. you're evil and pathetic. >> those threats are probably the least of pam geller's concerns in light of the issue against her life in isis. this threat is concerning for geller given that neither the fbi or the department of homeland security has reached out to investigate this threat
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much less offer protection for her in any way. now back with us is the person at the center of this entire situation, pamela geller and fox news political analyst juan williams williams. so you have not heard from the fbi? >> no, we have extensively ramped up security. i have a huge security team now. and various -- i can't speak to what we're doing for obvious reasons. but it's a terrorist threat and you're right, they should have. they did not respond to my communications. >> juan williams whether you like what pam geller the contest she had, should be irrelevant. i hope you're not one of those that i support free speech but liberals out there. we're talking about people that want to kill people over a cartoon chrks in this country is absurd. where do you stand on this? where do you stand on the fbi being missing in action? >> well look i don't have any
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question in my mind. i'm someone who has been punished for speaking out. >> and i defended you. >> i appreciate it. i think a lot of it is distraction. legitimate journalists cannot function even people who are se tier call n a world in which you are threatened with death for what you have to say. i will say this though. if we're going to have a serious conversation here about ms. geller that she's like a pyromaniac that goes before the judge and says we're setting the fires to see how fast the fire department can respond. >> she put herself in position? it's the same thing. you don't blame the victim of attempted assassination. >> the victim is dead. the victim is the person who was trying to protect this this event that pam geller put on
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quite intentionally. she intentionally was provocative in her action. >> you're saying don't -- >> hang on. >>. don't offend the people that don't like a cartoon. >> let me finish this point. there's a woman in seattle. she's a political cartoonist. she was threatened. she's now in hiding fbi protection. because the muslims have gone after the islamists. you think about somebody -- he's doing literature. pam geller was doing nothing but trying to provoke this reaction. >> molly norris had a draw the mohammed contest. what's the difference? >> she was doing political cartoons. >> i did not interrupt your ridiculous remarks. you know what is incendiary? the pilot who was set on fire. that's incendiary. the idea that i'm provocative, no. murdering cartoonists is
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provocative. i held many free spech conferences. i held a free speech conference with cartoonists. we weren't attacked because they are emboldened now. what i find galling is that my motives are continually questioned by the media. not the jihadists' motives. look at my work. for ten years after 9/11 i have been opposing sharia and jihad, period. it's the media that have created these myths about me. why haven't the media addressed the motives -- >> i have yet to meet an american -- >> let me jump in here. >> one question. why hasn't the media addressed the motive? >> i want to get into this. juan it's a little cartoon is going to set off people to go kill other people and try to assassinate them you have to believe that anything will set them off. i think this is part of what pam
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was explaining here the other night. in other words if the trigger is that short, they are going to attack us any way. and we have to be prepared that there are people that are so easily offended that this is the war that they are waging against us and our lifestyle and our way of life and that we have to be prepared that they also don't like jews they don't like christians. radical islamists don't like a lot of things. so if a cartoon will provoke them they will be provoked and there's nothing we can say or do to stop them. it's naive of people like you on the left to think you can stop them. >> what are you talking about? we will stop them. the point is we have stopped them. the point is that you have to go out and wage very clear lines and say, we do not believe in sharia law, we do not respect it. we are a country of civil constitutional laws and you have a right to free speech.
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what i'm saying to you is for instance pam said they burned a pilot. the pilot was fighting a war. those people acted in a bar baric fashion. >> you are enforcing the sharia. >> i thought you didn't like people interrupting you. you just go over people. you are about self-promotion. you're not about the real problem. >> let me stay focused here. pam, five years ago there was a young girl a pakistan schoolgirl who went to school knowing the threat. she got shot in the face and got a nobel peace prize. she knew there could be consequences, but she went any way. >> sean she was getting an education. >> my point is -- >> i'm giveing an education. >> if a cartoon is going to set off somebody to kill there's no negotiation there, there's no appeasing people that would react that way. it's naive of you to think if only we didn't have the cartoon
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contest they would be nice to us. that's obscene to me. >> sean listen you have to engage and say, listen this is not the way that we as americans live. we do not believe in sharia law. >> you do. you are enforcing sharia law. that's exactly what you're doing by making -- >> how are we doing that? >> by making me the bad guy. it was not just a contest. you're not -- you are not even informed. >> you are hurting our cause is what you are doing. you are hurting people who say sharia law is wrong by generating sthie for these people who are so crazy. >> i got to leave it there. thank you both. busy news night. coming up -- >> when it comes to the persecution of christian, we're talking about an extraordinary urgent issue. we're talking about an international emergency. >> liberals freaking out over offending muslims with a
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cartoon. cardinal dolan is taking a stand stand. that's next. and also tonight -- >> i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself and get press. >> a moral dilemma, sophiafia vergara in the meeld ya over control of their frozen em bee owes. plus tom brady, is he in trouble? that investigation and more.
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earlier today the archbishop of new york cardinal dolan adenounced the slaughter. watch this. >> when it comes to the
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persecution of christians we are talking about an extraordinarily urgent issue. we are talking about an international emergency. this is not some nice idea. this is not some chic hobby. we are talking about life and death. we're not going to let it go. we are going to talk about christians being beheaded martyred threatened harassed killed throughout the world. we're going to keep talking about it. we're not going to let it die. in talking about it we have got to be blunt. we have to call it what it is. we're talking about fanatical islamic terrorism and we should not be afraid to tag it as such. >> why aren't liberals standing up when it comes to christian persecution? they sure have a lot to say about pam geller. joining us now is fox news contributor father morris.
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let me ask you mohammed a simple question. we have in your religion raping kidnapping enslaving, assassinations beheadings firing squads terror bombings, all in the name of allah. why is this happening in the name of your prophet? >> well first of all, we as muslims, unfortunately, are moderate voice is ignored most of the time by the media. >> it's not ignored. we have a hard time finding moderate voices that will speak out. if you're condemning this i appreciate your voice. >> we are available any time. >> you still haven't answered the question. raping kidnapping assassination, slavery, all in the name of allah.
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why? >> well that is a false claim. they have nothing to do with this religion or any other religion. >> they are doing it in the name of allah. they are doing it in the name of islam. >> they can say whatever, but we know in reality they are the worst enemies of allah, they are the worst enemies of the religion. >> i take you at your word. you seem like a nice man. you're a moderate muslim. i see that there are moderates. there are too few that speak out and it seems for two reasons. they will be viewed as being killed for that so there's a fear that exists. or is there partly maybe some agreement among people and for that reason they just don't express their moderation? why aren't there thousands of muslims marching on washington
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demanding that this stop showing support and solidarity for freedom? >> well, freedom also means responsibility. sometimes honestly i think there is cooperation between those o criminals over there because they want to e show us look how horrible america is and the forces of islamophobia try to tell us how horrible islam is. both are wrong. >> we don't see people killing. let me go to father morris. i thought the cardinal was brave to speak out. he also said we have to address this. finally somebody of stature is speaking out. we must address this. >> hang on. >> he also mentioned we should
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be really affirming genuine vises from islam. i'm glad we're doing it. it sounds like he is moderate. i would never call myself a moderate christian. i'm just a christian. it does show that moderates like mohammed here should recognize that there's a problem in islam right now. it's a major problem. and yes, they do have something to do with islam and there should be and this is to your credit mohammed your moderation you mentioned reason too to make sure there's a very public coming together to say this is wrong. and then to give reasons why this is not islam. it's easy to say this is not islam, but we have to give reason. why is this not islam? >> there is nothing wrong with islam. there is something wrong with human selfishness and greed. we cannot solve this problem.
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we are warning about isis for many years. but we cannot -- >> they are using the koran. >> if saudi arabia is our closest allies and we tried to solve this it problem through even more closeness to saudi arabia, it's a source of terrorism and isis and supporting all of this violence in the media. >> they are justifying their evil acts by using the koran. now father there have been instances where crucifix have been submerged in urine. catholics haven't been out kill ing people. now we have a cartoon that is motivating people to kill and not once but multiple times. >> mohammed sean asked me a question here. we have to be very clear that no
7:20 pm
matter what anybody else does to us whether we're christian, muslim jewish, no matter what anybody else does to us it does not give us a right to do something that is wrong. now i think it's very important also to recognize that i disagree with pam in your previous segment that therefore we have the responsibility to insight violence. that's what she did. it doesn't mean that you can't blame -- >> you can't blame her. >> it's not blaming her. it's recognizing that the wrong that these crazy radical islamists did -- >> do you think cartoons are going to appease people? >> can i speak? >> last word we got to go. >> who created isis? what is the cause of isis? >> they justify their actions use using the koran, sir. >> no, no, no.
7:21 pm
this is a plitolitical conspiracy that has nothing to do with religion nothing to do with islam. >> no doubt it's political, but it's also done in the name of mohammed. >> look at the support. ers of terrorism and support es of isis. where do they get their money and military? it's obvious. we are not serious. >> we have to go. thank you both for being with us. i appreciate your time. coming up next 2016 gop presidential candidate ben carson went to baltimore today to meet with community leaders. he will be here next with reaction. and later tonight sophiafia vergara and her husband. and could tom brady be in trouble after saying he knew nothing about the deflated footballs. will the nfl end up suspending him? his agent will be here. and former players joe theismann and spencer tillman are here to
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react, straight ahead.
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black people were make. ing e nor mouse progress in this country. the era up until the '60s, just enormous progress. strong families strong values and then it came to an abrupt halt and started going down in the other direction. and i think a lot of that has to do with the culture that has been created by government just throwing money at things with no thought process. >> that was 2016 gop presidential candidate ben carson talking with baltimore community leaders earlier today. he joins me now with more of his visit. how are you, sir? >> i'm doing great, sean, thanks. >> there was a report by a baltimore official today.
7:25 pm
if the case against the cops unravels baltimore will burn. did that come up today? >> there was some mention of that. my feeling is that if they will continue to be transparent or start to be transparent with what's going on including releasing the findings and then explaining things to people over a period of time rather than letting there be just a sudden explosion at some point, i think that would make a big difference. >> we spent $40 trillion since the great society to get people out of poverty. it obviously isn't working. balt baltimore got $1.8 billion in stimulus money. $1.2 billion every year in education. the gop won't give him the programs he wants. when you look at inner cities like baltimore and the problems they are facing what do you
7:26 pm
think has happened and what needs to be done? if you're president, what would you do? >> clearly, the great society programs the war in poverty, has not been help fulful. with the trillions and trillions of dollars being spent. i don't want to spend a lot of time demonizing anybody who did it. it's clear to anybody it hasn't worked. so we should be talking about what do we do to get people to move up and out of dependency. i think what we have to do is recognize that it's relationships rather than throwing money that works. there are many examples around the country of programs that generally are started by the private sector. and the business industry wall street churches community groups who get involved with their fellow human beings. those are the things that actually get people out of poverty. i have spoken at a number of those programs. >> isn't that part of your life
7:27 pm
too? you come from -- you didn't come from wealth. you had a tough mother who got rid of your tv, made you read kept you away from your friends, turned you around. you were not a stellar student to start auto. >> yeah, absolutely. my mother refused to be a victim and she wouldn't let us be victims and she didn't make excuses. that was a big part of it. it's one of the things that we talked about today was the importance of going back to values and princeiples that used to make the community strong. that used to allow them to get through some of the hardships. a lot of that has been abandoned. also recognize that a lot of traditional families have been broken and a lot of them are broken by government programs that actually incentivize people
7:28 pm
to not have complete families. >> every time if if it's cambridge police ferguson trayvon martin baltimore, the president either talks about the need for more social programs early education in the case of baltimore, or he talks about a bad relationship between the black community and police officers. do you agree with him or is he wrong? do you think america has a race problem? >> i think the problem with police in the community stems from the fact that we don't introduce the police into the community at the right time. a lot of times the first encounter with police is a hostile one. they need to be embedded in the community and they need to be people that are noun. i was talking to one of the police representatives at the meeting and he made this quite clear. he says i'm in the neighborhood. everybody in the neighborhood knows me. i don't have to go out and get something to eat. susan pokes her head out the door and asked if i wanted fried chicken. we all know each other.
7:29 pm
that's the kind of relationships that really keep a lot of these problems from occurring. ooip not sure why they won't do that. >> you saw what happened. you saw the rioting. you saw the prosecutor. did you feel this was a rush to judgment a political prosecution in place, do you think this was done so quickly to appease those in the streets saying no justice, no peace, those that were rioting? >> i was asked that question today during the meeting, and i said without being able to see the same evidence that the prosecutor said i don't know whether it was a rush to judgment or not. but it certainly did quiet things down. the fact of the matter is there is a legal process where the information will be hopefully made public and people will be able to see what happened. i personally as a physician
7:30 pm
think that there was a severe injury incurred during the arrest. i don't think it was done purposely. >> something inappropriate, but we don't even know that at this point, do we? >> i think during the arrest you can easily particularly a heavy strong individual put one's knee down on the base of a person's neck and cause instability. then if they are reveling around in a truck, none of that was done on purpose, but it was still done and needs to be dealt with. >> all right, we'll be seeing you on the campaign trail. thank you for being with us. >> absolutely my pleasure. coming up tonight -- >> i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage of my career and try to promote himself, get press. >> sofia vergara lashes out at her ex-fiance who is suing her
7:31 pm
to make sure their embryos are not destroyed. we have reaction. and later tonight -- >> i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i believe in fair play and respect the league. >> tom brady could be in big trouble for denying knowing his team deflated balls. tom brady's agent will be here to respond and we'll have reaction from joe theismann and spence spencer tillman and more tonight on "hannity." do you suffer from constipation or irregularity? trust dulcolax® for dependable relief. try free at dulcolax® stool softener makes it easier to go comfortably. hurry! try free at dulcolax®. designed for dependable relief™.
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sofia vergara's ex-fiance filed a lawsuit trying to ensure their two frozen embryos are not destroyed. earlier today that legal battle became a morning talk show battle as both parties took to the airways to defend their positions. >> it has nothing to do whether
7:37 pm
it's her baby or our baby. lives were created. a lot of the questions is why don't you move on and meet somebody else. two lyes have already been created. i wouldn't just toss them aside. >> i have been working very hard for 20 years to get to this point where i am. i promote all my movies all my work but i don't promote my private life. i don't want this person to take advantage of my career and try to promote himself, get press. it shouldn't be out there for people to give their opinion when there's nothing to talk about. there's papers signed. why is the press allowing somebody to invent things and create press for himself. he's not an actor or a celebrity. it's like why? >> here we reaction is dr. keith alabama low, mercedes cohen and
7:38 pm
kimberly. what do you think? >> i think this is a very serious legal issue that should be taken with a lot of consideration and thought. so far you have had ten states that have addressed this issue. california is where they created the laws. that's where the court will consider this. the state should have a compelling interest in making a serious decision about whether to preserve life. these are embryos. he wants to be able to take full legal and financial responsibility. >> not asking for her money. >> not asking for anything. . so her argument is well listen we signed this form or agreement but it wasn't a contract between the two parties. it had to do with liability with respect to the agency that they used to be able to do this. >> he talked about the moral issue here and about the life issue here and she's talking about he's not an actor or a
7:39 pm
celebrity. why are they taking into. credibility in what he's saying? should a man who helps produce an embryo, why does he have no say? >> you look at the contract. . it's a third rail no court is going to step in and say i'm going to take on the right to life issue. the court is going to say this has been decided around the country. they look at it as discussing that the embryos are looked upon as property. when you deem deal with property, you go to the contract. it says if sophia had to con sent as to what was going to be done. i'm not going to go into the issue. i'm going to focus on this is a property rights. >> let's take a look at it. >> even if they do that's the first step. they are going to see if there was a legally binding contract. under california law, you have to have an agreement between the two parties about what would
7:40 pm
happen to the embryos in the event they separate. this form they filled out from this place they did the retrieval did not address that. so the court could strike that down saying it's not legally binding. then they would balance the parties. >> it goes against the drafter. it was that agency. not the two of them. if you look at just strict contract law they are going to say there's supposed to be agreement between the two individuals. if one says i want to bring these children to life. >> the legal matters will get decided. prenuptial agreements are vacated all the time. i don't see why it has to be ironclad. i talked to nick last night. he seems sincere that he is invested from a moral standpoint in bring inging these children to life. he considers them children already. potential lives already. i think it's a big issue, sean. why don't men have any say?
7:41 pm
we talk about a women's right to choose. how about a man's right to choose life. why are we without any say as to whether these embryos come to term there are surrogates that can carry them to term. maybe a dad would like to see that. >> should men have the right to a say? 30 seconds. >> of course they do. they are part of the equation. >> but they really don't. >> this is why this is important. it's not about men versus women. say i had embryos and he wanted to have them destroyed. should he have the right to say i'm going to destroy those when i want to accept all full legal and financial responsibility? that's my point. it's an important decision that needs to be made here. >> thank you, guys. coming up, an nfl investigation reveals that tom brady must have known that the team's footballs were being deflated. will he be suspended? we'll get reaction from joe
7:42 pm
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i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. i believe in fair play and
7:47 pm
respect the league. i was surprised when i heard what was happening. i have no knowledge of anything. i have no knowledge of wrong doing of anything. i'm very comfortable saying that nobody did it as far as i know. i would never do anything outside of the rules of the play. i would never have someone do something that i thought was outside -- >> that was new england patriots quarterback tom brady at a press conference in january denying that he had any knowledge of the footballs being deflated in the afc championship game against the colts. now the much-anticipated deflate gate investigation has been completed and doesn't look good for the new england star. text messages between the patriots locker room attendant and equipment manager seem to implicate brady. one reads, tom sucks. i'm going to make that next ball a blanking balloon. talked to him last night. he brought you up and said you
7:48 pm
must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. i told him it was. i checked some of the balls this morning. the refs blanked us. a few of them were almost 16. they didn't recheck them after we put the air in them. joining us is tom brady's agent. are you? >> good, thank you for having me on. >> i'm a jets and giants fan, that doesn't mean i hate tom brady. i respect him a lot. he's a very talented guy. here's what the report said. more than probable the patriots quarterback was generally awar. it said more probable than not patriots personnel participated in the deliberate effort to release air from the balls. it's unlikely an equipment assistant would deflate the balls without brady's knowledge and approval. how do you react? >> sean when you're using a phrase like more probable than not and that's being written by a law firm what that really means is that we believe in our opinion it's 50.1% versus 49.9%.
7:49 pm
>> i actually agree with you. i think those words were purposely used which i think is an indicator that in spite of what people want i know a lot of people are fans want tom brady punished but those words tell me there's no punishment coming. what do you expect? if you did get a punishment, what would you do? >> i really don't know what to expect sean because the recent history of the league when it comes to disciplinary measures and i'm just looking at its own history. this is not speculation, has been spotty. there's been a number of decisions made by the league office that have been subsequently overturned. so i really don't know what to expect because the decision making i would probably describe as frenetic at best. >> did those e-mails not implicate him at all? >> the only thing i can tell you
7:50 pm
and maybe the average person can relate to this we all have mobile phones. . if i took your cell phone and said i'm going to clip out an excerpt of a >> you're a person that is different than who you are. >> all right. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. here now with reaction is joe, and a star broadcaster, with us good to see you. i read the report. spencer i'll start with you. more than probable he was involved and they participated.
7:51 pm
unlikely the equipment assistant would do it without his knowledge. >> could with 51% or 99%. we're sure he was engaged with some general knowledge of what is taking place. joe will attest to the fact any quarterback knows the relationship between a center and a locker room assistant. he knew what is going on there. you can see it. evidence to me is overwhelming in this case. i do disagree with what the attorney just said i think there is going to be a appreciable punishment by tom brady. >> i look at the report and say they're equivocating here.
7:52 pm
. >> i think the league has to take some kind of action. they didn't know about the noise being pumped into the stadium. he got 90 days so looking at the punishments and say, they've got themselves in a box and have to do something. one of those checks to me is very indicative of what is transpiring. that is where he said officials had the ball. one of the balls at 16. okay? so when you think of that now, remember, the league has a various 12.5 to 3.5 variances which is acceptable. tom likes them at the lower end. how do we know? and i thought don made a good point how do we know there isn't more dialogue with regard to why it's the lower end. where is the lower end? who makes that determination?
7:53 pm
is that enough to give our severe punishment? spencer? >> sean i'm not going to hammer it out. i'm not going to let tom brady off the hook on this. he can release his statements made. we're talking about this. >> yes. >> another punishment what do you predict? >> i think it's -- just going to say it's going to be a couple games i mean it's off the boards. >> wow. >> you've got the opener on thursday night. what is nbc going to do? >> they've got to figure out something to be able to have another teeth in it so it is discouraging. yet, can't look like it's too
7:54 pm
right. there is only one way it's going to come to a conclusion we're going to have to take him, again on his word. >> guys? >> quickly, sean. >> who is right about that? >> you've got us all. one thing is -- one of the greatest things >> i pick new england. . >> i don't remember. do you remember that? >> i remember. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> and coming up we need your help. talking about tom brady. our question of the day, straight ahead.
7:55 pm
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welcome back to "hannity". what could happen to tom brady? go to and we want to know what you think.
8:00 pm
that is all the time we have left. we hope you'll set your dvr so you'll never miss an episode. have a great night. we'll see you then. ntroversy, we'll seal you tonight right here on fox news. good night there new york city. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> even the guy that wrote the book had to admit under questioning that he didn't have a shred of evidence. >> yet the controversy over the clinton foundation keep on coming. today mr. clinton is in morocco at a an event sponsored by an alleged human rights violeter and the kennedys have involved. we'll have a factor investigation. >> shut it down! >> shades of the '60s, students at the university of california berkeley trying to strong arm ear other students into not attending classes. >> what would you like written on your tombstone?