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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 9, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a barn yard fence thinking you'll never leave and the next thing you're sitting on marine one with the president. >> thanks, everybody. bye-bye. >> thanks for watching. the good news is. hello, everyone. welcome to brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shaun. the first named storm of the atlantic hurricane season closing in on the carolinas. expected to bring dangerous surfing and heavy rain to the southeast all through the weekend. and an ocean of military might and hundreds of thousands of people turning out for russia's victory parade 70 years after the allies defeated nazi germany. where are the western leaders. the apple watch. well what does it really do besides tell the time?
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"consumer reports" will be here for an in-depth look and we'll compare all the smart watches later this hour. first, tropical storm anna, bearing down right you no on the southeast. it's swirling off the carolinas. landfall predicted overnight or in the early hours of the morning. it's pretty early in this time of the year for a named storm to occur already. forecasters say it will bring plenty of rain and a lot of wind. nothing new to people who live along the shore but the storm might throw cold water on some vacation plans this mother's day weekend. our reporter is live watching the preparations in myrtle beach. looks pretty calm now. but you know it's coming. >> reporter: it does. but they know it's coming. just in the past five minutes we've noticed the winds picking up so much so that the hotel workers here have been gathering up the chairs. but you can see that there is a break in the rain, the sun is out and people still enjoying
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the beach. but all day people have been heeding the warnings and staying out of the water. meanwhile, the emergency management director of neighboring georgetown county, south carolina, explains what people need to watch out for. >> rip currents and some tidal flooding is the biggest concern. on the coastal area, we have a lot of low lying areas prone to flooding. >> reporter: tropical storm ana arrived several weeks before the official june 1 start of the atlantic hurricane season. it comes just as the myrtle beach tourist season is ramping up. nevertheless, many visitors decided not to cancel their vacation plans. >> if you saw there was a storm coming, but you came anyway? >> we had to come anyway. we had reservations, but we didn't have a choice. we had to come. >> it was mother's day weekend. this is our mother-son trip together. so i wouldn't let it stop me. >> reporter: local officials say they do not expect significant
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damage from the winds that ana is expected to bring onsnshore. however, they are concerned about the possibility of beach erosion from the pounding surf you see behind me. >> it could be an adventure for those guests. hope everyone stays safe. thank you so much. meanwhile, there are severe weather stories happening for another large part of the country. millions of people across the great plains brace for yet another string of powerful storms bearing down this weekend. i think we're looking now live at dallas. whoa. those dark skies there. the latest forecast showing western kansas all the way to western oklahoma, expecting the bruntth brunt of the storms. the weather already causing serious problems, including flooding from heavy rain, also dangerous tornadoes tearing through entire communities. one couple speaking out about the heartbreak of surveying the damage to their home.
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>> where do we start? we've been here 20-plus years. we've never even had to replace a roof from a storm. never. >> i'm like, get in the closet now. so we just rode it out. it brings it close to home. it makes you stop and be thankful for what you do have. >> be thankful for what you have. yet the threat is still not over. as new storms bearing down in this area, will carr is live on the ground in bridge creek oklahoma action with the latest. will? >> reporter: hi. talking about that threat, we just found out that a tornado touched down about 140 miles west of dallas, close to abilene, just a short time ago. we're trying to get more information about that. what we have learned going on here in oklahoma, i just got off the phone with the national weather service. they have not seen any tornadoes touchdown all across the state. that's good news. especially for this community 'cause this community took a big hit a couple days ago when an ef-2 tornado swept through.
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look at this house. the tornadoes punched holes in the roof here and ripped the shingling off. i want to show you what the homeowners in this community have to do whether a tornado is coming through. every home in this community has to have an underground shelter. so this home owned by harry came out here when they had the tornado sweeping through. he and his family ran out here to their underground shelter. if we have any more storms move through, tonight or tomorrow, this is what they'll have to do. they come to their underground shelter and come down inside and again, every homeowner in this community has to do this. and they rode out the storm in this shelter for several hours. they tell us that they hope that they department have to do this any time again in the near future. take a listen. >> it's tough thinking that you're trying t come out here and save what you can and you just got more rains and winds coming. it's like well, do i want to do anything, 'cause it's going to get tore up again. it makes it kind of hard.
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>> reporter: flood something is a major concern right now. authorities had their eye on a lake in shawnee oklahoma, 40 miles east of oklahoma city. they're worried a dam could breach there. if that does, 25 homes would be in direct danger. we also know that the governor has issued an emergency declaration. that should potentially free up some federal funds to help all these homeowners out. we know more than 50 people were injured from this storm. again, 100 or so buildings were destroyed and homeowners like this man tell us they will take any help that they can get. arthel. >> they need help because a lot of times insurance does not make you whole in those types of disasters. thanks for showing us inside that storm shelter. had never seen that. thanks. >> you bet. the race for the white house, going down south today. they've been spending a lot of time in iowa and new hampshire. but today republican presidential contenders gathered in south carolina. it's the freedom summit there.
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it gives candidate has chance to get a leg up on the pivotal primary state and try to separate themselves from the growing republican field. carl cameron reporting live from greenville, south carolina, with the latest on the summit. hi carl. >> reporter: hi. we're having these forums about every week or every two with a handful of candidates. sometimes as many as a dozen today. it was about nine serious contenders and tremendous focus on religious freedom religious liberty, big part of the debate having to do with the indiana and arkansas laws, but it was also about national security to a great degree. talked about isis, talk about china, talk about vladimir putin. specifically islamic radicalism and what needs to be done about that. every single one of the candidates talks about it. here is a sampling of some. >> we need a president who is going to back away from that deal in iran and set the record straight. >> we need a commander in chief who will once and for all call it what it is and that is
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radical islamic terrorism is a threat to us all! >> we need a president who will affirm that israel is our ally and start acting like it! >> perhaps as important as anything else, by rallying the world not just to contain radical jihaddist but to goat them. people ask what should our strategy be on global jihadi, i refer them to the movie "taken." he has a line. this is what our strategy should be. we will look for you. we will find you. and we will kill you. >> we need to restore america's leadership in the world. for the last six years, we have seen the consequences of the obama-clinton foreign policy. leading from behind does not work. and we cannot win a war on radical islamic terrorism with a president who is unwilling to utter the words radical islamic
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terrorism. >> reporter: tough stuff from the 2016 republican hopefuls. some announced. others yet to. there were a couple of absentees. rand paul was in california talking about his tech campaign. mike huckabee was in arkansas celebrating his granddaughter's three-year-old blighter birthday. and former florida governor jeb bush chose instead of coming today to give the commencement address at liberty university in virginia. the university calls itself the biggest christian university in the world and there he did talk a great deal about religious freedom and what's necessary for conservatives to remember in terms of principles and adherence to their beliefs. listen. >> wherever there is a child waiting to be born, we say choose life and we say it with love. wherever women and girls in other countries are brutally exploited or treated as possessions without rights and dignity, we christians see that arrogance for what it is. >> reporter: greenville, south carolina, where very, very conservative republicans
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gathered for the freedom forum today. there has already been one in iowa and one in new hampshire. these are the first three voting states in next year's early primaries. there is likely to be a forum every one or two weeks right up until the first debates. the first debate will be in august and fox news will be hosting it in ohio. expect to see parades of candidates in these early states just about every weekend until we get a chance to watch them mix it up against one another. eric? >> i know that means that you will be there too as always. good to see you. thank you. >> you bet. for the latest reaction on this summit as well as others, it will be tomorrow on fox news sunday. chris wallace sits down with lindsey graham. you know he's expected to announce his run for the white house on june 1. also interviewing bernie sanders who is challenging hillary clinton. all on fox news channel or you can check your local fox channel. protesters in baltimore gathering for a peace rally near
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the neighborhood of freddy gray. it comes one day after the new attorney general loretta lynch announced a justice department investigation into the city's police department. accusing six officers of failing to provide gray with medical care. gray later died from injuries allegedly sustained while in police custody. molly henneberg is following this from our dc news room. molly? >> reporter: hi she's been on the job less than two weeks and already president obama's new attorney general loretta lynch, announced a very public civil rights investigation into the baltimore police department in the wake of the death of freddy gray and the riots there. one former deputy attorney general in the civil rights division under former president george w. bush says this investigation may be warranted but it should not become a pattern. >> i do think there is some risk that the public now expects every time there is a high profile matter, the feds will swoop in and help. and why think that's a healthy
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attitude to have. >> reporter: one legal expert at the conservative heritage foundation warns that this investigation may not be even handed. >> the down side is that they're asking in federal bureaucrats who are hostile to law enforcement, have no experience actually as law enforcement officers and they're not going to get a fair evaluation of the practices in baltimore. >> reporter: attorney general lynch disagrees. she says the probe will, quote focus on allegations that baltimore police department officers used excessive force including deadly force conducted unlawful search and seizures and arrests and engaged in discriminatory policing. >> we will examine policies, practices and available data and if the conclusion of our conclusion, we will issue a report of our findings. if unconstitutional policies or practices are found, we will seek a court enforceable agreement to address those
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issues. >> reporter: several of baltimore's leaders including democratic mayor requested that the federal government come in and investigate. arthel? >> molly, thank you very much. one of the african nations at the center of the ebola outbreak, lie leer i can't -- liberia, appears to be free from the disease. it says liberia hasn't had any new cases of ebola in 42 days and that's twice the incue bakes period. ebola killed almost 5,000 people in liberia. but there are still new cases just across the border in syria leone and guinea. north korea claiming it test fired a secret ballistic missile from a submarine. the operation increasing tensions with south korea which confirms the launch. the state department spokesman telling fox news that the u.s. is aware of the firing, adding it would be, quote clear violation of multiple u.n. security resolutions.
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the "wall street journal" reporting that leader kim jong-un personally ove the whole thing. isis now claiming responsibility for a deadly jail break in iraq. at least 40 inmates escaped from a prison in eastern iraq. that followed a riot there that reportedly killed at least six police officers and 30 prisoners. an iraqi official saying some of those escapees were wanted on terrorism charges. isis had described that jail break as a quote coordinated operation. the controversy surrounding hillary clinton not going away as the former secretary of state faces mounting pressure to answer questions about her e-mail scandal and the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead. so how is all of this affecting her campaign? russia on the march without us or our world war ii allies. did you see these scenes from red square? moscow the former communist nation celebrates 70 years since the defeat of the nazis but
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there is a big message in our absence. with everybody going cuckoo for cocoa puffses surrounding the new apple watch we'll look at how this pricey gadget stacks up to other smart watches.
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we're learning hillary clinton's testimony on benghazi might be delayed. she agreed to testify once. no matter the outcome though, the house is likely to prolong the process. the chairman of that special committee, south carolina congressman trey gowdy now requesting two sessions. one on clinton's e-mail and another on the terrorist attack in libya where four americans died including ambassador chris stevens. lawyers for clinton say she won't testify more than once. so as this thing drags out will it affect her campaign for president? bringing in tammy bruce radio talk show host and chuck roacha is here and a fellow at the center for national policy. good to see both of you. >> hey there. >> hey. >> chuck, how does this delay sit with you? will the optics provide a negative committeation the to --
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connotation to the american public or see it as a delay? >> remember when you were little and you used to go to the carnival and you used to play that game all in hopes of getting the plushy toy? they're playing a game they can't win. they want to drag this out so they can try to drag her name through the mud. at the end of the day people in arms up about this will never vote for her to begin with. we should stay focused on the people in the middle and not play politics with our foreign policy. >> tammy? >> look, obviously she would rather have it happen now because she does not want to have this conversation in 2016. so i think that's key. at the same time, she has agreed to do six debates apparently with a hologram of herself. i'm not quite sure why she doesn't have time to do two conversations with congress. but she wants to get it done quickly. she wants to get it done fast so that it can end this year. obviously this is politics. the american people want to know. i also want justice. i think the american people do. but we know that's not going to happen.
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so i'll take them pushing this through and reminding the american people about the lack of character abandoning an ambassador, the death of four people in benghazi. >> let me stay with you and i would like you to tell us what has yet to be uncovered in the benghazi investigation that could derail hillary clinton's chances of becoming president. >> that's part of the conversation because this is now also about that e-mail server and the e-mails that no one ever saw. when congress is told that they had everything and now we've learned that they don't. that's why they wanted to have two separate sessions and the connection between the e-mails and the e-mail server and actually elements that have been destroyed, e mails ma that have been destroyed under subpoena. what is it thawier don't know that we need her to testify about? what they also need is have her testify under oath and whether gowdy does that or not we'll have to see. >> chuck, do you think there is something there that could be bad news for hillary clinton, or
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can this be viewed as old news from her opponents? >> this is old news. they spent millions and millions of dollars and my tax money going through something that's already been raked and over and over in the coals. this is all political. imagine me in washington d.c., something about politics, they love to stretch this out because the more they can stretch it out, it's closer to november because they know the american voter has a short memory and they want to do everything they can to make sure she's raked over the coals over something we've went over thousands of times. >> tammy, chuck is saying that they want to drag this out. >> sure n the republican party. they want to drag this out closer to the election. is there a chance that if they keep talking about it all the way 'til then, closer to the election, that perhaps the public will become tired of hearing about it and sort of glaze over on the topic? >> if that was going to be the only scandal. we know that the clintons have more in their scandal bag. this is not the only thing we've got.
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inevitably hillary is her own worst enemy and it's not going to have to be the republicans who drag her through the mud. she'll do that herself. she thinks she can keep sending outs her daughter and husband. as feminist, i want a president who doesn't have to rely on the child and spouse to get her word out. this will be a real interesting 12 months. they're going to try to drag it out. but there will be more and more connections. like the e-mails. those dynamics. if she thinks the american people don't care, i think she and democrats are wrong. >> chuck, do you think hillary clinton is going to play the feminist card in her race for the white house? >> i think she's going to talk about core economic issues that people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. they want to hear real solutions. i think you'll see a republican circus on the ride of all these people trying to outconservative each other and she'll be a clear voice for lots of working women around the country to know there is real opportunity in america to achieve the american dream. >> i was just told i'm out of time. i know tammy, you want to say something mother.
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but unfortunately, i have to go. >> chuck you got me thinking about cotton candy. >> it's the sweet spot. >> chuck and tammy i'll see you both of you again. >> thank you. you never get that machine with the big claw, you can never get that. >> it's a scam. >> doesn't work. >> sometimes. >> did you see what they did in moscow? a big show of force in russia celebrating the defeat of the nazis. look at this parade. guess who wasn't there. we weren't, as well as our western allies. what message did that send? also the senate passing a bill on giving lawmakers a final say on president obama's nuclear deal with iran. but how will it impact diplomacy with tehran and our allyies?
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it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
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a powerful tropical storm is right now bearing down on the carolinas. ana is the first storm to be named weeks ahead of the formal june 1 start of the atlantic hurricane season. so it's starting early. and check this out. a 51-year-old grandmother busted for running the largest illegal drug operation in the history of east tennessee. prosecutors say she raked in more than $17 million while running several pain clinics dishing out hundreds of prescription pills for cash on a daily basis over a four-year period. potential republican presidential candidate jeb bush delivering a commencement speech to graduates at a well-known christian college in virginia, liberty university. the former florida governor speaking out about the threat to religious freedom from the federal government. hundreds of thousands turning out in russia to celebrate the allied victory in world war ii. it was the biggest military
3:30 pm
parade since the fall of the soviet union and an ocean of troops and war machinery, old and new. the 70th anniversary of the day. and president vladimir putin using the occasion to whip up anti-western sent i wants. >> in the past decade principles won and obtained by mankind after the hardship of war. we have seen attempts to create a unipolar world. we see a military block mental ultimate. this undermines the stability of global development. >> and alongside putin for most of the day the president of china. the most prominent foreign leader to attend. amy kellogg is live now from moscow. >> reporter: also in attendance with the president of glim baby, cuba egypt palestinian authority, kazakhstan
3:31 pm
venezuela, just to name a few. the vip was the chinese president sitting right next to president putin watching the parade and they spent the day before talking about all sorts of different ways that they can create closer cooperation between their two countries. ten years ago, it was a different picture. western leaders including former president george w. bush came here to honor the 60th anniversary of the fall of the nazis. but this year due to tensions over ukraine things are very different. this russian veteran said he is just fine with that. >> if they don't come to the parade issues that's absolutely okay. last time george bush came, if barak obama doesn't come, i really don't care. he is persona nongratis. he is not a person i would like to see, as well as those politicians from the baltic states poland, who are demonstrating vile politics toward russia. >> reporter: this is billed as russia's biggest military parade
3:32 pm
since the end of the cold war and showcases some new productions. for a while after the fall, russia's army was a shadow of its former red army self. but putin has more flexible and mobile forces. there were fly well, planes configured in the shape of the number 70 for the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in europe. and formations trailing the russian tri color. later fireworks lit up the skies over the kremlin. earlier, as many as half a million people, including president putin whose father fought in world war ii, paraded pictures of relatives who fought in the war. and finally as regards to this patriotic sentiment that putin is now famous for whipping up here in russia, i asked someone randomly the other day about it here. a russian man who said that he thinks yes this heightened sense of patriotism lately is a good thing because if they didn't have that 70 years ago
3:33 pm
they wouldn't have won the war. arthel? >> amy kellogg thanks. the president that by far the best way for us to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is engaging in diplomacy. >> that's white house press secretary josh earnest this week defending the nuclear framework agreement with iran. now that the senate has passed legislation giving some congressional review to any deal, president obama and the world powers that they make, the next move now is next to the house this coming week for a vote expected on that new legislation. can that new legislation actually influence iran? republican congressman of new york joins us. he's the only jewish republican member of congress. congressman, good to see you. here is the bill. this is what passed the senate on thursday. it is the iran nuclear review act of 2015. do you think these pieces of paper can actually help prevent iran from building a nuclear
3:34 pm
bomb? >> the american public wants to be able to review the deal. president obama is poised to enter into a bad deal with iran. ideally for the president, he would want the american people to approve of the deal before being able to find out what's in it. americans have been there done that. they have been jammed time and again with bad public policy out of the white house. so the americans want this review. they want a debate in congress. they want a rejection of the iran deal if and when the bad deal the details start coming out and start getting vetted in public. so the legislation that passed the senate today this week is an opportunity for the american public to have the details within hours and days of the president making announcement. we already know what the president will say. he's going to say he entered into a good deal with iran. it will prevent iran from having nuclear capabilities. it's good for the united states and our allies.
3:35 pm
he will say that regardless of what the details look like. >> and do you buy that? >> no. the fact is just a month ago the president released a fact sheet on a framework agreement. within 24 hours the iranian foreign ministers refuting that fact sheet calling it just spin. the ayatollah jumped on board. he's in the streets chanting death to america. the devil is in the details. for the rest of us here in america, with a good sense of reality, we want to read it in english. we also want to know that it's accurately translated for the iranians and iranians to be approving of the details in both languages. >> you talked about the supreme leader. let's take a look at him. he was criticizing america this week saying they may walk from the negotiations. he's criticizing our police, saying u.s. police kill over any excuse. the u.s. has been disgraced. what do you want to see in a potential deal with them?
3:36 pm
>> you bring up a great point. think of all the things that aren't even part of the negotiations. the ayatollah on the street chanting death to america overthrown foreign government, developing icbm's, sponsoring terrorism, pledging to wipe israel off the map unjustly imprisoning united states citizens in iran. none of this is even part of the negotiations. so you can read the fact sheet that was refuted. you could read the fact sheet and have a problem with iran being able to keep their nuclear facilities intact, spinning centrifuges, enriching uranium. but when you look at everything not even included in the negotiations that is why there is so much deep concern here throughout america. >> and what about the fact that they won't let the u.n. inspectors in the nuclear facility as soon as the military facilities, which is a suspected site of a nuclear explosion research. do you think that if iran says, you ain't going into our military sites that we have a deal that works?
3:37 pm
>> i think for this president president obama is basically saying that the only alternative to whatever deal is that he agrees to is war. everybody knows that the president isn't serious with that threat. so really, he's saying that by june 30, the president he's going to agree to something. the iranians know, they want that signing bonus. they want the $50 billion. here you have a regime that's barely holding on to power tough economy in iran, six years ago when the iranian economy was doing better and oil was $100 a barrel, you had millions of iranians protesting in the street after an undemocratic election trying to overthrow the government. now our president is propping up this regime that's barely holding on to power and giving them all this money which even despite all of the challenges that they face financially now they're still sponsoring terrorism. so this president, he's talking about snap bag sanctions as if a sanction that took eight years to put back into place working
3:38 pm
with foreign entities all across the world that you just snap your fingers and the sanction comes back into place. so it's very unfortunate this president is on pace to trigger a nuclear arms race. if he's worried about his legacy, it's not going to be pretty ten, 20 years from now when we're looking back to see the koonces of this deal. >> that agreement now set for potentially june 30 and we'll see what's in it when they get it. congressman of long island in new york, we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. demonstrators gather in freddy gray's baltimore neighborhood for a peace rally one day after the launch of a probe by the federal government. what will it find? susan estridge is here with her take.
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protesters in baltimore gathering for a peace rally near the neighborhood of the late freddy gray. the demonstration coming one day after the new attorney general
3:43 pm
loretta lynch announced a special justice department investigation over the events that led to gray's death. >> the issue really goes beyond just the interaction between the police and the community because we're talking about generations not only of mistrust, but generations of communities that feel very separated from government overall. >> gray's death led to days of unrest in baltimore following reports that he died of injuries sustained while in police custody. so does the attorney general have a point about the situation in baltimore and is a federal probe the best answer? susan estridge is here. she's a professor of law and political science at usc and a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you. happy mother's day to all the mothers. >> absolutely. to you as well. let's start here. how expeditiously will attorney general lynch work? she's dealing with pressing issues no doubt.
3:44 pm
also summer is around the corner you and think that plays a role, right? >> we all, at least all of white house are old enough can remember some of those hot summers back in the 1960s when you said cities literally that seemed to be on the verge of explosion and you had you know, police departments that were almost at war with the cities they were supposed to be policing. and i think one thing that is so striking in what the attorney general and what you were asking art is i mean, it is decading later. we have an african-american president. we have an african-american woman who is standing as attorney general. a number of the officers who were being charged here are in fact african-american. and you sort of sit there and you shake your head and you say how can it be in 2015 that we are once again hoping the justice department can move swiftly so we don't have a hot summer in the city?
3:45 pm
it's really kind of striking. >> so how do you think attorney general lynch's experience as a strong prosecutor will factor in? >> well, i think it helps her. i think she's got a lot of credibility. she's got credibility with police because they know she's not some soft on crime left wing liberal. goodness knows. she has credibility. she obviously has credibility in the african-american community. she's an outstanding lawyer. she's got the president's confidence. i mean, she's the perfect person from central casting to be doing this investigation. i think that's all to the good. but it's still kind of striking and very sad that at this point in president obama's term, we're still grappling with these issues of race and what the
3:46 pm
president and what the country is doing about it and facing trouble in our cities. >> do you think president obama will be more vocal about race? >> i think so. i hope so. in the six years of his administration when he has to be thinking about his legacy, he's got to be asking himself what is the country's first african-american president done to deal with what is clearly a gaping wound out there that any time right now you have any tinder any time you have a stray bullet in a major city, we seem to clutch with fear that something could go wrong. i think and i hope that it won't just be loretta lynch out there that barak obama is going to stand up there and confront what is the very sad continuing correlation, not causation
3:47 pm
between race and crime. >> susan well said. thank you very much and it's always good to see you. >> thank you. >> we'll see you again. i want to remind our viewers you can read susan estridge's syndicated column in newspapers every wednesday and friday. arthel, smart watches they've become one of the hottest trends in electronics since apple watch is out there on the market. what does the apple watch and all those other fancy gizmos really do? are they worth it? coming up, "consumer reports" will break it all down -- >> it's going to break us, too.
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manage service appointments and find answers to your questions. you can even check your connection status on your phone. now it's easier than ever to manage your account. get started at ... ... ... you can see a lot more than the time when you look down at your watch. we are not talking about the date either. >> we have to ask if it is worth the $650 price tag? glenn is an editor of consumer report. i am happy with the mickey mouse watch. is this worth it. >> can you make it look like a mickey mouse. and if you are willing to fork
3:52 pm
over for a mickey mouse you can have this too >> it is what ever you want. if you are constantly checking your phone, this it will make your life easier and all of these watches can do that. >> it seems cool that you can have your ipad on your wrist. >> hopefully you tonight have to have the ipad. >> what does the apple watch do? >> this is $700. you can drive it all the way up to $1,100. it does apple pay and credit cards and also allow you to answer text with canned mess amgs and some apps you can walk in the hotel and go up to your holtz room and just open the door. >> is it going to wake me up and dress me and make coffee?
3:53 pm
>> it will wake you up. and you have to charge it every night. >> is it a bad thing that the battery doesn't last. >> the battery, i have wore it two weeks. if you listen to music to it will last less than a day. but if people are interested in this have to be used that their watch needs to be charged as a phone. >> what is this one? >> this is lg gwatch r. they have a few smart watches. what is interesting, apple watches only work with iphones and so if you haven android phone what do you do? >> continue. >> and there is couple of models of watches. and this one costs $300 and much less expensive and it has mapping and notifications and
3:54 pm
they run apps. and you know it is one of the things that happens if you buy one of the watches, you are locking you in to the eco system that you have with your phone. >> it will allow voice commands and access google voice commands and you can make and receive phone calls, too. >> and this pebble watch. >> this is the bargain of the bunch. this is the the pebble steel and you can get a plastic pebble for a hundred. it is not color and uses buttons on the side. and can't do voice commands and calls through it. >> because it is $200. >> and that seems like a bargain. >> you like the apple watch, you like this thing? >> it is fun and kind of nice
3:55 pm
and a nice conversation piece. would i spend my money on it? i don't know. el that have another one and there goes $650. >> here is the question would you consider this for your next meal. details of a company's plan to open up a farm that is -- what is that? i am not eating that. cut to commercial. that's crazy. ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud polident.
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♪ ♪ fresher dentures... ...for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪
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(vo) around age 7, the glucose metabolism in a dog's brain begins to change. (ray) i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. she literally started changing. it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs.
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>> are you tired of pizza and why not try crickets. >> so one company in california helping you do. that opening up the edible chrisset farm. the critecs are placed in covers and do i and ground up if powders that aroused for salads and smoothies. the crickets are safe to eat and good for you as well. >> crickets are nutritious protonight. if you go to 7- 11, there is no option of a protein source that is pen fitting the environment or not hurting the environment. >> they go out of their way to make sure they are treated humanely before they are turned into food themselves?
4:00 pm
would you try in >> i might sprinkle it from on the salad. >> i am from louisiana. >> sports coverage of the nas-car is next. kansas speed way live on fox news channel. this is a actual baseball game running long. drivers will race and weather will decide. ♪ ♪


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