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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 21, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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their sick kids stay home. >> susan says following the rules, the rules need to be changed. this is absolutely too extreme. thanks for watching, thanks for your comments. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning to you, it is thursday, may 21st, 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a family tortured and murdered when their mansion is set ablaze in washington, d.c. this morning, an unbelievable break in the case. how crust from a leftover pizza helped identify this suspect that you're looking at right now. we are live as the manhunt heats up. meanwhile, overnight while you were asleep, rand paul's 11 hour stand against the patriot act concluded. >> my voice is rapidly leaving. my bedtime has long since pass. there's a hunger in america for somebody to stand up for all of
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us to stand up. >> and so he stood up until late last night. is the patriot act needed to keep america safe? we'll report and you will decide. one outraged mom going public to punish her daughter. >> i'm sorry the camera can't hear you. don't cry now, you ain't crying when you was posting pictures on facebook was you? >> that mom shaming her 13-year-old for all the internet to see. is this a good idea or a bad idea when it comes to parenting? she got an interesting choice. let me just remind you the overarching theme is, mornings are better are friends. ♪ >> i knew it.
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that actually looks delicious. >> it's fantastic. when you're up at 3:00, it's okay. it usually means good eating for new york city. >> it's summer. >> it's hot on our plaza today. we got great barbecue going on. we want you to join us here on the plaza. >> memorial day is around the corner as we salute the troops. it's a time to get together with family and say it's time to get rid of the shrink wrap on the patio furniture. >> we are looking out for you. because we don't want anybody to get hurt. we're here with safety tips when dr. marc siegel who is going to keep you happy and healthy. >> anyway, it's great to have you as we head into the holiday weekend. we start this hour, with a fox news alert. >> we'll get to the fox news alert. the unbelievable break in the tragic murder of that young
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wealthy family found dead inside their torched washington, d.c. mansion. >> a manhunt is underway right now for this suspect. and get this, police used leftover crust from a domino's pizza that was delivered while they were being held to identify the suspect. >> wow, leland vittert joins us live from washington with the latest on this bizarre story. >> bizarre and really sad. good morning. the dna link is stunning for a couple of reasons. it happened so quickly on a pizza that somehow survived the fire that was set to cover up the crime. secondly, according to "the washington post." the pizza had been delivered the night before. and authorities believe the killer spent the night with the family, obviously holding them against their will. possibly torturing them. here is the suspect, 34 years old, currently on the run. he may have a lot of money with them. a personal assistant to the victim said he dropped off
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$40,000 in cash the morning of the murders while the family was being held. cops didn't find that cash inside the house. the family's stolen porsche was found burned out in maryland. the same area that is home to this suspect. police also searched the suspect's father's home and have not found him. last week firefighters arrived to an afternoon house fire at the family's mansion in northwest washington. inside they found four victims. mother, father, young son, and the housekeeper murdered. some possibly tortured. apparently, they were killed before the fire was set. the family has a lot of business in political ties here in washington. during the 24 hours before they were killed. things became concerning about their lives. the night before they were killed. they told a long time employee not to come to the house the next day. also, more about that pizza that appears to be the link to everything. our local fox affiliate found
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the delivery driver. he said there were two pizzas ordered that night and he left them outside the house. there was cash left in an envelope for him to take. evidently he didn't put anything together or call the police that night. back to you guys. >> leland vittert from the bureau in the district on the latest on a strange case. >> we want everyone to watch, there is one person that's probably not watching this show. catching up on much needed sleep. it might be senator rand paul. he had a filibuster. >> not a real one. >> it's being debated. close to 11 hours of speaking on the senate floor to protest the renewal of the patriot act. he started off in not so comfortable shoes. seventh hour he switched over to bright laced sneakers. he said are you willing to sacrifice your personal freedom
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for national security? this is some of the highlights from what he was saying. 11 hours. >> there comes a time in history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. that time is now. i will not let the patriot act, the most unpatriotic of acts go unchallenged. the bulk collection of all americans' phone records all of the time is a direct violation of the fourth amendment. my voice is rapidly leaving. my bedtime has long since passed. there's a hunger in america for somebody to stand up for all of us to stand up for somebody to do the right thing. >> privacy versus national security. right now the senate has three choices. either enact a short term extension of the patriot act, one section of it with the bulk collection data of your cell phones and phone records are
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being looked at closely. the usa freedom act, or let the law expire june first. >> the house did vote and they did away with the patriot act essentially. what they said was they voted it down as it is now because they oppose like, rand paul does, the bulk collection. what he opposes specifically is the bulk collection of all of our phone records without a warrant. if you get a warrant, that's okay. he says -- and many libertarians do as well -- without a warrant, it is unconstitutional. >> he believes the freedom act doesn't go far enough. >> here's the thing. rand paul is not the patriot act. i believe he's 100% sincere and this is a way for him to separate himself from the pack. this is a sincere opportunity. he lives and breathes it as does his dad. >> while he was on the floor last night he sent out a fund raising appeal. >> you're right. i'm saying i believe that --
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>> i know what you mean. >> i don't doubt he feels we're being infringed on. my feeling is and marco rubio feels the same way and other people feel the same way like jeb bush and george bush and president obama who supports it is we have to do everything possible to stop the next attack, naurt because you're fearful, because you're savvy. one of our advantages is what we can do digitally. the fbi director got up and said we are looking for isis. our indication is they're going to attack us with malware. you have to ask yourself does the cia, nsa, fbi have our interest at heart. general jack keane weighs in on this yesterday. >> i trust the national security agency. i think they've done tremendous work. i knew general alexander on a personal and professional basis for years. man of incredible integrity and dealt this issue under snowden.
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i'm convinced they've got the united states' interest at heart. >> he trusts the nsa. there are a lot of people who do not trust the federal government. >> patriot act was actually put in place days after we were attacked on 9/11. >> sure. >> theat's how this came to be. >> to track foreigners but it has become something that tracks all of us. if it worked the people that support it say it stopped this and this. boston bomber, didn't stop them. should the patriot act be renewed as it is so you can spy on everybody with a warrant, or would you like to see it changes? >> e-mail us, tweet us facebook us. >> he did get heb from senator rubio, manchin, and more. >> heather nauert joins us with tragic news.
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this happened in nebraska overnight. a nebraska police officer has been killed during a shootout just one day before she was set to go on maternity leave. omaha officer was gunned down while she was searching for a shooting suspect. the wanted felon was also killed in the fire fight. she actually gave birth prematurely in february. she returned to work while her new born was growing stronger in the hospital. she was a seven year veteran. >> overnight the u.s. now stepping up the fight against isis. the government now sending 1,000 anti-tank rockets to the iraqi military to help in the fight against isis. those rockets intended they say to destroy powerful truck bombs that isis uses in order to take over the city of ramadi. the move coming as isis takes control of more than 50% of syria.
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back here at home, after 33 years of making america laugh, david letterman has now signed off for good. ♪ >> i'll be honest with you, it's beginning to look like i'm not going to get the tonight show. >> i don't think so. the late night house poking fun at himself till the very end. even get a lot of amazing vip's to leave him a good-bye message. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> other celebrity guests to show up for dave's 6,028th show included steve martin, and bill murray.
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he probably didn't catch that -- >> it went over an hour. everybody's dvr who just taped letterman cut off. >> your box gives you an option to extend for 30 minutes. even if you chose the option, you were still short 30 minutes. >> i mean, interesting show i guess. historic. >> he had a good run. >> good line he had. a dozen minutes after the top of the hour. baltimore's crime crisis shootings alone are up 60%. are the anti-cop comments made in the days after freddie gray's death in baltimore to blame. our next guest says yes. one outraged mom going public to punish her daughter. >> i'm sorry, does the camera can't hear you? don't cry now you wasn't crying when you was posting pictures on facebook. >> the mom shaming her 13-year-old for all the internet to see. is this a good idea or bad
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crime in baltimore surging. the "baltimore sun" tracking 37 homicide in the past 30 days. that's up 40% from this time last year. shootings up 60%. some say it's all related to
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rhetoric like this. >> i heard your call for no justice, no peace. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. to the youth of this city, i will seek justice on your behalf. this is a moment, this is your moment. you're at the forefront of this cause. and as young people, our time is now. >> wow. kevin jackson joins us now to explain. kevin, do you think it's related or a coincidence? >> man, you know, brian, to call this a surge, i think is ridiculous. cities across america the crime right is is two, three, four times over the national average. we're looking at this as a surge. on top of that bad report about how crime is in cities, we get this new surge, where it's more. of course, it's directly
3:18 am
related. it's directly related to how the response they had. these people act as if there's a ninja out there, you know, creating -- sneaks up on them. this is exactly what these people created with the situation and the response that they had in ferguson, new york and baltimore and all the cities across america. >> so the baltimore chapter of the naacp said monday the baltimore police union's rhetoric which is upset with th disrespectful and border line racist. >> yeah, well the border line racism comes from all the people, the black democrats in that city who have led to the exact situation that we currently have. it has nothing to do with the cops' response. they've not only put the citizens at risk in these cities and in baltimore in particular. they put the police at risk. police are being shot in record numbers this year directly related to the incidents around ferguson and other places.
3:19 am
>> if you were an officer, at the very least you're going to be a little reluctant to get involved in anything controversial. not only do you want to survive, but you want to make sure you keep the badge, this is your living. >> it's like the guy in kentucky, the sheriff in kentucky that said thank god the guy we shot was white. what kind of reaction is that? cops need to be concerned about getting the right guy, not what color they are. in a city in baltimore that uptick in crime, who is responsible for it? the town is 60% black. it's not a surge in korean crime. it's blacks committing crimes. we need to get away from the idea it's racist. which is what the naacp is saying. that's ridiculous. they need to let law enforcement do what it's supposed to do which is enforce the law. >> kevin, it's an interesting time and not an easy time to live in the inner city. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. 19 minutes after the hour. straight ahead the bin laden
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quick headlines for you right now. the caught on camera edition. first up, these two shady guys at a florida gas station are about to apparently steal that car. look, the owner catches them in the act.
3:24 am
he tries throwing a trash can at them. but they gun it with him on the hood. he's fine. but the car is still missing. a frantic rescue a dog is saves from a raging river following a landslide in the country of colombia. he pulls the drowning dog to safety. he performed mouth to mouth on the dog and revived the animal. and the good news is, the dog is going to be okay. that's true. elizabeth? what an incredible rescue there. it's the unofficial start of summer. fun for families around the country, this memorial day weekend, may end with injuries for far too many. that's what the statistics are telling us. what are the holiday's biggest health hazards and how do you know you should head to the hospital instead of your medicine cab isninecabinet?
3:25 am
the statistics say memorial weekend has a ton of injuries. how can we avoid them. you say don't go bare foot. >> it's something you're not thinking of o. everybody says it's great we're out there going to go bare foot. you pick up a splinter. don't do it with your dirty fingernails. use a sterilized tweezer. if you can't get it out, see your doctor to give it out. >> can you leave it in? >> i think you should try to take it out. once you get it out, you have to sterilize it, put on neosporin and watch it for sign of infection. if you get redness, there's a problem. there is something called a creeping eruption if you've been traveling in the tropics. >> what is that? >> it looks like a spider red rash. it's a parasite. you have to see a doctor to get treated for that. you need to take a pill for that. >> you really need to see a
3:26 am
doctor. let's shift gears. there have been an increase of injuries in the water over the past two years. how do you stay safe in the water? >> even if you're in a chlorinated pool. everybody is going to be in the pool, not the ocean. even in chlorinated water you can get bacteria in that water. we're seeing over 2 million case as year of swimmer's ear because the bacteria is in the water. if you have an abrasion in your ear or if it's wet, you can get it infected. dry your ears out after you get out of the water. >> okay. >> make sure it's chlorinated and be careful. >> try to get as much water as possible out. fr from water to fire, grill fires. >> when you're getting that grill ready you could have bristles from the brush that remain on the grill and get into the food. they can puncture you and get into your stomach. >> there have been cases of this reported? >> absolutely. and an increasing number of that. i tell people to watch out for
3:27 am
that. if you're the designated griller watch out on the surface that you didn't get bristles. also carcinogens, i'm going to call them out of this, this meat over here, is a little bit too charred for my taste. >> that's how i like it. >> that's gaut about a 60% increase risked of breast and pancreatic cancer. >> grilled not blackened. everyone has fun in the sun but you say beware. >> some of the sprays have been found, the sun screen and the bug spray which everybody should be using, everybody should be using sun screen, everybody should be using bug spray. get it near the grill, it can blow up in your face. you have to watch out. these things are inflammable. reapply your sun screen. beginning of the year look at
3:28 am
the lines of the grill. check them with soap and water to make sure they're not leaking, that's another source of fire. >> if you're experiencing any chest pain, abdominal pain, that's an immediate trip to the doctor? >> yes. i also want to caution about trampolines. my daughter broke her leg jumping with her brother. jump alone. >> thanks for keeping us safe. lots of fun. good to know the precautions. up next, if your child misbehaves would you punish them in public and would you post it on the enter net? >> the camera can't hear you. don't cry now, you ain't crying when you was posting pictures on facebook, was you? >> the mom that shamed her 13-year-old for all the internet to see is going to tell us why she did it. then the criminal didn't want to defend himself in court,
3:29 am
so he brought in this guy. we're not kidding a stufficied . we can't make this stuff up. you'll just have to wait and see. ♪ [ male announcer ] after john huntsman was diagnosed with cancer, he founded huntsman cancer institute. to fight cancer in new and different ways,
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president obama broke a world record after he reached one million followers on twitter in just five hours. yeah. the only guy not following obama, his secret service agents. they lost tracks months ago. i swear he was in there. can i have two tell keela is? >> everybody else did repeats last night. i think conan was live. but jimmy kimmel went to a repeat. >> out of respect.
3:33 am
>> somebody who is watching things is this mom out in denver, colorado. her 13-year-old daughter has had a history of messaging too many boys. the daughter at age 13 set up a secret facebook account. she said she was 19 and she attached a photo she said was of her in a bra. it was not her. the mom found out. and hit the ceiling. >> she sure did. this is what it sounded like. >> how old are you? >> 13. >> look at the camera. >> 13. >> you're 13? so why does your facebook page say you're 19? >> i don't know. >> are you 19. >> no. >> you still have a bedtime, what's your bedtime. to everybody out there who's your friend. this sh going to go on her facebook page. >> she got in trouble four times
3:34 am
over the summer. was grounded through most of it. >> mom said -- facebook policy said the users have to use their real names and not be under the age of 13. this mom stepping in. we've seen this happening where parents are taking -- either getting caught online disciplining their kids. she said i made mistakes myself. this is a better choice to have to shame my daughter. she has thousands of followers. you can do this with me right now and tell people you're not this real person or you're going to get a spanking. >> the child chose a spanking. >> the mom said too bad we're going to video this. the mom who had a prior drug arrest, she said look, to -- using herself as a lesson. she said i am an adult who made a bad decision and i am still suffering the consequences. you're a kid that made a bad decision and there are consequences as that.
3:35 am
there was a mother using herself and social media. this video has had 10 million hits. some people are going, that's over the line, to shame your daughter. >> i think so many parents seeing this feel as though they're lacking control over their kids online lives and integrity. that's why i think it has millions of followers who are saying it's okay to still parent my kid when it comes to their online behavior. she says it was coming from a place of love. she didn't want to identify her kid at the morgue. >> that's what she did on twitter or facebook. what about snapchat? it never comes back again. >> perhaps rather than shame the child, take away the phone, the smartphone. give her a flip phones. if you're going to give your child a phone for security reasons, in case i'm in trouble, use the flip phone. can't get into nearly as much trouble. >> that's true. as a guy that's in touch with the next generation. they'll go to the library to use a computer and go on facebook, so they'll find some other
3:36 am
outlet. i'm going to go work on my computer class at school during lunch. >> take away the phone. i say take away the phone. >> i think the consequence of using the medium by which the kid got in trouble can work. let us know what you think. are you one of the ten million people who liked this video and support the mom? >> i like the fact that the mom did something about it. another mom by the name of heather nauert. >> a great mom. >> great debate. a lot to think about there. good morning, have some headlines to bring you. nearly a year after the va secretary resigned after the veteran's care scandal broke, basically no one has been fired. speaker john boehner his feelings on that matter pretty well. listen. >> just one person has been fired. one. what the hell happened to the rest of them? >> the speaker ripping into the va for the lack of action being taken against troubled employees at the va. many of those involved in the
3:37 am
scandal ended up getting a slap on the wrist. osama bin laden planning another devastating attack on the united states right up until the very end. that and a whole lot more revealed in the trove of documents seized from the al qaeda leader's compound in pakistan. the documents have been cleared for release by the u.s. government. we're learning a lot about what his thoughts and feelings were at the time. bin laden believed all of his group's focus should be on one thing, killing americans. and also not worrying about muslim infighting or declaring a caliphate. how did osama bin laden pass his time when he wasn't planning attacks? he had stacks and stacks of western books, including ones on 9/11 conspiracy theories, obama's war, by bod woodward and a book on the illuminati. this is a real hoot. there's a colorado guy who used the stuffed owl to try to defend him in court. charles abbot is his name and he
3:38 am
brought this pet owl to a hearing in aspen. he said the toy would represent him. claiming the toy has dreeps feg. the judge ignored the owl. they smoke pot there in colorado, that's the only thing i can think of. >> what a hoot. >> thank you. you know her best as rhoda. >> that's right. mary tyler moore's best friend on television is taking a new role, fighter and cancer survivor. >> let's step into the fox light with michael tammero. who talked with her about the cause close to her heart. >> valerie harper is a true entertainment icon and a powerful voice for many. she opened up about her early career and her partnership with the american lung association and their initiative, lung force. let's check it out.
3:39 am
born to perform. valerie harper has been lighting up the stage and screen for over five decades. now, she has opened up on her early start and her new mission. thank you for joining us, here at the famous palm restaurant. >> i love the palm. >> let's go back a little bit. when did you first go you wanted to be a performer. >> probably around two. >> really? >> my mom and dad -- the ballet. >> you started off as a dancer? >> yeah. >> you had the acting bug. what was it that pushed you'd to finally go there? >> i heard the laughs. >> valley is best known for playing rhoda, mary tyler moore's brash best friend. >> would you like to go to a funeral? >> you bet, thanks. >> what was it about rhoda, was she relatable? >> everybody knew her. she wasn't in their family, she was definitely someone they knew. >> i feel strange in the least about going out with a divorced person. >> what do you mean divorced he's married?
3:40 am
>> no, he's married. >> four emmys and a golden globe later she continued to work on tv and broadway. in 2009, she received life changing news. she was diagnosed with lung cancer. in 2013, it spread. now, she stepped into a new role, survivor. >> in 2009 i got a cancer diagnosis which was such a shock. i have never smoked in my life. and yet i had this. >> so you're not teaming up with the american long association and lung force? >> yes. can you believe the number one killer of women is lung cancer. i came on this year with a specific mission. which was to spread the word. share my voice. i'm inviting people to share theirs. all they have to do is going on the most wonderful thing that cvs has done where you can go to any one of them day or night and make a donation. it is stoppable early.
3:41 am
there's many, many recoursourced developments and we don't have enough money for it. >> we'll get there. thank you. >> love her. she says she gets through cancer by taking everything day by day. she's add peace with the life she's lived. for all my interviews you can log on to >> it was a couple years ago she was on this show after she announced she had brain cancer. >> she's in remission, she does yoga, acupuncture the whole thing, day by day. she looks good and sounds great. >> she's a bright light. what an inspiration she is. >> thank you. >> good job. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. it's a disgraceful act. a teacher stomps on the flag. the community is coming together because of it. it's a story that will make you
3:42 am
proud to be an american. over night rand paul took an 11 hour stand from the patriot act. is it necessary to keep america safe? judge napolitano says no. what do you say? >> maybe the judge will save his tune. ♪ private eyes are watching you ♪ success starts with the right connections. introducing miracle-gro liquafeed universal feeder. turn any hose connection into a clever feeding system for a well-fed garden. miracle-gro. life starts here.
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and it may take longer than usual for any bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i accept that i'm not as fast, but i'm still going for my personal best... and for eliquis. reduced risk of stroke... plus less major bleeding. ask your doctor... if eliquis is right for you. republican presidential candidate rand paul speaking on the senate floor for nearly 11 hours yesterday protesting a renewal of the patriot act and the nsa surveillance program. fox news contributor karl rove took issue with rand paul's argument last night. >> i don't trust much of the government, but i do trust the national security agency. the last year for which we have numbers available on the bulk
3:46 am
telephone data program, 22 people had access to that data and they used it 300 times. remember that data base consists of the number calling, the number called and the date and time. nothing else. it doesn't -- they're not listening in on our calls. >> that's the reality of it. should we be keeping this program? or is rand paul 100% right. joining us is judge andrew napolitano. whose editorial was read out loud. >> it was flattering to know he did that. >> he had to kill time. >> that's not nice. >> with respect to karl rove, whom i respect and love and who was present in the white house in the dark days right after 9/11 when the government was scrambling to respond. he may trust the nsa. he may trust the spies. people who wrote the constitution who had been spies upon by the british did not. that's why they put clauses in the constitution.
3:47 am
the supreme law of the land which governs even the government which the congress can't change requiring the government to go through hoops before it can spy. don't misunderstand senator paul. he's not against all spying. there are bad people here. and the government must know what they're about to do. he's against spying without warrants based on probable cause because that's what the constitution requires. >> what about the alternative? it passed through the house, what about that is that enough? >> no. i tell you why, right now the nsa agents are physically present working at computers in the telephone company's offices along with their own computer workers. you can't tell who works for the phone company and who works for the nsa. the program passed by the house would get the nsa people physically out of the telephone company offices. but would let them back in digitally whenever they want to go. so it's a subterfuge to suggest that it protects more.
3:48 am
it doesn't, it requires the telephone company to keep the records, rather than the government. >> make that no
3:49 am
validity the nsa assures it. it kept us safe in the past. if they're collecting bulk collection of data. >> the city is they're lazy computer whizzes are devoted to protecting the country concerned about the constitution. as the constitution wants them to be. they took the same oath i did and governor christie did and karl rove did which is to preserve, protect and defend the constitution. >> things start blowing up. people are going to bring up what happened with the nsa, right? >> you know, brian, if you believe that collecting everybody's phone calls and reading everybody's e-mails.
3:50 am
the public has to have a consensus behind that. it can't be done by stealth. >> because it's such to expire june first. >> it might be on bret baier with us tonight. i saw some late night e-mails. he might be on the panel -- i'm going to be down there. he might be on that panel. >> we'll be watching tonight. >> if they can wake him up. >> i bet he's still going to be in the sneakers with the laces. >> it's about ten minutes to the top of the hour here, and this is a disgraceful act. a teacher accused of stomping on the american flag in front of students. two outrages parents will join us next to discuss.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
a town in illinois in an uproar after a teacher apparently stomped on the american flag in front of their students. and now students and community members are now banding together with their parents to show their support for the stars and stripes. gina and daniel are parents of students who took part in the protest. they join us live from indianapolis. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> what did this teacher do during class? >> this teacher was apparently allegedly using the flag as a pointer towards something in this classroom. and as children were saying that they did not want them to use the flag in that manner, and they were saying do not let it touch the floor, it's disrespect. at that point, he had thrown the flag on the floor and had stomped it. he said it was his right twhich in an outrage, very angry. some of the kids were sent to
3:55 am
the office to be given detention because they refused to lift their heads off of their desks, my son included. it's a horrible thing to happen in a small town usa. we live in a small community. >> when your father heard about it, he grabbed an american flag. he's a proud american vet and started marching. >> daniel, i understand the teacher has been suspended. what is the community reaction to what's happened? >> first of all, thanks for having us on, steve. >> you bet. >> i want to make it, you know, understood that we're not here to represent anything towards the school system or the school board members. we have actually a pretty good administration and a really good school board. just somebody stepped on the flag and we're here to protest the fact that somebody done that on my dime, in fact. you know, he's a paid individual
3:56 am
by the municipality. i have a problem with that. >> you know what? you're not alone. a lot of people have a problem with with it. quickly, what do you think should happen to this teacher ultimately? >> well, i can't actually say what should happy. i can say what i believe, i believe he should lose his job. he is put there to mold the minds of young individuals. they're at such a tender age with their thoughts and believes. in america, if you're going to teach in america you should never discrate the flag because you're not teaching them respect. >> what else is he manipulating those kids that we don't know about? >> we thank you for joining us and standing up for the american flag. gina and daniel, thanks for joining us today from indianapolis. >> thank you. >> all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us. facebook us, tweet us. meanwhile coming up, a principal
3:57 am
using a high school graduation to take a shot at our police officers. what he said that's got parents' blood boiling. you don't want to miss it. you know, just because your bladder is changing,
3:58 am
it doesn't mean that you have to. ♪ with tena®, let yourself go. ♪ be the one with the crazy laugh. ♪ and keep being their favorite playmate. ♪ tena®'s unique super-absorbent microbeads lock in moisture and odor, tena® - available at target a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service...
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4:00 am
good morning. it is thursday, may 21st, 2015. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. while you were sleeping, a huge break in the d.c. mansion murder mystery. a family tortured and killed. their home set on fire, and now police are searching for this man, the clue that revealed his identity, a leftover pizza crust. we are live in washington as the manhunt infenceified. president obama talks about the national security threats out there. >> it will impact how our military defends orf our countr. we need to act now. >> it's not isis, not al qaeda, he's talking about climate
4:01 am
change. lieutenant colonel allen west probably would have had a different top ten list in terms of threats. we'll find out he joins us live. a high school principal taking shots at a graduation at the cops. >> when i wanted to be a teacher because i wanted to change the world. i wanted to make it a better place. i fear we are not there yet. if we were there h we wouldn't have conflicts between police killing young black men. >> is that graduation the right place for that speech? what until you hear what the parents in that town are saying about that principal. thank you very much for joining us on this thursday. you're watching "fox and friends" live from new york city. ♪
4:02 am
that's something you don't see every day when you're barbecuing a bunch of people dressed in white. it is when it's fleet week in. look at that slathering up the ribs. >> he never lets us down. it is delicious out there and fun. what better weekend to kick it off with than this one. it's fleet week. the 27th annual fleet week. lieutenant colonel allen west in our green room there with some of our nation's best and bravest. >> what's an army guy doing with navy people. >> he's surrounded. >> land and sea unite there in our green room in "fox and friends." we'll get to the fox news alert. an unbelievable break in the tragic murder of that young wealthy family found dead inside their torched washington, d.c. mansion. >> a manhunt is underway for this suspect. police use leftover pizza crust to i d them. >> they called the domino's guy we called leland vittert to
4:03 am
update this on this crazy story. >> good morning. reportedly the pizza had been delivered the night before. and authorities believe the killer spent the night with the family, holding them against their will. our local fox affiliate found the delivery driver. thooe he said they ordered two pizza that night. when he arrived there was cash outside in an envelope. they have linked the dna to darren dylan wint to the pizza crust. he's on the run. he may have a lot of money with them. personal assistant to the victim said he dropped off $40,000 of cash the morning of the murders. shortly thereafter firefighters were called to the house. they found a mother, father, son, and housekeeper murdered. they didn't find the cash inside the house. the stolen porsche was found in maryland.
4:04 am
they have searched the suspect's father's home and have not found him and so far we don't know why he may have targeted that family. back to you. >> no winners there. thanks so much. it happened at 1:18 when rand paul walked up and starting speaking. 10 and a half hours later he was done. the theme, nsa, the patriot act. he wants to see it stopped in its tracks. >> there comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. that time is now. i will not let the patriot act, the most unpatriotic of acts go unchallenged. the bulk collection of all americans' phone records, all of the time, is a direct violation of the fourth amendment. my voice is rapidly leaving, my bedtime has long since passed.
4:05 am
there is a hunger in america for somebody to stand up for all of us to stand up for somebody to do the right thing. >> 11 hours in he actually had to switch shoes to more comfortable sneakers. remember the original act was signed into effect days after 9/11. it's set to expire june first. the senate has three options, extend the provisions of the patriot act, pass the united states freedom act, which then takes out some of the bulk collection or let the law expire. they don't have much time to make a decision. >> keep in mind ultimately in the beginning the patriot act was to keep us safe here by spying on people over there. the f stands for foreign. somehow it has incapsulated all of us where the government spy and keeps all the data. rand paul doesn't like the fact they can do it without a warrant.
4:06 am
the constitution makes it clear if you want to spy on americans you've got to have a warrant. in this case you don't. >> i can describe your -- >> you used to do that. someone said tony danza is going to be on the show. they hacked my cell phone. rand paul is on an island. ted cruz says i'm not for everything you're talking about. rand paul does not support that act. and the problem is, and the big challenge is, in today's electronic age these people are being inspired as americans to put an ax in your head if you're a cop. to try to kill a lacrosse player if you happen to be traveling in new jersey. to get beheaded in oklahoma because you're inspired by what you read online and show up in garland, texas, with m-16's. >> -- ak-47's. ultimately, for me, for a lot of
4:07 am
people, is you don't like to be spied on by the government if you had nothing to do with anything bad. unfortunately, the way the patriot act is working right now we're all being spied on. >> he asked are you willing to give up your liberty for security. >> the phone company has your phone number anyway, they know every call you made. check out the old fashioned bills. they used to list them all there. it's a matter of where and how they keep them and if they're able to cull through them if they need to. >> and whether you trust the government. a lot of people don't. meanwhile, hillary clinton would like to be the next president of the united states, mark halprint was in iowa. he asked a panel of registered democrats, these are all registered democrats i understand, tell me the one accomplishment of hillary clinton as secretary of state. and this is what they had to say, or not say. >> what did she appreciate that you consider significant as secretary of state? >> secretary of state?
4:08 am
i really can't name anything off the top of my head. >> give me a minute. >> okay christina, can you think of something she accomplished as secretary of state that impressed you you think is important? >> umm -- no. >> you know what? they're still going to all vote for her. >> yeah. >> i want to -- with all the stuff going on, democrats have to be nervous. when you have that focus group, when you have the e-mail, the server, or the clinton foundation, they have to be looking at each other and saying do we have to raise our standards? >> they are going to have to ask that question, particularly when she's the only one. there's not an option there. >> there could be. there's other talent out there. stand by for that. we've got news for heather and another police officer shot and killed. sadly, this was a woman happening in the state of nebraska. new coming in overnight. a nebraska police officer killed during a shootout.
4:09 am
just one day before she was set to go on maternity leave. omaha officer was gunned down while she was searching for a shooting suspect. it was a wanted felon. he was also killed in the fire fight. she gave birth prematurely in february. that's the only good news to come out of the story. she returned to work while her newborn stayed in the hospital to get stronger. the 29-year-old was a seven year veteran. she leaves behind her husband, and two other children. our prayers go out to her family this morning. overnight. the u.s. stepping up in the fight against isis. the u.s. government now sending 1,000 anti-tank rockets to the iraqi military to help in the fight against that brutal terror group. the rockets intended to destroy the powerful truck bombs that isis used in his takeover of ramadi, that move coming as isis takes control of more than 50% of the country of syria, including an ancient historical
4:10 am
site filled with priceless artifacts. get ready to stand on top of the world here in new york city. we are getting a first look at the brand-new observation deck at one world trade center in new york. visitors get an amazing wrap around look at a view from 104 stories in the sky. on clear days you can see all the way to pennsylvania. it opens to the public one week from tomorrow. >> i can see my house? >> you can? >> i can. let's take you out to belten, missouri, he was speaking at the high school graduation, and he talked about love and compassion, making the world a better place. >> sounds great. >> and of police killing young black men. of course, listen to this. >> i wanted to be a teacher because i wanted to change the world. i wanted to make it a better place. i'm going to be honest with you in a lot of ways i fear we are
4:11 am
not there yet. if we were there, we wouldn't have conflicts between police killing young black men. >> interesting there. some parents are so offended they actually got up and walked out. >> yeah. >> okay. listen to this. >> it sounded very inappropriate. i'm highly offended. you don't use the platform of a child's graduation to push a political agenda or to push your personal opinions. your job is supposed to inspire, educate and, inform and not indock ruinize one way or the other. >> if you say that at a commencement. can you imagine what he's saying in september, and october and february. >> can you imagine what he said on twitter? this is what the principal said. he apologized. he said thank you belten high school graduation. i apologize if my remarks were offensive. our law enforcement have difficult jobs.
4:12 am
i meant no disrespect. #agape. the district said the deputy -- >> what is that? >> it's a form of love where you want better for somebody else than for yourself. pure want of good for another. >> i thought it was agape. because i was thinking my mouth would be agape. >> it's one of my favorite words. the superintendent said the comments were not reflective of the district. they sent out an apologize as well that went to all patrons reflecting that they were sorry. >> what's going to happen to the guy? apparently, according to the district, they say it is now a personnel matter. that probably means we'll never hear anything. >> the union will help protect them. the other thing is, too, i just -- >> i guess there were officers that helped traffic in there you got to watch it. >> belten is a big town. i imagine there was police officers in attendance. >> he's sure sorry about that.
4:13 am
coming up on the run down, president obama his urgent warning to the coast guard cudacu about our national security threat. >> make no mistake it will impact how our military defends our country. we need to act and we need to act now. >> you think he's talking about isis? he's not. he's talking about climate change. colonel allen west is fired up about this. he is walking in to join us next. 110-year-old man says he's found the key to a long life. in a can. we'll explain what can it is. coming up. ♪ i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time.
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4:17 am
i'm here today to say that climate change institutes a serious threat to global security. an immediate risk to our national security. make no mistake it will impact how our military defends our country. so we need to act. and we need to act now. >> okay, president obama. used his commencement address at the coast guard academy to warn against climate change.
4:18 am
>> when isis is on the move, shouldn't that be the priority? >> joining us retired united states marine, lieutenant colonel allen west. is this the message, that's the big threat is climate change? >> it's going to be very difficult to fight the weather. i'm going to get a lot of harassment because you said i was a retired marine. so all my army -- you know, at a time when we see a global islamic jihadist movement that extends from nigeria to the philippines and is centered on isis in the middle east. we know they took ramadi. thy control 60% of syria. and three of the four major cities in iraq. the president of the united states is standing before future military leaders and talking about the weather and climate change. we have a national security threat with our debt that has gone from 10.
4:19 am
$10.67 trillion. we have below 63%. 93 million americans are not working. these are the ings we could focus on. >> it's politics. he doesn't want to talk about what's going on in ramadi. he wants to talk about climate change. >> what is worse if you play that entire segment, he actually threatened those officers and really threatened the military by saying if you are a climate change denier you are negligence in your duties. we have four americans being held hostage by iran right now. and we're sitting at the table talking about negotiating with them? we abandon four americans in benghazi and lied about it. we abandoned a marine in mexico. >> how about this dereliction of duty, the more we see a linkage with iran and cooperation, don't we? >> yes and these are the people that are talking about death to
4:20 am
america. these are the people that seized the tigers which is flagged under united states security agreements, and we allow the iranians to take that. >> the president was talking to the coast guard graduates about global climate change. if you were giving the commencement speech what would your topic have been? >> i would talk about the five aspects of leadership. that is courage,b confidence, commitment conviction and character. i would talk about my experiences being a young second lieutenant and being in charge of a platoon and being in combat. i would give them my experiences having worn the uniform standing before them. >> and how much you respect their decision to serve. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> go army. >> go army strong. >> army strong. all right. meanwhile. after the deadly biker gang shootout. one professor has a message, you can't handle gun ownership.
4:21 am
so long brady bunch, hello the affair. are modern tv shows prtrivalizi marriage? looks like it. ♪
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
well no more brady bunch on tv. no more partridge family like shows. are the new tv shows on tv right now. trivializi trivializing marriage. >> we're not a couple. lately we are, emotionally we're not. we're strangers. >> i had to send britt home. you are going to be the bachelorlet. >> i are reminder you are unfaithful to your life. door open. >> door open. what role do shows like that play in shaping our view of
4:25 am
marriage? here to discuss "new york post" columnist, and the executive director of the independent women's forum. she joins us from d.c. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with you naomi, what is going on, it does seem like a lot of shows trivalize marriage? a lot of shows make it look like everybody is having an affair? >> i'm sure you could get that impression from pop culture these days. what's on tv is a representation of how crude shows have become. the rue infidelity problem we're experiencing is one more about social and demographic factors and the opportunities to cheat, not what we're seeing on television. >> what do you mean the opportunity to cheat? >> if you talk to most people ewho research this stuff, it turns out the most important factor in determining whether you're going to commit infidelity is how much
4:26 am
opportunity you have. technology helps. it used to be people had one phone in a home. if you were having an affair the person would have to call your house. it would be pretty hard to hide. i think in terms of women's equality and women working more, that has actually contributed as well. not saying that it's necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that women have many more relationships outside the home with available or sometime unavailable men. >> sabrina, we're putting up on the screen on one side we have the brady bunch and the other is ashley madison. what is going on with our culture? >> it is disturbing when you see the scandal at night and divorce court during the day. it definitely makes you take a step back. you know, i think that this -- to borrow a phrase, this is our culture of narcissism. this is the fact that people need constant validation and approveal. that's what an affair does. that's why people love fantasy
4:27 am
tv. it tells them you don't have to think about anybody else, it's all about you. i think that's at the heart of a lot of this. i'm with naomi on this. there has been an expansion of access. it feeds into this culture that we are constantly putting down men, even though many of these cases we're seeing it's women who are nishiating the affairs. >> sit calms for years have turned the dad into the butt of the joke for years. the thing about glamorizing infidelity makes it look like you go out and have an affair and you know what? you get away with it or, you know, there is no price to pay for that. >> well, right. and -- i'm sorry. >> i was going to say, it also seems to say our culture ask glamorizing marriage. we have placed unfair expectations for people on marriage. it's about soul mates and finding true love and flowers. really, it's about a relationship that has to work between two people over a long
4:28 am
course of time. it's not just about that one moment on the bachelorette. >> we've come a long way from ozzie and harriet. we thank you for joining us live today. what do you think about that? e-mail us still ahead after the deadly biker gang shootout in texas, one liberal college professor has a message for america, you can't handle gun ownership. where do they come up with that? entitlement nation growing, startling new numbers show the feds spent $100 billion on food stamps. stew varney wants to know where is the recovery the white house keeps talking about. fire up the grill, memorial day is coming, we're celebrating barbecue month with famous dave's and a bunch of men and women who served this nation. good morning. ♪ new flonase allergy relief nasal spray.
4:29 am
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and we know you love them too.
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4:32 am
a new government report claimed that the white house spents more $100 billion in food benefits for americans last year. a new survey revealed 40% of unemployed workers have quit looking. >> here with us is sptewart. >> what's going on here? six years into a recovery and 109 million americans spread food from the government spread over 18 programs at a cost of $100 billion a year? what kind of recovery is that? what is going on here? >> there are a lot of hungry people in this country. there aren't a lot of jobs. maybe that's the only avenue
4:33 am
left. >> if you ask the question what's going on here with all these food programs, the answer is, number one, once you've got a program, you can never, ever get rid of a government program. >> they reform welfare. >> you can't get rid or reform them. a general accounting office said in testimony, seven of these programs out of 18 have positive results. but little is known about the effectiveness of the remaining 11 programs. >> what does positive results mean? the federal government was able to give stuff away. >> they got it out. distribution. they got the food out i presume. they don't know whether they're good enough. >> will you eventually turn over those notes? >> whoever wants them. >> i want to make sure. >> when you look at the 40% that stopped looking. you see this as a trap. that's 8.5 million people out of a job and now not looking when you see that 40%. >> 40% of them are -- they've stopped looking, they've given up looking. there's two things here, it's a
4:34 am
trap. when you provide all of the goodies to these -- that group of people. there's not much incentive to get out of that group of people. and get out there and look for a job and get a job. the other side of the coin is, where is the recovery? if there were jobs out there, if we were growing, four -- >> the unemployment -- >> so many people are out of the work force and not looking for a job. they're not counted. >> this is part of the plan. when he was still a candidate when he talk today joe the plumber he made it clear he was going to move around. >> i think the president is buying votes. >> they reform welfare, for a while it was doing better. bipartisan, don't you think we can reform. put a sunset in food stamps in a way that's a positive program? >> if president clinton could do it, surely a future republican or democrat president could do exactly the same thing.
4:35 am
there's no reason why you cannot reform these praograms. >> you can believe isn't it sad this many people need this help. they should be in jobs doing it themselves. >> isn't it sad we have trapped so many people at the bottom of the ladder? >> it doesn't provide a bridge for many people. >> stew varney needs you to watch his show, to find it go to >> soon to be 9:00 to noon. it's heather nauert, she has more of what's going on this morning. >> good morning to you. we've got a look at your headlines now. do you remember the guy who flew the gyrocopter thingy on to capitol lawn? he's set to face the judge now.
4:36 am
that is douglas hughes flying that thing. he faces nine and a half years in prison when he heads to court later this morning. he's been indicted on six charges, including two felonies. he claims his april flight was meant to call attention to big money and politics but it led to a congressional hearing highlighting huge security flaws in our nation's capital. osama bin laden was planning another devastating attack on the united states right until the very end. that and so much more revealed in that treasure-trove of documents that u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s seized from the al qaeda leader's compound. they were cleared for release by the u.s. government. we learned that bin laden believed all of his group's focus should be on one thing, killing americans. and not worrying about muslim infighting or declaring a caliphate. how did bin laden pass the time when he wasn't planning more attacks? he had stacks and stacks of books from the west, including one by 9/11 conspiracy theories,
4:37 am
obama's wars and a book on the illuminati, interesting. in the wake of that deadly biker gang shootout in texas, a liberal college professor is getting on his soap box telling americans that they simply can't handle gun ownership. it's in a column for today's dallas morning news. that is where this professor, university of texas at austin goes on a rant how americans don't deserve the right. he suggests the government should hold gun sales and round up certain types of firearms. what is the secret to a long life? an ice cold brewsky. that is according to a 110-year-old. he cracks open a beer every day at 3:00 in the afternoon. that beer he says is his medicine. right now he is considered the oldest person in the state of nebraska. and one of the oldest men in america. a long life because of beer.
4:38 am
love it. he just needs some barbecue. let's head outside to brian, who's got a look at that. i have elizabeth, don't forget. it's national barbecue month and who better to celebrate with than famous dave. >> we're joined by the executive chef, he's making sauces for the buffalo bones right now. this is a big month for barbecue. >> a huge month for barbecue. in our world, every month is barbecue month. this is really barbecue month. we grill and smoke all winter long. i do up in minnesota. >> hence the smoker. >> i got a couple of those at home. this is our st. louis style rib here. what we have our company do is we split it down the middle. then we'll smoke these exactly the same way as we do our ribs. >> first you got to rub them up with something. >> rub them with a dry rub. >> what is it in? >> rib rub.
4:39 am
garlic, a little oregano, celery seed, what do i got here? paprika. chili powder. basal >> you don't mind if we have a fighting force. >> no. >> they get a round of applause for getting up today. >> we've already fed them. >> 27th annual fleet week right here. we are in the greatest company of our nation. thank you for that. >> i appreciate all they do. >> you're giving away a bunch of gift cards. >> yeah, we're giving away gift cards. $5 bounce back and some where you go online and do the selfie. get a $25 gift card. i'm not the marketing guy, i'm the food guy. >> you make it, people love it. >> go to the website you'll get the information. >> how do we finish it up? >> watch yourself here. >> i'll take a step back. >> here's what we're doing here. we're grilling a pineapple and these hab narrows. you want to get a char on it.
4:40 am
we'll make a pineapple sauce. >> do you like a little rage? >> i love pineapple. a little bit more kick of cayenne. >> i got you moving. now we just hit that. right? modern technology, come on. anyway. that will go in the sweet and zesty. then we'll mix that up and then when we come back later, these will be nice and smoked and we'll deep fry them and toss them either in buffalo sauce, pineapple rage, or memphis dry rub. >> you made all of us hungry right now. >> that's what we're doing here. that's our beautiful rib, buffalo bones coming. >> this is an event. this is a reality show. we'll get the ribs at the end of the show. >> of course you are. >> we're going to taste it, right? >> to keep the uniforms clean
4:41 am
will be the challenge of a lifetime. >> a lot of white uniforms. they should have come out in blues. >> yankee pin stripes. >> my mom case i got some wipes. >> charlie, thanks for being with us. don't move we'll feed you we promise. until then cole slaw. >> i got macand cheese, pork, chicken. >> let's go to steve. tell us what we have coming up next. >> we have a couple guys from the uss san antonio with us today. welcome to fleet week, guys. >> they wanted a picture on the curvy couch. you want to wave to somebody? >> my wife. >> and? very nice. >> my family in missouri, my wife and kids who better be in school right now. >> you better be in school. straight ahead on this thursday a trip to paradise turns into a nightmare after the cruise ship they're on runs
4:42 am
aground. this isn't the first time there's been troubled waters. coming up what you need to know if you're booking a trip on the high seas. it's a sickening act, the home of an army vet vandalized with hateful messages. wait until you hear what a group of proud americans did next. that vet, joins us live. ♪ i was born in the usa ♪ i was born in the usa you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same.
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4:46 am
seas a cruise ship that ran aground slamming into a coral reef leaving passengers stuck for hours. this isn't the first time the cruise has turned into a nightmare for passengers there. if you are thinking of booking one this maritime attorney has something you need to know before you book. when you look at the numbers here 23 million passengers will board cruise ships in 2015. cruise lines will debut 22 new ships this year. there is currently 421 ships with 482,000 beds. what do potential passengers who are booking these trips need to know? >> well, they need to know a lot. first, nice to see you, elizabeth. i think the first thing families need to know when booking a cruise in particular this summer. there are no life guards on the vast majority of cruise ships. with the exception of disney. i represented the family of a four.
4:47 am
a 4-year-old nearly drown. it's important families do everything they can to keep their kids safe. the second thing i would recommend, buy the travel insurance. i think it's a small price to pay for a heck of a lot of piece of mind. in an emergency situation where there could be big travel expenses i recommend that. >> if you don't have that insurance and something like this does happen to you, what are your rights as aa passenger >> the cruise line is no longer your friend. once you get injured, they go into adversarial mode. what rights do they have? they're governed by the ticket contract. when you buy that cruise, even though you don't agree to the terms and conditions, there's a 20 page document that says all of your rights. the most important things in there are number one you have to sue in miami, florida. you have sue within one year.
4:48 am
that's a very limited timeframe. if you don't act quickly to protect your right you will be out of luck. >> one year is the time limit you have to do that. with the number of people about to embark this message is invaluab invaluable. thank you for joining us at "fox and friends." >> my pleasure. now this, it's a sickening act. the home of an army veteran vandalized with hateful messages. but her community is rallying behind her to clean it up. that veteran is here live with us to share her story next. but first, on this day in history. 1997 hanson had the number one song in america with mmm bop. ♪
4:49 am
♪ ♪ ♪ the ones with the guts to stand apart - join a league all their own. ♪ gives you nexium level protection for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection.
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4:52 am
some proud americans to tell you about right now in our heartland. not even vandals to keep this community down. army veteran, awoke sunday night to realize this horrific messages like f the military on her house. she posted it on facebook and quickly over 100 people assembled to help clean up the damage. she joins us now alongside niek arnold who organized the clean up effort. how did you feel when this happened to you? >> at first i questioned if i should even call the police. nobody else could see it. nobody was around. i just took off and was like, well, they're not coming back. they're not even here now.
4:53 am
apparently they didn't want to see what was on the other side of the door. >> absolutely. and you serve in the military. you joined up at 27, correct? so you served and you are wondering not only is my service not being saluted, it's being ridiculed. nick, what made you act? >> i just saw a chance for the community to get together. it didn't have anything to do with anger for me. it's 307 long rage is a small group on facebook. that's what we do we serve the community. >> you're watching, you were tired yourself. you hear the story how no one came to help. tell me how you sprung into action? >> you're right i was tired. our group had finished up a 25 ton cleanup the day before. i was thinking to myself i can't much more out of these guys. i put a post on facebook, i said meet me at walmart parking lot in an hour if you want to help. i was hoping for maybe ten people and there was over 100
4:54 am
people waiting for me when i got there. just an incredible amount of resolve from the group and our community. >> you see them assemble and go to work, what are your thinking? >> it was shocking. it was awesome. i was a little bit nervous, i thought, oh, my gosh they're going to come and i'll get one little clean spot. they came in i got more than i even bargained for. i mean -- it's not about my house, it was more about my neighbor upstairs that was trying to get -- this man needs help as well. he's also served. it's his time to relax and retire and it's my turn to work and take the watch. >> what do you say to that sentiment that scrawls that on a military veteran's home. where does that sentiment come from? >> i'm not a vandal, if you're not vandal, how do you think like a vandal? i just don't have an answer for
4:55 am
that. i guess we'd have to find the guy who did it or the gal that did it and ask them. in all honesty, i can't answer that question. >> especially in your community, what your area is known for, you're a bunch of proud americans. having done that, sprung to act with cassie, what do you hope people get from what you did and the way you acted from cassie around the country as they watch? >> well, i just hope they get what our group did. i think a lot of problems in our country could be solved with simple acts of kindless like that. our group tries to serve the people that served us, whether that's teachers, fire departments, men and women across the country. if we could pay it forward to the people who take care of that that would take care of a lot of things. >> thank you very much. cassie, thanks for sharing your story. a bad situation, now it turns into an inspiring situation. thanks for your service, great job, nick.
4:56 am
all right. five minutes before the top of the hour. one hour straight ahead. if your child misbehaves would you punish them in public and post it on the internet? >> i'm sorry, the camera can't hear you. don't cry now, you wasn't crying when you was posting pictures on facebook. >> she shamed her 13-year-old for the internet to see and why she did it. governor mike huckabee about to make a huge announcement. it's happening here in a matter of moments. you don't want to miss it and you don't want to miss him. ♪ shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is.
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if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. good morning to you today is thursday, may 21st i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. a major break in the mansion murder mystery by the vice president's house. four people are dead. a suspect on the run and a clue that revealed his identity was a leftover pizza crust.
5:00 am
unbelievable. earlier this months governor mike huckabee said he's running for president in 2016. this morning he's going to make news again and shake things up. the governor has a major announcement. you will hear only right here on "fox and friends" in 90 seconds. they're ready for hillary. but apparently, not so ready to tell you why they're ready for hillary. >> can you think of something that she accomplished as secretary of state that impressed you, you think is important? >> umm. >> quiet down. what iowa democrats think of their front runner. i heard the crickets. mornings are better with friends. ♪ we're coming to your city
5:01 am
memorial day is the unofficial start to summer. in new york city, fleet week happens at the same time. we got a combination of both, famous dave's on our plaza. they're cooking up food for the men and women who wear the uniform and have dropped by "fox and friends." >> our nation's bravest joining us inside and a barbecue outside. you're taking a live look at the brave individuals. joining us at "fox and friends," in our studio and joining you at home coming home is gary sinise who has big announcements and a huge concert. >> he and bill o'reilly bill we singing together at the hard rock. >> tomorrow. by the way, we have four alligators. also going to join our barbecue outside. >> they will not be barbecued. >> no, don't scare them. >> delicious, tastes like
5:02 am
chicken. i've had gator before. >> you have? >> it's chewy. >> i wonder why. extra skin, please. prehistoric if you will. >> thank you very much for joining us. to the men and women who are joining us, thank you. we've never been this well-protected di well-protected during a headline. >> when you have a food segment they have the finished product. they said we're cooking it on the show. that's why they're sticking around. they want to get fed. they saw it rubbed, grilled. they want it finished. >> we can't wait to see it. stick around. it's an unbelievable hour coming your way. heather nauert joins us now with some new developments. new developments in the washington, d.c. murder case. the family that was found dead in their burned out d.c. mansion right now police say there is a manhunt underway. they have identified the main expect as daron dylon wint. police reportedly identified him from dna that was found on
5:03 am
leftover crust from a pizza that was delivered in the home while that family was being held hostage. police believe that wint and possibly an accomplice tortured the family to make the father give them money. the next morning an assistant dropped off $40,000 at the family home hours before that house went up in flames. just last night, police searching wint's father's house in maryland. so far no sign of him. more on the bizarre mystery live from the main crime scene at 80 today. after a year after the va secretary resigned after we learned the magnitude of the veteran's care scandal. almost no one has been fired. john boehner summing up his feelings on that yesterday. >> just one person has been fired. one. what the hell happened to the rest of them? >> perfect question, right? the speaker of the house ripping into the va for the lack of
5:04 am
action being taken against those troubled employees there. many of the people involved in that healthcare scandal heendedp getting a slap on the risk. >> a denver mom disciplining her daughter online and posting it on online. >> how old are you? >> 13. >> you're 13 why does your facebook panl say you're 19? >> your 13 right. don't cry now you weren't crying when you were posting pictures on facebook. >> that is valerie starks, the mom disciplining her daughter after finding out her 13-year-old was posting racy photos on facebook under a false profile. the young teenager still has a bedtime. she posted the video to her 13-year-old's facebook page. we're getting a lot of people writing in. after 33 years of making america laugh, david letterman
5:05 am
signing off for good. >> i'll be honest with you, it's beginning to look like i'm not going to get the tonight show. >> there you go. the legendary late night host poking fun of himself till the very end and even getting some very important people to leave him a good riddance message. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. >> our long national nightmare is over. letterman is retiring. >> well, the celebrity guests showed up for his 6,028th show. he had a whole lot of them. it included steve martin, and also bill murray. a lot of people had a late night. these guys over here and
5:06 am
gals probably had a very late night in town for fleet week. >> i'm sure they'll have a couple more ahead of them. >> i watched the letterman show this morning but it cut off. even on the network i didn't think you could do that. he kept going with the foo fighters. >> it was his last day, like he was going to get in trouble. >> i thought it was a hard break. you got to wrap if we want to keep talking. >> if only that were true. let's bring in governor mike huckabee from columbia, south carolina. we know a lot of people are looking at the iowa straw polls on august 8th. you have won that before and won it big. so what's going to happen come august 8th? are you in it or you out of it? >> i will not be in it. i didn't win it back in 2007. i came in second. and it was a wonderful thing. and it helped propel us. i've been in four straw polls either as a candidate or as an
5:07 am
observer for the media or as a activists for one of the candidates. it's been a great political theater. but every candidate ultimately has to decide how to use resources and the goal is not fto win a straw poll which doesn't mean anything. straw poll winners doesn't win the caucuses. my goal is to win the caucuses. my goal is to put our efforts to that. we're not skipping iowa. just got back there from a couple of days agoment others will decide. i don't want to see conservatives split up, get into a deep fight and make a way for someone to sort of come around the edge from the middle and take out a conservative. that's not the best way for us to win the election. >> governor, very interesting. michel michelle bachmann won that. she doesn't really get the momentum that gives her iowa. >> well, mitt romney won the straw poll in 2007.
5:08 am
i ended up winning the iowa caucuses with the largest margin a republican had ever won the caucuses ever. michelle bachmann, four years ago, she wins the straw poll, she comes in sixth in iowa. it is not a good indicator, but it oncan be an eliminator. that's why i think, you know, having been through this process before, it's given me a little bit more reflection about what do we need to do to win the caucuses and then, frankly go on to wim a nomination. my goal is not to win a straw poll that doesn't mean something it's to win the election that means everything. >> a practical mindset. let me ask you this in terms of indication, speaking of iowa. mark halprin had a panel of democrats. he asked them what she's accomplished. this might not look great in terms of what hillary clinton. >> what did she accomplish as
5:09 am
secretary of state? >> secretary of state? i really can't name anything off the top of my head. >> give me a minute. give me two minutes. >> christina, can you think of something she accomplished as secretary of state that you think is important? >> umm. no. >> governor, your reaction? >> well, what they should be doing is playing simon and gar funkal sound of silence underneath that. she is in a leading position because of her celebrity, not because of her accomplishments. it's one thing for her to be known as the democrat that is inevitable. she has to come out from under the bed where she's been hiding in the fetal position afraid to face the press and hard
5:10 am
questions. she'll have to answer for things. that's going to be tough and a game changer. i think people like martin o'malley are being smart by saying i'm not going to stand by and walk her into the nomination without a challenge. that's smart politics on the part of some democrats who see opportunity. >> some republicans who would like to be the next president of the united states, in addition to you is rand paul. he was on the floor of the senate yesterday for half the day. it wasn't quite a filibuster officially. what he was railing against during the trade talk was about the patriot act, essentially. and the government and nsa spying on americans. because they are able to do that with a mass collection of data without a warrant. how do you feel about that? >> we got three options when it comes to the patriot act. restore it like it is, we can completely repeal it, or we can revise it. put me down as somebody who thinks it needs to be revised not just immediately restored.
5:11 am
i think that the senator has made valid points. look, we are not a nation of good intentions. i don't doubt the good intentions or the good work of the nsa. some remarkably gifted talented dedicated patriots run that organization. we already know it can be abused. as it was with edward snowden being able to get access to it. but the biggest question is this, does the constitution allow the government to read the mail and to listen to the phone calls, even the collect them, without a warrant or probable cause? >> the answer is no. >> i think the obvious answer is no, it does not. it just doesn't. >> do you believe -- are you in support of the united states of america freedom act? is that what you're indicating here in terms of a revision or are -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, i think that the freedom act and putting some more stringent controls on what the u.s. government can listen to making sure they have a warrant, making sure there's a
5:12 am
constitutional process is followed. we're either a nation of laws or a nation of feelings and intentions. and we cannot be a nation of feelings and intentions. we must follow the constitution. we've had trouble with the president who says i have a pen and i have a phone, i think we need a president who says i have a constitution and i swore to uphold it. that's why i said to people if i'm elected president i will follow the constitution, not just my good intentions, no matter how well-meaning they may in fact be. >> well said. >> he's joining us today from south carolina, which is big in the next year or so when it comes to counting votes and stuff like that. governor huckabee, thanks so much. thanks for breaking the news you will not be taking part in the iowa straw poll in august. >> always good to see you guys. >> thank you. 12 minutes after the hour. is a serial sniper on the loose in colorado? the fbi joining the investigation after another innocent person shot dead. up next the man who helped track
5:13 am
down the d.c. sniper on where this case goes next. how's this in a lesson for free speech a teacher stomping on the american flag and forcing students to watch. what parents think about that next. ♪ i'll bear that cross with honor ♪ ♪ because freedom don't come free ♪ ♪ i'm an american soldier, an american ♪ ♪ besides my brother and my sisters ♪ claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief for... ...fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do... ...every day. live claritin clear.
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5:17 am
fox news alert. the fbi now investigating a possible serial sniper on the loose in colorado. the latest victim, a man riding his bike in windsor, colorado. that city has not seen a murder in eight years and could be linked to another murder four miles away. we don't know yet. should the fbi be involved. we have the principal of security dynamics group and served as a commander of the d.c. sniper investigation. when will you consider this or not consider this a serial incident? >> well, i think if they can link the three or four shootings together then they will start treating this as a serial shooter. they're in the preliminary stages right now trying to determine if there is a link between the shootings. it's too early to ascertain if they have a single shooter doing
5:18 am
the different acts throughout the state. what would you need as resources to put two and two together? would ballistics be the first stop? >> ballistics would be the first stop. the victim who was just killed if they can examine the projectile and look for any characteristics to determine what type of gun it may have come from. they can do trajectory analysis based on the crime scene to see where the shot may have taken place and look and see if a spent shell casing has been left behind. >> the d.c. sniper case paralyzed the northeast, the coast. i remember it like it was yesterday. what these two idiots did. how concerned are you that we could be looking at another situation like this? >> well, it's kind of early to tell if the shootings are connected. if they can link these two shootings, then the police are doing the right thing by getting on this early, getting all the facts early, trying to tie
5:19 am
things together before it gets out of hand. >> now, number one, how do you view the fbi? a help or hindrance in this investigation? >> well, they're going to be a help. any police department can use extra resources. and i always categorize the feds -- i was one of them -- as the local police are like the emergency room. they have to deal with every emergency that comes through the door. federal law enforcement can be selective. we can be specialists and pick and choose what you work on and put the additional resources where a local department can't. >> we put two and two toorgethe we'll have you back. hopefully we'll have you back for a different reason and these are just two horrible incidents. instead of dealing with rioters she made time to go on stage with prince. it seems the state's attorney, marilyn mosby loves the spotlight. while you'll soon be able to find her on news stands everywhere. you know and love him as
5:20 am
lieutenant dan in forrest gump, now gary sinise is on a new mission to share the stories of our nation's heroes. he also plays music. ♪ simply the best ♪ better than all the rest mir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®, which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch, the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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5:23 am
we've got some quick headlines for you on this thursday morning. we start with this fox news alert out of california. the governor there, jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for santa barbara county after a pipeline rupture spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil into the pacific ocean. cleanup crews have been working around the clock to minimize the environmental damage, none the less there is a big oil slick out there. baltimore prosecutor marilyn
5:24 am
mosby should be spending her time working on her case involving the death of freddie gray. instead she's doing interviews with the fashion magazine vogue. it hasn't been revealed what she spoke about. a spokesman said the gray case was not discussed. vogue has not said when that issue hits the news stands. we'll keep you posted. proud americans a gathering all week long at the gi film festival. they're honoring our women wimi. gary sinise, what do you think there is a desire to see these films by americans all over? >> because of these folks. it's an honor to be here. welcome to new york. >> we watched you walk up
5:25 am
before. you always get that type of response. >> you do. >> well, you know, i've had the pleasure to be on ships and in the field with the troops. and on airplanes and all that kind of stuff. i've had an opportunity to do a lot of great things and see these people in action. and they're awesome. and i'm glad there's a film festival that is honor them and highlighting the great things they do. >> absolutely. you were in kind of a famous movie, back in the day, anytime it's on, we still watch it from start to finish. why is it so important that there be good, accurate films that depict what these men and women do. >> the gi festival was born at a time when there was negative films coming out of hollywood with regards to what was going on in iraq and afghanistan. the two founders, they decided that they wanted to highlight films that portrayed our veterans and the military in a positive way. now the film festival has exploded. >> you've been presented the
5:26 am
opportunity get to know the military. some people presented with that opportunity might think about it or not do it at l. there's a huge concert, today 6:30 doors will open for a rocking concert. the gary sinese foundation and lieutenant dan band with bill o'reilly headlining it. >> don't let o'reilly play, please. >> he's threatened to sing. >> tell us about why you're doing this today. >> it's a joint fundraiser with my foundation, gary sinise and the independents raising money to help our money. that's what bill is doing with the independence fund. we build specially designed houses and provide mobility devices. we're doing all kinds orphthings because we care about these
5:27 am
folks that serve our country. we want to make sure they are taken care of before during and after the battle. >> you did about 35 concerts. you play somewhere while taking a full time job. your series has been renewed. were you surprised about some of the backlash about the run away hit film, "american sniper" everyone went to see it but universities -- i don't want it here and there were protests, does that surprise you? >> you know, the movie made over $500 million. i think that says it all. there was a big audience for the film. and it's a well-made, well-crafted film. chris kyle was a pretty special person. and i'm glad the movie did so well. i don't know. some people don't want to see it, so be it. it's going to sell a lot of dvd's. >> absolutely. >> that's what america is all about, choice, if you want to see it, go see it. if you don't want to, don't go. >> going to want to see
5:28 am
something, is your concert. military members get in free. >> i think it's going to be pretty crowded. >> let's go right now! >> line up. >> memorial day, what are you doing? >> memorial day, i do the national memorial day concert on the right in front of the capitol, joe mantagna. this will be my tenth concert co-hosting with joe. it's an honor to recognize those who have fallen in service to our country. >> if you're not going to be able in attendance to the hard rock and you want to find out how you can help. go to rocking the and you can help them. >> great to see you. >> thank you. that's right. and now this, a fox news alert for you. this morning, a major break in the mansion murder mystery. four people are dead. a suspect is on the run. we are live from the crime scene
5:29 am
with an update on the investigation. coming up. then, an armed robber picks the wrong guy to mess with. >> this guy had a gun on me, i got a gun on him. and i don't want to kill this kid, but i'm going home. >> how this all ended straight ahead. ♪ i guess if you say so ♪ i have to pack my things and go ♪ ♪ that's right hit the road jack ♪ ♪ and don't you come back no more no more ♪ i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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5:33 am
torched washington, d.c. mansion. >> this morning we are learning more about how police used a leftover pizza crust to identify the suspect. >> how did that work out? a reporter from wttg in washington, d.c. joins us from the crime scene. bob? >> good morning, guys. it's actually dna evidence that was found on this pizza crust. perhaps saliva or fingerprints of the man who has been charged with one count at least of first degree murder from the scene. his name is darren wint. he's 34 years old from suburban maryland east of washington, d.c. he is on the run. they don't know where he is. the d.c. police have put out photos from facebook trying to get this guy in custody. it's a bizarre story, investigators believe that this man, was here at the home last
5:34 am
wednesday night and held this family hostage. this local businessman his wife, 10-year-old son and a 57-year-old housekeeper and the next day, a week ago today, thursday morning $40,000 in cash was delivered to the house. the man was in the process of opening up a martial arts studio in virginia. whether the cash had anything to do with that or was brought as ransom, we're not sure. but the parents, the housekeeper were found on the second floor sitting in chairs. the son, philip, was in a bed in a fetal position. their bodies had been burned. tortured and burned. and what connection this guy has to this family, investigators don't know. was he working alone or with someone else, we don't know that either. this is an awful case. a mystery. this house next door to the australian ambassador's residence in northwest washington. >> i know where that's at. as the police do their best to connect dots. >> do you think in your neighborhood you are safe.
5:35 am
>> there is a huge police presence in it because it's embassy road. it's not far from the vice president's house. >> 26 minutes before the top of the hour. heather nauert has other breaking news, including trouble at lax. that's right. of course it was caught on camera. frightening moments at los angeles airport. a guy is tasered after he pushed past airport security. take a look. [ shouting ] >> wow, here's what happened. police say the man was not cooperating with tsa officers during the security screening. he broke free as officers tried to cuff him. he shot up a flight of stairs before he was tased. he is now facing charges as trespassing and resisting arrest. the actor vern troyer saw the
5:36 am
whole thing. he says he picked up this hat from the suspect that he dropped before he was tased. a quick thinking man turns the tables on an armed robber, a 49-year-old was heading to his dialysis appointment in detroit when a young man pulled a gun with him. but he has a concealed carry license. he had choice words. >> do you want to [ bleep ] do this? this guy had a gun on me i had a gun on him. i don't want to kill this kid but i'm going home. >> he recounts the conversation right there. he says the would be robber then said have a nice day before he took off running. an outraged illinois community bans together to show their american pride. veterans, parents and students gathering in front of the school after students say a teacher deliberately stomped on the american flag in class to demonstrate free speech. earlier we spoke to the students and some parents who were in
5:37 am
that classroom. listen. >> i don't think if you're going to teach in america you should never desecrate the flag in front of your students. you're not teaching them respect for our country. >> that teacher has now been put on leave until the end of the year. those are your headlines. let's head outside for a look at weather with maria molina. >> good morning, hello everyone at home. let's look at the weather conditions. i want to focus on the plains. we've had flash flooding occurring parts of texas and oklahoma. and take a look at the forecast, unfortunately, it calls for more heavy rains potentially up to a half a foot of it across parts of texas, over the next few days. there is also a concern for some severe weather today across coastal parts of carolinas, the gulf coast and even across portions of texas, so keep an eye out for that. temperature wise, you're on the cool side across the plains into the great lakes and northeast. temperatures in the 50s right now in new york city. and those temperatures will stay below average, across the same
5:38 am
areas take a look at the map. many areas looking at highs only in the 60's today. let's head over to steve, elizabeth and brian. >> it's warmer here. >> it sure is it's almost memorial day. the official start of famous dave's summer of ribs. here to give us a taste. it's coming your way at famous dave's executive chef. he joins us with some of our nation's bravest. thank you all for your service and for joining us here. let me tell you, it smells good out here. >> isn't it nice? so we talked about those buffalo bones, split ribs. you want to open that up for me. >> he's got the reveal. >> whoa. >> you see the split racks. i got chicken on there for us for later. >> you put the racks? >> i put in here. >> buffalo bones are not buffalo. >> no, they're actually pork and buffalo sauce. i'll make that memphis style?
5:39 am
>> deep fry them there? >> yeah. i'll hit them with our memphis rub and our mob. it's vinegar and memphis rub. i love the sound effects. this takes a minute and a half. look at the beautiful brisket. >> look how easily that cuts there. >> look at that. yeah. >> it's a nice commentary back here. >> do you want me to slice it? >> slice away. >> where is a fork? >> is this a jalapeno? >> we grilled those and then we hit them with a little lime and soy. they're called chili toryawnoes. you're doing a great job. >> i can't get over how easily this cuts. >> how long do you do those in the deep friar? >> a couple minutes. >> you put on --
5:40 am
>> memphis rub, right. then a little of our memphis mop. give it a toss. vinegar ey. goes great with the pork. we have buffalo bones there. >> then you put the sauce on? >> yep. >> look at that brisket. >> who is hungry? >> caveman portion. >> grads and dads with graduation parties. you'll see this buffa-et. >> everybody wants to -- barbecue best friend. >> are you ready for your assignment. famous daves will be joining us every friday during our summer concert series. >> i'll be in minnesota. >> the land of -- >> yeah. >> has anyone tried the meat? >> i'm preloading plates with
5:41 am
cornbread. we need some forks, it's so good i might just use my hands. >> get charlie in here. >> you're good. >> do you like mine preloaded with cornbread? >> are we still on? >> let me ask you something -- >> i feel like i'm in my back yard. >> take a look at this, you don't need a knife. >> no. beautiful smoke rings. >> that's some good butt. that's a beautiful butt. >> it's almost a kardashian. >> that's a money piece there, that's beautiful. >> the money piece is right here. i'm going to share it with my friends out here. thanks to all that you do. kicking off the summer, memorial day weekend right on the plaza of "fox and friends." we want to let you know about this, planned parent hood goes on the attack, attacking republicans for making america worse for women.
5:42 am
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okay. ladies listen up activists at planned parenthood just held a poll to ask what gop presidential candidate is the worst threat for women. it was republican candidates including carly fiorina. how is a female candidate a threat to women? we have the president of the
5:46 am
organization to join us on a debate. they're not offering anyone as republican candidates as the worst threat posed to women. >> that definition of who is good for women or who is a real woman is narrow for planned parenthood. you have to be many things, but you must be abortion centered for abortion at the end and at taxpayer expense. if that wasn't in the formula they wouldn't be having a poll and they wouldn't have an organization. i think the craziest thing that somehow one of the strongest, most successful women in america could be bad for women. she is a woman who is helping young women unlock their potential across america. it's not attractive to women or anybody and it neisn't working.
5:47 am
they're trying to change the conversation from abortion. >> i think that's not at all what happening. they posed to survey to who would be the greatest threat to women's health. that's why you're only seeing gop candidates. i think they were not trying to insult or say anything about her feelings towards women or what kind of women she was. it's starting a conversation, planned parenthood's mission about healthcare for women. that's what we're talking about. voters don't have to vote for her in this survey. this is a way for them to interact -- >> i want to jump in here. you said start a conversation. some people say they're trying to manipulate the conversation. some people don't think it's their place to do so, particularly when they're getting government funding in terms of grants.
5:48 am
they have $528.6 million received in government funding, of grants. 41% of their 2014 revenue right there. that is a huge amount of money that's being funded by the taxpayer, yet the put out a survey like this seems tilted. >> to undermine their own views. our tax burden to support planned parenthood who undermines their own views on important issues like women's health. that is a code word for abortion or not abortion. you would not be looking at candidate and say they're prowomen's health if they supported abortion at any stage. especially where we are now which is sweeping the country which is a limit on abortion after five months. this is wildly popular among women, men, every demographic you can think of it. if you are for that you're not for women's health.
5:49 am
>> i want to thank you for your comments. what do you think about that at home? let us no, i'll stand by for your comments. we're taking a walk on the wild side. we'll check in with marketa mccallum. >> i like to follow the live gators. two more cities have fallen to isis. the president gives the military commencement speech saying that global warming is the biggest threat that these young officers will face out there. evan bayh and monica crowley will take that on this morning. is it too little too late? we will go live to the senate armed services committee hearing where general jack keane will testify on isis. we'll spieak to him. can american pharaoh win the triple crown? we'll talk to the jockey. good stuff coming up at the top of the hour. with xfinity from comcast you can manage your account anytime,
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5:53 am
the aareaument in mystic has opened a new attraction. we love gators. here to show case the gators is the spokesperson dr. alison. good morning. >> hi. the gators are out staged because we're in such great company. what a great exhibit. i love mystic aquarium. what are people going to see? >> thanks for having us here today. mystic aquarium is a great place. the new exhibit is great. we have established this exhibit
5:54 am
to highlight eco systems that need saving. our focal point of the wetlands exhibit is an alligator habitat where we have a large five to six foot alligator. public can see them four to five inches from the glass. >> you have big gators there. were you afraid to bring them into new york city? >> the big gators didn't make the trip. they have to inspire the public. how old are these? >> juveniles, 18 inches long. they will grow to be 10-15 feet in length and live up to 30 to 50 years. >> i see you're holding one there. it's a little baby alligator. how quickly do they actually get to be that size? >> they'll take a while to be that size. over several years. >> do you remember when we were down autott the villages and yo wrestled a gator. >> it was paralyzing the whole community.
5:55 am
i had to jump into action. >> what i was going to say, i think the gator you wrestled was about this size. >> that's right. i think we might have it. i'm glad. >> you see -- when they're big, obviously they're scary. when they're this size are they dangerous? >> they're not that dangerous. people need to be refectful. when they see alligators they need to respect them and their habitat. they offer wonderful conservation message. the alligators were depleted to nearly extinct, look at that beautiful skin. they were turned leather. with all the conservation the species has rebounded. >> we have enjoy pleather. >> check it out in mystic, connecticut. ♪ e pleather.
5:56 am
>> check it out in mystic, connecticut. ♪ d pleather. >> check it out in mystic, connecticut. ♪ hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-fifteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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> before we go here is one for the road. do you like kicking back on the flight with a bloody mary. scientists say they have found the reason why you like bloody ma marys. it blocks the sweet sensation in our tongues. >> could they cure it -- >> make a better barbecue. >> we'll call him the doctor of the barbecue. thanks for being with us.
6:00 am
>> you'll be back together for the concert? >> i'm flying home, i'm going fishing. >> leave the meat. >> a round of applause for the men and women joining us today from fleet week. you see them on the street? say thank you. bill: good morning. fox news alert. republican senator rand paul grabbing the microphone and not letting go for nearly 11 hours. but what did he accomplish? martha: good morning, i'm martha maccallum. year grabbing the microphone for a couple of hours. but the presidential candidate talking and talking to protest the renewal of the nsa surveillance. here is where it started about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. >> once upon a time we had a standard in our country that was innocents until


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