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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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@greta. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington d.c., and i will see you right here tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. be here. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it's an enormous challenge and we have to fight it on every front including the front of social media. >> incredibly nancy pelosi believes that fighting isis on the net should be a priority. that's how screwed up this entire terror war is right now. we have a special report. >> there comes a time in the history of nations when fear and complacency allow power to accumulate and liberty and privacy to suffer. that time is now. >> is rand paul hurting his chances of becoming president by opposing national security measures. we will get it with karl rove.
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>> love me sweet jesus. >> i do love. >> you also ahead the movie "killing jesus" nominated for best film of the year. what is next in the killing series? tonight, we will tell you. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. war and peace in the u.s.a. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. we hope everybody had a nice memorial day weekend as the nation paused to honor americans who lost their lives defending this country. on thursday, gary sinise and i hosted a fundraiser here in new york city to help severely wounded american vets. the party raised more than a million dollars including a $100,000 donation by a businessman in dallas, david elliott.
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and all over the country good things were happening in memory of those families who have sacrificed so much. but in washington bad things are occurring as america's power overseas is in free fall decline. the worst situation the war on terror. isis savages are creating mass chaos throughout the middle east. northern africa and now nigeria. even though president obama promised to confront isis and downgrade it, that has not happened. isis continues to expand. murdering thousands of innocent people, creating kay wherever it goes. in response the president speaks of climate change to the coast guard academy graduating class last week. and touts his international record. >> today is the first memorial day in 14 years that the united states is not engaged in a major ground war. so on this day we honor the sacrifice of the thousands of american service members men and women who gave their lives since 9/11,
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including more than 2200 american patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. >> what the president did not say is that isis is now expanding into afghanistan. the northern part of that country now a free fire zone as the taliban and other islamic militants seized territory from the government. in fact there are very few victories in the war on terror these days. syria under siege by isis. iraq tottering as isis controls about a third of the country. yemen no functioning government. libya no functioning government. my gearia isis is aiding the savage group boko haram and they are threatening to destabilize the entire country. meantime iran is gaining power throughout the middle east by supporting terror groups like hezbollah and hamas. iran now the only fox all star inside iraq actually putting up fight against isis. in the meantime president obama's acolytes continue to insist they have a handle on the terror problem and isis
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in particular. >> it's eenormous challenge and we have to fight it on every front, including the front of social media. that is a place where they have really made more advances than you would have suspected and that is where we have to fight them as well. >> so while isis is burning human beings alive congresswoman pelosi is concerned about the social media aspect of the struggle. also we are not fighting isis on every front. we are not confronting them on the ground with very few exceptions. as usual congresswoman pelosi living in the land of oz. she has no blanking clue has he what's happening. same thing with senate minority leader harry reid. >> the situation in the middle east is disruptive as we speak. it's tough situation. the president has done the best he can with the tools that he is given by the constitution what congress has allowed him to do. >> are you kidding me? there are are many members of congress pounding the table for more action
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against isis and other jihadist groups. so is here we have the three most powerful democrats in the nation, mr. obama pelosi, and reid, all saying various things that make absolutely no sense at all. now, the unintended consequences of the disastrous foreign policy we have, president obama likes to point to a 60 nation coalition that apparently has signed up to confront isis. outside of a few countries that are undertaking a few bombing missions, there is little sign the coalition is effective. maybe italy spain and germany have noticed the millions of people trying to illegally cross into europe from africa and the middle east, many of them fleeing terrorism. much of it generated by isis. as thousands drown in the mediterranean sea. the leaders of the european union fiddle, imitating anywhere row to corrupt or incompetent to do anything about the terror threat. the whole world is changing. the jihad is advancing. yet, the 60 nation coalition is as impotent as any group ever be.
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there isn't enough viagra in the world. as american power recedes abroad tyrants like putin in russia take advantage. this is another unintended consequence of president obama's weak foreign policy. recently secretary of state john kerry met with putin promising him sanctions would be lifted if he promised to stop seizing more territory. that must have delighted salad putin who i have nicknamed vlad the the evader. he will take whatever kerry gives him and then do whatever he wants knowing that america and europe are too afraid to confront his illegal ambitions too soft to stop his illegal activities. same thing with china. that country is now expanding in the specific, seizing territory that does not belong to it and developing its military in a dramatic way. china seeks to gom nate southeast asia and understands it can now expand without any consequence from the west.
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this is a perfect storm of weakness. not only is the u.s.a. reluctant to use its power but nato and the other western countries do not want to confront evil either. thus the evil doers are on the march. talking points is simply aghast that the american foreign policy is so bad. well, it's true we can no longer police the world with ground troops we can use our economic and diplomatic power to hurt countries that violate international law. we can also lead the world into confronting isis and other bar barbarians in a meaningful way. it's all about will, tactics and leadership. none of which is coming out of washington right now. all the foreign chaos is going to be a huge problem former secretary of state hillary clinton as she campaigns for president. as she points to the so-called russian reset knowledgeable people will whence if she points to the war on terror, she is highlighting a disaster. but, in the end it all
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comes back to president barack obama. the most reluctant commander and chief this nation has ever had. it's somewhat understandable as president obama groms ideology that usually sees american military might as a negative. the far left in the u.s.a. historically have opposed using american power abroad. now, after thousands of military folks were killed and maimed in iraq and afghanistan, the left is joined by some conservatives and independent americans who believe we should stand down overseas. but, by withholding american power abroad, the president is plunging the world into a very dark place. when order collapses so does civilized society and we are seeing that all over the planet. next up, a phony nuke deal with iran that will empower that villain news country. god help the next president of the united states. and that's the memo. now on the rundown we have reaction from kirsten powers and monica crowley. then later we will announce
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and the most advanced vehicle stability system in the industry...'ll ride with a feeling of complete freedom and confidence. visit your can-am dealer and test drive the spyder f3 today. continuing now with lead story war and peace in america. with us here in new york city monica crowley and from washington kirsten powers, both fox news analyst. powers amazing memo, right? you don't have to compliment me, you don't have to. >> i actually was thinking as i was listening to it i think the next killing book should be killing o'reilly and i think i will write it. >> okay. you do that now i'm going to walk through this with you. american foreign policy troubled fair? troubled right now? >> yeah, but i think your talking points were completely overblown. >> troubled but the way i annualized it is overblown? >> um-huh. >> isis, are you worried about isis? >> yes. >> are you? so you are worried about
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them. >> um-huh. >> are you worried that president obama has kind of diminished the threat and really practicing a void dance on it? are you disappointed? >> i don't think that he has done that. >> how have -- >> i don't think bombing them is really diminishing the threat. you know this idea that he is somehow not aware that isis exists and once again for the 100th time i have to have a conversation with both of you about this idea that barack obama fears american power which is a completely made up talking point it is not true. is he not afraid of american power the reason we can't send ground troops is american people are are tired it of ground troops after two wars that george bush started. >> it's obvious that the bombing campaign that the commander and chief has initiated is not working they are expanding the gaining power. they are brutalizing people on a daily basis. latest report young woman wouldn't subject herself to some kind of torture in the
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sexual arena was burned alive so the bombing campaign and the coalition of 60 not stopping them. would you cede that? >> yes i would cede that. >> okay. >> but that's not what you said. does the president somehow isn't even aware that this is happening. >> i cannot say he wasn't aware. >> you said that he doesn't care that this is happening. >> he doesn't have the will to win. let's go over to miss monica now. i know you agree with me, correct? >> correct. >> all right. but surely i said something wrong in search minutes? did i say anything wrong? >> i think a big lesson of its industry and i justed from normandy in france and walked through the cemetery. the big thing about american history when american power is considered weak the united states is considered weak or proximate result received as weak, the good guys. facing a far bigger class clism as you would if
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america had stayed strong. >> is powers correct when she says that because of iraq in afghanistan most americans do not want to place forces, ground forces to chase isis around. isn't she correct? >> well, that may be true in terms of public opinion but that's why you have leadership. >> would you do that? would you inject a couple of divisions into syria. >> this is what i would do if i were the american president right now. >> go. >> i would reverse what president obama has done in terms of gutting the military i would rebuild. >> that's down the road would you send divisions in to chase these guys around. >> i would reintroduce that the amount of ground troops that my generals would tell me would be necessary to destroy isis. increase the use of special force. ramp up the air campaign. >> that's war. >> well, listen, we are in a war whether we want to see it or not. >> i put forth powers, that the 60 nation coalition should pony up 10,000 troops each. that's 600,000 troops against 50,000 isis and then they should go in and get them that's what i put forth. >> did i just hear monica
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say that she would send troops to syria? >> yeah. right into syria. >> no, no. i didn't say syria specifically. >> but i did. i did. >> you said syria. >> right into syria. right across that little desert right to raqqa. >> that's an awesome idea. this is what i cannot follow with you guys. i can remember when i used to have this wfertion about how we needed to overthrow aassad right? >> assad can stay in his little bunker in damascus. we are going to get isis. >> we had to get rid of assad and now it's isis. >> it's a different world. maybe you haven't noticed in the last six months. >> but in six snonts. >> yeah. six months a different world, yeah. >> it's not a different world. it's the exact same. >> see the my grants coming from over from africa did you miss it. >> you need to admit you were wrong say would he go needed to overthrow assad. >> i didn't say anything about assad. i had no analysis on assad at all. >> you never said anything about assad? i find that very hard to believe. >> i know monica has.
5:17 pm
>> in is a talking point. we have to get rid of assad never mind the fact that isis is the enemy of assad. >> you are bringing up stuff that wasn't dealt with here. >> i'm bringing up the point that wasn't dealt with you sit sit here and act like you have the solution to everything. >> give monday cat last word. >> causes every single power in the world. >> give your cohort the last word. go. >> when you have a commander and chief in the united states that is weak or perceived as weak, have you advancing enemies and chaos around the world. we know this from history. now what we see is isis is raging across the middle east. isis is on the pref sis of getting a nuclear weapon. china is ascending. even cuba didn't get concessions from us and got a great deal. >> are they going to invade key west? i heard the cubans are coming. >> they might. >> they might have -- >> when our enemies see that the president is a 98-pound
5:18 pm
weakling who is not willing to do anything, they are running circles around him. >> he weighs more than 998 pounds and he is in pretty good shape. >> barely. >> there is monica and powers everybody. i think i alienated just about every crew. one footnote, powers' new book the silencing which i just had to do to her how the left is killing free speech off to a very good start. we hope you check that book out. directly ahead is senator rand paul hurting i had chances to be president by challenging the patriot act? and later thugs killing people in baltimore and chicago at alarming rate stats over the memorial day weekend atrocious. laura ingraham on that moments away.
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impact segment tonight, three key components of the patriot act expired june 11st and congress has not been able to put forth a
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cohesive vision to reform it. many americans believe the national security agency and other spy outfits have too much power can intrude on every day americans. >> i think the vast majority of the american people say you shouldn't be able to collect my phone records if i'm not suspicious, if you don't have probable cause and if a judge hasn't signed a warrant why would you get to look moot my phone records. can you tell a person's religion 85% of the staple from their phone records. >> senator paul and others want to do away with key parts of the patriot act all together. critics say that would damage our security against terrorism. with us now fox news analyst karl rove. the key here and senator paul really does not make this distinction is that the nasa -- nsa and other spy agencies collect data of phone calls made but they don't collect what was said in the phone call. they don't eavesdrop on the call; is that correct? >> that's correct. they collect the data of the call, the time, the length of the call. where the call was made from. >> right, they are not listening in. >> look, we had to build a gigantic center just to keep four pieces of information
5:23 pm
about phone calls. can you imagine how big a data center we would need in order to keep tapes or digital recordings of people which incidentally advocates doing away with this have suggested. it's true that the people who want to maintain the patriot act as is have not made the case very well. >> no. rand paul and others who don't like it have overwhelmed them. it's almost like the gay marriage debate. so my thing is that you could in congress and republicans as you know as everybody know control both houses have a logical debated and compromise on this. we have two debates going on here. debate about section 215 bulk phone data program. there has been a compromise offered by some in the house we have a broader issue here. senator paul once said i want to repeal all of the patriot act. think about that. >> but that's not going it happen. >> it's not going to happen but it is a sign that we need to take it seriously.
5:24 pm
oh really you? want to reinsert the wall that kept the fbi from talking to the cia. you don't want to have roving wiretaps and sneak peek for issues whether you have never span sored a bill to get rid of the same tools which have been used for decades against organized crime? >> i don't want to make this into a rand paul bashing segment. he doesn't like me at all. i have full disclosure the senator won't come on this program. but he has a constituency. there are and it's not just left wing there is a lot of conservatives and libertarians and independents who say you know what? we don't trust the government. we don't trust the federal government. >> look u i get that so the question is first of all you are right senator paul doesn't want to keep this going. how can we find common ground between people. >> at the end of the day. >> at the end of the day? what day? >> today.
5:25 pm
it expires june 1st. >> june 1st. we have got to find a way to continue this program. we use it in law enforcement all the time why do we use it in law enforcement. >> it has to be spelled out to the folks. >> not use it against terrorists. >> and i don't even care whether it's republican or democrat one senator or congress person who could speak he eloquently and specifically about these issues so everybody could understand it because a bunch of gobbably divook. like the tower of babble. he was good but he spoke very slowly. i had to like come on, get to the point. it's like the tower of babble. you know what that is, right? that's what washington. nobody knows what they are talking about. final question here. rand paul wants to be president: i think this hurts him because i think most americans are like, i don't know about you but me we want protections but we want them defined. we want to know exactly what the nsa is doing. i don't think that's unreasonable. i think paul with his foreign policy, you know, lay off everything, this
5:26 pm
thing republican primary is going to be by people strong national defense and war against terror. nsync with it and limits upward movement. in a state like new hampshire, where people can come into vote who are not republicans and open primary. >> that's right. gain currency there. >> if you don't have a tough contest on the democratic side. there will be people in keene new hampshire. keene state university who say vote with this guy he is with us on dismantling the nsa. the american people need to understand this program is a simple direct program. >> somebody needs to explain it to them. >> it allows people when we find somebody calling from a bad number abroad into the united states, it allows us to check the connections and find out who is in touch with that person inside the united states. >> karl rove, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. outrageous situation on a southwest jet liner. a wife says her husband is threatening to commit suicide. flight attendants will not
5:27 pm
let her call him. the man kills himself. is it legal investigating. plenty of black on black violent crime in chicago and baltimore this weekend. why is that continuing to happen? we'll stay tuned as laura ingraham will handle that for us upcoming. some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town the kids are feeling safer while they
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personal story segment tonight, a new book called daddy, stop talking and other things my kids want but won't be getting i could have written that
5:31 pm
book. the tone written by our pal adam carolla and here he is carolla two kids, boy and girl, 8-year-old twins right? >> yes. >> why do they want you to stop talking? >> because i annoy them but i explain to them the second i stop talking we have got to move to an apartment in van nuys and momma has to take the tesla back to the dealer. you don't want this guy to stop talking. >> what are you telling them? >> i'm trying to impart wisdom as you know which is sort of battle indoctrinated in the system. my boy actually impressed me the other day because i woke up the other day and my daughter had her hair all over the place. and i said, natalia what's up with your hair? and she said it's crazy hair day at school because, you know, all the greats, learned everything they learned on crazy hair day. >> yes. >> that's how abe lincoln. we wouldn't have abe lincoln today if it wasn't for crazy hair day. i looked at my son your hair is normal why isn't your
5:32 pm
hair crazy. it's crazy hair day and he said what does he say. >> doesn't move the needle. 8 years old. okay, i got through to you. by the way everyone always says to me you have a son and daughter they are twins. what is the difference between raising the girl and the boy? and i always say raising the girl is like raising three kids and raising the boy is like raising one old cat. >> i see. >> that is the difference. >> i will have to ponder that analysis. now, what about the machines? this is a big thing for me because the urchins everywhere are on the machines. >> yes. >> machines have replaced nature sports. >> the tablets and iphones and all of that. >> it's it a beautiful day out let's go out and explore and they're looking at you what? mind craft? i have mind craft why would i want to go outside? >> first off i had had a discovery which is the tablet is simultaneously the oldest and newest thing on the planet. number one okay 5 and a half
5:33 pm
not all nines. >> moses had his tablet. also, the thing that cracked me up was i walked into my daughter's room the other day, the window was wide open. she crawled out of the window and this is going to be a bad sign when she becomes a teenager so the window was wide open. yelled down the hall, natalia, you left the windows wide open, your screen is open, flies could get in here she said screen is not open. i said, natalia your screen is wide open she says no it is not. tablet shut the screen on her tablet. >> was the kid trying to make a break for it? was she trying to get out to tarzana? i can't get the urchins out of the house. i open the screen and the window for them just go out. out and look, no. because they are addicted to this thing.
5:34 pm
texting. >> my kids hold their tablet in front of a 75-inch television that is going. literally doing this. >> right. >> in front of a tv of the size of the one behind you. it's insane. i stared at zenith we just had clouds on it that's all. >> do you have rules about the machines. >> i have rules yes. >> like we have immigration rules in this country. [ laughter ] yes, there are rules on the book. >> but the border isn't enforced. >> it's a sieve they never are enforced. >> i think it's going to effect these little kids when they get older they are missing what the world is and they are into this electronic stuff. your book is a guideline to, you know, what the situation is and how to deal with it, right? >> yes, it is. >> all right adam carolla everybody, there he is when we come right back, is it legal on a very light sentence for child porn possession in tennessee. and a woman prevented from
5:35 pm
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three hot topics. beginning with the light sentence for medical ativan der built university in nashville tennessee. 29-year-old jeffrey yours received just two years in prison for possessing horrific and he mean horrific child porn images. how could that happen? with us now attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. >> he possessed between 22,000 and 5,000 of these images. obviously i didn't see any of them but they are described in the reports. they are horrific. i mean really really bad. >> rapes of babies and things like that. >> by adults. >> exactly. >> the guy gets two years. what could he have gotten? >> he could have received up to 12 o0 years in prison and i'm pretty astounded as a former prosecutor that handled these kinds of cases, sexual exploitation against children that this guy is going to be getting out soon. however, there is some suspended sentence ability for this judge cheryl blackburn who is a democrat to be able to impose six years on the counts that he
5:40 pm
pled to. >> all right. do we have a picture of this judge? yeah okay, there she is. this is what i don't understand. you both are going to explain it to me. so this industry, child pornography could not exist if people didn't bit stuff all right? because it's done for money. it's the lowest, most depraved act on the planet. all right. there is nothing worse than this. all the murdering of a child, okay. this is really murdering a child. you kill their spirit and they never recover from it. two years that's shoplifting third offense or something like that. so what was the justification by this judge? >> there is no justification. >> she didn't make any comments? >> no. >> none? >> she just said oh i'm going to go along with the plea agreement. the plea agreement was signed by glen funk, the da there in nashville. he looked at all the evidence. we're going to go with a plea agreement that binds what the judge can do at sentencing. >> why would that prosecutor do that? >> i don't know. it doesn't make any sense to me. >> only been da for a year. i don't know if you can chalk it up to any
5:41 pm
experience. can't you have some ability to understand that morally this is reprehensible. >> neither the judge or prosecutor are responsible. >> neither of them have explained it. >> no. >> i think what everybody should do not only in tennessee but around the country is to email or call these people and say look we would like an explanation for, this fair? >> yeah. >> all right. now, in missouri, a woman wins 83-million-dollar judgment legal judgment because, what -- why did she win $83 million? >> this is unbelievable. that's a picture of her. this is a case essentially of mistaken identity. maria gawd loop guadeloupe she owed $100,000 in credit card debt. she kept telling them she did not. served with a lafayette. afraid take home struggling as a family. this went all the way to court. >> this went to a collection agency who did this? >> correct. >> they were coming after the woman hectoring her for
5:42 pm
thousand dollars. got into court totally innocent and the jury awarded her 83 million? >> obviously. >> punitive damages. meaning to punish -- >> -- against the collection agency. >> a judge will probably bust that down, right? >> yes, i'm sure the judge will. >> the u.s. supreme court said punitive damages must be reasonable in nature. >> so the jury sent a message here. >> they did. >> it will be interesting to see what she gets. >> a couple million out of this. >> thinking in my mind maybe 5 million. >> they should have settled this souse of court. they knew they were wrong. they had the wrong person but they were still trying to maliciously prosecute her. >> now i'm requesting up to 7 million because they didn't settle. this is a terrible story. southwest airlines. you know, they don't want you using the machines and texting and calling when they are about to take off. a woman says hey my husband just sent me a text, is he going to commit suicide. i have got to call the guy. they say. no pick it up from there. >> asked the flight
5:43 pm
attendant airplane mode. she has another flight attendant you can please emergency call my husband may be killing himself? the second flight attendant says. no neither of those flight attendants tells the pilot who could have done something. >> i want to roll the tape now there is the husband who did commit suicide. roll it. >> what could i have done? what should i have done? the german woman is talking about the death of her husband andy. he killed himself after sending her this disturbing text. he asked for her forgiveness for what he was about to do. when she went to call her husband back, a flight attendant told her. no she flagged down another flight attendant hoping somehow could call police. >> begged her i'm sure somebody can make an emergency phone call. >> karen says she told her. no. >> i just wanted somebody to go and try to save him. nobody helped. >> now is this woman going to file against southwest? >> she certainly can file a case but it's not likely that she would be able to prevail because you have to look at whether or not it
5:44 pm
would be reasonable to say that for sure that a pilot would have said make the call because what southwest did that was wrong was they should have notified the pilot who has the authority and discretion to decide whether to make the call or not. >> they didn't even notify him? >> i think she has got a case. >> i think she has got a case. if you are in physical distress they will land the plane. this is mental distress but she had the text to back it up. >> she wasn't even saying you, let the pilot someone make the call. >> and the guy winds up killing himself. >> sure enough the police get there to the scene she lands, she sends a message and he's dead. >> thank you. two footnotes ms. guilfoyle brand new book out today called making the case, how to be be your own best advocate. wow. sounds interesting. we'll discuss that both in another factor enepisode. lis wiehl's thriller lethal beauty doing very well. i get the fact feeling the factor is entire publishing industry itself here. if you don't believe that i
5:45 pm
will announce my new killing book in the tip of the day. horrific violent crimes in poor black neighborhoods continue to shock the nation. laura, moments away. you know, just because your bladder is changing it doesn't mean that you have to. ♪ with tena® let yourself go. ♪ be the one with the crazy laugh. ♪ and keep being their favorite playmate. ♪ tena®'s unique super-absorbent microbeads lock in moisture and odor, tena® - available at target ♪ if you're looking for a car that drives you... ...and takes the wheel right from your very hands...
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and memories. news in lung cancer? now, i'm listening. if you have lung cancer, you haven't heard it all. yet. talk to your doctor today for more information on lung cancer. and call now... or visit for a free patient education kit. back of the book segment tonight, atrocious violence in baltimore or chicago over the weekend in the windy city. 12 people murdered, 44 others, 44 others wounded. including a 15-year-old boy killed 4-year-old girl badly hurt. in baltimore, 32 shootings over the three day weekend nine fatal. that makes 35 homicides in baltimore just in may the city's deadliest month since 1999. joining us from washington laura ingraham. why do you think this carnage continues in the poor black neighborhoods?
5:49 pm
>> i think it's a deficit of a fathers of male role models. the murders are committed bill overwhelmingly by men and overwhelmingly by young black males. most of them are not supervised. moms do the best they can. but we have an overall breakdown of the family and in combination with that, i think we're seeing a build-up of resentment that is fueled, in some cases by a lot of these activists on the ground that, you know, people are angry and they are acting out their anger and in some cases they feel like their anger is justified. other cases, of course, just a lot of drugs, a lot of gang activity. i think that little had-year-old girl she was shot in the head by a drive-by. and she was sitting in a car late at night. i believe it was outside of some party or some deal in chicago. i read that over the weekend. it was horrific situation. but it is certainly not federal dollars. it's not that more tax dollars aren't spent in the area. >> the situation is getting
5:50 pm
worse, okay, under a regime, that's a bad word. under an administration that has made social justice a top priority. but, now in justice a top priority. now in baltimore, some people are saying that because of the riots there, and the police indictments, that the baltimore pd has pulled back they're not policing aggressively do you believe that? >> i think some of the officers who have gone on camera they've hidden their identities they said as much we stick our neck out every day, and now when we do we make split second decisions in good faith, and that could lead not only to our dismissal or to our death, but could lead to us being thrown in jail and vilified. >> i think that's certainly something here in new york city. the shootings are up because
5:51 pm
they don't like de blasio the mayor. they aren'tlling the neighborhoods for fear someone may report them. the feds are coming in because the cleveland police department has had so many violent actions, and some of them are troubling to me. i do believe that some police officers are so jaded by the crime they're seeing in certain neighborhoods. they get so angry about it that they're too quick on the trigger, i could be wrong, but i think that's happening. >> i think without a doubt, bill there's overreach, and we talked about overreach in prosecutor's offices, there's clearly over reaction, in some cases, criminality in police departments. there's no doubt about that. >> you're putting young police officers in the worst situations. >> they cannot. they cannot police -- they cannot police the kinds of things that are happening behind
5:52 pm
closed doors. in apartment buildings, with the gang meetups. there are bad cops out there, but i think most disturbingly here is we have cities and low caltys where the police are basically the enemies, are being perceived as the enemies of law abiding people too. that's an untenable situation. >> i bet you if the governor put them in the south side -- 44 shootings in three days. i mean you know you put the guard there, and you say to the folks we're going to keep them there for a while, to stop the murders and the carnage, we hope you don't object to it i bet you the people the good people in the south side. >> the kids growing up especially the ones who are unsupervised where are they going to go for their role model? they're going to gangbangers. and the justice department is clamping down on this stuff.
5:53 pm
we're supposed to believe there's a pattern and practice of a fourth amendment deprivation that's being account an answer from these departments. these decrees at some point could be tantamount to federalizing local police if we keep going down this road. i don't think this cleveland thing is going to accomplish much but you're going to have a lot more demoralization. >> at least for the next year and a half. i want to make note that a federal appeals court has refused to lift the hold on president obama's order. that continues into the court, the president cannot enact his -- you know his wish that about 5 million illegals can stay here. >> it was a three judge panel,l, two republican appointees, it's terrible news for the administration but good news for the people who believe in
5:54 pm
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remember, while your medication is doing you good a dry mouth isn't biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. my new killing book out in september, we'll tell you what it is. we continue to urge you to be nice to dad. good old dad. any one of my history books or all of them dad will enjoy. if he's a man of letters. get any of those books free of charge. you get two gifts, you may keep one of them dad would never know. all for a moderate price. if you want me to sign a book for dad, i can do it. why has it ed henry suddenly become pro hillary.
5:57 pm
>> he has an obligation to put forth her point of view which he does i think he's fair. >> mobile alabama. i thought you ran a no spin zone. what hillary clinton told the public about benghazi was a political thing. isn't that spin for a lie? not even close. >> mrs. clinton worked for president obama. his narrative in the beginning of the benghazi story was wrong and mrs. clinton went along with the videotape propaganda. she had to or resign. she made her choice. i reported accurately. >> i was at the coast guard academy speech by the president. he spoke for a while, it was boring and out of place. you are right and bernie is wrong. i am conservative and do not know anyone who hates gays. they're out there, ed. but my mail reflects only a small percentage of haters
5:58 pm
bernie's a target so he gets more than i do. there's no right or wrong in this. it's a matter of degree. bill morgantown north carolina. my mother called around 7:00 to tell me you are going to cnn, bill is this true? mom going to happy hour again, bill? just a jest staying here. o'reilly as a former history teacher you continue to enlighten through legends and lies. this coming sunday custer gets the l in l. legend and lies treatment, don't miss it. o'reilly you donate generously to charity, how do you determine if the charity is worthwhile? i use my eyes i know most of the folks who run the charities to which i donate. i would like to thank marie and all the good people at the villages in florida for their
5:59 pm
charitable work to help wounded vets. you know that place, zipping around in golf carts. about 10:at night, i don't know if i'd want to be on the road. there are four books in the killing series. right now, 12 million copies of those books in print. the next book will be out on september 22enned, and the title is, killing reagan. a violent assault that changed a presidency. like all the others this book will be somewhat controversial, we have uncovered brand new stuff, some of it surprising you can preorder the book now. you'll look it it's the history of our times. killing reagan factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight, please check out the fox news website different from bill o' o'reilly at fox name and town if you wish to
6:00 pm
opine. do not be mordant when writing to the factor. thanks for watching us tonight. miss megyn is next. please remember the spin stops here, we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, new fallout from the m day remarks by president obama, america's commander in chief, celebrates the absence of a major war, while his own top security advisers warrant american people directly that the danger right now is greater than at any time in a half century. welcome to the kelly file everyone i'm megyn kelly. a little more than a year ago, that our director of national intelligence suggested the crisis and threats around the globe are as bad as anything in 50 years, just a couple months ago, the u.s. army chief of staff said the community was the most uncertain he's seen in 40 years. the former cia director argued we are in a terror war that will still be raging when our