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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 29, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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mosque where two gunmen attackd in gar p land texas worshipped. good morning patricia. >> this event is being organized by john ritz hymer a former marine who says free speech in america is under attack in islam. he vows it will be peaceful but is urging people who are attending those bringing guns in case it is violent. it won't be guns like we saw in waco texas. today's rally comes less than a month after the attacks in garlington, texas. they tried to ambush people inside but were killed by police outside. the attack struck a nerve. >> i appreciate the mosque came out and con temmed gunmen. people call them extremists it is a muslim following the book as it is written. he was seen wearing a shirt
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saying bleep islam. it is using provocative messages to call attention to that. tonight's rally will be held during the busy prayers. >> these are the measures we have to take to expose the true colors of this religion. unfortunately we have to hold a cartoon contest, as silly as it sounds, to be able to show the true colors of islam. >> he created a facebook events for today's rally and more than 600 people say they will iattend. phoenix police say quote dealing with protestors and opposing views are not the challenging part but stopping unlawful activities that might occur in conjunction with the events. the fbi and local police have warned the mosque about the rally. the mosque's president said he respects their right to free speech and services will go on as scheduled.
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>> patricia stark, live for us. a manhunt underway after an oklahoma police officer is shot on the job. this happened during a chase after an suv refuse theedd to pull over as the vehicle headed kansas border. the officer taking a bullet to the head before crashing into a ditch. police arrested two people a third escaped lathes seen in liberty kansas after a car jacking. the officer in serious condition. the bloody month of may continues in baltimore as a mother and her 7-year-old son are shot in the head. it is the dead list month in 15 years. residents blame police saying they are nowhere to be found. the commissioner said they are not holding back but are afraid of making mistakes.
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>> they said this repeating them if i get out of the car and make a stop for reasonable suspicion that leads to probable cause but i make a mistake on it will i be arrested for it. >> mayor stephanie rawlings brake is investigating the spike in murders. >> former secret service agent says what's happening in baltimore goes way beyond the state of maryland. >> make no mistake you are watching in live time not just the war on police officers but a war on law and order and dismantling of the constitutional republic so the hijacking of the democratic public by the far left can be complete. they leverage chaos to do that. >> developing this morning that flax scare we first reported yesterday now much worse than we
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first thought. the pentagon saying that live anthrax spores were sent to at least 18 labs across the u.s. via fed-ex possibly along side everyday packages delivered to your home. we have the latest on the potentially deadly mistake. good morning, kristin. >> this is no longer a u.s. problem. this is a global problem. a senior defense official says 22 people may have been exposed at a u.s. air force base in south korea. they are being treated as are four others in the united states. the pentagon says the treatment is a precautionary measure and there are no suspected cases of anthrax infection. the question everyone wants answered is still how in the world does the defense department inadvertently shift live anthrax samples via fed-ex to as many as nine states and an air pace in south korea. >> this is not a situation where somebody is sending a threat in
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the mail and having somebody unknown answer it or something. this is a routine occurrence between laboratories or between facilities in terms of the shipment and transfer of organisms. >> the cdc is investigating but it is still in the sproes of locating and collecting the flax samples. they should have been dead when they were shipped that's the protocol in which the pentagon describes as a routine researcheani process. something clearly went wrong. yesterday the top general said human error was probably not a factor. believes the problem may have stemmed from the failure in the technical processes in killing the flax samples. whatever the cause there are still no known risk to the general public. ainsley, back to you. thank you so much. the shockingq that a pastor did $1 million of cash withdrawals by evading bank
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requirements of withdrawals over 10,000 doll rars. the 73-year-old republican was paying 25 million to a blackmailer to stay quiet about a prior misconduct. >> mixed signals about the fight over isis. josh earnest says the u.s. will not rescue iraqs. >> our strategy is to support the iraqi security forces in doing what we will not do for them. we are prepareded to train them equip them and back them with coalition military power. united states won't be responsible for securing the security situation inside of iraq. >> the pentagon now saying the u.s. is fine tuning it's strategy against isis but not changing it. >> texas high alert as rivers pushed over their banks and
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colorado residents are urged to flee their homes. >> the death toll rising as two more bodies found. they are racing for more rain. good morning. we are talking about the potential not only for additional flooding out there across portions of the plains but also as we head into later this afternoon and evening we are looking at the risk of severe storms with tornadoes possible large hail and also damaging winds. the tornado threat is lower today than it has been over the last couple of days. that of course is some welcome news. you will be dealing with heavy rains from the storms as they push across parts of texas and oklahoma. as far as additional rainfall goes we expect to see as much as 8 inches of rain across southeastern parts of sextexas and localized area half a foot of rain in arkansas and also portions of oklahoma. we could see more flooding and as far as the high temperatures go, very warm across parts of the east coast.
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you are in the upper 08s in raleigh middle 80's in atlanta. should make it into the low 80's in new york city. the 2016 race couldn't get any tighter. there is no new name and a new poll. carl cameron reports there's no real p frontrunner. >> i announce i am a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. >> the moderate republican george pataki calls himself a solutions guy after the september 11th attacks offers the leadership can reach new voters and grow the party. >> we need to say yes to the republican base but to independents conservative democrats. >> they show five rivals literally tied and barely breaking double digits. nine others entering the poll. at 5 percent donald trump said
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for months a major announcement is coming. two of the poll's 1 percenters south carolina lindsay graham and rick perry who is making his second white house run launch their campaign next week. on the day pataki made it official and the day after santorum made his announcement. rubio and rand paul trailing by 4 points each. >> bush walker louisiana governor bobby jindal are expected to enter the race in june or july. the biggest block at 20 percent is undecided. in washington carl cameron, fox news. the candidates keep on coming. spell binding combi tiggs that is makesings h-i-s-t-o-r-y. it
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ended in a tie for the second year in a row. they will share the title after being head to head for 10 rounds. 10 exhausting rounds. the exhausting list of 25 championship words before it all came down to this. s-c-hsh -- >> for the record because i know that you actually already know this scherenchinatoc is the art of cutting paper and nunatak is a mountain surrounded by glacial ice. >> we already knew that. >> the video that is hard to watch. an elementary school girl is attacked on a school bus. how that family is now fighting back. >> brand new details about what the pilot of a small plane had
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in the cockpit before crashing into a shed. >> are you always running out of space on your cell phone? the just revealed plan that will give you unlimited storage.
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book five nights to get one free. and $500 toward activities shopping and dining. that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice♪ nunataknunatak >> police investigating a breech against two-cars in florida state benning. at least three men abandoned the cars after they flattened their tires. police are still searching for the others. residents urged to stay alert. no one was hurt in the gun fire. >> police going back to the washington, d.c. mansion where four people were murdered. towing three-cars from the house.
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investigators haven't said why but they all be long to the family. police expect to make more arrests. >> a threat from social media landing teenagers in handcuffs. a solar regional high school student was arrested after this anonymous post from the film app going to pull a columbine on this school before i graduate. someone tracked her down on the whisper act she is charged with a felony threat. a shot gun legally registered to her parents was ceased. a maryland family suing their daughter's school district for $10 million after their 9-year-old is brutally beaten on a school bus. this video is hard to watch. >> get out of my face. i am not going to fight you. >> that is 9-year-old saria collins being pummeled by a classmate after the bus left
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highland park elementary school earlier this month. the family claims the driver didn't even stop the bus or check to make sure that she was okay. she is now too terrified to go back to school. you can understand that. the prince george's county school district is reviewing court documents the bus driver on leave. >> do you want unlimited storage on your phone for free? >> lauren simonetti from our sister network fox business is here to give it to us. >> happy friday. google is wrapping up the annual developer's conference. they have major gee whiz features coming to your android device later this year. here are three. the photos unlimited and free. image that. storing your media automatic organization of your pictures and videos into groups then you have google maps. say you lose service in a tunnel you are driving you have no idea where you are. this google map has off-line
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search. then there's indoor pay. google's version of paying with your phones accepted at 700,000 stores and then some. >> if you are an amazon prime member you are getting a new option. it might make me sign up for prime. same day delivery for free. >> why wait for tomorrow when you can have it today. they are testing same day delivery for prime members in new york tampa. you place an order by noon and you get your item that evening by 9:00 p.m. even though you have to pay $99 for the year. >> that might be worth it. comes with a lot of perks. >> this generation of got to have it now. >> families shelling out more money to take kids to disney if they want to visit during popular time of the year. >> ticket prices were based on
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the day of the week. >> 125 bucks they would be good any day any time. bronze at $105 only good for off peak weekdays not weekend and holidays. current passes are $105. it gets more expensive but the parks get crowded this idea of peak pricing might hopefully cut down on over crowding. just an idea for now. we have the dow down unfortunately 68 points in the premarket. a very rocky week for investors. >> is there ever a bad season in the magic kingdom. >> it would be peak every single day. >> it is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. image driving home from work and you see pieces of a plane falling out from the sky. they have wind shields totally
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crushed. >> real house crock. it is costing million dollars a month.
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just stay calm and move as quietly as possible. no sudden movements. google search: bodega beach house.
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>> scary moments when a plane parts of it rain down on vehicles smashing wind shields. the military style train had
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engine trouble as it approached the airport. it hit a power line causing the plane and pieces of it to plunge to the ground. the pilot landed safely though. no one was hurt. >> new details about what caused a pilot of a small plane to veer off the runway and crash into a shed in florida. christopher hall was arrested after his 10-year-old son told melbourne police officers to look inside of his father's computer bag. they found a half empty 375 milliliter bought milliliter bottle of cognac and a bottle of unopened wine. he was drunk at the controls and he is charged with dui. >> a group of veterans moved to arizona they are now grounded after the veteran's administration suggestion pended funding for the training program. >> they sucker punched us again
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took the benefits away that we deserve. >> the va has a policy of funding 15 percent of students in the program like this one to come from outside the post 9-11 gi bill. they have applied for a waiver to get the veterans into the air as soon as possible. >> the california beach might be clean enough to reopen for the weekend after the serious goo was washing ashore. they scoured 7 miles of beaches. sach pep samples of water has been tested to p find out where it came from. >> fort lee for the role in the american revolution and where the george washington bridge begins on the new jersey side. what many probably don't know is how big a part it played in the motion picture industry. laura engel explains. >> across the hudson river from
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new york city above the pal said split an many years before they were built hundreds were produced in the small town of fort lee new jersey. celebrating in nearly forgotten history is the goal of the fort lee film commission's current exhibit. >> the movie industry begins developing in manhattan 1904, 5 and 6. you don't have studios. you don't have outdoor locations. >> fields and woods a quaint main street. room to build a greenhouse studio attracted the earliest filmmakers. one of the most successful was william fox the namesake of fox news and 20th century fox. he founded his corporation in 1915. he had a knack for drawing large audiences by turning actors into stars. vera known as the vamp posed for this seductive publicity shot.
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>> there wouldn't be a fox news if it wasn't for her there may be news but not fox. she was paying nickels to pay for movies. >> thank you for that perspective. coming up the air mine issue that has even employees stunned. >> why a pregnant woman says united has a lot of explaining to do. >> there are new guidelines. >> out at our plaza we are counting down until the american concert series oar performs today. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only
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a oo friday-- friday may 29th. hundreds expected to april tend a muhammad draw a cartoon contest. >> we have to hold a cartoon contest, as silly as it sounds to be able to show the true colors of islam. >> the safety concerns mounting this morning. the obama phone. p controversial plan that gives low income family digital access. the proposal that would expand the service. >> the views from the top of the world. the freedom towers observation deck opens up to the public. we are live 102 floors up with the tallest view in the western hemisphere. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> welcome to "fox & friends
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first". developing right now police are on edge ahead of a draw mohammed contest in phoenix. two gunmen who attacked a contest worshipped. >> this event is organized by john ritz hymer. he vows it will be peaceful but he is urging people xo are attending to bring guns in case it turns violent. bikers will be on hand for security. it won't be gangs like we saw in waco texas last week. the rally comes less than a month since they tried to ambush people inside but were killed by police outside. the attack struck a nerve.
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>> i appreciate the mosque condemned the gunmen and condemned isis. to me it is not extremists it is muslims following the book. >> these are the measures that we have to take to expose the true colors of this religion unfortunately we have to hold a cartoon contest as silly as it sounds to be able to show the true colors of islam. >> and create a facebook event for today's rally. more than 600 people say they will attend. dealing with groups of protestors and opposing views is not the difficult part. our goal and real challenge are trying to anticipate unlawful activities that might occur in conjunction with these events.
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the fbi and local police warned the mosque about the rally. the mosque's president says he respects the protester's right to free speech and services will go on as scheduled. >> a manhunt is underway after an oklahoma police officer is shot on the job. this happened during a chase after an suv driver refused to pull over in a traffic stop. the dlooifrding toward the kansas border and someone fired shots at the police cruiser. the officer taking a bullet to the head before crashing into a ditch. police arrested two people a third person escaped and was last seen in liberty kansas after a car jacking. the officer in serious condition. bloody month of may continuing in baltimore as a mother and 7-year-old son are shot in the head. they are the 27th and-- 37th and 38th murder victims in a month.
2:34 am
they blame police saying they are nowhere to be found. police commissioner anthony bats insists they are not holding back. he does say they are afraid of making mistakes. >> as the bloodshed continues in baltimore black executive director kevin jackson says city leaders are to blame. >> i think this lies squarely on the shoulders of the mayor in mosby. there is supposed to be law and order and there is not. the mayor of baltimore has done two things since she has been in office. one of them is mayor the other is the dream act. she hasn't done anything proactively in that city that is leading to jobs and the things that sort of quell this type of thing. >> developing this morning, the clothes that you ordered on-line could have come in contact with anthrax. they are revealing the live anthrax samples were sent into the u.s. via fed-ex. kristin fisher is live in
2:35 am
washington as we are learning 26 people are being treated for exposure worldwide. >> human error was not a factor. he believes it may have been a technical failure a glitch in the mechanical process of killing the anthrax samples. whatever the cause the big question is how in the world does the defense department inadvertently shift live anthrax samples via fed-ex to as many as 9 states and u.s. air force base in south korea. this is no longer just a u.s. problem this is a global problem. these samples should have been dead when they were shipped. that's the protocol in what the pentagon describes as a routine research process. 22 people may have been exposed at the air base in south korea. they are being treated as are four others in the united states. >> after a regularlatively short period of time a perpson can become very very sick. it is largely a lung infection first of all then the organism
2:36 am
can actually get into the bloodstream and make you very very ill indeed. >> the treatment is a precautionary measure. there is no risk to the general public. the cdc has launched a full investigation but it is still in the process of locating and collecting those anthrax samples in question. >> thank you, kristin. >> the nation's capitol is realing this morning after the bombshell indictment of a man who was once one of the most powerful politicians in the country. former speaker of the house dennis hastert accused of trying to pay millions in hush money. doug luzader is live for us in washington. what's the latest on this story? >> this would be a stunning fall from grace for dennis hastert who was speaker of the house for eight years. now his reputation could be undone by this seven page indictment. five years ago a mysterious
2:37 am
person from hastert's home town described as individual a in the indictment came forward with some kind of information about hastert's past conduct. he has been a high school teacher and wrestling coach before entering politics. hastert again before the indictment agreed to pay the person 3 and a half million dollars to keep quiet. but for what? >> didn't fill out the exact nature of the prior misconduct. whatever it is it is $1.35 million to dennis hastert. >> he is accused of structuring his bank withdraws to avoid triggering a 10,000 dollar federal reporting requirement and accused of lying to the fbi about it. when asked why he was making so many cash withdrawals hastert told them he didn't trust banks to hold his money. this is a shocking turn for a man who was still well-known and well liked in his home town. he has been working as a lobbyist since i left congress back in 2007. more to come on this one.
2:38 am
back to you guys. >> doug luzader live. we will follow it. thank you. >> washed away. texans on high alert as flood waters pour down the stream pushing rivers over the banks. hundreds along the colorado rivers urged to flee their home. overnight the death toll rising as two more bodies are found in the flood waters. the state is bracing for more rain. maria molina has more. >> good morning. >> it is bad. >> really bad out there. we are looking at the potential for more storms out there. we had severe storms yesterday. i want to bring a little bit of attention to parts of the northeast. they also had to deal with severe storms yesterday. check out this video from maine. lightning church. it was caught on video incredible. today you are looking at some quieter weather across portions of the eastern u.s. across the central u.s. unfortunately we are expecting the rough weather to continue across parts of western texas and parts of the
2:39 am
oklahoma panhandle and eastern portions of the state of new mexico. you are looking at large hail and damaging winds and isolated tornadoes possible. although the tornado threat is lower today than it has been the last couple of days out across portions of the plains. as far as rain goes locally some areas could see 8 inches of rain or more across eastern texas. you are lacking at 1-4 inches of rainfall. across the eastern u.s. you are warm. 89 for the high in rally 85 atlanta. as you head further west you can see with the storm system that has been bringing in precipitation behind it much cooler. 60's in far go and the city of billings. >> a benefit for women's health
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which i had the honor of seeing. it was an evening for wine and roses. the finest restaurants and wineries in new jersey and celebrity chefs on hand with ashton keith and kathy wakely from real housewives in new jersey. the benefit raised over 350,000 dollars for women's health. all of them a huge fan of "fox & friends first". hello to all of the folks watching this morning. >> i am so proud of you. >> good job. >> they love us. >> appreciate all of you watching this early in the morning. 20 minutes to the top of the hour. it is one of the most important moments for high schoolers. now hundreds have to retake their sat. it is not because they weren't happy with the scores. >> the latest states to give noncitizens a license to drive. >> what happened before that photo right there that had firefighters thanking a
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six--year-old? you probably know xerox as the company that's all about printing. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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>> welcome back. first free cell phones now free internet? a big change from the controversial program dubbed obama phone. sister network fox business is here to explain p. >> reporter: taxpayers fund a program that provide free phones, obama phones if you like for low income households. i could be footing the bill for cell internet service as well. it provide phones for 12 million
2:45 am
homes costs 1.25 per household. it has been ritddled with fraud and misuse. democrats say the service should be expanded to include internet service to help close what they call the digital divide. lifeline costs taxpayers $1.6 billion last year. democrats say there will be no extra costs because participants will be given choice of free phone or internet service. prepub can -- republicans vow to fight this. fcc is likely to approve it because they hold a 3.2 majority on the commission. they are worried the costs will spiral even more out of control. they will be voting on the proposal june 18th. >> thank you ashley. to find the fox business network log on to slafsh channel finder.
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>> neb getting driver's licenses to children undocumented immigrants. the state legislature over road ending the last ban of its kind in the country. the law opens the door to other illegal immigrants. estimated 2700 people in the states can now apply for a license. a $300 million state of the art jail in the heart of detroit still not finished four years later and cost taxpayers big. the wayne county jail sits among the ruins of the bankrupt city along with tax payer dollars a month to keep up the services. the security pluming storage and electricity costs to consider here. show me the money. arizona state university paying 500,000 dollars to the clinton foundation to host an event last year. despite doubling pew wigs over the past decade. an asu spokesperson says the payment was not a to the
2:47 am
clintons but finding innovative solutions to global challenges. earl iler this month they approved yet another tuition increase. >> it is now 14 minutes until the top of the hour. the view from the top of the world we are live from 1 world trade center as the observation deck opens to the public 1200 seats. >> that is something else. >> careful on the coffee. the brand new guidelines about when drinking java becomes dangerous. >> that's why brian kilmeade drinks chai tea. >> does he now? >> wait a second. is she revealing all of my secrets. sometimes i like it dirty. dirty chai tea latte. people at home who do starbucks know what i am talking about. the concert series continues. oar bb here. their second appearance here. one of the hottest bands in the country. been together since they were 8 years old. going to be fascinating.
2:48 am
it is a bloodbath after the concert scrutinized. arrests are down murders are up. we have the latest on the 2016 election and geraldo is here all coming up on the friday edition of "fox & friends". this is going to be fun. people come down right now and get something to eat. only we will have ribs for you.
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singer and songwriter sarah blackwood encountered turbulence when she was told to walk off a plane with a crying toddler. the airline cited safety concerns. blackwell asked a united employee if this happened often. >> we never heard of it before.
2:52 am
>> blackwell says passengers also came to her defense as a five and a half hour travel day turned into 13. wow. and if you thought taking the s.a.t. once was bad enough hundreds of students in virginia will have to take it again. not because of low scores. their tests had gone missing. they were shipped to the college board. the group that administered the test but they never arrived. >> someone text me today and wanted to retake them. they lost our scores. you have to be kidding me. i had an s.a.t. tutor. i can't get with her for a retake. i have finals coming up. it's getting in the way of vacation plans for the summer. >> every effort is being made to find the shipment. a makeup date is set for june 20th. >> oh gosh. and lower manhattan is once again home to this the tallest
2:53 am
building in the western hemisphere. >> the observation deck at one world trade center is now opening to the public nearly 14 years after the twin towers were destroyed in a terror attack. >> and joining us live 102 floors up is fox & friends weekend cohost anna kooiman. hey, anna. >> hey, ainsley. hey heather. good morning to all of you at home. i'm in an empire state of mind this morning. the long anticipated one world trade observe toir is opening in a few hours. we were on the 102nd floor right now. it's 1250 feet up. on a clear day you'll see all the way to princeton, new jersey 50 miles away. it's basically a 45-minute tour and then walk around on your own type of exhibit. type of experience for those who want to enjoy it. we have video of the the elevator ride to the top.
2:54 am
and a 47-second video will show a time lapse of the development of the new york city skyline all the way from 1500 to the prese day. there's a concierge that allows guests to deeply connect with the landmarks and neighborhoods they observe from above. there's a 14-foot wide circular disk using realtime high definition of the streets below. three distinct dining option ls will be here. of course this is 14 years in the making ainsley and heather, and it will certainly make you feel patriotic. here's the ceo of the design company that had a hand in the observatory observatory. >> if you're going to take that long to do something, you may as well do it right. the memorials are beautiful and appropriate. the 9/11 museum we needed that to continue to tell generations about what actually happened here. and then we needed to put this building back up and say we're back.
2:55 am
>> and ainsley, there will be free tickets for 9/11 victims' families and also survivors, rescue workers, recovery workers. tickets will be $26 to $32 for the general public. again opening in just a few hours, and to give you perspective on how many people they expect to come here. it will be great for tourists and couples for date nights. the empire state building has 4 pn 3 million viewers a year. certainly an amazing place to come. >> yes, it is. i can't wait to go myself. thanks anna. five minutes in l the top of the hour. more explosive danger. what you need to know before you drive out this morning. and nope instead of hope. the harsh words from the artist who designed the famous president obama poster.
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time this morning for the ghood good, the bad and ugly. a tiny kitten saveded from a storm drain. fire officials lowered that girl down with permission from her mom because she was small enough to grab the little kitten. everyone is doing just fine. and the bad. beware. researchers warn drinking more than four mugs of coffee a day is downright dangerous, apparently. anything over 400 milligrams of
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caffeine daily can lead to anxiety, sleeplessness and heart failure. and the artist who created edd that poster said president obama let him down. he's disappointed that he supported drones and domestic spying. >> have a great weekend. >> over to "fox & friends." >> good morning to you. it is friday, may 29th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. from bad to worse, in texas dozens in need of rescue as flash floods sweep in and the death toll rises. an update for you in moments. and a mother and her 7-year-old son murdered in baltimore in cold blood. another heartbreaking scene in the city as baltimore has the deadliest month in decades. what does the mayor of that city have to say? fox news asked the question. >> how is it this is the deadliest month in 15 years? and how is that anything other


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