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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 30, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tonight's "on the record." joseph has been really fun here on the show. we are going to miss him. we will see him in the hall. you just won't see him. anyway, good night from washington. see you on monday. live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. parts of texas with rainfall records after the recent deadly storms. the national weather service confirming more than 16 inches of rain has fallen on the dallas area so far this month. that beats the previous record set in 1982. austin also beat its may record with 17 and a half inches. the recent storms killed at least 24 people in texas alone. more rain is in the forecast there this weekend. the obama administration formally removing cuba from the terrorism blacklist on friday. the step comes as officials from the two countries work on restoring full diplomatic relations.
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it is the healing of a decade's old wound and a step toward normalizing the cold war foes. there is a new bird's eye view of new york city. nearly 14 years after the september 11th terror attacks the observatory at the top of 1 world trade center is now officially open to the public at 1,776 feet it is the country's tallest building. the observation deck takes up the top three floors. the man behind it all says the opening is an important step toward moving forward. >> the memorials are beautiful and appropriate. the 9/11 museum, we needed that to continue to tell generations about what actually happened here. and then we needed to put this building back up and say we're back. >> tickets are $32 for adults and $26 for children. but admission is free for family members of 9/11 victims as well as those who worked in the rescue and recovery. officials expect three to four
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million visitors a year. i'm patricia stark. here is "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox are you watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. >> welcome to "red eye." hello. i'm tom shillue. don't let the tie fool you. i have gumption. let's welcome our guests. she is very cos ma toll -- cosmopolitan, the drink and not the magazine. and andy levey. he is giving the commencement speech at his girlfriend's college, congratulations, the host of the an thon 23450e -- anthony kumea show. and you may remember him from men's warehouse. he is the host of the show on the salent radio network. his book is now available in my favorite back, paper. >> a block.
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the lede. that's the first story. >> it is the single greatest political ad of our time, until the next one. in the lead up to sunday's senate debate, a super pack supporting rand paul released this ad. >> sunday, sunday, sunday. it is the biggest of the century. it is senator rand paul. >> the head of the washington spy machine, barack obama. his so-called accomplishments. >> that is amazing. what about the kids? it seems like you have forgotten about the kids. >> kids, we haven't forgotten about you. let's heat things up in the arena. it is senator lyndsay
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graham trying to read your e-mails while doing donuts in a 1997 geo metro. whoa! it's on fire! watch them battle it out. sunday! sunday. don't miss it. >> i can't wait until sunday. luckily i have something to hold me over until then. it is part two of hillary clinton comic book trilogy written by a faculty member it covers hillary's big moments of secretary of state. from the benghazi attack to her presidential candidacy and even a night pair scenario where prostitutes assassination secret servicemen with hyper deer mick needles. that's a pleasant dream to me. that's fantastic.
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isn't that a monster truck thing? they seem to be mixing it with wrestling. >> i didn't even think it was real. it is over the top. it is kind of hackie. it is more ebbet tanking. entertaining. it is better than the grainy film look. i don't know. it is entertaining. >> you say it is a little hackie, but he is a republican. >> for a republican that is a 70s snl. >> andy, are you a comic book fan. have you pre ordered the hillary comic book? >> no.
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it looks well done and it doesn't look like something the hillary campaign would publish. it actually takes a tough look at benghazi. there is an image of ambassador stevens lying on the floor which i was surprised. >> it is not just hillary. there are other ones. i don't know if we have the other comic books but there are other exciting comics on the way. >> bernie sanders has one. these are not the candidates. these are published independently. this is the first time on tv jowrnlg bush. look at that oh jeb bush. >> what is the difference? >> it is amazing. glad to have you here. are you kited for -- excited for sunday? >> i would like to think if abraham lincoln -- let me finish. >> i like it already. >> i would like to think if abraham lincoln were alive
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today he would do an ad a lot like the one rand paul just did. >> did you read what he wrote in the local newspapers? >> what do you mean by that? >> he was an edgy political fighter. >> he would be so old. >> if he were alive today. assuming he would be healthy. >> but he would be old. >> let's get daniel day-lewis to do it. >> i think rand paul is going after the pot smoking libertarian opie and anthony crowd. you wanna fight? >> we will have to bleep out opie and anthony. >> it's okay.
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i used to be part of that group. >> i admire his hipness. >> he played buddy on "charles in charge" but he is doing great. you know what i'm talking about? >> yes. >> he has matured. >> doesn't his past impress you? >> as a woman me, i was trained as soon as i hear that voice to stop listening. >> really? >> yes. >> why you think it is red necky? it is not -- it is like a guy who does a three stooges ad. huckabee will run a three stooges ad and i said women don't go for it, but he is stubborn. >> does he run his ad by you? >> he does and i am not getting paid for it. $10,000 is not much. >> i agree with anthony. it is better than the black and white ads where it gets a
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little dark and depressing. at least this was jazzed up a bit. >> he has to come out swinging. how many republicans do we have out there? >> 17 are running. >> did lincoln chaffey announce? >> no, abraham lincoln did. >> let's do the next story what do you think? in 1972 when i was in my 20s democratic candidate bernie sanders was running for vermont governor and was freelancing for alternative papers including something called the vermont free men. it is no relation to morgan. and was revealed to jones no relation to shirley he wrote an essay on male and female relationships. it starts out with sanders writing, a man goes home and masterbates a typical fantasy a woman on her knees a woman tied up and a woman abused.
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a come enjoys intercourse with herman as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously. a campaign spokesman tells cnn the whole thing was a quote dumb attempt at dark satire in an alternative publication. and it was intended to attack gender stereo types of the 70s, but it looks as stupid as it did then. >> if we have to start executing ourselves from 1972 stop it. everyone apologize for the clothes. >> his politics haven't changed. >> i would like to reserve the right to bring up chapaquitic. >> context. we have lost our sight of context. >> 1972 and what we felt and the morals, ethics, if we had
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any in 1972 are a lot different than they are now. to start judging people on what they wrote 40, 50 years ago is insanity. there is not enough on twitter and facebook and instagram and now they are pawing through actual paper. >> why did he come out with this semiapology? >> it is 2013, right? it is 2015. that's an old show. greg. it is 2015, and everyone apologizes for everything now. it is what you have to do. >> unless you are someone whose name rhymes with shmillery shminton. it is too bad he didn't write it on a private server and then delete it. we wouldn't have found it. >> he wrote it on an old-fashioned paper. the media research center said had ted cruz or rick santorum
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written something like this, the media would talk about it for weeks. is he right? >> unfortunately that's correct. bernie sanders, i have to think the hillary campaign drafted him to make her look young, moderate and sane. >> she is so glad he is running. >> my goodness, of course. it is extraordinary. >> she also -- she needs to shore up her left. isn't that the danger that he will steal the left ward votes? >> no. when we think of bernie sanders he is a communist but he is an fdr democrat. >> have you seen his merchandising store? >> no. >> they have to raise money right? in this political system we live in. >> he is a socialist not a communist. >> i know the difference. he is a socialist.
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>> i bet you like bernie sanders because he doesn't like the patriot act. >> he can be right once. it sounds like quite a weekend at bernies. somebody had to say it. >> you took a bullet. >> i think it is correct to say if a republican had written something like this it would be all over the place. every other republican would be told they had to denounce it and it would show up at a debate. >> didn't newt gingrich write something like this? >> no. >> he wrote something weird yes, you're right. i agree with charles cook. he said that is actually awful if it was a republican they would have to do that. he says republicans shouldn't do the same thing which i stepped to agree -- tend to
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agree with. i think the constant hypocrisy should be called out and pointed out. but beyond that i don't see any point in attacking bernie sanders. >> this is frightening because they got paper to get this guy and try to get him in trouble discredit him. what they are looking at now all of this information people are putting up on electronic media, he will be there forever. a lot of it. what will people do 20, 30 years from now who are doing stupid things on the internet and has to run from public office with every bit of information. >> my secret diary. >> when somebody dies they are putting their diary -- >> they publish everything of theirs. >> it has historical interest. it shows us that bernie sanders was a sexual being. think about that. try not to think about that.
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>> you picture the voice of his. >> try not to think of it ever again. >> it was satire. >> it is art and it is free expression. i support the arts. >> it is ad gnaws yaiting. they will be banning all advertisements after being asked to run an ad with the image of the prohpet muhammad. they submitted the ad featuring the winning cartoon from the draw mohamed contest earlier this month. in it mohamed is raising a sword saying you can't draw me with the caption support free speech we would put it on your television screen, but it is much more brave to describe it. geller is not pleased with the transit authority board saying look, this is an end rub around the first amendment.
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rewarding terror with submission is defeat. dc metro says they will review their policy through the end of the year and decide if their ban will stand. andy, i know this is a blow for free speech, but the positive side is you don't have to look at uh thoiing ads on the dc -- annoying ads on the dc metro. >> the whole pesky first amendment thing aside, i am all for transit system usa louing issues ads because i am trying to get to work. >> how about the soda ads when you are looking at human fat in front of you. it is disgusting. >> i kind of like those. as much as i would just assume not see issues ads in this way. this is shameful. i am shocked a government agency would act like this. but pam geller was right. it is a way of saying we don't want everyone to speak so we'll let no one speak. it is also islamaphobic. they said, my view is you put up the ad on the side of the bus.
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you turn it into a terrorism target. >> really? >> yeah. i mean i think that guy should have to resign. >> that's a good point. >> pamela geller, i don't know if i would want to hang out with her. >> you wouldn't. >> i wouldn't? >> i wouldn't want to be within a blast radius. >> i am glad she is out there. >> she is stirring things up. >> i am split on this because obviously i am kind of a first amendment guy. i like when you can be kind of -- i sort of support the first amendment which is hilarious when people say that. i do support the first amendment. but when you see something like this and you have to deal with actual destruction and death, that they may rot on a bus. i prefer na, na, na mohamed airlines they are trying to get started. it is a target on a bus. i don't think it is being easy
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llama phobic. i think i caught alt sarcasm. just a tad. you are opening up people to be physically hurt if not killed to make this point. we understand the point. they don't like pictures of mohamed. >> eric, do you think that -- she doesn't even need the ads. she is really looking to cause a stir, right this. >> she is a provocotor. is that the word? i don't know what the female for pro jobing ter is. she doesn't have the personality of a provocotor. if opie and anthony were to do this, i'm sorry to keep bringing it up, but this is -- oh shut up. it is 2013. no one watching, knows or cares what it is. the persona she has she is not a satirist.
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shooy is too serious to pull it off. she comes on tv and she argues with -- would does she argue with? she gets in the big, fake arguments. . >> you think they are fake? >> it seems silly to me. i think she is wrong. i am more first amendment than anybody. i think this is silly. if it is not done with some humor, i can't take it seriously. >> let me tell you something. the new york city transit did not allow a w-o-w sign on the bus that meant whip em out wednesday for the opie and anthony show. >> what? what do you know about that? >> they said it was offensive and wouldn't even put the word wow tied in with our name because it was offensive. >> 30 seconds what do you think? >> public transportation is awful. i hate issues ads. the only ads i want to see are for anti-depressants. >> beautiful. coming up, a catholic university removes a statue many say promotes white
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supremacy. is there nothing sacred anymore? "red eye" returns. don't go any whenner.
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this statue has limitations. st. louis university, a private catholic institution has removed the statue of a missionary after students and faculty complained it symbolized white supremacy racism and colonialism making it like every statue ever. the statue seen here in all of its former glory featured a jesuit missionary praying over two native americans. one senior wrote this message to american indians is simple. you do not belong here if you do not submit to our culture and religion. the school's website offers a
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different portrayal saying he had an excellent rapport with the indians converting many and helping with treaties. the statue hillary side in the university's art museum. eric this is in the wheel house. first of all this guy was a jesuit. do they know the difference between the jesuits and the puritans? they were nice to the indian. >> in those days jesuits believed in catholic doctrine. they have gone liberal lately. i am not a catholic, but you know that's true. this is not a joke, he was best buds with sitting bull. friend of sitting bull. he was pro-indian. he loved the indians. the idea that that is what they are saying it is or was because now it has been taken away is absurd. it is ridiculous. there is a statue in front of the museum of natural history of ted de roosevelt on a --
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teddy roosevelt on a horse with an african-american next to him and an indian next to him. they are clearly made to look saw bored net. he is on the horse. it is history. >> what is that celebrating that statue? >> i have no idea. >> what moment in history? >> the idea is that h's -- history. we don't have to agree with everything. it is history. it is what happened. the idea that it is somebody imposing the culture or sending the signal today is absurd. let me point out, it is a catholic university. >> don't he want to share their religion? >> they obviously don't. some catholic universities are more catholic than others of let's not mention georgetown who is a pseudo catholic university. >> that's stirring them up. pseudo this and pseudo that. an thon fee what is wrong -- anthony what is wrong with having two minorities grovel at the foot of a white man. >> i do believe the issue is
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the look of the statue. the guy is towering over. they are looking at him like oh my god he brought a wheel and fire. it is amazing. it looks like they would be doomed without this gentleman. >> i am not disagreeing. i am from your school of thought. we can't just destroy statues as far as pulling down the statue of stalin and whatnot to make it like it didn't happen. revisionist history is dangerous. whether it is the confederate flag or a statue such as this, it happened. it is part of our history. let's remember it and talk about it if people have a problem with it. >> joanne, you know who else kneels in front of catholic priests? white catholics like me. we are saw bored net.
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what is the problem? >> it is the statue itself. get rid of the statues. no false idols, am i right? am i right? >> all statues are depicting colonialism, am i right? >> there are a couple of things there. we can't have a catholic university trumpeting the principals of christianity. the catholic school's motto means "for the greater glory of god" which means unwelcoming to atheists. i think it would have been easy remove the native americans and leave the white guy. then nobody is saw bored net. >> they can put them somewhere else. take the native americans and you can put them next to a tree. we know native americans love trees. >> and the statue of teddy roosevelt on the horse celebrates the time teddy roosevelt was on a horse.
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>> that's right. i forgot about that. >> i say you put a football if his hand and make it like tom brady. >> fantastic. or hannity. >> coming up, the national spelling bee ends in a tie. i bet those kids' parents are very disappointed. and the greg gut -- gutfeld's show starts. join him and two platonic female roommates. come on knock on their door.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. a prophet mohamed cartoon contest coming to an end in phoenix without violence or arrests. police and the fbi closely monitored the event. a free speech rally was held with the contest. organizers wore anti-islam shirts and encouraged attendees to exercise their second amendment rights. others showed up shouting "go home nazis." it took place after an anti--muslim event came under attack by two gunmen who wounded a security guard. the gunman was shot and killed. and new details against the former speaker of the house, hastart. he was receiving hush money to conceal sexual misconduct.
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he withdrew $1 million in small amounts to get around the the requirement they report cash transactions over $10,000 and he is charged with lying to the fbi. james holmes says he was driven to kill by depression. jurors got to watch a video of holmes in which he tells a psychiatrist he went from being suicidal to homicidal after breaking up with a girl end from. he denies he acted out of anger. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the july 2012 attack that killed 12 people and injured 70. and we are close to summer, but folks in boston are still seeing remanence of the record-setting winter. piles of filthy snow taking awhile to melt. one mound is 75 feet high. it is a combination of ice dirt and garbage. crews are working to clean up the trash. they reportedly cleaned 85 tons. it could last until the fourth of july. i'm patricia stark.
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now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox you are watching the fox newschannel. they beat the bee. after a battle between young minds the national spelling bee crowned a winner and another winner. after 10 rounds and 25 words the competition ended in a tie. >> s-c-h-e-r-e-n-s-c-h-n-i-t-t-e. >> correct. >> and 14-year-old.
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>> n-u-n-t-a-k. >> creek. >> each kid was asked to spell their competitor's last name and both failed and were stripped of their title. do i have to say just kidding after that one? you wrote this one and you didn't spell his last name correctly in the teleprompter. did you know i would have trouble with that? >> oops. joanne you must love spelling bees. they are like pageants, are they not? >> no. putting people on the spot? >> i don't go like this in pie head. in my head. >> maybe you would have won the pageant if i would have talked into my hand. >> i do that making believe i am taking down a verification code. what is it? yeah. i got it.
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>> does anyone want to point out that scherenschnitte is not even an english word. it is a german word. >> i looked at the past winners who were doing this since the 30s. the words were so easy in the 30s. now this is a crazy competition. >> it was like "gum." >> it was. >> is there a b on the end? >> no, that's how a guy lost. >> i don't like it ending in a tie. they should keep spelling until they fall over in exhaustion or lose. >> did they do all of the words? was every word in the dictionary done? there are more words. keep going. you don't -- it is likening the stanley cup in a tie and giving out the trophy to both teams. you don't do that. >> can we bring this up? it is like kenyans with the marathon. the indians are dominating why? anthony, you must know this or you will say something insensitive.
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>> i will say something completely insensitive. maybe great home life, parents, work ethic paying attention in school. >> how dare you? >> achieving the american dream. maybe crazy crazy talk like that. >> there is something called the north-south foundation that is indian run. they do spelling bees throughout the country for younger kids. all of these kids attended this thing. >> so they have a special interest group. pump these kids up. >> it is not like you are just smart and you know how to spell scherenschnitte. you have to be on the inside and there are lists of words. >> i read books my whole life and i never came across scherenschnitte. i can only spell it because i know german. >> perhaps that's it. are indians' native language
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-- >> everything derives from a-r-y -- the aryan language. it goes back to indo-european which started in india. maybe that's why they have the advantage. >> this is so fascinating. >> i am fascinated by it. >> the worst part of the whole thing was the moderator the attempt at humor when they would ask to use a word -- they say can you use it in a sentence and they had these funny sentences and they were the kind of things where they would make these -- it was lame but you could picture npr listeners across the country quietly chuck lig going oh that was funny. >> now it is a televised event and they are trying to lighten it up. >> it is on espn. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. yes and it gets huge ratings huge. frankly my dear, she doesn't give a tweet. a poet is accused of being a racist for tweeting every word
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of "gone with the wind." she has been on a mission to demonstrate that the classic american novel is racist. but the pc tables were turn on her. with three chapters to tweet they demand it be pulled from writers and programs committee. they succeeded. would you like iron fee with that signature? i think this is clack. andy is this a classic thing. >> i will hate everybody involved in this. screw this guy this poet who came up with the petition. check out his twitter feed. it is the most cliche piece of [bleep] you have ever seen. screw the writer's group for standing up.
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and screw the writer. the reason she is doing this is she thinks it will ruin the copyright on "gone with the weaponed r wind." there is no doubt "done with the wind" is racist. it is a product of its time. it should be looked at and studied as such. there is no problem with that. >> why are they trying to erase history? these are all educated people. >> it is a layer cake of stupidity. there are several levels of stupidity. how delicious is it that "gone with the wind" is a long novel and she was within three chapters of the end. can you imagine tweeting all of those chapters and you get close to the end and then bang you are if big trouble? first it is the silliest thing ever. i don't know if she is a racist but she is not a poet. from you a poet you won't spend your time tweeting other
12:41 am
people's novels. it was pretentious of her to get involved. she was hoist by her own batard. >> can you clear up what a batard is. >> no one use. >> you are not supposed to outs that word anymore. >> this is perfect for you. who is worse? this woman obviously or the people who took her down? >> i just default to dispiesing everyone on twitter. it has gotten way out of hand. this is 2015's answer to when tom sawyer and huck finn. >> that book is gone. you can't even get it. >> and that's probably the greatest book ever written in the english language. >> i want to go to joanne. do you know anything about
12:42 am
birthing babies? >> birthing babies? >> she doesn't get references. she is very young. she is extremely young. >> i will tell you i love this woman. she started this this 2009. shows a lot of commitment. sticking with it for five years, six years. six years there. >> that is a lot of projects. >> time to take a break. when we come back, someone with a great smile is turning 40.
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w'jr>ir you will need a bigger boat. guess who turned tort. i will give you a hint. he eats quint. your favorite shark is 40 years young and he will celebrate by terrorizing this summer. will jaded young audiences be scared to go back in the water? we will know on june 21st when they will present special screenings in nearly 500 theaters. do you even know what i am talking about? >> i heard of sharks. >> from west side story. >> you have seen gone with the wind but you didn't remember that line from it. >> no. >> did you see jaws? >> i have seen clips of it. i haven't seen the whole thing.
12:47 am
i did better than that. i stayed in the writer's home in princeton. >> you did? >> yes. a friend apparently knew the family and we stayed in his home and i watched a film in his screening room. on the third floor there was all of this "jaws" memorabilia and fan letters. there are a lot of people who have seen it. >> obviously. but you department go examine watch -- but you didn't go and watch the whole thing? >> i got the point. it was the abridged version. >> you were probably right there in the theater when it came out. >> i once sat on roy scheider's lap. >> these are uh playing -- amazing personal stories. >> you and everyone else. >> i know. i thought at the time i was special. no, i president do know that i saw "jaws" when i came out
12:48 am
but yes i remember the summer it came out. >>8,hfpin+iz÷@b
12:49 am
>> what is it? >> tin foil. that's even better. >> a great film and i would love to go and see it -- >> you know what, today young people consider it racist. >> i'm sure, right? >> it is a lot of white privilege, am tie y island, right? terrible. white people problems. we will close things out with
12:50 am
mankinis speaking of white people problems.
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one last reminder you can see joanne on the greg gutfeld
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show at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. we haven't promoted that at all. a new "red eye" returns on monday. guests include jedediah bila and bernard mcgirk. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> if you plan on taking a trip to the british seaside town plan on leaving your favorite swim wear at home, bro. after years of the beach town being over run by binge drinking stag parties and men sporting the mankini they took a stand against the most harmful. they banned the bough banana hammock. the numbers prove the crackdown was successful. with the crime plum netting and tourism thriving, the mayor agrees stating i remember back in the 2000's you couldn't walk the streets on a saturday without seeing
12:55 am
someone wear a mankini or what have you. i think we have turned the corner here. i think this is proof. this is like the stop and frisk of summer. they say crime is down. you.. >> no one wants to see these things. >> women laugh at them. guys are disgusted by them. >> i will never put on a mankini again chief. >> and it is never the people you see that could bewaring these male models, what have you. it is usually people -- it is a joke. they are way overweight and they don't look good in the mankini. >> it is the guys who shouldn't bewaring them, but they do. is there a psychological thing they want to expose themselves in this way. >> is there a reason i am discussing this on tv?
12:56 am
this is a solid e block story. >> i would not only like to ban mankinis, but i would like to ban mankinis. >> mankini. >> m-a-n. >> using the word banana hammock is a first. >> i like the mankini score? >> who can forget him? >> and fonz. >> should anyone wear a mankini and how about bikinis. >> ban it all. the sun is harmful to the skin. skin cancer. lather up. i think crime went down because in a mankinit your wallet anywhere. people just steal them. >> i don't use a wallet. money clip. >> we wanted to go out on a strong note. >> and we did.
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>> that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. see you next time. look we have like six seconds to spare. >> wow. >> beautiful.
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is sunday night at 10:00 p.m. everybody. the obama recovery goes backwards. the economy contracts in the first three months of the year. so now what? this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. as the headlines scream of one foreign policy challenge after another, president obama is heading into the weekend with another domestic problem on his hands. the economy is going backwards. the gross domestic product, the gdp, fell from january through march, its worst performance in a year. correspondent kevin corke has reaction from the white house. >> reporter: it's no big deal. that's


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