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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 1, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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"the five". have a great weekend, everybody. hundreds of new heavily redacted e-mails raise a lot of new questions into hillary clinton's e-mail practices. meanwhile the democratic front-runner tries to divert attention with a release of her own. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm in for bret baier. thousands of pages in from democratic front-runner hillary clinton's e-mail account are public and we're finding classified or sensitive content something she earlier said was not contained in her private e-mail account this as she posts s her health and tack records
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within minutes of the e-mail release. we have kathryn investigateing whether ther handleing violated the wall. we begin with chief correspondent ed henry traveling with the campaign tonight. good evening. >> good evening. the clinton camp knows the best defense is a good offense. today, they tried to shift the focus of these e-mail prowbls by releaseing all kinds of other information. >> reporter: despite hillary clinton vowing there's no classified information in her personal server the state department revealed today there are 37 more examples of that not being true as they released eight batches of her e-mail revealing classified documents and one abedin sent prepareing the secretary of state for a bilateral meeting with the arab of emirates. >> none of these documents were classified at the time they were sent but upgraded to confidential. >> that supports clinton saying she didn't know the documents
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were classified and runs counter to two inspectors general at the very least poor judgment was exercised and the justice department should investigate. she has not turned over her server and she released a document from her doctor claim claiming she's in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the united states. she will also release some tax returns. earlier in today she used a speech in miami calling for an end to the embargo of cuba and hit republican jeb bush with a slam on his brother. >> we can't go back to cowboy diplomacy and reckless war mongering. >> reporter: instead she may soon have to start focusing on fellow democrats amid that joe biden or john kerry may jump in to challenge her as the e-mail continues to leave her with a trust gap. the latest quinnipiac poll says when asked if she is honest and trustworthy. 57% say know and 37% say yes and the exact opposite of the vice
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president, president. that may explain as fox first reported word spread quickly among insiders recently when a top biden aide was spotted having breakfast with a top domestic funds razor fueling getting enough cash. and the clinton department said they're not nervous and there is no change on a possible biden bid. and they started whispering as possibility of clinton's successor of defense secretary taking her on and kerry said he's happy where he is. >> we saw these documents because the judge ordered the state department to release 15% of clinton's official e-mail by today. the agency acknowledged they only released 12% and they're falling behind. one of the e-mails we did see showed clinton asking her aides to give her a back about how to send better e-mails. can't make it up doug.
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>> ed henry traveling with the clinton campaign in miami. thank you. it showed dozens of spots wherefore was determined -- where information was determined classified by law. and what seems to be possible intelligence breaches. >> reporter: fox news has learned classified e-mails on mrs. clinton's personal server contained information from as many as five intelligence agencies and her lawyer has a backup copy of the e-mails on his thumb drive. on its face this appears to be a violation of the code that defines the unlawful removal and storage of classified information. >> in most situations like this you would expect a warrant would be issued and the marshals or the feds fbi, somebody would go and get that thumb drive and take it somewhere where it would be considered safe by the government. >> reporter: according to the statute an individual who quote knowingly removed such documents
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or materials without authority and with the intent to retain such documents or materials in unauthorized location shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year. asked if the fbi would act to secure the server at mrs. clinton's new york home and recover the thumb drive the attorney general was non-commit non-committal. >> the inspectors general for the state department and at least one other iag are review reviewing how material was handled and we will review it as all materials to us and take whatever steps are appropriate at the appropriate time. >> reporter: but david petraeus strongly suggests a double standard in the application of the law is at play. the retired general was president for removeing classified information in his personal notebooks shareing it with his byiographer who had a security clearance and storeing the notebooks at home rather than a facility known as the skiff and they ordered an authorized search warrant at the
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petraeus residence and seized the books in an unlocked drawer of the residence. >> the problem of improperly storeing classified information is a misdemeanor. what we don't know is who was she e-mailing this information to. >> reporter: the spokesman for the white house says there are no similarities 2015between the cases even though clinton and petraeus held classified information in a different way. >> it's apples and oranges. >> who judges the decision made about enforceing the law by the department of justice. >> the inspector general sources say they are increasingly confident based on confident of conversations with them that the e-mails will be secured. >> we'll have more of this on the panel. hillary clinton not commenting on the latest e-mail controversy today and instead went on the attack calling out jeb bush over
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racial equality. chief political correspondent with clinton's claim and response from the gop candidates. >> hillary clinton told the urban conference in florida race is often a problem and told minorities they are organizeing against them in 2016. >> political operatives are try trying every trick in the book to prevent african-americans from voteing. >> reporter: amid pandering and scare tactics typical, she pointed out jeb bush to chief rival status. >> you cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote. i don't think you can creditably say everyone has a right to rise and then say you're for phaseing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. >> reporter: bush touted his reform record in florida in contrast to clinton and two of her democratic rivals bernie
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sanders a socialist and martin o'malley and bush says he will close the social gap with economic opportunity and clinton say ss they will waste it on social problems that have failed. >> for half a century this nation has pursued a war an poverty funded with trillions of taxpayers dollars. this decades long effort while well-intentioned has been a losing one. >> the only black republican candidate ben carson said there will always be racism and urged minorities to reject victim hood and focus on job and opportunity creation for themselves. >> we have the ability within the black community to do enormous things on our own. we don't have to wait for somebody else. >> ohio governor john kasich was in new hampshire suggesting minorities do need help particularly education. >> that's why we need choice why we need vouchers and why we need accountability. i don't care who you are, if you get the tools, you're lebron james. >> reporter: in iowa scott walker downplayed his first
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event next week and says he sees little difference faceing office in wisconsin and lumped his rivals into two categories of in inadequacy. >> some are good fighters but yet to win the fights and others good winners but yet to take on the fights of late. >> reporter: no doubt there will be plenty of fighting. bush hailed the fact carson a neurosurgeon gone will be on stage. >> i'm glad he will be in te top 10 of next week's debate. before that thing is over we just might need a doctor. >> it will be a frenzyied and for some potentially crucial six months ahead and counting. doug. >> thank you. coming up next why are america's big cityies turning into killing zones? first what some fox affiliates are covering. in pennsylvania state police have captured an inmate who escaped from a county jail thursday morning and reportedly killed a woman. he was taken into custody this morning after a brief car chase.
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>> a county sheriff's officer broke into a van to rescue a child in a hot car and was alert alerted by a costco employee and she was sweating profusely and taken to the hospital and released and the child's mother was charged with child endanger endangerment. this is live the big story there, the coast guard will suspend its search at sunset today for two teenage fishermen missing for a week. the search has ranged from florida through south carolina without success. the boys family say they plan to continue a private search. live outside the beltway
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passenger the junior varsity is holding its own. intelligence officials say one year after president obama began bombing isis that trift organization is fundamentally no
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weaker than before. that appears to contradict the administration line isis is losing in iraq and syria. we are told while isis has relink wished some territory in lesser nations and its membership has grown and set up a satellite operation in libya. in baltimore, the number of murders has climbed to nearly 200 this year. tonight, correspondent peter doocy looks behind this disturb disturbing trend. >> reporter: big cityies have a big problem. more and more people are being murdered and authorities don't know exactly what to do about it. >> we're all seeing the same thing. there's a difference kind of difficult to put your finger on it a difference what's going on in major cityies. >> reporter: in baltimore, anti-police protests re ss dissolved
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into dangerous riots and businesses picking up cases, homicide cases stacked sky high 179 this year 55% more than 20 faern. chicago has seen a staggering 2 free killings this243 killings this year and houston's homicide rate up 50%, then milwaukee, murders there up 85%. there's so much gunfire in that city 80% of shots picked up by police department sensors don't get followed up with a 911 call. earlier this summer the police chief said we have folks out there living in neighborhoods where it's just part of the background noise. >> there are a lot of factors come ing together. in the major cityies, of course you have a lot of issues with drugs and gangs and violence and throw in the mental health and availability of guns and here we are. >> reporter: bad timing doesn't get all the blame for this deadly trend. bad relationships are a factor too, between police and
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politician politicians. politicians have thrown as we've seen have thrown police officers under the bus over and over again. >> reporter: wheeler worries the threat of prosecution like darren wilson in ferguson or six officers in baltimore will encourage a more timid or risk a averse type of police work and the murder rate won't go back down until elected officials make it clear to cops we've got your back upon. >> i said this back in june we were going to have a long hot bloody summer. unfortunately it's coming to pass. >> what happens next police officers plan to put their heads together at a summit in d.c. on monday how to get these riseing murder rates back down-to-earth. so far, the strategies they've deployed haven't been very effective. doug. >> peterdoocy here in washington. we should know if the plane wreckage found on warners
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malaysian island is from a plane crash a year and a half ago. mortgage greg is there in the morning. >> reporter: doug on the way to paris in what could be a key piece of evidence and one of the most biggest aviation mysteryies, a wing flap found on monday officials in malaysia on friday saying that is looking increasingly like not just a bit of a boeing 777 but a piece of malaysia 370, the malaysian aircraft which went down 16 months ago.again, the beaches here were scoured, the seas were search searched but an air search was called off because of a volcano which was erupting again today. there have been things found.
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two bottles were found today with asian writing on it showing at the very least how far the currents in the indyian ocean questioned and a suitcase found yesterday they think it is not linked to the crash. if we do get confirmation that wing part is a part of the malaysian airways aircraft it could change a lot of things. first, it could start a new intensive surface on the sea in this region looking for more debris and intensify the search on the seabed near western australia looking for the actual wreckage of the craft and finally, it could offer some con solation for the familyies of the 239 victims of that crash, some of them americans, still waiting for some kind of word. that's right, doug we might have to wait a little bit belong r longbelong -- little bit longer. the word from paris, the results of the analysis may not happen
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until wednesday of next week. >> greg palkot just off the east coast of africa. thank you. beijing is set to become the first city ever to stage both a summer and winter olympics. the chinese capital was awarded the winter 2022 winter games today and hosted the summer games in 2008. the waters in rio de janeiro, brazil to host next year's olympics are so filled with contamination, outdoor competitors risk becomeing violently ill. still ahead we tell you how to play a special game with us voteing on the presidential candidates candidates. using drones to spot sharks off the coast, not madness at it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. ♪ if you want beautiful results, you know where to go. angie's list. everyone can shop for services from highly rated companies,
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accused charleston church shooter, dylann roof made his first appearance in federal court today. a lawyer says he wants to plead guilty to the 33 charges he is faceing but wants to know first if he faces the death penalty. he has been charged with nine counts of murder by a south carolina court last month for the shooting rampage. a dentist who killed a lion lured it out of a national park and it is not clear what charges he will face. the wildlifefish and wildlife service says it has contacted somebody in palmer's camp and said it tried and failed to reach the dentist. help from above could keep swimmers safe in the water. in seal beach, california tonight, a look at how drones
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could play a role in preventing shark attacks. >> reporter: with recent shark attacks in the headlines, lifeguards in seal beach, california are using new technology to keep swimmers and surfers safe using a drone to spot sharks in the air. >> it's faster. i can come over here and in 15 or 20 minutes i can film the whole beach and know what's out there. >> reporter: they now know there are 10 to 15 swimming along the shore and after we came along they spotted a 15 foot great white shark. >> we have 5 to 6 sharks bottom feeders and they haven't bitten people and nobody's been bitten so far. >> reporter: lifeguards will shut the beach down if the shark sharks become too big or aggressive with surfers. >> if they're out there we can't see them until they're really close and preventive measures are awesome. >> reporter: they have applied for a permit to fly the drone in
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preventive cases and believe it could help in mnlgtzemergencyies. >> where a swimmer is lost it could be an excellent new tool. >> reporter: beachgoers may be more educated than ever when it comes to their own safety. we spoke to local residents. some say they grew up here and used to seeing the sharks and don't have worries about going in the water. others say when they hear there are great whites behind me they're completely content to stay on the beach. >> will carr. understandable. the s&p 500 dropped five. the dow was up for the week three-quarters of a percent and s&p 500 jumped up 1 and a fifth and inside rose four-fifths. it is not 2016 yet but you can vote on the republican
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presidential candidates right now. bret baier explains it just for you when we come back.
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here on "special report," we like to get you involved whenever we can. right now, we are going to play game that lets you vote on the 2016 republican presidential
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candidates. it's already going on but plenty of time for you to jump in. here's my colleague, bret baier. >> thanks doug. as we get ready to head to cleveland for the debate night, we already have our own matchups for the big event. we already had our own interview interviews for all the gop candidates who declared before this week. you can see all 16 of those long form interviews and by graphical info in our contender series on our home page report. seeing it was 16 of them we came up with a sweet 16 bracket and we seeded it by the candidates' positions in the polls. for example, donald trump was the first seed and he took on and was pitted against the 16th seed governor george pataki upon we varied the topics each one talked about. trump and pataki talked about obamacare head to head. here's a snippet of what we posted. >> you have to take care of people.
1:31 am
repeal obamacare and come up with something much better and much less expensive bust at the same time better. >> i dealt with the problem of the uninsured and we did it in a very effective way that used market-based resources and that helped to create a stronger economy. one of the reasons we haven't created the jobs and economic recovery has been so slow is obamacare. >> i posted a longer form of that on my blog on twitter and facebook and people voted. they said donald trump won that round. he moved onto the elite 8. number 2 seed jeb bush took on the 15th seed lindsay graham on the issue of immigration. we ran longer clips ss from the contender's interviews but here's a cut of it. >> i'm for giveing people a path to earn legal status they pay a fine get a provisional work permit where they work don't receive government assistance and learn english and over a period of time they earn legal status. >> deport felons and
1:32 am
troublemakers. as to the rest they stay under our terms. they have to learn our language speak english, pay taxes, pay a fine and get in the back of the line. >> you voted on social media and jeb bush moved to the next round. we matched them all up by their positions in the polls. carly fiorina went up against ben carson. carson came out on top in the votes. governor mike huckabee faced off against governor rick perry right here. they talk about taxes and the economy. here's a snippet of what we posted. >> why should we punish people for productivity what the current tax system does. when i hear people say let's get rid of the irs, how do you do it? the only way to do it is have a consumption tax. >> i think there are principles that work anywhere if you don't overtax and don't overlitigate you have a skilled work force, that will even work in california. >> you all voted and mike huckabee is moving to the elite
1:33 am
8 in our sweet 16 aouned sound bite bites. -- in our sound bites. ted cruz versus governor chris christie on isis. >> the objective should be simple to destroy isis to take them out, not weaken or degrade them destroy them. they are the face of evil. >> we have allies in that region that want to fight this fight, jordanian jordanians egyptians, saudis and others and want to fight this fight but they're concerned about america's aes's level of commitment. we need to let them know america is committed to that fight. >> voteing on that matchup is still going on. it will close saturday morning. get your votes there in. the winner wit complete the sound bite matchups. by the time we get to cleveland we'll be down to our final four. thursday before the debate we'll have a winner in our sweet 16 sound bite matchup. again, you can see all 16 long form profiles of the candidates
1:34 am
on our website and now see the center seat with the 17th candidate, former virginia governor jim gilmore from last night on special report. all this, leading up to the big debate night thursday in cleveland. doug back to you. >> looking forward to it brett, thank you. >> hkt e-mails and health records and tax reforms all released today, late on a friday must be must be. when we come back.
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i did not e-mail any -- classified materials to any on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> in this production yes, portions of 37 documents, many of them duplicates but they were upgraded to confidential none of these documents were classified at the time they were sent but upgraded to confidential. >> hundreds of pages of hilary clinton e-mails from her 10tenure as secretary of state released by the state department. this is the third major release by the state department. it's taken them some time to do that given the intensive man-hours involved in such a production. some say that's the reason why, these all being released as a result of a federal court suit and a federal judge's order that says these have to be released every month. let's bring in the panel now. senior editor of national review
1:39 am
and "usa today" and charles krauthammer. anything interesting in this release today you've seen? >> so far i haven't seen other than widespread sink fatty and kissing up exceptional even by the standards of washington i haven't seen anything damming but then again we shouldn't expect to see anything damning. she got to delete all the e-mails she didn't want go out before she ever handed over any e-mails. moreover the same woman in charge of vetting the deleted e-mails from the irs, kate deval, is now in charge of the state department process for vetting e-mails. you hear this drumbeat about how there are no smoking guns you shouldn't expect a smoking gun after this has been so thoroughly laundered and vetted. at the same time the fact there's no smoking gun is a defense is a strange thing. if you're guilty of a crime and say there is no smoking dune ging
1:40 am
gun i did it that is not a powerful defense kind of come and get me coppers response which hilary clinton has been on for a while. >> this is only 15% of the total sum of e-mails expected to be released. >> i think john is right, i don't think we should expect to see a lot because of the fact she has been able to go through and delete e-mails. what we really needed to have was access to the server before she had access to it. at this point this has been vetted. i don't think that -- i'd be surprised if we did see some kind of smoking gun or anything really damaging to her. >> it's not the content of e-mails produced just the release itself which is the news item of the day obviously, charles. >> that's the irony. if she had come clean which has never happened in this history of the clintons but if she had, they might have been able to do a document dump at the beginning and get it out of the way a month or two ago. now, they've been ordered by a judge and there will be a release every other week i think for weeks and weeks, which keeps
1:41 am
the story going forever. even if there isn't any smoking gun in any of these individual releases and, of course the real crime so 0 to speak, political crime, is the fact she unilaterally erased 30,000 of these. if there's classified stuff on these, there surely is on those and she will have in e fektffect deleted classified stuff after keeping it in violation either of the law or of regulations, in a private unsecured place. this is real trouble for her and she can't escape it because of the way it's going to be drifing out over months and months even into next year. >> on the subject of legality or illegality listen to ed mcmahon, a national security defense attorney kathryn hercatherine herridge interviewed earlier. >> very clear rules and statutes
1:42 am
to deal with disclosure of what's classified information. you cannot disclose classified information to any not entitled to receive it. as well there are rules how to deal with how the information is supposed to be stored and required it be handled in what's called a skiff mostly a classified information facility with only limited access certain people can get into it. >> then there's the question of when did it become illegal? clinton said last saturday while she was campaigning in iowa i'm confident i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time. key phrase at the time it was sent and received. >> i think it is fair to say all politicians lie but most politicians are better at it than hilary clinton. her first statement was she was confident she sent no classified material at any time. we already know that already not true. it certainly underscores the fact she was cavalier about this. everyone likes to make the comparison to david petraeus.
1:43 am
but a just as good one is john deutche head of the cia, hilary clinton's husband had to pardon at the end of his tenure because he had downloaded and kept on his personal computer a few classified materials. that was -- there was a criminal investigation en route. if hilary clinton weren't hilary clinton and no normal rules ever apply to clintons this would have ended her career. this is outrageous what she did. she gets away with it because she has these people that defend her at every cost. >> how about this general standard we know general petraeus afterwards had fbi agents raid his house and take these classified documents out of a drawer in his downstairs library. >> if he has -- if you're keeping documents in a safe it's because they're classified you know they're classified. i don't think that's analogous if hillary is saying these weren't classified at the time or did she know they were classified another question out there, clearly classified and even so she says that were
1:44 am
classified after the fact. i don't think it's analogous. clearly petraeus knew they were classified. you wouldn't put them in a safe if they weren't. >> inspector generals would disagree with that would they not? >> they have and the question is what did she know and when did she know it. clearly, she said herself at the news conference at the security council, she's done classification she knows how that works. none of this stuff would have been stamped classified at the time but because she was sending it. it wasn't as if she had received it. but she should have known, if she didn't obviously it's on her head. the thing is she will get away with it i think in terms of legality but she is suffering hugely politically. what she cares about is the presidency. she's now 20 points under water on the question of honesty. that's real -- that's enough to kill a campaign. >> this federal judge has insured there will be this steady drip drip drip of release releasing of e-mails on the polling front.
1:45 am
let's take a look at the latest real clear politics average. she was up something like 61 points above her closest rival last april. look how it's closed now. up 15 points over her closest rival right now, who is bernie sanders who continues to draw big crowds john. >> yeah. the thing you look ain't polling is trends and momentum. momentum for hilary clinton is almost universally bad. she kind of reminds me of john kerry in 2004. everywhere john kerry went in 2004 his poll numbers went down. when he left the state and went on vacation poll numbers went up. >> people like the idea of hilary clinton. she's very strong but also very brittle. does biden step in? snoo>> she has high negative low numbers on trust and almost 60% saying they think she's a strong leader. that's not a minor thing. the other thing you look at is a
1:46 am
matchup. you put her against the republicans she still does pretty well. that's what it really comes down to. no question she will get the democratic nomination barring some media or something happening. she's still getting in the quinnipiac poll 55% of democrats support her, basically the same number from a year ago and unchanged. >> she's doing worse and worse in swing states and blue states may help her in national numbers and in swing states she loses to rub rubio, walker and bush not a good sign. >> even in matchups her numbers are declineing. she is not winning over the major republican candidates. the point is when she started out her campaign her numbers were high. the more she campaigns and the more people see her, her numbers decline. that is a weak candidate. she's not a good campaigner and that's about the best hope republicans have that they want to run against her. next up the friday lightning round.
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the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. charles krauthammer called you a rodeo clown. >> charles krauthammer is a totally overrated person that dislikes me personally. i never met him. doesn't know what he's doing. >> he portrays you as a man who likes flattery. >> i went to a great school and got great marks and everything else. i went out and made a fortune, tremendous fortune and get called by pa guy who can't buy a pair of pants, i get called name names, give me a break. >> i can assure you he is wear wearing pants today. our special report panelists are
1:51 am
they they'lling to recognize the nationwide appeal of "the donald" charles. >> you left out one night something i said he stayed up for hours tweeting about me and the best was that he re-tweeted the relieves my book and said things that matter by charles krauthammer, out in paperback and then he added, book sucks. the shortest my book and then tweeted the book sucks. shortest revalue. >> kerstin, are we failing to understand the appeal? >> i think a little bit. we're quick to say he's not going to be the nominee and we're going to write him off but there is something about him and bernie sanders that is resonating with people. they're really tiefrd of washington politicians. they're tired of people who don't feel understand them and talking about things they care about. so in that sense he is tapping into that. i still think he says a lot of
1:52 am
things that have been highly problematic. i have been critical and haven't gotten attacked yet. maybe tonight's my night. >> i saw a focus group on another network. they say of donald trump he's successful. i want to know how to be successful. he knows how to win. he speaks his miechbltd he's not a politician. >> i understand donald trump but at the same time i reject the premise. most republicans don't like donald trump and he isn't tlir first choice. we're talking about him being in first place because people are amused of it. in a crowded field it does well. but the republican base or the segment of the republican base trump has every reason to be mad at how things have been going over the last six years.
1:53 am
the only thing i can say is they're wrong if they think donald trump is good -- >> may i say it's good that jonah is wearing pants? >> you can't say i bought them. i invite you dom with me. >> you rent them. >> all right. item number two, the latest on the opm data breach. the administration has not budged on the 22 million people affected by the breach. there's something new that's come to light. millions of fingerprints have been obtained. that's troubling. >> i just heard i was a member of the breach which i didn't know because i haven't worked there for 35 years but i was a referee. so the net here is extremely wide and i'm waiting to be hacked or blackmailed. >> kerstin? >> well you know think i one of the things, there's a lost
1:54 am
criticism now that the obama administration isn't going after china on this basically blaming china, even though they know it was china. i think that the reason they can't do that is because we're doing the same thing to china. are sort of speculating this is weakness on the part of the obama administration. edward snowden in his leaked documents, you know, leaked that we were doing the exact sang them. we were actually getting personal information or chinese people. >> kerstin makes a good point. hold your cyber fire until it's revealed at a future date. >> i'm not going to get on my tirade about hiring privateers. i don't know any other realm of fosh policy where barack obama has been strong. let's finish up with winners and losers. jonah, let's start with you. >> my winner is center for
1:55 am
medical progress which has done incredible work getting to an important issue which kerstin has written about, and charles and i have. selling babies essentially for parts. my loser of the week is the obvious one, walter palmer, the guy who killed cecil the lion. even if you think big trophy hunting is fine and baiting animals off their area it's still the loser. >> my winner is donald trump. he's at the top of the polls. i think i'm surprised. the loser is the gop. they're going to have to contend with him being in the debate player in this cycle. >> charles? >> winners ironically are the lions of africa particularly because of the moron who killed
1:56 am
cecil. my loser is the olympics. awarded to beijing for the winter games. buffed and withdrawing showing this grotesque extravaganza is now going become the province of dictatorships because they're the only ones who can shove it down the throats of their people. >> that's it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results,
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and finally tonight many of the presidential candidates go by their nicknames including jeb bush. >> call me veto corleone. >> they call me veto corleone? i thought why are they insulting me. then i realized man, that's a compliment. >> the one thing i'm proud of veto corleone. >> core lee olney. >> they call me veto corleone because we did veto 2,500 line items in the budget.
2:00 am
>> so your last name do you see it as an asset or liability? >> it's both. >> he's a part of the family. thanks for watching "special go to facebook and tell us what you think. this is the kelly file. welcome to the special edition of "hannity" the road to 2016. we are 15 months away from the 2016 election and six days away from the first gop presidential primary debate which will air here on the fox news channel thursday august 6th, 9:00 p.m. it's been an exciting race. this show has been the goto place for the race. here are some of the highlights from the campaign trail so far. >> i believe with all my heart we are on the verge of another american century. i believe with all my heart that america's greatest days are around the corner. more than