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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 2, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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and video there and respond to your questions and check out our home page as well and send it to our e-mail back here next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. a fox news alert. a manhunt in memphis after a police officer is fatally shot during a traffic stop. authorities say 33-year-old officer and marine corps veteran shawn bolton was shot multiple times last night by a person in the car he pulled over. the suspect is now on the run, and it's also been revealed a civilian used bolton's radio to notify police of the shooting. that person not yet identified. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm arthel ney develop. >> hello, arthel. hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. a tragic reminder of the dangers law enforcement face in our country to protect us every day,
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and this happens to be the third time that a memphis police officer has been killed just over the last four years. now that city and community is in mourning today and once again authorities reeling from this latest tragic loss. >> we've been here before, sadly to say. we've been here before. this is my third time in it the four years that i've been the director, and it doesn't get any easier. this is a very difficult time. >> more live from our new york city newsroom. bryan? >> reporter: at this time the memphis police department has not released a description of the suspect currently on the run. he know only that the suspected shooter is a male, the shooting happening last night in tennessee about 20 minutes southeast of downtown memphis around the intersection of cottonwood and perkins. police say officer shawn bolton was shot multiple times during a traffic stop at approximately 9:18 p.m. a civilian nearby picked up the police radio to let authorities
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know that an officer was down. officer bolton was rushed to regional medical center in critical condition where he later died. our fox affiliate whbq is reporting that police did search for a person or persons of interest at the nearby cottonwood apartments. a witness telling our fox affiliate whbq she spoke to a resident in those apartments about what she saw. >> it was a suspicious car driving around and a security guard cop called 911 and then the guard turned it in and the man started shooting at police. >> reporter: officer bolton was hired in 2010. according to local media the 33-year-old veteran served a tour in iraq, was a best man at his brother's wedding back in june, and his father will h died in july. this is the third, like eric said, a memphis police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty in third years, the
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third to die. memphis has a higher homicide rate higher than that of chicago and new york. >> as a community we say so often there's a theme do black lives matter, and at the end of the day we have to ask ourselves do all lives matter regardless of race, creed, economic status, whatever profession that person holds. all lives matter. >> reporter: the police and mayor are asking for the public to pray for the family and the memphis police department as they mourn this loss and work to find a cop killer still on the run. police are asking anyone with any information to come forward. arthel. >> all lives matter. thank you very much, bryan llenas. to the latest on missing malaysian airlines flight 370. turns out that the new piece of debris apparently has nothing to do into the investigation in the mission airliner. a malaysian official confirming that the twisted piece of metal
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that they found was actually a heard, but investigators are not giving up hope that more airplane wreckage will be washing up that could finally provide some answers about what did happen to that flight. authorities are asking territories near that small island in the indian ocean to be on lookout for more possible plane debris. for the very latest let's go live to greg packiot who is joining us live from reunion island with more. >> reporter: the folks here on reunion island as well as the media were rocked by an apparent false alarm today. first heard early in the morning that a plane door had been located on coast here ten miles from where that wing part had been found and then it became part of a door and a metal box was taken away by local police for inspection. now us a noted malaysian officials are saying it's a part of that domestic ladder. there is now hard information about the wing flap found wednesday now set to be analyzed in france. malaysian officials said citing
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international inspectors saying it is in fact from a boeing 7772. still waiting to see if it's from that doomed flight mh-370. here on reunion island the locals are finding a new fresh connection with the incident involving that malaysian aircraft. take a look at what we saw and heard this weekend. >> candles for the victims of flight mh-372 here on island of reunion more than 2,000 miles from where the accident might have happened, but the people here are remembering. >> translator: it's important to be in the communion of prayer with the families of the victims of this boeing plane catastrophe. >> reporter: the church is a mile from where the possible mh-370 wing part was found, making the mourning more real, more immediate. >> translator: before there were questions and now we have found more details so we can mourn more closely with the families. >> people here may also find it easier to mourn because reunion
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island over the years has attracted people from all over the world just like those on mh-370. >> nationalities and religions, and it's very, very important for this. >> reporter: some of those attending the service, members of the chinese community here. two-thirds of those killed on that malaysian air flight crash were chinese. eric. >> all right, greg. thanks so much. politics now. republicans running for president are making a big push ahead of the first primary debate this thursday. 17 candidates are hitting the trail and many of them are also doing the rounds of the sunday talk shows. elizabeth prahn in our d.c. bureau with a wrap-up. what are they saying.
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>> reporter: hi, arthel. days are dwindling as the republican candidates push to make headlines. some getting terse when asked about the elephant in the room donald trump who has shot to the top in a number of polls and he, however, continues to minimize expectations. >> maybe my whole life is a debate in a way, but the fact is i'm not a debater, and they are, but with that being said i look forward to it. we'll see what happens. who knows. >> reporter: former governor rick perry and john kasich took the opportunity to tell fox's chris wallace their executive experience trumps over candidates. kasich saying ohio has remained his first priority, knocking others who have prioritized campaigning while perry says he best represents the party. >> i'd like to be there, and we just have to wait and see how all these polls work out. you know, look, as it relates to the polls, i'm governor of ohio. i wasn't traveling around the country trying to make a name for myself. i was just trying to take care of ohio. >> i'm going to stand up for conservatives. nobody has a more socially
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conservative position. nobody has a better job creation record. nobody has a better record of running the 12th largest economy of the world, and i think that's what americans are looking for. >> reporter: other candidates such as senator rick santorum are downplaying early polling saying the numbers are arbitrary and governor chris christie says once you get on the stage it doesn't matter the standings. it's an opportunity to appeal to the republican voters. arthel, back to you. >> of course, the debate is giving the candidates their moment in the spotlight so how will they stand out in the crowd is the big question which we will discuss a little later in the program. now to the push that is on for the controversial iran nuclear deal both here and at home and at overseas. president obama has been working to sway lawmakers on capitol hill as head of the september voting congress on whether or not to accept or reject that agreement. this as abroad secretary of
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state john kerry is meeting with leaders there and this ahead of the u.n.'s international atomic energy agency, the guys who are the inspectors, yukio amano, he'll lay out his plans to direct iran's facility directly in person to lawmakers at capitol hill on thursday. will what he says stop or stoke any agreements about the agreement? john bolton, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and former ambassador, he joining us us in studio. he's the guy going under the hood, the technical guy and will give the details behind the scene and specifics supposedly. do you think what he said can give skeptical senators confidence in this deal? >> well, i should say i've known amano for 15 years, worked with him when i was the undersecretary at the state department dealing with nuclear proliferation and arms control matter. i think he's a straight shooter,
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but this is an aunt for senators or house members, skeptical of the deal or supporters, to ask them about the side deals and amano is the person responsible for negotiating these deals and i think he ought to be forthcoming. the administration says oh, you never disclose these kinds of agreements with a member nation of the iaea. number one, that's not true. number two, iran is in a different position, so i think amano from his own position ought to be willing to share the documents and describe what's in them because they are critical triggering elements for lifting the sanctions against iran under the deal. >> why are the documents so important? there's a report that's been questioned, of course, about the soil samples that iran will take the soil samples, not the iaea inspectors and senator kerry was on the hill saying he wouldn't talk about that in public. he would talk about that only in a classified session. >> well, that goes to the -- to
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the first issue which is iran answering questions from the iaea on the military dimensions of its program stonewalled the iaea on for about eight years now, and then obviously then the ongoing inspections once the deal takes full effect. so i think it's very important to see what was concluded with iran and to see also if there are any side deals between the united states and other negotiating partners in iran and what will satisfy them about iran's prior military activities. these are things that have never been resolved, even if you read the agreement and look at the security council resolution 22231. it's still unclear exactly what it is that the iaea will have to say come this december or thereabouts. this is very important for congress to pin down and amano is the perfect person to ask about it. do you think congress will pin
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him down? the administration says there's no side deals and the ambassador to the iaea saying this stuff is confidential in tehran. >> well, that's what they would like people to believe. you know, if iran were a member in good standing of the iaea like iceland or belgium or norway or sub-like that, then you can say, all right, normal procedures would apply and these agreements would be confidential, but iran is not a normal member of the iaea. it's been violating the non-proliferation treaty for over 30 years. it's perfectly reasonable in a stance like this to say that the normal procedures don't apply. >> amano don't feel he can release the contents. >> and what if you can't review them, can congress vote on something that they don't know anything about it? >> a reason in and of itself for a member of congress to vote
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against this deal. you know, just because there are difficult confidential issues at stake doesn't mean that the documents that bear on those questions can't be given to congress in confidence, but the notion that congress has to rely on a summary or a characterization of these side deals or let me stress any other side's understanding written or otherwise, winks or nods, between john kerry and the iranians, all of that needs to be disclosed to congress, not just the two iaea side deals. >> we'll see if that indeed is what happens and what he says on wednesday. ambassador bolton, of course, always good to see you, thank you. >> thank you, eric. >> arthel. >> new concerns about hillary clinton's private e-mail server after a new document dump reveals nearly three dozen e-mails that are now considered classified. mrs. clinton's reaction and what this means for her campaign. art. you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration
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election season ticking in
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high gear. it's just four days until the first republican presidential debate set for thursday night bright here on fox. there are an unprecedented number of gop candidates. 17 in all, but only the top ten will face off during the main primetime event taking place in geef land. one of the candidates vying for a primetime spot, ohio governor john kasich. on "fox news sunday" chris wallace asking mr. kasich how important it is that he makes the final cut and is part of the top ten. >> well, first of all, nothing wrong with a person being embarrassed who has been in the spotlight for a wrong time. i would rather not be embarrassed, chris. life is short and the more we keep our feet on the ground the better it is. in terms of being on the stage -- >> joining me now is a reporter for "the hill" and kevin i was up until 2:00 a.m. watching the ronda rousey fight so i'm tailoring my questions to a fight theme, okay, but still you remain with your same answers and just listen up because this is very serious.
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who comes in with the best political punch, and what should he do to maintain that strength throughout the debate? >> well, you know, i think that people like former florida gaffe jeb bush and senator marco rubio and scott walker have really been hovering at the top tier in the polls and at the pack and so for them they will have to watch as folks like kasich ends up making it or rick perry as -- as those folks try to differentiate themselves, but in terms of those top tier candidates, they are hovering above at the top of polls, and, yes, the donald trump factor will be there, but they have just to maintain their positioning and their lead. >> maintain their position and their lead so what must the dominant candidates do to get the others to tap out? >> that's a great question, and i think that when you look at people like donald trump the question for him is whether or not he can sustain the -- the base interest that he's galvanized really and what jeb bush has even been called a
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phenomenon, if you will, in the past couple of weeks and he'll try to come across to more independent voters to someone who is potentially to launch a more credible and serious campaign and i think mr. trump could actually surprise a lot of folks, but when you look at the mess, each candidate has ten minutes to make their point so it's such a crowded field. i mean, who knows what exactly will happen, but it's going to be that fine balance between attacking hillary clinton and the democrats versus attacking each other. >> and when you say who knows what's going to happen so who is the underdog, kevin, to watch out for and how might he sneak up and sucker punch unsuspecting opponents? >> i like it, i like it. i think people like senator rand paul and, you know, i think senator rand paul really is an underdog at this point. he has at one time was called one of the most interesting persons in the republican party. since seen his poll numbers dip. someone like new jersey governor chris christie as well.
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these folks, i would argue, are underdogs and have a lot to lose and gain simply because they are going to have to try to enter into that top tier, and someone like donald trump, i think, again, he's proven time and time again that he can surprise a lot of people and whether or not he can surprise people perhaps for the right reasons this time, i wouldn't count him out at all. i think he's in it for the long haul. >> real quickly, who walks away the winner after the debate? >> who walks await winner? i think you'll have a situation, arthel, where there will be a couple of winners and, again, i think folks in the top tier are just going to be looking to maintain that. someone like a former governor bush is going to continue to try to show that more authentic candid side of himself. i think he's been somewhat successful. we'll have to wait and see. >> thanks a lot, kevin. just a quick reminder. thursday night is the debate. fox news and facebook will bring you the first republican presidential primary debate of 2016 race live from cleveland. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. eastern, and we want you to be a
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has now considered classified material said to be found in hillary clinton's personal e-mail. the government says over 30 messages were classified for public release after they were sent or received. mrs. clinton has maintained this her e-mails never contained any classified information. more live from washington with the latest details on this. >> reporter: one of the significant things about friday's release is that it's only part of the drip, drip, drip of her e-mail releases that
9:25 am
a judge has ordered. we can expect thousands more in the months to come, all highlighting what critics say was clinton's less than honest assessment about classified e-mails when she took reporter questions at the u.n. last march. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material so i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. >>. >> reporter: a state department spokesman admitted over 30 of the latest e-mails of clinton's -- contained confidential information and added this important caveat. >> in this release that were in this production, yes, portions of 37 documents, many of them duplicates, but they were upgraded to confidential. none of these documents were classified at the time they were sent but they have been upgraded
9:26 am
to confidential. >> reporter: so there remains questions about whether the e-mails really were classified at the time. the two inspector generals who referred the e-mails to the doj for review do see the potential for illegality and taking a toll on hillary. a quinnipiac poll from thursday, a day before the e-mail release show 57% of voters don't view clinton as honest and trustworthy compared to 37% who do leading to more speculation that joe biden may enter the race. the "new york times" maureen dowd in a recent column gave insight into biden's thinking where she wrote about the influence of beau biden, the recently deceased vice president's son, quote, he promised to make his father promise to run arguing that the white house should not rely on clintons and that the country would be better off with biden values. dad, it's who you are and also an indication that democrats are sensing clinton's increasing vulnerability.
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>> thanks very much. arthel. >> he lost both of his hands to an inspecial while a toddler and now details behind the incredible procedure that's changed this little boy's life. "sunday housecal "sunday housecall" stick around. >> thank you for helping me do this.
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i'm arthel neville. time now for "sunday housecall." >> i'm eric shawn. joining us is dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine of langone medicalered? an author of "the inner pulse". >> and dr. david samadi chairman and professor of urology at lennox hill hospital and chief of robotic surgery. good to have you all together. >> good to have you back. >> good to be here. >> and start with a really warming and inspiring story in maryland. a little boy lost use of both of his hand, lost the


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