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tv   The Greg Gutfeld Show  FOX News  August 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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find the courage to come forward. call 18004a child. to learn more, bringing darkness to light again. i'm megan kelly. thanks for watching. i'm greg bgut feld. thank you for not watching qvc. did the brilliant boys of isis get captured by a group of girls? can't say i blame them. it's happened to me many times. what's the difference between a democrat and socialist? it's not odor. if you don't know, don't worry. neither does the dnc chair. greg gutfeld starts now. >> i don't want to be mean, but he's a lump of coal. >> he's failed at everything
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he's ever tried in his life. >> you know, i don't think we need him. >> his reputation, his future is on the line. ♪ have you heard, grumpy cat is dead? tired of hearing about cecil the lion. a giant cat offed by a man that tells you to spit and rinse. this is a lion. >> and these are dentists. and open please.
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>> some day i'd like to be a dentist. >> a dentist! >> a can dead lion, a dentist, and the outrage. >> there's so few lions left this the world. tigers, leopards, beautiful animals that are about to be extinct. >> i can't get my head around how a human being stairs at a figure that majestic and pulls. that's like today's dinosaurs. >> today's dinosaurs. the king of the jungle was wasted by the man that makes tiny crowns with your teeth. i don't understand trophy hunting. i prefer whole foods over whole
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lions. why kill a lion? the answer is apparently because you can. the better question is, why should you? it's the [ bleep ] thing to do. the twitter reaction stinks too. how much people expressed rage over human tragedy? this is a consequence of avoiding other evil. in the face of the planned parent hood videos, cecil outrage seems like a sneeze, glorious outburst forgotten. teddy roosevelt killed hundreds of beasts. should we take him off mount rush more and replace with betty white? try and explain consent to that patriarchal repress sor. i get the anger over this murder. trophy hunting hides behind no youthism. hunters don't champion their
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right to target. baby harvesting requires it. it's medical research. we personify animals with human qualities while dehumanizing what we destroy. >> one from zimbabwe asks, why are americans more concerned than us? we never hear them speak out when villagers are killed by lions. if only fetuses were furry. all right. to tackle this subject, we go to an avid hunter, fox news contributor, editor at town let's start off admitting you are a horrible person, hunt animals. how do you defend this guy? we need to put this guy side. it seems it was unethical in the
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means the animal was killed were probably unethical. i want to stress the fact this guy is the exception and not the rule. believe it or not, american trophy hunting in africa actually saves animals like african lions. the african lion is no endangered in place hunting is allowed. the money that goes toward them. $50,000 piece goes not only toward the economy in terms of employeeing people for jobs but resources and reserves and money that goes toward preventing poaching in areas. in 1977 kenya banned all hunting. guess what happened? they don't have a huge wild life population. it decreased significantly. they've never recovered as a result of that decision. hunters are the saviors of african wild life. that's the bottom life. we can't talk about banning all hadn hunting and that's the solution. not going to work.
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>> it's a fact hate. it's a fact you hate because it may be true. hunter who is kill animals are probably doing more for conservation than people on twitter who are mad about it. is that what you're saying? >> it's not probably, it's a definite fact and has been for decades. hunters in africa are the sav r saviors of wild life in africa. they've done more than animal rights groups and people on twitter on their couch in some new york city apartment have done to city the african lion. >> all right. sin bad is still with us. jim norton, comedian and star, now on netflix and and joann. his mustache once jumped the grand canyon, john boltton. look at him. everyday about her is odd.
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our opp ed, catherikatherine fr review. first to you jim. you have strong feelings about the killing of this elephant. >> it went from a lion to elephant quickly. >> did you say elephant? >> yes, you did. so do i when i mean my date -- sorry. >> i liked it. >> it does go to conservation on the money. i find this guy repulsive. people that hunt and eat, i have no problem. i can't do it. there's something about trophy hunting. it taps into unnecessary behavior. it's like just because the money goes to conservation -- donate the money. >> that's not fun. >> that's the point. come out and say i wanted to kill something. means to get to it was the money. donate the money. because something good comes out of your act -- that's like bill
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cosby raising money for rape awareness. >> that would be someone wanting to donate to children's hospital as long as i get to hunt children. >> let's correct facts on the record. this lion's name was cecil. did i say cecil? >> number two, zimbabwe makes money off this. it's not just game reserves. the only thing wrong with what this guy did, he apparently bribed somebody to get this lion close enough to him so he could shoot him. there's nothing wrong with big game properly conduct or other hunting. >> you do most your hunting at singles bars. >> that's right. i'm on the prowl. >> time is running out. >> i know. >> how do you feel about this?
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you never had animals growing up? >> no. >> are you bothered by this? that is actually a word i looked up and mutilated. the personification of animal. >> it's easy to be outraged over this. you think that these poor animals have done nothing. they're so innocent. there's a lot of people in zimbabwe who are just as innocent. it takes hardly any effort to send an outraged tweet. you know who can't do that, 75% of the population in zimbabwe living below the poverty line. it's easy to be outraged over the lion. i'm more of a people person. help the people. >> they live below the poverty line and below the poverty lion. see what i did? >> i managed to avoid knowing any details about this lion situation million i had to for this show. i feel that makes me better than everyone in america. i was clearly thinking about more important things.
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>> like what? >> netflix and what i was going to eat and of course the future of our country. >> that's beautiful. >> yeah, it's easy. you don't need to know anything to have an opinion. lions are cute. rich people are suck. everyone hates rich people. it's what disney has been teaching us our whole lives. >> let's not leave without one more thought about theodore roosevelt. the teddy bear comes from roosevelt. he saved a small bear cub after he killed his mother. our kind of guy. >> that's true. so beautiful two thoughts before i go. the most famous dentist in the word is famous for killing a lion. we called i don't know how many dentist. called ade, dental association for dentists. they wouldn't come on. i called a bunch -- i called my dentist. he's a great dentist. look what he's done to my teeth. nobody wanted to come on.
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dentists go through enough problems. this don't need him to be their icon. katie, always a pleasure. you did a great job. have a wonderful rest of your evening. >> see ya. up next, what does the great philosopher and and heavy metal legends have in common? a lot. good answer greg. a helpful video for parents. tonight's topic, we tackle djes considered musical artists by some. is dj'ing the world's easiest job or world's easiest job? it's the latest installment of news for kids. >> so what are djes and where did they come from? dj is abbreviation of disk jockey comes from latin trade heening not a real musician. thomas edison created a phonograph for someone at home that was too lazy to learn an
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instrument. changing a record took a few seconds. now day, dj's put songs into a play list on a compute their can take several years. ask this grandma dj. she began her play list in 1937. things got more complicated when dj's were forced to acts as mc's at various events. before dj's, people at the club would put them in the air and wave them like they did care. later when exotic dancing wrmery if introduced by someone with a cool voice. and so once dj's perfected the art of pushing a button and speaking into a mic at the same event, they started to make money everywhere like wedding reception roller rinks and wedding receptions. the most famous of all time like did dj tanner. that's news for kids.
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don't try to steal this "fox & friends." nbc host and my partner tim matthews posed this great question. >> what's the difference between a democrat and socialist? i used to think there was a big difference. >> the difference -- >> the difference between being a democrat and being a republican -- >> what's the difference between a democrat and socialist? tell me the difference in you and a socialist. >> the relevant debate we'll have over the course of this campaign is what's the difference -- >> thank you selma. that was mark simpson's sister. she may have been dodging the question. i think it's asking somebody the difference between a hyundai 1x 35 and kia sport aj. they look -- there's no difference. >> i think it was an unfair
7:18 pm
question to debbie. we shouldn't be hard on her. today there isn't anything difference. obama made it clear what we should understood a long time before. the democratic party loved well to the left. chris matthews may think there's a difference. he has not been paying attention. >> he's also insane. he's a lovely guy but insane. jim, i have this metaphor i base on the tv show "entourage." i watch often. >> absolutely. pretend we're different characters. >> fantastic. socialism is turtle. the hanger-on, totey. you can't have socialism unless you have capitalism to create wealth. does that make sense? >> i just said that. >> true. would you like to add to that? >> not really. i think i said it while we were laying in each other's arms.
7:19 pm
she gave the worst explanation. i've given smoother answers when my girl friend found other nude women on my cell phone that was terrible. >> that's her job. i think joann, you probably could have done a better job. you're a socialist. >> well no. my answer would have been obvious. my ex boyfriend is socialist. my theater friends are democrats. she should have use had the. everyone gets that. this is truly painful. it was worse than a pageant answer gone bad. she wasn't trying to answer anything. she kept babbling. >> katherine, at least matthews didn't let her off the hook. >> i still wouldn't like her. >> she did as good as a job to
7:20 pm
me as she could have. >> i think you're admitting bias is always honest to do. she reminded me of that character nathan therm the business guy. i loved that character. you and i were the only person watching this show now that understands. >> the mike wallace sketch. he was trying to give explanation to whoopi cushion. >> you're smoking. >> yes. >> a local la reporter was frightened this week giving a live report. why was she so scared? it pose this is question. is this racist? let's take a look, shall we. >> the international committee is looking at paris, rome and germy for 2024. it's likely one of the international cities. oh my --
7:21 pm
>> back to you. >> wow. racist? >> not racist, however, based on her reaction, she definitely spent all night freaking out so people weren't going to think she was a racist is. she's like oh no, i just lost my job. everyone thinks i'm a racist. how can she report the news unbiassed with all going on in this country when we've seen she's a racist? i'm surprise had the doesn't happened yet. >> it's still the first 24 hours. >> ambassador, this woman clearly would be terrible in an emergency should she find a new profession? >> that would be the best thing to do. really, it's not like this is the first time anybody has come up behind a reporter on the street like that. we've had reporters on fox who punched people out. that was the proper reaction. >> mike, the guy that blocked the two women with his hands while they were talking.
7:22 pm
mike tobin. great video. >> you would have been terrified by this man too. we all know why. >> no. no, no. she is not racist. she's unprofessional. i have more professionalism. i'm ready for anything. it's gaining composure once you lose it. she obviously couldn't. >> jim, how would you handle this situation? a black man from behind? >> i think it was very racist. her white privilege prevented her from intuitively knowing there was an african-american behind her. >> she should have known. >> nice to see lyinda working again. >> she had a dark period. that's not racist by the way. 200,000 years of evolution. when you know someone is behind you, you instinctively panic. that's how you survive. >> we don't know what it's like
7:23 pm
to think there's nobody behind you and all of a sudden there is. >> history is racist is. >> we know that. let's all admit, he is tall. >> imagine she had turned around casually like oh, a black man. what's the matter with her? >> she's on pills. coming up, the ambassador's mustache wrestles a live pig. let's check our studio audience. thank you for being here. how many think i look like a cross between brad pitt, george clooney? i have been working out. after the show, my place. nothin. nothin. otherwise we gotta scrub all this stuff off. dish issues? improved cascade platinum... powers through... your toughest, starchy messes... as if your dishes were non-stick. cascade. now that's clean.
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hundreds of flights around the world. hey, look at that. pyramids. so you see, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. ♪ so what are your thoughts on the iran nuke deal? no clue, no problem. these a-list celebrities tell you how to think. >> i love playing frisbee with my sons. >> i love the sounds of the waves on the pacific at sunrise. >> i love curling up with a good book. >> i love to see my grand kids smile. >> if congress sabotages the nuclear deal with iran, we could be denied the moments that make our lives worth living. >> why? >> dude, cause we'd be dead. >> super dead. >> that's changed my mind.
7:28 pm
when i see jack black with a frisbee, i know he makes business. the only thing more convincing, jack rogan with a hacky sack. >> those are the best arguments i've heard so far. i think obama needs to bring them in and get them to capitol hill. it's a revelation. they know they're in trouble over this thing. they know when you read the text of the deal, i hate to suggest is anything radical, you can see quite clearly how bad it is. they do what they do best, changing the subject. >> did their enlightened subject make them feel as dumb as i did? >> absolutely. that's who i turn to. what would morgan freeman say? >> i moe. everybody there has left their wives. >> have they really? >> maybe two out of three. i don't know. maybe i just made it up.
7:29 pm
katherine, it's the clown nose off theory that when they have the clown nose off, they're making fun of their celebrities doing this but then they take the nose off and say i'm serious. >> i think you're being serious. i love jack black. loved him in "orange county." i would trust him on some things like where do i get a cheese steak? some people this actually does work. they actually don't want to research it. they know they like "orange county". >> i love celebrities. especially natasha leon, joann who i believe is jewish. i find it interesting she can dismiss iran saying they want to kill all jews but believe them when they say they don't have nukes. >> it's the celebrity, the
7:30 pm
hollywood left wing, the greater than everyone else that has to share the knowledge. that's when you know you've arrived. i hope i one day get to do one of these videos. your endorsements use to be nikes. now they're nuke deals. >> what would your cause be? >> anti-cosby. >> what would your cause be? a new report says three women contacted isis pretend thing to be jihadi bribes and scammed isis out of 3300 dollars. now the women are up on fraud charges when they should be treated as heroes they are. >> this is our social media propaganda campaign against isis. they ought to be given medals, we ought to quadruple the effort
7:31 pm
they represent. >> is that conspiracy theory? >> i hope so. i like it. >> i like conspiracy theories. >> i wish you would run for president. there's something behind the reason you didn't. you were fished by something else. jim, i'm sure you've been on the receiving end of these type things. have you ever paid and found out it was a scam? >> no. you don't pay up front pay as they're leaving. go down stairs and give this to your friend and come back. >> go to my atm. >> who knew isis was this gullible. they bought a box of speakers and found out they were bricks. what dopes. >> i did that once. >> i think it makes sense. it's ego driven. a lot of isis recruits, young guys, they like the attention, like to think they're doing something, going to be getting wives. they realize it's a sham. i agree women are heroes and
7:32 pm
should be rewarded. >> they've also been told women are too stupid to do thinking. probably like, they don't know they can just take the money and not show up. >> this is the answer for isis to beat isis. if america employed 10,000 girls already on the internet wasting their time and have them do this, and paid them -- if you paid them to do this -- maybe not even girls. have everybody do this. you could bankrupt isis if everybody did this. >> you can't tell everyone the plan. >> it's not like isis watches my show. they're not watching this. they're watching something -- >> here are three women other than the obama administration doing something. >> we do this. we get guys to get arms. they get a dummy bomb. they get close, and we man them.
7:33 pm
>> i'm not at liberty to say. >> that doesn't work on this show. you know what, i think these people are awesome. i hope this story is true. >> i'm sure it is. >> i didn't really look into it. >> who would make that up? >> that's true. i really shouldn't be reading these stories. up next, colonel allen west is going to help me kick the crap out of two serious topics. watch. trust me. ♪ [music]
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7:39 pm
before? >> no. that's how you get the edge. >> that's hilarious. >> meanwhile, some of trump's opponents made waves of their own. me, i learned if you are the least bit critical of donald, his defenders will call you a rhino which hurts. it got me to thinking, what is a conservative these days? why is there inner turmoil among the right? am i getting fat again? i'm worried. my wife says i am. one man has answers to these questions, probably not the last one. joinings from the dallas bureau, we have one, former congressman lieutenant colonel allen west, fox news contributor. you have this conflict going on where people call each other names, righties call each other rhinos, rhinos call each other crazies. the right seems more inclined to
7:40 pm
fight each other than the other adversaries, other political party. >> good to be with you greg. you're absolutely right. reminds me of the scene in "brave hart" after he defeated english, scottish lords were fighting against themselves. they asked him where he was going, and he said to fight the english. we need a leader to stand up and talk about how to restore economic growth in the united states of america. we heard the gdp report. 93 million americans out of work. how do we make sure we elevate the individual, small business owner, that type of growth and not the federal government? that's what we need to hear. most importantly, one of the reasons trump is resinating is because you want to hear people say what they're going to do and actually come back and do that. that's not what people are seeing from house of senate leadership of gop now.
7:41 pm
>> you bring up trump. i'm glad you did. when he was talking about senator mccain and said he wasn't pay war hero after spending five years in prison camp and rejecting release, i knew it was a joke. he probably -- you could tell donald felt bad about it. what bothered me and still bugs me are people that are supporting trump and think it's okay that he said that. they think that -- if it was -- if it was a left winger saying something about chris kyle, they would have gone crazy. pelosi or reed, they would have gone nuts. they're giving donald trump a pass on this. to me -- am i exaggerating this? is this something worth noticing? >> no, you're not exaggerating. i'm probably not the best person to ask about that. having served 22 years in the united states army, couple of combat tours. most importantly, i remember sitting and watching the television being concerned about my older brother who was a
7:42 pm
marine infantry man wounded in kesan. no one who has never walked through the caldron of combat should say anything and call out anyone who has walked that walk. i think donald trump went outside the lines. i'm upset individuals want to give him a pass. if you don't agree with senator mccain's policies, that's fine. not too many people are strapped inside a fighter jet doing a nose dive and have to eject. that's above and beyond. >> i want to ask you about this video we played earlier with debbie schultz and chris matthews where he tried to get her to explain the difference in socialism and being a democrat. she failed miserably. how does she still survive? what's her secret? >> well, you know, there is no
7:43 pm
accountability on the other side. you look at the scandal dals of clintons. they continue to get a pass. i don't think you have to worry about her writing a comparative analysis of john locke or thomas hobbs. the question asked was a pertinent question. right now you see a democratic party all about distribution, all about nationalizing production, about social utopias, secular state and creating and expanding a welfare state. that's classical socialist policy. now, if you want to understand, we'll call ourselves classical liberals and make them define who they are. >> final question, with when are you running again? >> i ran this morning. i put in about six miles.
7:44 pm
i'll probably be out running again. i'm trying to stay on top of things. >> i've got to learn how to phrase my questions. all right. no follow up then colonel west. thank you. speaking of candidates, this time to examine some of the tougher questions facing the candidates on the 2016 campaign trail. roll it cletus. >> coming up this week on the campaign trail 2016, hillary clinton continues campaigning efforts. if elected, would she nominate cash and axel on her cabinet? >> we need both. it's a win/win. >> scott walker steps in the crowded gop field. is he campaigning in favor of the wrong things? >> let me tell you what i'm for. i'm for obama care, government depend ens, and clinton. think about that. >> and finally carly fiorina rallied support in iowa. does she think disgusting is too
7:45 pm
strong a word to describe long running success of hot pockets. >> why has this gone on so long? >> till next week on the campaign trail 2016.
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time for "a bud and his book." it's a thing where i interview people about the books that have changed their lives. i got this idea after drinking a lot. king buzz is one of the greatest metal bands of all time. in a blog he listed things that expired him. he mentioned a book called "economic facts and fallacies." it is something like the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. affordable housing requires government intervention. all of this is hard core and also right like the melvin. king buzzo was here and i asked him what this book meant to him. >> explain to me his appeal to you. >> i've never read economic books where you weren't bored in 10 seconds. he has a way of explaining it
7:50 pm
that is informative and funny which i think is really cool. if it's not funny, no one is going to care. >> right. >> he seemed to do it in a way hah i would read it and couldn't believe he was getting with somf the stuff he was saying. i think i read three books before i realized it was black guy that was writing this stuff. it never occurred to me to think in those terms and doesn't occur to him to think in those terms either. i love that. loved that. then i wanted to know everything about this guy. i did as much research about him as i could. i realized he's my ultimate rock star. i'd like to meet him and be totally terrified. >> we tried to get him to call in. he's not a fan of grunge apparently. >> what a surprise. >> the thing about economics for the general population it's b e boring. it's the boring things that kill
7:51 pm
y you. the boring things in life are the most harmful. this book is looking at falla fallacies in economics, your social life, race, gender and how these fallacies are harmful to millions of people, i guess. >> he has thing where he says, okay, that's a great idea. then what happens and then what happens and then what happens? there is nothing he can do that doesn't have consequences. no matter what it is, minimum wage, it has a consequence. then what happens and then what happens. i love that about him. he started out as a marxist. >> they all do. >> really sharp free market minds start out from a very bad place. that's how they learn, i think. >> i think. i don't know what it is. it's crazy. he said what changed him from being a marxist was working at the government. one job at the government.
7:52 pm
this can't work. >> has he influenced your music or is that too much of a stretch? >> i don't know about that. he indianapolised my life. influenced how i thought about -- i'm a firm believer in we dig our own graves, we should make our own path. he has a great quote i've used a million times, there was a time in this credit wheountry where would have been upset and offend fast food you suggested someone else would pay your way. he says they're no longer off d offended. there's millions of those things that go through my mind that came from him. he's incredibly amazing genius. >> do you get a lot of crap? you've done "redeye" a couple of times. do you ever get any guff for being on fox? >> i have. i say, you're right. whatever hipster show you think i should be on.
7:53 pm
you know what the problem is? they're not asking me to be on it because i would be on it. they don't want me on it. i won't go looking. you're the reason i was on that show because you are a music fan. i applaud you for that. you're a visionary and genius as well. >> why thank you. >> the second greatest philosopher of all time. >> i happen to agree. not sure of the order whether i'm 1 or 2. >> i'll say you're 2. >> okay. i can't get much better than that. >> such an interesting guy. kirk cobain was his roadie. he tried out for his band as base player. didn't quite make it. you don't get this sort of thing on other shows. speaking of books, have you seen this? my new book. reorder it now. g. gut or, about how to be right or explain yourself. we will take a break, first a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor was by
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did you pre-order this during the break? if you didn't, i will hunt you down and cover you with love. anyway, we're out of time, thanks to kathryn, ambassador john bolton. kid buzz zoe and a special guest up next and the others. i'm greg guttfeld and felgutt - love you, america. >> yes, it's greg gutfeld, i think i locked myself out ofmy computer. can you help me? >> sure.
7:59 pm
i need ask you a few security questions. what was the name of your first pet? >> let me think, let me think. mr. chuckles. >> yes, sir, very good. next question. what was the name of the girl who broke up with you at the 7th grade danso she could go out with kevin clausen? >> wow, it was karen. karen connors. >> that's right. karen. i hear she married a stockbroker. next question. sears, 11th grade, what happened in the shoe department exactly? >> wow. i wet my pants, i wet my pants. i ran home crying. i didn't go to school for a week. how do you know this? >> that's correct. next question. 1981, hillsdale high school, the running track. what exactly happened on that warm night of august 8th with your sister's ex-boyfriend, larry? >> wow. it was some bad pot, i guess. bad pot.
8:00 pm
>> correct. bad pot. last question. of all those german amateur art films that you order overseas through amsterdam, which one is your favorite? >> wait a second. is this lou dobbs? they are the lone wolves of terror. >> in the animal world you have packs of wolves but you also have individuals that hunt alone. >> radicalized and hellbent on murder. >> terrorism came to my front door and took my son. >> brown jumped out of the car and shot at him 10 times. >> now charged with terror. in chattanooga an american attacks the u.s. military. >> we heard boom boom boom. >> that subject soon made his cowardly homicidal intent clear. >> when you get away from


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