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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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nk will win with the debate by tweeting the last name. don't forget to use #greta so we can count your vote. see the live results right on the air. see you tomorrow night for a special edition of "on the record" good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> it's a fact that the clintons especially hillary, are very guarded. very secretive people. this has erupted into multiple controversies including the email scandal. >> and now the fbi says it will begin a probe to see if hillary clinton violated any national security obligations also bad news for mrs. clinton tipping in the polls. >> obamacare is really, i think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. >> how on earth will ben carson break through in the big debate tomorrow night? dr. carson will be here to tell us.
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also ahead miller has some thoughts on the debate and goldberg on what the fox news moderators should ask. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. we have a lot of debate coverage on tap. but, first the talking points memo more bad news for hillary clinton. a new poll of likely democratic voters in new hampshire, the first primary state contains the following. who do you support for the democratic nomination? hillary clinton 42 persian bernie sanders 36%. joe biden 5%. which democratic candidate do you think best represents the values of democrats like yourself? bernie sanders 43%. hillary clinton 34%.
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which democratic candidate do you think is least honest? hillary clinton 31% sanders 3%. obviously many democrats would not answer that question. also on the clinton front roast reporting that the fbi is going to look into the security of hillary clinton's private email set up which as you may know brought scrutiny about mrs. clinton's trustworthiness. she deleted more than 30,000 emails causing consternation in many quarters. the "wall street journal" reporting today in editorial although the clintons donated about $15 million to charity, between the years 2007 and 2014, all but 200,000 of that was given to the clinton foundation. which pays travel and other expenses to the clinton family and gives them a forum to promote public policy in addition to helping various causes like
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battling world hunger. the clintons wrote off $15 million in charitable deductions on their tax the. now, do you think i'm being unfair to secretary clinton by reporting all of this? let me reiterate i'm not business do demean the woman she does dubious things. email situation is murky. glad the fbi is finally involved. the charity situation is not confusing. for seven years the clintons funded their own foundation which, in part, benefits them and took a huge deduction in doing so. i have a foundation, i know what i'm talking about. every penny of tred and william o'reilly foundation every cent goes to charity. i you derive no benefit from the foundation, none. there comes a point when american voters have to decide whether ideology trumps pardon the pun effective leadership it is
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possible that hillary clinton is the most misunderstood person in the entire world. it is possible i guess. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight joining us for reaction ed henry who is covering the hillary campaign. let's take the fbi thing first. what exactly is is the agency going to do? >> they are investigating the security of that server. they are talking to the tech company out in denver that sort of managed it. they are talking to a staffer to the clintons who was overseeing it, helped set it up. and i think there are -- this is a problem for hillary clinton very simply because today one of the things clinton allies came out to say was she is not the target of a criminal investigation. this is just an fbi inquiry yes, that's where it is starting. that's technically true. but, number one nobody he knows where an fbi investigation is going to wind up. and she could and i underline the word could
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wind up being the target of a criminal probe number one and number two i just want to say this is the second time in three weeks inspector general story where they said she is not the target of a criminal probe. when you are saying our candidate, that's not. >> i think it's fair that they say it because nobody wants to be in a witch-hunt business. where is that server now? where physically is that everybodier? >> they have not clearly said where it is. hillary clinton suggested it was at their home in new york. >> she suggested where it was. >> in her march 10th conference. >> she never said where it was. it could be anywhere. >> correct. >> it could be on tour with bruce springsteen. >> with miller. >> probably be more effective than me. if you go and investigate the searcher it would seem to me, henry, that you have got to have the server. >> yes. that is a big question mark here. it seems as if anyone else who is being talked to.
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>> have the server says we have a court order to look at the server. you know this country i hate to say this i love america. he we are just looking like a banana republic here. it's going down hill fast. let's take the donations to the clinton foundation. i you mean, really. and i was impressed. look at this. al gore i think he gave 35 cents to charity al gore did over a period of five years and biden doesn't give any money to charity at all. he says he doesn't have any money to give, whatever. so i said look at this hillary clinton and bill clinton 15 million. man, the wounded warriors, the kids, charity, all the stuff. they must be going and then all of a sudden all but 200,000 over a seven year period is to the clinton foundation. i'm laughing they fly around in private jets who pays for that in the clinton foundation. they go to different countries and states.
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who pays for that? the clinton foundation. i mean, come on. it's just insane. >> one thing that i think needs to be said for all the problems with the clinton foundation it has done some good work. >> and i said that world hunger and republican senators and others like john mccain appeared at their event. whether they did the due dill jebs to find out if that is true is another question it's the appearance. >> my second point i was going to agree with you. here's the point. you are right that at the end of the day if the money that you are giving is going into your own charity, it does questions if you are feathering your own nest. >> especially if you are writing it off and. >> look, when you saw that the "wall street journal" today i just shook my head and said i'm trying to give the woman the benefit of the doubt. i am. i don't want to be a hillary clinton basher, i don't. i'm going my god i know what
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this foundation thing is. i named it after my parents and we had this up and running for almost 10 years. we have given millions. we give money because people buy stuff on bill o' that's the whole deal here. okay? >> i know that's true because when i was the president of the white house correspondent's association without my soliciting it you kindly gave the association $10,000 which went for scholarships to young journalism students. >> i also said if it didn't i would beat you to a pope. i do not subsidize ed henry's possibility hankies. >> i want to admit i did take some of the money out of that $10,000. >> you better not. i will give you a little tip because you know i'm looking out for you. you are bordering on looking like a dandy. you don't want to get into that dandy arena. all right ed henry everybody. there he is. next on the rundown dr. ben carson one of the ten in the big debate tomorrow night. how will he break out?
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, there are two debates tomorrow. the first one 5:00 p.m. eastern time moderated by martha maccallum and bill hemmer. the candidates i can perry bobby jindal, carly fiorina. >> lindsey graham and jim gilmore. then :00 p.m. two hour debate featuring: joining us now from west palm beach, florida is dr. ben carson. with that big crew up there; what is your plan, doctor to get some attention? you have to get some attention. how will you do it? >> interestingly enough,
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people have been saying that to me all along. and, yet attention is coming my way. i think people actually notice sometimes the content of what one is saying rather than the decibel level at which he says it a lot of times when people don't have a lot to say they increase the volume. >> but you are a mel will he guy. i mean, this is what i am talking about now. you are a mellow guy. you are a thinker. people read your books. they know who you are. there is a a logical progression to your life. you are an american success story who has developed his talents to the highest level possible in my opinion and that's a compliment to you. but now. >> thank you. >> you have got a little bit of time, not a lot of time, all right? it's a two hour debate but really 90 minutes or less with the commercials the long windy questions and the follow-ups and the, you know pointing and all of that you are going to have to make an impression to keep your fundraising at a certain level and your poll numbers at a certain level.
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do you have one thing that you think tomorrow is going to really be a stunner? >> yeah. but i don't want to tell you my stunners now. >> all right. and that's fair enough. you don't want to take the drama away. but you in your mind have a couple of things that you are going to do on that stage to bring attention to your because by nature you are not an attention seeker. you are not like me some guyen othe street trying to get people to pay attention to him. that's me. that's my nature. that's trump's nature, all right? but you and jeb bush. >> but the interesting. >> you and jeb bush aren't like that. >> the interesting thing is 50% of the people still don't even know who i am. and that's a tremendous advantage for me. because they will have an opportunity to actually hear what i have to say. i'm going to say it in a way that sounds interesting because i have to. i i have to move along pretty quickly to get everything n one minute. so that will add animation
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to what i'm doing. the most important thing is they will be able to see that the narrative that he is a great doctor but he doesn't know anything about anything else. i think we will blow that one out of the water. >> now, did you see my interview with trump last night? >> i saw a part of it. >> okay. uncharacteristically, i think he is a little nervous in this debate. and i you think that he was honest and i have got to say something about trump. whether you like him or don't like him, the guy every time i have asked him a question over the last 30 years -- i have known the man for about 30 years okay? -- he answered it. he answered it in a way maybe you don't like it. but he is not a phoney. i picked up last night he is a little apprehensive. are you apprehensive by going up there? >> not at all. >> you are cool? no nervousness? nothing?
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>> remember for the last 25 years i have been doing a lot of speaking huge audiences under all kinds of circumstances. that's not going to be bothersome to me. are you going to bring notes? >> absolutely not. all the note will be in my head. >> that's good i was going to say to all the candidates. if you get caught up with the talking points and you are looking down and the folks are going to see that right away. a lot of it is body language. we used to do the body language segment. a lot of that is demeanor and how something says something that rankles you. are you going to point that out? this is-you-i'm not going for that. are you going to do that or are you just going to stay within ben carson? >>. no i will definitely say something if somebody says something that's untrue that's the big advantage that i have. i only need to talk about what's true. i don't have to try to
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remember talking points or multiple things that people have told me. i just need to talk about what's true. i think people will see that. >> all right. but you get in trouble sometimes like you said obamacare was the worst thing that happened since slavery. you know some people agree with you other people say that's hyperbole statement that kind of thing. i you kind of like it. i don't agree with it, but i kind of like that you said it because it shows your passion. last word? >> well, the key thing about some of the things that i have said is that i learned if you use inflammatory language, people are not able to hear your message. i have concentrated more on getting the message across. i think that will come through loud and clear tomorrow. >> you did learn a lesson from that slavery deal? >> oh, absolutely. >> because great leadership, you have to learn lessons. all great leaders learn lessons. >> you have to be humble enough to be able to learn. >> right. >> that makes a big difference. >> that leaves me out.
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good luck tonight. we will be watching directly ahead. the factor investigating all the governors in the prime time debate. were they good for their states or not? truth serum. then another criminal illegal alien allegedly murders an american again in california. news guy, right? we will have the grizzly details up ahead.
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truth serum signaturement total, how good are the governors running for president. with us now is eric shawn and from cleveland where the debate will be held tomorrow shannon bream both fox news correspondents. the reason i spoke governors closest to the presidency you run a state run the country. you analyze three. let's begin walker. what's his strength from wisconsin? >> the positive for him is
5:22 pm
nearly cutting unemployment in half there. taking it from way over9% to just about 4. 5%. that's one of his main selling points there he has done so well on that. but there are critics who question how he got it done. that's kind of where the downside is. some of them will say listen these tough reforms that he i understand evan substituted by having republic employees crust more. very unpopular. he points to the numbers and says it doesn't matter look what's happened as a result we got it done. >> four years one term he cut unemployment in wisconsin in half. that's his main plus the minus is he did it by giving the unions a hard time. okay. jeb bush. florida, two term governor, big achievement? >> big achievement there also cutting unemployment. he cut taxes every year he was a governor. that's something you hear him talk about a lot. it bears out. when you fact check it, that is true. that created a lot of job growth people say. some will complain that some of the tax cuts were for the
5:23 pm
wealthiest. there is no doubt job growth fastest time when he was governor. listen, after he left, he there was a huge dropoff. they question in colorado whether they are attributed to his policies and how they played out long term. >> that's speculation. while he was governor he cut housing. housing went up big time under his so he was good economically for the state. the downsides with what the common core a load much republicans don't like. what was the education system in florida good or bad? >> depends on how ask. was very creative. charter schools to alternatives it's about choice. if you don't like one thing you should as a parent be able to choose something else. he has campaigned on that. a lot of people there across the board republicans and democrats a like say he did a good job with options. >> final one is mike huckabee in arkansas again two terms his main achievement? >> well, he will say it was
5:24 pm
that he introduced a lot of tax cuts. unemployment held pretty steady there. home values, income by household, those things did go up slightly. but the fact is his critic also say when you look at the taxes they raised they far outpaced the taxes he likes to talk about cutting. no great shakes as far as the economy under him in arkansas during his time as governor. again he will talk about tax cuts but far outweighed by the faxes that were raised and it's something that he doesn't really feel -- he gets hit on it a lot out on the campaign trail. >> paid more taxes under his administration but the state did prosper though, didn't it? the economy was decent? >> right. it was decent. unemployment stayed about steady. income and housing values did go up. you got this debate over whether he is really a small government guy with all those tax increases on his record. >> okay. now, we go over to sean. and chris christie the governor of new jersey.
5:25 pm
his record, let's take his strength first. >> his strength first is that he balanced the budgets for the past five years. he inherited of 11 billion-dollar structural budget deficit from jon corzine. he has been able to do that with the democratic legislature. unemployment has dropped. but the bad news household income down, median house value down. and new jersey has only garnered 62% of the jobs they lost during the recession. just 52%. >> the economy is mid links middling but he is good on the debt. >> problem with pension. >> down the road? >> yes. >> he is a controversial governor because of the george washington bridge which turns out he did do on the anything about it but the bridge, the tunnel, under the hudson river where amtrak and all the trains go they didn't fix that and now that's falling down and that could be huge. >> he didn't want to build another one. >> george mason university ranks new jersey 49th on
5:26 pm
fiscal health. >> 49th out of 50? >> yes. >> then kasich in ohio. his main achievement? >> well, he has been doing much better. he cut taxes by 10%. that same georgia mason study ranks ohio at 7. unemployment is down further than knowledge. median income and median home value those are both up. all the jobs lost during recession are back in ohio. he has a huge rainy day fund. the critics say he is doing that by will be robbing the locality. >> if the state is ranked'th current nationally in health and take over a disaster are which he did kasich. i think he did a good job there. however, he grew government. he is not a small government guy, correct? >> that's true. >> he had a government payroll and more people because he wants to help. >> but, you know, you have got an issue like with christie. when you have all those entrenched all those different standards
5:27 pm
fighting, you have got a pretty tough fight. >> okay. there you go. i think that was a fair assessment. we thank you very much. bernie goldberg on what the fox news debate moderators have to do tomorrow night. miller on the debate in general. next, another shocking crime committed by illegal. woman murdered and raped in her own home. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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fact for follow up segment tonight. as you may know congress trying to defund substantial area cities and municipalities. many in the democratic party oppose that after kate steinle was killed in san francisco last month public cry was deafening. major opposition from some democrats. now we have another atrocity. 64-year-old marilyn fares murdered and raped in her own home. that happened in santa maria, california north of santa brar bra. police say 29-year-old victor ramirez a mexican national allegedly used a hammer to beat the woman to death. he also allegedly raped her. ms. pharis died 8 days after the attack. he had four prior arrests in the u.s.a. on probation at the time of the crime. in may of 2014, ice asked the santa barbara sheriff's department to hold ramirez? detention to pick him up. apparently the sheriff let him go, put him right back on the street. california leads the league in sanctuary situations.
5:32 pm
with us here andrea tantaros. jessica, is this enough for you with the sanctuary system or s. it enough or more dead bodies? >> i think any time that you have got felons roaming the streets it's enough for everyone. it's not a partisan issue whether it's democrats or republicans. >> these are not just felons illegal yen felons convicted here and even after they are convicted they are allow youd to go out on the streets. that is the basis of the sanctuary city philosophy. so, are you opposing that philosophy now and asking your fellow democrats to he oppose it? >> it's not the basis of what the sanctuary cities are there for. they are not supposed to be keeping felons that out r. out on the street. >> that's the whole idea of letting the guys outs. out. that's why they let this guy out. >> something they shouldn't be doing. they are there to deal with the you will legal
5:33 pm
immigrants not creating crimes. >> that's not true. it's a whole package. sanctuary city will not cooperate with the federal government on immigration law. that is the definition of it. what say you? >> if case law would be in place heland have been deported. he did have a prior record. sanctuary cities are a core value of the democratic party. and if you ask democrats like hillary clinton why they are in place they say it's so that immigrants can come out of the shadows if they want to report a crime. the problem is, bull, is we see illegals actually committing the crime. and you asked a great question. how many americans have to die before democrats reverse this core principle of their party which is sanctuary cities? >> it's the same question it's not a core principle. >> yes it is. >> you believe deeply in it? >> jessica i have to correct you here. if this man had committed these acts in mississippi all right or indiana or another state that doesn't embrace the sanctuary
5:34 pm
policies, they would have held him for ice. do you not understand that? california is a sanctuary city. >> we can hope they would have held him. >> the record shows they would have wouldn't even need a sanctuary city if we had comprehensive imforeign relation reform. >> that's just so much bull i can't believe it. it isn't either/or. you can have the immigration reform. you can have the immigration reform and pass kate's law and do away with sanctuary cities. you can do all of that. >> great let's do it. >> then you have to first stop the violence and the bleeding. you have to first protect people like marilyn phari is s who is dead because the sheriff of santa barbara let the guy out because he didn't want to cooperate with ice. it's as simple as that. >> i think it's outrageous. >> what? >> you think that's totally outrageous. he should have been locked up. >> you have got to get on board because if we all came together this would have to
5:35 pm
stop. go ahead. >> under comprehensive immigration, under the gang of 8 bill he would likely have not been deported. you know what he they're sick is of? hearing people like jessica say we would have hoped he would be deported. enough hope. we hear hope and change from president obama. president obama would veto your bill, kate's law today. because they believe. >> i don't believe he would veto it. no. he is going to veto planned parents hood. this is almost like plan the parenthood. how many atrocities do you have to so on the baby front? >> bill, you are wrong. because after you made the case for kate's law originally the president came out oand said we need to quote: preserve sanctuary cities he doubled down. >> kate's law is not the same as sanctuary cities. i will say i don't think in the face of cottrell steinle and now this woman and come up with 100 others. >> other thing is he wouldn't enforce your bill.
5:36 pm
he is not enforcing current immigration law. he wouldn't enforce that either. >> it doesn't make any difference whether he enforces the law or not. it's the u.s. attorney level they would have to. >> last word with jessica. go. >> we have got these debates tomorrow night. i would really love to hear and i think the americans in general citizenship would love to hear what the plan is from these candidates to deal with immigration reform so he we don't have the sanctuary city. >> we have got to hear from democrats not just republicans republicans are the ones that control the house and the senate. where is the immigration bill? where is the law that they have got so saying they are going to deal with with it pushing through they have control. >> if you going to live in land of theory. >> it's just a band-aid. >> people dying at the hands of these illegal aggravated felons shouldn't be here and every decent american knows it ladies, thank you. when we come right back, it will be miller time. d man has some thoughts on the debate tomorrow night.
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test. test. test. thanks for stay with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment. it's all about the big debate tomorrow night in cleveland joining us from california den news miller.
5:41 pm
two debates one at five featuring the contenders that aren't polling that well. any in that crew jump out at you, miller, in the early debate? >> if anybody in that crew jumped at me outside of carly fiorina i you would go in the federal witness relocation program because they're all creepy. i am going to miss rick perry because now he is going to have to take his smart girl ashley banfield glasses over to the kid's table. i hope encarlie cuts his steak up into little pieces so he doesn't choke over there. there is the genius right there. rick, how many departments are there? which department is your favorite? i like barney miller's department. >> you are unforgiving miller. that happened a long time ago perry did a good job in texas. >> you like politicians. you like politicians i'm trying to be fair. i thought perry did a good job? texas. >> he is he a genius. he is he gandhi. i'm glad i'm alive during
5:42 pm
his era. i hope fox has some monitors over there at the big game to make sure nobody has deflated the balls. i picked up a rosetta stone app. today to make me figure out jibber irish to english so i can watch the debate. christie snuck in. did you ever think you would hear yourself say that christie snuck in? if i was christie, i would show up tomorrow, there is a landmark bridge over in cleveland called the main avenue bridge, he ought to shut that bridge down, too so nobody else can make it to the debate. that should be his mo. just keep on shutting down bridges so he he is the last man standing. >> so no one can get to the debate. >> we have michael wilding john warner, mike todd, larry, eddie fisher. wait a second, those are liz taylor's husbands. i got them all. >> that's right. come on. >> i'm not going to watch the debate because i don't like the time limit the world is going to hell in a hand basket and we have a minute time limit that's two
5:43 pm
final jeopardies. i don't watch the debate. >> you are going to miss trump. anything can happen there. he could come in dressed as a knight and he could do anything. anything can happen. >> you know what trump ought to do. he ought to land on the stage in his helicopter. that's what i would do, just come down to send hair blowing out. trump by the way billy is doing very well in california with young surfer who's want to surf his head. that's why they want him in there they want to get in the tube on his hair line. >> you have to admit though this guy has tapped into something and that something isn't you miller. you are fed up with it i know you are fed up with it. you are fed up with all the bs. you are fed up with the direction of the country and trump pass tapped into that. >> do you know what's more shocking bill? you are not. honest to god. >> i am but i have a job to do miller. i have a job to do. >> that i wish i h i wish i
5:44 pm
had you are sort of cool about it i think the country is screwed. >> i'm shaft here. i have a job to do. miller and i were in cleveland, what a few weeks ago. and we ate at the bavarian restaurant there with the big tubas and everything. if they all go to that restaurant before the debate, none of them are going to be able to walk on the stage. >> listen, i got my amex bill for that bill that night it was in deutsche mark. unless this is going to turn into a complete cage match i'm not going to watch. i don't want a moderator or time limits. i want them to pick up metal folding chairs ringsize side and start clocking each other over the head with it come together in one big prime transformer and get the democrats out thereof because they're running the country into the ground. i don't think any of these guys has a chance outside of hillary. outside of churchill as a war time president who has never been a more can more
5:45 pm
ripe for her times what's emblematic in america now than hillary miller. unless kardashians swank swim weared into the ring. >> this would probably 'poll 35% on that. there he is. we would like to tank everybody in the carolinas. the don't be a pinhead compleeldly sold out. just 40 tickets available. south florida at the hard rock hotel where they have added seats some have been sold. tickets make great gifts go on bill o' bernie goldberg deck. he has thoughts on how the fox news moderators should handle things tomorrow night. bernie is next. nstipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle
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back of the book segment tonight let's bring in the purveyor of mr. he is in north carolina this evening. if you were one of the debate moderators and trump gets the first question, what would you ask him? >> very interesting bill. i would ask him a question that i actually did ask him on camera when i was doing a story for real sports on hbo. it was a story about his brand new golf course in aberdeen, cot land. and when we came back to the united states he was typical political question about immigration or china or anythings. i asked him a psychological question here this is what it was. i said, mr. trump why do you brag so much? i think that's a very
5:50 pm
important question because most successful grown ups don't brag the way does. okay? and i like him personally. i have known him for a while and i think he likes me and he very politely said i don't think it's bragging when you are telling the truth. paging dr. krauthammer i mean, what kind of answer is that? he says his ratings are great. his buildings are great his golf courses are the greatest in the world. and he doesn't think it's bragging because he is telling the truth that's the question i would ask. >> he is a marketeer. he markets himself. that's he has always done. >> i want to know what makes the guy in the white house. i want to know what's going on up here. not just his policies. >> you never know what's going on up there. words that really don't matter. let me just because i think that was a very, very interesting answer that you just gave to the first question. from first question. >> from trump's point of view he
5:51 pm
is a marketer. he is a salesman. he sells. as he points out he has been extremely successful in doing that. a president is not a marketer although ronald reagan was to some extent. but he's not. what he is is a problem solver. so there is where you go in. when i spoke to trump yesterday he said you can say all of this stuff but you have to give me how you are going to do it. i think that is where the moderator is going to go. you know as well as i do no matter what you ask the ten people on the stage they are going to answer the way they want to answer. >> that is one of the things my advice for the moderators. you want to hear what they are? >> i do. >> i want to make clear this is not advice for fox moderators. they are all very good. i have no concerns about how they are going to behave. this is general stuff.
5:52 pm
number one, check your biases at the door. your job is simple. ask serious, not frivolous questions, that the voters care about. number two, as you just said there's a tendency for politicians you ask them one question and they answer whatever they want. i think it is acceptable for the moderator to politely interrupt and say -- >> that's not what i asked. >> number three, if they still don't do that when they finish i think it is perfectly okay to say just for the record we have to move on but you did not answer my question. >> i agree. >> number four never tell us directly or even indirectly what the facial expression how you, the moderator feel about the subject. >> that's why i can't do the debate. >> exactly. and if i were anyone else i would not make you not do the debate i would say you can't go
5:53 pm
anywhere near ohio for 48 hours leading up to the debate. >> that is why i am going to be in boston. that's where i'm going to be tomorrow night. >> i would send you to nicaragua. >> you would do that anyway and tip off that i was coming. that is the kind of guy you are. now, goldberg went to rutgers. rutgers has an embarrassing professor who says the usa is worse than isis or something insane. you wrote a letter to president of rutgers, what did you tell them? >> she is a journalism professor and i was a major at rutgers. i wrote a letter to president of rutgers university. she said isis is brutal but the united states is more so and says 1.3 million killed in iraq afghanistan and pakistan never mind the exaggerated number. i don't think you should lose your job for being idiotic.
5:54 pm
i think professors have rights and they even have the right to be foolish. i would like to know what the president of the university thinks about it. >> i have to go. let us know next week. >> if he gets back to me i will be glad to let you know. >> if he doesn't we may have to send watters to see him. >> i'm begging you don't do it. a fun thing to do during the debate tomorrow night. the tip moments away.
5:55 pm
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6:00 pm
tomorrow night. we will have predebate coverage. thanks again for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. breaking tonight, the biggest event to date in campaign 2016 is now just 24 hours away and at the center of the political universe is a battle ground state of ohio. welcome to "the kelly file" i'm megyn kelly reporting live from cleveland. by this time tomorrow night the top ten republican presidential contenders will be going head to head for the first time in a debate right here. before this arena is filled before the first question is asked and i assure you it has been drafted, we are hearing that this debate will have an impact on the white house race like few before it ever have and the reason in two