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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 8, 2015 9:30am-11:01am PDT

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tions or property stories at property man@fox and check out our website at fox man. i'm bob massey. see you next week. this week on the journal, editorial reform. the republican white house hopefuls square off in the first debate of the 2016 campaign from immigration to the economy, to national security. our panel breaks down the candidates' stands on the big issues looks at the break-out moments as well as the missed opportunities and assesses where the campaign goes from here. >> welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul. the republican presidential hopefuls squared off in cleveland, ohio in the first debate of the 2016 campaign season. the campaign who finished at the bottom of the national poll average took the stage earlier
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in the evening followed by a primetime for wrum for the ten leading contenders. that's where donald trump took center stage both literally and figuratively beginning the evening by refusing to rule out a third party run. >> is there anyone on stage, and can i see hands who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person. again, we're looking at you to raise your hand now. mr. trump. >> joining the panel this week wall street journal columnist and deputy editor. washington columnist and editorial board member joe. so kim, you -- you saw in the debate. trump was trump.
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did he help his campaign? >> he did not starting with that first question. republicans they are attracted to him. some of them are because he is brash and blunt. they also want to win in 2016. >> imagine that. you want to win the election. >> i know. and an independent trump bid really potentially threatens to put hillary clinton in the white house, so that will not have gone over well. moreover besides the brifshgness and brashness, this was a guy he did not equate himself well on questions of policy. he didn't look very substantive that way, and especially i think standing next to a lot of other candidates who did have a mastery of the facts, he didn't come out looking that fwood. >> the appeal of trump, joe, is said to be not substance. who cares, i think, mark cuban dallas mavericks owner said i don't care what he says about substance. it's his attitude. he says what he thinks.
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>> status competition between winners and losers. it's this world view. >> i'm a winner. i'll make america a winner. >> but i think he looked kind of like a loser by his own standard last night. it's just sort of assertions when he did state a fact or seem to have thought through an issue like single payer health care. he was widely far from that republican party, so i didn't think he looked very good up on that stage. >> ditto. he was on the stage with a stage full of political professionals, and they came prepared to talk about things in substance. i remember seeing trump on bill o'reilly's show. he asked him whether he would be prepared to debate. he said whatever. he brought whatever to the stage. i think even his followers came away saying that's not enough. there's more than anger going on here. >> we have often criticized politicians for being over wonk where i. we are wonks for a living. that's what we do for a living but the public doesn't pay attention to a lot of these issues. we -- remember mike dukakis, the
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land use planning manual? you can get too much in the weeds as a politician but i think people want their presidents to actually have some substantive grasp of the main issues of the and the thing about trump that strikes me as -- he doesn't want to do the work. >> i mean it's almost as if it's beneath him to dot homework he would be required to be president. is that going to fly, kim? >> no it's not. i mean everything he talked about -- joe alluded to this. the single payer health care thing, he seemed to be absolutely oblivious to the fact that conservatives despise this idea and said well you know maybe we could have had it here but the time is passed and then went into ram belling response about insurance across state lines, not that anyone could follow what he was saying.
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sxho people know the legend in a good sense of what he accomplished. how did you do? >> i don't think he did very well. a lot of these questions, he looked like a kid waiting for lass to get out and watching the clock. >> let's hear from another candidate, jeb bush. >> as governor of the state of florida i created the first statewide voucher program in the country. the second statewide voucher program in the country, and the third statewide voumer program in the country, and we had rising student achievement across the board because high
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standards, robust accountability, ending social promotion in third grade real school choice across the board challenging the teachers union and beating them is the way to go, and florida's low income kids had the greatest gains inside the country. our graduation rate improved by 50%. that's what i'm for. >> big vulnerability supposedly for bush. common core. >> yeah. >> what did you think of that? >> this was a credentialing debate for jeb bush. the idea was out there that he wasn't a real conservative. this was his opportunity to convey some information about what he had actually done as governor of florida. we saw it and we also saw it when he talked about lowering taxes, being pro-life. defunding planned parenthood. that was what he had to accomplish in this debate and i think he did that. he established it as a baseline. he can go forward from here. >> some conservatives are saying you know he was kind of -- the tone was a little too quiet. not enough energy as some of the others. what did you think about bush? >> no he revved up as the
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debate went along. that answer right there was very strong. he did the things that he needed to do. he talked not just about his record down in florida. he got himself straight with the base or attempted to on common core. didn't back away from his position that he cares about standards, but did clarify he doesn't want the federal government telling the states what to do. he did something similar on immigration, which was his other big vulnerability. talked about border security which is something the grassroots wants to hear. didn't back away from comprehensive immigration reform ask he also did something important wresh put it in the context of a pro-growth pro-free market labor policy, and this was all important for republicans here. >> all right. much more to come as we continue our look at this week's gop presidential debates. it was a big night for some relative newcomers. will carly fiorina and mark wroe rubio see a bump from their break-out performances? do you want to know how hard it can be to breathe with copd? it can feel like this.
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>> good saturday to you. washington republican candidates are taking their post-debate momentum south to atlanta. it is the first major conference since thursday's debate and a chance for the presidential hopefuls to have the stage to themselves. we'll have a live report from the red state gathering. and top democrats in congress are now breaking ranks with the white house. they say they're ready to vote no on the controversial new deal with iran. this as we're learning new details by an iran wran general's secret trip to russia despite international travel bans. general jack keen will join us with his take. plus the secret service brings in an outsider to get that embattled -- back on track after a series of embarrassing scandals that include multiple braechz of white house security. one former secret service agent is skrept cal that george mulligan is the right guy for the job. that and more at the top of the hour on america's news headquarters.
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this election cannot be a resume competition. it's important to be qualified, but if this is a resume competition, then hillary clinton will be the next president because she's been in government and office longer than anyone running here tonight. here's what this election better be about. it better be about the future not the past. it better be about the issues our nation and the world are faesing today, not the issues we once faced. florida senator marco rubio thursday night sf what some have described as a break-out performance. dan, who did well? >> well i think in that sense both marco rubio and carlo fiorina did well. they are able to speak in a very cogent way in these 60 second formats. >> jeb bush a little weak on that. carly and rubio, they communicate and they connect, and i think people listening to them understand what they're saying and they understand kind of the force that they bring to it. they help themselves a lot.
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>> who else swroe? >> i think ohio governor john kasich had a good night. he seems fresh. he seemed empathetic. he had a kind of midwestern decency, and he used that to the questions where he is unconventional. >> you criticized him in the past in editorials joe, for his rolling medicaid under obama care. >> that's right. he was able to pair that with a hopeful, optimistic message. i think people will be giving him more of a look as a late coomber on the race. i think he is a top tier contepider. >> dan mentioned carly fiorina. let's look at a clip. >> hillary clinton lies about benghazi. she lies about e-mails. she is still defending planned parenthood, and she is still her party's frontrunner. 2016 is going to be a fight between conservativism and a democrat party that is undermining the very character of this nation.
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we need a nominee who is going to throw every punch. not pull punches. and someone who cannot stumble before he even gets into the ring. i am not a member of the political class. i am a conservative. i can win this job. i can do this job. >> kim, she was throwing some punches there for sure and not just at hillary clinton. there was an implicit swing at jeb bush there, i thought. how did you think she did, carly? >> very good outsider. this is what trump is saying he is. this is her. her benefit is she not just does the 60 second answers and talks very broadly in and i way that connects to people but she has an extraordinary mastery of the facts. she's incredibly voiced, and she did not pull her punches. she went after hillary clinton, went after bush went after trump, and she -- i mean in had a -- there are also important people on the stage in that other debate formidable
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characters, and she shoen. >> i want to bach about marco rubio, and rubio is in many respects just the most talented just in termsical talent. the ability to marshall facts -- to speak with an inspiring tone. he has a great personal story. he would like to use that. let's contrast himself with hillary clinton. i think that potentially -- one other thing he did was he puts the economic anxiety we all feel in a larger context of the change that's going on rapid change and he says look i understand this and i can help address it. when he gets to his policy specific ideas there has maybe -- you know what i'm going to give him a chance. >> yeah. i think he has helped himself a lot for what has to be the target for him, which is the new hampshire primary. that's the primary that's going to pit him against bush kasich and christie and i think marco rubio has made himself a player in that early primary.
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>> he doesn't alienate people and he seems to be more surrounding of the audience that he is talking to. >> what about kim, the people who let's assume trump does fall and there's no guarantee that that happens, but if it does who is there to peck up some of the voters? >> ted cruz. you know you saw that on the stage last night that that was, in fact something cruz was aiming for. overall, i did not think senator cruz really extinguished himself. and he is meant to be a master debater, and he is meant -- nothing he said necessarily resonated strongly at the debate. he was the other angry guy up on the stage. the other guy who said he is going to take on the beltway establishment, and that very much puts him in trump's shadow and if trump stays, i think some of the voters go to cruz. >> joe, you thought that chris christie did pretty well briefly. >> i did. he has put forward a very
9:47 am
serious plan to reform entitlements to reform taxes, and i thought his debate he got the better of the debate with rand paul over anti-terror tools and surveillance. >> with mike huckabee too, he took on -- i think he won on points on that one too. all right. thank you, all. when we come back with the first debate behind, you a look ahead to where the campaign goes from here. thursday night's performances did they change the republican race in a fundamental way? our panel after the break. ng with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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i'm the only one that separates siamese twins. the only one who operates on babies while they're still in a who would take out half a brain. you would think if you went to
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washington that someone had beat me to it. >> retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson in a lighter moment. did this debate fundamentally change the republican race? >> debates don't normally have a big effect this early, but this one might have been different in certain respects. after the summer of trump, it reset expectations and gave people their first chance very widely watched, their first chance to compare these guys one-on-one and set the theme of the debate. people are going to be watching very closely going forward. >> kim, do you think the trump effect if it does deflate, is that the biggest outcome? voters will size them up? >> yeah. it's probably not going to be overnight.
9:52 am
i would think of it more as air leaking out of a balloon but that's what will start to happen. i think you'll see the other competitors get some upticks. carly fiorina, i think this shifts around the standings. ben carson i think will get real respect. what you will have are people have been introduced to the candidates and you'll see a shift to debate and that forum rather than just to get to know you. >> if you thought bush was still the odds-on favorite in a wide open field, walker is one of his competitors took a step back. he didn't show up as a presidential level candidate. marco rubio rose up. they could be more competitors going forward. >> i think they absolutely will be competitors. is this heading to something real? the republican primary from
9:53 am
february to june. the first one is iowa. the iowa caucuses. four of those men are heading to iowa. mike huckabee santorum scott cruz and walker. i think mike huckabee emerged as the strongest candidate at this point going into iowa. and if you win it it's a big deal. it's not everything but it keeps you in the race. >> any larger themes you're seeing emerge in terms of what the republican party stands for? >> i think there's a real cleavage in the party, with people who want to offer a hopeful message, john kasich and jeb bush this n that category. and people who want to divide polarize -- >> i put rubio and rand paul in that category too. >> most definitely. and it's really in a lot of ways the mirror of what president obama has done which is make
9:54 am
everybody mad, attack people personally and really drive the base. >> polarize the electorate and then drive conservative turnout and that will carry you to victory? that's explicitly the cruz strategy. kim, is there anybody you think is really maybe on the way out here really hurt by this? >> look i think most of the people in that first debate that you saw, they didn't do anything really to distinguish themselves. these are the patakis and the gilmores, even rick santorum. and i think they will continue to struggle to get notice among the electorate. >> i think rand paul will have to put on his reality cap, too. the national security issue isn't cutting the libertarian streak isn't coming through on other domestic issues he might have impact. we have to take one more break. our hits and misses of the week.
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time for our hits and misses. believe it or not, plenty of other news this week. dan, start us off. >> a miss to president obama. he defended his nuclear arms deal with iran. what emerged from the speech in the coverage it was not so much the substantive defense or the details of the speech but at attacks on the opposition calling them warmongers even democrats who support the deal were pretty dismayed by it. so instead of a president defending his foreign policy legacy what we got basically was a community organizer scapegoating his opposition. >> all right, kim. you're up. >> a hit to senator chuck schumer who despite that speech came out this week against the iran deal. senator schumer, a new york democrat is a leading jewish voice in congress very
9:59 am
influential in his party. the fact he came out so forcefully is a huge slap at the administration. it isn't clear if it comes in time to rally enough democrats to vote with republicans to block the deal and that might have been part of senator schumer's timing. but it's important in that you'll have a bipartisan on opposition to the deal. >> kim, you've been in washington too long. joe? >> you never know with schumer. >> true. >> in a normal week we'd probably demote a segment to this myth but president obama's plan to reorganize the economy in the name of climate change is really something else. he wants to cut carbon emissions by 32% in the next 20 years, terrible effects for growth for consumer income for u.s. competitiveness. it's an affront to the rule of law and self-government which is why i think it will be overturned by the courts or crushed by opposition in the states. >> all right, thank you, joe. remember if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it
10:00 am
to us at "jer" on fnc. i hope to see you right here next week. riding the momentum days after the most watched presidential primary debate of all time right here on fox news. some of the candidates are speaking out to conservatives down in atlanta today. we'll go there live. a deadly offensive in afghanistan. a u.s. service member is dead. others are wounded after attackers strike a military base near the capital hours after two bombs ripped through the streets of kabul killing dozens of civilians and wounding hundreds more. we will have the very latest. >> and a massive typhoon slams through causing death and destruction. now millions more people are in its path. our fox extreme weather center is tracking it all.
10:01 am
>> nice to see you. thanks for spending your day with us. i'm lee land vittert. >> and i'm elizabeth prann. gop heavyweights are taking the stage this hour in atlanta days after more than 24 million people tuned in to watch the first presidential debate right here on fox news. my friend jonathan serrie is live in atlanta. hi jonathan. >> reporter: hi elizabeth. originally donald trump was supposed to speak at this event this evening but he was disinvited by the organizer of the red state gathering because of his controversial comments about fox news anchor megyn kelly. this has served as a distraction for the other candidates.
10:02 am
this morning former arkansas governor mike huckabee talked about the importance of energy independence and protecting the religious liberty of individuals and organizations that disapprove of same sex marriage an issue he says is far from over. listen. >> i think people are utterly naive when they say things like the supreme court has ruled. that settles it. hardly. the supreme court ruled in 1973 on roe v. wade and unrestricted abortion rights. did that settle it? have we stopped talking about it? hardly. >> reporter: the red state gathering attracts conservative and republican activists from around the country. it's a chance for them to get an early look at the candidates and their platform. >> we don't want this to be a popularity contest or whoever can give the best speech but who can connect with americans with the best ideas, and that's what we're expecting. >> reporter: and texas senator ted cruz also addressed the
10:03 am
gathering today. we'll have highlights from that in the next hour. elizabeth, back to you. >> thank you, jonathan. jonathan serrie reporting live from atlanta. thanks. what do the candidates need to do today in atlanta where jonathan is and this weekend around the country to capitalize on their performance or for that matter perhaps make up for the rather performances some had. fox news political analyst rich lowry is with us now. rich good to have you. one of the things that was so amazing about the debate there were so many different storylines playing out on that stage. one of the big ones was the rubio/bush storyline in the sense that at one time they had this mentor/proceed jaytege relationship. some said bush was flat and rubio really shined. >> well you're absolutely right. the conventional wisdom was when jeb got into this race. that it would squeeze out marco
10:04 am
rubio. rubio wouldn't be able to raise money. he wouldn't want to race against his mentor and friend. he got in. he's raised enough money to be credible. and we saw on that debate stage why there's so much upside to marco rubio. the problem he has, he doesn't have a clear ideological base he doesn't have a geographical base the way scott walker does and foothold in iowa there. he has a lot of political talent. his campaign is just banking on that. it will allow him to catch fire at some point in the campaign and who know thursday night might have been the first part. >> rich, i want to expand on rubio, how far can the sheer talent take him? >> well i think it's limitless. you just don't know and it depends on whether he takes off or not. he's not necessarily a natural match in iowa. there will be a lot of competition in new hampshire. so again, if you check off the ideological and geographic
10:05 am
bases, it's hard to see where his sheer base is but this is a guy after the debates people were comparing him to jfk. we talked to democrats. they're almost uniform in saying he is the candidate they potentially fear most. again, he has major upside. the campaign is very shrewd. they're not spending a lot of money. they're being frugal and they consider their main asset him and his talent. >> sure. i want to switch gears and ask you more about john kasich. i read your piece and you did say that he benefited, of course from a very friendly crowd. he was obviously a hometown gentleman there. but i want to ask you is he a really big threat in the race? and who is he potentially a threat to? >> i think he is a threat and he's a threat to jeb bush. now we'll see. he got very strong media reviews, john kasich. we'll have to see how the average republican reacts on
10:06 am
expanding medicaid. if he catches on particularly in new hampshire, it is a significant complicating factor to say the least for jeb bush because jeb in this race i really think has to win on the romney model which if you have all the establishment advantages you dominate the center/right and grind everyone down. if kasich is infringing on that space, it's hard for that model to work. you saw kasich picking up some in new hampshire prior to the debate. >> give us the takeaway in the larger sense. you had 24 million people watching ten guys who were on the stage. there were a lot of moments in television there and a lot of things to dissect. did anyone rise to the crop? was there any cream that came to the top? did anyone sink really far, or did we all take one giant step down the road together? >> i think almost everyone did well. i think i didn't like trump's
10:07 am
performance, and i think it will probably hurt him. i wouldn't expect his top line number to drop much. he's been really gaining in his internals and his favorability among most republicans. the number of republicans who say they would never vote for him is going down. it wouldn't surprise me if some of those numbers reverse. i thought rand paul hurt himself. he was being petulant,a bad mood. but everyone else's advantages were really on display. we talked about rubio, mike huckabee is just a natural at this. it's hard for him to have a bad debate. ted cruz anytime you give cruz the microphone he uses it to advantage. ben carson disappeared at times especially during the first part of the debate but at the end you really saw his soft spoken power as a speaker, and he really won some at the end. everyone did well and the rnc has to be deluted to have such a large and talented group and maybe regretting the fact that
10:08 am
it limited the number of debates this time around. >> okay. and you talked about obviously a lot of talent. did you see the same talent in the 5:00 p.m. debate? >> yeah you know you can take those candidates who were on the 5:00 p.m. debate and take them and compare them to the entire field in 2012 and they might be a more impressive field and i agree with the conventional wisdom that carly fiorina hit it out of the park which wasn't surprising to any of us who have seen her on the campaign trail so far at various forums. she never fails to excel and she did it on that 5 p.m. stage. she just needs four or five points to get among the top ten in the next event. >> rich lowry, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks guys. and now we want to hear from you. what did you think of the gop debate? you can send us your tweets @lelandvittert or
10:09 am
or @elizabethprann and we'll read your thoughts later in the show. >> a quick programming note be sure to tune in to "fox news sunday" tomorrow. chris wallace sits down with a pair of gop presidential hopefuls including the woman we were just talking about, former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina is here and kentucky senator rand paul to talk about what many have said is a lackluster debate performance. check your local listings for times to catch "fox news sunday." fox news alert, afghan terrorists attacked a u.s. special operations base killing one service member and injuring two others this weekend. a u.s. military official tells fox news an explosion went off outside the capital of kabul this morning. 11 other people were killed including the two bombers responsible for the attack. this comes on the heels of a bombing targeted at kabul police
10:10 am
academy and an afghan army compound earlier in the day. >> the explosive is 42 admitted. three dead on arrival. around 20 of them were children and women. >> tough times in kabul. the bombings ended a month long lull in violence in the capital city and shocked many residents. >> and it's becoming increasingly clear the voices of dissent against the deal with iran and other world powers are getting louder. new york senator chuck schumer is breaking with the ranks with the white house by publicly opposing the nuclear deal and he's not the only democrat voicing their disapproval. kristen fisher is live. >> reporter: the top two have
10:11 am
come out against this deal but it was senator schumer's vote that really matters. not only is he the most influential jewish voice in congress but is in line to become the next senate democratic leader. now several top officials within the obama administration are openly questioning if schumer could still get the job. former senior adviser dan pfeiffer posted quote, senator schumer siding against obama. it will make it hard to lead the dems. and speechwriter said schumer, who said it was a mistake to pass obamacare, now comes out again. this is our next senate leader? schumer says, quote, to me the very real risk will use the agreement to pursue its nefarious goals is too great. therefore, i will vote to disapprove the agreement. well here is how the deal's chief u.s. negotiator secretary of state john kerry responded yesterday.
10:12 am
listen. >> i profoundly disagree with the judgment made. i would respectfully suggest that rejection is not a policy for the future. it does not offer any alternative. >> reporter: but republicans are praising schumer's decision. mike huckabee called the democratic defection, quote, huge and very significant. this is an example of statesmanship and partisanship. i think we all owe chuck schumer a sincere round of applause for standing up and putting america first, putting peace first and saying no to the iranian deal. >> reporter: and the white house is no surprise here down playing schumer's defections. it won't impact other democrats but, make no mistake about it this is not the news the president wanted right before congress' august recess. elizabeth, back to you. >> kristin fisher thank you. a man who taught spirituality and meditation
10:13 am
classes in iran is facing the death penalty. he was originally given a five-year sentence for insulting islamic sanctity. with one year left on his sentence iranian authorities are now charging him with corruption on earth which can lead to a death sentence. his family says he has been denied access to his lawyer. >> a "washington post" reporter being held in an iranian prison will likely appear for his last hearing monday. he has been held for more than a year. he's been charged with espionage and distributing propaganda against the islamic republic and is reportedly facing a 10 to 20-year prison sentence. the government and freedom organizations have criticized the trial. much of it has been held behind closed doors. meanwhile, major fallout after fox news learned a top iranian military leader defied sanctions and made a visit to vladimir putin's russia. senator ted cruz says what happened next may be no
10:14 am
coincidence. >> part of this iranian deal was lifting the international sanction s sanctions on the general. the day he flew back to iran was the day we believe russia used cyber warfare against the joint chiefs. >> fox news' military analyst jack keen will takeane will take a closer look. who will be next in line for a massive weather system. and remember this one of the many black eyes of the secret service. a man hops a fence, runs into the white house. now one man has been tasked with fixing an agency critical to the safety of the president and those around him. >> the culture for senior agents must stop. it's an embarrassing and highly
10:15 am
disconcerting pattern of conduct that needs to end. the secret service mission is too important.
10:16 am
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waters to safety when typhoon soudelor slammed into the island nation today, about 20 hours ago. at least six people are dead and more than 100 were injured in the storm. more than a million homes, we're told are still without power in tieaiwan. the storm is head to go china where authorities there are warning people in the path of the storm to evacuate. >> new details on a story involving one of america's most dangerous enemies, and even more questions about president obama's iran nuclear deal. fox national correspondent jennifer griffin has more from the pentagon. >> reporter: a day after u.s. officials refused to comment, iranian officials confirmed the general qods force commander did travel to russia adding he was conducting weapons deals
10:20 am
including discussion of the s-300 missile system. ambassador to the united nations is a samantha power. >> this travel ban requires all states to prohibit salamani from traveling to their nation. the only exception is if an exemption is granted. >> reporter: the white house was reluctant to comment. >> i can't confirm these reports but it is an indication of our ongoing concerns with iran and their behavior. >> reporter: according to two separate sources, the general arrived from tehran on friday july 24 on iran air flight 5130. and departed three days before secretary of state john kerry testified about the iran nuclear deal.
10:21 am
assuring congress pressure would remain on iran's shadowy general. he met with vladimir putin and russia's defense minister. the news comes as an arms embargo is set, an add-on. soleimani was on front lines. also in defiance of the travel ban, he is blamed for the deaths of 500 americans in iraq. he orchestrated the thwarted assassination attempt on the saudi ambassador's life at a restaurant here in washington. soleimani's visit elicited this response. >> part of this iranian deal was lifting the international sanctions on general soleimani. the day general soleimani flew
10:22 am
back to iran was the day we believe that russia used cyber warfare warfare. >> reporter: a statement issued highlighting concerns. a leading general in iran just told the world that the united states of america is irrelevant and russia welcomed him with open arms. elizabeth? >> jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon thank you, jennifer. leland over to you. >> for more analysis dr. jack keane, fox news military analyst am i appreciate you being here. unbelievable reporting by jennifer griffin who broke the story to change the way folks are looking at the iran deal. do you agree with what she said in terms of what mike rogers had to say and that this really proves the iranians now have decided their best hope is the russians and that's who they're in bed with? >> certainly. soleimani has traveled more than just to russia. he travels at will, to be frank
10:23 am
about it. this leader soleimani, is more important than the president of iran is. he is in charge of the supreme leader's entire objective which is regional domination. soleimani oversaw the law in lebanon with the israelis. he was about to be toppled. he brought in 5,000 hezbollah, 20,000 shia militia. organized those with the qods force on the ground and assad obviously is still in power. organizing the shia militia and he's been killing americans for years. this is the key man. he works for no one else but the supreme leader. >> so based on all that and what you know why do we see the white house sort of pedaling around this and josh earnest
10:24 am
saying i can't confirm if this meeting happened. what do you make of that? >> because it flat underscores the problem that they have and the trust factor with iran. this is behind senator schumer's concern and why he refuses to back this deal and this underscores that. it emphasizes that iran cannot be trusted. he'll look you right in the face and lie and here is soleimani making an arms deal when there's an arms embargo. >> we talked a lot about the possibility of the arms deal happening between the russians and iranians the two guys soleimani and putin. what do the iranians need and want now that they're flushed with cash? >> well the russians want influence and they're sidling up next to the iranians. they're propping up the syrian regime which they have their open national interest in. it makes sense from putin's perspective to this this relationship. they manufacture some of the best arms in the world and iran
10:25 am
will have a lot of cash now to buy it. and so it makes sense. >> one of the things that's interesting about this you look at the way the russians are handling things in terms of the iran deal. are they viewing, cozying up as a way of challenging the united states? >> i think any opportunity putin has to weaken the relationship the united states has with europe or to weaken a relationship the united states has in the middle east putin will do that. and i think we can see that being played out over the last three years in particular. and, listen putin is part of the deal. he's part of the negotiating team with the iranians and is violate the arms embargo with soleimani. >> one of the things they've said possible this was on the table in terms of what weapons to buy with the missile system a very very sophisticated air defense missile system they could make it almost impossible
10:26 am
for a surgical strike on the iranian nuclear facility. do you think that will go through? if so how? what's the time frame iran can be protected by it? >> if the weapons exist, it's just a matter of shipping it. >> he took the military option off the table a number of years ago. >> and we know how worried the israelis are. general keane, appreciate your insight. thanks. >> and coming up outrage today over this illegal immigrant accused of attacking and abusing a 64-year-old air force veteran who later died from her injuries. the shocking case and why it continues to be released from custody. plus remember the white house party crashers? who doesn't, right? the embarrassing security lapse was just one of many that tarnished the secret service. but now one man is trying to change all of that and we'll introduce you to him. and stop the clock.
10:27 am
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doers. they don't worry if something's possible. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical it's a case of deja vu an illegal immigrant charged with murder raising once again serious questions about police practices and immigration policies often allowing violent felons out on the street. the latest happened in california. robert gray is tracking the story for us from los angeles. hi, robert. >> reporter: hi leland. that's right. victor ramirez and another man have been arrested. a vicious attack on a woman. they bludgeoned her and sexually assaulted her. she died eight days later. ramirez is an illegal immigrant
10:32 am
with a string of arrests. officials are laying blame. >> i believe there's a blood trail from washington, d.c., to sacramento into the bedroom of marilyn. what we see time after time this administration throws buckets of nails in front of i.c.e. auer state is then dumping thousands and thousands of prisoners back on our streets under 8109. >> reporter: the sheriff criticizing a law aimed at reducing the prison population and growing frustration over the lack of cooperation between local and federal immigration officials. officials at u.s. immigration customs and enforcement say they asked to be notified before the prior release to take him into custody. i.c.e. officials claim the police department released him a week later in 2014 without notification. ramirez has been arrested six times in the last 15 months for crimes including sexual assault,
10:33 am
weapons charges and driving without a license. his most recent arrest occurred just eight days before the attack. ramirez has pled not guilty to charges and remains in custody. >> it is too soon in our process for me to make a decision about whether this will be a death penalty case whether it will be prosecuted as a death penalty case. but the way it is filed now, there is the option. >> reporter: this attack comes weeks after an illegal immigrant allegedly killed kate steinle in san francisco. that case called into question government policies that allow illegals to remain free despite laws that mandate deportation. leland back to you. >> on the issue of sanctuary cities such a debate in the presidential race. robert gray following it from los angeles. it won't be the end of this story. thanks robert. president obama vacations on
10:34 am
mort yeah martha's vineyard. the secret service is still reeling from a number of pr disasters. who can forget the frightening images of white house fence jumper going past security the drunken agent who slammed into a barricade, agents caught partying with prostitutes while on the job in colombia and of course the white house state dinner crashers. the man tasked with helping the secret service clean up its act is george mulligan. he's been on the job for about a week as the agency's first ever chief operating officer. he is a villanova grad with a masters from harvard kennedy school of government. he knows his way around the white house and the pentagon having held high-level posts at both over the past 29 years. but does he have what it takes to restore the trust in this embattled agency? sam emmett joins us the author of "within arm's length." he was with the agency for more
10:35 am
than 21 years. the story of how he came to protect bill clinton and both presidents bush in that book. he joins us now from montgomery alabama. you that so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. happy to be here. >> i want to get your reaction to the appointment of george mulligan. he has almost 30 years' experience. even the director himself says he has very strong leadership. i want to get your reaction. >> well george mulligan's appointment, of course came about as a result of the independent panel's investigation of the secret service and the direction of jay johnson to joe clancy that he appointed. i think that the jury is still out on whether he's going to be able to do anything productive or not and that his position has never been used before. it's brand-new. let's keep in mind that when joe clancy became director he inherited quite the mess of very large magnitude. in a very short time i think director clancy has gotten the
10:36 am
secret service headed back in the right direction. ultimately it will be up to the director of the secret service. everything that happens or fails to happen as opposed to mr. mulligan. >> okay. the jury is still out but does he have the potential to really change the tone of the agency and all of his agents? >> well i think mr. mulligan coming from the outside brings a fresh perspective, a fresh set of eyes on the scene. i think he's going to be of help. i don't think he will hurt the situation any but, again, ultimately the secret service is going to have to fix its own problems beginning with the director on down to the lowest level of the first level supervisor. one person in other words, whether it's mr. mulligan, director clancy or whomever they're not going to be able to fix this completely by themselves. it's going to be a team effort and i'm sure that mr. mulligan's going to do everything in his power to help director clancy get things back on course.
10:37 am
>> right. and you've said in the past often people are promoted first and then they're trained for the post later. do you feel this way mulligan or is he different? >> no not at all. i think if you're going to have a position known as chief operating officer, you have to be very careful about who you bring in. of all the potential candidates that mr. mulligan is probably one of the most qualified if not the most qualified. being a formal naval officer, he understands good order and discipline having work at the white house in charge of the military office there he's familiar with how the secret service does business. bringing mr. mulligan in from the outside, which is unprecedented. this has never been done. very radical. but i think of all the people they could have brought in he's probably at the top of the list. >> a number of mishaps the secret service has endures dating back to 2009 from bar
10:38 am
fights to shootings to the white house lawn that went undetected. when did this behavior disintegrate your observation? >> well in my observation i would have to go back to when i retired in 2004. i believed that we had a pretty tight outfit at that time. i think what joe clancy inherited was really a situation that had been about ten years in the making and i know that congressman chavez, the oversight committee and the american people have expected clancy to get things back on track immediately. and i think he's made a lot of great strides in that direction, first of all, by cleaning out the eighth floor. he has gotten rid of the dead wood that was up there, brought in new people and now with mr. mulligan it's almost like a fresh start. and so i think you can look at the secret service coming down
10:39 am
the pike as one of the best it's ever been. >> dan, thank you so much for joining us. we hope to have you back as we keep an eye on this. thank you so much. >> you're quite welcome. thank you. still ahead, piecing together a mystery in the skies. more plane parts continue to wash up on a french island. are they for missing malaysian flight 370? we'll have the latest. an emotional homecoming for families in california. some just now being allowed to check on damage done by massive wildfires. we'll have an update on how the fight to contain the flames is going. that's coming up next. >> we have to keep going.
10:40 am
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residents in northern california are being allowed to return to their homes after a series of wildfires prompted the
10:44 am
governor to declare a state of emergency. homeowners returned to find only ashes and have been warned by governor brown to stay alert and read why i to leave at a moment's notice. so far fires have destroyed 43 homes and are only about half contained. 10,000 firefighters are battling 23 separate fires across the drought stricken state. >> this week malaysian officials said maintenance records prove the piece of a wing found on reunion island is a part of malaysian airlines flight 370 missing for more than a year. but french investigators are not as quick to agree. the back and forth continues as newly discovered debris on reunion island in the indian ocean only adds to the mystery. the publisher, rob marks. from the best you can tell here the french and malaysian squabble this out, is this stuff, specifically the wing
10:45 am
from mh-370? >> to the best of our knowledge, it is. i think the squabbling of the french and malaisians havemalaysians have a long history together. there was an awful lot of misinformation coming out of malaysia and my guess is that maybe what we're seeing here is the french saying well we're pretty 98% sure but we're not putting our complete faith in the malaysian government on this until the french investigators are happy. >> assuming this wing is from mh-370 which you say you're about 98% sure the malaysians seem to be sure ends the conspiracy theory it was flown to kazakhstan or taken over by terrorists or any of that kind of stuff. where does this begin the investigation process now that we have the first real piece of wreckage if you will? >> well it doesn't take us
10:46 am
really as far as some people might hope. it probably gives the family some kind of closure to know that the airplane went down in the water, and i'm sure that the investigation, the search will look into some of the areas where the currents have been moving just to see if other pieces wash up but it still doesn't explain the big question what happened and why? that's two questions. >> for what happened and why we need, presumably the black boxes, which if you look at the map are most likely still at the bottom of the ocean near australia. they don't float around. >> no. those are at the bottom somewhere and, of course that's what that main search is focused on right now off the west coast of australia because without those black boxes, we're never going to know for certain what happened. >> when we talk about knowing for certain what happened obviously it's important for closure for the families, to make sure it never happens again.
10:47 am
you cover these stories closely. any other progress made in the 14 or 15 months since everyone was focused on this and determining what happened or has the investigation been in a holding pattern? >> the investigation itself has been active in the sense of searching the water and where they are searching is the last best get. it was not perfect to begin with. tracking has become a very big issue in aviation around the world. >> is an airplane tracked better today than when mh-370 disappeared? >> well i hate to sound vague but a proposal was put together trying to get the airlines to go along with it. it is somewhat costly but,
10:48 am
again, they're heading in the right direction. they're not 100% by any means. >> what about in terms of u.s. carriers. have they made any kind of changes? has the faa made any changes, stuff like that? >> we didn't have the same issue in the u.s., the deltas the americans, the uniteds, the southwests. we've always had a pretty good handle on where those aircraft are all the time. the new procedure, they want to put together will be much more precise. they will allow for instantaneous tracking if an event happens, even if the aircraft senses is unusual, it will send back to a base through the satellite its position, its altitude, direction of flight. it's not all in place yet. >> we'll see if some of that
10:49 am
safety equipment you've talked about. all the best. coming up i can tell who wrote this the hermit kingdom is about to time travel. why kim jong-un is forcing his people to literally turn back the clock. plus stunning new images released by nasa taken from the dark side of the moon. we'll show you those coming up. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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clockwork bizarre on this one. one week from today north korea will officially change its time zone. yes, they can do that evidently. the state news agency announced all clocks must be turned back 30 minutes to create a new time zone dubbed pyongyang time. the half-hour switch is being painted by dictator kim jong-un as a triumph over japanese imperialists. this is one of those kind of bear in the woods questions because who knows what time it is in pyongyang anyway? >> i was going to ask you, it's not like people are traveling in and out of that country on a regular basis. it may not really effect
10:54 am
anybody. >> if you were dictator and wanted to change thetime zone why not? just because you can. you're looking at newly released images from the dark side of the moon. i'm not talking about the lyrics to a pink floyd song. earlier this week nasa released images from epic a camera that captures images not visible from earth. since the moon rotates on the same side as it orbits the earth, these are special. they show what we cannot see on an ordinary day. and the view is very different unlike the view here on earth there are no dark rocky plains. it also is just really cool. you can't get that from the earth because we're actually from the earth. >> yeah. that makes sense now all of a sudden. now i'm picking up on that. what's interesting, it's always fun to be able to look back at earth, the apollo guys say that's the one image they can't get out of their minds. >> we did an interview with astronaut scott kelly he said
10:55 am
every day wake up and look out my window and see planet earth. >> not many guys have seen the dark side of the moon only a couple dozen. mump morech more ahead on "america's news headquarters," could this throw a wrench in hillary's presidential campaign? now we're told the fbi is involved in the security behind her private e-mail server. this just will not go away. we'll sort it out coming up next. plus it's a release of a different kind orange muck actually. one million gallons oozing down a colorado river from an upstate mine. looks appetizing huh? we're going to tell you what authorities are telling residents to do about it coming up. and, a stunning victory for family and friends who lost loved ones in the colorado theater shooting. we're going to have reaction to the james holmes verdict coming up. >> our lives are forever altered. and the thought that this
10:56 am
monster gets to have visitation with his parents and gets to receive mail and pictures of his very strange girlfriends is very hard to accept.
10:57 am
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thanks for staying with us this saturday. i'm leland vittert. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's news headquarters" from washington. >> i'm elizabeth prann. here's what's making headlines. hearing from top gop candidates fresh off their first presidential debate. we'll get a fair and balanced debate on how they're doing from our political panel. the fbi launches an investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail server scandal. what her surrogates are saying she's not saying much as she faces a major grilling on capitol hill come this fall. and police are searching for the answers in the bizarre blue moon triple murder case down in florida. why police think the gruesome crime scene may point to witchcraft. >> it's witchcraft. i'll say that right now. you know there are different factions of that.