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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thanks for staying with us this saturday. i'm leland vittert. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's news headquarters" from washington. >> i'm elizabeth prann. here's what's making headlines. hearing from top gop candidates fresh off their first presidential debate. we'll get a fair and balanced debate on how they're doing from our political panel. the fbi launches an investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail server scandal. what her surrogates are saying, she's not saying much, as she faces a major grilling on capitol hill come this fall. and police are searching for the answers in the bizarre blue moon triple murder case down in florida. why police think the gruesome crime scene may point to witchcraft. >> it's witchcraft. i'll say that right now. you know, there are different factions of that.
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a u.s. service member is dead after an attack on a special ops based in afghanistan. at least two other americans were also wounded in the insurgent strike. this just hours after explosions rocked a heavy populated area of kabul. peter doocy is live with the latest. hi, peter. >> hi, elizabeth. this deadly wave of violence that rolled through kabul included a bomb blast at the u.s. special forces headquarters in kabul. that explosion killed one american soldier and injured two others. we are told four insurgent attackers responsible for this blast were quickly killed as well. sadly though not an isolated incident. just a few hours before this u.s. post was hit a terrorist wearing a police uniform that concealed a suicide vest walked up to a police academy and detonated himself killing 20 recruits, injuring 24 more. that wasn't even the largest explosion of the day. a truck bomb that exploded in a residential part of kabul leveled a whole city block
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wounding 240 innocent people and killing 15. in all the dead and wounded included 47 women and 33 children. because of that the state department looks at this sudden surge and says that it goes to show how little the insurgency cares about innocent afghan lives. but the afghan president sees things differently. president gahani thinks these ae being carried out as a diversion. in the last few weeks the taliban began peace talks with the afghan government, but then the famous taliban leader mullah omar's death was announced. and those peace talks haven't been going so well. but while the reasons for the ramped up terror activity remain unclear, one thing is unmistakable. the first half of this year has been the deadliest for civilians in afghanistan since 2009, almost 1,600 civilians killed there between january and june alone. elizabeth. >> wow.
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peter doocy reporting live. peter, thank you. four u.n. employees were rescued by special forces in mali after islamic extremists stormed a hotel and killed nine people there. authorities say extremists attacked the hotel on friday after trying to target a military site but they were pushed back. attacks like this are not normal in this part of mali, northern mali fell under control of jihadis in 2012, but a french-led offensive ousted them in early 2013. remnants of the extremists have l laid attacks, but this marks what we are told as a serious escalation there. a federal judge says the state department is out of time on providing the associated press with thousands of documents related to hillary clinton's time at the state department. the judge's new deadlines mean many files will be out before the democratic primaries kick off in iowa. this as the fbi launches an investigation into the former
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secretary of state's security regarding her private e-mail server. the investigation focuses on the server's security. and more importantly the security of all those e-mails on it. specifically the fbi is looking at the tech firm that helped manage the server and the physical security of a thumb drive that has copies of her e-mails currently held by her personal attorney. for a deeper look into what we could find out from this investigation, let's turn to former assistant director of the fbi ron hosgow. many might say you have all this classified data that is floating around, some in david kendall's private office. some on this server that is god knows where. why hasn't there been an fbi investigation sooner? >> so the fbi depends on predication to initiate its investigations. and that is substantial information that is proper to them or they become aware of. that leads to the initiation of an investigation.
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in this case it's hillary rodham clinton. she is obviously of, you know, some significant notoriety in the united states. she is a political figure. she's a political candidate. and so the fbi -- >> is there a double standard because of that? if you as a former assistant director had taken a bunch of classified e-mails from the fbi and gave them to your attorney and said why don't you put these in the filing cabinet down at your office, would you have been investigated sooner, you think? >> i think so. i think so. what the fbi and frankly d.o.j. try to avoid is influencing the political process. and so there is a greater delicacy in determining it's time to open a case and how you proceed against that case. i will tell you i've been involved in investigations where it is a notable political figure, an election is coming up and we know the clock is ticking to do something like execute a search warrant because you don't want to influence an upcoming election. so we're all sensitive to that.
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is that a double standard? it probably is because of the political influence of the case. >> you have these two issues here. we have the issue of david kendall who is her attorney who has all of the e-mails that she turned over to the state department, the 30,000 or so e-mails. he has copies of those on this thumb drive. then there's the issue of the actual server itself. the box, the home brew server as it's being called. i want to play a sound bite from hillary clinton's spokesperson talking to our ed henry about where that server is. >> where's the server? [ laughter ] >> that's an excellent question. and it's one that i am sure chairman gowdy will be asking hillary clinton about on october 22nd. >> but seriously, do you know is it as hillary clinton's home as she said in march, or is it somewhere else? >> you know, again, i'm going to let hillary clinton answer that question on the 22nd. >> fair enough. she's going to testify october 22nd. that's when we expect an answer. >> put it this way, it's secure. >> if we take her spokesperson's
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word for it who says she's not going to say anything but hillary clinton will on october 22nd, does the fbi have the right or for that matter the power to say bring us the server right now? >> well, i think that could be a starting point with the attorney here. the fbi tries to use the least intrusive means to get the information they need. and that could be a simple request. and you have an attorney produce it. that could be a subpoena, a grand jury subpoena, that is a command, that could be a search warrant. >> is the fbi investigating where the server is? or the fact that the server is simply somewhere? is it illegal for these e-mails to be in the attorney's office? or are they investigating what's in the e-mails? >> as i understand it today, the fbi is investigating the security surrounding the server itself. >> and could there be a crime committed simply based on the security around the server or around that thumb drive? >> i think there could be any number of potential crimes here. so what the fbi presumably wants to know today is when this
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server was up and running, what was its technical security? what's its ability to detect threatening activity inside? who's monitoring that? who accredited the device to begin with to connect it to department of state facilities? most devices in my world required certification and accreditation before it was hooked and touched to an fbi system. so here all those questions need to be asked. was this device in compliance in any way with federal requirements for our infrastructure? that's before you get into the questions about record retention -- >> so simply having that server if it was not up to the standards for what we now know to be classified information transversing across it, there could be a crime right there? >> craraises serious questions about criminality right there. here's a key concern of the fbi and certainly the intelligence community today.
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we've all heard of phishing attempts, spearheading phishing attempts -- >> in other words somebody could have hacked into this server. >> that's right. and she is -- she's not a spear phish target. she's known in the community as a whale. a savory target. >> all right. ron hosko formerly with the fbi. thanks for being with us, sir. >> happy to be with you. >> thanks. as a result the court will impose a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. >> the jury deliberated for more than two days before deciding on the fate of colorado movie theater shooter james holmes. three weeks ago the jury rejected holmes' insanity defense and convicted him of murdering 12 people and injuring more than 70 others during the shooting rampage. they say he did know right from wrong. the death penalty was on the table, but jurors were unable to reach a unanimous decision. >> i think the issue of mental illness was everything, for the
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ones that did not want to impose the death penalty. >> family members of some of the victims say they are saddened by the verdict but they will try to move forward. federal environmental officials say it is too early to know whether the heavy metals that spilled into this river from a colorado mine poses a health risk. the river turned bright orange after an environmental protection agency crew accidentally unleashed 1 million gallons of contaminated water from a mine this week. you heard it right, it was an epa crew that did this. the river is popular with boaters and runs all the way to new mexico. the epa says water samples are still being tested but so far despite the color they claim no hazard has been detected. coming up, we'll go back to atlanta where our own jonathan has been covering the gop presidential candidates speaking out at a gathering of conservatives.
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jonathan. >> reporter: hi there, elizabeth. ted cruz and mike huckabee speaking out on issues ranging from executive action to energy independence. i'll have highlights when we come back, elizabeth. >> thank you so much. plus, the massive hunt for el chapo nearly a month after his prison break, the billionaire cartel kingpin is still on the loose. we'll be joined by a guest that says that's one more sign we're badly losing the war on drugs. and a washington woman makes a surprising find in her backyard. how she was able to reunite the military momento with those who hold it dear. >> to know that so many people cared enough about my brother and his service to this country. >> that was 40 years ago. so, you know, to still have that meant a lot at the time of his death. ♪ when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady,
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good-bye ohio and hello georgia. fresh from the debate gop candidates are descending on atlanta now for what is called the red state gathering. so far mike huckabee, ted cruz and jeb bush have all taken the stage. jonathan serrie is in atlanta with what the candidates are
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saying. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: hi, leland. and in addition to those candidates you mentioned, originally donald trump had been scheduled to speak this evening. but he was disinvited today by the organizer of the red state gathering because of his controversial remarks about fox news anchor megyn kelly. this presents a challenge to the other candidates who are trying to stay on point and keep the focus on political issues, issues ranging from obamacare to religious liberty to the current administration. moments ago we heard from presidential candidate ted cruz who says that if elected the first thing he intends to do is rescind obama's executive actions that he has taken during his administration. the texas senator spoke here at the influential gathering of conservative activists. and earlier today red state attendees also heard from former arkansas governor mike huckabee who talked about the importance
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of energy independence. listen. >> if you want to disrupt power in the world as well as change the american economy, become the leading exporter of energy. that's how you bankrupt iran, russia and the saudis. and we become the supply to europe, africa and asia. >> reporter: that's a similar theme that we're hearing from many of these candidates including jeb bush who just wrapped up his speech. and later this afternoon we expect to hear from scott walker. we will have highlights of those speeches later this afternoon. now i'm going to send it to elizabeth. >> jonathan serrie reporting live from atlanta. jonathan, thank you so much. let's bring in our fair and balanced post-debate debate gop strategist john noble and radio host garland nixon. thank you both for joining us this saturday. i appreciate it. >> good to be here. >> sean, i want to start with you. i want to take a macro view on candidates you thought performed
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really well. in your opinion, do you think the candidates appeared to either strategically take a moderate stance or more aggressive stance, more radical stance? did you see that across the board? >> there's definitely some of those candidates that did specific things. the interesting thing about this debate is that it's really served a purpose for republican primary voters. i think the toughness of the questions coming from the moderators was actually very good for these guys to be prepared as they go forward in the campaign. it probably took them back a little bit. i think there was a little bit of shell shock you could sense from all of them at how tough the questions are coming right out of the box. but i think that served a very good purpose because these guys are going to be up against a tough media. they're going to be up against a tough candidate in the general. and so the more tough questions they have to deal with now and be prepared the better yet they are. i think there was definitely strategic decision by rand paul to try to get very aggressive to stand out. i think there was a strategic decision by jeb bush to stay back a little bit. >> successful though?
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what do you think about that, garland? >> i don't think rand paul or jeb bush were completely. trump makes chris christie look less bullyish. >> right. >> but the clear winner of the debate, i think, and because of the toughness of the questions and how well he did in answering them and articulating a vision was marco rubio. >> okay. i want to bring you in, garland. there's a couple issues. i want to ask you do you think what could be a strategy perhaps by jeb bush to appear more calm, more of a moderate candidate? did that work to his advantage? i also want to hear your reaction to marco rubio. >> a couple things. i think number one this was a very important debate. and much more so than usual because normally when you have an intraparty debate, only the republicans or the democrats, whichever party has the debate, is going to watch it. however, because of the numbers there were people watching it. the independents were watching, democrats, the people.
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so this is going to be critical down the line. i think we'll look back at this debate at who the eventual nominee is and we'll see something that came from this that we'll talk about. i think jeb bush the only real problem i saw jeb bush had was trump hit him kind of hard and really associated him with the problem in his brother's administration. and that's what he's trying to get away from. >> you did hear him say, you know, in florida they call me jeb. that's sort of a line i came away with. so we understand that. i want to switch gears because i know, sean, you had said you brought up rand paul. he did sort of come out fairly aggressive, inserted a question that wasn't addressed to him. why did that rub you the wrong way? >> he did a pretty good job when he hit trump early on. i think his aggressiveness had him stand out. but then he stayed a little bit over aggressive. and the back and forth between christie i think was a wash. i don't think it did him much good. other than people thought he's kind of angry. i think he didn't present the
11:21 am
thoughtful, soft spoken rand paul that a lot of people like. and so the debate stage i think you're right. this is going to be a very important debate. this is the most-watched primary debate ever. i think we'll probably see an ebb and flow of that depending on what's happening in the world and news of the day as each of these debates go on. what people need to realize is there's been a pent up demand. by this time four years ago we had already had a number of debates. and there was a lot of ebb and flow in the polling. in fact, one of the interesting things i was looking at yesterday was in 2011 in april of 2011, there was a poll put out that had trump at 26%. this is before he even decided. so the fact he's up in the polls, he's a flash in the pan. >> okay. so you say flash in the pan. go ahead. >> i was going to say rand paul's big mistake or big problem he had was i think he came across a bit too much as an activist as opposed to a leader. people want a fairly cool, calm person to be the leader of the country. and he came across as an
11:22 am
activist that was maybe somewhat hyperfocused on nsa spying, et cetera. >> i want to push to someone who did appear fairly calm and fairly cool and that was john kasich. we heard from rich lowry earlier in the show and he said, listen, john kasich is going to be a huge threat to jeb bush. i was surprised by that comment. do you agree with that? >> i think kasich came across as the gentlemanly politician. some people say grandfatherly, i think he came across very much as the adult in the room while other people there was kind of a bar fight between rand paul and chris christie and he was a gentleman. >> did that work in his favor? >> i don't know. the problem with kasich is his policies are just not aligned with the base of the party. i mean, his doubling down on medicaid expansion, obamacare, that's just going to hurt him. i mean, he may ebb up in the polls a little bit, i don't think this debate is going to have much of an impact other than to point out to the base that, yeah, he's still for medicaid expansion and that's not a good thing. >> so perhaps not a silent coming up from behind.
11:23 am
>> i disagree with rich on his assessment. i don't think he's that much of a threat to jeb because, one, he's just not going to have the money to be a serious contender. >> all right. great, sean, garland, thank you so much for joining us. interesting conversation. thanks so much. now, we want to hear your thoughts. what did you think of the gop debates? you can send us your tweet tweets @elizabethprann. we will read some of your thoughts later on in the show. a quick programming note, we'll be showing a special encore presentation of the first republican debate moderated by mart martha mccallum. coming up, the hunt for el chapo. the drug kingpin gets a big bounty on his head after concerns mexican officials say who may have aided his escape from prison. and president obama heads to martha's vineyard for vacation. but it won't be all fun in the sun for the president. he'll have plenty of work to do.
11:24 am
kevin cork is live. >> reporter: great to see you. you're right. can the president convince lawmakers to hang onto that iran nuclear deal? that story and much more as we continue our coverage right here on the fox news channel.
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a fox news alert right now from the campaign trail. fox news has confirmed independently that donald trump has fired one of his top political advisers, a fellow by the name of roger stone. obviously this comes over a very controversial 48 hours for mr. trump. his debate performance and as our jonathan serrie reported he has been officially uninvited from the red state convention down in atlanta where he was scheduled to speak for some controversial comments that he had made yesterday. mr. trump putting out a statement via campaign spokesperson saying, quote, mr. trump fired roger stone last night. we have a tremendously
11:29 am
successful campaign. and roger wanted to use the campaign for his own personal publicity. he, evidently referring to roger, has had a number of articles about him recently and mr. trump wants to keep the focus on the campaign on how to make america great again. so donald trump has fired roger stone. the reason for which is unclear how this may or may not relate to what has happened with mr. trump over the past 48 hours. unclear as well as this continues. we'll have more on the campaign and how this might effect trump and some of the other republican candidates as we move forward. elizabeth. >> thank you, leland. president obama -- thank you so much. president obama officially on vacation. the president and his family arrived on martha's vineyard last night for their annual august getaway. but the vacation will be a working one for the president. and he has plenty on his plate including a big push for congressional approval of the iran nuclear deal. kevin corke is traveling with
11:30 am
the president. and he has the latest. hi, kevin. >> reporter: hey, elizabeth. always great to talk to you. you're right. let's call it a little sun and sales job for the commander in chief. as you pointed out he is here on vacation at martha's vineyard, a very beautiful location. but clearly plenty to do including as you also pointed out that continuing sales job with congressional lawmakers on the hill somehow trying to hold the line on the marriage of the iran nuclear deal. now, the president obviously drew lots of criticism during that big speech over at american university. you know, he seemed to liken gop lawmakers to hard liners in iran who also oppose the deal. believe it or not the president is now doubling down on that comparison in a very recent interview. take a listen to what he's saying about that and in particular about senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> -- that mitch mcconnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus who oppose this jumped out and opposed it before they
11:31 am
even read it. before it was even posted. is reflective of an ideological commitment not to get a deal done. >> reporter: meanwhile delivering the gop address today was senator bob corker of tennessee. he actually made some pretty interesting points. among the many things he talked about was this notion that as far as the president is concerned it's the deal or perhaps face imminent war with iran. that's a notion senator corker is rejecting. listen to what he had to say today. >> iran will go from a weakened state to an economically robust country without being forced to change any of its roguish destructive behavior. the president has said repeatedly that this is a choice between accepting this deal or going to war. it's not. >> reporter: now, keep this in mind lawmakers will actually weigh in on this officially in september. we're talking about weighing in as in voting on it.
11:32 am
and despite very strong gop opposition to the iran nuclear deal, at least right now, elizabeth, the white house remains fairly convinced that they have just enough democratic support to withstand a potential veto override. back to you. >> all right, kevin corke reporting live. kevin, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. the united states and mexico are offering multimillion dollar rewards for information leading to the capture of fugitive drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman. you might remember he broke out of a maximum security prison in mexico last month fleeing through a tunnel that had been dug under his cell. now critics are questioning whether the mexican government and its officials are perhaps co complicit of his mistake. don, it would seem to be difficult to figure out how somebody could build a tunnel under a maximum security prison
11:33 am
and have a very high value target who's known for tunnelling and all these other kinds of things being housed in the basement without at least the guards turning a blind eye to it if they weren't helping him, right? >> well, they had to be helping him. listen, for this to have occurred he had cooperation. not only of the guards and prison officials, but of the federal police and high elements in the mexican government. anything else is inconceivable. >> so taking that one step further. this guy's been on the run now for a month here. he obviously has a lot of money. he's got a lot of help. but based on what you're saying it seems as though the mexicans may be offering this big reward for his capture but aren't exactly trying too hard to find him? >> well, in the first place, guzman can match any offer that the mexican government can make. that's tip money for him. secondly, of course you have to live to spend that reward, which you wouldn't. but let's look at the situation. i believe that guzman is in his native province up there in the
11:34 am
mountains. if he's there, it means he has shelter, he has harbor. just as bin laden did by the way in pakistan. so it's an extremely serious problem. >> when you talk about how serious a problem it is, how serious of a problem is it that el chapo's back out on the streets? because when you took him off the streets, he was arrested about a year ago, it's not like the drug cartel suddenly stopped smuggling drugs in. does it matter whether you arrest somebody like this guy? or is it sort of the snake you cut off one head and two more grow? ay it really doesn't. let's look what happened for that year or so that el chapo decided to stay in prison. we had a heroin epidemic in the united states. and that came directly from el chapo's organization trying to make up money that they'd lost on marijuana sales. so in fact while he was in jail the situation only got worse. he can run his business from prison. now he can run it better from outside of the prison. but at the end of the day it makes no difference, as long as it's a multibillion dollar business there's always going to
11:35 am
be somebody willing to take that job. >> you talk about a multibillion dollar business. if we're going to dismantle the drug cartels that are operating in mexico, and we've all heard the stories of just how dangerous they are, it seems as though a requirement of that would be the cooperation and the help of the mexican government. something on a much broader sense taking sort of the macro picture from the chase of el chapo we don't seem to be getting. >> well, no. and if you look at the situation shortly before el chapo's so-called escape, and of course it was not an escape, it was a departure, the mexican government refused to extradite him. if they were serious about a partnership with america on the war on drugs, they would have extradited him as by the way they extradited all of his enemies in rival cartels. after the so-called escape the united states offered its full resources of its intelligence community to find this guy. >> what's so special about this guy? does he just have all the mexican officials in his back pocket? >> there are really several things. one, yes, he has a number of
11:36 am
government officials in his back pocket either through bribery or intimidation or blackmail or all of the above. but the other thing is the cartel won the war with all the other cartels. they are the dominant power. and there are certain elements in the mexican government who feel that mexico is better off with el chapo out of prison than in prison because out of prison he can enforce some sort of stability given his strength on the mexican drug scene. and they're desperate for that stability. >> the devil we know may be better than the devil we don't, at least that would be their thinking. looking at this going forward, we spend a lot of money with the mexican government. we give them a lot of aid to try to help in the anti-drug efforts. is the united states getting anything for it? or are we just throwing good money after bad? >> it's good money after bad. look, here's the problem right now. you don't know where that money is going to. it might be going to honest elements of the mexican government, police and military -- >> do those exist? are there honest elements of the mexican government?
11:37 am
>> certainly, of course there are. >> okay. >> but the problem is you don't know who to trust anymore. so even if we -- and this is a longstanding story. even if we give intelligence about el chapo's whereabouts, which we might very well have, who do you give it to? do you give it to someone who's going to use that information just to warn him? or are you going to give that information to people who are going to use it to arrest him? >> well, difficult questions and it may not be that we have the answers to them. appreciate your insights, don. we'll look forward to talking to you. we'll bring you back if this guy gets caught. we can talk about it then. >> thank you very much. i'm not sure that will be in the near future, sir. >> well, your expertise is appreciated on this as well. thanks, don. >> thank you. >> all the best. so nice to finally meet you. >> you too. >> thank you so much. >> oh, my goodness, i cannot believe. thank you. >> it is reunited with a one of a kind keepsake. find out how they located the lost treasure. and police are looking into the mysterious murder of a
11:38 am
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11:43 am
deadly outbreak of legionniares disease. get this, authorities say more than 100 people in the south bronx have been diagnosed with legionnaires and ten of them so far have died. brian brian yinnis is live at lincoln medical center. hi, brian. >> reporter: hi, leland. these water cooling towers were seen as the source of the outbreak initially. and now a month into the largest legionnaires disease in history. there's an effort to prevent further outbreak and calm nerves. governor cuomo is deploying 150 trained state health inspectors to test at least 100 water cooling towers in the bronx. water cooling towers are used really in air-conditioning and really for heating systems.
11:44 am
the officials are taking samples testing for bacteria which causes legionnaires disease, a type of pneumonia. >> we recognize the community rightfully so is nervous in any kind of situation of this nature. and from the standpoint what the government has asked is to make sure that we solve this problem. >> reporter: now, people get sick from legionnaires from breathing in water vapors contaminated with that bacteria. you don't get it from drinking it. it's not contagious from person to person. so far 101 people have been diagnosed in the south bronx, new york. ten people have died. now, the cdc says as many as 18,000 people across the nation are infected every year with legionna legionnaires disease. but it's rare so many people in one community have contracted it during this time. >> what's most unfortunate about it is it preys on people who are
11:45 am
most vulnerable in our society, young, healthy people almost never get this infection. it really only occurs in people who are elderly, people that are heavy cigarette smokers and people that have some underlying immune condition. >> reporter: the latest case was a gas plant worker that was diagnosed with lee onnaires. we're told that those water cooling towers have been quarantined and we should be expecting results from those tests any moment. bottom line is that city officials say they believe we have seen the worst of this outbreak and the city has ordered that all water cooling towers throughout the city be inspected within the next 14 days. leland. >> they've got to inspect all these water cooling towers. they think they have this at least outbreak so far contained pretty much, bryan? or are they worried that there may be other underlying cases that we don't know about? >> reporter: they believe that they have it so far contained. that is their belief.
11:46 am
they're staying optimistic. but remember there's an incubation period about really it could be up to 10 to 14 days. they won't necessarily know that they've had it contained. they've cleaned and completely decon tame nated the five water cooling towers initially responsible for this outbreak. and they're hoping with these preventive steps that we'll see the end of this outbreak. we won't know until the incubation period is over, leland. give it another week or two. and when we get the samples back we should finally know. >> and certainly a worrisome couple weeks for folks who may be having or worried they were breathing contaminated air. bryan llenas following this from new york. thanks, bryan. ♪ >> we'll have all the details on this video coming up. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure.
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11:51 am
31st blue moon and wiccan rituals. >> the method of the murder, blunt force trauma, slit throats, positions of bodies, and then our person of interest has some ties to a faith and/or religion that is indicative of that. >> the wiccan community said their religion has been unfairly targeted and that their practices do not harm anyone. i think the community is absolutely affrayed right now. >> terrified. >> because they do have a person of interest. >> who hasn't been arrested yet. >> they've ruled out robbery because there was no forced entry and the injuries fairly graphic so i won't get into it but they are almost all identical and the bodies were facing the same direction so it
11:52 am
appears some type of ritual. >> they came out very quickly and they said they think it's what happened. it happened on the day of the blue moon which for folks who are involved in this type of religious activity that's the date they are instructed to make some type of sacrifice, you can imagine, though, the fear. >> yes. >> you worked down in north florida, the panhandle. tight-knit community and everybody knows everybody and the three people you newell, they were there yesterday and they are not there today and the person who did it is out on the lam. and they were not targeted for a specific reason. if they decide there's another sacrifice that needs to be made, i could be next. obviously keep following this story. coming up, march, get ready, quack. what tens of thousands of ducks were doing in a chicago river. hi, everybody this is ume
11:53 am
ume a uma pemmaraju and coming up dr. ben carson getting a lot of buzz after his first time on a national stage. he joins us live from the campaign trail in iowa. and presidential candidate pat buchanan is here to talk about president obama's leadership after two prominent senators are saying no to the nuke deal in iran. and you'll hear from famed space pioneer and the last man to walk on the moon about nasa. and we'll see you in less than a few minutes. don't miss it. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. heart health's important... you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement.
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and we asked for your thoughts on this question. what do you think of the gop debates now that you've had a little time to digest 48 hours or so after wards. i did learn a lot. steve says good especially the second one the 9:00 p.m. debate but more of the candidates and less of the moderators would be good. and donna says to be fair and balanced candidates need more time to answer questions and equal amounts of questions to all. appreciate your thoughts. and obviously keep the conversation going on twitter as well. ♪ >> okay to bop, okay? >> wow. check out those moves. a few members of the minnesota
11:58 am
police department cut a rug with some kids on national night out. the event gives neighbors and officers a chance to mingle and hopes to create strong communities across the country. the video has been shared thousands of times on social media. i don't think i was invited to that because i actually would -- >> you would cut a rug out there. >> i think the video would have been shared because i would have been such a terrible dancer. >> i see. we can all dream and wait for your dance moves sometime coming up. in the meantime a large flock of everyone's favorite bath time toy charged the chicago river this week. some 50,000 rubber ducks race down the river for the annual windy city rubber ducky derby. thousands of people were watching from the sidelines. evidently it costs $5 to adopt a duck and the proceeds went to the illinois special olympics. as we watch that i'm kind of wondering it looks like they're kind of all being corralled and they let them go? >> they let them go. i was there last year when they
11:59 am
did this. >> really? did your duck win? >> we didn't adopt a duck, we were on a boat tour, even though i was born in illinois, we went on a boat tour. >> in the state you were born in and on a boat with rubber ducks. >> i thought it was great. >> she dances and talks about ducks, everything. here's the animal video of the day. the prague zoo is celebrating the birth of an adorable baby monkey. this little guy was only born on thursday. normally the species of monkey raises babies as a group so it's common to see the babies swapped from one mother to another. hey, it takes a village. so far the little one doesn't have a name. >> the question is, who -- which mom gets to name the baby? is it, like, a group decision all of a sudden? >> i don't know maybe they'll vote on it. >> they'll have a debate. >> great suggestions, like pandas as well. something like that. it's been great having you with us. a beautiful saturday here in d.c. hope it's a beautiful saturday wherever you are. get out and enjoy it.
12:00 pm
that's all for us in washington. "america's news headquarters" continues, though, and we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. coming up this hour, republican presidential hopefuls with the first presidential debate. >> leaders need to say what they are going to do and do what they said they were going to do. you have to have knowledge that the person has experience having done it before. you have to know that a leader has a spine and a backbone. >> jeb bush, mike huckabee and others are right now in atlanta, and we're live on the campaign trail. plus, one contender getting lots of attention for his debate performance dr. ben carson he joins us live from the road in iowa. plus, new concerns over credibility after iran


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