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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 11, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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coffee people drink around the globe is the instant kind after chemists figured out a way to give us a quicker caffeine fix 112 years ago today. >> you said it was foolish to criticize donald trump. explain that. >> there is an energy and passion of people coming out. as you guys know, 24 million people watched the debate on fox news last week. we want every one of those 24 million people passionate and energized and showing up on november 2016 and knocking on doors and the last thing we need is a bunch of washington establishment politicians slamming the supporters who are coming out. >> for those who were dismissing ted cruz think again he is surging right now in some of the latest polls out. he is one of the beneficiaries from that debate and finds himself in the top five and
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among those at least in iowa, getting a effort here and could be the beneficiary if donald trump imploeds. that might be easier said that done. it has yet to happen in polls we have seen in iowa and nationally. trump remains strong but so does cruz and so does marco rubio and so right now all of a sudden is a race turned up side down where some candidates were given up for dead a week ago are once again on fire and with life. but not everyone. and now they're saying what happened if something happens to donald trump? we're going to explore that in more detail. i want to have you focus on something that happened on the corner of wall and broad. you can blame china. all i can argue here is it had been a heck of a lot worsement the big problem is china. china is trying to devalue its
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currency. what it means is china is trying to rig its currency so it can trade its goods better and at a more competitive price. here's the problem. as one country does, other countries quickly follow. the shanghai getting clobbered on the news but from it's highs, remember we are up more than 24%. that isn't only a correction, that's the bare market. others interpret that as a sign things will get desperate. the move by china also means it puts pressure on the federal reserve. suddenly making our currency more attractive and make our companies at a disastdvantage t the chinese companies. a lot of the reasons why the dow and s&p were taking it on the chin. another thing that was taking it on the chin today, it's going to come up in a lot of the political stuff. take a look at oil. it has not been this low, a
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barrel, since believe it or not, march 2009. that is only a couple months into the obama administration. you are going to love that at the pump. i should stress that. you'll like this at the pump. but the flip side is it's indicative of a slowdown and people feel that continues because a lot of oil components are in the dow and s&p and it's going to be a sell-off. but for you at the pump going into this summer travel and remaining weeks of summer travel into labor day weekends you could be a very, very big b beneficia beneficiary. some interesting things happening beneath the surface. first, susan in a suddenly reshuffled political race. susan, to ted cruz out of nowhere and kicking. what do you think of that? >> i think in many ways he is the inside way of trump.
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he's anti-establishment as you can get and still be a sitting senator. he goes after mitch mcconnell and calls him a liar. his fellow republicans rely on him. it makes people uncomfortable. does this sound familiar to you. >> that's a great brilliant line. if you don't mind i'm going to steal that one. i also notice that he is among the few who have not got answered to donald trump. he's avoided it like the plague and just did in that chat. you think about the ones who really rip donald trump oregon after him have paid for it. i don't know if that's coincidence or what we are to make of that. carly fiorina i know is an exception. what do you make of how that plays out on the campaign stump, whether you go after trump or hold back? >> i think with ted cruz he's
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tapping into the same anger, passion, the same anti-washington rhetoric. when you have others like john kasich who is more of a statesman like ohio governor he's also not criticizing cruz, avoiding it. and a lot of success for that because it's true. there are about 20% of the republican party right now is supporting cruz and he's tapping into this anti-establishment washington that's out there. it's very real and passionate. it's stubborn. the polls show his post debate polls show that his support camp down is 17% and the university poll that just came out today compared to jeb bush who saw his numbers sink. he went from third in iowa to seventh in iowa. that means bush has to tap into the same type of passion.
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he needs to be much more energized. he was energized about education but that seemed like the only issue we saw him get -- >> i agree. they all seem to think that he and scott walker -- look, trump is going to say, i have the feeling he's going to say. do you think that's going to happen? >> i think it's anybody's guess right now because his support has been very, very stubborn. certainly in the major election it's going to be a problem for trump to go after it, after he's alienat alienated. but for the primary i think he's sticking in there. >> we'll watch. >> throughout the summer at least. >> thank you, susan. always greats seeing you. in the meantime, it has anointed
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or bundled together presidential candidates and they are not only ted cruz but marco rubio and scott walker on what we can glean from that and why these five candidates were chose. david, why these five? >> great. those five, we looked at their records when they were in the u.s. senate and as governors and saw they were strong pro growth leaders. they campaigned on that but then they delivered in their votes in the senate hand leadership as governors in florida and wisconsin. the three at the top that you had, cruz, rubio and paul are the gold standard. they have got very strong records in the senate including as you mentioned standing up to the republican leadership and saying we have got to do more to cut back -- get rid of obamacare. >> in other words they were willing to throw political grenades. what surprises me is that chris
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christie has tried to do the same in new jersey. you can make the argument rand paul with his very low tax and multi year balancing the budget. how did they not figure into the next? >> and chris christie, we looked at his record and it's a mixed record on it. some of it was very good taking on the teachers' union but he didn't follow all the way through but he also expanded medicaid which means increasing entitlement. >> which is why you left case sick off the list. >> he did the same. they haven't been strong leaders on making sure we could have right to work and other reforms which bush and walker have both championed. >> i'm not here to second-guess you.
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but jeb bush did not take this -- he couldn't guarantee will not raise tax, not that that's your doing or your push, but here's someone who said i'm a conservative, i cut back to a lot of times in florida as governor in eight years i don't need to sign a pledge to state my case. that was the factor that won you over. >> we like people who commit to cut taxes and not to raise them. with bush, we basically put a big question mark. >> he's in the top five even though he didn't sign on to that. >> the question is what's he is going to put out there as he runs for president? he says he's going to run like he did for governor. we're going to watch. if he doesn't put a good spending plan, then we'll have to drop him from the five. >> i know they look up to you, david. >> i'm just one guy.
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>> yeah, i do that, too. i just got to read a prompter and people laugh. as they should. thank you very much. >> great to be with you. >> you know, here's growing indication of marco rubio might be building something here. every time hillary clinton is questioned about the donald or something jeb bush said it always goes back to marco rubio. she found a way to connect some of trump's statements by zeroing in on rubio's statements. i'm thinking she must be afraid of that guy. after this. 123450
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♪ it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase.
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. i know it makes great tv. i think the guy went way overboard. what marco rubio said has as much of app impact in terms of where the republican party is today as anybody else on that stage. it is deeply troubling. >> i think that is hillary
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clinton's way of saying i'm focusing on marco rubio, he's the biggest threat and his comments of abortion and when it's warranted and not. got her attention and almost made her dismiss anything trump was doing and the same today. bernie what did you make of that? >> thanks for having me. well, she should be concerned about marco rubio. there is a stark difference between her candidacy and his candidacy. he's a candidate of the future and she's a candidate of the past. >> she made a point of saying a much younger -- in other words can you believe he has these views. i'm paraphrasing here. he seemed to say that he would be against abortion? is that right? >> rubio is for stopping the abortion trend and whatever he can do. he supports any legislation that
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even if it has rape or incest or partial birth abortions he's going to support anything that at the end will curb abortions. i think she's taking his words out of context and his actions and what he's done throughout his whole career out of context. for her advantage. >> you just put it in context and that is his view. even in the case of rape that child should be brought to term right? >> there's a lot of other -- that is smaller. the terms of rape, those are smaller percentages. >> no. i understand. they're unusual but i think clinton indicated if he were the nominee democrats would see there are no ifs ands or butts that he is pro life but in all situations under all conditions and they're going to equate that to a war on women. how do you think your candidate will answer that? >> i don't think it's a war on
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women. to the opposite. he knows at this time he's going to be seen as a time where we are seen as barberic and any time he could stop the trend of abortion and any legislation that has abortion even if it has some other factors that will seem as if he's pro abortion or anti-abortion that's not what he's going to do. i think the record is clear. he's going to support any legislation that will do that. there is a stark contrast between her and him. she's the candidate of the past. we're going through an industrial revolution. bigger. >> she supports an organization that -- she is sending quite a mixed message. i understand what you're coming from. i do want to touch on where folks think and stand on marco rubio since that debate because he could support himself well enough. say he won that debate.
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he had the most impressive performance. carson right up there with him. or i should say senator cruz and donald trump way back. so obviously he turned some heads and got some notice. as senator rubio told me polls go up and down. how do you advise him on this subject or do you guys worry this is a race that seems to go by momentum in polls and that that even gets the donors involved like rick perry who is looking for more cash because he's stumbling. >> this is a marathon, neil. this has always been the case. marco rubio has been lower in the polls but his message is resonating. we saw it in the debate. he has a clear message for the future of america. he wants to be the candidate of the future. he knows what the economy is all about. he understands that uber is the
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large e logistics company in the world that has not one car. the largest lodging company in the world and amazon is the largest retailer. he understands that. hillary clinton is dismissive about what's going on. we're going to a revolution. he gets it. and he's crafting all of this economic policy and educational policy around what we're living through. >> certainly did a job of the debate. bernie, thank you very much. good having you. >> thank you, neil. >> now you probably heard bp had a spill or exxon mobile and the media was all over it. we have something more serious going on in colorado and new mexico right now. but the epa caused this one. the environmental protection agency. but where is the media outrage
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when i woke up this morning, and i'm shaving and malia knocks on my bathroom door and says did you plug the hole yet daddy. when we are filing the earth like this it has concrete implicatio this generation but for future generations. >> no indications whether malia looked at what's going on at the an mus river in the new mexico colorado area. yellow covered filth across miles. millions of gallons worth. this was the fault of the epa. why doesn't this get the same
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attention that the bp oil spill did or the exxon valdeze. chris, what do you think of a clear double standard here? >> plainly. finally an accident that's not proof that the epa demands, requires or should have much more authority over the rest of it. instead it's a lack of outrage just shows there's a widespread acceptance among the media that e pa is different than you and i or government is. they don't operate with accountability. obviously they have different long-term incentives but they don't have the accountability that you and i do. this comes in perfect timing. as they demand the authority -- they claim the authority to redesign our electricity system. some people say they're unfit for purpose. can you imagine a completely unaccountable agency that no one granted them and how it's going to work out.
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>> the epa administrator was out there saying we're going to continue with this admission standard push and making an acknowledgment to what happened here. i can remember the immediate reaction after the bp spill. no one waited to find out what happened. it was already the evil upon evil and it was an environmental disaster. no knocking it just like the valdeze thing was. why should we pick and choose our environmental disasters. a disaster is a disaster is a disaster. >> that's how we operate. the love canal was private disasters. you'll see it was government. these noble creatures so similar to human beings like they can lie, be driven by etiology. are different when it comes to accountability and that's why this is instructive. not all accidents are created equal. this could be a real teachable
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moment. >> they're coming back and saying we were correcting a flaw that was by corporate that was getting a lot of gallons of nasty stuff out into these rivers and we were trying to correct it and in the process of correcting -- well, the point is that it's a mess and people are kayaking in a mess and it's the epa's fault. end of story. >> they can tell you what the weather is going to be in 300 years and nothing they're going to do to many other communities like they're doing to these affected now with the rules and the threat of their rules, they can tell you the weather 300 years out but can't tell you what's going to happen when they punch a hole in a retaining wall. again, you're letting agencies that have no accountability but also no expertise seize power to do things.
1:26 pm
redesign miracles that private sec ter has done well with. everybody makes mistakes. this is a very dangerous wakeup call. >> i think you're saying if you're going to go after one environmental disaster, this center fits the bill then go after it. but don't pick and choose your villains. you're exactly right. >> take a time-out on not allowing the authority, too. >> giving them more authority you're quite right. thank you very much. john kerry as you know has said repeatedly there is no better iran deal out there. in fact no deal is not on option. it's equivalent to just a war. mike huckabee disagrees shall we say strongly after this.
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everyone says republicans have this dysfunctional feel that they're all fighting with each other. has anyone taken a look at this bunch, the democrats running? they had some big problems too. actually bigger. back in 60.
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130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... . when i hear a senator or congressman stand up and say we should get a better deal, let's stop and get a better deal, that is not going to happen. there isn't a quote, better deal. >> that's what john kerry was saying. he should listen to some
1:31 pm
democratic senators including the guy in new york who says you know what, then just crap this deal. better no deal than this deal. and that is raising concerns that maybe the administration isn't getting it. because this is going to be a bipartisan rant against a deal that ain't cutting it. mike huckabee among those who said it's not worth it. governor, good to have you. you always hear that right governor? no alternative. this is the only thing out there. likely war. you say what? >> well, i was very offended by the president's speech in which he presents it as if he's got the only deal there could possibly be. if you don't like his deal, then you're a war amonger. that's nonsense. he has said that no deal is better than a bad deal. well, he should have practiced that. because this is a bad deal. i've read it. chuck schumer read it. people realized what we ended up
1:32 pm
was giving away the whole stork to the iranian government. they're going to have a nuclear weapon all be it delayed a couple of years but they're going to go nuclear and we are going to make the world much more dangerous. we didn't get them to shut their traps up when it comes to saying death to america and we'll wipe israel off the face of the map. >> what's interesting about what you posed to the president, to his own party. there is hell to pay. there are snickers and chuck schumer has been. you have some of the others saying, you know, he's essentially, you know, not our guy. en he's not in keep with that tradition. what do you make of that? >> well, let's give credit where credit is due to chuck schumer. i think he acted with statesmanship that we would have seen out of people like harry
1:33 pm
reid. this had to be a painful difficult decision. he wants to go along with this president and his party but there came a point which he looked at the deal and realized it's just not good for america. and chuck schumer acted not in the best interest of his own political life, he acted in the best interest of america and i salute him for that. a lot of things chuck schumer and i don't agree on but on this i commend him and i hope more democrats will realize i've been elected to protect america and this deal doesn't protect america. >> there is a sort of sinister subtext to this. he knew -- what do you make of that and this is all really the president is going to get what he wants. john kerry gets what he wants and guys like mike huckabee can
1:34 pm
just stick it? >> you know it doesn't really matter what i want. what matters is does this make the world safer for my five grandkids and it doesn't. it makes it much more difference. puts the whole middle east into a nuclear arms race. it creates a situation in which we enrich the iranians with the state sponsor of terror. the $150 billion they get, do we honestly think they're going to do anything other than go out and buy conventional weapons. they have kidnapped, they'll now have the resources to do it even more. >> you know what happened, people -- i'm sorry sir. people pounce on that and say that's fine and mighty of the republicans who are all for the iraq war that got us into a big old mess and now rejecting an agreement that could lessen the likelihood of that.
1:35 pm
what do you say to that? >> i think people are being a bit full hearty if they're trying to say this is like the iraq war. the iranians have threatened to wipe israel off the face of the map. they have consistently funded terrorism. even as we're negotiating this deal. they're chanting death to america. if a person has a gunpointeded to your head and is promising hi's going to squeeze the trigger maybe you ought to take that seriously. i think this is a -- we said we would have inspections anywhere any time. that's not in the deal. they get 24 days to hide their stuff and we have to ask permission to come in. this was a violation of even the things that john kerry and secretary monise and the president all said had to be part of the deal. we still have four american
1:36 pm
hostages sitting in the prisons. they didn't even get an air ticket out of this. it's outrageous. >> news survey posted today you're still in the top ten. you're in ninth. you didn't get much of a bump from the debate. these things don't necessarily translate into anything better than a headline for the day, governor. are you worried that you're not able to break out -- that donald trump may have tested a little bit because when the number of players limited he seems to suffer more. but are you worried you just can't get your word in there. >> well not at all. in fact the reuters has me tied for third. you can pick some poll. but the reuters say i'm third. the study group after the debate, people who watched it and didn't just listen to what media people said -- >> i'll never talk to them again.
1:37 pm
i can't believe -- >> there's a good reason you shouldn't believe them. here's my point frank's group said i won the debate and i changed a lot of people's minds. >> but frank also said you gave him 50 bucks. i don't know if that's true or not but -- >> no. it was 75 bucks out of it. >> i'm kidding. governor, always a pleasure talking to you, sir. thank you very much. mike huckabee. boy, he did have a heck of a closing statement. it was actually talking about hillary. very funny. everyone says housing. the ups and downs in the market. something happened today in the middle of the stock market free-fall could prove it is going to come back. the camp is on that right now. katrina, what do you think? >> well, interest rates, we have news now that interest rates may go up.
1:38 pm
i actually honestly don't think that they will. however, the anticipation that they may go up is definitely going to get a lot of buyers back into the market. my concern is not so much interest rates. my concern is low inventory. low inventory is creating an increase in prices and the increase in price is actually much higher than wage growth. >> the interest rates tumbled today and people were leaving stocks, going into bonds, treasury bills and notes. the price went up. deals went down. right now you take a look at what a treasury note is yielding. you could get a 3-something mortgage again. does that inties people in. >> a lot of people will jump back into the marketplace. even with low inventory. some will actually settle and buy something now simply because the interest rates are low.
1:39 pm
what i'm seeing is the anticipation and that's why you're seeing the summer has been active compared to other summers. again, i also see a lot of buyers that just can't find the right property to buy because the inventory is so low. i think that's important to note. and jobs continue to be a factor. we'll see what happens. >> now, one of the big -- longevity, whatever you want to call it. is the first-time home buyer, millennials. a lot of them aren't interested in housing and many can't qualify when they are. and back to the inventory. there isn't a lot of available supply for them. if that is the case, how can all this percolate up if those down at the bottom aren't percolating at all? >> what's interesting is you hear the media talking about those buyers actually not entering the marketplace. but i'm seeing something quite differentment i'm seeing they're entering the marketplace because
1:40 pm
rents are going up. so they're deciding they want to build equity. another thing i'm seeing is because they can't afford their downpayments many times their family members are loaning them that downpayment or jumping and cosigning the loan with them. i'm beginning to see especially in the miami market we see a lot of college students with their parents helping them or people going to grad or med school their parents assist them with the purchase. i have many parents setting up appointments to buy rather than have their children rent. >> wow. i don't want to spoil my children thinking that is remotely possible. let me get your thought on donald trump. he's getting a lot of heat and you always said he's up to the job. do you still think that? >> yes. i work with donald trump and known him for over a decade. the reason i think he's a great candidate is because he's independent from the lobbyist
1:41 pm
and special interest group. i believe he has the greatest ability to reform the political corruption we have. it struck a cord with so many americans. >> a young woman and successful woman in her own right you're not offended by sometimes the language he uses? >> i'm not offended by the language because i know him. and i've always had a great relationship and i see how he treats the women. the rosie o'donnell comment, i think that feud occurred during the presidential candidacy, he probably would have reacted differently. some of the other comments were actually while he was an entertainer. i think that would be differently in hindsight. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> there's always next debate for republicans. you know, it's going to be the democrats turn. they're going to have some debates. too few, too late to make too much of a difference.
1:42 pm
one of those democrats who hopes to top hillary clinton joining me next. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today.
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all right. you have probably heard that republicans are fighting with themselves and the republican party is a mess. all are fighting each other. the truth is that happens in the reelection. the democrats are hardry the ones to talk because they have their own problems as well. the latest to question. the legality of the democratic committee debate schedule, in fact he says we should have more and they shouldn't be to hillary clinton. there should be more debates and happening now. well, they will be kicking in. i think later next month and staggered out. we have got the democratic candidate challenging hillary clinton and by extension governor mally and others.
1:46 pm
governor, senator, good to have you. >> thank you. >> you don't agree with what o'malley is saying. why not? >> we have got five great candidates and not the 16 or 17 on the republican side. five good candidates. i think six debates is a fair number. we're going to be a different fence together giving our opinions at different forums. we had one in iowa a couple weeks ago. >> did bernie sanders suck all the oxygen out of that room? does he book the donald trump of your party? >> no. we all bring something to the table. governor o'malley is passionate about issues and -- >> you're a veteran. >> i'm the only candidate that's been a mayor. >> an opinion on issues of donald, peace, and you disagree with chuck schumer and others who say this is a bad deal. you say it's a good deal.
1:47 pm
why? >> first of all, there are only 23 of us out of 100 senators to vote against the war. as it turned out, we were right. >> the iraq war? >> saddam hussein was not a threat. nothing of a threat. so all that premise -- >> he used to be a threat. >> he was nothing. nothing. >> the first george bush, right? the. >> yeah. we did it right the first time. kicked him out of kuwait. and now we have to fix it. the middle east is a mess. >> but senator kerry voted for that war and now as secretary of state he's pushing the peace plan that you're fine with? >> absolutely. we have to fix this chaotic mess. i give the secretary credit. he did make a mistake of voting for the war. now he's trying to fix it. >> but joe lieberman and chuck schumer say this is not the way to do that. >> don't you think when nixon went to china that was a good thing. calm down the tensions --
1:48 pm
>> you mean -- >> wait a sec. getting together with president reagan and -- >> you think this is better than doing nothing? >> absolutely. reflecting on the anniversary of nagasaki and hiroshima. >> then you agree with hillary clinton. you kind of like this plan. how do you distinguish yourself outside of this metric system thing? >> first of all, she voted for the war. as tenure and secretary of state i felt little too close to neocon approach to the world. >> you would try to out sanders on that area. >> i was on the foreign relations committee and i've been to israel and afghanistan and iraq and turkey, syria,
1:49 pm
lebanon, egypt. >> what's gone wrong? >> it takes time. what are we, august? the first votes cast in january. >> you're a very good debate because you have had so many of them. do you feel the pressure is on right now. are you good for money and financial support? >> another marathon. >> do you think hillary clinton is a lousy campaigner? >> she won her senate race in new york and did the smart thing back then by going upstate and put new york city -- >> for presidential candidate is that right? >> we're primary opponents. >> you're happy with the six even if joe biden joins? >> yes, yes. >> you think he will? >> don't forget there's going to be events where we're all going to be together. >> you think biden joins the race? >> i think. >> you do? >> i think.
1:50 pm
>> you do. wow. well very good seeing you. thank you very much. we have a lot more including the college tuition plan that hillary
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1:53 pm
so finally, i'm reading and watching that hillary clinton's $350 billion college tuition plan is a hit. it is a hit. students love it. debates of the party loved it. why not? they're not the ones paying for it. those evil rich are. so who wouldn't be for doing the big on somebody else's dough? it's like being treated to a big dinner at a fancy restaurant knowing full well someone else is picking up the check. who wouldn't order an extra
1:54 pm
appetizer or dedesser-decembe d desserts. it's become the american way, having somebody else pay. who would be against that? or pretty soon start to expect that. even demand that. after all, if you're not one paying just keep the drinks coming. double the minimum wage. you're not paying for it. demand overtime for millions more workers. you're not paying for it. provide health care for all. you're not paying for it many and who wouldn't be for bailing out cash-trapped homeowners as electronic as it's not you cash they're strapping to that deal? as long as someone else is palg keep that gravy train coming. why not? the rich can afford it. like we said it's only fair, right? just like it was only fair to return the top rate to 39.6%, because then the rich would finally be paying their fair share. until big government types needed more money for things like obama care so they slappeded on a few more percentage points and extra fees
1:55 pm
and taxes to bring that top rate closer to 44%. because it was only fair. until they needed still more money to pay for free community college. so they pushed an additional sur tax on the rich, bringing that rate now closer to 46% because work with me here, it was only fair. until hillary clinton decided why stop at community college? how about all colleges and universities and pay for it by limited deductions for the rich, bringing that top rate north of 50%. because it's only fair. i think you see where i'm going here. it's fair to say that fair share keeps changing. so it's at 50% now or so. what's next? 60%? 70%? 90%? back to the good old days? all i know is pretty soon we're going to run out of rich folks to squeeze. then who do you think gets squeezed? i'll tell you. who the folks eating at that table who still have the nerve to complain about how much their
1:56 pm
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. and this is "the five." >> marco rubio fires back against hillary clinton after she called his anti-abortion position offensive. we'll have his response to that in a moment. first jeb bush is going to target clinton tonight during a speech at the reagan library in california. he's expected to highlight her foreign policy failures as secretary of state particularly those that led to the rise of isis. he campaigned a preview to video address. >> when we pull back, voids are filled. we now see it. we see it with these new


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