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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 11, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that's true. in the commercial break you always want to know what happens? today kimberly ate a salad. you can go to our twitter account and see that because it's fascinating. never miss an episode of this show. it's 5:00. that's it for us. "special report" is next. senator ted cruz talks about his funding. rick perry bemoans his. and donald trump says he may spend tens of millions on his campaign. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier from washington. we begin tonight with the 2016 presidential race. and the effort in both parties to get their messages about policy and politics to the masses. we have fox team coverage tonight. mike emanuel on the bernie sanders momentum and hillary clinton's potentially dangerous pledge about her e-mails. plus some breaking news on that. carl cameron on the road with senator ted cruz and his southern strategy. but we begin with correspondent
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peter deucy and candidates using 21st century tan ticks to lay out their issues. >> the last time a clinton and bush campaigned against each other they bought tv ads. this time the campaigns are tangling on twitter. and it's bitter. >> at jeb bush and @hillary clinton are going at it on social media. using a microblog to land big blows. it all started with this clinton tweet showing a sky-high student debt stat that bush thought was misleading. so his team photoshopped a number of their own and replied. shortly after, more photoshop with hillary's handle giving jeb an f on college affordability. finally, bush took hillary's logo and flipped it so the arrow points where he thinks taxes are going if she wins. tonight in california, bush will point the finger at clinton and argue that isis exists because she was a weak secretary of state. saying quote isis grew while the united states disengaged from the middle east and ignored the
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threat. and where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? like the president himself, she had opposed the surge then joined in claiming credit for its success, then stood by at that hard-won victory by american and allies forces was thrown away." and bush isn't the only top tier republican turning his attention away from g.o.p. rivals. >> i'm going to focus as i did in the debate on hillary clinton. she's the real opponent. she's the one that would be a disaster. much bigger disaster than even barack obama. >> reporter: another republican's campaign is in a major cash crunch. governor rick perry had stopped paying his staff. some will now try to find new jobs. others plan to stay on as volunteers. like this staffer who tweeted "i work for governor perry because i believe in him. not a job for me. this is a passion, a mission to save the nation that adopted me." an outside group is promising to keep governor going, even though there are strict rules prohibiting coordination with campaigns. a strategist is pledging, "we've
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got plenty of money. the superpac is not going to let rick perry down". financial concerns are far from the gop frontrunner's mind. billionaire donald trump tells fox news's sean hannity he's ready to spend whatever it takes to win. and he's not asking for a handout >> i don't want anybody's money. >> $45 million in liquid assets. are you prepared to spend that much money or more? >> sure. you saw my income. my income's $400 million a year. >> are you prepared to spend it? >> sure i would spend it if i'm doing well. >> the rest of that interview tonight at 10:00. this morning, though, trump started getting specific about how he would fix the tax code saying the trump tax plan would leave some of the current system in place, but tax rurnts for folks like us would become so simple that h and r black would go out of business, bret. >> all right, peter, thank you. senator ted cruz is on the road tonight for a southern bus tour aimed at portraying him as a national power. not someone focused solely on iowa and new hampshire. chief political correspondent carl cameron is riding along and
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reports tonight from memphis. >> reporter: barn storming across the south in his campaign bus as he builds on a national campaign organization designed for the long haul, firebrand texas conservative tea party senator ted cruz suggested it's foolish to attack donald trump when you can court his supporters and last week's debate audience. >> we want every one of those 24 million people passionate and energized and showing up on november 2016. and knocking on doors. and the last thing we need is a bunch of washington establishment politicians slamming the supporters who are coming out. >> reporter: cruz is drawing big clouds and applauds trump's rhetoric pointing to illegal immigration. the man known for sparking leaders and sparking a government shutdown uses trump's line making america great again and touts a raise in his campaign zblunds people are fed up with campaign conservatives, with people who talk a good game on the campaign trail then don't walk the walk. >> reporter: cruz is second in
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money raised by supporters and superpaks only to jeb bush who focused much of his campaign on new hampshire. cruz is in the middle of a seven-state bus tour all but mapping out his plan for a southern firewall that he hopes will make him the last conservative standing against the establishment. >> i view the role of the southern states. together we're going to ensure that the next republican nominee is a strong and genuine conservative. >> reporter: cruz is compiling a southern leadership team of over 150 from nent organizers and power brokers. he's also made the cut with the fiscally conservative for growth which will fund bundle contributions for four candidates. he plans to visit arkansas with governor mike huckabee was popular. and pull republican leaders from rand paul who continues to bash trump. then there's jeb bush. >> i am happy to be the
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insurgent standing with the american people against the washington cartel. >> he's from florida. >> anyone that chooses to align with the washington cartel is a member of the washington cartel. >> reporter: and cruz wraps up the day here at an agri secente. a poll shows he and carly fiorina have moved up to a tie in fifth place in the leadoff caucus state of iowa. all the candidates say they want to win the early states. cruz is the only one so far aggressively organizing in states beyond them. >> carl cameron live in memphis. carl, thank you. this is a fox news alert. we could have a massive development tonight in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. it involves the former secretary of state's possible use of personal e-mail in dealing with highly classified information. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is here with the breaking details. >> reporter: bret, good evening. there are breaking reports this hour that two of four classified e-mail that is were found on
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hillary clinton's personal server have been classified top secret, more damaging, more sensitive than previously known. this is clinton's attempts to move past this e-mail scandal. >> i think we do have to look -- >> reporter: trying to put the e-mail scandal from her time as secretary of state aside, hillary clinton signed this sworn statement declaring under risk of perjury that she directed all the work-related e-mail that is were on her personal server while she was secretary to be provided to the state department. >> we received all of secretary clinton's e-mails. our sole duty or function is to go through those and to publicly release them. >> reporter: clinton's statement came in response to a lawsuit filed against the state department by the conservative group judicial watch. she did not take reporter
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questions today. instead, aday after criticizing florida senator marco rubio on abortion, she took aim at another candidate on education. >> you take somebody like governor walker of wisconsin who seems to be delighting in slashing the investment in higher education in his state. >> reporter: but clinton might need to focus on a more immediate challenge. bernie sanders continues packing huge, enthusiastic crowds in campaign events on the west coast. last night it was an estimated 27,000 supporters in los angeles. >> we don't take money from billionaires! [ cheers ] >> we don't take money from corporations. [ cheers ] >> and yet we have received more individual contributions than any other campaign! [ cheers ]
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>> reporter: it's not just l.a., portland and seattle. a new democratic-leaning ppp poll out of iowa reveals tightening with bernie sanders jumping from 14% in april to 25% support now. while clinton has dropped 10 points from 62% to 52%. last night in new hampshire, clinton tried to brush off the sanders surge after he received an endorsement from the nation's largest nurses union. >> i look forward to working with them when i'm president. >> reporter: back to that democratic-leaning ppp poll, it shows that four republicans are leading clinton in a head-to-head race in iowa. ben carson up four points, mike huckabee up one, marco rubio and scott walker as well also up one. that may explain those recent jabs on the campaign trail by clinton against rubio and walker. bret? >> mike, quickly on that breaking news you talked about, i've seen a couple of these reports that the inspector general for the intelligence community notifying congress that two of the four e-mails
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found classified e-mails is the highest security classification? is that true? >> reporter: my understanding this is the second highest security classification that the inspector general has been going through them and that top secret is just below the absolute highest security clearance. but it is troubling because of course the secretary said she was not distributing classified information from her personal e-mail. and if the inspector general has found examples of two e-mails that are top secret, obviously a troubling development. >> and the fbi obviously continues its investigation as well. mike, we'll stay on this. thank you. up next, the latest on an expanding mess from the epa. first here are some of our fox affiliates around the country coverage. fox 10 in phoenix with the crash of a prison bus on a busy arizona interstate overnight. a state trooper says the driver was seriously injured, about 20 of the 50 inmates on board were taken to the hospital. fox 5 in new york as the national transportation safety board blames a fatigued walmart truck driver who had reportedly
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been awake for 28 hours for the crash last year that severely injured comedian tracy morgan and killed one of his friends. the board also said the failure of morgan and the other passengers in the limousine van to wear seat belts contributed to the severity of the injuries. and a big story at our affiliate wsvn in miami, the crash of emergency vehicles. officials say several rescue workers were hospitalized after the accident involving a fire truck and an ambulance. the water pumping truck and ambulance were on separate runs when that crash occurred. that is tonight's look outside the beltway from "special report". we'll be right back. here at td ameritrade, they love innovating. and apparently, they also love stickers. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does.
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people who live among the animus and san juan rivers in colorado and new mexico are demanding answers tonight about how the epa could cause a natural disaster and what the obama administration is doing about it.
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millions of gallons of mine waste are flowing down the rivers, and the epa is awash in charges of coverup and hypocrisy. kevin corke is traveling with the president with big picture implications for the agency. but we start out with what's happening on the ground and in the water. correspondent alease yeah cooney is alive again in denver. >> reporter: regional epa officials say water is still flowing out of that mine at 5 to 700 gallons per minute. it is now being treated. this as the head of the agency breaks her silence. >> it is really a tragic and very unfortunate incident. and epa is taking responsibility. >> reporter: six days after 3 million gallons of contaminated mine wastewater began pouring into a pristine mountain river, epa administrator jena mccarthy went before cameras and apologized. >> so it pains me to no end to see this is happening. but we're working tirelessly to respond, and we've committed to
3:16 pm
full review of exactly what happened to ensure that it can never happen again. >> i get that. that there is a frustration something like this ever happened. but people are not machines. they are not perfect. >> reporter: colorado governor democrat john hick enlooper refused to criticize the agency after his tour of the animus river near durango. after declaring the affected area a disaster. he said the water is noticeably clearer here as the large plume has moved on from this region heavily dependent on agriculture and tourism. >> this is not only one of the most beautiful parts of colorado but one of the most beautiful parts of america. durango is open for business. >> reporter: but the governor with close ties to the obama administration could not say when recreational businesses could begin using the river again or when it would be safe to drink. neighboring governor, republican susanna martinez of neksz took a much different tone, going on fox news channel to criticize the epa for not being
3:17 pm
forthcoming. >> it took them a little less than 24 hours before they even told us, number one. number two we're not told what toingss are in the river. >> reporter: governor martinez says her state may sue. >> we cannot have different standards for private industry and for the federal government. and we are going to hold them accountable. >> reporter: the epa says it has teams on the ground, testing and retesting water in multiple states that depend on this river water. as the sludge moves downstream and dilutes, crews at the source of the blowout have created collection pools to treat the seeping spill. late today, attorneys generals from the impacted states of colorado, new mexico and utah announced they will be heading to durango tomorrow together to discuss what they call legal remedies and states' cooperations. bret? >> alysia, thank you. the crisis for the epa comes just days after president obama outlined a new series of regulations that critics say could cause energy shortages and massive price hikes. correspondents kevin corke is traveling with the president tonight on martha's vineyard.
3:18 pm
>> reporter: even as the epa was feverishly attempting to manage the nightmare of its own making in colorado, its chief administrator was in washington, touting the obama administration's green agenda. >> it is our moral responsibility to act. that responsibility right now is crystal clear. and that is why we have taken action. >> reporter: that action is the epa's clean power plant. the president's signature environmental policy initiative. designed to change the way americans get their power. but critics say it's a massive overreach by an agency that struggled to clean up its own messes, bureaucratic as well as environmental, and will likely lead to a lengthy court battle. >> we have seen the administration move very aggressively to assert executive power. i don't think that they're concerneded too much about congress. and i don't frankly think they're too much concerned about the courts. >> i think as people get their arms around the final rule, they'll see that it's quite legally solid. >> reporter: how solid remains to be seen.
3:19 pm
just last month, the supreme court ruled against the epa's costly mercury regulations. but that decision came after three years of federal enforcement, an advantage say critics for the white house. >> the ink on the opinion wasn't even dry yet before epa decided to move forward. around they actually said in their press release respond together supreme court decision that hey, you know what, we don't really care. >> reporter: the administration says the clean power plant is central to preventing early deaths caused by pollution. investment opportunity away from fossil fuels. climate justice for communities impacted by poor air and offers a chance to lead the world on the major environmental challenge facial the plng the p. on capitol hill utah senator orrin hatch saying "the obama administration has issued a swarm of burdensome regulations. but the so-called clean power plan is one of the worst."
3:20 pm
a trio of colorado lawmakers penned a note to epa administrator mccarthy asking her to come to the centennial state to take a look at the spill site in person, including senators corey gardner and michael bennett. we have learned tonight, bret, that she will do just that sometime on wednesday. back to you. >> kevin corke live in a rainy martha's vineyard. thanks. still ahead, it is hunting season for home-grown terrorists. and the feds are bagging a bunch of them. first china makes a huge move on its currency. with after shocks felt right here and across the globe. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections
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aftershock. china rocked world financial markets today by devaluing its tightly controlled currency. the aftershocks are being felt around the world, including on
3:24 pm
wall street. chief washington correspondent james rosen tonight explains what china did and what it means. >> reporter: from the people's bank of china came the surprise overnight announcement that the chinese government is lowering the guidance rate for its currency, the yuon by 4.9%. largest one-day devaluation by china in two decade. it caused shock contractions at all major stock markets. japan's nikkei tumbled. the german dax and our own dow jones industrial average plunged 212 points. u.s. officials spoke guardedly, but once again urged china to move a more market-based exchange rate. >> we have pressed china to continue financial rear forms, and while we want to see additional economic reforms we believe that are needed, but we have seen progress. >> reporter: china's move came after its release this weekend of data showing that exports from the world's second largest
3:25 pm
economy fell by 8.3% in july. these figures affect huge numbers of americans. generally when china devalues its currency it makes chinese exports cheaper to sell abroad and products from america more expensive to purchase in china with. the u.s. federal reserve poised to increase short-term interest rates later this year, economists worry the surging value of the dollar could further damage the ability of u.s. exporters to compete overseas. >> i believe china has learned a lot of the wrong lessons from the united states over the last six years. when you talk about countries that have devalued their currency, what about america? we've printed 4 trillion dollars to try to pop up the u.s. economy. it hasn't worked very well in the u.s. >> reporter: some economists welcome the move, saying it could produce inflationary pressures that actually serve to enhance the prospects for growth both regionally and worldwide. >> that would imply that the chinese economy might end up being slightly more stimulated,
3:26 pm
and as a result could help overall global gdp growth. >> reporter: last month, china's stock market suffered a major crash, shedding one-third of its overall value in just four weeks' time. now these latest moves also underscore the fragility of beijing's centrally planned economy. bret? >> james rosen live at the state department, thank you. greece has agreed to harsh terms for a renewed three-year bailout package that would prevent a default and exit from the euro. negotiators say only a few minor details need to be ironed out, but the deal must still pass through the greek parliament, where opponents are vowing to fight what they call a noose around the neck of the greek people. we are dealing with breaking news on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. new details on what the inspector general has found, an update when we come back. 6 caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr
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can save you up to 50% on ink, so print all you want right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. this is a fox news alert. we're updating our top story now on what could be a huge development in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. senior political correspondent mike emanuel has new information right now. >> reporter: bret, good evening. fox news has confirmed that the intelligence inspector general has told key members of congress that two of four classified e-mails found on hillary clinton's personal server when she was secretary of state are top secret in classification. in addition, the two other e-mails are being reviewed by the state department to determine what their
3:31 pm
classification should be. tonight chuck grassley, the chairman of the judiciary committee on capitol hill said "this information revealed by the inspector general makes it even more important that the fbi and the state department secure these documents. to date, the two agencies most critical to securing this information have fail to assure the american people that they are taking the necessary steps to protect america's national security interests." hillary clinton talked about these e-mails back on march 10th. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. so i'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements. and did not send classified material. >> reporter: to recap, though, the breaking news of the hour is that the intelligence inspector general has told top lawmakers on capitol hill that two of those four classified e-mails
3:32 pm
from hillary clinton's personal server were top secret in nature and they're still studying the other two to figure out what the relevant classification should be, bret? >> top secret marked on the e-mails. fbi inquiry obviously already ongoing to classified information improperly stored they said on her private server. and also, mike, a thumb drive held by her attorney? >> reporter: that's absolutely correct. all of her e-mails have been stored by her personal attorney. and a lot of folks on capitol hill have been asking, why is that still out there? ies that not controlled by the intelligence community or by the state department? this existing in the possession of a personal attorney. and so lots more questions on capitol hill and throughout the intelligence community this evening. >> okay. we'll follow the investigation. mike, nice job. secretary of state john kerry says he is probably not the only person reading his official e-mail. >> it is very likely. it is not outside the realm of
3:33 pm
possibility. and we know they have attacked a number of american interests over the course of the last days. >> it's very likely that your e-mails are being read? >> it's very possible. there's no way for me, and i certainly write things with that awareness. >> so late this afternoon, a senior administration official declined to comment on kerry's assertion, saying the administration is aware that malicious actors often target personal e-mail accounts of government leaders. there was no talk of hillary clinton's e-mails in that exchange. a rash of arrests recently of americans intending to join isis terrorists. correspondent laura ingle takes a look from new york tonight. >> reporter: federal investigators have rounded up more alleged isis sympathizers over the last several days here in the u.s. over the weekend, 19-year-old jaelyn young and 22-year-old mohammed daklala were arrested in columbus, mississippi, attempting to board an international flight. according to investigators, young, an american citizen, who
3:34 pm
was reportedly the daughter of a police officer, told a fbi informant online that she wanted to travel to syria to support isis. young and daklala made arrangements to fly to istanbul via amsterdam on or about august 8th. investigators told young told the informants she was hoping to be medics to help the wounded. they appeared at a detention hearing today. both were denied bond. heritage foundations david ansara says isis is attract tentative some because they have established what some are calling a caliphate in the middle east. >> isis is offering them a perfect place to fit into that puzzle. they're saying, look, we are the place where you belong. that's attractive to many people. >> reporter: yesterday in new jersey federal investigators arrested 20-year-old nadi nadir saday. prosecutors say he was part of a group they had been watching for awhile. saday was charged in federal court with conspireing to provide material support to isis.
3:35 pm
two new york-city men tied to saday face the same charges. a u.s. attorney says saday allegedly sent electronic messages to a queens, new york conspirator between 2012 and 2013, voigting his hatred of the united states and his desire to "form a small army that would include his friends." all of those arrested for trying to provide material support to isis, if convicted, face a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. bret? >> laura, thank you. nine people, including hackers from ukraine and stock traders from the u.s. have been charged in an insider information scheme that generated as much as $100 million in illegal profits. five of the group were arrested this morning. the justice department says they stole nonpublic financial information, which enabled the suspects to execute profitable trades. police and residents in ferguson, missouri are hoping for a quiet night tonight. about two dozen people were arrested last night during protests marking the anniversary
3:36 pm
of the death of an african-american man at the hands of a white police officer who was never charged. last night there were no shootings or lootings reported. sunday gun shots rang out and the suspect was critically wounded by police. officials have just released this surveillance video that they say showed tyrone harris grabbing a handgun out of his waist band just before the officer-involved shooting. we have breaking news happening right now as you just heard we're learning of top secret e-mails on hillary clinton's personal server. the inspector general looking into that will discuss it and the politics of this whole thing when we come back with the panel. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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3:40 pm
and did not send classified material. >> that's the last time hillary clinton addressed the classification part. she hasn't taken questions on the e-mail scandal in awhile. shy did sign something for a judge here, which he said by i, hillary rodham clinton declare under the penalty of perjury that the follow is true and correct. while i do not know what information may be responsive for purposes about this lawsuit, about judicial watch, all my e-mails on in my custody that were potentially federal records be provided to the department of state and on the information on this belief this has been done. as a result of my directive, approximately 55,000 pages of these e-mails were produced. share the mills did not have an account on clinton ooma abadin did. the inspector general has found
3:41 pm
two of four e-mails with the highest -- one of the highest security classifications on two of the four e-mails. we'll bring in our panel now. steve hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. david cantonese and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, steve. >> it's important to remember that these four e-mails we're talking about. two of the four, the four of the 40, this is a subset of a subset of a subset of a subset. so you're talking about a massive universe of e-mails with potentially classified materials in there. these are not the only classified e-mails that have been found. i just talked to a source or heard from a source about this who said no doubt the information was directly lifted from a classified document or source. no doubt on that. this person speculated that it couldn't be a top secret document unless -- they wouldn't reclassify it after the fact fit was a top secret document. >> so at generation. >> at generation, right. she may not have seen it marked that way. there's a lot we don't know.
3:42 pm
there's a lot we need to learn. but certainly it's the opinion of this source with vast experience in intelligence and classification that this is not something that is likely to have been classified after the fact. >> we've reported before from five different intelligence agencies and sources that they believe that there could be more than 100 or hundreds that fall into this category. >> right. absolutely. because again, what you're talking about is a very small -- they basically took a sample. we reach in here, we want to see what we're looking at. they found four of these 40 which is a reasonably high percentage. so if you extrapolate that out to the 30,000 some odd elf mail documents big deal. >> how big a deal? >> very big deal. it goes to her chief goal politically honest and trust worthy. that's where you see her numbers take a hit all summer long. that's why you see the battle ground polls against the
3:43 pm
republicans. she's down a couple points or tied when going into the summer she was ahead. and look, the two topics that hillary clinton did not want to talk about or at least turn the page on going into the fall were the clinton foundation money and the e-mails. and this elongates that story. she's going to have to answer this at a podium eventually. >> it's one thing to answer it at a podium in front of a microphone. but when you sign this document declaring under the penalty of perjury, it's a different deal. >> well, that's why the approach is on this, the question on this from two sources. one is political from the congress. the other is judicial. lawsuits. and that's where you have to sign and swear under the penalty of perjury. and she is telling us that there was nothing that were either destroyed thousands of e-mail that is were destroyed as supposedly private. and she said it was about chelsea's wedding. it was about her yoga and stuff. she is swearing that there is
3:44 pm
nothing there that could be considered official business. now, unless they are completely sure that the servers were wiped clean, that could be shown to be untrue. and i think at some point in the process, probably from the courts, not from the congress, the government is going to have to seize the servers, what's left of them. i assume they exist but are cleaned and check that. and i mean, everything is going to hinge on that. but on this issue today, it's not only her trustworthiness. it's the fact that nothing she says ever is true three weeks later. she says there was nothing classified, and i know how to do that. i know the process. and then it was revised to, nothing that at the time was classified. well, now we're learning it is quite probable that actually at the time it was and she should have known it even if she'll claim obviously that she didn't. there's always a movement, a
3:45 pm
parsing, a cutting of the edges with her husband and with herself. and that is the problem that dogs her and that she cannot escape. >> you know, you have the fbi looking into this and they're quick to point out she's not the target of the investigation but they're looking into this overall. you have these inspector generals that are inspectors general that are looking into it. you have her private attorney, steve, kendall, holding a thumb drive with these e-mails. now, one would think he's not authorized to hold classified material. >> that's certainly -- those are certainly the indications. i would add somebody else who's looking at this is trey gowdy and the benghazi committee. it will be interesting to see if the clip tons and david kendall and others have used the same procedures that they used in the production of hillary clinton's e-mails and not coordinating the production of sidney blumenthal's e-mails. that's one of the things that tripped them of. there were gaps, differences in what hillary clinton had produced and what sidney blumenthal had produced. it caused people to say wait a
3:46 pm
second you haven't been honest with us. because there are missing e-mails, there are edits to the e-mails. and i think the clintons have learned a lesson from that and are in all likelihood producing things in a manner that's far more coordinated than they did with sidney blumenthal with the production of ooma abadina e-mails and others. >> her assistant and her former chief of staff. this investigation is going to continue, david. it's going to drag on. and this is a drag, you think, on the clinton campaign? >> i think so. just logically, just people out there, how can they really believe it hillary did not send any type of classified data, that she was that careful? she's human. just by the logical -- forget the legal stuff. just the logical regular joe smell test. you had all your e-mail on a private server as secretary of state, the nation's chief diplomat, and you never mistakenly even sent something
3:47 pm
that was top secret? i think that's the problem. >> let alone what secretary kerry said today was that he's sure that china and russia have read his e-mails. >> and he actually said it's probable. then when he was asked about it directly he kind of hedged because he knew that's not something you want to say. of course their reading your e-mail. whenever i've met with foreign diplomats, they all know that somebody is listening wherever it is. and it's as if you've got to run the water or make noise or put on a fan if you want to say something. but everybody knows that happens. and to keep it secret in your own house i think is just something that is beyond the pale and it's now being exposed. >> we'll continue to follow it. next up, another fine mess from the epa. prep trauma unit 5. what've we got? bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!)
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3:51 pm
i am absolutely, deeply sorry that this ever happened. but i want to make sure that we -- that we react policiy posit in a way that is correctionredi that we move forward. >> epa has admitted their responsibility in this and i hope they would hold themselves to the same standard as any other entity or business. >> they're not going to find themselves -- epa is not trying to make a profit. i get that, that there is a frustration that something like that ever happened. but people are not machines, they're not perfect. >> well, five days after 3 million gallons of waste water from a contaminated mine waste water began pouring into mountain rivers, the epa addressed the cameras today. you saw the epa administrator there.
3:52 pm
meanwhile, the colorado delegation, the bipartisan delegation released a letter saying residents remain uncertain as to the dangers posed by this spill as well as the timeline that epa needs to contain this spill. and now, the area and residents and officials will appreciate your personal commitment to a thorough cleanup and recovery. the individuals' families and businesses impacted by this incident deserve nothing less. we hear now that the epa administrator, mccarthy, is heading down to colorado. this is a big mess. >> it's a big mess. i love the idea that if you're a company trying to make a profit with a spill like this, you get jumped on, denounced, as happened with bp, exxon, the oil spill on the west coast. but if you're not trying to make a profit, the democratic governor of the state where this
3:53 pm
happened excusing your behavior. look, this is a human event as we see now. it happens to corporations and it happens to governments. and they all react in the same way. you minimize it at first, you say it's two, now it's three. and as we heard from the governor of new mexico they waited a full day. you need time here if you're the victim so you can prepare. it is the same as if it were a private republican enterprise. i have sympathy for all of them but i don't think we have to have a special animas if it's a corporation. >> i mean, to that point, bp and the oil spill in the gulf was all over the place. this has not, i don't think, been covered the same way. >> not yet, i think it's changing when you see the visuals. i read the story in "the new york times" and then when you see the visuals on television
3:54 pm
it's a whole different story. the human toll is tough. i talked to an energy lobbyist who deals with this stuff. he said this is probably going to be until next spring when this is all flushed on it. this is compromising two or three states from colorado into new mexico, maybe even the west, we don't know. into southern california. but more broadly, politically, this just makes the epa a bigger whipping boy for republicans and conservatives. and we were having this conversation in the green room. this is part of why people are so upset in this country. they see government bureaucracy not being able to do the tasks that they have been appointed to do. this is making the epa environment worse. i think you will hear that on the campaign trail. >> the best explanation is incompetence here. and the best question is why did they extend the damage? was it they just didn't appreciate the damage or did they want to buy some time to
3:55 pm
come up with a better story. and if the latter was the case was there additional damage done in the time they were not telling us straight what had happened. look, i think broadly again, talking about the size and scope of government this comes at a time when epa is accumulating vastly more power. i mean, it accumulated power over the entirety of the obama administration. but in particular with the carbon dioxide rules, the epa is accumulating more power, this won't help them. it is like when the irs accumulated more power under obama, it did nothing to help. >> and the administration that endows the epa with the new coal rules which are essentially destroying the industries raise rates has a long-term effect. at the same time it can't actually work in a mine and
3:56 pm
remove the toxic chemicals without causing a disaster. incompetent and omnipotent at the same time. >> that is it for the panel, but stay tuned for an eye-opening wake-up call. introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be.
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finally tonight, as summer winds down a new school year is just around the corner. and if you have kids you know how hard it can be to wake them up in the morning. well, one georgia mom complained to a radio host who came up with a different idea to get her kids ready for school. a five-piece jazz band. ♪ ♪ >> hello? >> are you up now? >> yeah. >> mom says she been having a tough time getting you up. she tried everything and this is the last resort. your mom wants us to let you know that if you don't wake up these guys are going to be here every day for the next five
4:00 pm
weeks. >> oh, i need to buy myself some ear plugs. >> that is harsh. thanks everybody. that is it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes on the record right now. tonight, "on the record" is coming to you live from the gorgeous mountain top, live from the presidential library in simi valley, california. and the president will deliver his speech at the reagan library. and after that speech, we'll interview governor bush on the record. but right now, all eyes still on donald trump, the donald, sitting down with our own sean hannity. >> in china, you want to talk about a wall, that is a serious wall, you don't climb over it with a ladder. you don't