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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 16, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> stretch like this. stretch like this. stretch your neck get an ergonomically sound chair. get up and exercise and lose weight. that's the main ching. >> very good. >> weight loss. >> he's eric shawn. they're the docs. thanks for joining us. brand new polls are out on all the candidates running to be your next president including who you think won the republican deba debate. we'll break it down. meanwhile, hillary clinton can't get away from her e-mail troubles on the campaign trail. plus, new questions about her home server and if it compromised national security. >> i wish she had done this in march, we would be further down the road. she swore she would turn the server over. it wasn't turned other, it was taken. >> we'll talk with congressman john micah on the house oversight committee. >> brand new details on the indonesia plane crash in one of the most remote places on earth
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and the fate of the 54 people who were on board. hope you're having a great weekend. i'm leland vitt tert. >> i'm shannon braem. thank you for spending your sunday with us. and we begin this hour with a brand new look at the race for the white house. fox news has released some first polls since the dramatic republican debate in cleveland. real estate mogul donald trump leading the pack of gop hopefuls. vermont senator bernie sanders is making a pray for the lead against former secretary of state hillary clinton. kristen fisher is here with your first look. >> hey, shannon. this is the poller one's been waiting for because it was taken
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five days after the debate. the republican primary voters had time to think about how the candidates did, what the analysts said and all of those controversial comments made after the debate. turns out, it still didn't hurt him. he has a commanding lead. his closest competitor is now neurosurgeon ben carson with 12% followed by ted cruz at 10%. look at these big drops from scott walker and jeb bush. bush down six points since the debate. huckabee is holding steady at 6%. trump and carson were on meet the press this morning. >> the problem is by the time i got in there they will have already received $150 billion. if the deal gets rejected they still get the money. iran will be unbelievably powerful and rich and israel is in big trouble. >> ben carson echoed those
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sentiments on sunday. he called president obama is a, quote, anti-semitic. >> i think anything is anti-semitic that is against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies and by people who want to destroy them and to ignore that. >> the poll is showing a slight shakeup on the democratic side. hillary clinton has a commanding lead. this is the first time she's dropped below 50%. sanders is still climbing. this is what he has to say about his success on one of the other shows. >> we are resonating all over the country and here in iowa because we are talking about issues that are life and death issues to the american people. >> one more thing to point out about this poll, vice president joe biden came in at 10%. shannon, he hasn't even said that he's running yet.
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two troubling trends for the clinton camp in this new pole. >> that speculation continues. >> take a closer look at the numbers. david druker with the washington examiner is here. david, appreciate you joining us today. question for you. what do you make of this flip between cruz and bush, especially that precipitous drop by george bush post debate? >> leland, i think this is the most interesting part of the poll. not necessarily who's still out in front but cruz because cruz is executing a very well-run, disciplined campaign. they're doing some things that are creative and outside the box. just finished a southern states tour. he gives voice to people who are upset. he has experience and has values in a way that long term gives him more staying power than some of these outsiders who are doing well like trump, like ben carson
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and even carl carly fiorina. >> you talk about the outsiders. i dug into the poll and you look at the debate performance, who won and who thought they did well. when you look at carson's numbers in terms of who won the poll, he's plus eight in favorability of the guy who did well in the poll for performance. trump is underwater by net 13. 32% of folks say that he did the worst job. 19% said he did the best job. take a look at their likability. carson, 19%, carstrump 16. how do you explain doing so poorly and yet still staying on top? >> pretty easily. we have a field right now that's, still, what, 16, 17 candidates deep so if you're looking to trump you can't
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dismiss the fact that he's ahead. you can't dismiss the fact that he's doing so much better than everybody thought he would. it means there are 80% that are choosing something else. long term if you're a trump fan, what do you have to be concerned about? the fact that a lot of voters don't find him likeable. the fact that a lot of voters don't necessarily agree with a lot of his positions once they get to know what his positions are. i think the other part of this is the fact that if you're a donald trump, what you're going to have to do is try and expand your base among voters at large. >> is it possible to expand your base when you have that low of a likability number? and that high of an unlikable number. donald trump has the fame and notoriety that gives him the
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opportunity to do that but he isn't using it in that regard yet. we'll have to see how this shakes out. >> that'll shake out. obviously we're a long way from iowa, about six months. even longer way from the general election. more than a year. take a look at this potential match-up. something that could happen, clinton versus rubio and rubio is on top now 46/44. that's a big shift from a couple of months ago in april. is it importapossible for hilla rise up? >> there are two things. if the scandal goes away tomorrow she can get rid of it. if it hangs around, it becomes a drip, drip, drip. it's the kind of thing we saw with mitt romney on the republican side. they started hitting him on the image of a plutocrat.
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they were hitting him on his tax returns. his credibility took a permanent hit. that's the problem with clinton, she might face it. if this doesn't go away, an ongoing hit to her credibility and likability. that's a problem. >> we've seen it in terms of the numbers. david druker, appreciate your insights. it's a long final until november. you've heard from david. you've obviously heard from the polls and fellow voters like yourself, but tell us what you think. how is your favorite 2016 candidate doing? and what do you think he or she needs to do to climb higher in the poll. still six months to iowa. send us your twee tweet @shannonvreen, and i'll read your thoughts later in the show. i did not e-mail any
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classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. i am confident i didn't send any classified information at the time it was sent and received. >> the state department has confirmed that i did not send nor receive material marked classified. >> that is former secretary of state hillary clinton's evolving account on her home brew e-mail server while she was serving as secretary. the democratic front-runner has been on the defensive dismissing the controversies as florida games manship. thank you for coming in today. >> good to be with you. i saw the clip that you just played. mrs. clinton's in denial for any of the materials containing information. we were shocked on thursday. the congressman was notified by
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two inspector generals, not our committee. this isn't anything to do with congress. they both notified us that a sampling of their review, only 40 of,000s and thousands of e-mails had, in fact, classified information. >> it's interesting. the washington post said there are 60 e-mails with potentially classified information in them. what do you make of this as these numbers continue to grow? >> well, there could be hundreds. they did a sampling of only 40. there are thousands of these e-mails. of the 40, 4 or 10% had classified information and two of them we understand had top secret information.
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it's a very serious breech of the regulations and laws we have. laws may have been broken. this wasn't something we discovered. these are two inspector generals in the intelligence community and the did the of state. that was on thursday they notified us. on friday they've made a referral to the department of justice and the fbi. at the beginning they said it could be criminal and then they backed off a bit. there are the unfortunately potential consequences of a criminal nature. >> the fbi has now taken possession of the personal e-mail server -- >> right. >> -- that mrs. clinton was using. an officer with the company who was happenedling the server has said at some point the information might have been migrated over to a different server for purposes of
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transmission. so we know the fbi is now investigati investigating. how confident are you that you'll get the information? >> this is just the beginning of the investigation. this has been done by inspector generals making the referral to the department of justice. we don't know. we'll have to see. the trail and plot thickens. here's a private company providing this information and the information has been in many hands. there are very serious consequences. petraeus with a few e-mails with his girlfriend, he ended up heavily fined. there's a one-year prison term for violating the use of top secret or classified information. >> nobody's asking her about
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this on the campaign trail. it doesn't come up. nobody's asking her about it. it's a conspiracy against her. she said, quote, i won't play politics with national security? >> well -- >> you played her comments there. i brought the same thing. she said i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there's no classified material. we heard her say it. her quote so she's misled the congress, america, the public press, when you do that it's catching up with her. i think it's a pretty serious investigation. this is department of justice that now has this information given by not congress but independently of the inspector generals and the department of state. also the intelligence community.
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>> congressman, we know you'll stay on this. keep us updated. great to see you today. >> thank you. thank you. fox news alert now. indonesian search and rescue teams are en route to one of the country's most remote regions to look for wreckage from a plane that disappeared with 54 people on board. the tringa engine turbo air prob was on a mission and it crashed into a mountain. heavy rain, strong wind and fog despite all of that there was no members on board. they're all indonesian citizens. >> the death toll is mounting in the industrial chinese city of tianjin. 112 people are concerned at a
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chemical storage facility. 700 tons of the cocktail were set at the warehouse. 95 people, most of them are firefighters are still missing. a deadly crime spree that began two weeks ago in central california's rugged desert is over. a tip helped kearn county deputies find their suspect, benjamin parker ashleigh. police say he was shot and killed after brandishing a weapon at them. ashleigh was wanted for killing a retired dentist and wouldn'ting two s.w.a.t. team members. >> a leader in the 1960s civil rights movement has died. julian bond has passed away. last night in florida after a brief ill innocence. >> third in the georgia state
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legislature, was a university professor. bond is a visionary and sim human rights. as president obama struggles to find support for his iran nuclear deal in congress, we're going to talk to a team member of the armed services community. congressman franks on why that trip has made him even more against the. we're going to talk to utah's attorney general who says he will fight to make sure that the epa lives up to its prohis prom. we're tracking the weather. how high can they go, janet? >> i wish we were at the beach right now, leland. we set records from
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international falls to mccould you juan, texas. we'll talk about it, where's the hottest in the country. more of "america's news headquarters" after the break. you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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a brutal heat wave is baking the west this weekend. temperatures are hitting record highs in some parts of the
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region. los angeles, phoenix and other major cities are seeing triple digits. meteorologist is here from the fox extreme weather center. high, janis. >> hi, shannon. i know you like the heat but, man, it is hot out across the southwest where we have heat advisories. people are urged to stay indoors. how hot is it going to be? it will feel anywhere from 110 to 120 degrees especially in the areas that you see shaded in maroon across the desert southwest. here are your highs today. oh, my dwosh, 112, 117 be, 121 in death valley and that is going to continue into tomorrow into the early part of next week. so, again, dangerous heat. people are urged to stay inside. not helping the situation is we're into an historic drought across the west. especially for parts of california in towards the southwest. looking at the last 18 hours, we do have some monsoonal moisture.
10:22 am
beneficial rainfall. but not getting into the areas that we need to see. you can see over the next seven days dry and warm for much of the west coast. so that's not a good news situation especially since we have dozens of wildfires. in the other weather headlines we are watching a lot of moisture working its way up from the gulf of mexico and the potential for strong to severe storms for parts of the midwest and the great lakes. there's our severe weather threat today. then it broadens as we get into monday with hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. keeping track of that. of course, the rest of the country very sultry. 80s and 90s across the board. 91 in new york, shannon. here in fox at new york city, they're complaining. back to you. >> you know i do all my complaining during the wintertime. people get sick of hearing it. >> you do. >> i will enjoy the summer. >> thank you, ma'am. >> leland?
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in new mexico and utah, officials say it is now safe for residents and livestock to drink water flowing from the animas and san juan rivers. this after millions of gallons of toxic sludge gushed down the stream creating that yellow muck. it's affected farmers, tourists and obviously the government. the epa was investigating a leak at an old mine in colorado and released all of the muck. ut utah attorney general shawn reyes is looking at a lawsuit against the government. first start with how safe is the water? if you listen to the epa, they say it's no big deal, getting better by the day. this was a minor blip. was it? >> leland, this is like the ancient greeks. they had a fascination with tragedy and irony and this is a tragic situation in terms of
10:24 am
both the short term disruption to people's lives and businesses and potentially love stock crops, the environment. very little is it the environmental protection agency that is responsible for this spill, millions of gallons of poisonous materials into our waterways. >> ordinarily it would be the job of the e.p.a. to investigate a spill like this if it happened from a couple or like that. dupuis the excavation can be dorn previously? >> that could be part of the process. any self-examination by an agency is acceptable, but i believe that we have to have an independent outside body that looks at the epa. it's not enough to do a self-investigation. i've spoken to a few senators, there has to be some oversight
10:25 am
to find out how this happened and make sure it doesn't happen. when the fire house burns down, leland, people deserve to know what happened and how it happened. it's not enough to let the epa or a consultant that they hired do the examination on their own. >> the epa has been famous for going after companies and others involved in environmental spills. they go after them especially hard if the company is candid as we watch the area of your state if it's been contaminated by this spill. do you believe the epa is being candid about what they did and the long term effects and the short term health hazards? >> we were very frustrated by the lack of information that we received from our state and our state agencies were on the ready for monitoring. we did not have the information and notice that you would expect from an impact of this magnitude. you're right about standards.
10:26 am
that's another point i want to emphasize is that we have to hold the agency at least the same standards that they would hold private citizens. they should be held at a higher standard. there's somewhat of a fiduciary. so i would like to see leland. make sure that in all of this that there is an investigation by an independent body. the agency should be held to standards as high as they expect. >> as you've watched them over the past 10 or 11 days since this happened, do you get the sense they are being open and honest and forthright or do you get the sense they are really trying to cover up whatever it is they may or may not have done? >> we've had some productive dealings with some of the e.p.a. staff. they have allowed us now and agreed to let us go see them.
10:27 am
we were not allowed to speak to the administrator. we were there last week. disappointing that we weren't able to get that audience, but so far we are trying to be cooperative. we know this can be a collaborative effort. we want to wait and see what the epa is willing to do. in the short term is that the impact doesn't seem to be as my as 1078 feared but that is the big question. that is the concern that i have. will the e.p.a. set up remediation and take care of those costs? >> they've obviously required private companies to do that. mr. attorney general, we'll leave it there. >> absolutely. >> come back and het us know how your fight against the epa goes. thanks for taking your time sunday. i know you had an event honoring
10:28 am
police officers. good luck back. >> >> thank you, leland. not everyone is buying the deal through congress. we're going to speak with one congressman why he has brand new reason to denounce the sky. fireworks over hawaii. we'll tell you what this is all about coming up. take time for sunday. just know that your truck... has a little thing for monday.
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well, the president is on vacation in martha's vineyard, the obama administration is quietly lobbying lawmakers to gain congressional support and approval for the controversial nuclear deal with iran. the vote is up next month and several members of congress on both sides of the aisle have said they'll vote no. one of those congressmen is trent franks where he just returned from israel and egypt. congressman, thank you for your time today. >> well, thank you for the
10:33 am
invitation. >> all right. so we know that members of the administration have intim mated that essentially israel is the only one in the middle east who was against this deal. what was your experience? what did you hear in your travels? >> well, shannon, the administration is just patently wrong. we met with a number of egyptian leaders, had saudi leaders in my office recently and certainly the israeli leaders are concerned, but this is something wherefore a very unique moment we have the arabs and the israelis on the same page. now privately they are very clear about their position, sometimes publicly. it's a little more reticence on their part. the truth is i've had the privilege of chairing the israel allies caucus for a long time and in my lifetime i have never seen israel more alarmed about anything given all the challenges they face. this has been the thing that concerns them most. i think they have every right to be concerned. i think a nuclear iran as they
10:34 am
say so often poses an existential threat to the state of israel, our greatest friend and ally in the world. >> well, those on the hill who are close to this are racking up more and more no votes. among people who are very influential, you think of senator chuck schumer among those. the fact is even if congress votes this down, would you possibly be able to overcome a veto threat, which is what you've gotten from the president? >> well, you know, there have been 2500 vetoes in our country's history approximately. only a little over 100 have been overridden. the odds are against us. i believe this might be the unique possibility to do this. all of the republicans are against this. we're seeing more democrats come out against it. i have to say to you, i know politics plays a part in everything, but if the democrats looking at this will put aside the politics of the moment and consider the future generations and their own children poe techsly walking in the shadow of nuclear terrorism if this deal
10:35 am
proceeds. i think there is a possibility that we can overcome? we can turn it back in the right direction. >> i want to talk to you about another domestic issue that you've been very vocal on and that is about abortion. planned parenthood has undercover videos with doctors and statements made. the senate attempted a vote by defunding planned parenthood. the house is going to vote on something different. do you think ultimately and with this recess in the meantime that lawmakers on the hill will do anything differently than what we've seen with funding planned parenthood thus far? critics say it could amount to you shutting down the government over this? >> well, you know, shannon, it was only a little over a year ago that authorities walked into the clinic of dr. kermit goznel. where he cut the spines of little babies born alive.
10:36 am
in fact, actually one of his employees said she saw living, breathing babies, one that was two feet long with no longer with eyes and a mouth that was held up and just making this what she called a screeching sound. it sounded like a little alien. i just have to believe that when americans see that and see these videos from planned parenthood, that they realize this is not us. we were founded on the notion that we were all god's children and that we had the right from him to live and be free and pursue our and i have hope that we're going to respond the right direction. the answer to this in a big way would be the payne campbell unborn protection child act. we've passed that in the house. it's in the senate. i think we will get some kind of culture vote. they're trying to prevent a vote from taking place. i wish the american people understood it is what the people
10:37 am
need. we can vote on not nunding inf. if we have an honest vote, we will win and we will allow these little babies, especially the ones that are late term, the ones that are the primary targets of these organ harvesting efforts, to keep their own organs and be free and walk in the light itself. >> all of those efforts the white house will veto it. we'll watch. congressman trent franks, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> leland? the nation's top doctor is holding fast to his belief that gun violence is what he calls a preventible health problem. surgeon general says he has no regrets about taking on the very powerful pro gun lobby. he's also not surprised by the backlash that has delayed his confirmation for a year. surgeon general has been on the job since december. still ahead, that travel
10:38 am
nightmare for thousands of airline customers. we're going to tell you what we know about what grounded flights all along the east coast creating that mess. plus, we're getting a glimpse from congress. our fair and balanced panel weighs in just ahead. >> i don't think so. look, donald trump is a phenomena and he's doing very well. i don't have a helicopter. i don't know that any other candidates will. let me tell you what we're doing. we're organizing the old-fashioned way. ♪ when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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10:43 am
throughout the northeastern corridor not only coming in and out of washington but flying through as well. thousands of passengers were stranded at airports in new york, d.c., north carolina. a lot of flights into new york as well. the faa is still trying to figure out exactly what triggered that glitch. back to america's election headquarters. here's the polls. just out, donald trump is still leading among gop presidential hopefuls. that is according to our first set of polls that were taken entirely after the big debate. dr. ben carson and texas senator ted cruz round out the top three. both have surged as a result of their debate performance, but the night's big winner is karly froo carly fiorina. but to break out of the pack she might need to help build on that
10:44 am
momentum. >> let's break it down with our fair and balanced panel, john hart is the editor and chief of opportunity lives. doug dornell is chairman of the dcc. we talked about carly fiorina and among those who watched the debate. 13%, that put her in first place, they thought she won the debate. she wasn't even in the top ten debate. what does that say about her ability? what does she need to capitalize on that? >> she may break into the top ten. after that performance, i think she will. the polling says 3/4 of the republicans don't want donald trump to be the nominee. it's not uncommon for someone to surge ahead. donald trump is more of a comedian than a conservative. he's had a confused record. he's been all over the map on health care and conservative issues. his immigration plan is
10:45 am
incoherent. the way other candidates like fiorina and others can trump trump so to speak is to be specific on border security. speak honestly about that issue. you know, we can't have a nation without secure borders. scott walker's put ott a plan, others are going to do that as well. and, again, just to understand that donald trump is tapping into something, a real hunger, but trump is empty calories. he's funnel cake and cotton candy. the more our candidates can deliver solutions, i think trump will fade. >> there's no question that folks like funnel cake and corn dogs. >> i like funnel cakes. but not before the roller coasters. >> exactly. people have very, very firm feelings on food as they do on likability about candidates. >> sure. >> what they like, what they don't like. i thought this was interesting in terms of likability and not likability. ben carson has surged in terms of likability. 0% of the people polled say they
10:46 am
don't like him. he's up by 19 is his net. ben carson the most likeable coming out of this. p the least likeable person in this whole race is, well, take a look, donald trump. negative 37 on least likeable. his net is also way negative as well. my question for you, doug, is it more important at this point, six months before iowa to look at the top numbers in the poll, who's leading, who's not? is it more important to delve into the data and look at likability and figure out that trump has a huge underwater spread? >> that's a great question. john and i were talking about this in the greenroom. voters are shopping around for candidates. four years ago herman cain was probably leading the republican field. right now there's a real hunger and appetite for what donald trump is saying and he's really tapping into some emotions that are in the republican party and also outside of the republican party. i think you kind of have to look at a number of things.
10:47 am
i think for donald trump if you're looking at these numbers, the top three folks leading your poll are all considered outsider republicans. if you're donald trump, that should be encouraging to you because those are other things you can pick up. for donald trump, nofrd for him to be successful, he has to pick up others. >> john, does anybody want trump as their second choice now? i haven't heard much talk. >> no, i don't think so, trump is a first choice candidate. they're trying him out. they want to see how he performs as a front-runner. i think he'll run his course just as rick santorum did. rick santorum is at 1%. that's a huge spread from where he was a year ago. >> what's really interesting, i've heard over the course of this whole trump saga, you know, everyone has trierd to write him off. before he got in everyone said he wasn't going to get in. when he got in people would say that republicans in particular he was only going to stay in for
10:48 am
a few weeks. now he's been in for several months and he remains at 20, 24%. he's got a durable number there. the question is can he bump it up. >> we've got to leave it there. stick around, panel, we love you. we want to see more of you. when we come back we want to hear about what you say about hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> i never sent classified material on my e-mail and i never received any that was marked classified. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty...
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new internal polls show americans believe hillary clinton put national security at risk by mishandling classified information. 54% of registered voters are concerned about the content of the e-mails on her home-based e-mail server. clinton has turned the server over to investigators, based on the numbers, there could be political damage done. >> clinton's numbers are dropping while democratic rivals bernie sanders is surging in the polls. especially in places like new hampshire. let's bring in our fair and balanced panel once again, take a closer look, john hart, doug sornell, how does somebody be commander in chief when 54% says
10:53 am
i think you hurt national security as secretary of state? >> you know, this is an join going examination, and i think that it's clear based off of the original investigation into benghazi that there was no wrong doing on the part of secretary clinton, and ultimately look, she has a lot of kwaugss to be president, and this issue of trust and weather and trust worthiness is something she'll have to deal with it. i think she dealt with it in the campaign. >> is it working? >> not at always. this is a huge issue because it gets to her core competence of commander in chief. hillary clinton set up a private e-mail server, she went off the grid to evade detection by congress and american law enforcement. and in the process of doing that, she may have exposed secrets to foreign intelligence. so it's a much bigger deal than donald trump's jokes about megyn kelly and john mccain because it's about hillary clinton's liability as commander in chief.
10:54 am
>> i think she's totally viable to be commander in chief. >> before we get into that, let me put up another poll, this is who thinks she lied and whether she sent and classed if i at the time. democrats, parties, and independents, independent number is important because you look and you see 67% think she lied versus 23% who think there's another splax. but we all know in these elections, it's about 4 3 or 4% of independents that you have to convince. how do you think she deals with that? >> first of all, the biggest thing is the democratic nomination. in the democratic party, this is not as big than the republican side. ultimately she's going to have to transition into general election campaign and make the case to independents that she is trust worthy. >> quick, ten seconds. >> the bigger issue is that democrats are split between socialism and capitalism on the basis of ideas.
10:55 am
that's an even deeper problem than the e-mail issue. 43% favor socialism versus capitalism. >> on that -- >> you have donald trump running as your front-runner, that's a bigger problem. >> gentlemen, on that note of disagreement, doug and john, great to see you both, thanks for coming in today. >> thanks a lot. fireworks on the panel and over the skies in hawaii. what they are celebrating, coming up. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
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fireworks lighting up the skies above pearl harbor in hawaii to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the world war ii. vj day, the display was provided by the japanese city of nagaoka, that's the hometown of the late admiral who planned the attack on pearl harbor putting the u.s. squarely into world war ii. this is one of just several memorial events around the globe honoring the millions who died during the second world war to preserve freedom. here in d.c., the world war ii memorial is probably my favorite. >> it is. >> and you always meet a vet when you're there. >> an honor to meet them, so amazing to hear the stories and realize this sort of generation that came home, the last war that everyone came home heroes from. and to see what they did with america to talk is fabulous. >> buckled down, went back to work -- >> and never talked about it.
11:00 am
>> we thank you. and to all of our veterans and your families as well. >> thank you as well. great show. nice to be with you. "fox news sunday' coming up next. >> we'll see you next sunday. people are listening, they're not going to hear a political speaker from me. >> we'll sit down with one candidate whose gotten a big post debate bounce in iowa, dr. ben carson. plus clinton's e-mail server, how will her campaign handle the latest setback? >> the hero doesn't usually ask you to do thing, they demand that it happens. >> we'll talk with trey gowdy, chair of the house benghazi committee about the investigation. plus our sunday panel


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