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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 16, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. a. hello. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello, everyone, i'm eric shaun. topping the knew this hour, there's a new round of fox polls showing where the presidential candidates stand today after a big weekend of campaigning. we'll show you who's up and who's down. and temperatures in the west coast soaring into triple digits as a blistering heat wave grips the region. wait until you hear who helps the nsa track us online. fist we have this fox news
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alert. authorities say three people have been killed following a midair collision of two small planes near an airport in southern san diego county. the federal aviation administration saying those two planes heading to the same field this morning when they apparently collided in midair. crews extinguished fires in the dry brush. the fatal crash happens to be the second one today. a small plane crashed this morning in new york killing one person. again, at least three fatalities in the midair collision of two small planes just outside san dieg diego. we now move to the campaign trail. the presidential race already seems like it's in full swing with candidates preparing for the first presidential contest next february. it's been a very busy weekend
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for the presidential hopefuls hitting the sunday public news affairs programs after a hard weekend of campaigning at the iowa state fair. kristen fisher has the developments live from washington. >> one thing that's getting a lot of attention today is a new fox news poll out just this morning, the first since the debate. this is our first real glimpse into how the republican primary voters think the candidates did. the majority thought that donald trump had the worst performance at the debate. but look at this. he's still leading in the poll by a lot. his closest competitor ben carson is 14 point behind him. the second place spot was previously held by jeb bush. he's really dropped, down six points since the debate. ted cruz is up, ben carson got a big bump and trump down one point but still on top. here's what trump and carson said about their standings on the sunday shows this morning. >> aye had a lot of fun. i'm leading if the polls. you it's one of those things
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assuming people know i'm on. look what happened to fox. it's a crazy thing going on. and all i care about, this is 100% truthful. i love this country and i want to make it great again. >> big people are starting to recognize that the same old same old is going to take us to the same place. we're at a precipitous now. are we going to continue down the road leading to a very bad or are we going to try to make a change. >> the poll also shows some action on the democratic side. for the first time hillary clinton dropped below 50% and bernie sanders just keeps on climbing. today he said the numbers would carry over on election day rnls one of the real advantages, i think, of me winning the democratic primary is that we can get a lot of young people, a lot of working people involved in the political process, getting them out to vote in the
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way that an established politician can't. >> hill clint still has a huge lead, 19 point but compare that to one month ago when she had a 40 point lead. vice president joe biden is still rumored to be considering a possible run as well. >> thank you very much. and yet another key lawmaker saying he will not support the iran nuclear deal. republican jeff flake of arizona has become the latest senator to announce his opposition ahead hof next month's congressional vote. kevin coarse joins us now from eggerton where the president is on vacation. hi? >> reporter: hi, always great to talk to you. there's no question that we know how the vast majority of congressional lawmakers will vote on the deal come september. and we've learned pretty clearly, according to a majority of americans surveyed how most of them feel like congress
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should weigh in on this argument. take a look at the numbers. 58% when asked what would you do if you were in congress. would you vote for the nuclear deal or not? well 58% say they would reject it. 31% say yes they would actually ultimately support the iran deal. now one of the major 0 pea innocents of the deal is ohio congressman mike turner. he told maria bard ro no today the deal doesn't do near enough to keep iran from breaking its word. >> the president is brokers a deal that does not give us the protection that we need. the house and the senate are going to be divided in this deal believing it does not provide the pr text we need to keep iran from getting nuclear weapons. >> turner a block of gop leaders who will spend the next couple
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of weeks arguing against this agreement in the p five s1. yes, we know at the end of this congressional we view, lawmakers head by the gop will vote and disapprove the deal. that will be followed by a long promised presidential veto. that's step number one. can the white house maintain enough support to maintain a gop override. the president can afford to lose no more than 43 house democrat to sustain the veto. well over in the nart the critics still need 13 democrats 0 independents to caucus with them to override a presidential veto. the white house remains quite confident that they have the number to hold on. and as you could well manage imagine, the white house will put on a full court press from the point forward to try to
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convince not just lawmakers but in sort of a passive way, the american people that this deal is a very good one for the american people and indeed for the safety and security of the entire globe. we expect the vice president, secretaries of state and energy to get out there to try to help the president to sell this iran nuclear deal. arthel? >> thank you very much for that very detailed report. kevin kork, thanks. hill clint has been shrug ug off the controversy over her private computer server and all of those e-mail that were sent and received while she was secretary of state. mrs. clinton has been dismissing the questions about this calling it quote partisan gains. she said nothing she sent was quote marked classified. but now we're hearing wide reactions to the remarks that she gave in iowa. >> hillary clinton continues to
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downplay reports th. a potentially illegal act she continues to deny np congressman tray gouty is the chair of the house committee investigating the benghazi attack. gouty has been an opponent. as it appears to him, there's information that she does not want the public to see. >> the greater steps you take to clean something or delete something, that's a higher level of concealment, a higher level of consciousness of concealment. your viewer has to ask to what lengths would that go to delete a yo dpa e-mail. >> they claim that at least four of clinton's e-mails contained confidential information. this while the president candidate pledged to cooperate with the investigation. >> i never sent classified material on my e-mail and i never received any that was
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marked classified. so i'm going to let whatever this inquiry is go forward and we'll, you know, await the outcome of it. >> clinton went on to say it's not what the voters are talking about but early polling numbers paint a different picture. according to a new pox poll, 57% of americans think the former secretary of state knowingly lied about classified information in her e-mail. >> thank very much. eric, emergency crews in indonesia getting set to resume the search for survivors after a plane with 54 people on board crashed in the eastern part of the country. local villagers telling authorities they saw it crash into a mountain. the terrain could make it difficult to get to the wreckage. some planes that have crashed in the area before have never been found. will carr is live with more details. >> well the search was called off for the night.
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but they plan to start looking for the wreckage again first thing in the morning. we know that this plane had 54 passengers on board, 44 adults, five members of the crew and five children including two babies. the plane was an atr 42300 owned by trigana air, a twin turbo prop airplane. and in a press conference earlier today, authorities say the plane took off from jay purr ra. half an hour later lost contact and witnesses say they saw it flying very low before it crashed into a mountain. >> translator: the information we received this evening is that the plane who lost contact has been found on the mountain. >> papua is about 1500 miles directly north of australia. the weather in that area sun predictable. we do know there were thunderstorms in that area around the time of the crash.
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investigators are look into the weather and also into the airline safety record. trigana air has lost 10 planes in 14 years and been on the european union's list of black carries. i spoke to one expert who said he would not get within 15 feet of one of those airplanes right now. >> thanks so much. if search for a missing cruise ship member who fell overboard has sadly come to an end. the man fell from the queen mary 2 as the shape made its way to new york. the captain turned the ship around, called passengers on the deck to help look for the crew member who reports say was a 26-year-old chef. they looked for about five hours. the canadian coast guard also helped out but the search was finally called off after experts determined that the missing crew member could not have survived in the atlantic ocean that is so cold at this spot all that time.
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severe storms and excessive heat threatening parts of the u.s. heat warnings are in place in the southwest with some temperatures spiking to 120 degrees. meanwhile winds are causing problems for firefighters trying to contain wildfires across the pacific northwest. those winds fuelling the flame in bone dry conditions. janice deen is live with more. some weather out there. >> the west is paying for the fact that they haven't seen much moisture and the fact that it is so warm up here. it's hot, dangerously so. that's why we have heat advis y advisories up for so many here. here are the current temperatures, los angeles 83, needles, 113, las vegas 109. you factor in the humid and i feels worse than that. so oppressive heat here pep people are urged to stay inside.
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the bigger picture here is we've had very warm temperatures, gusty winds and the threat for wildfire danger. so dozens of wildfires burning. we're not getting the moisture into the areas. we've got an epic historic drought across california and much of the west here, extreme to exceptional drought, especially across california. you look at the radar, we have a little monsoonal moisture making its way into parts of the four corners but not in the areas that need the moisture. next seven days, not getting it. it is moving into the central u.s. but not over the west where they really need it. so there's your last 18 hours. the other big stories we're watching is the potential for showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast that are starting to perk up here as well as the upper midwest and the great lakes where we could see the potential of severe weather, isolated tornadoes. there's the threat today as we go through the overnight tonight and then tomorrow for the high planes, the central planes,
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that's where we could see the risk for strong to severe storms. the rest of the country, it's summertime, yes we're feeling the heat for much of the country except for the cold front. north of the cold front is the cooler than average temperatures. arthel, maybe you and i need to be by a pool today. >> i'll meet you there in an hour or two. >> sounds good to me. >> thanks, j.d. >> or janice and arthel could go to the beach and that means the jersey shore. the owners of a very popular pier that was hard hit by the summer storm sandy, they're getting the green light to rebuild that structure three years after the devastating storm hit. take a look at the picture. many remember the image showing the roller coasting smashed and dumped in the atlantic ocean. well, now that coaster which is in the casino pier near ocean city is now getting the permit
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to rebuild. they'll allow the owners some time to work on the property. a sign they all say of the rebirth of the jersey shore. tributes are pouring in or julian bond. the civil rights pioneer died yesterday in ft. walton, florida. president obama released a statement saying quote, justice and equality was the mission that spanned his life. mr. bond was a leader of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and a former chairman of the naacp. he also served in the georgia state legislature. julian bond, a trail blazer for change was 75 years old. well the new surgeon general not backing down on his statement about gun violence. the comment that he made that he says put him on the wrong side of the nra. plus new fox polls are out and some presidential candidates are seeing a surge. we're going to break down the numbers with our political panel.
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says despite criticism from the nra, he still believes that violence is a preventable health problem and a public health care issue. the surgeon general says he has no regrets about taking on the powerful program lobby. he compared gun violence to seat belts and swimming pool safety. he's not surprised by the backlash that delayed his confirmation for a year. he's been on the since december. and the first fox polls since the republican debate in cleveland are out today and offering a new look at the race for the white house. dr. ben car, senator ted cruise and carley fiorina seeing a spark in support while bush, rand paul taking a hit. bernie sanders continues to make gains on hillary clinton. and joining me now to break down the number, political reporter for the daily caller.
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hey, alex. >> hey, arthel. >> let's look at this part, ben carson, ted cruz and carly fiorina. >> the anti-politician candidates are up and then the establishment guyings, jeb bush, scott walker, they're down. look at the top three candidate right there. you got donald trump, ben carson and ted cruz. so you know, trump and carson, they've never been in office before. ted cruz, he's probably the most anti-republican establishment candidate there is and that's what he's running on. and you have carly fiorina who's doubled or polling points. it's really interesting. if you add up the polling numbers, it ends up being more than 40%. there will 40% of people in the polls say you' what, my favorite is somebody who has never been in office before. i think that tells you a lot of
1:22 pm
where we have in this part of the race. >> whew do you think on a democratic side that person any sanders seems to be making an impact? >> i think a lot of voters want the anti-establishment candidacy. bernie sanders with what bernie sanders and donald trump tell us right now, a lot of people don't want to see a bush clinton race again. that's the point of it. whether donald trump or bernie sanders are their nominees for their parties, and there are a lot of people that think that they won't be, i do think some of the other candidates who may actually become the nominee are going to learn a lot from this and you're going to see a lot of people distance themselves from d.c., distance themselves from the establishment. >> i want to pull up the poll again, the first fox poll since the debate. i want to look at the top favorites among white evangelical christians. trump has 27%, dr. carson 14%, cruz 12%, bush 10% and mike
1:23 pm
huckabee 9%. now does this surprise you at all? >> the trump stuff a little bit. if you remember a few weeks ago he was in iowa and he made a couple of awkward comments. he was asked have you ever asked for forgiveness and he okactual said, i got to be honest, i don't think i have. obviously ted cruz doing well, ben carson doing well, mike huckabee doing well. that's not surprising. that's the sort of people you would expect to be doing well. >> it struck me that donald trump is up there on top there. >> yeah, i know. i mean i think it's hard to explain. like a lot of these polls. the conventional wisdom has been wrong time and time again when it comes to donald trump. first we said -- i've been guilty of this. he wasn't going to get in the race and when he got in the race he wasn't going to do well. once he was doing well, he wasn't going to last that long. we've been constantly wrong and people are saying it's just august and that's going to go away. the donald trump lead is going to go away. i don't know.
1:24 pm
there are a lot of things that people who analyze this for a living are looking at it saying it's hard to explain. that may be another example. >> i wasn't suggesting that mr. trump is the anti-christ or anything but you wouldn't predict that spector to be supportive of pim. the fox poll, when it's asking who is qualified to be the president of the united states. clinton comes at 39%, bush 27%, rubio 29 pores and then sanders and trump round out the top five or six there, top five at 19%. your thoughts on that. >> yeah. it's interesting. you actually have voters saying they think somebody like jeb bush and marco rubio is more qualified yet they want donald trump and carly fiorina to be president. the people in washington are qualified and they're not doing what i want them to do so let's get somebody who is a little
1:25 pm
less qualified. that's the message coming out of this poll which is very interesting. >> very qualified, clinton, bush, rubio, sanders and trump at the bottom. lots of numbers for us to bat around between now and the first primary and on to november 8th, 2016. as always, thank you. republican presidential candidate mike huckabee saying he will be heading to israel. the former arkansas governor will fund raise and meet with a number of officials there and certainly discuss the controversial nuclear deal with iran. you know mr. huckabee strongly opposed that agreement and he caused some campaign controversy by saying the deal is quote marching the israeli to the door of the ovens. his campaign not saying whether he's going to meet with benjamin netanyahu. a high flying act leaves two
1:26 pm
members of the military injured. a parachutist now fighting for his life after a stunt goes terribly wrong. the president may be enjoying himself playing golf up in martha's vineyard, but he's back to work in two weeks. what does he have to do? secure his deal with iran. there's a lot more on the international front. we'll take a look and break it down for you when we come back in two minutes. rted at the shel, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through the day. then my friend said "try aleve". just two pills, all day. and now, i'm back for my best bud! aleve. all day strong and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. [whirring drones] just stay calm and move as quietly as possible.
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a terrifying midair mishap at a chicago air show when two military parachute jumpers collide. both of the parachuters are injured. one is hospitalized in critical condition. that's after having surgery. the other jumper has since been treated for a broken leg and is in stable condition. now president obama's iran
1:31 pm
nuclear deal suffered a bit of a set back. republican arizona senator jeff flake has become the latest lawmaker to balk at the deal. flake had considered supporting it but announced that he now plans to vote no in the upcoming vote on capitol hill. 27 democrats do support the agreement. you know one notable name, new york senator chuck schumer like flake has bailed on it. the nuclear greet is several of foreign policy challenges that faces the president when he returns from his vacation in two weeks. captain ben collins joins us now. today donald trump said this country hasn't been great since reagan. look at what we face now, the isis, jihadists over there and at home, putin marching on ukraine, iran a terrorist state, the state department terror sponsoring state with this
1:32 pm
agreement. what do we do and what comes first in. >> well and that's a great point. if you look at the world certainly in a global position right now, it's hard to find a continent that there isn't chaos. antarctica is probably the only continent that we don't have a problem on right now. i u really think president obama has got to come down to two things, one is priorities, two is what's realistic. he's becoming a lame duck president, certainly from an international perspective. if we take the iran deal and the consequences that the iran deal is going to have. whether you agree with that or not, it's going to be tremendously transformative for that region. iran is going to become a new super pow near the region, they're going to become much more stable. they're going to make trade with europe. their oil production is going to increase, china and russia are going to start buying more oil. we can almost say good-bye to the middle east as we knew it
1:33 pm
10, 15, 20 years ago. and when it comes to isis, you're correct. they'ren the rise, recruiting our children in our homes here. he's got a lot on his plate that he's got to take a look at. >> the president says the deal will revent ie raun from build a nuclear bomb. "the new york times" saying they could have a bomb in 13 years when some of this runs out. isis, what do we do. trump today said he thinks there should be american boots on the ground. your special forces in afghanist afghanistan. can a small contingent join the other forces there and why don't the arab allies step up to take the isis militants out? >> i think the key thing is if american doesn't lead, no one else has the ability to do so. it's not so much as can we effect the change on the ground. special forces, the berets can go in and train a lot of the kurds or the iraqi troops.
1:34 pm
but everything has become so burr cat cli complicated because there's no strategic plan. there was a report that now that turkey is allowing us to fly, who is their real enemy? do they care more about fighting the kurds or do they care about taking the fight to isis. and as soon as they -- we had access to their base, they walked into the operation center and said we need all of the pilot and the american planes out of the air space. we're going to do a bombing mission against the pkk. complete surprise, minutes only to move or assets out of the air. that goes to the strategic thinking and having command overall. it's not just special forces on the ground but we need an entire plan in order to make this successful. >> the president is right in a sense right now for not having boots on the ground under that type of environment, except the advisers who are there. >> personally, in my opinion, look, i think, you know, certainly when we come up
1:35 pm
against, you know, remembering world war ii and say never again will we watch these atrocities and i look at what's happening oef thereby there where they're massacring children, what they're doing to women. to me it's atrocious. america used to stand for something of hope. and i think there's a moral imperative right now in this time and place for us to lead the fight against isis. just sending troops on the ground is not going to be enough. it has to be part of a plan overall and the president has yet to present that plan in my opinion. >> it's astounding that mustard gas as you mentioned are being used and being deployed once again. all you to do is go to flanders fields, revisit the sites from world war i. captain ben collins, thank you and thank you so much for your service. >> thank you. well presidential hopeful donald trump getting into some
1:36 pm
policy specifics today and he's tackling immigration. what he plans to do to president obama's executive order. >> you are going to love me in terms of immigration and illegal immigration. hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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cleanup effort are under way at the sight of two massive explosions in sigh china. 3,000 soldiers are trying to clear dangerous chemicals in the area. as many as 112 people now confirmed dead following powerful blasts in a port city east of beijing. dozens more, including firefighters, when the explosions rocked the warehouse. the cause is under investigatio
1:41 pm
investigation. we're going to keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> but they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go. >> we will work with them. they have to go. either we have a country or we don't have a country. >> that's republican presidential candidate donald trump on his airplane saying he would reverse president obama's executive orders on immigration. and he says deport all undocumented immigrants from the u.s. well today mr. trump gave voters the outlines of his policy. the plan will also include tripling the number of immigration officers with, defunding so-called sanctuary cities, and having mexico he says pay for the border wall. are these ideas realistic? joining us to talk about it, doreen boar really and the president of solidarity
1:42 pm
strategies. you got 11 million illegal immigrants in this country. is he going to put them in a crate and ship them out? >> this is all part of the vetting process, eric. it's politics and we have to -- i'm waiting to hear myself what his plans are. i think this paper just came out a couple of days ago. but it's the politics of the primaries. and clearly donald trump is leading in the polls because of his tough stance on illegal immigration. and when you look at the criminal illegals, individuals who are committing criminal acts in our country, kate steinle, this is something that should have been addressed many, many years ago. and with donald trump, it's now national news and it's on the headlines and we're all talking about it. >> trump in a sense kind of raised this a few weeks ago. it's outrageous. his campaign points out that the obama administration released 76,000 criminal aliens, it says,
1:43 pm
recently. and they're just out there on the streets. about 1,000 or so i believe have committed crimes again. >> and it's a republican primary. i think that's the key point here. they're trying to get their message out. and this is red meat to your republican base, especially in iowa, new hampshire. and as a political consultant, that's what he's doing. as a national strategy, we've seen this before with mitt romney. we're going to deport, self deportation. current hispanic voters know somebody who is undocumented. it's a perfect political strategy if you're trying to get the right of the right to vote for you. >> is it not just a political stat zbrateg strategy, chuck but a strategy for potentially defending this nation, against the criminal aliens who allegedly kill americans? >> exactly. you look at the senate bill that three times, three times more funding for border security in the senate bill that was passed by democrats and republicans. it wu sent to the house and the
1:44 pm
house republicans wouldn't pass it. if he's donald trump he would go look, you can't pass it through the congress. you should the deal with this. you're not going to deport 11 moil million people. >> he said a nation without borders is not a nation. there must be a wall against the southern border. a nation without laws is not a nation. laws must be enforced. he says a nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. imimmigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all americans. i think it's interesting if you read, he points out that 40% of black teens are unemployed, 30% of hispanic teens are unemployed and he says this is way to try to help them gain employment and jobs. do you think that's bopossible? >> it's all about national security for our country. those are all very important concerns that not only donald trump is concerned about but so are americans, which is why he's so high, he's resonating so high
1:45 pm
in the polls. security for our country. listen. with illegals coming in here, eric, we can barely take care of our own. we're $18 trillion in debt and counting. unemployment is high in the black community as you referenced. and our veterans are suffering out there. we theed to take care of home first and do something really about what is going on with illegal immigration. it's been going on for way too long and finally it's front and center which is what our country needs. >> do you think that's why -- what catapulted him to the top of the polls? >> i do. that's why he's primarily resonating with the voters on this issue. because when you think about it, you're not really hearing that much from the other candidates in terms of what they're going to do, what the plans are, what the proposals are to address this really dire issue. it is about national security for our country, take care of america first. >> what happens though maybe in the again.
1:46 pm
trump says it's going to be him versus joe biden. we'll have to see. >> if indeed he's still leading in the polls on this issue -- >> it's a great, great point. a great question. i think exactly what you're describing is the truth that everybody on the republican side was scared to go this far right on this particular issue because it cuts at the heart of a lot of the core of the base. but in the general election, there's a lot more people who participate in that operation and you're going to see a lot more latinos in nevada, in colorado, in florida who have a bigger impact. when you denigrating immigration and people who want to come here illegal and talking about them in a hole, you're going to talk to a lot of voters. >> those who have come here legally, hispanic, latino or whatever, those who came here legally spent thousands of dollars and waited in line for many years, did it the right way. this is really a thumb in their eye because they did it the right way. and i know of a number of individuals who do not agree
1:47 pm
with people coming here illegally, especially when they got at the back of the line. >> mr. trump has that position paper on his website right now, getting into specifics. chuck and danine, thanks so much. >> thank you. meanwhile, some of the presidential hopefuls getting into the swing of things in the state of nevada. hundreds of voters gathering at a barbecue to listen to four gop candidates including ben carson, carly fiorina, senator ted cruz and scott walker. they tweet their campaign pictures to their rural nevada audience. >> sound good. well there's another manhunt, lasted for two weeks and yes it's come to an end. we'll tell you how the police were able to find the man they say was responsible for a deadly crime spree. >> plus new documents revealing a secret partnership between the ns a nsa and one of the country's
1:48 pm
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1:52 pm
find 34-year-old benjamin parker ashley. he was shot and killed after a weapon was brandished at him. he was wanted for killing a dentist and wounding two s.w.a.t. team members. >> alleged details of a secret partnership between the nsa and at&t. according to the "new york times" the nsa long relying on the telecom giant to accessible loans of emails and phone records. at&t cooperating in a broad range of classified activities from 2003 to 2013. joining us now discuss this is former pentagon official steve buchi, now the director of ari son center for foreign studies. do these findings surprise you at all and what kind of information did at&t provide? >> well, this really shouldn't surprise anybody. remember, the national security agency is one of our nation's spy organizations.
1:53 pm
it's their job to collect information that adds to our national security. the fact that they worked with allegedly at&t and maybe some of the other telecoms, also should be unsurprising. this is right after 9/11, all these things started. everybody was a little bit worried about terrorism. >> so, you're saying, i think you just heard you say maybe not just at&t we might find out other phone carriers did the same. >> it seems like at&t at least according to the analysis of these documents that are more snowden released revelations that at&t seems to have been the biggest but there's an indicator that some of the other telecoms also participated in these programs. >> what does it mean if you're an at&t cell phone customer? >> for american citizens very little. this is predominantly aimed at overseas collection.
1:54 pm
at&t controls a lot of nodes that provide this service all over the world but i think we need to dig into it a little bit to see if it did affect american citizens. that's a completely different ball of wax than what they do with the overseas targets. >> overall from your perspective and expertise these types of programs are legal? >> they were legal when they were introduced and executed. legal from a judicial standpoint, oversight standpoint and executive branch control of them, this is not the nsa going rogue. but remember things have changed since the snowden revelations. we're looking at it differently. it will take more analysis to make a determination and even if they are still doing this, this may just be all in the past, but it remains to be seen. >> may be all in the past, you're not sure as you just pointed out. look, when folks are watching
1:55 pm
these types of reports, the question is should consumers be concerned that they are being spied on or under constant surveillance by the government. >> not american consumers. the reason i say maybe in the past the documents only refer to programs up to 2013. so we don't know. it may have ended then. we need to dig into it a little bit more. i don't think american citizens, american residents need to worry about this at all. overseas folks, they are legitimate targets for espionage organizations. a special tribute as cyclists fill the streets instead of cars. we'll tell you about the special meaning behind the trip.
1:56 pm
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take. ♪ one pill, twice daily, xeljanz can reduce ra pain and help stop further joint damage, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. thailand's crown prince took a special ride in a tribute to his mother. >> the prince leading thousands on a 26 mile trip starting in bangkok in honor of the queen's 9th birthday. the event was carried live by public television stations and seen as a pr stunt by the palace when relations between the monarchy and the public are strained. >> we should all bike for mom.
2:00 pm
>> let's do it together. >> right down bourbon street. >> that will do it for us. "mediabuzz" with howard kurtz is coming up next. on the buzz meter from los angeles this sunday political anger rising as donald trump along with his supporters keeps ripping the media including fox news and his rivals while the pundits debate whether he's soaring or singing. >> rand paul, you have found, is a disaster in the polls. everybody that puts money up for jeb bush, it's like he's a puppet. he's totally controlled by these people. it's been brutal. it's been brutal for hillary and i think at some point she perhaps won't be able to run. she will have to end her campaign. >> anger is not a sufficient qualification for president. this was a turning point and t


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