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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a new delicacy at the texas state fair. it's called a seafood spread. chicken fried lobster tail. served with champagne gravy. real champagne, greg. >> i do like the lobster part. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. thanks so much, guys. we'll run the numbers on how much it would cost and save the government to implement the trump immigration plan. the amount of government email addresses found on the ashley madison extra marital went hack astounding. we'll talk to the makers of the pink pill. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. new fallout after hillary clinton seems to try to brush aside her growing email scandal. as the former secretary of state and democratic presidential candidate works to downplay the
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controversy again. our own ed henry holding her feet to the fire, especially when she tried to defend her private email account and server. listen to what happened. >> -- about taking responsibility -- >> i take responsibility. look, i just told jeff in retrospect this didn't turn out to be convenient at all and i regret that this has become such a cause celebre. ed, you're not listening to me. >> ed is always listening and he's live in las vegas. hillary's performance yesterday even has democrats, some of them, worried about her campaign today, right? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely, gretchen. i listen to you and your team, and that's what matters. i think the bottom line is that you have a political story today saying that after her performance in the news conference yesterday here in las vegas you have democrats, folks in her own party, campaign donors, strategists, people inside the white house saying what in the world is going on, that she's getting basic
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questions and she is coming back with legalistic answers that are not helping her political case and might not be helping her legal case. pardon. it's very loud here today. not handicappielping her legal either with the fbi investigation now focused on that server and whether or not she or someone else tried to wipe all the data off the server. listen. >> the fbi believes you tried to wipe the entire server. did you try to wipe the -- so there would be no email, no -- >> my personal emails are my personal business. right? so i -- so we went through a painstaking process and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work-related. under the law, that decision is made by the official. i was the official. i made those decisions. >> you were in charge of it. you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> like with a cloth or
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something? i know you want to make a point, and i can just repeat what i have said. >> it's a simple question. >> in order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server. they can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what's there or what's not there. >> reporter: fbi officials are saying in private they think they can restore the data. we'll find out maybe what was on the server that was deleted. interesting that she used to joke about wiping a server with a towel. remember the snapchat joke in iowa about messages disappearing which fell flat. republicans on the hill are saying, the idea that she is pushing that she turned this over voluntarily don't match with the facts of her being subpoenaed and her official records related to benghazi which forced the issue of this server being revealed. >> it's been 24 hours since the press conference and the clinton campaign still seems in denial about the seriousness of this
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controversy, what do you know about that? >>. >> reporter: they're saying a lot of the poll numbers that we and a lot of the media outlets are skewed in her words. she also tweeted that the press have a lot of questions about emails. the voters don't. interesting because hillary clinton ended her news conference abruptly last night after i fired several questions at her by saying, you guys keep asking about this, nobody else is. you have to wonder how that squares, though, with poll after poll, fox news and others, saying that voters do not find her honest and trustworthy, gretchen. >> ed henry live for us in vegas. thanks. see you soon. for more on hillary clinton's reaction to the email scandal time to bring in monica crowley. it's not just republicans who are now talking about this. it's democrats who are now nervous about the way in which she has handled the response to this, right? >> yes. the old adage that it's rarely
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the original crime that does you in but it's the coverup, it's the way you handle allegations and charges coming at you that will largely determine whether you survive or not when you are in politics. her handling of this has been so atrocious. that presser yesterday which ed henry actually asked those questions, that was one of the most disastrous public spectacles i have ever seen? why? >> the questions were real and on point. her answers were preposterous. this scandal has been going on for months. months. the fbi knew about this since at least march. she wasn't prepared to answer a single question. she is throwing up her hands and doesn't have an answer for it? i think she thought this would blow over like most old clinton scandals have always blown over. it is not. >> the fbi is now involved in it as well. it's not just a right-wing conspiracy. interesting thing to me is that her people must be telling her to stick to the story and that's
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what they're doing too, that none of the emails were classified when they were sent. >> well, this is the beginning of what her defense will be, that they weren't classified. now we've got stories also saying that some members of her staff actually took off some of the classifications and removed them. well, those classifications by and large and time-stamped. so we might, if we're able to retrieve this data through the fbi, we might be able to see what staffer and when actually removed some of the classifications. >> that would be a crime as well. i want to call your attention to something ed henry mentioned as well about snap chat. >> by the way you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love it! i love it! those messages disappear all by themselves! [ laughter ] >> why would you say that? >> she is such a terrible candidate.
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she can't even deliver a bad joke, right? breaking the law is not hilarious. i think what you're seeing here, especially in her performance yesterday but also trying to laugh it off and dismiss it, is the traditional clinton approach to scandal, which is deny and then deflect and stonewall. so it's worked for them for 20 years. she thinks it's going to work for her this time. the problem is, gretchen, she is not in control of this. barack obama is control of it. it's his administration, his fbi, his d.o.j. you can see her sort of losing her cool yesterday because it's dawning on her she is not in control. >> and that will be interesting if that indictment actually comes through. i want to call your attention to this poll now. the polls feeling the effects. she has dropped below 50% for the first time. bernie sanders. who would have ever thought, monica, that a socialist would end up becoming so popular? is it in your mind because people are socialists now or because they just don't want hillary on the democratic ticket? >> two things.
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first of all i think the current democratic party has moved so far to the left that you don't really have mainstream democrats existing anymore. it's almost all made up of socialists. number one. number two, it's her. back in 2008 when they were talking about the rise of barack obama and how he was eclipsing her, the dirty little secret about hillary clinton is that nobody actually really likes her. she has got a core constituency mostly of unmarried women. beyond that, when it comes to traditional democratic constituencies, mainstream democrats or those who are left, anybody actually likes her. so when someone comes on the scene that is more passionate they'll drop her like a hot potato. >> even a year ago everyone, republicans, democrats, independents said it was a foregon conclusion that she would be the next president of the united states. >> she will not be the nominee. >> you heard it here from monica crowley. fox news alert on a breaking
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story. former subway pitchman believe it or not jared fogle agreeing to a deal now with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to allegations that he paid for sex acts with minors and received child pornography. prosecutors say he knew the pornography had been secretly produced by the chairman of his charitable foundation. he registers himself as a sex offender and faces between 5 and 12 1/2 years behind bars. the immigration and customs enforcement agency under scrutiny for action around the country, a spring of murders sparking a debate about cooperation between local police and i.c.e. agents. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: local sheriffs have complained for years that immigrations and customs enforcement has been releasing illegal and criminal people throughout the u.s. without
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notifying authorities. last year they released some 30,000 immigrants convicted of crimes. under the new i.c.e. policy it will begin announcing when violent criminals are coming to a town near you. arizona was recently told it's getting three violent felons including an illegal immigrant from russia who served time for burning a police informant to death, an illegal from sudan convicted of multiple assaults and an iraqi man who killed his 7-week--old daughter. the criminals would normally qualify for deportation but in two cases i.c.e. cannot confirm their citizenship so they get to stay here. the iraqi who killed his baby is now a u.s. citizen. some families of those killed by illegals say the administration has to get rid of these criminals. listen. >> you don't release murderers into the state of arizona and somehow think that they're just going to go about their business
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and try to find a job. >> reporter: separately back in april amid the national debate over misconduct toward black people, a black i.c.e. agent shot and killed a 20-year-old black armed robbery suspect in detroit. the i.c.e. agent claimed he shot him after he lunged at him with a hammer. after the investigation we know the i.c.e. agent will not face charges. the prosecutor says, yes, black lives matter but, listen. >> supportable evidence matters. provable evidence matters. doing justice matters. and the truthmatters. >> reporter: the family is now considering a civil lawsuit. gretchen. >> unbelievable. trace gallagher, thank you. what a quick-thinking employee did that may have saved
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more than one life. donald trump wants to put a stop to illegal immigration and send the ones here back home to wherever they came from. but if that was even possible, how much would a plan like that cost you the taxpayer, and how much would it save the u.s.? >> i'd much rather find out whether or not anchor babies are actually citizens, because a lot of people don't think they are. why do so many people choose aleve?
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welcome back to "the real story." gas leak sparks a huge explosion, leveling part of a motel 6 in washington state. check this out. powerful blast happening moments after the hotel was evacuated, luckily. gas company worker was seriously injured. two motel guests are still missing. firefighters saying they are now in recovery mode because there is no survivable space if anyone is trapped under that debris.
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talk about donald trump, shall we? touting his immigration policy, which calls for mass deportations. the american action forum estimating that it would cost between $100 billion to $3 hospit$00 billion to arrest and remove every undocument the immigrant in the united states. it would take a 15 billion to keep the immigrants from returning. trump saying the 14th amendment allowing everyone born on u.s. soil to be a u.s. citizen is unconstitutional. >> i don't think they have american citizenship. if you speak to some very good leaders, many agree with me that they do not have american citizenship. we have to start a process where we take back our country. >> the president of the american action forum is here.
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and he let's break down some of the numbers that you calculated. 20 years to deport all the illegal people here right now? maybe 12 million, maybe more? >> yeah. if you look at the illegal immigrant population, about 90% almost have been here almost seven years. so they're in their homes, enmeshed in the communities. to actually identify them, arrest them, process them, they're entitled to hearings and deport them is a time consuming and expensive process. >> you're estimating $100 billion to $300 billion to do that. >> think of how many i.c.e. agents you'd have to have. there are two ways to catch an illegal immigrant. one a traffic stop, the police identify them and turn them over. or they're getting up, going to work, not breaking laws. they're just here illegally and you have to somehow identify them after years. it's difficult. >> the impact on the economy
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which you calculated, showing it would shrink the pool of u.s. workers by 6.4% if this actually took place. that would be a hard hit on the economy in your mind? >> yes. that's actually half of the national income gone. imagine when 6% of the population goes out of work. we call that the great recession. we would great the great recession through this policy. >> would other americans here legally take over some of those jobs? >> no. most of the evidence is that the immigrant population is not directly competing with native hemisphere bo -born. they actually help the native born position earn more. on balance we benefit enormously what immigration. we prefer it to be legal, actually. they work longer and retire later. >> i want to look at other numbers as far as the drain, so to speak, on the u.s. economy from ill legals being here.
11:19 am
specifically education. it's estimated that $13 billion a year is spent in educating illegal immigrants and, in total, $39 billion for illegal aliens and their u.s.-born children, back to the 14th amendment there. that's a lot of money too. >> two things to think about there. our work suggests it costs $300 billion, much more than that, to somehow secure the border, have the internal enforcement to stop them from being here. which is more expensive really? the second is many of the individuals are children born here. they're u.s. citizens, contrary to what mr. trump might think and they're entitled to their educations. to tag them with that price really isn't fair. >> the number crunching guy. great to have you on the show. it's a case of he said, she said after a student is accused of rape at a prestigious prep school. >> it is true. please excuse me.
11:20 am
only if it is our little secret. >> those are the text messages. was a senior tradition the motive behind this alleged sex crime? the earth opens up in florida literally. though this sinkhole is in an empty lot, something else happened here before that, before it killed a man. talk about sowing the seeds of love. miles of sun shine one man planted for the sunshine of his life. what's the nicest thing someone has ever done for you. hope to read your nice, wonderful sunshiny comments at the end of the show. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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story." let's see some consumer headlines. target reaching a $67 million settlement with visa over the 2013 holiday season data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of customers. the new york fed issuing a new report showing the number of students owing at least $100,000 in grad school debt growing more than five-fold over the past decade to nearly two million bo borrow wers. u.s. airlines raking in a collective $8 billion in profit this year alone but overall growth taking a hit due to things like union contracts and fretting shareholders. go back. rape trial under way bringing unwanted attention to an elite prep school in new hampshire. accuser on the stand telling her side of the story today and
11:25 am
testifying about a campus tradition which allegedly encourages seniors to have sexual encounters with as many younger female students as possible. 19-year-old defendant owen labrie has pled not guilty and he has the emails and text messages to prove it. >> you are a gem. let me know if there's anything i can do. he replies, you're not too bad yourself. >> time to bring in arthur aidala and jonna spilbor, both former prosecutors. it's a he said, she said with text messages thrown in, right, jonna? >> yes it is. these go straight to the accuser's credibility. the issue is what kind of sexual contact did they have and was a
11:26 am
consensual. the defendant is saying we didn't have sex. the texts might be the only witness to what really happened because you're not going to say, ha, ha, i lost my earring if somebody raped you. >> in such an emotionally charged case. i think she can overcome that. she can overcome the text messages on the stand. she can just say, look, i was so freaked out at that point i didn't know what to write so i wrote something stupid because i was so beside myself. >> apparently she had never had a sexual encounter before, at least of that magnitude. so that could be part of her defense. i want to play for you now a little bit more of the accuser testimony. actually this is a text message. >> these were my favorite pair of earrings. does this sound like texting where she was unwilling that night? >> all right. now this is part of the accuser
11:27 am
testimony. i was feeling violated and i felt like i wasn't -- i felt like i wasn't -- i felt like i had no control. i felt like i couldn't say no. the other interesting thing is, arthur and jonna, she apparently called her mom in the middle of the night and said this had happened and that's what sparked this whole case. could it be -- and i don't want to make suppositions. for a young girl who never had a sexual encounter, could it be she felt guilt about having done this, remorse, and made a phone call? i'm just playing the role of a lawyer here. >> i suppose. she is going to have to explain what she was feeling when she called her mother in the middle of the night and told the story. i don't know what happened. we weren't there. the interesting thing in that state, however, is they were close in age. so under the -- under the law in new hampshire, if they quote-unquote, fooled around but didn't have sex he is not guilty of anything. if they actually did have sex with her consent -- that's the issue here now -- he is only
11:28 am
guilty of a misdemeanor. >> statutory rape. because they're so close in age it's not a felony anymore. >> what she is saying there is i felt like i had no control. she is trying to allege it was almost a forcible rape. it doesn't necessarily mean there was a knife to her throat but she felt she had no choice, she was put in some sort of position where she couldn't say no. >> how does a jury decide a case like this? he said, she said. >> emotion. emotion and sympathy on both sides. >> beyond a reasonable doubt is still the standard. if she felt guilty and called her mother, that's not rape. >> this wasn't a so-called rape kit done here. maybe we'll have a doctor who will testify to say there was forcible -- >> prosecutor is going to sigh even if you feel guilty, do you
11:29 am
call your membom in the middle the night? >> complicated case. >> yep. >> disturbing. it's a disturbing case. >> very disturbing, especially for parents with kids that age. as the fbi ramps up its investigation of hillary clinton's personal server we have new information on the two classified emails about benghazi that started this whole thing. plus, are the issues at this stage of the presidential process the most important thing to voters, or is it the likability factor of the candidates? we'll tell you what people find most likeable about donald trump.
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welcome back to "the real story." at least two classified emails on benghazi were sent to catholic's private email account. kicking off, as you know now, the fbi investigation. and they're now part of the hundreds of emails, mostly classified after the fact, found on her personal server. as we heard earlier, the clinton campaign continues to laugh off this scandal. catherine herridge live for us in washington today. catherine, what is the significance of these two emails? >> gretchen. these emails from clinton aides got the ball rolling as you mentioned on the fbi investigation. this is the first time any media organization has identified who sent them and the content. the november 18, 2012, email two months after the benghazi
11:34 am
terrorist attack was sent by sulliv sullivan, her chief of staff who now serves on her campaign. the version released to the public is redacted and carries the classified information code. the other redaction shows it came from fbi sources and refers to possible suspects in the 2012 terrorist attacks. the second email that contained classified information was forwarded to mrs. clinton's personal account by her aide huma aub deen who also work for the clinton campaign. it was wrongly released without any redactions. >> her deputies were excerpting highly classified information and sending it along to mrs. clinton across an unsecured email server. it's outrageous and it's extremely dangerous. this is a very grave security matter, and it requires rigorous
11:35 am
investigation by the fbi. >> neither of the documents is marked classified. as you know, gretchen, that is no excuse under the rules for handling classified information. >> okay. so so far, what is the response from the state department and the clinton campaign? >> well, clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon insisted to fox news this morning the information was not classified at the time the emails were sent. he added the state department shares this judgment and it's proof that the aub adeen email was released in full by the state department on its website. it is acknowledged there is a significant disagreement with the intelligence community's most senior watch dog. >> every is acting like this is the first time it's ever happened and it happens all the time. i can only tell you that the state department has said over and over again, we disagree. that's what they're sorting out, and that's what happens a lot of the times. >> this morning the intelligence
11:36 am
community's inspector general stood by its assessment that both theabadin and sullivan emails contained classified information when they were sent to clinton's personal, unsecured account, exposing that information, gretchen. >> the story continues. catherine herridge. thank you. let's talk about the presidential election again. donald trump managing to keep his distant first-place lead in the race for the gop presidential nomination. part of the reason could be, in some ways, he is a likeable candidate. thanks to his personality and the way he interacts with people. here he is with some kids on his helicopter at the iowa state fair. >> mr. trump. >> yes! >> are you batman? >> i am batman! >> karen rusken is a psychotherapist here to do a little digging into the prmg personalities of the candidates. great to have you here. let's talk about what you think is important in a candidate.
11:37 am
it starts with likability, right? >> it definitely does. if you have someone whose personality is one of passion, if their character and the way in which they interact with you is one of they tell you like it is, assert their stand points, they won't let naysayers get in their way, you have a vision, when you have a character like that, that's somebody you want on your side. so that is the likability factor. >> is it more important than actually the issues? >> for many people, likability is more important than the issues because likability comes first. it's the first thing that you see before you are willing to even hear the issues. if you don't like someone you're not even going to hear what they have to say. you have to like them first to then have your open ears to hear the issues. >> very interesting. let's talk about donald trump specifically, then, with that in mind. starting with he is an equal opportunity fighter, those are your words. what do you mean by it? >> well, some people say, ah! war on women. he is against women. war on race.
11:38 am
he is against race. it's not about race. it's not about gender. he is an equal opportunity fighter. take a look at all the people he has fought with. it doesn't matter what your race is, what your religion is, what your gender is. there are example after example of that ranging from a comic such as seth meyers to him getting annoyed with other people, whether it's a woman, a man. equal opportunity. he'll even fight with other politicians. he'll call them stupid. he said that the mayor of boston should basically not be the mayor of boston. he is a clown. >> communication style. political correctness. he doesn't have a filter. is that good or bad? >> well, that's up to the person who is observing. some people hate him for that, and other people love him for that because, like in any relationship, whether it's a husband and wife, a parent and a child, or a voter and a candidate, when you feel like somebody is just going to say whatever it is they want to say with no filter, you could
11:39 am
potentially trust them because you feel like, oh, this must be a trustworthy sort because he is telling me what he is thinking. people who like him view it through that lens. people who hate him do not view it from that lens. >> finally his mantra, his campaign slogan, is make america great again. what do you think that says to the voter? >> this mantra is powerful because it fits with his already existing personality character that he has been showing time and time again. he continues to build in america, expanding america. his desire to make america great, people who love him see that that's actually what he has been doing with his words, with his actions, even a visual aid by putting on a hat for visual learners. they say it visually. >> very, very interesting. all right. so we look at it from a psychoanalytical point of view. it could all come down to likability. dr. karen rusken, great to see
11:40 am
you. donald trump's continued rise in the polls is good news for him but more importantly, bad for two other candidates in particular. jeb bush and scott walker. walker's standing in iowa has almost evaporated and bush's favorability has taken a major hit. before trump was a serious candidate his negatives were the highest in the field. but check out what's happening now. according to this recent cnn/orc poll trump's favorability stands at 36% while bush's stands at a slightly lower 34%. often the unfavorability rating is the key to polling. after the first debate bush's jumped 13%, not in a good way. from 56 to 43% in late july. in the two polls released since the big night, bush has dropped to second in one and fourth in the other. so while likability is
11:41 am
important, it's sometimes the unfavorability number that can actually mean more. you can always get my take on my facebook page and at so what will voters think of senator marco rubio? hitting a kid in the face with a football. watch this. >> oh, my! >> rubio at a family night event in iowa throwing the kid an easy pass. it slips through the boy's open arms and accidentally hits him in the face and he falls down. the boy quickly getting up. he was not hurt. rubio responding on twitter, the quarterback always gets the blame. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live today from washington d.c. hi, shep. >> we'll talk about andrew napolitano about this ashley madison hack. millions of cheaters exposed online. names, credit card numbers up for anybody to see. the judge says it's not just cheating spouses who could be in
11:42 am
big trouble. he says the website operators could be forced to answer for the breach. divorce could be the least of the worries. we'll tell you why a thousand of cheaters could be actually punished by death. that's what it says here. coming up at the top of the hour. football team's dance squad gets outdone during their routine. who took the spotlight, that is -- sorry, was watching the video -- away from the performers. maybe this will get you distracted too. it's the little pink pill, considered to be the woman's answer to viagra. why did it take so long to get the drug approved? we'll ask the ceo of sprout pharmaceuticals, the developer of the drug. let's face it, girls just want to have fun too, right? ♪ girls just want to have -- that's all they really want ♪ ♪ pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night.
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time to check out what america is clicking on today. preserving a piece of history. more than $700,000 going to save the space suit that neil armstrong wore on his moon walk. the sp the kick start campaign surpassing its goal in five days. peanut butter and jelly. the skins guy breaking into his dance. he celebrated national pb & j day in april with an online tweet. here he is making a cameo appearance at the arizona rattlers arena football cheerleading team. now tho an update on something we talked about yesterday. the fda approving the little pink controversial pill. the female viagra made by sprout pharmaceuticals. it's marked under the name
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addyi. studies show it increased the number of satisfying sexual events by one per month. only trained physicians would be allowed to write prescriptions for the drug. it will likely be covered by health insurance companies with a copay of $30 to $75. sprout says it should be available in october. joining me now cindy whitehead. co-founder and chief executive officers of sprout pharmaceuticals. great to have you on "the real story." >> thanks for having me. >> who does this drug help? >> the real story that is this is a milestone moment for women. we've been waiting a long time for a fmedical treatment option. this is helps a woman with a medical condition called hsdd. it's for premenopausal women. let me describe a little bit about what hsdd is. it's women who have known a desire before that they were happy with. they've lost it. that's persisted for some time.
11:48 am
and it's causing bother, either for them personally or in their relationship, and they want that back. >> so it's not about performance, per se. >> s about desire. it's about women who have lost any sort of biologic drive. the little things that remind us we're sexual creatures. the willingness to initiate or be receptive to advances. >> how will a person go about getting this drug? >> we will go forth with an educational initiative with health care providers and pharmacists just to make sure that they become certified. they'll go through, understand our information, complete a knowledge assessment and then womens will speak with their health care providers about it if they think this is right for them. >> i want to look at the side effects. we've seen commercials for the drugs and at the end it's like, la la la la with all the side effects. >> droisiness, dizziness, fainting, extremely low blood
11:49 am
pressure. less common. exacerbated these side effects when taking alcohol or contraceptives. what do you say to make women feel safe enough to take this? >> yeah. so we will have a label. i'll tell you. we are very proud of the fact that we've studied flibanserin in 11,000 women. the most common effects are dizziness, nausea and sleepiness. alcohol will be contraindicated to use it. in terms of birth control pills, what we know is that birth control pills and addyi are metabolized the same way but they can be used together. >> some critics are saying you only get modest results. for women when they take this pill, will they automatically feel like, wow, i want to go underneath the sheets? >> i tell you, one, in terms of modest, talk to a woman with
11:50 am
hsdd and hetllet her make the decision in terms of what's important to her. we talked to him about decreasing their distress, which is why they're diagnosed with the condition in the first place. and decreasing their distress which is why they're diagnosed with this condition in first place. in terms of how long it takes to work, it takes some time. it works on the brain and it won't be effective for all women. but we worked for the majority of women. and those improvements to them mean a lot. >> it's very fascinating. now women have the female version of viagra coming in october. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> there's dating websites for christians, heck even farmers but for ashley madison cheaters, their lives got a whole lot more complicated. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options.
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welcome back, everyone. yogi may have loved his picnic baskets, but this bear is living the high life. hanging out and enjoying the family's pool in vancouver. imagine if you saw that, even taking a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi. the bear busted down the family's fence, and this is not his first intrusion. about a month earlier, the family caught what they believe was the same animal eating seed right out of their bird feeder as well. living it up. how about this story? cheating hearts facing heartburn after hackers post the personal details of millions of people using the cheating website ashley madison. trace gallagher is back and more with what you found out. >> as promised the hacking group that calls himself impact team has released information on adulterers. the d.c. in washington, d.c. might stand for dirty cheaters
11:55 am
because apparently the ashley madison list includes 10,000 dot-gov addresses. the names will come out soon enough. it appears there are 33 e-mail addresses from the state department, 45 from homeland security. apparently it's not the happy home land security. the department of veterans affairs shows 104 e-mails. bureau af prisons hass 88. and 43 e-mails on ashley madison have a white address. the list includes thousands of military e-mails. some of the information is phony, but the hackers claim when the names start coming out, and they will, you will see thousands of rich and famous people searching for potential paramours. "the criminal or criminals involved in this act have appointed themselves as the moral judge, juror and executioner seeing fit to impose a personal notion of virtue on
11:56 am
all of society ". we will not sit by idly and allow these thieves to force their personal ideology on citizens around the wormd. but the hackers say the website was bogus. and their quote is 90 to 95% of actual users are male. chances are your man signed up on the world's biggest affairs site but never had one, if that distinction matters. find yourself in here? it was alm that failed you and lied to you. and so now some 35 million people or so as ricky ricardo would say, have got some 'splaiing. >> all right, trace. thanks for doing the investigation. coming up, one man's touching tribute to his wife. a story of how he planted four miles of gorgeous flowers.
11:57 am
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tomorrow morning bright and
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early, catch me on "fox and friends." before you judge, here's me actually making a pizza on vacation last week. here's the key. i'm bringing the real cooks in my family, my kids. they'll be whipping up a special breakfast concoction from scratch that they make every weekend for the family. don't miss it, 8:30 a.m. eastern time. thanks for being part of the show. i'm gretchen. here's shep. >> how much of a say should the federal government get in what your children and grandchildren learn? some of the republican candidates are talking about that topic and tackling it right now. you'll hear where they stand. jared from subway is going to prison. agreeing to plead guilty to federal charges. it is not limited to child porn. the feds allege jared from subway traveled across state lines and paid for sex with children. ahead, the action inside the courtroom and what his wife has to say about this. former governor rod blagojevich or blago, back in the headlines today, but the


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