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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 20, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. critics of the president's iran nuclear deal say the newest development today sounds like a joke. but no one on capitol hill is laughing. iran will get to conduct its own inspections of its own facilities using its own personnel and equipment under one of the side deals between the islamic republic and the u.n.'s nuclear agency. it's a revelation fuelling even more fire against president obama's legacy nuclear deal with iran. correspondent kevin corke is live tonight at the presidential vacation compound on martha's vineyard. good evening, kevin. >> reporter: bret, good evening to you. no question this has caused a
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bit of a political earthquake one that's being felt from washington to tehran. as you pointed out, the associated press is reporting tonight a so-called side deal will essentially allow iran in the p 5 plus 1 nuclear talks to use its own experts to inspect a site, this is important, allegedly used to develop nuclear arms. that's usually done by the iaea. that's the international atomic energy agency. but according to the state department, the way this is all constructed is still consistent with the position that the iaea will take the lead in investigating iran's nuclear program. >> we're confident in the agency's technical plans for investigating the possible military dimensions of iran's former program. issues that in some cases date back more than a decade. just as importantly, the iaea is comfortable with arrangements which are unique to the agency's investigation of iran's historical activitactivities. >> the administration and iaea
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may be comfortable for their part. but presidential candidate lindsey graham issued a statement "allowing the iranians to inspect their own nuclear sites, particularly a notorious military site, is like allowing the inmates to run the jail. and california congressman ed royce called it a dangerous farce "international inspections should be done by international inspectors period." critics are asking why if the administration knew all about this side deal would they sign off on it, anyway. new jersey democratic senator bob menendez tonight is calling on his colleagues to once again reject that deal. >> so for me, the question is is this deal put up in a better national security position or not? i believe it doesn't, particularly if there is a violations and we have seen a 20-year history of violations. >> now bret, the white house is saying tonight this still allows the iaea what they're calling robust inspections.
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but just how that will all play out especially given the parameters in this particular proposal remains to be seen. bret? >> kevin corke live on martha's vineyard tonight. thank you. we are getting a look tonight at some of the communications that triggered the fbi's investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. we're getting more reaction to clinton's largely panned performance in a media session just about 24 hours ago as well. we have fox team coverage tonight. ed henry is in las vegas with more from his questioning of the democratic frontrunner. but we begin with chief intelligence correspondent kathryn herridge with fox first details of what some of those e-mails contained. good evening, kathryn. >> thank you, bret. the first benghazi e-mails were released in may. it's been a mystery which one sparked the fbi investigation. now fox news is the first media organization to confirm who sent them and the content. one e-mail from november 18th, 2012, two months after the benghazi terrorist attack was sent by jake sullivan who at the time was her chief of staff and
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now serves on her 2016 campaign. the version released to the public is heavily redacted and carries the b 1 code for classified information. the other redaction refers to suspects in the benghazi assault. chris farrell has also served as an intelligence security officer. >> the information withheld from this document that's redacted points to intelligence and law enforcement information that is essentially classified information. >> reporter: mrs. clinton's aide, huma amedin who works for the clinton campaign forwarded the second e-mail during the 2014 libyan revolution. this e-mail contains classified information from military intelligence sources, and the inspector general says it was wrongly released in full. >> there's reference made to an arficom piece of intelligence that they forwarded that appears to point to a technical means of collection that normally would hold a very high classification. at least secret, perhaps top
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secret compartmented. >> reporter: today the state department spokesman said they disagree with the intelligence community inspector general that the information was classified at the time it was sent. >> that we've asked the director of national intelligence for another assessment of those two. >> reporter: this morning, clinton campaign spokesman brian fallon insisted the information was not classified, even mrs. clinton acknowledges there is a disagreement with the intelligence community's inspector general. >> that the state department has said over and over again, we disagree. so that's what they're sorting out. and that's what happens a lot of the times. >> reporter: and there's new controversy. anne duval who left the irs after the controversial destruction of backup tapes now works at mrs. clinton's old department where she is directly involved in the benghazi investigation. >> i know where she is now. she's at the department of state in charge of their e-mail productions. wow. >> reporter: the clinton campaign held a late afternoon conference call describing the fox report as accurate, adding
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the original e-mails were not drafted by clinton political appointees. >> the two underlying e-mails that kathryn's included in her report, you'll see that these e-mails were originated by a career foreign service officers and were only ultimately forwarded to secretary clinton. >> reporter: and based on a new court filing today in the judiciary watch lawsuit, smart phones for abedin and mills can no longer be found and were likely outdated models. >> the clinton campaign again today reiterated its position that nothing marked classified at the time was sent through her private server. but even many of clinton's supporters are growing weary of a company line that it seems has become harder to defend every day. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports on the clinton campaign tonight from las vegas. >> reporter: hillary clinton's news conference fell flat with some fellow democrats, the people she needs most with her campaign in crisis. political reporting top
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democratic campaign donors and strategists are increasingly nervous that after she was pressed by fox news, clinton's arm waving, shrugging, face contorting and joke telling about the fbi investigation of her e-mail server is wearing thin. >> did you try to wipe the whole server? >> i have no idea. that's why we turned it over. >> you were in charge of it, the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> what like with a cloth or something? >> reporter: reminiscent of clinton's joke last weekend about snap chat messages disappearing. she raised eyebrows tuesday by insisting the issue of classified information would have come up regardless of whether she used a personal server, and falsely claimed it's routine. >> two inspectors general say that there are hundreds, they believe. >> but ed, you're not listening to me. that is a part of the ordinary process. everybody's acting like this is first time it's ever happened. it happens all the time. >> reporter: reaction today from the left to the right was fierce and negative. >> an awkward press conference.
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and i just -- when you were watching it, i was listening to the words. and it was oh, my god, you were looking at her face. said she's not keeping up with this. >> i just then shook my head and walked away. this is self-inflicted. >> reporter: clinton said she was taking responsibility for mistakes and then insisted she did nothing wrong. >> isn't leadership about taking responsibility? >> look, ed, i take responsibility. look, i just told jeff in retrospect this didn't turn out to be convenient at all. and i regret that this has become such a cause celebre. what i did was legally permitted. number one, first and foremost. >> reporter: today the clinton camp tried to do damage control as democratic socialist senator bernie sanders continues to gain ground. >> the press coverage of her poll numbers is pretty skewed. >> reporter: while clinton abruptly ended her news conference with this. >> nobody talks to me about it
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other than you guys. >> reporter: when pressed today on why secretary clinton had a private server in the first place, her spokeswoman told bloomberg the secretary quote didn't really think it through. it may help explain why there's now for sale a secret server wiper that the republican national committee is marketing, a reference of course to that wiping motion that the secretary made to me at that news conference last night, bret. >> and quickly, ed, when asked, how does the campaign say that she got classified information when she was secretary of state traveling around the world? i mean, facts, phone calls? what? >> reporter: right. right. she traveled to dozens of countries. she's touted that resume'. they say she received secure faxes. she would be on secure phone lines. but also clearly some of that classified information may have dripped into e-mails. because there may be hundreds of them. that's what the inspectors general have suggested. and that's what's being sorted through now, bret. >> more on this with the panel. ed henry lives. do you think the e-mail scandal
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will eventually drive hillary clinton from the presidential race? let me know at t facebook/ a new accusation against planned parenthood. first what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. ktvy in anchorage, alaska as geologists assess the stability in the coastal town of sitka where a landslide was said to have killed three people. described as a sea of logs, mud and debris is believed to have trapped the three men. it happened after 2.5 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. fox 28 in spokane, washington as more than 1,000 people worked to protect homes outside chelan from an expanding blaze. national guard firefighters have joined the effort in california. a black hawk helicopter is dropping water over fires in trinity and shasta counties. more than 1500 square miles have burned in the lower 48 states in
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the past two weeks. and this is a live look at new york from our affiliate fox 5. one of their top stories, topless women in times square. governor andrew cuomo, new york mayor bill deblasio, are both decrying the practice of women imbody paint and thongs interacting with folks on the street. but the women say they are protected by city ordinances and the constitution. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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while the issue of education has not historically carried the kind of campaign sizzle as immigration or foreign policy, several republican presidential candidates made it their focus today at a summit in the nation's first primary state. mean while, donald trump is still getting the lion's share of attention, holding a town hall meeting just a few miles up the road.
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in a bit senior national correspondent john rogers reports from derry, new hampshire tonight. >> reporter: donald trump touched down a short time ago at the manchester airport amid new polls in new hampshire that show him to polling within six points of hillary clinton on a national basis. trump is playing to a sold-out crowd here at the pinkerton academy but he was noticeably absent earlier today from a very large republican summit on one of this nation's most important issues. >> a third of our kids are college and/or career ready. a third. >> reporter: it was a day-long deep dive on education. six of the republican candidates all sounding similar themes. that washington should facilitate, not dictate, sorely needed changes to america's schools. >> we are leaving so many children behind. and because there are lots of other nations that compete against us who have many more people than we do, we cannot leave a single child behind. >> reporter: while the candidates agree the federal government needs to give up more power in planning to the states, the common core program is a
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point of division. jeb bush and john kasich are the the sole supporters in the republican field, though they insist the federal government has no role in dictating curriculum. and while some candidates would eliminate the department of education all together, others believe the white house can be a powerful leader in reforming a failing system. >> i think the president needs to share best practices. i think presidents need to be out. they need to be out of the white house and they need to be -- have limited time on the golf course, and they need to be out there in the legislatures making the talks about best practices that work to help our kids be successful. >> reporter: as candidates in new hampshire propose to shake up education, a half a world away mike huckabee proposed to shake up middle east policy, declaring the west bank a part of israel, opposing a palestinian state, insisting he would tear up the president's deal with iran. >> the iranians have made it very clear for 36 years that their intention is not only to wipe israel off the face of the map, their words, but also to bring death to america.
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>> reporter: and there were harsh words from republicans today about hillary clinton, her handling of tough questions yesterday regarding the infamous e-mail server. breath-takingly sarcastic and arrogant, chris christie told me today, repiecing his call for a criminal investigation to her e-mail use. >> if it's found that she knowingly had classified e-mail on a private server, what do you think the up shot of that will be? >> she should be prosecuted and convicted. >> reporter: donald trump also believes the e-mail scandal is going to be a big problem for hillary clinton, devastating is how he described it though he says at the moment he's more focused on his 16 republican opponents than on hillary clinton. one question we'll be sure to ask him tonight, bret, about the revelations on the iran deal. bret? >> john roberts live in derry, new hampshire tonight. thank you. now to what may be the most explicit video so far alleged practices at planned parenthood abortion facilities that many would consider inhuman. chief legal correspondent shannon bream examines the latest images and how all these videos have changed the
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conversation about planned parenthood in america. a word of caution here, you may find the subject matter disturbing. >> reporter: today's video release is the seventh from the center for medical progress. it features the woman identified as holly o'donnell who said she works for stem express a tissue procurement company assigned to work inside a planned parenthood clinic in california. she describes an incidents in which she alleges her supervisor brought a late term fetus into the on-site pathology lab following an abortion, tapped its heart and it began beating again. >> she said okay well this is a really good fetus. we can procure a lot from it. we're going to procure brains. so the moment i heard that that means we're going have to cut his head open. >> reporter: controversial. but are the videos affecting the political discourse? numerous congressional committees are looking into allegations that planned parenthood violated the law by selling fetal remains. manipulating abortions in order
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to maximize the harvest of fetal tissue and organs. and worse. yet democrats successfully blocked the first effort following release of the videos, a defunding vote in the senate. so is the current battle over planned parenthood any different than in years past? >> i think these videos have created a situation where some people who have tended to vote democratic, tended to support the pro-choice position on abortion, are going to be uneasy. >> reporter: to date, four states have revoked contracts with planned parenthood that are tied to state medicaid dollars. a fifth, new hampshire, rejected roughly $650,000 in state taxpayer funding from going to the abortion provider. that stand in contrast to localities like los angeles where the city council voted unanimously to oppose any defunding efforts. >> we have conservative activists who have launched a war on health care. they have launched a war on women. and they have launched a war on poor people. >> reporter: and in new york,
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where all four city-wide elected officials have pledged their support. >> planned parenthood must be supported, not attacked. as the mayor of new york city, i stand with planned parenthood. >> reporter: stem express has ended its relationship with the abortion provider, saying due to questions that have arisen in recent weeks quote we feel it prudent to terminate activities with planned parenthood. bret? >> shannon, thank you. still ahead, is donald trump painting himself and republicans into a corner over immigration? a fair and balanced look at a controversial topic. first, keeping las vegas hydrated by pulling the plug on lake mead.
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former subway restaurant spokesman jared fogle has agreed
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to plead guilty on charges of engaging in sex acts with minors and receiving child pornography. fogle was in court today. court documents indicate he took the plea deal in exchange for a sentence of not more than 12 1/2 years in prison and restitution payments to victims totalling about $1.5 million. also today, fogle's wife said she is seeking a divorce. now to some positive news. keeping the water flowing to las vegas is the goal of a billion dollar project that's nearing completion, deep under the area's primary water source. chief correspondent jonathan hunt tonight takes us underground to an engineering marvel. >> reporter: to understand the severity of the drought in the west, just take a look at the so-called bath line around lake mead. the largest man made lake in the country fed by the colorado river. its water level has dropped more than 100 feet in the last 20 years and is approaching record lows. >> the colorado river is 90% of
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the water supply for seven out of every ten people that live in the state of nevada. so we need to know that we have secure access. >> reporter: so 600 feet below ground, and three miles along a dark narrow tunnel beneath lake mead, engineers have found a solution, seven years in the making, at a cost of $817 million. >> each and every time i come down with shock and awe. it is truly an impressive sight. >> reporter: this is the end of the tunnel and this is the critical point. up above us, 40 feet, is the hemisphere cal cap. think of it as a giant bath plug. above that the waters of lake mead. and in a few weeks' time, that plug will be lifted and those waters will flood this tunnel. and because it's quite literally at the bottom of the lake it will guarantee water supply for thirsty las vegas even as those sinking lake levels threaten to leave the two much older water intake tunnels above the water
1:26 am
line and effectively useless. >> this facility will allow us to draw water even if lake mead gets to a dead pool elevation. that's the point at which no water can be released to downstream users. if that is to occur, southern nevada is still going to have access to its drinking water supplies in lake mead, specifically because of this facility. >> reporter: so bret, some 80 years after another engineering marvel, the hoover dam, created lake mead, american ingenuity is once again at work, effectively transforming this huge lake into the world's largest bathtub with that giant plug at the bottom, ensuring its waters can always be accessed. bret? >> jonathan hunt with a great view overlooking lake mead. jonathan, thank you. stocks were down today. the dow lost 163, the s&p 500 was off 17, the nasdaq fell 40. in an international news, police in thailand have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect in monday's bombing at a
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bangkok shrine. security video captured the image of a man in a yellow t-shirt who left a backpack shortly before the explosion. 20 people were killed and more than 120 injured. the national police chief says the suspect did not act alone. the shrine reopened today. next in the grapevine, apparently your children's teeth are not whooorth what they used be. growing up, we were german. we danced in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree. i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. the big surprise was we're not german at all. 52% of my dna comes from scotland and ireland. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. a nebraska school superintendent is now backing off after asking his teachers to sign a cold war era pro america pledge. craig coust of hastings public schools said he was advised by legal council to follow a 1951 law requiring teachers to sign a loyalty pledge saying they will instill knowledge as well as quote a love and devotion to the policies and institutions that have made america the finest country in the world in which to live. and opposition to all organizations and activities that would destroy our present form of government. the aclu threatened to sue, saying such oaths were declared unconstitutional in the 60s. quote no educator who loves teaching should have to choose between their jobs or their
1:32 am
first amendment rights. superintendent coust now says the district will not require teachers to sign, but he will continue to distribute the pledge in order to follow a law that's still on the books. a pennsylvania handyman tried to protest a $25 parking ticket by paying it in pennies. town officials said federal law banned pennies as legal tender for transactions over 25 cents. turns out that law no longer exists. justin green who ended up paying the ticket with mostly paper money said they were enforcing a law that's been vetoed for years. what other laws are there like that? town officials admitted their mistake and said they will accept coin payments in the future. finally, the tooth fairy appears to be getting stingy. a visa survey shows the average price per tooth is down for the second year in a row, to $3.19 from 3.70 in 2013. the credit card giant notes it
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is not all about the bottom line "no matter how much is left under the pillow, a visit from the tooth fairy is an ideal opportunity to talk with children about the importance of saving and budgeting." donald trump's pronouncements on immigration are forcing his fellow presidential candidates to take a stand one way or the other on some of his more controversial positions. tonight correspondent rich edson on how trump continues to set the tone with an increasingly unconventional campaign. >> reporter: build a border fence and send the bill to mexico. deport millions who are here illegally and deny their children birth right citizenship. >> i don't think they have american citizenship. we have to start a process where we take back our country. >> reporter: these are the more controversial details of the gop frontrunner's immigration plan. donald trump, running for the nomination of a party that's determined it had to carefully craft a tone that takes into consideration the unique perspective of the hispanic community. still trump is again dictating a
1:34 am
significant portion of the gop discussion agenda and maintains he'll win the hispanic vote. >> and the reason i'm going to i'm going to bring jobs back. >> reporter: some republicans support his plan to end birth right citizenship. >> if they came over here and did that, we can still keep them together by packaging them up and sending them back. they'll still be together. >> reporter: wisconsin governor scott walker seemed to endorse trump's position and later said he supports addressing the root problems of those giving birth to children in the united states to stay in the country. louisiana governor bobby jindal, the son of legal immigrants, tweeted "we need to end birth right citizenship for illegal immigrants." senator marco rubio, also the son of legal immigrants, says trump's plan is largely unworkable. >> most really not has a chance to pass through congress. >> reporter: another republican candidate says it hurts the party's image. >> that's an irrational argument based upon anger and resentment. i think it's shameless pandering. >> reporter: as for whether trump's plan is even constitutional --
1:35 am
>> the majority of legal analysts would probably say that at the end of date you're probably going to need a constitutional amendment. but you really won't know until it faces a court challenge. >> reporter: other republicans have addressed trump's plan by again repeating the basics of their immigration plans, mostly centered on the illusive goal of securing the southern border. senator lindsey graham calls trump's birth right plan jibber rush. jeb bush suggested an immigration system needs to be grounded in reality. >> just a quick correction the graphic there about the markets was wrong. there is the right one. dow lost 163. s&p 500 off 17, the nasdaq fell 40. talk about sweet deals. it appears iran gets to conduct its own inspections of its own nuclear facilit
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iran has also agreed to the
1:39 am
most robust and intrusive inspections and transparency regime ever negotiated for any nuclear program in history. >> iran and the iaea negotiated and concluded an agreement to deal with this issue of pmd. these documents are not public, but nonetheless we have been briefed on those documents. we know their contents. we're satisfied with them. >> can you explain why this arrangement with iran using its own experts and equipment to investigate the site was deemed acceptable? >> we have full confidence in the iaea and in the inspection regimen that they will establish and set up to make sure that iran cannot achieve nuclear weapons capability. we're very comfortable with the arrangements. >> well there are a lot of lawmakers not comfortable with the arrangement as the iaea now apparently saying iran can do
1:40 am
its own inspections on its own nuclear facilities. there's a lot of reaction. the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee ed royce saying international ininspections should be done by international inspectors. period. the standard of anywhere anytime inspections has dropped to when iran wants where iran wants on iran's terms. congress must now consider whether this unprecedented arrangement will keep iran from cheating. this is a dangerous farce. a lot of reaction coming in. let's bring in our panel. columnist with the "wall street journal," national editor of the cook political report and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, we led the show saying critics thought at first this was a joke. but it wasn't. and nobody's laughing as the state department tried to defend it today. >> look, this is truly shocking. we're talking about the parchin facility which the iranians have said will never be inspected and
1:41 am
that we have said had to be inspected because of the thought sort of the suspicion everywhere that parchin was used for iran to test nuclear detonation devices. this is extremely serious stuff. we were assured that accounting for this activity was basic to this degree. now we know why the administration kept it secret. they kept it secret because nobody can believe that the inspection will be carried out by iran itself. it would supply the inspectors, ill will do the photography, it will do the sampling. so the administration now says in its defense, well, this is routine of the iaea. it is not. only heinenen, the deputy director of iaea for five years in charge of inspections has said that he can think of no instance in which a regime was allowed to inspect itself. and obama had said in april, this deal is not based on trust,
1:42 am
it's based on unprecedented verification. this is a deal with it's obvious when you see this kind of naivete and capitulation you have to say to yourself administration orders were a deal no matter. what the idea that if you oppose this you favor war i think is preposterous. this is actually quite scandalous. >> and at the same time, the administration is counting heads up on capitol hill. and you have senator menendez from new jersey, democratic senator schumer from new york, democrats saying they'll vote against it. late today senator ed markey from massachusetts put out a statement. he said if this agreement is implemented we must ensure the iaea has all the resources it needs to aggressively investigate any indication of iran nan nuclear active tis and report promptly and unequivocally if they cheat. he thanks secretary kerry and the entire u.s. negotiating team. as we fully implement this agreement he says we must be ever vigilant to ensure iran
1:43 am
never obtains a nuclear weapon. this was put out the same time we learned of this side deal. >> this was coming out at the same time that we were starting to hear for all the undecided democrats about 20 of them now they looked like they're mostly leaning in support of the president. we're going to end up with another polarized vote here in congress where all republicans were going to go against it. a couple democrats joining them. but mostly democrats were going to be with the president especially on the senate side. even more today came out saying that they supported the deal. it's unclear whether we're going to see another of those remaining 13, 14, 15 being swayed by this latest development. but it certainly is something that is going to get discussed. probably get discussed more than they would like it to be at the white house. >> jason. >> it's not a deal. it's capitulation. is there anything that the mollas want that obama has not given them? it's hard to see what's left. doing your own inspections for activities that you deny
1:44 am
engaging in? it's a joke. and trying to play this down as the administration has done as no big deal is ridiculous. obviously it's a big deal which is why they didn't want anyone to know about it. and it's also let's keep in mind what iran is going to get the moment they sign on this dotted line. $100 billion in frozen assets will be turned over to them. not to mention all the economic activity they'll get over the next ten years, the billions that will come along. with that they're going to be rewarded for this obstinate behavior which i think is really what galls people. any self-respecting lawmaker that does not take a second look at this deal, assuming they didn't know about this, i'd like to think they will. i still, however, don't think that republicans have the numbers to block it. >> to supporters' point, if not this what. >> a better deal. or no deal. which would be better than this deal. there are alternatives despite the president's rhetoric that it
1:45 am
is my way or war, or something worse, i don't believe that. and i don't think most people believe it. how can you do worse than iran inspector its own sites? not even having physical access but having to use photography and video given to you by iranian officials to find out if you're abiding by the agreement. >> it's obama's own argument. he says this deal is better than no deal because it doesn't depend on trust. and now we hear that the parchin inspection is 100% trust. and look, the results are already predetermined. because the reason they're inspecting parchin is because iran has to account for past military activity. in other words, we have to know what was done, how far they got with the weaponization in order to know how to look for it in the future and to have a baseline. so this is why it's a critical issue. we're not going to have that now. and of course, the iranians have said all along they never were
1:46 am
intended on making a bomb. there has never been any military activity. that's written in the agreement. iran says it was always a peaceful activity. so we know in advance that the self-inspection will yield a conclusion that there was no weaponization happening. that's already done. the iaea will report in december after that the agreement is implemented. this is wired in advance. and that's what makes it scand farcical all at once. it's hard to know what further could have been done to make the deal as scandalous as it is. >> in the senate hearing, senator tom cotton said it was like a nfl player potentially turning in his own sample for a drug test. >> this also makes it much more understandable, i think, for the lay person. you hear a lot about this iranian deal. a lot of it is complicated. it seems very tedious to go through it. it's a very easy thing for people to understand something
1:47 am
of whether you use the nfl, whether you use the i'm going to grade my own paper and give it to the teacher. that i think breaks through in a way that so much of the other does not. >> it's like asking the patriots to determine the pressure of their own footballs. >> i knew you were going to get there. only a matter of time. >> you led me there. next up, now we know what caused the fbi to start looking through hillary clinton's e-mail server. so what's next? it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need, and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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did you try to wipe the entire server? >> well, my personal e-mails are my personal business. >> i'm, you know, i have no idea. that's why we turned it over.
1:51 am
>> you were in charge of it. you were the if official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> with a cloth or something? >>. >> the press have a lot of questions about e-mails, but voters don't. voters having a hard time in new hampshire and iowa. you are during a town hall she's not got one question about it. when you're answering questions about wipeing servers that you're ending the near of legitimate questions for her to answer, but we know that we'll turn the page in september. >> clinton's campaign is hoping the page will be turned soon, because there's a low of focus on the e-mail server and classified e-mails in the server. just a few minutes later, jen appeared on bloomberg politics and said this. >> others have said it before, and it was more convenient, and she kept it like that. and that's the thing. she didn't really think it through. and she has said, had she, she would have done it differently. >> she didn't really think it through. so we're back with the panel.
1:52 am
jason, where is this going? >> well, we don't know. they thought it was saved by now. it is not. it has gotten worse. and that's the problem for the clinton campaign. we know they're in panic mode because they keep telling us they're not in panic mode. the media isn't talking about hillary clinton's plan to reduce college cost or plans to address income inequality. they're talking about her server. and her mail, and this discuss includes words like fbi and criminal investigation. that's not what you want to hear if you're on team clinton, but that's what they have. that news conference was a disaster. i think they're in damage control mode. >> it was a cringe worthy press conference. you cannot watch that and not feel that sense of -- this is a candidate that does not feel comfortable dealing with this. at the same time, when you look at democrats when they talk about voters, they are not abandoning hillary clinton. we haven't seen them move off of
1:53 am
her in terms of their approval of her, there is not a big opening for another candidate. yes, democrats say, we would like to see more candidates in the mix. they want to see a robust debate, but they're not losing support -- they're not not supporting hillary clinton at this point. the question is -- >> although bernie sanders has had a good run. >> he's had a pretty good run, to pinoint. i mean, there's sort of a ceiling he comes up to. he's doing well with a certain segment of the democratic electorate. the question becomes where do we go from here? is does it get worse? the hope for the clinton campaign is this just turns into a bunch of gobbly goop about e-mails. it does not turn into something more significant. >> you know it's interesting when james carville pops up talking all about the right wing conspiracy. >> this goes on and on. it's never going to stop.
1:54 am
>> we don't really care. why is jim out there defending her? why can't we talk her like we want to? >> and i understand that. >> you are one of the highest paid political operative in the world. you have no problem seeing fbi, clinton and criminal investigation next to each other in headlines? >> no. because it's not going to amount of hill of beans like all the other stuff i've been through. >> jarvis? >> look, i think the general impression is, you heard james talk about i've been at this for 23 years. well, so have we, and that is, i think, what you get from that press conference. you watch her, the defensiveness, the parsing, the throwing up of her hands. the rolling of the eyes, the sarcasm when she's asked about wiping the server, and you say to yourself, we have been here dozens of times before with her husband and with her and do you
1:55 am
want this for another four or eight years. i don't think this puts her in jeopardy for the nomination as of now, unless things are discovered that really put her in jeopardy, in which case she's done. but assuming that doesn't happen, the fear for democrats is they are heading over a cliff. when people center right or center left, they are going to say to themselves, do i want this, do we need to relitigate this scandal and to have all of this again? i think the answer will be no. and i think she will sink in the matchups over time. >> jason, quickly, there seems to be a hunger for authenticity in every poll that you look at. and whether hillary clinton fits that is really the question. >> yea, her two big vulnerabilities are likability and her trustworthiness. the scandal helps her united on half the country. doesn't have a favorable opinion of her. only a third finds her trustworthy. when you're talking about deleting e-mails, that doesn't help. >> more to talk about on the
1:56 am
online show. if you haven't seen it before, you are missing something. the special report online. you can join us after this show,
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final tonight, on wednesdays after the show we continue the conversation. if you haven't been there before, you should join us tonight. ask the panelists questions, and they don't sugar coat their answers. >> mars polander says what's the difference between a democrat and a socialist?
1:58 am
>> a democrat is a socialist with a filter. >> are we going to fight like they did? >> no, no. >> i said here a week ago that it will snow in hell before the obama d.o.j. goes after hillary. i'm willing to entertain a belief in climate change. >> i'm going to tweet that out right now. see, that's what the online show is for. >> clean up on aisle three. >> we cover a lot in the online show. tonight we're also going to cover donald trump, who is speaking live in new hampshire. we'll dip into that and talk about it here on the panel. that's it for the special report. fair, balance >> it is thursday august 20th. the mad dash now to contain the
1:59 am
danger after a whohole resoasin reopens. >> you know what's happening at jeb's crowd down the street? they are sleeping. >> mr. trump doesn't have a conservative record. he was a democrat longer than he was a republican in the last decade. >> who won straight ahead. >> even coffee can't cure a manic morning like this. >> get up. get up. time for school. >> the mistake you are making right now that could de rail your whole day. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you and your tamly. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt.
2:00 am
>> i am ainsley earhardt. we begin with a fox news alert. tragedy on the front lines of the wildfires raging across the u.s. three firefighters killed in washington state. shifting winds causing the fire to change directions and taking those firefighters by surprise. four other firefighters are now injured. one of them critically. residents are evacuated and they are feeling helpless. >> it has been scary and crazy. i wish it was something that wouldn't happen. it is something can we dreaded we have to face it. >> they are asking for federal emergency resources. 100 fires burning out of control. california in the worst shape right behind washington. the smoke visible