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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 28, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tonight. thank you for being with us. we will he see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. follow me on twitter at the handle @greta. to might on "red eye." >> how many women were on the cheating website ashley madison? it is the same women who have been u.s. president. and why do americanss think hillary clinton is a liar? it must be the smoke coming from her pant suit. and oxford dictionaries are adding new slang words. great, because i have worn out groove tee and out of sight. groovy and out of side. we provide laughter. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. south florida gearing up for the possible arrival of erika. water, food, gas and cash in high demand as residents stock
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up well in advance of the tropical storm's unwelcome visit now estimated to be on monday. street cleaners are busy making sure storm drains are clear of any debris to avoid flooding. forecasters fear erika could gain strength over the weekend and hit florida with hurricane force. >> we have plenty of food, a freezer full of food, two generators, hurricane impact windows. we even have a propane stove. >> right now erika is lashing puerto rico with strong winds and heavy rain. earlier the storm pummeled the caribbean island of dominica unleashing land slides that killed at least four people and 20 others are missing. trip wiewts continue to -- tributes continue to pour in for two journalists killed in cold blood by a former colleague. the front of the roanoke tv station where parker and ward worked is now a makeshift memorial. parker and ward were shot dead during a live television
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interview on wednesday. the gunman then took his own life after killing the two. another woman wounded during the attack is recovering. investors may see more gains on wall street to end a volatile week following solid gains in the asian markets overnight. they were propelled in part by a u.s. government report revealing that second quarter economic growth in the state was much stronger than initially estimated. and the fabled good year blem p is -- blimp is retiring. but don't fret. 2* will still be over sports events, but it won't be technically the blimp. they are being replaced by those that won't go flat when the helium is drained. now back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey. >> another big day at the "red eye" news deck, tom. >> what is it today?
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>> national go to hell tom shillue day. >> i can't believe that's true. >> it is the day when everyone young and old is encouraged to find tom shillue and tell them to go to hell. it hasn't stopped millions from across this great land -- a great time yelling go to hell every day on this day every year. >> don't make this about you. >> let's welcome our guests. some people see the glass half full. she sees it as free booze. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. his name sounds like it should belong to the guy who killed cecil the lion. comedian tom van horn. he is so smart his childhood was the inspiration for "baby geniuses 2, super babies," camille foster. and he released a comedy album, first date with joe devito and the follow-up, too many next day texts from joe
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devito. next to me, comedian joe devito. let's start the show. >> ashley and madison weren't even real. anna lee newitz has done the world jus tess sifting through the 2ku78 dump of ashley madison. out of the 5.5 female profiles only 12,000 belong to actual women. they looked at e-mail and ip addresses and eliminated female profiles that way. but the give give away was chat last time and e-mail last time which as you might guess showed when the last time a member used the site to talk to another member. and she found out that only 12,000 or so women had ever used them. or as she put them out of 5.5 million female accounts roughly 0% had ever shown any activity at all after the day
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they were created. this is amazing, isn't it? joe, i think this proves the guys were doing nothing wrong. there was no cheating happening. >> let me tell you something, out of the millions who joined there may have been eight women, but those chicks were ready to go. they really got around. >> for the people -- if there is anyone out there who scored on ashley madison, i mean you're the man, right? >> the whole thing is -- the way she did the data on that is incredible. it was an almost perfect business model. they just harvested data and then charged people to theoretically remove the data from the collection they put together. there was no affairs. there was nothing happening there. the interesting thing is these guys were so used to getting blown off they didn't realize there was an actual woman at the other side of the blowoff. they were throwing it into the void. >> i don't think they care. i think this happens when they go to the chat sites.
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guys don't care it will end up in anything. they are having a fantasy. am i right? >> maybe, but what we are missing is the possibility that most of these guys, even the heterosexual married dudes were gay. totally possible that they were there to hookup with one another. or it is a really, really bad story about dudes who totally didn't want to be with their lives and were not quite smart or good enough to go out and find a woman to cheat with and buying credit on a phony website and we are too stupid not to use their real e-mail addresses when they signed up for the service. >> wow. that's hard to follow. >> i hope it is not the last thing and they are just gay and we can find them for finding their true selves. >> that's quite a mouse maze to go through for a gay guy. >> a lot of social pressure. a lot of of cosher pressure. >> let's go to the toolbox. not that i would know.
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>> what does it say about men? >> i think it shows tay men are desperate -- that men are desperate and the ceo is a real -- is the wing man, really. guys are supposed to be looking out for each other in the dating scene and this guy raked in a lot of money for guys looking to score and maybe have an uh fair which is wrong anyway, but he should be tared and feathered by thib on that site. >> he is having a rough week, right? the ceo of the company. joanne, why didn't the hackers -- if they are going to do a service, why didn't they analyze the data and tell us about the site instead of releasing the names? that would have been cool, wouldn't it? >> there is another site that the attackers didn't expose. the umbrella of the ashley madison has a site for sugar daddies, and then there is a site for cougar women. >> do you have a profile on either of those? >> no. not anymore.
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>> the site for cougar women was not exposed. it may just be that all of the women have been funneled to that site and therefore protected. i am coming up with lame theories because that's what we do here. the real injustice is the fact that women who sign up for the site didn't have to pay anything . the only people paying were men. as a woman, i immediately don't trust anything that is free. free drinks are to the really free, gentlemen. >> i thought you were going somewhere else with that about the gender discrime thaition that is target -- discrimination that is targeted at men for things that ought to be free. >> it is funny when they say this didn't cost them to join, and then you find out there are no real women on the site to begin with. >> i don't understand. what would you do? why couldn't a guy go on and put a womanly picture on and then just get by the site that way without having to pay?
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>> i don't think you would be able to find -- you have to tell what you are looking for. >> you could be a woman looking for other women. >> that is caitlyn >> it could be a growing site. next story. 1500 people surveyed and the top 50 answers are on the board. describe hillary clinton in one word, and yes this is a real survey. quinnipiac asked them to say the first word that popped in their head. hillary's first answer, liar. numbers two and three are dishonest and untrustworthy. and just in case you think it gets better as the list goes on. it does president. other -- it doesn't. crook, crooked, criminal, [bleep], benghazi, murder and worst of all, woman. it also shows that joe biden would beat any republican in a general election by a wider margin than hillary. with numbers like that maybe
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she will finally do what is best for the country and admit she lied and endangered the homeland bayousing a private server to send e-mails about downward facing dogs. >> it clearly was not the first choice. i should have used two e-mails, one personal and one for work. i take responsibility for that decision. >> that's as close as we are going to get to an admission, right, camille? can we remove the name presumptive from before her name? >> i have no idea. i have no sense of what voters are doing at all. what i will say though is that mrs. clinton is 89 years old. it is highly unlikely she con figured her mobile device and set up her e-mail address as it was. i don't think she would no what a server was. i am not sure i believe she is responsible for organizing
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this grand conspiracy. i can tell she doesn't know what she is talking about. >> she is secretary of state. she doesn't noah lot. you -- she does not know a lot. you cannot plead ignorance. >> she never actually set up an e-mail account. she doesn't know how. >> she had to say i want a company to come put a server in the bathroom wall or whatever -- >> she said that? i just don't think so. >> somebody could have advised her to do so, but she had to give the okay. >> have you ever tried to explain to your mom how to use an internet service? >> all the time. >> she has downloaded a lot of rap music because of me as well. >> van horn you have aol so you don't know what we are talking about. >> yeah. i am in the dark ages. her server was in a bathroom in colorado. >> that's right. it wasn't even in -- >> i don't care. she is head of the state
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depa know what is going on. i'm sorry. >> is there any other reason she would have this hillary clinton server other than to hide information and be able to dump it when things got hot? is there any other reason? >> no reason at all. as it goes further and further and the noose is tightening and tightening she plea bargains down further and further. it is like she is a kid who stole the cookie jar and then asked do you have cookies left? did you take them all? do you have any left? here is 10. do you have any under your bed? >> well here is three more. >> something tells me you have cookies all over your apartment. >> i have two kids so they are all over. >> here is the jar. >> should biden run? is this his chance? >> i love how hypothetical biden is the unstoppable jugger not. he is just crushing people. the last time he tried to run for president he was up against john kerry and john edwards. why not get john edwards back in the game?
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he knows how to beat the system, although i think he said he wanted to spend more time with his families. >> it is a long commute. >> hypothetical biden cracks me up. he gave him the old high thet cal biden -- hypothetical biden. that's the creepy hands. at this point people want to vote for anyone who is not available. that's how sad the choices are. >> biden is playing it perfectly. he is watching hillary and he will wait for the last second and when hillary burns out or enough that's when he will throw his hat in the ring. he is staying under the radar. you don't hear about him. it is a perfect way to do it. everybody is looking like an idiot. it is like rocky 2. he threw with his right hand the whole fight and then went back to south paw in the last round and ended upbeating apolo creed. he is waiting and waiting and waiting and then he will wait until hillary is worn out and
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then say i will run. >> is hillary apolo creed? >> it is scary when there could be a moment when people will say, thank god it is joe biden. >> that's his plan. i think that's his plan. >> he has to raise money. at some point, you can't wait until the last minute. you have to get the cash. it takes like a year to do. >> i just crushed tom van horn's argument. >> don't think we weren't going to get to the donald. donald trump insulted the bush family 33 times over the course of 35 minutes setting a record for least trump insults. i bet florida lost a lot of money after lehman went bad thanks to jeb bush. george w. bush just does president -- just doesn't seem smart. i would watch him in interviews and i would look at people and say do you theng he understands the question? and if i devoted the time to being friendly with the bush family, don't you think i would befriendly with them?
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good quote. in south carolina trump proved what i have been saying all along. it's real. >> it's my hair. i swear. come here. come here, come here. we don't want to mess it up too much because i do use her spray, that i do. come. look. is it mine? >> it is. >> say it, please. >> yes, i believe it is. >> and have i ever met you before? no. >> no, you haven't. >> joanne, he admitted to using hairspray. i do use hairspray. >> i hope it is not aerosol. the environment can't handle it. that's what people love, the entertainment. they are swaining insults. swinging insults, the back and forth and with the hair. he is pulling on people's heart strings. it is free. >> and what about the have i ever met you before? did he used to do magic?
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>> he knows. his critics will come after him, she was a plant, blah, blah, blah. he knows what is coming. he is one step ahead. >> he completely covered himself now. >> i he obviously does great with the crowds, but can he be nice to anyone? he just attacks people. >> i do not have the capability to really understand much of this. all i know is that this seems like the beginning of idiocrissy where the people who have the loudest voices in our political system, like the black lives matter folks and on the other side the trump-servatives have the least to offer. they are completely illiterate. >> when he does talk policy -- >> they are making stuff up on immigration. >> i like when he is going after immigration. >> i agree.
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i think that's the point. that's why people like him. he is making the other politicians have to say stuff besides the usual mundane crap you hear every election cycle. he is forcing guys like jeb bush make their point of view and then you decide who you like better. >> i think he is forcing them to do things. >> it is kind of bizarre. >> seeing stadiums of people going crazy is fantastic. >> watching that clip, i think that was the first time i thought this was an elaborate infomercial. in that clip he could say i am not just a president. i am also a client. he may be able to say that. i love what he is doing more and more because you can't get ahead of him. no matter what he says he comes back at you like you're a loser. ride in my helicopter. you can't shut him down.
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when you say it is insane we build a wall and who will pay for it? he says mexico will pay for it. you say i didn't think he would have the gall and then you say okay. he does president dodge the question -- doesn't dodge the question. >> say he does get the republican nomination. you are nodding your head, but it could happen. he is way out ahead. if he gets it, can he moderate? >> yoing so, but it -- i don't think so, but he -- it looks like he doesn't need to. he is in a realm where there is done untiled trump -- he keeps making it work. i don't know. maybe he will be able to pull it off until the end. >> trump is known for attacking his opponents. will he get away with this one? >> i am not a fan of hitler. >> is there a but coming? >> he put it out there. the hitler fans are going to
12:19 am
be disappointed. >> he just gotten dorsed by like like -- got endorsed by the old kkk guy and skin heads. >> he said i do not accept this endorsement. good for him. >> i didn't see that. he is driving away the kkk. >> everybody likes me. what can i do? that's a great reaction. >> they said dowry -- reputiate david duke? he said would it make you feel better? he turned it around a. he is the master of a frame. whatever is going on he turns it until he is in control. >> master of the frame. people are disgusted with a bar that served fruit on naked girl. boom, you just got reverse psychologied dude. stick around a.
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outrage after using naked women as fruit platters. the newly opened cruise bar wanted attention for their launch and they got it. this is the display at the terminal cruise bar. unacceptable. # destroy the joint. that was from a woman. most of the comments were like this. "thanks cruise bar for showing contempt for women and contributing to the disgusting view that women's bodies are a utensil. i won't be coming to your venue when i am looking for a night out." guys were more like that " thews more fruit than i have eaten in 12 years." but a spokesperson for womens
12:24 am
rights collective describes the images as deeply disturbing. it is hard to believe that anyone would find the dehumanizing treatment of women acceptable in 2015. there were scantily clad guys there too, but it didn't upset anyone because they had their agency in tact or something like that. what is the point of finding this offensive. women are openly expressing their sexuality in the name of feminism and marching topless in the streets. when something like this happens it is all about context. the funny thing is men don't care. they want to see naked women. they have no interest in the context. whether it is a naked buffet or a free the nipple rally the boys will show up and stair and the women will keep talking about it. tom obviously i am a feminist. >> i have seen you at the meetings.
12:25 am
>> this is one more thing to complain about. i am saying women do this anyway. he is serving sushi off her body. >> first of all, if you want to object tau fying something usually means the thing being objectifying. >> it is the first time i have seen bananas balanced on mellons. i'm sure they got paid well to do it. i'm sure they volunteered. i'm sure they weren't tied down to the table. it is ridiculous. if this was 1968 it would have been a cool party and nobody would have given -- guy exactly. >> if it were a party and they came like unpaid to do it, that would probably be okay. the fact they were getting $300 upset people.
12:26 am
>> that's right. >> joanne, i will bring you in. would you have done something like this when you were breaking into the business? >> probably not -- i completely agree with the monologue, but i'm like, would i do this? >> what really though is the difference between this and a woman in a skimpy outfit serving beer or appetizers which i have done before. it is providing a service. it is not like they are being fondled. i don't think i would enjoy this. i wouldn't want to be eating fruit on them because the body is 98.6 degrees and i like my fruit chilled and not warm. >> how about a cheese plate? >> a cheat place would be -- a cheese plate would be perfect. >> michelle obama wants us to eat more fruits. >> i don't know where you are
12:27 am
going with this. >> you are suggesting there ought to be a law mandating there are naked women covered in fruit everywhere. >> in the schools. >> i think it is a bold plan. i support it it. i endorse it. >> obviously you think it should be allowed. is it right? >> what foods should to the come in contact with the body do you think? >> i check out before i get to the sexism part. i like naked women and i like food, but to the combined. i thought this is delicious. could you sweat on this for me this pineapple is so much better with some short curlies. there was one of those chocolate fountains behind her. some people said how come they were not eating food off the men.
12:28 am
apparently facial cede men are not -- naked men are not allowed to eat them. i noticed they have a bar called the junk bar and perhaps that is where they could be. >> have i gone to places that -- comquats. >> i think this is the kind of thing that i am glad the australians are doing it. >> to me it seems like it is quaint that the idea like this will be cool and we will eat food off women. what kind of grand opening is this? >> did you ever do the whipped cream or things like that? >> first of all i am italian and the hair is blasting off my body. anyone in a 10-foot radius -- >> you don't want honey or anything like that? >> no. >> coming up, there is no time
12:29 am
like the present, the present time to watch half time with tv's andy levey. stay tuned.
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live from america's news headquarterses, i'm robert gray. president obama visiting new orleans 10 years after large parts of the kris sent city were deaf -- devastated by hurricane katrina. he visited one community that was ravaged by floodwaters saying it should be remembered to fortify the determination in times of trouble.
12:33 am
about obama spoke about the lessons our government learned about handling future disasters. >> what started out as a natural disaster was a man neighed -- man made disaster. >> on a more upbeat note mr. obama said the come back serves as an example of what can happen when people rally to build a better future after facing an extraordinary challenge. the fire crews in washington fighting with all their might against the worst wildfire in that state's history. the okanogin fire killed three firefighters and burned at least 40 homes. meteorologists say weather conditions have the poy 10 shall to spread the flames and they warn the accumulation of smoke could cause a health hazard. they say portionses of the the450-square mile are burning back on itself because of
12:34 am
winds hoping they can get it under control. u.s. forces are launching airstrikes on a district in southern afghanistan and seized by the taliban earlier. they were striking targets in the hellmund province. it is not possible to confirm casualty figures because the insurgents controlled the area. they claimed 30 civilians and 10 fighters were killed. i'm robert gray, now back to "red eye." >> welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey in the "red eye" news deck. hi, andy. >> hi. i couldn't hear i the first time. >> on the news desk? >> pretty much no women used ashley madison. camille, you said it is possible the dudes were just
12:35 am
there to hookup with one another. ashley madison's owner has a separate site to that. it is ashley madison on the down low or the dl. >> for the first time in the history of the show i was wrong about something. >> it is possible. >> you weren't making a joke? >> no. >> i thought it was a joke. >> i would love for that to be true. i would have my streak of correctness. >> the streak is dead. >> the streak is dead. >> long live the streak. shillue, the data dive showed that out of 5.5 female accounts 0 row percent showed activity after they were created. it doesn't mean they were fake. maybe 99.9999% of the women were unattractive and none of the men tried to hookup with them. >> wouldn't they check in? they would check in to see if
12:36 am
their box was empty. >> correct. >> don't kill my theory. you know what, no. that's not how the job works. you might be right. i am only kidding. joanne, you said the real adjustments is women didn't have to pay for the site because you don't trust anything free. if somebody buys you drinks, drinks are free. hillary and biden stuff. camille, you said hillary is 89 years old. >> that is not true. >> that is incorrect. she is 92. >> i am failing at this. i'm sorry. >> you also said you don't think she was responsible for this because she never set up an e-mail account. you don't have to be a tech guru to know that you have a personal e-mail and a work
12:37 am
e-mail when you have a job. >> i don't know if my mom would know that. >> really? >> yeah. >> does your mom work? >> no, and that may be part of the problem as well. >> i'm just saying, i think older people who work know that you have two different e-mails. >> maybe people think that, but what about those people who signed up for ashley madison with their work e-mail. >> they did it on purpose because their spouse looks through the personal e-mail. >> or they use somebody else you can use any e-mail you want. van horn, i will call you van horn because there are two toms. idiot, i liked your cookie analogy. she is being transparent and more stuff comes out that shows she is not. but at the same time she is wanting to take responsibility. >> it is like a kid and they
12:38 am
slowly take responsibility when they are cornered. >> i got the theory all worked out. >> i enjoyed the theory. >> i would actually enjoy some of the cookieses. >> devito, you said it is amazing that we are at the point where people are begging joe biden saving us. biden is leak america's nuty uncle. we go, joe, there you go again. she is going, come on. >> at least he knows how to use his e-mail. she is fartherring around with compu-serve. >> you said trump had to make sure the woman would feel his hair. did you notice he said did we meet before? and he said no before she did. he was leading her. >> definitely. us women need to lean in a little more. we have to answer more
12:39 am
quickly. >> devito, you said maybe trump can pull this off. there was an interesting part to the poll showing him leading 28%, he topped the quote, unquote, no way list. that may cause some trouble. >> i think he will cross all kinds of boundaries and i'd logical gaps. wouldn't it be great if she touched his air and then went ah h and steam came up. >> and her hand was gone. >> it was completely cauterized. camille, you said you do not have the ability to comprehend the trump thing. >> that is true and i got that right. >> i am done with this and i don't care anymore. if they want to elect a big man baby. >> i don't know if it is significantly worse than
12:40 am
talking to the smooth talking guy. it does president -- it doesn't seem right. >> i think maybe it is our turn to be a third world country where fear and anger cause us to be lead by an insecure bully. >> and he is entertaining. very entertaining. >> hyper inflation. >> am i the only one who likes trump? >> shillue will get away without saying i don't like hitler. >> are they like nazis. >> ouch. ouch. >> i don't think anybody likes hitler. >> you should see how many i get. >> you will get a lot more. >> why am i dealing with this? as you know every night i got through your phone for the show and i come across this real picture of you and hitler
12:41 am
in time square? >> you president printed it out? >> somebody has to. >> i forget how to print a picture. >> outrage over restaurant using women as platters. i am so outraged that i am flying to sydney and i will give the owner a piece of my mind. van horn you said you are sure the models got paid well. i'm sure they got paid. probably not well. >> i am just saying maybe they got paid. >> you said the women are covered and not naked. >> i saw some bottoms. i looked at them closely. >> i will take your word for it. >> they had on some sort of pan tee hose. >> under the bananas. >> do they?
12:42 am
>> i am guessing. >> if you don't know, don't say anything. the telegraph article was great. it is right in the middle and they had a pole. the poll. it said should women be used as fruit platters? out of context it sounds -- >> in context it is totally normal. it is totally normal. 65% said yes they should be using sweet platters and 23% no and 12% said only on game of throwns. >> it is a victory for equality. >> depends on the occasion. >> bye. >> it is time for a break. when key come back, oxford added new words to the dictionary. >> 130 yards now. bill has a tough life here. >> looks like we have a sea
12:43 am
monster in the water. the 9 iron may not be enough club. >> he will loose his golf on this hole. >> if you want to save more on car insurance. it is what we do. >> this golf course is electric.
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brace yourself linguists. new modern language words were added to oxford's on-line dictionary. the list reflects trends in a changing world inspired by pop culture, technology and internet slang. among this year's selection is awesome sauce. that means excellent. butt hurt and that is overly offended. fat shame, making comments about a person's size. and ponaeg. oxford university believes these words are, quote, leakily to stand the test of -- likely to stand the test of time.
12:47 am
i don't like anything soft, awesome sauce is gone in a couple of years. what do you think? >> i don't even remember the ones they had last year. it changes every year. forget it. >> but some words, they are getting to them like butt dial and pocket dial. they are in there. >> butt dial has been around a longtime. beer owe clock. are you responsible for that one? >> no, wine owe clock. they don't have time zones so in the dictionary everybody can use that. it is like a yearbook, a high school yearbook and for possible tear tee. they were in trend. it is something to look back at and laugh. words are always changing and you add new ones. >> any words that should be on
12:48 am
the list that you missed? >> i was calling for a few made up words that only i use. those didn't make it in. i think this is a strategy to sell dictionaries. why would you do that? you can look up a word on the internet. we are making lame words >> it is an on-line dictionary. >> you will visit the dictionary and they will send the matter. joe swatting, did you know this? it is falsely calling 9-1-1. >> i don't like most of these words because few of them sound more intelligent than what they were trying to replace. there is one that is bruh that is replacing bro.
12:49 am
not only have they made it dumber, but they added a letter. >> it is the drug version of bro. i guess this would be a good resource because that's what that jackass was trying to tell me. that's the illiterate moron told me. >> that's a knew thing. the millennials will say i pulled a mcgiver. if i figure out how to solve a problem and i just heard it and solve problems. >> i don't have -- they have two dictionaries. they have this one and the real one. >> they can't make it. >> here is your dictionary, moron. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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up, my grandfather used to say, if you take a selfie with a snake you will get the fang. well, now alex gomez is proving that dear old grand dad was right, and he may lose his hand after a bite from the four-foot rattler. he said he got it while working. his mom said he picked up the venomous snake and put it around his neck and took a selfie.
12:54 am
think i believe mom cool pic. pom didn't stop there. publicly shaming her son for, quote, being a fool. >> i told him that the news people were calling and he said mom you better not. i said i'm going to. i'm gonna teach him a real good lesson. no mercy for him. >> with a mom like that, of course he is not afraid of snakes. >> this is how he turned out this way. he lost an arm and it is your fault because you are a failure as a parent. if more moms were like this to their qidz they may grow up. the next time he is at the zoo and he wants to get close to the polar bear and, we can go, wow, remember what mom told me. >> that's the problem because it wasn't a selfie. somebody took that photo and
12:55 am
they are an enabler and it is a real person that should be shamed. >> people do it all the time. they say can -- can you take a selfie. >> you don't need a dictionary for that. maybe it was a time. >> i heard he had the phone in another left dangerous snake. i think it is great from looking at his mother this is not the first bad judgment call loss with the rot -- rattlesnake, they have a rattle that lets you know to stay away. >> what did he do a windsor knott? an idiot. >> was it a photo?
12:56 am
why would you do something with a snake if you didn't have video. >> apparently he had another jackass friend with him. >> who are these guys. >> this is nation's way. >> that's the way it was. but today you have to get hits on your youtube page so you have to do things like this. >> so youtube is the real killer. >> that's why we have kids on the tops of buildings from could you hua law lamb pure -- because they want to -- >> he will be hosting the animal channel. it is not a difference -- who is the guy who died? >> steph irwin. >> an tag gone niecessing animals. >> he did what this good guy did. >> he brought people joy. >> you don't think the snake guy i brought brought joy some. >> no. >> that is snake shaming. >> they added that word
12:57 am
actually. it is making somebody feel bad. thank you, joanne nosuchunsky, tom van horn, camille foster and joey devito.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
103 that's me. >> miles per hour? >> yes. hillary clinton compares her republican opponents to terrorists. while voters say the best word to describe her is "liar." this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we begin tonight with word association. but it's no game. hillary clinton is incurring the wrath of republicans everywhere by comparing gop presidential candidates to terrorists. while registered voters in a new national poll say the word that comes to mind for clinton is not very flattering, either. we have fox team coverage. carl cameron with the seemingly unstoppable trump machine despite the one-word adjective he most inspires. but we begin with ed henry


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