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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 29, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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so much good in this world. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night. tonight on "red eye." what does sara pay lynn have to say about espn firing curt schilling? and north dakota allows the army of unmanned aerial vehicles. gun the drone war has. and buzz aldrin's plan to colonize mars, but is it enough time for a con vining land on the planet? we provide comforts and conspiracies. first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. florida's governor declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm erika approaches. folks being told to prepare by stockpiling food and water.
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erika weakened dumping rain over the dominican republic. it destroyed hundreds of homes on the caribbean island of dominica. it is expected to reach florida on monday. it is unclear how strong it will be by then. the largest wildfire ever recorded in washington state is getting bigger. the flames are spreading another 22 square miles bringing the total to more than 470 square miles. the fire is just 12% contained. three firefighters have died and dozens of homes have been destroyed. firefighters are worried about the high winds which could make the blaze more difficult to fight. former president george w. bush visiting louisiana and mississippi on friday. 10 years after hurricane katrina's devastation. they attended an event to honor police and firefighters.
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>> the slogan that guided the school when we first visited is true today. we believe in success. and because of that success that schools like this have achieved you have given all-americans reason to believe that new orleans is back and better than ever. >> the former president made no mention of his administration's initial response to katrina which historians consider one of the lowest points of his legacy. i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye." >> hello, everyone. welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levey. tom took the day off to get his kids ready for school. let's check in and see how that is going.
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>> school is back you leave it. >> >> this here is a clean slate. >> don't procrastinate. >> see you on monday, tom. let's welcome our guests. she played the role of bikini girl on "one life to live" and i am still mad she beat me out for that part. it is joanne nosuchunsky. first time comedian and first time guest. hopefully not first time comedian. not the first time he heard that joke i'm sure. and she is a fashion expert. fox news and fox business contributor. sitting next to me is the giant comedian sam kissle. let's start the show. sarah palin says espn is buying into the propaganda of
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isis. i have been saying that for years. the former governor is defending curt schilling after espn yanked him from coverage of the little league world series because he tweeted a controversial mim seen here. that's not it. no. the mime showed a picture of hitly with the message, it said only 5 to 10% of muslims are extremists. in 19407% of germans were nazis. how did that go? and a long post on facebook palin wrote, schilling's tweet, was he wrong? no. by denying the accuracy of schilling's tweet espn shows the weakness as it buys into the propaganda of isis. it shows that espn would rather focus on liberal global politics in assisted of focus well on our beloved sports. ben, shouldn't espn focus on sports and not supporting isis? >> everybody knows espn loves
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isis. they both have four letters in their name. think about it, people. curt schilling. he is a baseball player. i am not entirely sure if he wasn't asking a legitimate question. how did that go? he is just a baseball player. why are we taking political advice and even allowing ourselves to be offended by people who are famous because they can do a speech of athleticism. he was never supposed to be the nation's sage. can you imagine if babe ruth had twitter? we need to give people some slack. the best thing that ever happened to him was getting kicked out of the little league world series. who wants to be there? >> if babe ruth had twitter there would be a lot of drunk tweets. >> every tweet. >> did espn make the right move in suspending him? >> if his contract says he can't do political commentary on social media, my contract says i can't talk about greg gutfeld's ties so i don't do that. i'm just kidding. if he can't do that, then he
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can't do that. maybe there was something in the fine print that we don't know that he might have gotten slammed for. >> you know what? in a free world i agree with sarah palin on some level. the that nazzification is a real issue. >> welcome to the show. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> joanne? >> yeah. >> i'm kidding. will you refuse to watch the little league world series in protest? >> i have been doing that for the last six years. i love this idea that yanking curt schilling from the coverage and espn is buying into isis propaganda. we have executions to plan, but first thing's first. let's deal with the little league world series. >> we have to get curt schilling out there. >> yes. >> are you going to stopwatching espn and start watching the hallmark channel
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for a change? >> not that stuff. espn needs to focus on making sure their little lyingers aren't cheating. i saw video today of grease on a baseball cap, allegedly. >> you are doing your sara care -- sarah palin voice. >> she knows what she is doing. >> ben, the fact that the mime said it said that, he knows it is not 100% accurate. >> of course it is not 100% accurate. curt schilling is following in one of his idol's foot steps. i'm sure he is loaded after watching them butcher it so well. now i am forced to side with sarah palin. i want to shoot myself in the face. >> are you forced to side with her? her claim is that schilling
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isn't wrong. shockingly that's not quite right. much more than 7% of germans were nazis. they took control of the parliament and they were voted in 33% of -- they got 33% of the vote. you can't quantify how many muslim extremists there are. you can't even define a muslim extremist. there is really nothing that schilling said that is verify blee accurate. verifiably. >> both are going after a group of people, horribly, and that's what she means. that's what curt schilling means. >> to your point, we are not dealing with political analysts. we would switch the channel or go to someone else's twitter feed and listen to what they had to say. to take this to the extreme and really get into it and consider curt schilling -- he is a baseball player. why do you get political
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advice from him? >> i will go to you last and remember what network you are on when i ask you this question. shouldn't everyone be watching fox sports 1 and fox sports 2 insped of espn anyway? >> clearly. but i have to leave and check what john kruck as to say on health issues. >> i don't even want to hear kruck talk about baseball let alone anything else. a pro pot group in ohio is under fire for using what many deem to be a kid friendly mascot. responsible ohio is the name of the group urging ohio ans to urge yes for weed legalization for anyone over 21. they created buddy the pro-pot superhero. buddy has a marijuana bud for a head and pecks and abs worthy of channing day -- channing tatum. and critics say it is a shameless attempt to sway opinion that is clearly aimed at children. but a spokeswoman for responsible ohio says they will only visit college
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campuses to turn out the mill 11 y'all vote. millmillennial vote. you remember the camel used to push cigarettes. then there was rocky, the kid friendly crack rock. >> and who could forget the horse? my first question, what would be the point of aiming this mascot on kids. the poift is to get them to legalize weed. the last time i checked kids can't vote. >> the last time i checked they can't vote either. but they are dying of obesity. of all of the epidemics facing children marijuana is not one of them. the trix rabbit and the kool-aid man. these are the people we should stop having our children idolize. and this is a pro-marijuana campaign. people who are stoned have the mind of a child. trust me, i know. and i would love to see a good cartoon mascot. but if you vote based on what
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a mascot says, please don't vote. >> i want to get to something ben said. isn't pot a gateway drug to food that makes you fat? >> yeah, clearly that's the big issue. i would love to see what is this guy's super powers. bad guys won't stand a chance against his mild forgetfulness. >> that's a good super power. >> joanne is this -- do you think this at children or is it aimed at potheads who are basically adult children? >> whether their goal was to aim it at children or not, this isn't good for kids who see this. i agree that having a mascot is going to attract children and there is no point because they can't vote and they shouldn't be partaking in the drug anyway. but i will say this guy does
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president look like a superhero to me. he looks like the mucous from the mucinex commercial. >> combined with jaba the hut. >> i think it is pointless. you can campaign for the vote without that. >> what do you think? is it a good marketing plan? >> if we will get upset over this mascot, why not get upset over grumpy cat. grumpy cat is a gad example. he is -- is a bad example. he is negative. he is not a positive role model for kids. there are a bunch of cartoons out there and a bunch of stuffed animals. the association of tiger moms will be upset that grumpy cat is out there. if you can't get that far what else is in the wake here? >> it looks terrifying. you know what, the mucinex commercial why does he have to be a plumber. they shouldn't be represented
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like that. >> he is flushing out the pipes, i guess. >> i don't know a single pothead with a six-pack. he is in fantastic shape. >> i guess i know what we are doing after the show. >> i am not offended -- i am offended that these people are clapping that superheros are aimed at kids. superheros are for adults these days. >> who is with me? >> there is a whole conference dedicated to it. >> the arrested development is not just a tv show. it is a reality. lift up your eyes to the heavens. it is not just a quote from isaiah chapter 51 verse 6, it is good advice for the people of north dakota now that their state legislature legalized the use of armed drones. the original intent of the bill is to require law enforcement to get a rnt what before using drones to search
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for evidence, and it contained language banning all drones. after a police lobbying group and sources tell me mike baker's diligence got involved it was amended to let them arm drones with less than lethal weaponry such as teargas, tasers and rubber bullets. he signed it into law even though he says drones should not be weaponized, period. should the cops have armed drones? >> i think in a situation like this it is not huge ammunition. i mean, why not? this is for police protection. we will see a lot more drones in the sky anyway. >> why not just give them weapons? >> why not have -- listen, if you will use drones you will use it to protect people. if you will have them flying over you and get into places where -- i mean think about it. if we had a drone during the boston bombing, right?
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the guy hiding out in that -- was it a canoe in the backyard? did they use an aspect of drones? if that drone was available and we could shoot rubber bullets up into the sky and use teargas we could have found them quicker. >> even with hostage situations. if you can get a drone to do something -- and again i am not up on my technology, but to do something that will diffuse the situation, it can be for good. >> i was born in fargo, north dakota. no one is there. no one lives in fargo, north dakota or north dakota in general. this is the peak of laziness for law enforcement. they will be sitting there like a bad bar owner watching the drones. it is raining cats and dogs and it is raining rubber bullets and 345eus. and mace. i am against it. >> get out the drones, billy is tipping cows again.
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>> when the drones rise up against us we will be sorry we armed them. >> what is crazy is it is a bill to out law drones. somebody said it looks good. let me just change it to the exact opposite of what you had in mind and we will push this baby through. >> to your point, maybe it is the laziness of fargo, north dakota. >> maybe they are making sure it stays certain ways and with certain things. >> it was a police lobby and then the north dakota department of commerce and other business organizations. they said this is bad. the state shouldn't restrict because of the arms. like drone developers wouldn't want to locate in north dakota because of the restrictions on the drones. this is literally what
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eisenhower warned about when he talked about the industrial complex. >> at some point this is not going to be in the hands of law enforcement. i worry about sickos. i thought i just had to worry about cameras on drones. if somebody got their hands on this it would be devastating. >> we would miss the good old days when drones were used on the constitution. >> if this was meant to protect north dakota, north dakota has the largest stockpile in the country. let everybody know you have the most powerful bomb in the world. >> people have died from being teargassed. >> and who is responsible if something like that happens. it is done brie a drone. is it a person operating it or a bunch of new people? >> we need to make a new complex. >> when you have some crazy
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person in your backyard who is trying to kill you and the police can't come and get you and you would like a drone to help, then talk to me. >> hold on. that's the argument used every time people want to militarize the police. as we have seen over and over again, it is like we haven't been having a conversation all year about maybe it is a bad idea to militarize the police forces. >> if a person is in your backyard, i believe you are allowed to stand your ground and shoot them. i don't want a drone taking my kill. >> or go to knife throwing school. >> exactly. >> good options. coming up, who will survive the apocalypse? you are watching "red eye" on fnc so stick around.
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more and more people are preparing for an apocalyptic event. too late. they made shillue the host. the man behind uh apocalypse preparedness website says if anything to do with the internet goes down, half of the planet will come to a stand still. 99% of your life relies on technology. as hart said in the interview, the survivorless and prepper community is more popular in the uk, but they have been in the u.s. for years preparing for worldy vend events like a nuclear melt down and bio warfare and mega tsunamis caused by an asteroid hitting the sea or ben kissle jumping into a pool. it is hard to say what a post apocalyptic world would look like, but it may be something like this.
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♪. >> all right, but there has to be an alternate time line where everything worked out okay, right? ♪. >> i guess not. oh well. survivalists may seem crazy, but will they be vindicated in the end? >> i wouldn't -- no, i wouldn't think so. i have a buddy who is a prepper and these guys should spend less time stockpiling guns and food and a little more time loading up on normal social interactions. >> you would be surprised to know that i am a little bit of a prepper. i am obsessed with the stuff and i have a go bag and a route to get out. i go on -- joanne, you need to be prepared for these things. so i -- i have food supplies
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and i am into this. i want to take a weekend away to get physically fit in order for things to happen. >> i watch "the doomsday prepper" and it is beans and it is the tootiest food of all time. let's make sure we are in a 10 by 10 room together as a family. we have six weeks and we are not going to kill each other at all. we will be living in heaven. >> i agree with you. why would you buy the heavy stuff in order to -- you are in a room, very small. you need light stuff you can go in -- my biggest fear -- -- >> the canned food lasts longer. >> somebody should come to my house and i can show them everything. >> i guess we know what we are all doing after the show. joanne, does 99% of your life rely on technology, or is that number too low? >> that is probably accurate.
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mostly my phone. like my whole life is on my phone. how would i i can what up in the morning without my phone. i think of that all the time. when there is a storm coming all i do is wine and baked goods. i feel like i would get very nervous if i knew something big was coming. when i run low on cash i get very nervous. this would be 100 times that feeling. >> my parents went y2k crazy. and my mom bought all of this food and i was a fat kid. i would eat it all the day before. they were livid. >> so a y2k minus one you were eating the cat foot? >> all of it. >> how long could you go without the internet before you resorted to cannibalism? the way it is now if twitter goes down to 10 minutes people are close to eating each other.
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>> they still make porn in magazine form, right? >> yew. >> then i will be all right. >> that's fair. the guy he interviewed is most worried about economic collapse. that is not completely you are irrational. >> no, you are talking about somebody who is scared to not have cash. we have a recert -- reserve in our go bag. >> it is a small amount. you are right. >> i do really feel like this is what they were getting at earlier. this is one of those things where the crazy part is the extreme. the idea of having a week's worth of food meaning canned or dehydrated, that's not insane. that's what you do if you noy a big storm is coming.
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they take it too far. >> absolutely. before the storm i buy nothing but liquor. >> money you have in your go bag -- >> do you have a paper route to get out in case everything shutdown and there is no transportation? would you be able to swim across the river and you have your gas reserves so you can get on a bike or car? >> i live on the 23rd floor of the building so if i elevator is gone down i have a rope by my window and i just throw out and repel down. >> do you have an attach meant at the top of your window? >> no, i don't have an attachment. >> it sounds like you didn't. i am just saying.
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>> coming up, something other than half time. when i host there are no mistakes that need correcting.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. a manhunt underway in the houston area for a man who shot and killed a sheriff deputy last night. it happened at the gas station
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while the deputy was filling up his patrol car. the suspect reportedly approached him from behind and began firing. police say they have a description of the gunman and have begun an intensive search. the deputy was a 10-year veteran of the force. the father of the reporter murdered on live tv is now crusading for tougher gun laws. a disgruntled colleague shot and killed alison parker on wednesday morning along with her cameraman, adam ward. they all worked for a station in roanoke, virginia. parker's dad says it is his goal now to try and change gun laws. >> we can effect meaningful changes in our gun laws here. this senseless act, this senseless murder will not go in vein and as you all know this has been my mission. >> he already talked with virginia's governor about gun laws. he wants politicians to stand up to the nra and he thinks
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people at gun shows should have to pass a background check before they make purchases. a former student at an elite new new hampshire prep school has been cliered of rape, but convicted of lesser offenses against a 15-year-old girl. he is accused of forcing himself on the girl at st. paul's school two days before graduating last year. prosecutors said it was part of a competition in which seniors try to have sex with underclassmen. he faces up to 11 years in prison and has to register as a sex offender. i'm robert gray. now back to "red eye." >> are you moody, anxious and constantly worrying? in short, are you inure -- are you neurotic? >> a new study suggests --
12:34 am
>> are we in? are we in? well done number two. hello, andrew. >> what are you doing? where are you? >> i guess your sentinal personals are not good at the television signals, are they? >> i am not happy about this. >> you don't have to be happy about this. it is my half time show. you just sit back and enjoy. >> all right. >> i have been taking lots and lots of notes from my idaho secret lair. >> let's trace the signal. trace the signal. >> number two is tracing the signal. >> cutoff number two. >> i think we should -- let's go straight to the half time score, shall we? >> it is time for the half
12:35 am
time "red eye" results. look at this. i brought this up and then this came up. >> that is amazing. >> that's what we do in idaho. >> that's the technology you can use to overthrow -- to over flow government. >> not that we would do that. >> that's what i meant. >> looking at the pie chart and who doesn't love a good pie chart? we can all clearly see in terms of who is getting it right and who is getting it wrong, ethan is clearly on the lead with this one. ben is not doing too badly. he could pick up his game. and you are pretty much where you have always been. >> am i dead? >> i didn't know you were going to be there to be fair.
12:36 am
they put together the pie chart and then found out you are doing it. sometimes you have days off. >> that's true. >> that's crack information you got from diligence. >> i contracted it out to sentinal. all of my guys were on high paying projects outside the country. >> we sub sub contracted it. that's weird. if we go to an exploded pie chart, then we get the same result. that doesn't make much sense. the wanker grab, the numbers surprisingly look good. if you look at the second quarter compared to the year to date and overall, frankly we are going where we need to be going. finally the latest polling results, how do you describe andy levey?
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right here i have a picture of andy. we can see there is trouble brewing. more people described you as increw pew los -- inscrew pew los and unhinged. you did get a small percentage, 3.2% of the audience called you cheery. >> that's my base. >> that's a good sign. >> good, good. >> i want to go straight into the stories. that's surprised to those who are used to me taking the next few minutes of [bleep]. he said you had the bikini girl on "one life to live." was that every episode? >> i did background once and a few of our viewers found the episode on-line. this was in 2010.
12:38 am
>> 2010? how old were you? >> i was 21. >> you had to think about that. i was not a minor doing the roll of bikini girl. >> brendan, out of curiosity, have you ever been described as a first time comedian? and not to dwell on this, but did you feel as if andy was perhaps being abusive by describing you as a giant comedian? >> you can't have abuse when you are accurate. how much do you way, by the way? >> that is offensive. >> all right, let's go to the schilling story. first of all, this is curt schilling. in case you don't know him. that's a picture of curt schilling. i am going to break it down
12:39 am
for you because it was not necessarily clear the way andy described it. what curt schilling did was say that this guy, adolf hitler, was comparable to guys like this. he runs the islamic state. let me try that again. curt schilling said a bad guy like this is comparable to a bag like this. because of that, curt schilling schilling -- >> what are you trying to say, mike? >> if you look at the lip line and the wry smile and the bags under the eyes you look reblark blee alike. >> i am losing track. >> the point is curt schilling
12:40 am
made the comparison and then went crazy because you can't compare anyone to hitler because people are afraid hitler will get knocked off the number one bad guy thing. i may be making that up. ben, what would you create for babe ruth if you had a twitter handle? >> what would i create for him? >> what would his twitter be? >> at slobbering babe. the entire thing was full of racist rants and how much heinekens should be drunk by the germans. >> so you are not a yankees fan? >> not a yankees fan. brewers. >> interestingly enough you had a point about this. schilling may have had a
12:41 am
contractual obligation not to mention hitler? >> no, not to mention political situations on his media. he works for espn and he is talking about sports stuff. maybe in the contract it says -- who knows, but he can't go off on a tan sent about what is going on. they are making offensive political tweets out to his fans. >> you are way too smart for "red eye." >> no. should i dumb it down. >> that's what i'm saying. you hate little league baseball, yes or no? >> can't stand it. >> do you have ?i kids? no, no. i will not allow them to participate in the sport. >> no matter how good they may be. >> yes.
12:42 am
>> joanne, do you remember the reason not to put greece in the base baseball bill. the ball comes off your hands a little faster. am i right? >> i think i am running out of time. you mentioned isaiah theres 51 , that was apropos. as i read from the living translation of the bible and with your arm drone verify the earth below and smoke the [bleep]. >> i use the king james version because i am a traditionalist. and then we did other stories and did something about preppers and we talked about pot. that's about it. andy i will turn this back over to you. we are running out of electricity in idaho.
12:43 am
thanks a lot. it is time to take a break.
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the fur will be flying this halloween. a few days ago we told you about this costumes of the dentist that killed cecil the lion and the outrage it caused.
12:47 am
that was a "red eye" exclusive i think. there is talk they will make the costumes company to stop selling it. peta is striking back, but this time the lion wins. it shows dr. palmer being eaten by the lion. the cost is $139. thine 9 and the proceeds go 20 peta's work saving animals and doing stupid stuff. it comes with a dr. palmer name tag and attacking lion. it doesn't end there. the costumes, quote, can easy bely access rised by a fake drill and crossbow. you hate animals and you are pro-human. you must not like the costumes. >> i have no problem with the costumes and now i agree with sarah palin and my life is over. he says if you come to my house though and trick or treat i will give you beef jerkey. i am not a big fan of the
12:48 am
dentist. if cecil him i would be a fan of the den fist. if the cos super -- if the costumes was accurate. >> i like the costumes. i do not like peta. they are electric likened to a terrorist group. the way they go about things, bad news. i don't like if you buy the costumes it goes to pea paw. >> we were talking about halloween and we pre prefer -- at first i was opposed to the costumes and then i realized in the peta costumes the lion is a ghost getting its revenge. now i like the costumes. >> the lion should have a sheet over it. >> then you can't sigh it because of the white dental jacket. >> my main thing is you can't just use the costumes made.
12:49 am
you have to make it more creative. peta, ha, ha, you are trying to make a political statement. that's not funny. what if they got jerico his brother to come on and there is a line. >> i am a fan where you need multiple people to participate. you need to bring a backdrop with you. >> isn't this preventing the slaughter of dentists. i am more uh -- offended by price. >> if you spend $140 0* a halloween costumes it should gee gee -- it should free you. >> i went to where the original costumes was, the lion killer contest, it says the price of the costumes has
12:50 am
been raised to $99.99. people were buying it and they raised the price. we will close things out on a not unrealistic plan forgetting to march.
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buzz aldrin has a master plan to colonize mars. unlike his moon landing this supposedly won't involve a sound stage. they teamed up with the florida institute of technology to bring mankind to mars within 25 years. and it won't be a one-way trip. he envisioned trips lasting 10 years. >> they came here to live and stay and they didn't wait around plymouth rock for the return trip. brendan, does it sound crazy or crazy good? >> it is crazy good. it is amazing. we went to the moon and packed it in. let's check some other stuff out. i love buzz aldrin.
12:55 am
he is 85 years old and planning to colonize -- when my grandfather was 85, he couldn't plan an outfit. >> when they went to the moon he came back. he is talking about going to mars. by the way, you can't exist there yoat. i don't know what he is talking about. there is an afterthought of buzz's former self, yoipg that is possible. i don't think that is possible. >> the dude has a phd. >> i don't know why you are demonizing him. his name is buzz. >> i have been saying for years the way to colonize mars is to use its focus as stepping stones. people laughed at me, but this is what buckal dren says and he is a hero. >> when they get to taco bell i well say -- i will be one of the people that goes there.
12:56 am
never do anything first. hindenbur. >> never first place. >> what is carrier, living on mars or the fact that 2039 you will be 50. theng about that. >> that's a little scary. i wouldn't want to partake in this at all or be around those who do. the ones you like on earth are the ones who want to go to mars. >> so you don't like me? >> what is on your lap there? >> i was watching you on a television program and talking about donald donald trump. i decided to go you on-line and make america great again. you know it is authentic because it is made in china. >> this is a night jobing? >> that's my gift to you. >> i am so blessed to have this.
12:57 am
i can't imagine. >> you don't get it for everyone. >> special thinks to joanne know joanne nosuchunsky. that does it for me. i'm tv's andy levey. we will be back on monday. top will be back. i will be back in my role and everyone else. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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great weekend. "special report" is next. hillary clinton tries to calm the faithful while she faces even more scandal over the people closest to her. this is "special report." >> good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we begin tonight with hillary clinton's attempt to preserve her lead in the democratic presidential race amid drama over her top aide's many jobs and her husband's many speeches. this of course on top of the bubbling cauldron of controversy over her e-mails and what was classified marked or not on her personal server. chief white house correspondent ed henry has tonight's top story.


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