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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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monday morning. be sure to check out my show "cashing in." the spin stops here because we are working out for -- looking out for you. >> three americans jumped a gunman who opened fire on a you had kroed train. >> they stopped a potential mass shooting on a train. >> opened fire on a train traveling from amsterdam to paris. >> ak-47 and he looked like it was jammed wasn't working and he was trying to charge the weapon and allen hit meap on the shoulder and said let's go. >> he has been on the radar. >> the gunman wouldn't have been successful if my friend spencer had not gotten up. >> he had a sizable arsenal of
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weapons. he had some 300 rounds of ammunition. >> three brave americans took them down. >> we are grateful these three young men were there. >> to plan everybody to die like that it is a crazy situation. >> seemed ready to fight until the end. so were we. >> stopping a heavily armed terror suspect in his tracks. this is a special reporter or on the tracks an american hero story. one incredibly brave servicemen tells how he and childhood friends stop what would have been a deadly terror attack. how it unfolded on a train in
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france. alex scraleta risked his life to save those around him. he charged a heavily armed gunman and held him down. alex skarlatos goes on the record. #proud american as you watch the story. >> what do you think when you watch that opening? >> it's still unbelievable. i still want believe it. i would like to say one thing. i didn't hold him down. spencer was the one that held him down and choked him. >> the three of you worked together and a britt helped as well? >> he helped tie him up afterward and he helped translate for us and it was very important. he helped speak english on the train. he was fantastic. >> you and your two friends
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decided to go on vacation or meet up. >> we were going to meet up in amsterdam. we were going to head back to germany. >> spencer and i have been neighbors since 4 or 5 years old. our mothers still live next door to each other. spencer and i had been friends and anthony as well but we haven't been able to stay in that close a contact since i have in afghanistan spencer in azors and we haven't been around sacramento to see anthony. >> whose idea was it to go to europe together? >> it was spencer and my idea. i have wanted to do something like that for a long long time. it seemed the perfect time to do
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it. i am going this trip so if you want to come anthony said well i haven't seen you guys in a while to do this so we all did. it turned out differently didn't it? >> yes. >> what can you do? >> so take me to that the day this whole thing unfolded what time before the train wenttook off? >> boarded the train at 3:17 local time. >> you were headed to paris? >> yes. >> what time were you supposed to get there? >> around 6:35 if i remember correctly. >> what happened? did he hear something? >> well spencer and anthony were asleep. i heard the gunshot and breaking class. it was the first thing i heard. i thought maybe somebody dropped soing or break something or break
6:05 pm
a window. i didn't know what was going on. >> it went away from the noise. >> you guys went toward it he went away? >> yeah. i suspensioner woke up and we looked behind us and saw a guy with an ak-47. we ducked down immediately and i told spencer, let's go go get em. spencer was the first one up. i got up two or three seconds behind spencer and didn't know he was left until i saw him running in front of me and i thought oh i got to get going. spencer got to him first tackled a guy and dropped the ak-47 at that time and saw kind of a blank. we beat up on him a little bit. anthony got some blows in for sure. pens isser got to choking on the
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guy. he pulled out a hand gun and it was right in front of me. i grabbed the hand gun immediately pried it out of his hand. tried to shoot him with it twice but it was empty at that point. i grabbed an ak-47 which was at his feet. i don't remember this i tried to shoot him as well but then i started beating him over the head with it with the muzzle and just hit him about 4 or 5 times until he stopped moving. he started to go unconscious from spencer's choke hold he passed output him on the ground spencer tied him up and around that time we noticed that mark was shot through the neck. mark is the french american guy. >> the actor? >> no. but anyway yeah mark got shot
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through the neck. his wife brought it to our attention. i told spencer and spencer immediately came over to him and held down the artery and at that point i took the ak-47 and went in back to check the other train cars to make sure there was no other shooter or anything like that. told the other passengers to keep everybody in the car where they were told them to come up front. then i came back the terrorist was already tied up. chris did a good job there. spencer was still working on mark made sure he didn't need anything else. got the first aid kit. i cut his shirt off with the box cutter he stabbed spencer with. road the rest of the train out.
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>> what was going on? were people screaming? were the conductors or any one on the train helping you or was it basically the three of you and there was another unidentified man named game yen. >> the unidentified man did a lot in the beginning. we talked to him right after it happened and he told us he was waiting for the bathroom. when he came out with the ak-47 he started to choke and apparently a trafrn employee came and broke them up thinking it was a regular fight. when he broke it up that's when he came in our cabin and shot mark in the neck. >> how is mark do you know? >> i talked to him before we left grants. seemed to be doing great.
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i hadn't heard anything involving him since. >> the guy with the ak-47 was he saying anything in the very beginning? >> he said nothing at all. i didn't hear him say a word. >> he had a box cutter and he heard spencer. >> yeah he put up a good fight. three or four guys bigger than him he didn't stand a chance really. >> why do you think you ran toward him? i fear i would have run away. >> i was afraid of that too. amen i know he had to do something. spencer was on the window seat. spencer had to be the first one to get up. he didn't hesitate at all. he just ran straight off the guy
6:10 pm
while he was trying to get his way to shoot him mind you. spencer got him. got the choke in we all just started beating on him. i told other people this but we frankly had got really really lucky. the magazine dropped out of it out of his ak. i am pretty sure he had it on safe or wasn't able to get it functioning in the first place. ammunition was horrible because one of the rounds didn't go off. we just got lucky in five or six different ways. any one of those things was different we all would have died especially spencer. >> train filled with people? >> yeah i wouldn't say packed to capacity i don't know about the rest of the train.
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it seems like a lot to me. i don't know what the standard load is. >> what were the other passengers on the train. i am sure you were busy trying to restrain this guy and make sure he didn't kill anybody. you have any idea what any passengers were doing? >> there were two screams at first. i didn't notice what was going on. after it was all over everybody seemed really quiet and shocked for the most part. there was one train employee that came up to us right as it was getting over and pulled spencer to stop choking the guy he through the ak down which was insane. i hadn't looked to the train to see if anybody else was there. i don't know what he was thinking but i told him i was military and calm down and get out of the way. chris translated for us and that was it other than mark's wife
6:12 pm
who was worried about her husband. >> how long was the ride from the time you took him down until the time you finally came to a stop and it was pretty much over at that point? >> it was longer than i thought. about a 35 minutes. >> he was restrained and what are you doing at that point? what is going through your mind? >> we were making sure he wasn't waking up. i had chris making sure he wasn't moving or anything like that. really weird. spencer was busy doing his thing. i was busy flipping through the cards. i wasn't too concerned with him. i was worried there might be another one. >> the 35 minute ride you get to your destination and then what happens? >> at that point i had already cleared in the corner by the door.
6:13 pm
spencer saved his life no doubt. when we pulled into the station the doors came open. after about 5 or six police and paramedics came on board got right off the train. >> at what point did they recognize that you guys were the heros in this? you essentially prevented a lot of lives from being destroyed and killed? >> pretty sure it was immediately afterwards. they come off the train and they were around the terrorists and mark and then they did some initial questioning on the platform. they figured out the ones involved and they took us to the station for questions. >> how long were you there answering questions? >> five hours. >> this wasn't exactly the trip you planned was it? >> frankly i thought they would let us go afterward. i thought that same night they
6:14 pm
would put us on a different trip to paris and it would all be fine. it has been an absolutely unrool for sure. >> when you got to france you got the heist award. incredible what you did>> it was an honor and the french were fantastic to us. from the police station to today every one in between were fantastic. the embassy workers were great, too. >> i add, though that you deserve this. everybody was terrific to you but you so deserved us. i want to take a quick break. we are going to takelk to eric more. put the lives on the line you will hear all about the fellow heros that's next.
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>> american hero alex skarlato wasn't the only one who went above and beyond to risk his life that day. two other americans became heros when they thwarted the contact in prog -- attack it progress. >> alex's childhood friend spencer stone and sacramento state university senior anthony sadler. who are these other heros? meet anthony sadler. he's 23 and a senior at
6:19 pm
sacramento state travel to go europe on a trip he will never forget. he stop the a terrorist kind of crazy. the basketball coach always kept cool under pressure. >> he is a hero to all of us. he's a hero based on the things he did when he was 14, 15, 16 years old. >> then airman first class spencer stone. he is a 6 foot 4 guy. he may have been shy while growing up. >> he had the wherewithal to take action. i am glad spencer did. >> he learned a thing or two as a paramedic in the air force. using those skills to help one of his fellow good samaritans. he see as bleeding neck and puts pressure on it with a bare hand to safe a life. his high school basketball coach not surprised. >> nice kid. stand up guy. hard worker.
6:20 pm
very humble and at the same time you weren't super surprised he did put himself in jeopardy to try to save others. >> who else helped out? meet chris more man an it consultant. the 62-year-old saw the spoegs and like widewise sprang into action. he saw his own death sentence before his eyes and that pushed him into action. >> trying to get him down. >> mark also on the phone. 51-year-old american living in france for more than 20-years. he runs a school from a houseboat on the outskirts of paris. mark warns his wife get down and he rushes the gunman ripping the ak-47 right out of the terrorist's hands. he was shot went to the ground. the american paramedic rushing to his rescue. there was a 6th hero on board a london newspaper the dell kraf reports he is a french baker
6:21 pm
named damion. we don't know much about damion but the 28-year-old was among the fearless. >> representing what was so great about america. now anthony sadler is getting a little help with his education. sacramento state university is setting up a scholarship to pay for tuition and books and other expenses. his sister went on the record alyssa sadler. >> it is so exciting to talk to a relative of somebody so courageous. >> what do you think about your brother? >> he is my younger brother so i have had personcertain opinions as far as what he can share and teach me and what he can't but i am just in awe. i am so amazed his act and i
6:22 pm
don't know what to say. it is such an inspiration to me. >> he goes on his first trip to europe with friends and he comes back with the heist award. he's not a very old guy. >> i don't think there is. he pretty much hit the sky with this one. >> had you did you hear about this terrorist? when did you first learn your brother was one of the heros? >> i found out scattered. it was traumatic for me. early friday morning i got a call from a family member who is a good friend of a mother spencer and alec. she kept asking he's in europe with spencer and alec. yes, yes. she kept saying we haven't gotten a hold of it. not in a day or so.
6:23 pm
a train in paris. a train in paris. at that point i started to freak out. i contacted my brother immediately. it was shortly after the event he did share with me briefly about what he experienced. it was a short conversation and he would go speak to authorities and such. >> how did the three men know each other? >> surprisingly they started in middle school. they went to middle school together beginning in high school they separated and went to three different schools and maintained a close relationship in spite of all of that. this trip was another one of their adventures together. >> the brother goes back to college and hethat's the plan? >> i hope so. i don't know what his life will
6:24 pm
be like now. it is rest in peace for the life he used to have. i think it's time to embrace what life is going to be at this point. >> as i said to alex' father your brother makes americans so proud to be americans. what they have done. it is ricochetted around the world. everybody knows what they did. i certainly thank him as everybody else does. will you tell him? >> yes, i sure will. thank you so much for having us. >> thank you. >> a man with ties to islam tackled him to the floor by brave americans. that attack next. alex skarlontos is back and joined with his proud family as the special "on the record"" continues.
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skarlatos >> live from america's news headquarters. i am kelly wright. hundreds walked to commemorate deputy darren goforth. he was pumping gas at a suburban gas station. they walked to the gas station where he was killed. the suspects miles will be arraigned on capitol murder charges monday. meantime virginia cameramen were shot and killed last week. they were killed by a former co-worker while they were doing
6:29 pm
a live shot for the morning news. funeral services will be held for allison parker and cameraman adam ward. now an on the record special >> terror on the tracks. alex scar latkarlatos put his life on the line to stop a trainerrorism attack. #proud american to hear his story. let's take a look at how the attack started and how the hero made their decision to jump into
6:30 pm
action. >> it was probably (indiscernible) >> woke up in the middle and turned around and saw he looked to have an ak-47 looked like it was jammed or it wasn't working he was trying to charge the weapon. alex hit me on the shoulder and said let's go. >> ranch down tackled him. hit the ground alex came up grabbed the gun in his hand put him in a choke hold and pulled more weapons left and right. got a box cutter and started jabbing at me with that. we let go all three of us started pumping him while he was in the middle of us. i was able to grab him again and choke him unconscious while alex was hitting him in the head with a pistol or rifle.
6:31 pm
i can't really remember. >> it wasn't really a conscious decision. >> he had an ak-47. at that time it was do something or not. >> clearly he had no firearms experience whatsoever yet he knew what he was doing. if he had done the right thing he would have operated that and we would all be in trouble and probably wouldn't be here today. >> it feels unreal. feels like a dream. >> i am still wait to go wake up. seems like a movie scene or something. it is pretty unreal. >> he was ready to fight to the
6:32 pm
end. so were we. >> alex scar lat toes is a-- skarlatos is an american hero. his father emanuel step mother karen and two brothers also on the record. welcome to the familiar -- family. were you surprised to hear about your brother? >> i was surprised. he woke me up when he called me. it was pretty surprising. >> what did he say? >> the conversation lasted about one minute. i was on a train there was an active shooter and he said tell mom tell dad what happened. he briefly explained what happened. at the end he said everybody is fine. it was pretty crazy. >> are you surprised? >> hearing your brother was moved in a terrorist attack is
6:33 pm
pretty surprising. the actions of all three of them i am not surprised at all. >> i am not surprised either. surprise it had happened but not surprised alex was one of the men that would stand up and do something about it. >> i would have run the other direction. why do you think your son ran with the other two? >> i think in a situation like that i think it is a matter of survival. it is a matter of i think they are aware of good and evil. i think they choose good. i think my sons are good boys. i am proud of all three of them and alex especially in this
6:34 pm
particular situation. he and his friends saved a lot of lives, a potential disaster for everyone on the train. >> were you surprised the reception you received when you came back to the united states i think we can wlivens videos of -- we can listen. we have videos of this. this is a new ark airport. >> alex the police were lined up to see you? >> they were lined up from the moment i exited the plane until the moment i exited the airport. it was fantastic. probably a good 200 of them. that was ridiculous. i didn't know anybody knew i was
6:35 pm
coming. that meant a lot to me. >> have you heard of legion of honor before? >> no. i hadn't. >> you know what a big deal it is? >> yes. so grateful for that. >> what did the president say to you? oo he didn't speak any english to you? >> no not really. >> did you watch it on tv with everyone else? >> we were able to watch it thanks to a french reporter philippe who came over at midnight and pulled out his ipad and streamed the event. i would like to say thanks to him a lot. >> it is amazing. i suppose to you in some ways the boys. >> i keep referring to them as
6:36 pm
the boys. i guess that's what families do. certainly they are not boys. >> they are heros. >> you know spencer, too, right? >> i do. how come every time i mention spencer. every time you see his picture come up on the screen you laugh. >> because he's a hilarious dude. he's super funny. he's larger than life but in a funny way. he's a great guy. if he is around whatever you are doing is a lot more fun. >> he is around you are probably a lot safer if any of the three of you are around you are a lot safer. >> bowhow badly was he injured? >> got cut bad enough where the thumb was the only thing holding on. he got the tendon cut off all of the way around. looked like the leaning tower of
6:37 pm
pizza. he didn't know his own wounds hardly at all because he was because zee saving mark's life. i didn't realize he was wounded until he was already bent over mark and the back of his neck was opened up. only about an inch away from his artery. he just came so close to losing his life multiple times. >> this has made so many americans proud. >> i am in awe of all three of them. >> i looked on tv watching what he had done after the fact and learning a lot of things were happening that i didn't know. in the beginning it didn't sink in. i wachled the video on tv and learned more about the incident
6:38 pm
it just really impressed me. these guys impress me. >> you want to gohim to go back? >> no. >> you want him to go back to europe? >> yeah sure i guess why not. >> i think he should finish up his vacation. he will have to be more aware. >> everyone knows his face. >> thank you all very much. we are learning more about the terror suspect childhood friends took down the radical jihadists. we are going to take you back to france next. [ piercing sound ] daddy! lets play! sorry kids. feeling dead on your feet? i've been on my feet all day. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles have a unique gel wave design for outrageous comfort that helps you feel more energized. dr. scholl's. feel the energy!
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6:43 pm
>> they say he had been on their radar as a terrorist. >> spanish security forces say they alerted the frafrn calling cal el khazzani a radicalist. >> i trained to syria to fight. >> he was known for violente >> he came with a pistol and box cutter. he was ready to fight until the end. so were we. the terrorist, the brave american hero was on the radar with three different countries with ties to radical islam. a 25-year-old moroccan heavily armed with an assault rifle a pistol ready to carry out a massacre. live from paris with more on the suspect is katherine harris. >> the suspect is still in custody. he appear the before a journallingjudge in paris on tuesday. prosecution filed all charges against him. he's accused of targeted and
6:44 pm
premedicated jihadist attacks. also firearms offenses and offenses really more to do with mixing with people who are also terrorists. he said he has denied these charges. kaz any kaz ni /* /* el khazzani has was going to run off into the night. he didn't believe this for a minute. the type of weapons he was carrying and also the fact that just before he carried out the attack, the i tendedintended i tack he had been looking at attacks on his phone. >> we are proud back here in the united states of these three americans. and the britt and others were involved as well. but tell me the legion of honor the award from the french government how big is that in france? >> it couldn't be bigger. this could not be bigger.
6:45 pm
the fact that within an hour of the news coming through of what happened on the train they were saying it's the boys have to be given this. on top of that you are talking about a very very brave formation. everyone knows another way could have been tarnished. there's a feeling of add mirstration -- admiration these people did this without thought they knew had hethey had to do the right thing. having done the right thing this incredible bravery they have turned into humble heros which endeared them all to the french because they haven't come out being the brash americans that everyone hears about. they are just being good honest guys from next door who knew to do the right thing at the present right time. >> alex told me moments ago he wants to go back to france and
6:46 pm
resume his trip. >> paris is lovely in the autumn and he would be welcome here. i am sure wherever he went he is such a hero. the trench don't forget incidents like that. when i think of my time here in france i have been in so many memorials and things where americans arehave come forth. it is the 70th anniversary of d-day. people were still cheering the americans. people don't forget. >> katherine, thank you very much much. three american heros stepped up to stop the terror attack. that was in france. but could that pap ten right here on american soil. those three heros might not be on the next train. how safe are our trains? that's next. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients...
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>> seemed like he kept pulling more weapons left and right. pulled out a hand gun. al took that. took out a box cutter started jabbing at me with that. >> i feel our training mostly kicked in after he was already subdued frankly when it came to medical care, things like that. >> it was something very serious. they were traveling internationally and my two friends are off duty military. i knew it would be bigger than just an initial investigation but never had any idea it would be like this. >> feeling great pride as americans is also giving a reality jolt at home. could that terrorism happen here on our trains? how vulnerable are american air waves. >> how vulnerable are our trains? >> right up front let me also
6:52 pm
say well done. they did a twrem douse job out there. to answer your question i talk a little bit about probably still goes on in a board room when you are planning a corporate policy. there's always a debate about security. do we have too much? are we scaring passengers are we this or that. you can't have an on and off strategy about security. you need to follow through. can't happen here why? it nerver happened here. in effect i don't do windows. not my job. i sell tickets i run my trains hopefully on time but i don't do security. it is an ongoing debate. you get additional insight it's not a money maker.
6:53 pm
>> it is not a money maker. it's a business cost. at the end of the day we do need security fblth this is a wake-up call. we had a number of them in the last decade regarding bombings in madrid london you name it. >> it is subway. trains because they are here but a lot of people ride subways across the country not just trains. >> we can't check every package. there are thousands in this city alone. >> you can't check everyone but you can check some. the bad guy is in and he or she is targeting, they will look at security procedures in place. the more you can show an alertness an awareness, a rig lens -- vigilance the safer your
6:54 pm
fajs passengers are. >> the more we give passengers sort of the nod to go ahead and act in a sense that -- i mean because the passengers are sort of the best police. >> the point i make on that is don't mix this up. this is a real setting. >> they would like to do harm without a doubt. >> what these three american heros restore a little faith in humanity. so todo you. i will explain in my off the record coming up.
6:55 pm
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can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? >> i don't need to tell you we are 24 clash 7 up to our eyeballs in this. the politicians say awful things about each other of course we air it.
6:59 pm
horrible murders in louisiana on two different days to two young tv journalists in virginia. news can be tough to stomach. then you read about people like robert law gu a good samaritan. or alex scarlotte tawkarlatos who helped stop a terror attack in france. you are overtaken by goodness and decency. then you are reminded there's a lot of good out there. a lot of people do sumerper human stuff like alex. >> he pulled out a hand gun. it was right in p front of me i grabbed the hand gun immediately pride it out of his hand. >> that's the super human stuff but there's probably also you just doing something for someone. you night not think of it as a big deal. >> thank you for making all
7:00 pm
americans proud and thank you for all of us there's so much good in the world. >> i am greg gutfeld your voice of reason in a cloud of unseason. to the tease, please. we asked owen wilson about his trump does he have some? he has some. hill country clinton's campaign turns to panic mode. they are claiming it is pornographic because he claims these about vaccination and other rale vaks two things i find disgusting. let's get started. >> he slipped over the last couple of weeks. >> he will be remembered for it negatively. >> he will fade away. >> not prepared for


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