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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 30, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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disgusting beau >> owen wilson, col lun quinn and liberal panel. hi, i'm eric bowling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factor election 2016. we begin tonight with more outrageous comments from hillary clinton as questions about her secret email server and falling poll numbers fall everywhere. hillary is unleashing attacks against the g.o.p. >> i know that there are some on the other side who are seriously advocating to deport 11, 12 million people who are working here. i find it the height of irony that a party which
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espouses small government would want to unleash a massive law enforcement effort, including, perhaps, national guard and others to go and literally pull people out of their homes and their work places, round them up, put them, i don't know, in buses, boxcars, in order to take them across our border. i just find that not only absurd but appalling. >> well, this comes a day after hillary compared republicans to terrorists. >> extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups. we expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world. but it is a little hard to take coming from republicans who want to be the president of the united states. >> really? but hillary supporters quickly doubled down. >> she wasn't calling them
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terrorists. she was saying why is the republican party so out of date and, truly, i mean if you look at what these candidates are espousing, no exceptions for rape or incest? i mean, come on. shutting down the. >> no apology? >> no. i mean, that's kind of ironic, chris, don't you think coming from the party with donald trump with such inflammatory wild rhetoric, no, i think she is totally right to call them out on their extremism. >> well, republicans were quick to pounce. >> they won't call terrorists terrorists, going all the way back to ben benghazi and before that but they call their political opponents terrorists. >> is this another unforced clinton error or is the former secretary of state telling democratic primary voters exactly what they want to do? former democrat state senator from missouri and professor at the new school here in new york city. and from tampa, florida, a
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republican strategist. i want to start with you right off with the hillary clinton sound bite. she mentioned boxcars. today she referred to terrorists. nazis bringing jews to their ultimate demise. was this an unforced error or was that perfectly placed by the clinton campaign? >> it's unbelievably unhinged. you are hearing the hyperbole of desperation from a campaign that's flailing in message and falling in the polls. she is upside down, eric in terms of unbelievability. six out of ten americans don't like her. she is going the wrong way you in terms of inevitability at a time when americans want real and genuine. what they are really seeing from hillary is deceit and dishonesty, and she has got to do better than that if she expects to not only be the nominee of her party but to be a serious combatant for president of the united states. >> jeff, now you were state senator but now you are a professor. you hear hillary clinton use
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the term boxcars. what comes to your mind? >> well, clearly, it may not have been the best way to phrase things, everyone is making such a big deal out of the words she is using. what i think republicans are doing right now. >> you don't have a trouble with the word boxcar. >> making a desperate attack from their own party's rhetoric. >> let's stay on hillary though. yesterday she compares g.o.p. to terrorists. i mean that was outrageous enough. i listen to it did she really just do that? and then she doubled down even worse and talking about a republican strategy to, on immigration and she compares that to nazis? >> and the republican strategy on immigration to deport 12 million people is totally ridiculous and everyone knows it in 2013 reince priebus says we have got it change the tone. they did the autopsy, the rnc autopsy ever the 2012 election. the one policy thing we have got to do differently is imforeign relation. >> off the cuff remark or planned comment. >> probably an off the cuff remark. >> what do you say, adam?
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>> off the cuff remark. i mean, you can imagine what that means to jews not only in this country but across the world? can you imagine what that means to people who live through the history of all of that? not only insulting and out of place, it's wrong. but it really reveals a candidate that kind of flailing and in trouble. and, actually, you know, we have heard a lot recently, eric, about the possibility that joe biden may enter into the race for president. i can tell you it may actually be the best thing that ever happened to hillary, because, right now, as she seeks a coronation to the nomination, she is doing very, very badly. she is going to need someone to up her game. if she does not, she is not going to be ready for prime time. >> marco rubio. we played a sound bite of marco rubio the democrats can't even call terrorists terrorists but they call the g.o.p. terrorists. do you want to weigh in on that. >> i do. this is the time whether you like donald trump or not. he is bringing and it kind of bringing it straight. people want straight talk right now more than ever at a time when most americans are kind of shaking in their boots about our inability as
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a country to get things done. i think marco is absolutely on the right track. call things for what they are. and then to find out what the remedies that are needed to turn this country around and go for it: hillary seems to be really concerned about choosing tough words as opposed to being ready to bring tough action. >> and maybe, jeff, let me ask you. using g.o.p.ers to terrorists. using the term boxcars nazi reference. maybe it's because of the recent q poll the most common word with hillary clinton among democrats and republicans is liar. is untrust worthy. >> first all, i would say that bill clinton didn't have the best reputation for being trust trustworthy in this country it didn't stop him from being elected and reelected. >> bill clinton is a master politician. you are north putting hillary clinton in the same category as bill clinton as far as a politician? >> it doesn't mean that someone can't be elected. he presided over 8 years of piece and prosperity which you can't say for his
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predecessor. >> is he trying to change like you are right now, trying to change the debate from her poll numbers and untrustworthiness and liar and all these sort of things where she is underwater into hey if she says things like terrorists and boxcars we forgot about the q. poll that came out yesterday. >> i don't think that's the strategy. what's important to recognize is you can't beat somebody with nobody. right now the word that's most closely associated with the republican frontrunner, donald trump and jeb bush are arrogant and bush. and since jeb's brother left office with an approval rating about equal to what nixon's was during impeachment, i don't think republicans should be. >> adam, this is how the left does it. you ask them a question and they bring it right back to something else. we are on hillary and her comments and then we brought it back to bush and trump. last thought, adam, very quickly. >> well, that's what we just heard is instead of answering questions ley they like to demonize. what hillary has tried to do is deflect,ing you nor, and attack. right now she is on the
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attack. none of those things have worked. you better come up with something better or joe biden is not only going to get into this race going to be something she can handle. >> thank you investment. new rundown. ed henry on that when the factor comes right back. in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you.
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in the factor follow up seeing is many tonight, more hillary clinton drama as the negative headlines keep piling up. fox news has obtained emails that raise new conflict of interest concerns about hillary's top aid uma abidine as well as emails that bill clinton tried to get hillary's state department to approve his lucrative speeches in the repressive countries of congo in north korea. meantime hillary is trying to keep joe biden from running for president. out on the campaign trail hillary clinton faced the
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media while she didn't blow up at fnc's ed henry completely at this time. she didn't exactly embrace him. >> were you aware that your husband wanted to give paid speeches to refreive regimes in south korea. do you have any comment on these new battles that raise conflict of interest uma abidine. finally, i wonder, you said there is nothing unique about this situation. you said it before. can you name one other cabinet secretary who provided their own server. >> let me answer one of your questions because i think that's what you are entitled to. >> with us now from minneapolis, the aforementioned ed henry who covers the clinton campaign for fox news. ed, wow, you only got one. you asked two. you are only getting an answer to one. >> oh, you hear that? only one. that's all i'm entitled to. interesting. i think it does show that hillary clinton is a bit still on defense about this email issue. about these new questions, about the clinton foundation. also in fairness to her it shows she is trying to show
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her supporters specifically this is the dnc party meetings. the party faithful much the hard core democrats on the left. she is trying to show them she is more combative and she is going to push back against the media. she is going to finally tell her story. it's been a long time coming because she's questions keep piling up. >> i noticed a different delivery today. that speech and the subsequent questions. a little different. she, in the past she had been, i don't know, maybe a little cocky, a little arrogant. then she went to a joking demeanor. when she was joking about snap chat. all those snaps, thankfully they disappear on their own. now she is a little bit more serious. is this a new hillary clinton going forward? >> right. >> remember, after the snap chat joke last week in las vegas, she tried to joke with me when i pressed her about whether she wiped the server and she said i don't know how to do that. what do you mean wipe it with a cloth? and made that motion. republican critics just but you see this whole story in the "new york times" saying that democrats are really frustrated with her more than anything. saying that the joking has
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just prolonged the agony over this issue. and that the democrats not the republicans want to see her get this behind her. to your point, yes, i saw a different demeanor where earlier in this news conference today she was saying i'm not frustrated. i'm going to answer these questions because i want to deal with this. but then that might have been wiped out a little bit maybe, maybe wiped out is the wrong phrase when we are talking about servers, but wiped out a little bit when she said to me you are only entitled to one question. one minute she is not frustrated, the next she seemed to be. >> and bill clinton, we find out today, i think we obtained an email from uma abidine asking the state department to approve a bill clinton speech that would collect $650,000 for, you know, basically an hour speech plus first class air fare and travel. these are new developments two speeches really. democratic republic of congo
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another with ties to north korea. these are would two oppressive regime. the state department said no go on these. it suggests that bill clinton was willing to do these. that it made it to the state department chain of command and one of the emails says, look, the money is not going to go in his pocket. it's going to go to the clinton foundation. so also it raises questions about, you know, what was going on in terms of all these paid speeches coming in under the umbrella of oh, it's for charity but also, the co-mingling of state department aides dealing with the clinton foundation and the speeches. what hillary clinton argued to me when i asked her though in fairness, she was saying well, the state department was involved because there was a process set up where they would see whether there was a conflict with any of her work as secretary of state. i think the very bottom line is, it just shows with this, with the uma abidine conflict of interest question. the interweb, the ties, the overlapping roles, the clinton foundation, the charity, the presidential campaign that was upcoming. the private consulting company that uma abidine was
8:16 pm
also working for. and, on top of that the state department, in official government business that uma abidine was doing while being paid by us, by the taxpayers and while hillary clinton was secretary of state. >> i think what we need to highlight here, i read that email. i saw that where it shows uma abidine, don't forget, hillary clinton's aid, while at the state department, asking for the state department to agree to accept money from congo in north korea to, as you point out. repressive regimes that go into the clinton foundation. the question is how much more money that didn't have to go through -- to get approved by the state department came in from other repressive governments that went directly into the clinton foundation? how much of that foundation is from repressive regimes and what are they asking for? >> we don't know and you are right to point that out. the reason we are getting a snapshot of some emails is that a conservative, we should point out conservative activist david bossy has filed a series of lawsuits. has won some of them. has gotten some documents turned over. that's why we are seeing some of the emails from the
8:17 pm
inside. we simply don't know what else was on that serve iser that might tell us more about the clinton foundation, that about all kinds of other subjects like benghazi as well. >> eddy, i have got to go. next on the run down, there is no love loss on the campaign trail between jeb bush and donald trump. a top political reporter will be here with the inside story. up next.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, donald trump vs. jeb bush. there is no hiding the animosity between bush and trump on the campaign trail as the "the washington post" made very clear in this montage. >> this is a guy who was a democrat for most of the last decade. >> for him to get things done is hard. >> and if he was interested in a more comprehensive
8:21 pm
approach he might want to read my book "immigration wars" which i published four years ago. >> i think bush is an unhappy person. i don't think he has any energy. i don't see how he can win. >> you win when you connect with people about their aspirations not about how great you are, how rich you are, or how this you are or how that you are. that's not leadership? he is weak on immigration. he is in favor of common core. how the hell can you vote for this guy. >> he is doing this to inflame and incite and get to draw attention which seems to be his organizing principle of his campaign. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd as you know right down the street? they are sleeping. they are sleeping now. >> i appreciate the fact that mr. trump now has a plan, if that's what it's called. >> and when they give a million dollars or 2 million or a million to jeb, they have him just like a puppet. >> we are going to win when we are optimistic and big and broad rather than grrrr, grrrr, just angry all the
8:22 pm
time. >> with us now from los angeles, the "the washington post" national political reporter robert costa who has been reporting on the bush/trump feud. so, robert, why don't they like each other? >> there have been moments of warmth between trump and the bush family. 1988 trump had a fundraiser for george h.w. bush at the plaza hotel in new york. in 1987 he had -- 1997 he had a fundraiser for jeb bush. he went against bush 21 on the no new taxes pledge. he broke with george bush over the iraq war. ever since then it's been acrimonious. >> would had to go back 27 years to get the time they actually got along. so, money, jeb bush is raising a lot of money. trump has a lot of money. trump has poll numbers. jeb is looking for poll numbers. how does this play out? how does the money factor play out? >> the money factor is critical for bush because, though he slipped in the polls, his campaign really
8:23 pm
believes because his super pac is sitting out there with $100 million. when it comes crunch time, january and february of next year, he will be able to go on the airways, perhaps attack trump if necessary. at least tell the jeb bush story. trump doesn't feel like jeb bush's money management matterser so much. because he goes on television so afternoon he doesn't think he needs to spend much money on television ads. >> he is pretty right about that is he quick to tell you he has a lot of money. he does, to reach into your own pocket that ain't as easy as it sounds. >> right. and this is something trump campaign is grappling with i checked in with trump and his advisors this week. they said they are okay with these new super pacs starting up to try to help trump because if this campaign truly is moving towards the nomination, is he going to need grass roots efforts on the ground in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and he is eventually going to need some kind of television presence beyond the interviews. that's in motion though he is a little bit behind some of the mother professional operative run campaigns.
8:24 pm
>> jeb bush, we know, this i noticed is kind of taken a different tact lawsuitly. he is attacking donald trump. talking not leadership. doing is leadership. is this a new strategy and what do you think of that strategy? >> is it is a new strategy. i will tell you one group happy with bush's aggression. bush donors. they see him getting pummeled by trump day in and day out and they are asking themselves and telling the press when is bush really going to punch back. they like that bush is doing that however, there is a political risk. if you go after rick trump, look at rick perry, lindsey graham, they went after trump and they fell in the polls pretty sharply. it's an uneven territory to go down. >> i interviewed donald trump, i went through the list of candidates and at the time jeb bush was right there. may have been ahead. neck and neck. when he got to bush, i said what's the one word you associate with bush he said low energy. i scratched my head like low energy. what is he going for with this? i noticed it's been on his
8:25 pm
stump speech after speech. jeb bush low energy. what does that mean? >> there is actually a strategy behind the attack on bush's low energy. trump's people tell me that in 2008 and 2012, the one thing that really irritated conservatives is they didn't feel senator mccain or mitt romney went hard enough after president obama. they didn't think the aggression was there in the general election on some certain key issues. what trump is signaling to conservative activists is i will bring it to the democratic nominee in a different way. i will be high energy. in a way the other nominees as you see it from been low energy. >> gotcha. very good piece by the way in the "the washington post." thank you very much, mr. kosta. >> thank you. >> the candidates who aren't donald trump via -- via for the spotlight. donald trump isn't even in the race. clinton on the ropes? we hope you stick around for those reports. doers. they don't worry if something's possible.
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in the impact segment tonight, the g.o.p. candidates out on the campaign trail trying to make a dent in donald trump's huge lead for governor scott walker, that meant attacking president obama's iran deal while touting his own national security bona fides. >> unlike others, i don't need months or years to maul this over. i don't need to appoint a cabinet or consult can a committee. anybody who doesn't know today, today that the iran
8:30 pm
deal is a bad deal is not ready to be commander and chief. i'm ready to be commander and chief on day one. >> they are also attacking trump's policy proposals. with us more carl cameron fox news chief political correspondent. how does the g.o.p. feel dealing with trump's dominance in the polls? >> a lot of them are frustrated. a lot of them are trying to stay away from him. in the case of ted cruz trying to embrace him. chris christie says he is a friend but he doesn't necessarily agree with him. jeb bush today in his event in norfolk near the naval station talking about vets said it really isn't helpful to be calling somebody stupid or idiots. said that it doesn't offer anything relevant to any of the nation's problems and counter productive. that was aimed squarely at mr. trump. scott walker today said he doesn't share the view that all the american leaders are corrupt and incompetent losers. walker did also slam bush.
8:31 pm
that line a minute ago about having to consult cabinet lords and others before deciding if the iran nuke deal is a good one or bad one was aimed really at jeb that might actually said you might want to consider talking to your cabinet before abject objection to it. that was during the process where the details of the deal were just being resolved. so, they are hitting back and forth. it's a question of do you take on somebody like that? and onesly, jeb bush has been trying to do that and trump had a great week. >> you are right. so these candidates have to figure out did doo they take on trump in this big ship that's moving along that's steaming along or do you develop your own policy and put those out there? now, scott walker wanted it hit on some foreign policy. >> sure. >> what's the right answer? i mean, if i'm a viewer and i'm watching, i know what trump has, we know that i want to hear some specifics from chris christie, from scott walker, from rand paul. >> and so do people want to hear specifics from mr. trump. the reality is, trump continues to have huge crowds.
8:32 pm
he was out in dubuque earlier this week. i was out there. 4,000 people. he had a great turnout. lots of people from which is a t to the governor of wisconsin dubuque being right on the border there. and trump hit it out of the park repeatedly. and one of the things that's clear is that jeb has decided that he has got to go after mr. trump. that was the same day that the whole jorge ramos flare up with trump took place. two days later the quinnipiac poll comes out and shows that trump has a bigger lead than anybody else has ever had in the entire year. he has organizers on the ground in iowa. the people in his crowds in iowa the first caucus state and new hampshire increasingly are the real early primary voters. it is still way too early to worry about polls and stuff like that in those early states. folks don't make up their minds until the last weaning. the fact that trump is getting the activists in these early states is a very, very scary sign for people like jeb bush, john kasich, and others who are looking at the early states first. trump is able to go into alabama and get 20,000. and in iowa, new hampshire,
8:33 pm
he is can get 5,000 or 6,000. that's very very rare. >> it may be too early it about worrying where the votes are coming from. not too early to worry about the money. the big donors, what do they want to see their guy, the rubio donors, the jeb bush donors, the chris christie donors. what do they want to see their guy do or in the case of carlie foreignna, their gal do? they want top see them take on trump or to develop their own campaign? >> well, there is a huge gamble in that developing one's own campaign in the shadow of trump means you can just disappear in relative security. three weeks from yesterday is another debate. maybe the last time two tiered debate. the rest of the debates being whittled considerably particularly if trump is olding the rest of the field in the single digits and he is in the high 20's. he can't be treated as unserious candidate. jeb is doing exactly that what the donors want is essentially people to call him out and talk about specifics. he has proven himself a masterful speech maker with rhetoric that doesn't have a
8:34 pm
lot of substance to it. and truth be told, eric, this early in the process, in august, when folks aren't taking -- paying attention, it will kick up after labor day. labor day comes late this year. to put down a major white paper policy is very, very risky. if you talk about the economics of things now with the way things have been on the markets and the ways the numbers and the government change every couple of reports, the ground will shift under your feet as soon as you put out a policy. trump arguably is pretty cagey as a politician by talking about sort of half expressed very emotional rhetoric, and getting people to sort of all hone in on what he is trying to say but not literally saying in a journalistic sense or anything that causes to you say oh there is a campaign promise he is going to have a hard time keeping. he doesn't do that. >> very risky to put a policy proposal on paper right now. >> sure. because it's so early. however, the longer they wait, trump continues to wyden the gap between him and the rest of the field. i'm an athlete. still second quarter of the game. but we have got to change our game plan, don't we?
8:35 pm
>> well, not necessarily. i mean, if you look back over the history. candidates who had leads at this point which is just about the same time straw poll used to happen. everybody who won the straw poll with exception of george w. bush in 2000 didn't get the nomination. the people who were always sort of really hot right now, tend to run the rusk of either getting too hot in the sun and burning out. >> money thing for a lot of them? >>. no it's being sometimes too familiar with the early voters. don't forget that iowa and new hampshire and south carolina, they are con tanker russ bunch. iowa will vote for one person. new hampshire for the hell of it will vote for somebody else to keep it real. >> trump alluded to that at that speech that you were at that you spoke of earlier. he said i'm leading right now, but i want to win. so he is starting to think is this too early to be peaking. he may change his strategy. >> whether it's china killing us or why he thinks mexico is killing us. or what he would do about business inversions or this sort of thing.
8:36 pm
he draws on them and keeps it fresh by putting the pieces in different order and ad-libbing all the time. but, fundamentally, there is a political speech there that while it might be not so rich on details, people are eating it up with a shovel. >> karl, great stuff. thank you. straight ahead. sparks fly when o'reilly versus trump for specifics on his big immigration plan. be right back with that.
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thanks for staying with us tonight for this o'reilly factor special, election 2016. i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the factor flashback segment tonight, o'reilly and trump, no spin. >> now, i have a very specific question. i need a specific answer. we all know you want the wall. we all know you want mexico to pay for it. we all know that here is the scenario, okay? illegal immigrant mother and father living in los angeles. two children who are american citizens, born here. if you're president, do you order authorities to take that family into custody? >> we have no choice. i'm sorry, bill. we have to bring them out. and if they are wonderful people, which i'm sure they will be, and we have some wonderful people, we will
8:41 pm
bring them back in an expedited fashion. but we are a land of laws. we have borders. you said it, they are illegal immigrants. they are not supposed to be here. mexico won't take them. you know, mexico is the toughest there is, almost in the world, in terms of getting people to come in they can't come in. you can't become a citizen of mexico. they laugh at us. they can't believe the stupidity of the united states. we have no choice. and we will bring them back if they have done a good job. we bring them back. bill,. >> okay, wait, wait, wait. >> they have done a good job, we bring them back. >> i got the theory. all right. two american citizen kids, all right. you have got two illegal alien parents. they are living in a house, a little house in the east side of los angeles. all of a sudden ice agents show up all right. knock on the door and say you have to come with us. put them in a van, bring them to a detention center. >> you're willing to do
8:42 pm
that? >> bill, i don't want to do it. i i have a bigger heart than anybody running. would he have a country totally out of control. we have no laws anymore. we have no order. we don't even know how many people are in here illegally. we have to get a process started. and, if you remember. >> isn't there a better way than that kind of a confrontation? >> bill, let me just tell you something i are asking me about illegal immigration. if it weren't for me, this whole session, all of these people that you are interviewing every night, they wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration. >> all right. no doubt about it no doubt about it. >> i took a lot of heat for it bill, i took a lot of heat for it, especially the first two weeks, and now everybody said you had kate, beautiful kate just killed by this person that's disgusting that came here five times. and probably was pushed over the border five times. we have no choice. you know, the gangs that you are talking about in baltimore and in chicago, and in ferguson and all this stuff, you know many of those gangs are illegal
8:43 pm
immigrants. they are tough dudes. if i'm elected they are going to be out of there day one. weaver going to get them the hell out of our country, they shouldn't be here in the first place. >> i don't mind that it's the other, the law abiding people with the american citizen kids. now, jeb bush, probably the one that's running closest to you in most of the polls. was on the southern border and said this: >> mr. trump's plans are not grounded in conservative principles. his proposal is unrealistic. cost hundreds of billions of dollars. it will violate civil liberties. create friction with our third largest trading partner that's not necessary and i think he is wrong about this. >> and you say? >> well, he talks about civil liberties. we have illegal people, people that came in illegally. you tell me about civil liberties. we have to get them out. some of these people are causing tremendous problems. all you have to do is look at the crime wave. number one, as far as mexico, being our third
8:44 pm
largest partner. they are making a fortune. we are not making anything. mexico is making a fortune because their leaders are smarter. they know what they are doing. our people are grossly incompel tent. nabisco is moving to florida. ford is building a massive automobile plant in mexico. they took a plant from tennessee, it's going into mexico. we are getting killed. so he can talk about -- look, jeb bush is a nice person. he doesn't have the energy or the capacity to make our country great again. i have been sailing this for a long time, bill. >> do you have any theory about why the chinese economy is collapsing? do you have any knowledge of it at all? >> because it's funny money. they devalue their currency constantly in order to take our jobs. frankly, they have done a pretty big number in europe, too. not as good as they have done to us. i said the other day, this is the greatest theft in the history of america. with the money that they have taken out. we have rebuilt china. but thought it's gotten
8:45 pm
nobody that knows how to handle china, believe me, we have all the cards. but, they have devalued to a point where they have wanted to take even more money out. they have a big fat beautiful balloon that are popping right now. >> very briefly, very briefly, say you are talking to somebody on the street and they go, mr. trump, i don't really understand what devalue the currency means. what does that mean. >> they cheapen their currency and making it very inexpensive. they will be able to make goods for far less than our goods. you know, we make great product. but it's impossible to compete when the product is so much more expensive. >> all right. so eventually when he are doing though leads to depression, bill. eventually. >> all right. they got a billion and a half people and they are flooding money into the provinces around, so the people don't starve because there is not enough
8:46 pm
legitimate business to support a billion and a half people. so, therefore,. >> bill, the problem is, they are taking the business from us. so, they don't want their people to starve. we all agree with that that's wonderful. but what they are doing is they want our people to suffer. they are taking our business away. they have taken our jobs away. >> you know, companies go over there voluntarily because the labor is cheaper. now the u.s. companies are being paid back with mope that's not worth as much money as they made. so they are getting hosed, aren't they? >> not only that. how about we owe them $1.4 trillion and those dollars become strong. the word strong dollars sounds good. there is some nice things about having a strong dollar and there are some bad things. the bad thing is we are not exporting anything we are going to be in big trouble. it's getting worse and worse. ultimately the balloon is going to pop and it's going to get very ugly. you are starting to he seat beginning of that. >> all right, donald.
8:47 pm
always interesting to talk with you. we appreciate your time very much tonight. >> up next, how big a factor is joe biden in hillary hillary clinton's quest for the white house? the o'reilly factor election 2016 special continues in a moment. lilly baker is preparing for college. she'll use that education to get a job. she'll use that job to buy a home. this is lilly baker. . .
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in the back of the bo in the back of the book segment tonight t biden factor as the will he or won't he game continues. there are new reports that the clinton campaign is trying to keep joe biden out of the presidential race. in a conference call with the dnc, biden himself still seems to be undecided. >> if i were to announce to run have to be able to commit to you that i would be able o give it my whole heart and my whole
8:51 pm
soul. right now both are pretty well banged up and we're trying to figure out that issue. >> joining us from charlottesville with analysis university of virginia political scientist larry sabado and james spindle. on top of the reports that hillary is trying to keep joe biden out, there are reports her campaign thinks it has an edge in getting delegates. what do you make of that? and is that part of the bigger strategy? >> well, they're clearly trying to keep him out. they don't want the insum bent vice president running against them because it means they'll have to devote time, attention and money and everything else to just beating joe biden. they'd rather put that on the general. but look, they do have an edge in delegates. democratsner love with the superdelegates. they can be 20% or so of the convention. clinton has been collecting them already. she's got 118 of the 232 democratic members of congress already pretty solidly behind
8:52 pm
her. they're all superdelegates. so they do have an edge. >> and so -- let me stay with you, larry. with this edge and she puts it out there that we have them, is that a signal to joe biden, don't even bother right now. i'm almost there. no since wasting you on your donor's money. >> hillary or the clinton campaign doesn't want to come down hard on biden. that would encourage him to get in. they're sending subtle signals, joe, look at this objectively. we're way ahead of you in money, we're way ahead of you in organization, we're way ahead of you in delegates. why would you want to go out this way? >> he met on weekend sat down with elizabeth warren and people knew about this. what's that all about? what's he telling the world? >> he's trying to methodically figure out if there's a path to
8:53 pm
actually run a legit mat candidacy for president. important to step back and recognize the moment we're in. yes, the joe biden decision is the last remaining question mark of the race in changing up who is running and who is not. that's the big question. but this is not 1991 when all the democrats are waiting around to see if mario cuomo would run for president. he was the liberal dream and the democrat who polls said had the best chance of beating the republican incumbent president. that's not what's happening right now. joe biden is your college safety school. if the first option doesn't work out, he'll be just fine. but if you look at all the polling, there isn't a single state where he's in the lead. in fact -- >> yeah, but he hasn't even announced. i can't imagine how he's going to -- let's do it this way. i'll stay with you, james. what's better for hillary clinton -- there are people who say hillary clinton needs a
8:54 pm
credible candidate to compete against o to make her a better candidate. or is that all nonsense, it will just waste money? >> surely she'll be a better candidate if she's significantly challenged. she doesn't want joe biden in this race. we wondered if he'd take from the anti-hillary vote or the hillary establishment. now we know. polling is pretty much that he's the candidate. an option with hillary if biden were to get in the race, democrats would now begin to wonder if they actually have a choice. >> very importantly along with this rhetoric going back and forth, where are the obamas, where is president obama as far as hillary clinton or biden? it sounds like he is encouraging a biden run. >> yeah. it's very interesting because i think people have thought that obama had resolved the matter at least internally and decided to,
8:55 pm
if not support hillary, to do what he could for her behind the scenes, but that wasn't the message that came out from the white house a few days ago. in fact, the suggestion was made that obama might even endorse at some point in the contest. well, that certainly encourages biden, it gives him hope. having said that, i thing the obama white house would be just as happy if biden didn't run. it really increases the pressure on obama and it potentially splits the democratic party in ways they don't want to see. >> but larry, for president obama with that grass roots -- you know, door-to-door organization that he had and probably still retains, that's a huge, huge plus for joe biden even though he hasn't done anything yet. that's a big jumping in point for him. >> well, it would be if obama could transfer it to biden, but i don't think that's possible. some of it, a good deal of it actually has already gone to hillary clinton. a lot of the staffers, the tools
8:56 pm
of the trade. what hasn't gone to hillary has mainly gone to bernie sanders. i don't think people are going to call up bernie and hillary and say, hey, joe biden's just dropped in. i've decided to end my association with your campaign. that's just not going to happen. >> james, one thought -- >> outside of delaware. >> one thought. joe biden versus donald trump for a general leaked. how interesting would that get? >> it would be amazing. the bernie sanders versus trump is what we're really watching. and who wins ohio? bernie sanders, versus larry trump, trump/biden? >> we'd have an instant book there, a book of gaffes. they'd each contribute about half the book. >> i can't imagine. we'd certainly have an abundance of material to work with. guys, thank you very much. great talking to both of you, larry and james, appreciate it. next up, the candidates get the late-night comedy treatment. that's moments away.
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before we go tonight, take a look at late-night host jimmy kimmel having fun with a political word association poll. >> this is interesting. they did a nationwide survey that found that when voters think of donald trump, the most common word that comes to mind is "arrogant." when the same voters think of hillary clinton, the most common word they use is "liar." and when they think of -- >> oh, the applause, get it, ouch. also please don't forget, now is a great time to become a premium member. when you sign up you get any of bill's books for free that includes his new book "killing reagan." so check out that's it for us tonight. he'll be back on monday. in the meantime, be sure to catch my show "cashing in" at
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11:30 a.m. eastern tomorrow here on fnc. please remember the spin stops here. we're looking out for you. three three courageous americans jumped a gunman who opened fire on a crowded train. word that american soldiers jumped into action to stop a potential mass shooting on a train. a gunman opened fire on a high-speed train traveling from amsterdam to paris. >> it look like an ak-47. it was jammed and wasn't working. he was trying to charge the weapon. and alex hit me on the shoulder and said, let's go. >> we know he'd been on the radar of intelligence services across europe. >> the gunman would have been successful if my friend spencer had not gotten up. >> he had a