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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  November 6, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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disaster. >> president obama admitting it may have been a bomb. the 244 people sent to their deaths. will car is live for us from los angeles with the latest on the story that continues to develop. >> he was behind this downed plane. it would be the worst terror attack against aviation since 9-11. u.s. intelligence cannot confirm exactly who or what is behind this tragedy but president obama won't rule out explosives. >> there is a possibility there was a bomb on board. we are taking that very seriously. >> tsa not taking any chances beefing up security anywhere around the world as millions of americans prepare to take flat for the holiday season. >> they are reviewing steps we can take bound for the united states from certain foreign
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airports. >> the doomed russian flight originated in sheikh. there is no evidence the bomb destroyed the plane. some experts say all signs point to terror. the timing, the flash, the kind of damage done really hard to believe what an islamist terrorist bomb. >> they intercepted isis extremists in the major terror attack in that region. it may have been planted on a plane in a hammer handing out candy in celebration of the plane crash and threatening russian president vladmir putin. this comes as british tourists are stuck in char mel shake.
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all luggage will be shipped separately they can only take a carry on. will carr thank you for that. we are hearing from a man who used to fight for isis. he is holdie may be holding the clues of what happened to what brought down the jet. could airport workers be involved? >> they have their own workers inside the aur port working. they have people at the checkpoint and passport control and people who used to ahandle the luggage. >> that man offering scary insight. he is a spy for the cia. he related this possible terror attack to others in the past adding they are capable of hitting us anywhere they want. police say the 18-year-old who stabbed people at a college was upset about being kicked out of a study group and decided to
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target fellow classmates and police. he used a hunting knife to stab four classmates but was carrying handcuffs petroleum jelly and duct tape. t he did not expect to meet such resistance. >> people fought back. that was his bad luck. >> we have brave students and a brave construction worker that stopped this from going on. >> there's know link to a terrorist group but on-line terrorist groups praised the attacks. >> al qaeda's violent u.s. troops around the world. ohio courts say the two sets of brothe brothe brothers -- in 2009 they travelled to yemen where they handed over 22,000 in cash to his associates.
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the two men have been taken into custody. the other two still on the lose. 3 minutes after the hour a man accused of stabbing hero spencer stone on attempted murder charges. james stran is accused of attacking the airman last month after he stood up for a woman. they are not died to terrorism. stone and two friends helped stop a gunman on board a train headed to paris over the summer. >> it is the elite eight. the frontrunners dr. ben carson and donald trump are center stage. governors chris christie and mike huckabee have been bumpd from the main stage and will take part in the happy hour debate as some call it. candidates lindsay graham and jim gilmore are out of the debate all together. this will comes after carson fends off attacks by cnn where
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they said stories of childhood redemption are not true. >> it is a smear campaign. i am not going to play that game with them. they can do it all they want. they are going to try to find anything that i have ever said and try to get me p on the defensive about it in order to distract away from the things that are important. trump taking ham. the carson story is total fab dags or true even worse trying to hit mother over the head with a hammer or stabbing friends. but carson is brushing off the critics releasing a new campaign ad featuring a presidential rap. ♪ i hope i am not the only one picking up the baton of freedom>> the debate will air on tuesday night. log on to for your local listings.
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>> possible tornado ripping the roof off of a building in dallas peeling the metal right off the city and flying into a parking lot damaging several cars a oo more storms are on the way and maria molina is tracking it for us. >> it is a strong cold front bringing in heavy rain. that will be continuing through out the day today. you can see heavy rain through ohio and tennessee and down into parts of eastern texas. you are going to have a tough time. the other concern with the frontal system as it continues to push eastward is we have potential for severe weather.
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northern louisiana through mississippi and tennessee. heads up in the city of nashville. you have the potential for additional severe weather. a very sharp contrast in temperatures around the frontal boundary. you can see ahead of it it is very warm. it is in november. it is 66 degrees in new york city. 65 in cleveland. behind it feeling like winter and fall. 33 in albuquerque. you can see the forecast high temperatures mild across the eastern u.s. the cooler air moves eastward. you are going to be feeling the cooler air heading into this saturday and sunday. enjoy the warmth one more day>> heather and anna over to you. >> we have a surprise for you
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that's the message from quinton tarantino to the fraternal order of police. not giving any details but the surprise is in the works it would be in addition to the boycott of tarantintarantino's . this is in response to him calling police murderers in a brutality rally last month. it brings us to our look who is talking david clark now challenging tarantino to show his support of cops killed in the line of duty. >>ly make you a deal you take the proceed the profits from your next movie donate them to the concerns of police survivors or national law enforcement memorial wall in washington, d.c. maybe nypd for survivors of the people killed in the line of dutily help call off the dogs on this proposed boycott. >> the time is 5:08.
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a popular stocking stuff burned a boy's eye. >> daredevil flying along side an air bus. ♪ >> the health benefits behind putting your kids to bed early. >> donald trump is in the building getting ready to host "saturday night live". a lot of anti trump protestors outside the building or as trump put it those people have been lining up for days to see me. they love me. they love me up around the block. thousands of people.
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>> a teenager helps crack his own kidnapping. 13 years ago julienne hernandez was taken from his mother and never knew it until now. he figured it out on his own. >> his mother missed 13 birthdays. julienne hernandez never knew any one was looking for him. julienne hernandez's father bobby was supposed to drop him off at his alabama preschool but
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never did. officers and family members spent years searching got hundreds of leads but got nothing until he realized the social security number he was using on his college applications was false. that is when he went to the guidance counselor for help. the counselor found out he was missing and they did an aged processed photo of what he would look like now. they helped find the teenager and arrest his dad in cleveland where the two had been living under different names. bobby hernandez was a good family man and they are stunned to find out he kidnapped his own son. >> how could a neighbor like that be a kidnaper. you expect that from your neighbor. >> i am shocked. no clue whatsoever. >> bobby hernandez's torn says his client took excellent care of his son. >> he was a good father the whole time.
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his father did everything he could to support his son, educate him. >> hernandez is being held on a records tampering charge but more charges are expected. julienne's mother whose name has not been released says she has been in touch with her son since learning he's safe. what happens next in part will be up to julienne. >> he's 18 he's an adult so it is up to him now to decide whether he wants to come back. we can't go get him and bring him back. >> it is unclear if and when julien julianne and his mother will reunite. she is okglad he's okay after a of these years. >> a quarter past the hour. a warning for stocking stuffs beware of laser pointers because this x-ray was taken after a boy burned both of his retinas by quickly shining a laser pin in his eye. the burns caused ir reversible eye sight damage we are told. doctors surging parents to supervise children saying laser
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pointers and pens are not toys. a health warning for pregnant woman. new research shows nearly half of pregnant mothers in the united states where gaining too much weight while kaur reing their child. it poses dangers during delivery. it increases childhood obesity. you should again 25-35 pounds while pregnant and exercise lightly at least 2 and a half hours a week to combat excess weight gain. >> putting your bed to early can help improve sanity. ♪ >> stewed de shows kids who fall asleep before 8:30 are not only healthier their parents have better mental health, too. bedtime is more important than the number of hours actually
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spent sleeping. >> going vurl this friday morning. emu excitement in tucson, arizona after four of the large birds wandered off from their backyard. the owner says they were let out to roam freely and must have been spooked all four back in their pens. this happening not far from the infamous llama drama in february when two llamas ran around phoenix for a few hours before being caught. >> don't mess with this 9-year-old. ♪ >> no way. the girl from ireland wows the crowd with her samurai sword as the world kick boxing championship. she is appeared on britain's got talent. >> amazing. >> you know the song "hello" is
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all of the rage right now. >> a little boy has a response to the singer. >> hel♪ hello >> hi. >> the heart rate ballad doesn't break up the blews. >> coming home i always say helloment >> a woman and her baby inside when two intruder the break in. how a legal gun saved both their lives. >> you want to buy a tablet for christmas? you getter do it now. the best gift to get before the black friday list. introducing metris, the mid-size van from mercedes-benz.
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jeb bushwe have to beave to be tthe world's leader.n. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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her daughter was in school and husband at work two intruders broke into 21-year-old samantha buntz's home and shot her twice we are told. she was able to take her 4 month old son up stairs to the bedroom and got her husband's pistol which he legally owned and exchanged fire with the intruders forcing them to leave. she is a member of the national guard army reserve. the intruders have not been caught. >> baffling investigators in california. the fbi violent crimes task force helping them identify this
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man who they say is responsible for three bank robberies in the san diego area over the past few months and most recently monday. each time the so-called bandit he quietly handed a demand note to the teller took the money and walked away. heather? >> you remember this douglas hughes the former mailman who landed a gyro copper right outside of the u.s. capital back in april he is expected to plead guilty later this month. he faces six felony counts and three years in prison for flying through some of america's most restricted airspace invading all secret security. he planned to deliver letters to congress bushing for campaign finances reform. >> this looks like something out of an action movie but it is real. using custom made jet backs flying beside the largest passenger lane. the daredevils hitting speeds of 120 miles per hour 4,000 feet above due by.
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they spent three months evaluating every aspect of the flight and either practiced with simulators one of the jet patterns compared he and his partners to two mosquitos flying with an eagle. >> fox business alert. beware before you hit the road ways your air bag may not be working. sha cheryl casone with what you need to know about the recall. >> it covers 126,000 vehicles beau due to air bags malfunctioning. the inflation of air bags made them discover the flaw. models of 2008 and 2010 are included. they are giving out vouchers to unhappy customers for things like late baggage even customers willing to move seats as part of the focus on customer service. it is worth anywhere from
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15-2500 dollars depending on frequent flyer status. >> a class action lawsuit over expired vouchers between 2008 and 2011. the companies have to pay $8.5 million to settle with the attorneys. the web site check it out if you think you are a part of it groupon they have new invest tees. twister, the super soaker, rubix cube, little green army men. some that are making it into the big hall of fame. back to you. always nice to have cheryl with us. 25 after the top of the hour. more drama for the department of veteran's affairs. the hospital staff caught on camera playing a game instead of taking care of vets during working hours. >> international relations, the t-shirt showing up on the streets of russia. >> first on this day in history
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back in 1860 i be a hamlin con was elected 16th president of the united states. >> and in 1995 mark messier scored his 500th nhl goal. wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife. ♪
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♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪
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>> aur ports around the world stepping up security amid growing evidence a bomb took down that russian passenger plane over egypt. >> 8 is enough. the gop candidates making the cut for the main stage and a new frud brewing between the frontrunners. >> this issue causing a huge fire. why bed bugs are to blame for an entire apartment complex going up in flames.
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♪ >> let's make it a good day. i am anna kooiman in for ainsley. it is half past the top of the hour. the tabling is set. >> a brand new feud is brewing between the frontrunners. garrett tenney is life. good morning. >> they will have a little morrell bow room. those who received 2 and a half or higher 8 made the cut. donald trump, ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush, carly
2:31 am
fiorina, john kasich and rand paul will be on the prime time debate stage. mike huckabee, chris christie, and jindal and santorum will be on the second debate. he's stepping up his attacks on the former newurosurgeon who ar questioning the details of carson's life story. he tweeted: >> ben carson de fiended hims f himself. >> those claims are true. i am 100 percent sure they are true. this is simply an attempt to smear and deflect the argument
2:32 am
to something else. something we have seen many, many times before. >> ben carson was found to be the most honest trust worthy candidate between democrats and republicans. he released a rap ad to reach more voters. ♪ want to get america back on track we have to bump ben carson. >> i am ben carson and i approve this message. >> he is going to need some of the secret service protection that he and donald trump now have if he keeps up per form man'ses like that. >> thank you so much. live from washington, d.c. you can watch the next gop debate on the fox business network next tuesday the first debate is 7:00 p.m. eastern the triem time debate starts at 9:00 p.m. check out for your local listing.
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>> to fox news alert. airport anxiety. working to support airports around the worlds president obama admits a bobb may have sent that russian jet plunging to its doom. will car is live with the breaking developments. good morning. investigation into the doomed russian airline continues all signs seem to point to a terrorist attack. now president obama is weighing in on the tragedy for the very first time. >> i think there is a possibility there is a bomb on board. we are taking that very seriously. millions of americans prepare to take flight for the obaholiday season. >> we are enhancing security
2:34 am
from certain countries. >> no are able to fly from sharmel sheikh. some experts say all signs point to terror. >> the target, the timing, the flash, the kind of reverb brent damage done elsheikh >> they had messages from isis extremists from a major terror tack aak in the region. the bomb may have been put on the plane by a bag anl hagage h. militants were handing out candy in celebration of the plane crash and threatening russian president vladmir putin. hundreds are stranded in sharm
2:35 am
el-s sheikh. >> well carr life for us this morning. as investigators work to determine if in fact a bomb was on board fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano says the consequences will be felt all across the globe. >> this is hoe tensionally devastating for the iron man. if you cut it in half the economy in egypt will collapse. putin's problems are far more serious. he knows isis can go from afghanistan to russia and back unmolested by russian p trues. he is getting less money on the sale of oil and gas and spending money on military. that is also going to bring him economic problems. i think the government already knows it is a bomb. i think they want to bring it to us because the definitive determination that it is a bomb
2:36 am
will be devastating and politically will change a lot of things. >> this comes on the heels of two fox news polls on foreign policy. the majority of americans 54 percent approve president obama sending u.s. troops to syria. 49 percent approve of the president delaying the withdrawal of troops in afghanistan. >> new details about a man to attacked his classmates with a hunting knife before being gunned down by police. 18-year-old fisal mohammed had much bigger plans. he was upset about being kicked out of a study group. his backpack contained handcuffs petroleum jelly and duct tape four people were stabbed including a heroic construction worker who came to the student's aids. he hasn't been linked to any terrorist organization but on-line extremist groups praised the attacks.
2:37 am
>> the business grayingsed police officer tried to make a hit. he contacted a motorcycle gang because he peered the administrator would expose him for stealing thousands of dollars from a police department youth program. gliniewicz sent incriminating text messages to his wife and one of the four sons warning they were at risk of going to jail and needed to hide the money. >> closing arguments begin today in the trial of a gangster accused in the heist that inspired the movie "good fellas. >> if we wanted something you just took it. didn't even think about it. it was better than citibank. >> 80-year-old vincent estero pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges. he was arrested when a cousin said he helped plan the 1978 airlines heist that netted $6 million in cash and jewels. the defense claims the cousin framed him to claim lenience
2:38 am
see. >> cheney responding to former president hw bush after he publically criticized her dad in the new biography. calling former dick cheney a quote iron ass, i apologize if that offends any one. he was too harsh after the september 11th attack. cheney's daughter says he had to be in order to keep the nation safe. >> the charge is that in fact he became more of a hawk, more of an iron ass after 9-11 then it is true. he did. he is guilty as charged. most americans would say that's exactly what we needed. >> bush's biography hits stores on tuesday but you can check out destiny and power the private diaries of george herbert walker bush airing at 10:00 p.m. eastern. it will be a rainy weekend ahead for much of the country.
2:39 am
we are going to get to maria molina tracking our forecast. >> hello everybody at home. we are tracking a big cold front that will be bringing in a lot of rain across several areas of the country. right now it is bringing it across ohio, kentucky, tennessee and all of the way down to parts of stexas. this is a system responsible for flash flooding and severe storms across parts of the southern plains yesterday now quickly racing eastward. across places like new york city and down into parts of the southeast you are going to be noticing low visibility. there will be foggy conditions out there. take it easy on the roadways. there will also be light showers ahead of the system scattered about. you can see the severe weather is also a concern from tennessee down into northern parts of louisiana. we have concerns for damaging winds and isolated tornadoes through out the day today. that will be something to watch closely for and be sure you have a way to get the warnings across the area. we have been mild over the last couple of days across the eastern u.s. that forecast will continue
2:40 am
through out the day today. you are already warm. 66 in new york city. also in rally. behind that system much cooler air already in place across the rockies with temperatures only3. eventually some of that cooler air is going to make it into the midwest today and into the east coast as we head into the weekend. let's head over to you heather and anna. >> enjoy it while we can. thank you so much. >> the time is now 40 minutes after the top of the hour. dancing drama the shocking scene the crocodile hunter's daughter has to prove before she gets paid for "dancing with the stars." >> how swallowing a single pill could help you lose weight. the magic bullet. >> president obama's pc plan to rename teenagers in the court system.
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>> va workers caught on video playing hungry hungry hippos on the tax payer's dime. >> interesting. >> this hatching all during work hours. employees played the game where one worker scrambled to collect balls as another pushes him around on the gym on skate board. this blog said it happened the day before halloween and there was a costume contest that very same day. immigrant activists group unite rights outlining 10 demands
2:45 am
among them citizenship, healthcare and birth certificates. the group wants politicians to back the bill and should be the framework for every am grayings and border decision going forward. >> a balloon could be the key to weight loss. they came up with a new nonsurgical procedure where patients swallow a deflate baud loon they pifill it with water making it harder to over eat. in a clinical trial patients lost an average of 22 pounds over four months ch it is expected to take several years for the fda to approve this so-called balloon in a pill and will likely cost between 6 and $1,200. >> time for your 5 at 5:00. here are the deals we can only get before black friday, right? >> before black friday. it may be 21 days until black friday but the folks at money
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watch and ben's bargains point out there are deals now on popular gifts and if it is currently 35 to 40 percent off of regular retail price ben's bargain's editing manager says grab it now. things like tablets. they are selling the i tablet with a discount. usually will cost you $500. ben's bargain says discounts on xbox and sony play station 4 with game bundles will continue and get cheaper. they will improve through cyber monday. smart watches are on sale. 30 millimeter smart watch costs $150 that's down from the usual $200 price tag. wal-mart and amazon offering discount on toys. toys r' us are offering rebates on star wars for $50 usually
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costs 100. laptops are selling idea pad 500 for $799. that's 20 percent off the usual 1,150 dollar price tag. wal-mart is selling the black fire at a 24 percent discount. i feel like the reincarnation of crazy eddy. these prices are insane. >> to fiend the fox business network log on to >> 47 minutes after the pour on a friday morning. two taste holy spirit halloweens outfits of columbine. what could happen to the teens who wore the costumes. we are headed over to steve doocy to see what's coming up on the big show "fox & friends". >> tgif, thank goodness it is fox. coming up on "fox & friends" senator and presidential candidate marco rubio is going to join us live from the
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campaign trail. it is friday. you know what that means? geraldo will pluncome down on t couch. he will talk to everybody and get their blood pressure up. linds franklin graham's father billy graham is celebrating his 97th birthday tomorrow. with a brand new and find book. he will be here as well. skip gad dell to catch a contractor how to winterize your house. kevin mccarthy just gotten gauge. did you know his feiancee revies movies, too? they are reviewing a james bond movie. i am double o dos see. ♪ welcome to the most social car we've ever designed.
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welcome back to fox and friend. to sophomores at a connecticut college facing expulsion. they showed up dressed as dylan klebold and derrick harris. they were arrested for making threats to other kids at the party. officials at litschfield high school got wind of it and considering suspending them. they're facing several misdemeanors. president obama wants to stare away from the term juvenile delinquents and use justice involved youth. this comes as there's a $7 million amount to help children with legal services and housing. darly fiorina coming face to face with the host who slammed her appearance. she will visit the view today days after the insults about how
2:53 am
she looks. >> she said people tell me that i didn't smile enough during the last debate. she looked demented. it was like -- >> halloween max. >> fiorina says she's looking forward to the interview. i know the difference between an observation and insult. i hope tomorrow on the view we can have a really civil conversation about the issues and why we differ. it will be interesting. a spokesperson says they tried to push the appearance until after next week's debate as well. listen to this. bind i irwin wam pd in legal red tape after her "dancing with the stars" contract was rejected for a painful reason. >> ♪ >> los angeles county judge needs proof that the 17-year-old's father, legendary crocodile hunter, steve irwin,
2:54 am
is in fact dead. they say it's a legality that will show he is not trying to claim any cash she makes on the show. steve irwin did die in 2006. well are tv viewing habits maki making watching the word of the year. it means watching several tv episodes back-to-back. other top words making the list. transgender and dad bod for an untoned man who is still attractive. ghosting. ending a relationship by ignoring all texts and calls. airports on alert. the new security measures as more intelligence report toss terror taking down that plane. a huge fire. request why bed rugs are to blame for an apartment complex going up in flames.
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two minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. the department of homeland security working to increase security at airports around the globe in the wake of the russian plane disaster. the growing evidence a bomb took
2:59 am
that plane down. james tran accused of attacking the airmen outside a sacramento club. astronauts will take another walk through space. the 6.5-hour excursion will make repairs on the international space station. the good, the bad and the ugly. >> a seattle garbage man hailed a hero after finding lost checks. it was from a recent fundraiser to pay for school and art supplies. up next, the bad. a woman covers her floor in alcohol and cranks up the heat. it accidentally sparked a massive fire. the reason? to kill bedbugs. she didn't know the fumes were flammable. the ugly. putin kicking president obama's face in -- it was captioned our answers to sanctions.
3:00 am
the stage is set for the gop debate next week. governor chris christie and mike huckabee not making the stage. what do you think of the lineup? log in at ksh #keep talking. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye everybody. good morning to you. it is friday, november 6th, 2015. we've just announced the lineup for the next debate. two big names did not make the cut. who are they? and what are they saying about it this morning? as ben carson gains front-runner status, attacks from the left ramp up. questioning his credibility. and this morning, ben has got a message for america. >> i would say to the people of america, do you think i'm a pathological liar like cnn does or do you think i'm a


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