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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 12, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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treatment options at appointments available now. >> we'll see you right back here in just an hour. >> "outnumbered" started right >> "outnumbered" started right ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. with us andrea tantaros. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. also from fbn. elizabeth macdonald, or emac. #oneluckyguy we're glad to have back, former senator from massachusetts, fox news contributor senator scott brown, outnumbered today. good to see you. >> once again i love it. good to be here. harris: on a friday eve. i like to say. andrea: now we're talking. harris: we'll roll on to the news now. a major military offensive are underway against the savages of islamic state.
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brand new video from the battlefield those are kurdish forces. recapturing a town where isis committed atrocities, against a an sent religious minority. that prompted u.s. to begin a campaign against the terror army. kurdish forces are in a section of control of the highway there, a key route which cuts into isis's most important supply lines. here's now a fox news military analyst, captain chuck nash on the significant of sinjar. >> the effect it cuts the main supply road which is highway 47, from raqqa, which is the self-professed capital of the caliphate, to mosul which is iraq's second largest city. so you cut that main supply line, that highway, from syria
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to mosul, iraq. harris: the details of this are really impressive. 7500 peshmerga, said to have now put up a corridor around three sides of the town, to protect that city from any incoming as they take it away from isis. >> so it's about time. bottom line is, they have, the kurds have wanted to basically go and kick some butt for a long time. and the president hasn't given them appropriate tools. no one else will do it. we have the ability to provide resources and tools for the job. i'm glad it is working. what we're find something fits and starts, fits sand starts. there is no clear policy. what is the goal? the president chose not to leave transition reactionary force. we left, the void, status of forces agreement. no, it wasn't. we had ability to do it. the president wanted to get out t was campaign promise. void was left. al qaeda in iraq and there,
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decimated, isis size of new england, taking all the gear and everything we leave behind, using money, oil fields. basically this is what we have. i'm glad and excited they're finally pushing back and the united states is finally helping in a constructive way, with all respect it should have been done a long, long time ago. lives would have been saved. i could go on forever. i don't want to take all the time. harris: thousands of them. what tipped this off, elizabeth. all of them had gone up to the top of mountains in that area. rescue missions by kurdish forces had to be engaged to get them down. that is how we got into this fight. >> that's right. a little over a year ago. this is when the world really became saw, with full force right in their faces evil of isis and how truly demonic they are. and the slaughter of men, women and children and in the most horrific of ways and now reports indicate we have isis rebels trying to call into syria to get backup forces because of the onslaughts from this bombing. harris: what they were trying to
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do with the supply routes was to keep them out of raqqa, their strong hold in syria. that makes a lot of sense logistically, but as the senator has said, you knew about that a year ago. that is not breaking news that they're trying to use supplies in and out of raqqa. >> of course not. i served 35 years in the military, on armed service, understand the issues. cut off supplies or head, they don't have the ability to fight back. tough cut the supply train. i'm glad they made this strategic obviously decision to move forward. don't forget about the jordanian pilot. that brought jordan in. we could go on and on of atrocities of these islamic terrorists, isis. the president doesn't recognize it. that is the problem. hillary clinton quite frankly will be an extension of that. >> andrea: you know what they recognized? joe biden, recognized a year ago, iraq would be greatest success administration. he said those words, senator, when you were in the senate on
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armed services committee, getting intel. you bring up a great point. he politically checked the box to get out of his base. now i believe he is checking a box because this has gotten out of control. what changed? >> what changed, we have isis the size of new england. not only exporting terrorism in that region now. there is the potential they were involved in the airliner with russia. andrea: why the greatest success story an now? >> because don't have a plan, you don't have a plan. what's the goal? what's the goal? how do you execute that plan to get to the goal? listen, joe biden is joe biden. they checked the box. the rhetoric. it is out of control. here is the thing that really bothers me, they're sending 50 people, 50 people in there, special forces people. really? i would hate to be one of those 50. god bless them. they're the best in the world. without real logistical support, if we will do this, do it every and get it over with. sorry. harris: we'll see if this turns out to be true.
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but there are reports out there, the white house administration using genocide, using that word, and we know they have not used that word. that is not my own reporting. i'm curious to see how that shapes out. >> that would be amazing step. they avoided that. that is clearly it is what it is. we were talking before the show the video exterminateing small children, christians if that video is real, it is about genocide. this is golden opportunity. this is main supply line. this is how isis refuels and get food through this thruway. if they block it is a big opportunity. i worry we don't get in there to back it up properly. that we don't stay on it. this is crucial turning point. it could be. andrea: what city is next? is it baghdad? we're seeing ripple effect from the protests from the university of missouri that forced the
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school's president and chancellor to resign. activists at yale, ithaca, activities have nationwide are following in mizzou's footsteps. we predicted this would happen. thousands of students in ithaca in upstate new york, holding a walkout say demanding their school's president resign. they say he hasn't done enough to address racial tension on campus. >> these students have something real to say, myself included. he needs to leave the college as soon as possible. >> he is not willing to listen to the students of color. making small steps to seem like he is addressing issue but he is dying bear minimum. andrea: at mizzou, they are not accepting a resignation of a professor. refused to can sell exam despite controversy on campus. presidential candidate, ben carson, yale alum, what we're seeing on college campuses
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is becoming a very dangerous trend. >> we're seeing a little bit too tolerant i guess you might say, accepting infantile behavior. i don't care which side it comes from. to say that i have the right to violate your civil rights because you're offending me, is un-american. it is unconstitutional. and the officials at these places must recognize that and have the moral courage to stand up to it. andrea: this has changed, harris, from what was a security and safety concern on these campuses to now racism and issue of the first amendment. you've been saying that all week. harris: but has it changed those original concerns though? because i said all week as well, they're not looked at right now. andrea: that's right. harris: whatever those original incident were, and investigations into what made people feel unsafe, this is what we're focused on right now. what are we teaching these young people about conflict
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resolution? the school is supposed to be a petri dish for the rest of life. you will face racism, all sorts of isms along the way. it could be on a job. what are we teaching young people about resolving problems when they come up, when they count on everybody they disagree with being fired. that is not reality there, and it is not out here off that campus either. they're about to see. but the original problems, those original incidents, i hope the investigations are still going on. oh, by the way, you asked this too, when are they learning? andrea: when are they actually studying. this professor, melissa, look, i'm holding the exam. you should show up. they did investigate, one of the threats came from another campus. online threat. we don't want to downplay threats on campus. here is what the professor said. this is dale brigham. i will be there. there will be exam administered into our class. if you give into bullies they win. only way bullies are defeated
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standing you up to them. if we can sell the exam, they win. if they go through wit, they win and we lose. i know which side i'm on. students called for resignation. here you go, not dealing with anymore. school won't accept it. >> anyone that stands up. everyone's resignation is being demanded. clermont college in california this, is california but this is actually inland empire's orange county. this is conservative community. their junior class president was forced to resign on tuesday because she post ad facebook photograph where on halloween she posed with two other people who were wearing sombrero, sombrero, moustache and poncho. they said that was racist. she posed with those girls. she needed to resign from post as junior class president and she did. it is ridiculous. somebody does something even slightly, that you find offensive in some way you can demand immediately they must give up and go away.
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>> this started about solidarity over basically attacks on a african-americans. that's understandable. but it is expanding and spreading. we have vanderbilt university professor of political science who wrote a column, a blog or whatever, about, about "charlie hebdo" attacks said, when are we going to say islamic terrorism is a problem and call it what it is? i think college campuses are supposed to be, the marketplace, as you said of free ideas. it is intellectual vitality of our entire society starts in college campuses. you have to have freedom of expression and freedom of ideas. should be as vital as oxygen. andrea: senator, seeing opposite of that. it is suppression of speech. jonah goldberg, i want to read you what he wrote. this is theme what is going on. this is not just at universities we mentioned. goldberg writes we're raising millions of kids to be smart and kind also fragile. what happens when large numbers of these delicate little flowers are sent free to navigate
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through life? they feel unsafe and demand safe spaces. they feel threatened by uncomfortable ideas and demand trigger warnings. they might even want written rules or contacts to help them negotiate sexual relations. comedians like chris rock and others will stop performing at college campuses. one professor this spring, on the couch, i'm a liberal professor and my liberal students terrify me. >> bottom line is we need to be more tolerant and have to have sense of humor. i was not allowed on st. louis universities, notice theme, there, missouri. what the students are doing, better get your rear end back in the class or come home. >> did they tell you why you didn't want you on campus. >> apparently i'm too radical. harris: you senator? >> yes. president and everything. it was laughable. laughable. that being said, i know ithaca. my daughter lives in that region. yale ultraliberal universities. now what happened with one, almost got to keep up with the
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jones a little bit. you go to go forward to make a point. you have to be strong. god bless the professor, said we have a test. they win, we lose. whole nine yards. i love that. and, times have changed. maybe -- andrea: only hurts students. they're not getting education. >> get back to class. harris: there are problems on those campuses. is anybody focused on actual problems? >> if there are problems, let them address, investigate it. someone does something that is wrong, go to jail. andrea: they want diversity, not diversity of thought. >> because we don't agree with you, don't demonize us. we all have rights. everybody. andrea: carly fiorina speaking out for the first time since hillary clinton's controversial response to a supporter who said he wanted to strangle the gop candidate. wait until you hear who she is blaming. we're less than three months away from iowa caucuses but the republican field holding steady at 15 candidates. what will it take to thin the
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crowded contest down. right after the show it gets really wild. you have to watch "outnumbered overtime." even louder. click the over time tab. tweet us your questions and comments. tell us what topic your fired up on this thursday. ♪
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♪ >> on tv i want to reach through and strangle her. [laughing] you know, i know that doesn't sound very nice. >> i wouldn't mess with you, [laughter] melissa: there you go. republican presidential candidate carly fiorina speaking out for first time when hillary clinton came under fire forng at a supporter wanted to strangle the former hewlett-packard ceo. here is fiorina on "the o'reilly factor." >> i don't take umbrage with him. don't even take umbrage with mrs. clinton. i take umbrage with the clear double-standard exists in media. if this happened with conservative canned today, the liberal media would be all over him for him to apologize. melissa: damn media, it is
9:19 am
always our fault. let me start with you, senator. this is new hampshire. >> yeah. melissa: what do you think about this? you've been out on the campaign trail. how would you have responded? in a crowd of supporters, do you want to correct and cut down your own supporters? >> happened to me. melissa: where -- >> obama is muslim, not a birther, he is good family man. you have to correct them. she is absolutely right. carly, is absolutely right, if that happened other way around it would have been all hell breaking loose and the fact she didn't say, sir, with respect, i understand what you're saying. i get a little frustrated with her, but she is presidential candidate. she is running for president. the fact you want to vang gel her is really inappropriate. thank you for your question, next. melissa: emac, what do you think of carly's spin on this one? kind of gave them a pass. gave hillary a pass. she said the media, it is kind of always our fault. everything is our fault. we're an easy target.
9:20 am
>> your fault. >> mine in particular. >> i think she is right. it is unseemly what this gentleman said. you know, i just think it also speaks to the footnote you could have given lear, was, that if we're about being, breaking partisan gridlock, and that is what hillary clinton sort of campaigning on, she will do deals in the congress but still attacking republicans in such a low-handed manner or accepting attacks like that, i know you get tired on the campaign trail you let things fly and let things pass, this is about a man choking a woman. this is way out of line. melissa: dare we ask, are we being sensitive? someone was laid off by the company. not like he would stab or shoot her. that is one of those phrases i would like to strangle you. harris: particularly upset because somebody laid off. >> ding, ding, ding. danger. harris: holding people accountable and how carly fiorina handled it, one of the things gets her point with
9:21 am
people, she doesn't play victim. she accepts she is in the arena. i'm not surprised she wouldn't look to deflect but take air out of balloon, it wasn't right. she said many times. she is not looking for apology. said that to the women of "the view." she has been attacked before. this isn't her first rodeo. what people said they like about her, she can be strong she doesn't have to play the victim. melissa: they love to seize the opportunity. she was on "the o'reilly factor" responding to it. andrea: that is conflict going on behind the scenes. carly fiorina is not a whiner. not a professional victim like hillary clinton. she knows, isn't it weird, an employee fired from hp happens to be in the audience of hillary's event. isn't that odd how that happens? harris: ask a question. andrea: what is happening carly fiorina knows, make this is issue she will get earned media on it which is tempting. she doesn't want to look like a victim. she knows there is double-standard.
9:22 am
i applaud her for coming out. sometimes you reach a appointment, my inclination is ignore this and i'm not a victim or whiner and complainer. sometimes you get up and say i will stick it right into her face. hillary is not a girl's girl. she is a gutter girl. time someone called her out on it. fair is fair. harris: media is easy target. wasn't like they called anybody by name. melissa: that's a great point what that man was doing there though, because that is new hampshire. hp obviously they have offices everywhere but this was a southern california, northern california-based company. there he was in new hampshire. harris: there are no coincidences in politics. >> all of her events are very scripted. they have to check i.d.s. she frisks the secretary of state. they frisk the secretary of state when they went in to file papers. >> american capitalisms are so greedy, 60% of the u.s. householding get more in way of government benefits than pay to the system in taxes.
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that is non-partisan cbo. melissa: there you go. with the fourth gop debate in rear view mirror you would think the crowded field would be thinning. instead it is holding strong at 15. we'll discuss. ering wine ering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. jeb bush: leadership means it's not about yappin'.. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working. 1.3 million new jobs were created. we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty.
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can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. ♪ andrea: we begin with the republicans crowded house in a campaign season that began with 17, count them, 17 candidates. only two have dropped out thus far, this as lindsey graham, ted cruz, rings santorum filing in the first primary state, new hampshire, joining six republican contenders who already filed in the granite state. in the most recent "fox news poll," five of the candidates are getting fewer than 1%. that is why you didn't see them on the debate stage. here it is. some political, wait. we're looking at full screen. put that back up. let's take a look at those candidates. look at these names, they're
9:28 am
barely getting 1%. and they're still in this race. some political watchers say they're standing by, as "the washington post" dan paul puts it there is no huge standout from the latest debate. candidates at the bottom are sticking around to see how things are shaking out. okay, senator, 15, some of which didn't even make it to the stage, just sitting home on couches shouting answers at their tv the fox debate was on, should they stay in this thing? >> first it will be dramatically different after new hampshire, 87 days, first-in-the-nation primary. they're waiting in there as jeb bush is hanging back and others. looking at gilmore and pataki, et cetera, yeah i would suggest they get out. we need to get better idea what is happening. they're not even polling. they're negative numbers. andrea: weed ha the full screen up. put that up. i don't have eric bolling's telestrator, but i wish i did
9:29 am
have bolling's telestrator, i would take a pen and put x over lindsey graham's face and put one over george pataki's face and john kasich. thoughts if. harris: that would not be very nice. at this point in the 2011, newt gingrich in first place, mitt romney in second place and herman cain was in third place. a lot can happen between now and new hampshire. i'm surprised you say new hampshire though and i will tell you why. a lot of money has to be saved if not raised between now and then. you have got to get through this christmas season. >> in new hampshire it is different. someone like lindsey graham, can stay at people's houses. don't take a lot of money to go meet people, three or four times, a tank of gas. that's it. same with lot of candidates. spoken to them. that's their plan. they will hang in there until new hampshire. andrea: why, emac? there is no chance lindsey graham is going to win. you pointed out during the break an interesting piece in
9:30 am
"wall street journal" maybe saying none of these guys will get in. >> dan henninger is pretty prescient. we, republicans, shouldn't say we, heading to brokered convention in july. he says essentially polls are showing, they are just voter sentiment right now. if you can't hold above 30. that is your core. you have your base. trump has his base. none of them yet built toward the critical 40% or above threshold to even win in the general election. you know, just as an addendum here. the fact that we're seeing this happening right now, the race has been roiled like we've never seen before, according to a number of political analysts. >> won't see the change until numbers dwindle down. melissa: that is really interesting. there is something to be said for not giving up. like you said, spending the night at someone's house, driving around, meeting people. you've many could this far, put too much into it, why bow out when there are so many other people around your area who have
9:31 am
almost no support too? why should i drop out? i should hang in there. hair remembers and i were watching debate together, online, gosh there is a lot of people in there. for the viewer, for people trying to listen -- harris: it is a lot of information. a very substantive debate. i have a question for you, senator. you've been in a number, more than a dozen races. have you ever quit? >> no. harris: why not? >> like you were saying i wanted to get at least to the starting line, ultimately -- i would never run if i didn't think i had a good chance. i was so committed to running. that is what i love about the candidates, each and everyone believe they can do better than hillary and bernie sanders and this president. they feel they have a different direction to bring us back from the precipice. i commend them for that, number one. there fiscal reality or actual reality your message is not working. harris: when do you know? >> i would know if i'm running by new hampshire. why would you quit when it is right there?
9:32 am
you've been there battles as you said. andrea: is it confidence or delusion? a lot look at john mccain. they see what happened with john mccain. a lot of these candidates imploded. mccain was the last man standing. maybe they're hoping -- >> mccain was down 41 point when i first started running for united states senate. that was in massachusetts. ultimately winning by five points. there is too many people. we were running against three or four. when you're running against 15 a lot different numbers. the numbers, they don't add up. harris: won 11 out of 13 of those races? >> correct. harris: u.s. has not seen a brokered convention, picking them in smokey back rooms, since 1948, the dewey convention. andrea: melissa you follow the money. this is hard time to fund raise in holiday season. they will not raise a lot of money but there will not be a
9:33 am
lot of media attention. so another reason to stay in i suppose or bow out? melissa: well, i mean, it goes back to, they have put in this much effort this far. running for something else at this point. is it a cabinet post? is it to be an ambassador somewhere? is it something down the line to be considered later? >> can i say one thing real quick, christie is sleeper in new hampshire. done over 60 town halls. everyone shows up. 250 people. spending tremendous amount of time. poll numbers are up in new hampshire. not to win it necessarily but have a solid showing. sorry to interrupt. harris: no, you're fine. we'll keep to politics. one of the few republicans tapped to serve in the obama administration, opening up about his former boss. the president ditched to be bipartisan. ray lahood left congress to serve as transportation secretary in 2008. this was president obama back then. >> ray's appointment reflects bipartisan spirit, a spirit we need to proclaim in this country to make progress for the american people and a spirit ray
9:34 am
has embodied in all of his years in public service. harris: but lahood says that bipartisan spirit never really materializeds saying this in his book, quote, i do knot believe the white house ever committed fully to a genuine bipartisan approach to policy making, despite the president's words to the contrary. president obama depended almost exclusively on a handful of folks situated in the white house. he did not, as other presidents have done, place a high value on consulting with members of congress, end quote. >> really? harris: you're laughing. sound like you know what he is talking about. lahood called out to republicans for not reaching across the aisle. >> that is ridiculous. that was the mosby partisan senator in united states, 50/50. crowd funding bill. it can be done. harry reid made it so dysfunctional. harris: you think lahood is right no. >> absolutely right. ask senator gregg. ask chief of staff daley. the president completely checked out. he never met with members of his
9:35 am
own caucus let alone members of the republican caucus. joe biden, we worked with debt issues, government shut downs, tax extenders. that is why i am surprised he didn't run. he has respect from members of congress. harris: he has this new book out, ray lahood, as you drill down he felt like he was not invited into the president's inner circle. melissa: makes the same description that the president's inner circle is insular, surrounded by people that agree with him and don't reach out. a lot of people at top are accused of that. ceo's are a accused that. i got great business advice starting out, be the person everybody wants to work with. not only is it great for the whole organization because r all working together. ultimately it is good for you too. people go in and want to do you favors. they want to be with you. they want to achieve the same things you want to achieve. you can propel a whole organization forward. the president could be doing it.
9:36 am
we've seen good presidents in the past do do it, build consensus. get them to do what you want to do, not about giving in. it is not selfish to be person everyone wants to work with. >> divider in chief. the most divisive president i think in modern history. harris: emac. >> hope and change is the not subject i want to talk about. i wonder if this was sour grapes? we heard that a number of people in other administrations said the same. they wanted to be a confidante. they want to be in an inner circle. i get it. what ray lahood is saying is so key. when you look back at administration, more people coming out beyond ray lahood saying same thing. harris: we'll move on. one u.s. publisher is sparking a big debate over this isis coloring book. yes, the isl why this is hardly child's play. critics are calling it nothing more than propaganda and a recruiting tool. stay with us.
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♪ andrea: new isis coloring book produced by a st. louis company is sparking a big debate. called, isis, a culture of evil. shows "jihadi john," in videos beheading multiple people including three americans. the coloring book shows the jordanian air force pilot being burned alive and blindfolded gay people being thrown off of a roof. one army veteran says the book is nothing more than plop propaganda that can cause harm in the wrong hands. >> that is very appalling making a coloring book. coloring i associate with joy and happiness. >> will it get laid around? will children pick it up and influence their ideas? that is poison. andrea: publisher says, wait a minute, each page puts truth in the hand of a consumer. >> these are actual, factual pictures of real events and real people murdered at the hands of
9:42 am
isis and it's fact. this is all there is. if people want to call it propaganda, that is their choice. andrea: a lot of people are saying this is good educational tool, emac, because it highlights terror they're causing. harris: i think it is -- >> i think it is perfectly fine. correct me viewers in my hands, in 1941 superman was fighting japanese saboteurs in world war ii. i don't think it's a problem. i think it's fine. i can't get up about this one. melissa: i don't know. it is awfully graphic. that is -- >> don't buy it for your kids. melissa: on the cover -- i'm glad you said that there is warning says the color book isn't intended for children but ceo says hopes parent will share with their kids as teaching tool. i mean, i talk to my kids about a lot of stuff. i don't know i want a graphic illustration, this grisly for them to look at to, for kids? andrea: you're a private sector kind of girl, right?
9:43 am
shouldn't companies have the option to put out these coloring books? then, senator, if you're parent, maybe not of a three-year-old but say a 16-year-old, if they're not teaching radical islamic history in the schools and president won't identify and media is ignoring it, maybe parents jobs. melissa: but a coloring book? coloring books are for small kids? andrea: maybe like a educational book. >> looks being like comic book. initially when we got the story. don't buy it. what is the price? who will buy it. listening to the guys, sound like he is pro-america. trying to pound out evils of isis and letting people understand that they are terrorists and they're heading and heinous and all those things we heard about. these are facts versus coloring book, versus real pictures. harris: i was just going to say -- >> i'm not quite sure yet. harris: considering images available online, this would be the most benign kind that you could find. >> probably toning it down a
9:44 am
little bit. harris: he doesn't anticipate people paying it, i looked up through the producer, 8.95 one of these. the in frame says happiness in a world without terrorism. it is a way to teach it i suppose. certainly better than images we find online. melissa: indifferent to political correctness. he knows what he is doing. making a point. andrea: a number of military members are excited about this. if no one else tanks about the dangers radical islam maybe this is tool. a larger share of young women moving back with relatives and parents anytime since 1940 god help those girls. >> just say no. ♪ sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's go to jon scott with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hi, jon. >> hi, harris. tensions on one college campus seems to fuel protesting
9:49 am
students across the country. can the media cover this without fanning flames? how dangerous is it for those in the cockpit and passengers and can we stop it? will this video released by cnn reveal who is to blame for the deadly texas biker brawl? more than 100 people indicted. how do attorneys wade through a mess like this? it is all ahead, "happening now." harris? harris: see you then, thank you. melissa: today may be a different world for women than it was decades ago but looks like the ladies may be taking a step back. according to the pugh research center. a larger share of young women living with relatives than at any point since the 1940s. 36.2% of young women lived with family. the number dropped over the years. then started climbing back up, reaching 36.4% in 2014. young men are also increasingly
9:50 am
living with family but their percentage hasn't reached the 1940. i never moved back home after i got out of college. no. i was done! done! harris: look at job stats, you hear certain politicians brag about them we should read this poll. clearly they are not enough out there. now, this is not indicative that anybody moving back home doesn't have a job. it does indicate perhaps they're struggling. melissa: loot do have a job or college students. because of college loans, cost of college, the low wages they're making, they can afford to live on their own. there is this idea people wait later and later to get married. i said i swear i was not getting married in high school and college. i got married the at 25. >> did you? harris: my parents were annoying -- >> my parent were annoying landlords to pay rent did you? like market rent? >> $100 a month.
9:51 am
but it was good food and free laundry. there you know. i couldn't afford the situation. harris: senator, are you still living at home? >> i'm definitely living at home. sometimes out in the shed. harris: oh, no. >> i have obviously two girls and my answer is just say no. harris: harris: really? >> i let them visit. i'm done. we are different phase of our lives. if there was emergency with husbands i would welcome them back. harris: they're married. that would be awkward. melissa: that would be awkward. >> medical list sass, you nailed it with high cost of tuition and loans, inability to save for houses. high rents. housing is huge issue in new hampshire and other places. 50% of people's total income is goes to housing. those combination of factors make it that they have no alternative. melissa: is it interesting that it is higher for women than men? with men on incline as well. it is increasing. same economic phenomenon but
9:52 am
they're not quite back at the 1940s level? >> a lot more women going to college. they're graduating. proportionally maybe more women have more college debt than men. i think it's a pretty sad story. i'm with emac. i did have to live at home in between graduation and getting a job on capitol hill. melissa: how long was that? andrea: a couple months. i was waitress at outback steakhouse with the blooming onions. moving back home was best motivator to find a job. i was so determined. when i left the job, in between jobs, my mom called me up, says if you don't find a job soon you will have to move from d.c. back home. i was like, hustle, out of bed every day. i got a job in couple weeks. >> did you ever pay rent? andrea: number working all around the house. i didn't want to go back to our restaurant. i wanted a little bit of distance. i went to the outbrac -- outback.
9:53 am
>> i love outback. blooming onion. melissa: people say that is wrong poking fun at mental head problems. the store behind it says it isn't going anywhere. but does the sweater cross the line. we'll talk about it. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ harris: finding out what the senator's favorite christmas sweater is. a fight is brewing over a sweater from target, that pokes some fun at mental health problems apparently. the sweater reads ocd, obsessive christmas disorder. that is play on obsessive compulsive disorder a serious mental health condition. social media says target, knock it off. don't sell that. target, your christmas letter line about ocd is offensive. making fun of actual mental health problems is not funny. target is not backing down. we never want to disappoint our any guests. we apologize for discomfort but we do not currently have any plans to remove it. andrea: if you have a problem with this sweater there is something wrong with you. it's a joke. i love target standing by sweater.
9:58 am
this is real thing, people wrapped up in christmas and forget real meaning. got for them. i want one. melissa: with my peep addiction, am i offending alcoholics. andrea: opd. a peep? melissa: i love the little sugar covered marshmellows at easter time. i have addiction to those. i did a little research. there is a lot of people selling obsessive christmas disorder stuff. all over etsy. you can get blankets and mugs. target is far from alone. i think they stole the idea what other people. that is what people should be talking to target for. harris: free market or something else, emac? >> this is free market. this is serious disorder. we're sensitive to that. this is really about people who love christmas and love shopping year-round like i do. i love christmas. i watch hallmark all the time. harris: we're learning a lot. andrea: i think sweater is ugly. that's why i wouldn't wear it.
9:59 am
>> marco rubio first, trump on "snl," change the channel. don't buy it. don't go to the store. don't do it. to say you can't do it or need to take it down, extension what we're seeing at colleges and universities. say hi to your mom, shirley. harris: we were talking about you during the break. >> if you don't like it, don't buy it. lighten up a little bit? melissa: boycott target. don't tell them to take it down. you tell them, i'm not shopping at target because i don't like it. if target sees revenue drop they will stop. harris: target has a section where they would not have girls toys any longer. there was tyranny on that. andrea, you rolled your eyes. andrea: these stories, what is wrong with people? all lost our sense of humor. can't take a joke. everybody is offended. why i hate people. melissa: i hate people too.
10:00 am
>> let's go have a blooming on onion. >> stop talking about food and candy. i'm so hungry. harris: click on the "overtime" tab, we're back an tv tomorrow noon eastern. right now, "happening now." >> a fox news alert. the white house announcing that president obama will meet with the new leader of our neighbor in the north. >> it will be their first face-to-face since the [çñelect. one topic will likely be the the rejection of the keystone pipeline. happening now. >> it was a shootout in broad daylight that shocked the nation. can self defense get some of them off of the hook? >> a coordinate


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