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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 19, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we take attendance and it hurts our feeling. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. " tomorrow at 7:00. good night. ♪ ♪ >> hi i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. go to the testimony story. french officials confirming the death of the vicious, vicious ringleader behind last week's terror attacks in pairs. 27-year-old abaaoud was killed yesterday in a bloody raid in the paris suburb of saint-denis he was linked to other terrorist plots in europe as well. weighs thought to be in syria before the paris terror attack raising questions how such a dangerous terrorist could go go undetected throughout the heart of paris.
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phil the global editor and chief of af news service there how did the police track down abaaoud. >> what they got in the end was an old fashioned bit of police work. a tip, a human being coming to them and tipping them off. they followed that up and surprised to find that actually the tip worked out. they put on some electronic surveillance and that's where they traced him to this apartment north of paris. >> we also understand that a cell phone was found and one of the numbers in the cell phone they tracked back to this female terrorist who blew herself up during the raid. very interesting to me that she had called for the paris special forces trying to help her, help her, help her and lure them into her bomb
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radius and blew herself um. what's the latest information with regard to her. >> her identity is yet to be fully confirmed but the picture emerging is of a troubled young lady who even six months ago her brother said really had no contact at all with radical islamist. she was a young party girl who was out clubbing a loot at night and really didn't have any link at all. kind of interesting question being raised here is how quickly she was radicalized. how quickly she became under the wing of somebody of these people who had turned her into potentially a suicide bomber give us a sense mr. abaaoud had bragged about being able to to back and forth between belgium and syria and throughout europe, frankly. tell us about this investigation. what do we know about him and maybe other terrorist cells he may be linked to. >> that's interesting is the prime minister of france just in the last hour or so
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making that direct connection between the refugee flow and some of these attackers. so there seems to be some kind of suspicion that abaaoud would have used this flow of refugees to move in and out of paris. he certainly or in or out of europe. he certainly bragged from syria that he had the ability to move in and out. it seems that an intelligence agency certainly spotted his movement in greece at some point in recent weeks. so that would certainly add fuel to that line of inquiry. >> we had heard earlier today that one the bomb makers of that vest may have been caught or at least turned himself in. we will leave that with you phil. thank you very much. stay with us because joining us now from washington is fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. kathleen ridge, late this afternoon the fbi held a news conference to say there is no credible terrorist threat against the united states what do you make of that. >> we had rare public
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statements from the fbi director along with the attorney general and the main take away is that based on the analysis of something called the national counter terrorism center, this is the hub for threat analysis that was set up after 9/11 they found no credible connections between the paris attackers and potential isis operatives inside the united states and director comey said that what they see here in the united states are more of these isis-inspired plots rather than isis directed plots which is what we have seen in europe. >> so, yeah, but we have seen as recently as today some isis propaganda video showing times square, a suicide bomber putting a vest on and the implication he is going to blow himself up in times square. how can that not be a direct implication. how can we not tie those two together? >> director comey said isis tapes big media rollout. the way isis works they have the plot and then they have the propaganda on the shelf waiting for the events to
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unfold this propaganda is frighten people and be a weapon of mass tis hysteria but they have seen nothing credible in it. i would add the most recent tape that was released today targeting washington, d.c., i mean, it's not highly produced. it has the feel of kind of a crash edit. sort of a smash and grab video propaganda. might be something very threatening within that message itself. >> catherine, what do the people in d.c. talking -- what are they saying about this suicide vest? we noticed there are a couple of suicide vests that these terrorists used in paris last friday night. also one in saint-denis. are there more and do we think this could be a common theme, more suicide vests, more bomber linking? >> the key thing with the vests learning from our contacts without incident
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and not being flagged to the french authorities and this person has not been arrested to the best of our knowledge. we're also told that this so-called ringleader abdelhamid abaaoud is not the mastermind. he is like the tactical strategic guy on the ground. to make a 9/11 analogy he was like the atta. his job was to get the operatives, to get the weapons and keep everyone in their lane so that the plot could be executed effectively. that's important because it means there are individuals higher up the food chain where senior people with the strategic vision who are still on the loose as well as this bomb maker. >> abaaoud is on a lane and the implication would be there are other lanes pointing to another figure head like you are pointing out, correct? >> that's correct. >> catherine, leave it right there and hope, hope they get all these guys. >> of course. >> up next, president obama says the paris attacks haven't changed his mind
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, refugee chaos. french authorities have confirmed that at least one of the attackers in paris last week entered europe on a syrian passport posing as a refugee. that has led to more than 30 american governors saying they won't take in syrian refugees at all and the house voted 28 the to 137 to increase security screenings for syrians and iraqis seeking asylum in the united states. 47 house democrats joined all but two republicans in voting for that bill. president obama has threatened to veto and says he is going forward with his plan to admit 10,000 syrian refugees within a year. >> we already have in place
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the most vigorous vetting process that we have for anybody who is admitted. the idea that somehow they pose a more significant threat than all the tourists that pour into the united states every single day just doesn't jive with reality. that's not what our law enforcement think. that's not what anybody who has looked at this problem thinks. >> joining us now for reaction from washington, d.c. david a human rights attorney and steve buechey, a national security expert at the heritage foundation. i'm going to start with you, david, do you agree with the president that letting in syrian refugees is no different than, say, tourists? >> since 9/11, 785,000 refugees have been resettled in the u.s. less than 5 have been accused of acting -- trying to engage in terrorist acts. none have actually engaged in terrorist acts and none of those were syrians.
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this is not a problem. why? because the refugee status program has a very, very significant vetting process. it involved not just interviews the refugee applicants but also crosschecking that information against data base. >> what data base. i'm still trying to figure out. i have heard exactly those talking points four days now the 745 number. i don't know i can think a few instances where refugees did cause mayhem in america. what database are they investigating against. calling syria and saying give these guys criminal records? what do their high school transcripts look like? >>. no they are using intelligence data bases. they are also comparing it to information that they get from human intelligence, from signal intelligence. >> look at the pictures, look at the video. do you think there is data bases on these people's? these are mobs of people walking across the border. do you think there is a vetting process? you talk to me about this. logic says that a lot of what we are doing seems to
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be smoke and mirrors. they may take 18 to 24 months to bring them. in do we really know who is coming across the border? >> well, look, for the most part, most of these people are, in fact, legitimate refugees. they meet all the criteria. they are not any problem at all. but to say that the problem or the threat is zero, is just ludicrous. it is a possibility that someone could get in this way. the tsarnaev brothers were on refugee status. you know, this stuff, you can't just blow it off. the idea that our vetting process is so perfect for arabic language names coming from syria is crazy. we get that stuff wrong all the time. >> not only that. >> stepping up that level is the right thing to do. >> we also need to point out that a lot of these new isis terrorists are using fake passports. using fake information. we caught or the turkish people caught 8 isis
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fighters trying to travel from turkey and get into germ with fake syrian passports. >> well,. >> you are absolutely right. this stuff is not that easily resolved. and when ben rhodes or the president says oh, this is all taken care of, we got this. nobody should really believe that 100 percent. >> david, what about those people using fake information. i mean, as steve points out, it takes one to kill a lot of people. >> you are mixing apples and oranges here. you are talking about people going from one country to another illegally or passing across a border. >> no, i'm not. >> illegally. >> no, i'm not. i'm talking about syrians who want to come into this country who is to say number one will would he be able to vet them? number two, who knows the information they are giving our people if they are giving even real information or fake information. >> we are specifically talking about one program which is a refugee program. there are lots of ways syrians can come to the u.s. right now we are talking about the refugee program. the refugee program requires
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a significant vetting process more likely that a syrian terrorist could get here through a student visa or visitor's visa that's how the 19 terrorists who engaged in the 9/11 attacks got here. none of them were refugees. none came through the refugee process. >> he makes a great point if he would worried about the 2,000s or so refugees come over in the last year maybe we should be worried how many countless came across our southern border and. >> every one of these ways into the country need to have more scrutiny. i'm not saying we should keep all these people out, that's wrong. we should allow these programs to continue. but adding a little extra scrutiny may be running them against israeli data bases, jordanian data bases. i know we are are not touching all those things in this program. we need to up our game a little bit, not close the game down. >> david, do you know that state department today announced that that once refugees come into this country, 90 days after they are here they don't track
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them anymore? >> >> we have had 785,000 refugees come here since 9/11 and fewer than 10 have engaged in any planning of terrorist acts. this is not a problem. you weed no focus on the problems. why are republicans trying to pass a law to fix a problem that's not a problem? i thought republicans were for limited government. let's focus on the ways that terrorists actually get here. it's actually more likely that a person born in the u.s. would engage in terrorism than a person who is a refugee who goes through significant vetting process has become a paris. >> this is a whole new world. they want new york and washington next. i'm not surprised that we have 30 governors to say not in my state. gentlemen, thank you very much. directly ahead, hillary clinton gives a big speech on the isis threat, but, does she really have a winning plan to fight them? that debate moments away.
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against an you are generality enemy and a generational struggle against an ideology with deep roots.
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will not be easily torn out. it will require sustained commitment in every pillar of american power. this is a worldwide fight and america must lead it. >> so she went from saying this is not an american fight to this is a fight america must lead. joining us now with reaction in palm springs, california rick grenell a former spokesman at the u.n. and fox news contributor and matt littman a democratic strategist and former speech writer for joe biden. i will start with you matt, hillary cleaning up talking points with isis and not laying out anything new, am i right? >> no; eric. i think we both know what she meant on saturday which is that america can't be alone in this fight. america has to lead this fight. she laid out a three point plan how to do it. very clear, very strong, very sober analysis of this situation. i liked her plan. i thought it was very solid. and i think you know what
8:22 pm
she meant on saturday was we can't be alone. we need the gulf states. >> like you i can't know what she meant on saturday i can only talk about what she said. rick, she flip flopped. >> that's why you have me here, eric role on isis in five days. >> it's not changed. it's good that you have me here. >> rick, how do you see it? >> let me summarize hillary clinton's speech. >> whoever was the president and secretary of states for the last seven years have totally failed to fight terrorism. she completely gave a litany of policy prescriptions which really read as failures of her tenure as secretary of state. everything she said she should have done isis in iran cannot be separated. they are the same challenge. this is the same woman that supported an iran deal that gives the iranians
8:23 pm
$150 billion. if they are not separable, if they're the same challenge, why is she giving money? she also said that the u.n. needs to do a lot more to fight terrorism because there is over the last several years a pipeline has flourished of terrorism activities and financing. this is the woman that was in charge of our diplomacy. if she thought the u.n. was failing, what did she do for four years? she should have proposed a u.n. resolution and passed it. >> rick makes a very good point. hillary clinton could be seen as the architect of president obama's foreign policy. how is it working out because a lot of people are pointing at his foreign policy as one of the worst parts of his presidency and potentially his legacy. >> so first of all, i don't think that rick made any good points. i will disagree. number one, let's remember what we came into. we came into a situation where when obama came in, it was right after the iraq war. probably the first. >> come on.
8:24 pm
>> he has been president for seven years. i'm sure if we talk for two more minutes you will start talking telling me about ronald reagan. >> talk about iran point. >> so i will talk about that. so, when hillary was secretary of state, that's when we got the iran sanctions that russia and china joined in on. hillary was very strong. >> no, you don't know what you are talking about. we had five resolutions under president bush. obama did one resolution. >> so, rick. >> obama got run resolution. how long did it take him to do it 18 months. >> you are not going to let let -- -- you are not getting paid by the word. strengthened those sanctions. hillary is in favor of the iran deal. we can argue about the iran deal all day. hillary is in favor of the iran deal which prevents iran in the short-term from developing a nuclear weapon. you may not agree with it. >> hold on.
8:25 pm
matt, hold on. sound bite of hillary clinton and i you think rick you may want to react to this one, listen. >> islam is not our adversary. museums are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. the obsession in some quarters with a clash of civilization or repeating the specific words radical islamic terrorism isn't just a distraction it gives these criminals, murderers more standing than they deserve. >> rick, hillary says muslims, islam, has nothing to do whatsoever with terrorism. i mean, i'm looking at all these terror acketsz and reading these names and they're all done in the name of islam and they're all done by muslims, am i wrong? >> no. right before they blow themselves up they scream allah akbar. this is religiously motivated. it is ridiculous to think that it's not. she goes on in this speech
8:26 pm
to say that calling out islam like, this saying radical islam gives our supporters, our allies some sort of ammunition. and i just want to ask former secretary of state hillary clinton who? which of our allies somehow wants to see islamic radicalism, us work with islamic radicalism. it's ridiculous. she is all over the map. she takes both sides here. >> there is no islamic root in these terrorist acts. nothing tracking back to islam. i understand it's fundamentalists. i understand it's radical and extremists. nonetheless, it is islamic. >> so george w. bush when he was president and barack obama as he has been president have said said the same thing which is that they don't want to call this islamic terrorism. now hillary is also saying the same thing they have all said it for a reason.
8:27 pm
>> they're all wrong. they are all wrong, matt. bush could be wrong, too. it's okay to say it i will say it. >> listen, i know you will say it, you are not president eric, maybe in a few years but not right now. they are not saying it for a reason. they feel that that strengthens isis. i don't know whether it does or it doesn't. obviously these people believe, eric, you and i and we could obviously see that that that they are using something in their muslim background that tells them. >> you just said something that hillary clinton denies ran a sound bite. >> you are asking me. i'm not president of the united states either. >> rick and matt thank you very much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. g.o.p. presidential candidate john kasich says it's time to send in the ground troops against isis. and then an inside look at what isis really wants. we hope you stick around for those reports. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. i have great credit. how do you know? duh. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now . i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free. this is a fox news alert. the suspected mastermind of the paris terrorist attacks is dead, one of two killed wednesday in saint denis. police thought he fled to syria, but intel brought him to a house in the paris suburbs and police nabbing the suspected isis fighter on suspicion of preparing to commit acts of
8:32 pm
terror. he spent the last weeks at a shelter for syrian refugees. meanwhile, new information about isis, officials saying the terrorists set up a research branch to pursue chemical weapons with the help of scientists in iraq and syria. i'm lauren green, now back to "the o'reilly factor" in the personal story segment tonight, going after isis. we heard hillary clinton say she is opposed to sending troops, ground troops in and ohio governor and presidential candidate john kasich disagrees. he joins us now from spartanburg, north carolina. what's your plan to defeat the terrible terrorist killers. >> well, eric, look, i mean the president of the united states ought to rally our friends in europe, particularly nato. and we ought to assemble those folks in the middle east, the arab countries who
8:33 pm
supported us in the first gulf war. you know, the saudis, the jordanians, the egyptians, the gulf states. look, this is a threat for them. it's going to destroy them and we know that these -- that isis and their ilk are out to destroy our very way of life. i'm actually stunned to hear hillary say that. how does she think we are going to stop them? do that reflect she doesn't have any experience in this because we know you cannot destroy these people nor can you take back territory justed from air a. i don't understand what she is talking about. we have to move and we have to move quickly. i don't understand it. >> you would put -- american ground troops into the fight, into theater. >> yeah. in a group. it would be a coalition. we don't want just the west to be involved but we want our arab friends. i remember when the former ambassador from egypt to the united states stood in the rose garden with the president and said we're going to go stop saddam hussein and that was really important then. this is even more serious. >> there are a lot of people
8:34 pm
who say don't put them in other people say put them in. so thousand, 0,000, 50,000 would you be willing to do that i have been saying this for months. before anybody else, you get a battle plan together. you get the military folks, the conventional ones. the ones that think differently who understand special forces. you take your civilian leaders, the ones who are conventional. the ones who think differently. you sit in a room. they give you recommendations and then you make a decision about what the battle plan is going to be. >> all right. president kasich, i'm your joint chief of staff here and i come to you and say i need auto thousand to kill these guys, i need them now. are you going to sign off on that one? >> i wouldn't talk to just one person, eric. you have to have a group in there and you have got to understand what the plan is and, look, i have been through. this i served on the defense committee for 18 years. i understand how this works. and i don't answer like one
8:35 pm
offs like what about this? you have got to have a group of people that think this thing through, if you don't, you could end up with a failed mission. we can't afford that here and we won't. we will be successful if we put together an aggressive battle plan, go on the ground and by the way in the short-term we should be establishing these no fly zones with sanctuaries to be defended by the jordanians. >> no-fly zones include russia. tell russia no-fly zone for them, too. >> yeah. no-fly zone would work if i were president. you might be able to fly in once and fly back out. if you fly back in the second time you won't be flying back out, eric. look, we need a sanctuary there to so these people don't have to leave syria. we have to help the jordanians and saudis if they want to provide some refuge for these folks. those are things i would do in the short-term and eric, critically important. we have got it make sure that the joint terrorism task forces in this country are properly funded. we have to be able to change the problem we are
8:36 pm
experienced with encryption where we can't hear what the enemy is planning. we have to have better human intelligence. these are all part of a package to get us a victory to defeat those who want to destroy our way of life. >> you brought up refuge. talk about the refugees. talk about what you do with syrian refugees in this country? >> you know, my one daughter said to my wife, why does daddy not want them here? and when she came home from school i had a chance to talk to her and i said, look, sweety, we cannot bring people in to our country we don't know who they are and there are many intent on destroying us. frankly we have to take a pause. eric, a lot of people in the primaries have accused me of having too big a heart. i do have a big heart. but i have got a good brain. this is not a time for the president to jam us. the people don't want it in this country and it's proper to take a pause until all the security people say that we know what we're doing here. >> none? no refugees whatsoever? no women? no children? zero? >> look, just stop. everybody stop and take a pause until we figure this
8:37 pm
all out. >> all right. now one more question. one of your plans that you put out regarding isis you said you wanted to develop a judeo-christian, i'm trying to figure this out, agency, department, outreach, talk to me about that. >> well, we have a voice of america right now where we used to blast signals into the former soviet union. it's not worked very well recently. i would reinvigorate it and i would talk about what the values of western civilization are. equality for women, the importance of every life, respect for science and education and we would want to invite our moderate muslim friends in, the ones who are condemning the paris attacks, the ones that are saying their religion has been hijacked so we can win of war of bullets, eric. >> are you talking about a new agency in government? are you talking about. >> no, no, no. you can. >> explain that. i couldn't figure it out. >> it's no different than something like the voice of america where we send a message both using social media and the more
8:38 pm
traditional media to argue what our society represents. and we shouldn't shy away from it. because it is about a battle of ideas. there are people sitting on the fence thinking maybe i ought to go radical. look, those radicals favor death. we favor life. and we ought to be telling people about the kinds of things that we believe n the west so that we can be unified to save humanity from people who want to destroy humanity. and so there is multiple ways to do it but we better get going on, this eric, just like we fought communism we need to fight radical islam. >> i have got to get going on this as well. thank you for joining us tonight. thank you. straight ahead. you won't believe what the white house said today about how we're going to defeat isis. dana perino weighs in. she will be right with us. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow up tonight. the obama administration announced in august of last year that it was launching air strikes against the isis terrorists. but today the white house communications director jen psaki had this to say about the current strategy. >> we're always looking at ways that we can adjust, encontinues phi our efforts and do what's effective and
8:43 pm
that's an important deponent of this. this isn't just about bombing across syria and iraq and other countries. we need to have the intelligence to have the right targets and military might is not going to win this war, end this conflict. >> joining us now my co-host on the five dana perino who is was at the white house under george w. bush. dana, that sound bite, the word that stuck out that jumped out was when psaki said we need to adjust. is president ebama, does it seem like he is willing to adjust or they are willing to adjust their strategy. >> i think they need to and he think that the pentagon, the intelligence community, even the state department at some level and the congress is all saying please, could you show us a little bit of flexibility to do something different? president obama was very defiant in his press conference earlier this week at the g-20 in which he said that the strategy is working, we're moving forward i agree with her it's a multiprong need, right? so it's not just military but nobody is saying that it should just be military.
8:44 pm
we are saying that this is actually a generational war that we need to be able to fight. it's not a war of our choosing but we can choose how we fight it and right now i don't think we are are not fighting well enough. >> president obama doesn't seem to listen to his generals as you point out or ash carter. why is that? >> well, not only thatter remember, eric, had you secretary gate, secretary panetta and secretary clinton all leave their post in the cabinet and say that they have tried to tell the president to do something different in syria. the thing that i think is pretty amaze something they didn't resign on the spot, right? they waited for their memoirs to try to actually differentiate themselves. they could have done a lot of us pretty good if they had stuck to their guns then and resigned. that would have sent a message. >> president obama is getting a lot of criticism for that speech or that q couple days ago. let's take a listen to the sound bite and you react, please. >> there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris
8:45 pm
were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. even as we grieve with our french friends, however, we can't lose sight that there has been progress being made. >> 129 died in paris, obama is going it a setback. >> and you have to wonder if that actually was planned by the white house. if they had time to be able to think about what he was going to say and it seemed to me that was a word they had settled on, a description that they could use to describe the attacks. i think it underplayed it and it was unfortunate. remember the left, george w. bush mission accomplished. the imaging was terrible. it didn't matter how the communicators would say that was just about that ship and about that time did the president said isis was contained he meant geographically. if in that geographically territory you can plot attacks and safe haven to do so then clearly our strategy is not working. contained, set back, jay vee it seems like he is walking through this thing playing
8:46 pm
it cool like everything is okay meanwhile the world is blowing up. the world is on fire. >> biggest concern is actually something else he said talking about the refugee crisis is a recruiting tool for isis which tells me that he has a misunderstanding of the nature of the enemy. they actually recruit best when they have wins. so, when isis is able to pull off an attack where they go after people in beirut and they pull down that russian airliner and then they kill 129 in paris, what they do then is then they recruit off of that because remember what bin laden said you know you long a strong horse and we are the strong horse. that's their best recruiting tool. talking about a refugee crisis in america is not what isis wants us to do. that's not their recruiting tool. >> what about president obama suggesting he may veto any legislation that hits his desk that would put a halt to the syrian refugee influx. >> i think this that was a little bit -- he reacted too quickly today in the house you saw that huge vote is really important. big vote for speaker ryan under one of his big votes.
8:47 pm
i do think it could stall in the senate because you have democrats who are very loyal to president obama. however, the white house also today said they are willing to talk about adjusting the program to make sure that all of the concerns are met. so that tells me that they know they might not have enough votes to override a veto. >> a little bit off day communications or messaging path. you know that soccer game the other day in turkey where the turkish fans yelled allah akbar during a moment of silence. that's very telling what's going on in the middle east between the muslims and non-muslims. >> it would shock all of us. remember back in the olympics in 2008 when i got to go to china i was totally shocked when everybody was cheering for iran and north korea. i thought the divides have so great in the country i do think that the leaders should say something. remember the players of the two teams there were not happy that the fans did that in turkey. >> amazing what's going on there. during a moment of silence. a couple of days prior, 129 parisians are killed and
8:48 pm
allah akbar and chants like that unbelievable. >> it's not a war of our choosing but we can choose how to fight it. >> very good. dana, very good to see you. see you tomorrow on the five. what do the isi killers really want from the world? that's next when the factor continues.
8:49 pm
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8:51 pm
in the back of the book segment tonight, what does isis really want? their crimes are horrific, the suicide bombings. joining us now in-studio, will i can't mccan't and author of the book, isisapocalypse. so, doctor, very simply, what do
8:52 pm
they want? >> isis wants to recreate the early empire that ruled middle africa and the northeast. it's an emperial project. they've begun in syria and iraq and they hope to retake the whole thing. >> let me ask you this, the numbers throwing out there, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000. how many is there? >> in syria and iraq, there's probably 50,000. around the world, you can add 20,000 more. >> many people at the top are very pious, the fellow who runs the organization ablg 5:00 chumgly has a ph d in islamic religion. >> do they have a real hatred for the west? >> oh, absolutely. they see the west as the new
8:53 pm
crusaders that they're supposed to fight toward islamic prophesy of the n times. >> are you also talking about the koran? >> the koran is pretty vague when it comes to the n times. most of this stuff is found in other islamic scripture. >> a lot of people would actually say some of it is found in the koran. they don't believe that the kor aurks n contains infidel, if you don't agree with islamic law. >> oh,sure, they believe that. absolutely. bud when it comes to proef sills of the n times, there are other scriptured they look to. they like to quote the harsher verses of the koran to justify.
8:54 pm
>> is it his vision? >> yes, he's definite not just a figure head. >> this is taught. they're teaching the children this, right? >> that's right. and the kind of islam that they prak sis is not very different from what they teach in saudi arabia. it's a very ultraconservative, rough form of islam. >> it has a very day dichotom dichotomyist view.
8:55 pm
>> that's a new terror tactic. >> it is. they have recently shifted to attacking the terrorists. much of their propaganda was calling on muslims to come join them and build in state. they ae calling on a lot of their would-be recruits. >> is it working? are they actually gaining numbers by these prop began that individuals? >> they do. and the way that they recruit is different than al-qaida. isis is trying to win over a small sliver of society. >> do they believe allah wants them to kill nonbelievers? kill? end the lives of nonbelievers? >> absloutly. not only does god call for them to kill, but that humanity is calling for the end of time and that these times are desperate
8:56 pm
measures. >> and that's one of their teachings. is there any way to beat that. >> i'm going to leave it right there chlgt inside the mind of isis. not a happy place to be. in a moment, the hardest-working american in washington when we come right back. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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8:59 pm
hardest working member of congress. but it will be there. a month and a half. it's a long time. hillary clinton decided to make her myspace page private. private. somebody told her that she could just delete it, hillary said i'm not falling for that again. nice try. >> well, that reminds me, check my privacy settings on my own myspace page. please don't forget to check out bill o'reilly didn't com.
9:00 pm
that's it for us tobts. please remember, we're looking out for you. >> breaking news tonight, a new terror threat against the united states. a chilling warning from the f.b.i. director himself. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. seeking to reassure the american people that there is no credible threat against america at this time. but it was what happened off camera that caused concern. away from the microphone, dozens of people in the u.s. are being intently watched by the


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