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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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on iowa. we may not have them. last time it took two weeks. we will see you book tore tomorrow night. it is 8:00 p.m. in the east, 7:00 here in des moines, iowa, where after months of campaigning, we are now just 24 hours from the first contest in the 2016 election. we are live from iowa's historic state capitol. good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. that was a pretty shot, wasn't it? >> it was gorgeous. and i'm bret baier. candidates from both sides of the aisle crisscrossing the hawkeye state, making their final pitch to voters on a frenetic last full day of campaigning, and the frontrunners on both sides are digging in their heels. >> all across the state of iowa, all across this country, people are waking up.
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and i'm here to tell you, help is on the way. >> he wants to pretend he's robin hood. he's going to protect everybody from weesall street. he was born in canada and a lot of people are saying he can't even run in the election. >> the stakes could not be higher, but it starts here tomorrow night. to stand up for someone who can be president and commander in chief. >> not only will the entire country be looking at iowa. actually, much of the world will be looking at iowa. to see whether or not iowa is prepared to move this country away from establishment politics. >> the final poll before the caucuses coming out last night. "the des moines register" bloomberg poll showing donald trump in the lead with 28%. ted cruz right on his heels with 23%. senator marco rubio in third with 15. dr. ben carson at ten. and the rest of the field in single digits. on democratic side, hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are in a dead heat,
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separated by just 3%. look at that. >> we've got fox team coverage spread out all across iowa. rich edson is t trump campaign. carl cameron with the cruz campaign. we start with campaign carl. >> hi, bret. we followed ted cruz over to iowa city in the eastern part of the state today. he's got a big rally planned for 10:00 local time here in des moines tonight. and as you can see from the seats behind me, they're expecting a huge crowd and he's been having standing room only for the last couple of weeks. cruz led the polls several weeks ago. he's since slipped back into second place in "the des moines register" poll. and yet, ted cruz's campaign is filled with enthusiasm. they are saying that they believe they have the best ground game of all of the republican candidates, they boast about shipping college students from all over the country and putting them up in
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camp cruz. they have been working the phones. working the direct mail. lots of e-mail and social media. and the cruz campaign just yesterday was saying they believe they're going to win. expectations pretty high. he's sandwiched in between donald trump with what looks like a statistical tie in "the des moines register" poll. and then there's marco rubio behind him by seven points. and ted cruz is going after both donald trump and marco rubio for two issues that he says they have not been consistently conservative on. watch. >> this race is a simple choice, a vote for marco rubio is a vote for amnesty. and a vote for donald trump is a vote for obamacare. >> the freshman senator again all but predicting victory tomorrow night. obviously there's a few more hours for the folks in the caucuses to get to their caucus locations tomorrow night. cruz will be having a caucus in des moines tomorrow evening. >> meanwhile, donald trump live
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right now talking to voters in sioux city, iowa. rich edson is there live. rich? >> good evening, megyn. it is a closing argument, it is a familiar argument from donald trump. he's discussing iran. immigration and china. he's criticizing the obama administration, and of course, members of the media. in an event earlier today in western iowa and the one going on in sioux city here, donald trump has failed to mention any of his gop rivals, except for one. the one who is polling closest. ted cruz. >> he was born in canada, and a lot of people are saying he can't even be running for the election, so we'll find out about that. to me, that's a big problem, by the way. because if you become the candidate, it's possible you can't even run, according to a lot of people. i have to say that i see so much dishonesty in politics. >> trump just wrapping right here, and the question is are these event-goers going to become caucus voters tomorrow? we spoke to several of them who say they have never been to a caucus before, and they say they
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will show. >> i plan on caucusing for mr. trump. because i feel what he says, he's a doer, and he's going to fix this country. >> oh, yeah, i will be there. me and my father will be there. it will be a good thing. >> before wrapping this evening, trump asked these folks to show up tomorrow night. supporters say if they can get hundreds if not thousands to show up at events like this on a sunday night, monday night, tomorrow should be no problem. megyn and bret, back to you. >> thank you. meantime, hillary clinton trying to stave off a surging bernie sanders and commenting on the e-mail scandal that has dogged her campaign. ed henry is live with her campaign. >> good to see you. this is the last thing hillary clinton needed on the eve of these caucuses. the obama administration late friday confirming that in fact there are at least 22 e-mails with top secret information on her server.
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she tried to fight fire with fire by turning this weakness into a strength. going to dramatic caucus goers and basically saying look, this e-mail issue is not for real, she claimed. she claimed republicans are using it like benghazi. and she basically tried to claim it was a conspiracy issue in order to try to inflame this and get democrats on her side right before the caucus. listen to this. >> let's just get it out. let's see what it is and let the american people draw their own conclusions. this is very much like benghazi, george. the republicans are going to continue to use it, beat up on me, i understand that. that's the way they are. but after 11 hours of testimony, answering every single question in public, which i have requested for many months, i think it's pretty clear they're grasping at straws. >> secretary clinton has done this in previous iterations during this controversy. for example, when the inspector general of the intelligence community came out with some information, she suggested that this is being coordinated with republican. the reason why it may be
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different now, though, is there's still that non-partisan fbi investigation that is ongoing and hanging over this campaign right now. >> thank you. >> bernie sanders is holding a rally right now in des moines. he's been drawing huge crowds here in iowa. looking to upset hillary clinton. mike emanuel is live with his campaign. mike? >> good evening. senator bernie sanders told supporters today his campaign's momentum is beyond his wildest dreams. he is set to begin a rally here at grand view university in des moines. it is beyond packed. we're in an overflow space. and it is very loud in there as he tries to rally the youth votes to come out on caucus night. earlier in waterloo, sanders told supporters the entire world will be watching tomorrow night. >> what they will really be looking at is to see whether or not iowa is prepared to move this country away from establishment politics and establishment economics and move us in a very, very different
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direction. monday night could be an historic night for this country. we can make history. >> team sanders is telling supporters he's in a toss-up race with hillary clinton. in order to win, his volunteers need to drive turnout and continue making calls on his behalf. going door to door to ask friends and neighbors to caucus for the vermont senator. one supporter told us she prefers bernie sanders on foreign policy. >> hillary is a little too eager, i think, to take us into wars. just to show strength. and she's playing with the big boys. you've got to show that power, that strength. but she's a little bit too militaristic. >> some of the warm-up at this event has been about explaining how one goes to caucus. if bernie sanders is to win, he's counting on a lot of first-timers. meanwhile, marco rubio
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looking to prove the polls wrong and urging iowans to get out and caucus for him. >> this is not a time for patience. not after seven years of barack obama. that's why i chose to run for president now, at this critical moment in our history. i'm asking you to caucus for me tomorrow night. because if i'm our nominee, number one, i will unite this party. we have our differences. we're having a debate now in this campaign, a back and forth, a lot of last-minute attacks that are almost always false. if they wait until the last minute to say it, it's probably not true. but in the end, we still have to be united. >> outsider candidates also held smaller events in the state today, as former caucus winners mike huckabee and rick santorum, as well as senator rand paul crisscrossed the state today. and former florida governor jeb bush makes his final pitch to iowa voters before tomorrow night. he'll be in davenport, iowa, this hour.
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we'll be taking you there live in just a moment. that gets under way. >> now with more, our fox news senior political analyst brit hume. good to see you. you heard senator ted cruz's camp is saying we're going to win. isn't it normally the practice to lower the expectations before the caucus? >> right before, you don't want the expectations too high because you can win and still be thought to have not done as expected and therefore you've lost, which is a peculiar way this sometimes works. sometimes as you -- i think we saw with marco rubio days ago when it looked like things were really starting to build for him, his people were putting it out that he was coming on. sometimes you do that and build the expectations because you want your supporters to think hey, this guy could win. >> he's a winner. >> i liked him, but i wasn't going to vote for him. now i think he has a chance, i'm going to. but you can't go too far with that, which is what i think the cruz people may be experiencing. >> on the cruz side, what about the splitting of the evangelical
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vote? you've got mike huckabee and rick santorum. you have dr. ben carson. potentially taking some of that vote. >> i think most of that vote is gone for the earlier winners, santorum and huckabee. it looks like they really don't have anything going here. ben carson at one time seemed very much to. that seems to have faded away. the person i think ben carson is hurting right now is marco rubio, because i think a lot of his support might well gravitate to marco rubio. and i'm struck in the polling by how much evangelical support donald trump has. he's doing very well. >> 47% are evangelicals, evenly divided by trump and ted cruz. >> remarkable. but marco rubio talks the language of faith pretty ably, so he might pick up support there. he certainly would need to. >> what is the function of tomorrow night in iowa? they say on the gop side, iowa does not have a track record of picking the eventual nominee. but does it have a good track
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record of clearing the field of those who really have no chance? >> it does in a couple of ways. you make the big effort, you travel all over the state, and after here and after new hampshire, you're out of states where you can go live there and campaign as ted cruz is doing here in all 99 counties. it becomes much more natural, or at least heavily regional campaign. if you do poorly here, the money is going to dry up. and you won't be able to functionally campaign. >> on the democratic side, for all the people who say iowa, new hampshire maybe don't matter, bernie sanders could win both of them. and hillary clinton has this buzz saw in south carolina. you say momentum matters. >> well, momentum -- i mean, i've seen this happen. i remember when in 1984 when gary hart came out of nowhere to beat walter mondale who was the prohibitive favorite in new hampshire. suddenly there was this outpouring of attention for him.
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he was holding airport rallies, which is all he could mount. and he very nearly knocked mondale off early in the game. so the whole picture in those southern states can change given the results that happened in this state. it might not happen. maybe the fire wall hillary clinton claims to have would hold. i wouldn't bet anything i own on that if bernie sanders wins these first two states. >> now they're saying there could be three tickets out of iowa. trump, cruz, rubio. all three could have a ticket to keep going and potentially secure the nomination. do you believe that, and do you think if one of those guys does not land in the top three, there's no ticket? >> i could answer that question perfectly if i could do one thing. if i could see their bank accounts. that's really what it comes down to. >> well, you know what donald trump's is. >> donald trump isn't going to run out of money here. because of anything that happens here. he could be hurt. if he doesn't win iowa and gets upset, beats ted cruz -- remember the aura of invincibility around himself.
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it's helped the bandwagon effect. that would be hurt. cruz has made such a huge effort here, and he doesn't have much going in new hampshire so far, although that could change. he would be badly hurt. the guy that could be the big winner is an unexpectedly big showing by rubio would make a big difference. it might sweep away some of the other candidates, and some of that -- much of that support could flow to him and that could change the complexion of the race. >> brit, thank you, sir. coming up next, donald trump plays the expectations game. >> as we continue with coverage of america's election headquarters. the iowa caucuses. it's almost here. >> almost here. >> tomorrow, we're going to have numbers. >> finally. >> live from the historic state capitol right here in des moines. don't go away.
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welcome back. the man out in front of the republican race donald trump says he's still confident he'll
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be the nominee come july, even if he doesn't win in iowa tomorrow. here he is on "face the nation" this morning. >> i don't have to win it. but i think it would be really good to win iowa. i'd like to win iowa. i'm doing really well with the evangelicals in iowa, but i'm also doing tremendously well all over the country with the evangelicals. i'm leading by a lot. >> charles, what do you think? do you have a sense how trump and cruz are battling this out substantively in the last couple of days? >> i think if you look at the interior polls of "the des moines register," it tells you a lot about trump's prospects. what he has is a hardcore base, extremely loyal. seven of ten trump supporters will say they are not changing their minds. whereas probably half or even less than half of the rest of the caucus goers are prepared to
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look somewhere else. a lot of hardcore support. very loyal. his problem is he has a soft appeal beyond that. and that's in a second set of numbers in the des moines poll. people are asked who would be your second choice. the trump people. trump only gets 7% of the caucus goers as a second choice. cruz gets 17%. rubio gets 20%. it's suggested whoever can get through iowa, even perhaps through new hampshire, they have room to grow, much more than trump. and the most striking number of all in the poll is the favorable, unflavorable. trump essentially is flat. he's got a plus-3. 3% more favorable than unflavorable. but if you look at rubio, he's plus-49. cruz, plus-37.
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it's extremely unusual for someone to be leading the field with a flat favorable number. but the reason is that the trump support is very hardcore, very loyal. again, can he grow beyond that? if the others get through, you could see them collecting the votes of the ones who are win knowed out of the field, and that would make it a very tight two-way racethree-way race.winn that would make it a very tight two-way race or three-way race. >> what happened to ted cruz's ten-point lead that we saw in december? >> well, trump came after him. came after him hard, raised a whole bunch of issues. everything he could find. cruz had i thought a shaky debate performance. and he's been on the defensive. and so that i think accounts largely for his slide, including the governor coming out cruz over ethanol. the canadian issue. trump is extremely clever at raising issues.
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he doesn't even have to follow up. he leaves it for others to follow up. i think you've had cruz on the defensive. that's why he's down. but remember, i think as you pointed out earlier, he is still within the margin of error. >> charles, thank you. >> before iowa voters caucus, we'll be asking them what issues are most important to them. a sneak peek at our fox news entrance polls as well as we continue live from the iowa state capitol.
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choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates. perhaps you heard it's going to be a cold one, as a winter storm is getting ready to batter the hawkeye state. but voters looking to hit the polls tomorrow night may be in luck because this storm is
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expected -- i don't know, the script says to hold off until tuesday. that's not clear. >> that's not what janice said today. >> it's like monday night into tuesday. so if it starts in the wee hours, okay. if it starts more like 8:00, 9:00, we're in trouble. >> i think iowa can handle snow. it's the washington new york types -- >> i grew up in syracuse. >> maybe it's just the washington types. >> it adds an element of drama. there's a little extra drama to the evening. >> that is exactly right. >> we'll keep you posted. >> when voters go to the caucus tomorrow, they don't just choose which candidate they support, but we also like to get a sense of what issues are important to the voters. so martha mccallum is live in the iowa capitol library with a preview of tomorrow's entrance polls. beautiful site there. >> what a spectacular place this is. the iowa state capitol library. we've got a great spot here to watch it all from. and since iowa is a caucus, not a primary, it changes how we conduct our poll. we asked the questions as they enter the caucus sites in 40 locations for each party, republicans and democrats. in these spots, voters answer
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how they intend to vote. that can change a little bit once they walk in there, as we know. but it's perhaps as important, why they are supporting the candidate that they like. for example, take a look. what is the most important to you? economy, terrorism, immigration, government spending? and there's been a lot of speculation about how many first-time caucus goers there will be tomorrow night? that will be asked. if those numbers are big, it could bode well for donald trump. in particular, his ground game and his get out the vote effort have been somewhat elusive. another big question we're going to have on the data tomorrow evening, did evangelicals split their vote and how does it split? the candidates have courted this group hard, as we all know, and cruz is expected to do well with them, but how well? we'll get a tea leaf number when we look at these. also, there's a lot of buzz around marco rubio in the final days, but did it translate? did he sway those late deciders? the entrance polls give us an idea of that as well. on the democratic side, these questions may tell the tale for
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us a bit. are you looking for a nominee who will carry on the president's policies? would it bode well for hillary clinton? if young people turn out in big numbers, it could be a big night for bernie sanders. we also asked the gut questions. what did you like? is it their experience, their honesty, their straight talk, their leadership, or electability? did you vote for the person that you think is most likely to be able to triumph in november? all very telling. our fox news entrance poll will tell us that and a whole lot more. i can't wait to get a look at some of those numbers as they start pouring in tomorrow night from this beautiful, spectacular library. >> excellent. all right, martha, thank you. >> when she said they asked the gut question, when she talked about bernie sanders, i thought she was going a different direction. he said first of all, i just want to point out i'm too fat to button this suit. which made most of the people there want to vote for him. >> authentic. >> we've seen the poll numbers heading into tomorrow, but how
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locked in are the voters' choices? kirsten powers and steve hayes join us for that. >> and you keep hearing us talk about it, but do you really know what a caucus is? a lesson in caucus one-on-one. james rosen straight ahead. >> it really is a lively discussion about our democracy, and really always makes me feel a little bit like ben franklin would have done.
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beautiful. >> welcome back to america's election headquarters live from the iowa state capitol. they do it differently here in iowa, holding caucuses across the state instead of the usual primary. even each party does it a little differently. james rosen differents us a lesson on caucuses 101. >> at 7:00 p.m. central time monday night, an estimated three 3,000 to 4,000 iowans will gather in churches, schools, and community centers, listen to speeches by representatives from the campaigns, then have sbirted debates about the candidates. after that, the two parties handle things differently. democratic caucus goers will cluster in groups supporting different candidates, as in this instructional video produced by the bernie sanders campaign. >> i'll have the bernie people go over there, pink people come here, greens come over here.
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and then we'll count you to see if you're viable. >> if not, those folks either leave or join a larger group with the final tally divided proportionally. >> it really is a lively discussion about our democracy, and really, always makes me feel a little bit like ben franklin would have done this. >> republican caucus goers receive slips of paper on which to write down their choice for a nominee. no candidate has to meet a threshold of support as the democrats require, and here, too, the final tally is split proportionally. >> we are bound. whatever happens on caucus night, that will actually be what is reported at the national convention regardless of who our dell gots are. >> turnout for the iowa caucuses typically hovers at about 20%, although 2008 drew close to 40% of iowa's democrats. this year, both parties have teamed up with microsoft to produce an app that will report tallies in realtime.
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>> when you have the whiteboard with the circles and the xs. >> it makes me nervous. >> where's karl rove? >> and with hours to go now before those first votes start coming in, many iowans say they could still change their minds. according to "the des moines register" polling, 55% say their minds are made up. 45% say they can still be persuaded. but trump's supporters do not appear ready to jump ship. 71% say they have their minds made up and they will vote for him. that's compared to 61% of cruz supporters who say they will definitely be voting for cruz. we're joined now by kirsten powers, and steve hayes. both are fox news contributors. great to see you both. so it seems like according to this des moines register poll, there's not some huge swell in voter registration. they're not suspecting first-time caucus goers to outnumber last time by any huge martin. but they say for donald trump, that doesn't really matter. he's actually not as dependent on those folks as we thought. that the mainstream republican
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voters are behind him and in that 71%. >> here in iowa, i think that is the case. although i think most people believe that if there is a huge turnout, that it would be because new voters are coming to caucus for donald trump. the numbers are pretty striking that you just read. 45% open to being persuaded are not entirely sure who they're voting for this year. last year, 26% made their decision on the last few days. >> we finally get real votes, which is such a relief come monday. but you look at these numbers, why is it taking people so long? candidates are in living rooms. they're all over the state. they get a lot of looks at these people. >> this has been a very volatile situation. one of the things that was interesting was that people seem to have soured on donald trump. so they're not turning against -- fewer people are comfortable with him being candidate as when they started
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out. so i think they're still getting to know people. donald trump isn't the kind of person that typically they would be voting for. and you also have the situation with ted cruz, which is he's not the most likable candidate. typically you have the person that people are going to be rallying against is someone who has much higher favorabilities than he has. so i don't think there's any one person that they're able to really rally around completely. so i think that you end up with a situation where they're still making up their minds at the very last minute. >> how does the dynamic play in this caucus where people have to persuade each other? people are actually standing up there and they have to fight for the person they believe in. >> yeah, it's very interesting. less pronounced on the republican side than it is on the democratic side. but there's definitely a group dynamic to the debate. to listening to pitches from other candidates. if somebody has a great surrogate giving a pitch in that caucus room, that others find persuasive, or makes an appeal saying don't waste your vote on this candidate at 4%, you really want to make a difference and caucus for our candidate, that
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can actually matter in a place like this. >> republicans are voting at the end of those pitches. democrats are literally, as you saw in james's piece, moving physically in parts of the room. >> it's really mind numbing if you truly try to understand it. >> we have plenty of time. >> kirsten, martin o'malley, he's at like 4%, 5%. you can see in some of these precincts where his people shifting in the room make a difference. >> yeah. things are very close. if we're going to accept "the des moines register" poll, which is the gold standard, we don't really know what the makeup is going to be. so to your point of thank god someone is actually going to be voting. but if you look at it right now, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are almost neck and neck, so just a couple people moving here, a couple of people moving there could actually make a huge difference. >> the enthusiasm level according to this des moines register poll. it shows that marco rubio on the republican side is in the best position. 58% who are enthusiastic for him. 40% not, or less. 58, same for ben carson.
11:38 pm
56 for ted cruz. 43% say they're enthusiastic about donald trump. what does that mean? >> well, it's a smaller group, but i would say that the intensity of the trump supporters, as you suggested with that other poll -- >> 71%. >> look, i think donald trump -- if we're looking at this as a huge pie, donald trump has a big chunk of that pie. but he doesn't have much beyond that. that's beginning to be his biggest challenge. whatever happens here in iowa, that's going to be his biggest challenge beginning forward. how does he broaden that appeal beyond his very intense and very loyal core of support when he's got favorability numbers, you know, 50 to there was a gallup poll that 50% viewed donald trump unfavorably. that is his biggest challenge. >> last thing, kirsten. looking forward, you get through iowa monday, then everybody focus on new hampshire. and donald trump and bernie sanders are in amazing positions, according to the polls there. >> right.
11:39 pm
slightly different situations. i do think with sanders, that it's a neighboring state for him. it's a state that's perfectly tailored for him. he comes from a state that's 95% white. and like iowa, it's a much more white state than you're going to see in south carolina. and as we move through the different states. so bernie sanders doing well there is i don't think as newsworthy as him doing well later down the road. trump, what's going to be the most interesting is what's going to happen here, because this state is really a state that ted cruz should win. and if he doesn't win and donald trump wins, then that is a very big deal in a way that i don't think new hampshire is as big of a deal, because it's expected and iowa is -- the evangelical vote is so central here. and cruz has poured everything into that to win that evangelical vote and boost him over the top. >> we hope this time we're going to know, they've rejiggered the way they calculate the vote. so we hope we're going to know
11:40 pm
tomorrow night. >> a pickup truck at 2:00 a.m. >> we were sitting there for eight hours reading. >> kirsten, steve, thank you. >> it is a dark cloud hanging over the clinton campaign. the controversy over her e-mails. >> and the democratic candidate is fighting back. while she's comparing it to the republican-led investigation of benghazi.
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this chain of e-mails very well included a published newspaper report. that seemed a little hard to understand, that we would be retro actively overclassifying a public newspaper article. so let's just get it out and see
11:44 pm
what it is. this is very much like benghazi, george. the republicans are going to use it, beat up on me, i understand that. that's the way they are. >> well, that was hillary clinton, waving off the latest criticism over e-mails found on her private server. let's bring back our political panel, kirsten powers and steve hayes. politically for her, this seems to be getting more dangerous. and democrats are saying that. >> yeah, her defense that she presented right here honestly is really laughable. no matter where you come from on the ideological or political spectrum, her concern is not republicans at this point. and everybody who's looked at a newspaper over the past six months understands that. her concern is the fbi and what the fbi is finding. this is not just an interagency dispute about classification levels. it is a criminal probe into behavior that she engaged in, perhaps along with some of her aides that have gotten her in this hot water. if you go back and look at the press statement that she gave on march 10th at the united
11:45 pm
nations, you can point to ten, 12 claims that she made at that point, which are now dem demonstrably untrue. >> there is no classified information is one of them. there is none, period. >> yeah, and everything she did is allowed, it's all proper. there's a list of those and that is her political concern. >> but here's the other problem for her, kirsten. even if many democrats -- we know what they're doing to her. for her defense there, it seems to undermine her sbeentire position. it's really hard to believe that they'd be doing that over a couple of e-mails in "the new york times," in response america says it is hard to believe that. so what else is in there that the intelligence agencies and state agree these e-mails should not be released? >> right. so there's two issues with hillary and the e-mails. one is a legal issue. one is a political issue. if we just focus on the political issue, she's doing exactly what i expected her to do and i actually think it's going to work for her, which is she already compared it to benghazi. she's portraying this as oh there go the right wingers again
11:46 pm
with their crazy tinfoil hats and they're out to persecute me. it will get to the point where the minivoter who is slightly predisposed to her hears e-mails, they're going to hear benghazi and tune out. that's her plan. that's how no matter what happens, no matter how they come after her, she's the victim, she's being persecuted and she will somehow make it work to heritage. >> you have bernie sanders who repeatedly in that debate, and i asked him the other day if reregretted saying saying i don't care about her damn e-mails. today, says this is a serious legal issue. >> funny how when they get tightener the polls, this is much more grave than i first thought. >> it's amazing what a really close caucus will do in terms of helping you clarify your view. i'm sure he has to be regretting that. if you look at the des moines register poll, you say wow, we already knew the state was built for bernie sanders. where they asked him is it okay to have a socialist as the president of the united states. he says 68% of people saying
11:47 pm
yes. i mean, this is his state to win. i don't think democrats care that much about the e-mails -- >> but isn't it authenticity that wins that for him? when he says this is a serious legal issue -- >> it comes off as being frankly sort of craven. one of his most appealing things is that he says it how it is and you can trust him, and now he's clearly realizing that he needs to -- >> on the other hand, it was totally preposterous for him to say this wasn't an issue before, when everybody understands that it was. it wasn't just -- he says he doesn't want to engage in personal attacks. suggesting that he's lying about his record on any of a number of other things, which is a pretty direct challenge to his integrity, or to her integrity. and in this case, he's saying i don't want to engage in personal attacks. the question for me going forward is is this the first step in a bunch of additional steps to come? will he develop this argument and build on it a little bit and say, you know what, this really has become a serious issue. we now know that there were these 22 e-mails.
11:48 pm
before it was speculation, but now we have more facts, and this really is serious. or, was this sort of a one-off where he sort of got in front of himself and in the middle of an interview and allowed that it was serious, and now will go back to his previous position. >> how worried are democrats? you say it's a political issue and it's a legal issue. many democrats say for me it's not a political issue. however, if the fbi and then the doj disagree, it's going to become a major political issue. and if hillary clinton gets indicted, it's going to be obviously a big race changer. so how much of a concern is that would you say on the democratic side, as we see drip, drip, drip, more and more classified, top secret, special access material and so on? >> i think that that's seen as an unlikely scenario that she gets indicted. and if you were to say to somebody what if she gets indicted? of course, that's a frightening prospect. i don't think that's what most people think is going to happen. but the political damage is not a minor issue in the general election. i don't think it's going to play very much in the primary, and in
11:49 pm
fact, sanders could get himself into trouble if he goes after her too much on this. but i think that people recognize that this is -- she's having to spend all this time talking about these e-mails, at a bare minimum, she's talking about things where she could be talking proactively about her agenda. she could be talking republicans. instead, she's on the defensive. democrats do recognize that this is bad judgment. >> and this is exactly what's fueling the frustration with washington. if she doesn't get indicted, everybody knows that what she said wasn't true, and there needs to be some accountability. if there's not, people will be angrier and angrier. >> steve, kirsten, thank you. >> it's fun to see when they get asked. it's like, i love talking about this. thank you for asking me about the e-mails or my canadian citizenship. you just love to watch the politicians. like i love this question. well, it is a sunday tradition here in the hawkeye state. hash browns and politics. bill hemmer is next on that. >> yes, and he'd like the hash browns. all that as america's election
11:50 pm
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>> as we close in on the caucuses all of the events are happening now. looking live at davenport iowa jeb bush making a last minute push for the iowa voters. >> need to get no more memorandums that restrict the ability to fight war. this is war not a law enforcement exercise. for the life of me i have no understanding why this president doesn't under and -- understand it. (applause) >> we need a no-fly zone in syria. we need safe zones in syria to deal with building an army un any led, financed by the arab
11:54 pm
world with their participation and europe so we can destroy isis with our special operators on the ground. we can destroy isis and bring about a change in syria so we don't have another gap, another void that is filled by another threat of terror. that's leadership. if you believe like i do the next president needs to go to congress and ask for authorization to use military force and persuade the american people this is in our interest. the second thing i will promise you is i will have the back of the military. one way we do that -- >> jeb bush in davenport iowa. an event underway. >> in des moines they have become just as well known as politics as they are for their famous has browns. bill hemmer has more on that. >> good evening. very soon you can take the candidates, take the pundits and
11:55 pm
take the experts and spinmeisters all in one corner, because the only thing that matters tomorrow is who iowa chooses and we found that out today. at sunday brunch in des moines. >> sue wants to start off with coffee. >> if it is hash brown or politics they have a full menu of caucus conversation. >> will you caucus on monday night? >> yes, i do. will. >> nick is all in for bernie sanders. >> i hope he woops her (bleep). i do not want another clinton in there or a bush for that matter. >> nick doesn't care much for the big names. these women do. they will caucus for hillary clinton? >> can she win in iowa? >> no. >> yes. >> that was a no and a yes. >> you can see who is the stronger supporter. >> what we found is fewer than
11:56 pm
half of the diners here will even bother to caucus. laura has been waiting tables for almost four years. she does not blink at her support for dr. ben carson. >> you have clearly thought about this for a long time. can ben carson win in iowa? >> honestly, i don't think he will. sadly i don't because he is so about god, and i know our nation has kind of fallen from god. >> still, she will caucus for carson on monday night. the perch family will not. in fact, they won't even attend. instead they will wait for the general election in november. >> who do you like? >> marco rubio. >> are you guys voting together? >> what do you like about him? >> about the candidate or about may husband? >> takepick. >> really sweet family there. by the way, best breakfast in des moines, 18 years running.
11:57 pm
>> that does it for us tonight. that coverage tomorrow night starts at 6:00 and at 8. you have it all night long.
11:58 pm
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>> breaking tonight after a presidential campaign unlike any other we are finally less than 24-hours away from the first of the nation's caucuses. iowa voters will have their say to elect the next president of the united states. welcome to the kelly files. we are live in des moines, iowa. by this time tomorrow night the caucuses will be well underway. the candidates are crisscrossing the state in an effort to shore up support. the latest poll shows a real battle off of the top. according to the des moines register donald trump in the lead at 28 percent ted cruz at 23 percent. this represents a shift in the race. last month the tame poll had


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