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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 2, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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it is tuesday, february 2nd, 2016. iowa, we have a winner. >> yes, we do. ted cruz taking the hawkeye state as the republicans turn out there in record-breaking numbers. >> god bless the great state of iowa. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> and, on the democratic side? the race is still too close to call. we have live, team coverage for you all morning. >> on the democratic side, it is a dead heat. yes, the race between hillary
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clinton and socialist bernie sanders too close to call at this hour. >> and for that, we go live to washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so right now both the clinton and sanders campaigns are trying to spin this as a win, but make no mistake. even if clinton does pull this out as a win, the results are much closer than her campaign would have liked. with 99% of the presintds reporting clinton at 49.9% and sanders at 49.6%. they're just .3 apart. clinton is saying we believe strongly we won tonight. but she hedged and didn't say outright that she won. listen. >> breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. i congratulate my esteemed friends and opponents, and i am excited about really getting into the debate with senator
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sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america. [cheers and applause] >> but no matter which candidate wins iowa, last night was a very good night for bernie sanders, he beat, if not exceeded expectations. he held his own against the clinton machine, and he received a huge round of applause during his speech for proclaiming that his political revolution has begun, and it began in iowa. >> nine months ago, we came to this beautiful state. we had no political organization. >> thank you! >> we had no money. we had no name recognition. and we were taking on the most powerful, political organization in the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> now the other big news, all be it not very surprising news, but the other big news is that martin o'malley dropped out of
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the race. he didn't even get 1% in iowa, so he decided to end it in iowa. >> i have to tell you that i am suspending this presidential bid, but i am not ending this fight. >> so, as we wait for these numbers to come in from this final presichbt in iowa which could happen at any moment, already the democratic party of iowa is coming out and saying these results are the closest in iowa democratic caucus history. leah, heather? >> all right, kristin, we will be watching all of that. meanwhile, covering the republican side is rich edson. so it's looking like a three-man race there, huh? >> reporter: it is, especially when you look at the top of the results here as we have them so far. ted cruz taking the iowa caucuses with a convincing win, leaning on evangelicals. donald trump, invincible no
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more, finishing second, still strong, and marco rubio with an exceptionally strong finishing, third here at 23, ben carson at 9, jeb bush at 3, and huckabee at 2%. this is very much the case when you look at the entrance polls. fox news spoke to people on the way in to the caucuses. a number of evangelicals showed up. it it was very important the message that ted cruz had for them. and after his victory, ted cruz took his victory lap. >> tonight is a victory for the grassroots. [cheers and applause] tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> reporter: and a victory for a very strong ground game. that leaves him above donald
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trump, trump, who skipped the republican debate, campaigned throughout the state throughout the weekend. still finishing second and he says he still is the front runner. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination, and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you. we thank you. >> reporter: and senator marco rubio, as many political observers say, seizing control of what they call the establishment lane of the republican nominating process. and marco rubio, just one percentage point behind trump, finishing third, noted his strong performance. >> they told me we had no chance because my hair waechbts gray enough, and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn, that i nad needed to wait in line. >> it is your turn! [cheers and applause]
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>> but tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state have sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back! >> reporter: following these results, the field is narrower by one. that's mike huckabee, the former governor of arkansas has dropped out of this race. it is now to new hampshire where a number of polls put donald trump well up, still, about a week before the voting begins there. back to you, heather? >> all right, and i'll take it from there. rich edson from des moines where we can see the snow falling. all eyes are turning to new hampshire. several candidates are already there ready to hit the ground running, as he said, with just one week to make their case fwf ballots are cast in the critical first in the nation primary. we are live in manchester. what's to expect in the coming days? >> reporter: good morning. iowa's in the rear view mirror, and now it is on to the granite
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state, the first in the nation primary expected next tuesday when the voters head to the polls. and a lot of excitement building. we already are ciciing the candidates make their way hire. hillary clinton and bernie sanders expected to be on the ground. clinton kicking off with an event at a community college. and the second place finisher, donald trump, his energy focussed on moving forward. >> i just want to thank my family. they have been so amazing and so supportive. we're going now, we have a poll where we're 28 points ahead. new hampshire, we love new hampshire. we love south carolina. >> reporter: several republican candidates are already on the ground, choosing to forego caucus night in iowa and focus their efforts right here in new hampshire where gop voters are
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said to be more moderate and less southecially conservative. early this morning. the governors will no longer have the voters of the granite state to themselves as the rest of the white house hopefuls begin to converge, aiming to solidify their support and sway last-minute holdouts. the new hampshire primary is a semi closed primary. if you are a democrat, you vote for a democrat. if you are a republican you vote for a republican. if you are an undeclared voter, you can choose when you get to that ballot box who you're going to be voting for. back to you. >> thank you so much, molly line. we're going back to iowa. iowa voters showed up in record numbers. some caucus locations ran out of ballots. a gop turnout last night, more than 180,000. that is compared to the previous record of 1221,354.
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that was in 2012. let's talk a little more about this. we were talking earlier before the show about these numbers. and do they surprise you, the turnout? >> it does a bit. what's interesting is we expected to see new registrations. if there it was going to be a big turnout, we thought oh, it's going to be new people, the new bringing in. but we also know that look, there's a lot of votering out there. they were expecting a 15% turnout. these are registered voters who have a history. and the turnout, we thought if it was a big turnout, it would be donald trump. what we got instead was regular people who went out, who are not first timers. maybe a few were, and that they were actually coming out to make a statement about what was important to them. in many cases perhaps voting against, against donald trump, not for him. and i think that's one of the revelations of this development last night. >> do you think that's primarily what drove folks to the polls? when you look at the break down,
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it's very interesting, conservative voters, 40%. that's down from 2012, which was 47%. but then when you look at evangelicals, that rose to 62% compared to 56% back in 2012. >> yeah, look, there's the enthusiasm gap, the republicans have a huge rate of enthusiasm. they see the threat from the left and are ready to go. the decline in hard-line conservatives could be because they were naturally for donald trump, and then the fact that his record, his positions on the issues were not necessarily conservative. they don't like rubio because he's establishment. a lot of us are against the establishment these days, and mr. cruz perhaps is not appealing to them because of some concerns regarding immigration. but overall, i think that's going to even out because of the passion to take the country back. the iowa statement last night was these are the people who we find to be appealing to us. and those who stayed home will come back out. also, we kachbts discount the
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weather to some degree, but the turnout was extraordinary, and i think the democrats need to be very concerned about that. >> still very close. cruz 28%. but still, it's anyone's game. let's talk about moving forward into new hampshire and the evangelical vote and the undecided voter. will those numbers translate as we move into new hampshire? >> new hampshire is a very different kind of place. but it really is about people of faith. and we have a genocide of christians going on around the country and around the world. we have christians under threat in america and people are tired of that being not addressed. we a people of faith, the majority who are christians, and even non-christians, jews and american muslims and others are tired of this threat. think want a president who will make a difference, and that's why the republicans are appealing to independents and democrats to some degree. so you'll see some of that in
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msna. it's the independent push though which is making bern esanders s popular. now cruz will have to sell himself, not just be an alternative to a bad choice. >> the last six gop quinne winn iowa did not win the nomination. doesn't necessarily mean it's the done deal. >> last time, south carolina always chose the winner. so it's only a rule until it's not. >> we'll check back with you shortly. new hampshire is on deck, and then hwhat? we are mapping out the track to the presidential election. that is up next. hi, i'm leeza gibons with an amazing story about how
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we will never forget you. we will see you soon again. and new hampshire, we will see you in the morning! >> new hampshire, we love new hampshire. we love south carolina. tonight and tomorrow afternoon, we'll be in new hampshire, and that will be something special. >> i'm getting on a plane in about an hour and flying all night to new hampshire to knock on door and sit down and visit with people and ask for their support. >> it is getting exciting. the candidates already on move to new hampshire. today i have with me ron meyer joining me to map out the path to the nomination. nice to see you. thanks for being with us this early in the morning. okay. so we've got ohio, done, now we're moving on to new hampshire. it's not so much in delegates but the sentiment. >> it is sentiment. so the two people who have the momentum right now are cruz for winning, but i think rubio has more to gain with his momentum, because he can take voting away
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from people who didn't perform well, like jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie. so rubio could gain more in the polls than cruz even though cruz won. then we go to south carolina. this is fargspartially winner t all. we're talking about 50 delegates. so as many as you could have won in iowa and new hampshire, and you can get them all at once in south carolina. that's huge. >> so you mentioned rubio. he said he was going to head straight to new hampshire as soon as everything was over. so candidates are going to jump ahead to south carolina probably, right? >> rubio has an advantage there. he just got endorsed by tim scott who's a huge favorite. rubio had a great night, not only did he win, he outperformed the polls by 6%. >> let's move on. over in nevada, when republicans go to their primary in south carolina, democrats go to
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nevada. let's talk about that. >> bernie sanders, because he has a weird youth appeal, i think bernie has a shot there. >> you say there are some other states that are going to be very key overall in this election process. talk about those. >> march 1st we have super tuesday. those are all done by proportion. virginia, because it's a swing state, you have to win virginia to win in the general election. it's a perfect bellwether. march 115th. we have ohio, florida and illinois as well. and so, if you can win those three states, those have more than 50 delegates each. illinois has 70 delegates. florida has 70 as well. if you win all those at once on march 15th, you could jump ahead. if you get second place, you
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still get almost as many as the guy in first. if you win these winner take alls you get huge jumps. if the race is going to be over, it's going to be over march 15th. otherwise, it's going to go to the convention. >> what are the chances that this is a brokered convention? >> i think it's more likely than ever. because you have three strong candidates, and three separate lanes. cruz isn't going anywhere. obviously trump's not going anywhere. and rubio can start winning some of these states. florida's going to be huge for him and so is south carolina. the issue with those states, if you invest too much and lose you get nothing. so it's very high stakes for marco rubio, but i think he could be in it until the end. donald trump has a ceiling, he's only getting about 40%. other candidates are getting 60. that's 60%, whoever makes up could gang up. >> thank you so much ron meyer
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for red alert politics. the time now is almost 20 minutes after the top of the hour, and ted cruz picking up a big win in iowa, but does that really matter? why our next guest says that cruz is no closer to the white house today.
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well, the record-breaking caucus night in iowa officially kicks off the race for the white house. ted cruz the official winner with donald trump and marco rubio not far behind, but do caucus winners usually win in new hampshire or make it to the
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white house? eric ericson joins us again this morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> all right. so were you surprised last night? and will the wechber of last night necessarily move forward and win new hampshire? >> you know, i wasn't surprised last night. the polling in iowa is so hard to do, and it's hard to measure the support of caucus goers. had you gone to the ground in iowa, though, you would have seen the strength of ted cruz's ground game and operation in the close race. the problem for ted cruz is the talking points that the rubio campaign is already throwing out. the iowa winner continues not to be the winner on the republican side. however. ted cruz is already at second place in new hampshire right now. so if the voters in new hampshire see donald trump as weakened coming out of iowa, that he actually can lose. somebody has redirected the
1:25 am
website to donald trump's wikipedia page. cruz has a very strong ground game in texas. >> if you take a look at the entrance polls, specifically, in terms of who turned out the most for cruz who won this teime, it was the conservatives and the evangelicals. will that translate into new hampshire? >> that has been the case before. new hampshire is a different dynamic. the voters team to be a little wealthier, a little more secular. that may help with donald trump or john kasich. may help marco rubio given his essential tie with donald trump last night. the calendar's so different this time that it does give cruz an initial advantage going through the southern states, tennessee, arkansas, georgia, texas, all before we get to marco rubio's
1:26 am
home state of florida. >> who do you think is still standing and who is at the end of the line? >> ben carson who left iowa to go home and get clean clothes in florida before going to new hampshire, his campaign is kind of sputtering out and doesn't. have much momentum left. i don't know where ben carson can go after iowa, given evangelicals flocking to ted cruz. >> and what do you think in terms of huckabee? i was wondering about this when i heard that he had bailed out. where do you think his followers will go, remembering that when donald trump had his alternate event, he went over there to, you know, also to speak to those voters. >> you know, huckabee doesn't have a lot of supporters left in iowa, judging by the polling. i was kind of surprised by how poorly he did in iowa. some of his supporters, he may be able to direct them to donald trump. there's sill a rumor that donald trump is doing an event in
1:27 am
arkansas. but by and large, when you look at the exit polls, they seem to be ted cruz or marco rubio voters. >> what a difference, santorum and huckabee in iowa. and the time is now 27 minutes after the hour. new hampshire is next. so who has the momentum going to the granite state? our political panel is next.
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it is tuesday, february 2, 2016, iowa, we have a winner. good morning, everyone, i'm leah gabrielle. >> ted cruz taking the hawkeye state as republicans there turn out in record-breaking numbers. >> god bless the great state of
1:31 am
iowa. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> on the democratic side, the race still too close to call. we have live team coverage this morning. >> and we have kristin fisher covering clinton and sanders. >> we begin with the apparent three-man race between the republicans. good morning rich. >> good morning, and higher than expected turn out. some 180,000 going to the gop caucuses. and looking to finish here on top is ted cruz. garnering 28% of the vote. donald trump finishing at second at 24% and marco rubio nearly capturing trump's sized total at 23%. the entrance polls, talked to folks on the way into the caucus event showing strong evangelical support for ted cruz, and in his
1:32 am
victory lap earlier this morning or this evening, he already took aim at democrats. >> i wish them both luck. [ laughter ] but i will tell you this, as margaret thatcher observed, the trob with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money. >> much of the story line for the coverage leading up to the iowa caucuses was donald trump, the massive rallies, his skipping of debates, the non-traditional campaign he was running, and the questions of whether or not his supporters would actually show up to the polls. many of them did, but not enough to put him over the top, so trump was left to tout his second place finish. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. i'm really honored, and i want to congratulate ted. and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates, including mike huckabee, who's become a really good friend of
1:33 am
mine. so congratulations to everybody. >> iowa caucus polling is not necessarily known for else unpredictability, but there are surprises, that came in the form of florida senator marco rubio who finished third right behind donald trump, and he predicted that he would eventually be the nominee. >> tonight i thank you here in iowa. i thank you, because tonight we have taken the first step, but an important step towards winning this election. if i am our nominee, and i will be our nominee, thanks to what you have done in this great state -- [cheers and applause] -- when i am our nominee, we are going to unify this party, and we are going to unify the conservative movement. >> and the massive republican field has gotten just a little bit smaller. mike huckabee, the former governor of arkansas and former winner of these caucuses in 2008
1:34 am
has announced he's suspending his campaign. now it's on to new hampshire. >> and we will be there. thank you, rich. as we mentioned, too close to call. hillary clinton and bernie sanders wrap up iowa in a dead heat. kristin fisher's following that part of our coverage, and she is live from washington, d.c. this morning. good morning. >> so clinton's campaign is already declaring victory. they just released a statement saying clinton has won the iowa caucus. there is no uncertainty, and secretary clinton has won the most national and state delegates. there is no outstanding information that could change the results, and no way can senator sanders overcome clinton's advantage. during her neither concession nor victory speech, she says she's breathing a big sigh of relief and is excited about continuing to debate senator sanders in new hampshire. >> when it is all said and done,
1:35 am
we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and divide us. that is not who we are, my friends. and i intend to stand against it. i will not -- [cheers and applause] -- i will not let their divisiveness, their efforts to rip away the progress that we've made be successful. >> but bernie sanders has already won the expectations game. he more than held his own in iowa. when it was his time to speak, he said nine months ago we had no political organization, no money, no name wreck nice, and now we're taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states. >> i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic
1:36 am
establishment, and by the way, to the media establishment. >> now the other big news and not very surprising news is that martin o'malley has dropped out of the race. the former maryland governor didn't even get 1%. so he decided to end it in iowa. >> the fight that you and i are engaged in is a tough fight. and i believe the toughness of the fight is the way the hidden god has of showing us we're fighting for something worth saving. >> and then there were two. the democratic party in iowa says these are the closest in iowa democratic caucus history. so even if clinton is declaring a win, the results are much closer than her campaign would have liked. >> kristin fisher in washington, thank you. and now that iowa's in the books, all eyes are on the next prize, and that, of course, is new hampshire. which candidate has the most momentum heading into next week's granite state prime air?
1:37 am
here is ford o'connell and march j -- margie o'mara. it tends to be a better predictor of who might end up winning the presidency. where do we see the momentum going from your perspective? >> well, while trump underperformed in eye was, iowa still the favorite in new hampshire. who's going to finish second when we have a five-car pileup between rubio, cruz, kasich, christie and bush. can he take his new-found momentum and finish in new hampshire. we're going to find out real soon. >> let's take a look at the polls right now, what we have. the new hampshire gop poll, the latest one shows trump at 30%, still in the lead. cruz 12%, rubio at 11%.
1:38 am
and then you've got kasich, christie and bush. then you have sanders at 57%, clinton 34%. o'malley at 1%. so margie, let's go to you on this one. where do you see the momentum going on the democratic side? >> in new hampshire. i think a close race means they both can say, they can both breathe a sigh of relief and say that they did a great job. new hampshire obviously has been a strong place for sanders given his proximity, be being from vermont to new hampshire. he's been up in the polls since about december. it may not change much or it may narrow some given what happened in iowa last night, but i think they're both going to be, they're both going to go today and reach out to voters and get aoyed by what happened last night. >> some of the candidates who lost are coming out of this
1:39 am
caucus. let's go to you on this one, o'malley is now out. huckabee is now out. what do we expect to come? >> i'm not sure that anyone else is going to drop out until the new hampshire prime air is over. but if jeb bush, chris christie or john kasich doesn't finish well, i think it's a three-man race between trump, rubio and cruz. >> we're still waiting to see what's going to happen on the democratic side, but on the republican side, do you expect to see the gop leaders starting to try to consolidate the base, try to put pressure on some of the candidates with the lower poll numbers? >> absolutely. you have ben carson who gave out a couple strange statements about needing a fresh set of laundry. there will be pressure for him to get out, especially going into south carolina. you may see pressure for folks
1:40 am
like rick santorum or rand paul, for those folks to start exiting the race. but there's that whole group of people that is called the establishment lane, but they are folks who have already been doing well, and spending a lot of time in new hampshire that ford alluded to. i think there's going to be a real race for second and third, whoever doesn't make that second and third, maybe fourth, will have to start thinking long and hard about getting out of the race so people can consolidate around someone that a lot of folks in the republican party, they can expand their appeal, rather than contract it and narrow it. >> and ford, do you expect new hampshire to give us answers in that regard, you know the voters there are more socially conservative, different types of voters from what we saw in iowa. >> absolutely. new hampshire is a much more moderate voter. they're not as religiously oriented as they are in iowa. very heavily catholic. the key is going to be whether or not marco rubio can convince chris christie supporters and john kasich supporters that he's
1:41 am
better and the better choice for new hampshire than the others. if they start to do well, they may stay in longer, and if rubio's really going to make a run here with cruz and trump, he's going to have to do did via new hampshire, walking right into south carolina. >> thank you. >> thank you. well, the time now is about 20 minutes to the top of the hour. and donald trump maybe like you've never seen him before last night. watch. >> we finished second, and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. >> huh. but our next guest says don't get used to that. stick around.
1:42 am
and donald trump maybe like
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1:44 am
welcome back. the turnout for the iowa caucus is overwhelming, and now we have
1:45 am
a better idea of why people voted the way they did. >> kelly wright has been sifting through the entrance polls. good morning. >> good morning as well. first, let's get to that number. 182,000 turning out compared to 122,000 in 2012. so break that all down here. and the entrance polls give us an interesting snapshot into why voters chose their candidates. and the most important issues guiding their decision. one big indicator, explosion of first-time caucus goers. 46% said they had never attended before, a big upswing from 2012 when only 38% said they were first-time republican caucus goers. the faithr was another game changer for iowa. 62% describing themselves as white, born again or evangelical christians. now you break that down by the top candidates in that category, ted cruz had 33% of the
1:46 am
evangelical vote. rubio and trump tied with 21%. and ben carson took 12%. and many in the beginning thought trump would go on to win that evangelical vote if turnout proved to be as heavy as it did last night. and when it comes to timing and picking a candidate, 20% decided in the last month, 19% in the last few days, and 16% decided on a candidate the day of the caucuses. then there's the insider versus outsider debate which has been the theme of the overall election. iowa caucus goers preferred an outsider candidate, but not by much. 48% to 46%. and in terms of the most important issues for voters, government spending was their top priority. the economy and terrorism coming in next, then immigration last, with 13%. and when it comes to their feeling that all important thing that you have to factor in, about how the federal government is working, the overwhelming
1:47 am
majority was dissatisfied, but not angry. 42% were angry. voters satisfied barely registered with 5% or less. another big indicator, the qualities that mattered most in a candidate. the most caucus goers wanted someone who could share their values. beyond that, 21% wanted someone to win in november and bring about change. telling it like it is, donald trump's best-known quality came in last at 14%. and it all rounded out with the evangelicals giving donald trump 24%. he comes in in second, and marco rubio trailing him with a close third at 23%. and then of course ted cruz winning the evangelical vote handedly. heather? >> all right, kelly wrielgt in washington. thank you, kelly. >> and we're not done yet. we'll have more coverage of the
1:48 am
iowa caucuses when we come back. stay right with us.
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welcome back. a stunning turn of events for some in the iowa caucuses. victory for ted cruz, the texas senator beating donald trump as marco rubio soars to a strong third place. but our next guest says a few surprises prove this race is far from over. and here to explain that, real clear politics, clayton huey burns. thank you for getting up early with us. it was a long night. >> a very long night indeed. what do you think was the biggest surprise. we talked about rubio's surge, but he finished a strong third. >> a strong third, tw very
1:52 am
little room between himself and donald trump to place second as we know, and close enough to ted cruz to be competitive. what marco rubio was able to do was create a lot of distance between himself and those other mainstream establishment oriented candidates he was competing with. so that gives him a big boost of momentum heading into new hampshire where the prime air takes place next week. >> something else that proves important perhaps with cruz winning iowa will be the ground game. he campaigned in all 99 counties in iowa, right? >> he did. and this, this victory here shows that traditional shoe leather campaigning does pay off. there were questions heading into iowa of whether donald trump with his kind of national style of politics, he really only spent the night there a couple of times his whole campaign, while ted cruz traveled to every county by
1:53 am
monday's caucuses. >> mm-hm. >> and so that shows that that style, that does tend to do well in iowa still holds. >> and just quickly, i know who is surprised this morning also. that would probably be hillary clinton's camp and how closely that race ended up between herself and bernie sanders. >> right, the clinton campaign is now dechairing victory, but this is a very uncomfort kbl position for her, given that sanders closed in as close as he did. she nows that to go to new hampshire where sanders has a more natural lied and is a more natural fit for that state. so that is a more competitive race going forward. >> we only have about a minute left, moving forward to new hampshire, speaking of sanders, he raised $20 million in january alone. you said he leads in new hampshire by a significant amount, so does donald trump, so what do you think is going to
1:54 am
happen there? >> well, i think new hampshire's going to be a must-win state for donald trump. he can suffer that loss in iowa, fine. he is not really tailor made for that state. he can spin that in a way of, you know, pointing to the way that ted cruz had really tailored his campaign to iowa. new hampshire is a must-win state for donald trump, and at his heels will be marco rubio who has this new momentum heading into new hampshire. >> and in 20 seconds or less, who should skip new hampshire? anyone head straight to south carolina? >> well, there are several candidates tweeting in south ca. i think the other southern states that vote in unison, the so-called sec primary. >> we will talk about that coming up.
1:55 am
caitlin huey jones. thank you for joining us. >> our coverage of the iowa caucus results continue right after the break.
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it is tuesday, february 2nd, with record-breaking numbers. iowa is in the books. >> yes, it is. ted cruz thumping trump to win in iowa, and marco rubio surging
1:59 am
to a strong third. >> god bless the great state of iowa. tonight is a victory for the grassroots. [cheers and applause] tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> ah, but for the democrats, it is a dead heat to the race now between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. too close to call. we have live team coverage this morning. covering the gop, and molly line is in new hampshire where the candidates are heading now. >> let's begin with rich. >> good morning. in texas, senator ted cruz riding high turnout and high evangelical turnout to a victory here, taking a look at where it stands right now, ted cruz with 28% of the vote, donald trump
2:00 am
finishing second with 24%, marco rubio at 23%. ben carson at with 2 percent. with that ted cruz is declaring victory. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> donald trump was touting high turnout at his political events. plenty of interest here. it is surprising someone like donald trump can finish second in a state like iowa. some what of a disappoint. he was atop many of the polls. still donald trump with a high lead maintains he will be the nominee. >> we will go on to get the


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