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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  February 2, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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finishing second with 24%, marco rubio at 23%. ben carson at with 2 percent. with that ted cruz is declaring victory. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. >> donald trump was touting high turnout at his political events. plenty of interest here. it is surprising someone like donald trump can finish second in a state like iowa. some what of a disappoint. he was atop many of the polls. still donald trump with a high lead maintains he will be the nominee. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we
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will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you, we thank you. i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay. >> the over performance of the evening going to florida senator marco rubio finishing right behind done fald trump. rubio was quick to note his strong performance. oo tonight here in iowa the people of this great state have sent a very clear message. after 7 years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> the field is just a bit smaller this morning. former arkansas governor mike huckabee the winner of the 2008 iowa caucuses bowed out of this contest. >> rich edson in des moines. thank you, rich. >> on the democratic side it is a dead heat the race between hillary clinton and socialist
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bernie sanders is too close to call right now. >> good morning. >> good morning to you, lea. these are the closest democratic caucus number they have seen. clinton got 49.9 percent of the vote. sanders received 49.6 percent to martin o'malley's half of a percent. in des moines there is one precinct that hasn't called it in. even with the missing precinct sanders couldn't make up the difference. fox news is waiting to call it. this is still incredibly close. to give you a sense of what the numbers really mean almost 1400 state delegates were up for grabs. clinton gets 4 more delegates than sanders. she kept her speech focused on the positive. >> when it is all said and done, we have to be united against a republican vision and candidates who would drive us apart and
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divide us. that is not who we are my friends. >> the sander's camp was ecstatic. the des moines register had him down by 41 points. now the results have him down three tenths of one percent. voters are sending a strong message. >> i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the economic establishment and by the way, to the media establishment. (cheers) >> now martin o'malley took a look at the results and bowed out. there was no path for him to win as the race goes forward. what happens in a lot of the caucuses the way the rules work you have to reach the 15 percent threshold. he didn't meet that at the caucus i went to last night up the street. what happened to martin o'malley you pick clinton or
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those folks went half and half they went more towards sander's. one less person on the democratic side and too close to call at this very early hour. heather, back to you. thank you so much. we will keep a close eye on that. iowa voters showed up in record numbers last night. some caucus locations even ran out of ballots. a gop turnout last night more than 180,000. compare that to the previous record of 121, 354,000 set back in 2012. let's bring in a fox news contributor and radio talk show ose and democratic strategist. thank you for joining us this morning. hey, chuck. >> good morning. >> i will start with you. you talk about the record numbers, why do you think so many turned out this time around? >> we had two things going on. republicans said you had all of these people running you had enthusiasm, throw in a little truch and cruz and you have a huge turnout of people coming
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out. you have an over arching theme of people being sick and tired of being sick and tired. on the democratic side you had a contest that turned into a nail biter all night long. you saw people running out of ballots on the republican side. democratic side they are running out of registration cards. >> you look at the republicans. ted cruz won by the most caucus votes ever. i believe that is a record in iowa. >> look, this is a signal of a change. it is not because new people who are never in the process, but people who have been in it not been enthused with what's going on do finally see some possibility that something can change, that people who have been in the system. somebody with the experience someone like cruz who can also be anti establishment has been appealing. that has been jack welch's message as well. you have somebodyable to confront the establishment has
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the experience. if we are a world of war if we have an economy moving in other way who is it that has the majority to be able to handle that? democrats and republicans both have to answer that question. i think democrats are realizing their people in charge, their lives are not better than they were four years ago. that's why i think we may see in the internals some democrats move to vote republican in iowa as well. >> that will be interesting. it is also interesting to take a look at the ground game and how it played out. we know ted cruz had a significant ground game went to all 99 counties. bernie sanders big on his ground game spent a lot of money. he raised $20 million just in january alone. so chuck any surprises there that that seemed to work in their benefit? >> you know, i think the media roy sur prai -- was surprised. donald trump showed he had this thing in hand and polls four
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months ago said clinton had this thing in hand. anybody who spent time in iowa the ground game mattered here. you show up all at once on a cold night and you have to go to all 99 counties get your precinct captains. the ground game really did matter. my biggest surprise was rubio. rubio only won five counties but they were the five most populus counties. in return donald trump beat him by less than 1,000 votes and won 45 counties. when you are smart and organize in the right way in iowa you can have the results like bernie sanders had and marco rubio. >> something else that counted in iowa, the evangelicals and which candidate won on that front. this according to the fox news entrance polls white evangeli l evangelicals cruz winning 33 percent rubio and trump tied with 21 percent. carson some surprised this only at 12 percent. >> i think what we saw is some of the carson evangelicals move to cruz. i think there's a real sgliegs
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when you know your guy is not going to make it you want to have an impact when you see something else happening at the top. where he saw people pull away from dr. carson to to ted cruz. it was a sign ted cruz had a lot of millennials. rand paul. i think rand paul voters and dr. carson voters are ted cruz's voters. that's why we will see a shift depending what happens in new hampshire what the two men do and they endorse. >> i love that he's a man of faith. but there has got to be more of a broader approach with ted cruz. i think he knows it now. i think he will be able to pull that of oh. his wife will be -- i think you will see his wife more in the field. we will have a pretty exciting lineup. >> can he do that going into new hampshire. new hampshire is a much more
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moderate state in iowa. although the polls did not prove true in iowa he's leading in new hampshire by 20 points. >> let's be clear, new hampshire and iowa are very much as we say apples and oranges. you can vote all day long there. you don't have to have a great organization on the ground to do well there. there has been people like kasich and christie who have been camped out there. i am sure they are paying rent on a house there by now. how much will the momentum take you? how close can you get? i think it is donald trump's to lose. i am going to keep my eye on rubio. i think he will get the biggest bump. you also have the money bump. you have all of this enthusiasm people will give you more money on-line p. i think that will be the tell iof the tail as we move into new hampshire. in new hampshire i think you will have more people dropping out. >> you saw ted cruz his comments about conservative values.
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he won n can win new hampshire and south carolina. >> tammy, chuck, thank you. >> heather, with iowa in the books all eyes turning to new hampshire. a lot of people hitting the ground running with one week to make it before the ballots are cast. molly lion is live in new hampshire. what do you expect coming up in the next few days? >> as you said iowa behind us wrapping things up all eyes here on the granite state. first in the nation's primaries one week away slated for next tuesday when the voters head to the polls. all of the candidates scrambling to get here. that's the big scramble into the midwest. secretary hillary clinton and bernie sanders are already wheels down here in manchester following the super tight finish in iowa. sanders has a rally kicking it off at the national community
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college this morning. gop winner ted cruz sits down at a town hall at a church but swings into north carolina later on today. second place finisher donald trump holding a new hampshire rally and third with a strong finish that beat expectations senator marco rubio has a town hall this afternoon and he's ready to move forward. >> thank you so much. we will never forget you. we will see you soon again. in new hampshire we will see you in the morning. thank you, god bless you. republican candidates were already here choosing to forego kuk cuss night. gop voters said to be a bit more moderate less socially conservative. chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. bierlly this morning those governors will no longer have the voters here all to themselves as the rest of the white house hopefuls converge. they sway the last minute
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holdouts new hampshire voters are very engaged in the process. they take seriously. retail tol picking is a must in the granite state. we will see a lot of ground covered by the candidates in the next couple weeks. >> no doubt they will get swamped. molly line in new hampshire. >> rubio did very well in iowa. see if that translates to new hampshire as well. the time is about 12 minutes to the top of the hour. will history repeat itself? why our next guest says cruz's victory may be short lived. >> marco rubio on the rise. could he be the dark horse in new hampshire? our political panel weighs in. ♪
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>> a record breaking caucus kicks off the race for the white house. cruz the gop winner with donald trump and marco rubio not far behind. who deem who win in new hampshire usually make it to the white house? eye inice to see you. you see iowa has the worst track record for picking the presidential nominee. >> doesn't mean he doesn't become the republican nominee. since the 1970s the person who wins iowa doesn't win the nomination. it has happened a couple times. telephoned happen this time. the calendar is so different innin the order of states than it has been in the past. >> it's a dlifrment than the democratic side. can you go over more how it is successful. >> where the republican doesn't
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win the nomination the winner in iowa wins the democratic nomination. 6 times it hasn't happened for the gop 2 times it has and 6 times it has 2 times it hasn't. barack obama winning iowa losing new hampshire. the odds are whoever won iowa would be the nominee. the problem with the democrats we don't know who won iowa last night. some precincts hillary clinton won by a coin toss. we have the information 2000 al gore, 2004 john kerry. 2008 was barack obama. for the gop candidates iowa is more about momentum. let's talk about who is still standing right now and who is sort of at the end of their line. what would you say? >> i would say ben carson is at the end of the line. santorum got less than mike huckabee.
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huckabee already dropped out. i think santorum will drop out. carly fiorina, john kasich, jeb bush rand paul all of them combined got less votes than ted cruz. all of them combined got less votes than marco rubio and donald trump as well. looks like rubio cruz and trump have the big momentum. marco rubio will get the endorsement from the senator from south carolina. there isn't a lot of reason. the abc news scrapped the under c card debate. they won't get the tv exposure. >> also the question where will all of the money go. the time now is about 18 minutes after the top of the hour. on the road again. >> the sunrises tomorrow. this campaign will take the next step. >> the candidates are off to new hampshire. which states are key to the
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>> thank you so much. new hampshire we will see you in the morning. >> new hampshire. we will have new hampshire and south carolina. tonight and tomorrow afternoon we will be in new hampshire. that will be something special. >> i am getting on a plane in about an hour and flying all night in new hampshire to knock on doors and sit down and visit with people and ask for their support. >> the candidates already on the move off to new hampshire.
2:23 am
molly line is here to map out the path. now they are saying their thank yous and moving on to new hampshire. >> cruz has the momentum because he won. i also think rubio has an incredible momentum. he is fighting for the conservative voters among trump. rubio is starting to take votes from jeb and case sich and christie. this momentum could help rubio win a lot of support in new hampshire. i think we can see a bigger bump for him than for cruz even though cruz won. >> that is important leading into south carolina that's february 12th. >> it is coming up second week of february. great thing for rubio is not only you have third place not only over performed he got tim scott's endorsement for north
2:24 am
carolina li south carolina. he's getting his endorsement. >> if you win the congressional district. compared to nevada you are going back to proportional. iowa and new hampshire and almost all of the states leading up to february 15th. it was all done by po portion. meaning the percentage you get is the percentage of delegates you get. if you are in second or third that's in the game. that's the day we have to surf on the county. ohio, florida and illinois. so those all have more than 50 delegates and the winner takes all states.
2:25 am
you can start adding it up quickly. the election for the republicans with the nomination over soon is if somebody wins all three of those and it is placing in the top 3 up until march 15th. that's the only way this is over. otherwise it's a long drawn out process. it is still proportional. you can't rack up states. there are so many proportional states. there are only 8 winner takes all states. if you are in the top 3 you are in the game for a long time potentially. especially the way we are seeing this develop. with rubio being strong cruz being strong and trump having the money and stain ability in the race. >> what is more important money in the long game or getting out and getting to know the voters? >> with proportionality is a national primary. you need the money. you need to be able to run ads and get your message out on the air. the grip and grin only works in states where you can do enough of it that's new hampshire and iowa. beyond that it really is a lot of politics. >> i like that grip and grin. i like that phrase.
2:26 am
thank you for joining us. we appreciate your insight. really interesting. >> the time is now 25 minutes after the hour. mike huckabee and martin o'malley are out. who will be next? our political panel weighs in. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe.
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>> it is tuesday february 2nd after a record breaking night in iowa we have a winner. i lia -- leah gabrielle. >> i am heather childers. >> tonight the state of iowa hadz spoken. iowa has sent notice the republican nominee and the president of the united states
2:30 am
will not be chosen>> the race now between hillary clinton and bernie sanders too close to call. >> kristin fisher following the deadlock between clinton and sanders. we are live in des moines with the apparent three man race for the gop. >> good morning, record turnout here more than 180,000 republican caucus goers. iowa's party and strong evangelical turnout. that put cruz to the victory in iowa. taking a look at the finish. 28 percent for ted cruz, 24 for donald trump and 23 percent for marco rubio. entrance polls indicate there was stronger evangelical turnout this time around than there was four years ago. ted cruz gave a nod to that
2:31 am
evangelical support. >> you want to know what scares the washington cartel? what scares them, we are seeing conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats all coming together as one and that terrifies washington, d.c. >> donald trump was leading in the polls through the run up to the caucuses. he still managed to get a large number of the votes but not enough to take over ted cruz. >> we finished second. i want to tell you something. i am just honored. i am really honored. i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates including mike huckabee who has become a really good friend of mine. congratulations to everybody. >> perhaps the surprise of the night coming from florida
2:32 am
senator marco rubio. he was polling in the top three but finished just behind donald trump. he is beginning to secure the establishment track in the republican nom neighboring. marco rubio starting to see that momentum. >> they told me i didn't have enough of a chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. they told me i needed to wait my turn, i needed to wait in line. but tonight, tonight here in iowa the people of this great state sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee won the iowa caucuses back in 2008. this time around it appears we are going to finish with two percent of the vote.
2:33 am
with that mike huckabee is bowing out of this race. >> lots of folks wondering where the supporters will go. rich edson live for us. thank you, rich. meantime too dloclose to call. bernie sanders and hillary clinton wrap up in iowa in a dead heat. we have that coverage as we are live in washington, d.c. clinton's camp no doubt surprised. >> no doubt surprised. clinton's campaign is already declaring victory even though the fox news decision desk says it's too close to call. even if this is a victory for hillary clinton it is still way closer than she would have liked with 99 percent of the precincts reporting clinton is at 49.9 percent. sanders 49.6 percent. just .3 apart. these are the closest results in iowa democratic caucus in history. for someone who was the overwhelming favorite for so long she needed a win. she was expected to win. she invested an incredible
2:34 am
amount of man power to make sure she didn't repeat what happened in 2008. even though it was still too close to call she said she is breathing a big sigh of relief. >> breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. i congratulate my esteemed friends and opponents and i am excited about really getting into the debate with bernie sanders about the best way forward to fight for us in america. >> last night was still a very good night for bernie sanders. he exceeded expectations. he held his own against the clinton machine. in his words his political revolution has begun. >> nine months ago we came to this beautiful state. we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition and we were taking on the most
2:35 am
powerful political organization in the united states of america. >> martin o'malley the former governor of maryland has dropped out of the race. he received less than 1 percent. his campaign headquarters was total limp tee. he called it quits in iowa. >> i have to tell you that i am suspending this presidential bid, but i am not ending this fight. >> now it is on to new hampshire a state where bernie sanders has the advantage. he is leading by a wide margin in almost all of the polls. even if clinton does end up with a win in iowa arguably he is the candidate that has a lot of the momentum coming out of iowa. lia. >> kristin fisher in washington, thank you. >> now that iowa all eyes are on the next prize and that is new hampshire. which candidate has the most
2:36 am
momentum heading into the granite state primary and who might be a dark horse candidate? political panel gop strategist o'connell and margie omerica. you say kasich and christie may be dark horses who do you say has the most momentum? >> rubio has momentum coming out of iowa. the entrance polls show that voters, republican voters who prioritize elect ability picked rubio. he won with that group. you may find now competing with folks who are seen as electable at least by establishment folks and campaign watchers in new hampshire like a kasich or christie. rubio is now going to be mixing it up with them. bush in his performance last night. maybe he's not seen as electable. maybe he falls a little bit further down the list. maybe he struggles to stay in that second tier. really this is a race for number two. trump has been up in the polls in new hampshire for a long
2:37 am
time. whether or not he drops down considerably, that would be quite a big jump if he were to drop like that from what happened last night. we will see. there's not that much time. it would be a far distance to fall from iowa in a very short period of time. >> let's take a look at the latest poll. the latest poll trump is up at the top at 30 percent. cruz is at 12 percent. rubio 11 percent and kasich down at 9, christie 8 and bush at 6 percent. you actually say that donald trump, he without question has momentum going into new hampshire. does that change for you now? >> it doesn't change for me. he's up by new hampshire. the question as margie pointed out who is going to finish second. they have a second place finish in the grand state.
2:38 am
bush and christie is g likely to pay close attention to. assuming trump finishes first. we will see a validation of what we see in iowa that's a three man race between trump, rubio and cruz. >> in the republican race many will be moving ohhen to south carolina there are many delegates at stake for south carolina luna. o'malley has dropped out of the race. who do we expect next? >> carson and his team put out strange statements last night talking about how he needed to get home and get a fresh set of clothes. gis it is relatable. it is not quite presidential. we will see if that's gateway to try to drop out of the race.
2:39 am
it shows he is ready for the competition. carson says he's going to south carolina loon gnaw. paul didn't do as well in iowa as mab bee he would have hoped. there may be pressure for him to drop out. jeb bush is well funded. there will be pressure for him to drop out. >> it will be a come to jesus moment. if they under perform they are going to have to take a real look in the mirror and probably be out of the picture. >> on top in iowa you have heard it lard cruz, trump and rubio surging and how they pulled it off. we will talk about how much longer the other candidates can manage to hang on.
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>> it was a rally for faith. but in the end ted cruz won the evangelical vote in iowa. how did he manage to come on top? here to weigh in fox news contributor and pastor dallas robert jeffers. thank you for joining us again today. >> thank you, heather. >> so let's take a look at the numbers right waway. white evangelical or white born again christians cruz winning 33 percent of that vote. rubio coming in with 21 percent tied with trump at 21. carson at 12 percent. how do you think ted cruz managed to pull this off and are you surprised at the tie between rubio and trump? >> well, i think the way ted cruz did it was he had a superior ground game that turned oh you tell a larger than expected number of evangelical voters. interestingly the des moines polls said saturday night if there is a lagger than expected
2:44 am
number of he have dell cals it would break towards cruz and that's what happened. cruz had a good night. i suggest donald trump had a good fight as well. a few months ago nobody would have expected trump to be a real contender in this largely evangelical state. he did well and of course marco rubio did well with a surprising third place strong finish. each man did what they needed to do. each one is a contender. >> you were surprised trump's numbers. how do you think he managed to do that to reach out to the evangelicals and get some of their votes? >> well, the most interesting number to me last night was the number 5 percent. there was a question asked, which candidate best resinates with your values. cruz won that with 36 percent. only five percent said trump resinated wither that values and he won 24 percent of the vote. which tells me that many evangelicals were willing to over look trump's past or some of his news and vet for him
2:45 am
anyway because they felt like he was a strong leader. i think that bodes well for him in the future. >> speaking of the future about 60 percent of the electorate in caucuses they call themselves evangelicals identify in that way. when you cake it nationally it is only 25 percent. how important is this element moving forward? >> that's a fascinating statistic. cruz does very well in a largely evangelical concentrated state like iowa. he's going to have more of a challenge in iowa and other states nationally as well. i think trump would make a mistake to write off evangelicals just because he didn't win iowa i think evangelicals will always be an important block even if not a majority block of the trump vote in the future. >> pastor robert jeffers joining us again today. we appreciate your insight as always. thank you. >> thank you. >> the time is now 46 minutes after the hour. record turnout for this year's caucuses. we will take you inside the
2:46 am
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>> what was it like on the ground with the watch fields for the candidates. >> good morning to you. let's talk about what happened last night. as the votes were being tallied and everyone began to caucus all of the campaigners wanted to say thank you and let's get together and party as we pull up states and get out of iowa and on to new hampshire. i thought i would bring you up close and personal with three of the parties.
2:50 am
let's take a look. >> here we are at a watch party. all of the volunteers that helped you so much before you move on to another to salute t who help do so much before you move to another state. we're at the donald trump watch party. how do you know? look at the media turnout. first caucus? having a good time tonight. >> having a great time. we've still got new hampshire. we've gotcarolina. we've got a long way to go. >> reporter: an elated marco rubio. what was it like as the votes started coming in? >> i was with marco at the caucuses around des moines and they were huge. >> we're in the middle of the cruz camp. they've predicted that cruz won the iowa caucus. this place is going nuts.
2:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> feels good because the man won. >> it's good to be at a watch party when the guy wins. >> this is a victory. a springboard. there's no question that ted cruz has a tremendous amount of momentum. >> reporter: projections cruz has won. what do you think? instant analysis? >> this is significant. all the polling had trump winning in the state for last ten days. everything shows that cruz won by four points. it's interesting to see how rubio climbed thanks to the debate. that is proof that every time the candidates get up together, it makes a big difference. >> reporter: especially if you don't show up. >> if you don't show up, you have no place to go but down. >> and we got to see a little bit later in the show, we'll hear from all the candidates as they said good-bye to iowa and moved to new hampshire. it was a humble donald trump. let's talk about the big buffet. marco rubio will be here live.
2:52 am
you can argue that he is one of the biggest if not the biggest winner in new hampshire. as you know, senator cruz picked up and left. herman cain will be here. he knows what it's like to kbeet -- to compete in iowa. and inside the democratic thing, it's not been declared yet. so razor thing, i don't think that the clinton camp, although they're ahead, can feel great about the final outcome. laura ingram on what it means for the republican establishment here live. and governor jeb bush who had the party at salon e across the way but didn't get great numbers here. he expects a different story in new hampshire. it's going to be a great show from des moines and new york. i can't wait to see what anna's wearing and if steve matches coming up on "fox & friends." >> hopefully they don't match your tie, brian. although we like it. not a good combination for all three of you. >> thank you. >> reporter: i agree. >> thanks. the time is 33 minutes after the hour. to the next one -- donald trump graciously second place, but for how long?
2:53 am
>> our next guest says his sights are set on a new target.
2:54 am
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♪ are you ready? are you ready? i mean, really ready? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? do you look buttoned up, prepared, professional? you've got to be ready. the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp, ready to produce. ready for the unexpected. are you ready to prosper, to grow? do your people have the right safety gear?
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2:57 am
from over. here to explain, national political reporter, real clear politics, caitlyn dewey burns. thanks for joining us again. >> good morning. >> out of the numbers, what surprises you the most? >> well, i think rubio's showing in iowa is the big story coming out of this caucus. in addition to ted cruz taking the lead here. if you look at the numbers, marco rubio and donald trump collected the same number of delegates, seven delegates each. and ted cruz got eight. that's a big story. it gives marco rubio momentum heading into new hampshire, a state that he has to do well in. and is in a competitive race there. >> even going into iowa, a lot of analysts said it was about that momentum that you mentioned. but you know, how long can candidates who didn't place in the top three stay in the race, and what can we expect? >> i think several candidates
2:58 am
who weren't really competing in iowa but will go to new hampshire are jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich. they are really staking their campaigns on new hampshire, hoping that the electorate will be more favorable to them. however, they are also competing in a similar lane with marco rubio who has now the benefit the doing well in iowa, giving him that momentum heading into new hampshire. it will be a different kind of fight. but i can expect after new hampshire, we'll see several more candidates drop out. >> yeah. it's not just about momentum, either. it's about money for the candidates, as well. bush spent about $2,500 per vote that he won in iowa. some saying he'll spend more in new hampshire. who should skip if anyone new hampshire and head straight to south carolina? >> i think several candidates would benefit from playing in
2:59 am
new hampshire. i think the only candidate that could get away with focusing more on south carolina than new hampshire might be ted cruz. although i do think that given his victory in iowa, ted cruz can go to new hampshire and maybe have a surprise showing there. maybe place second or third. and then continue on to south carolina where he is well positioned. and again, the southern states that vote on march 1st where ted cruz is well organized. so i think he could play in a variety of states now. >> yeah. rubio already getting support in south carolina. a lot of people vied for senator tim scott and his support, he threw it behind rubio. >> rubio saying he's going to play in the long game here, right, caitlyn? >> that's right. he was hoping for a third-place finish in iowa, hoping for a second-place finish in new hampshire and first in south carolina. we'll see if he's able to
3:00 am
complete the pitch. >> we will see. >> it will be interesting to watch. >> it will. >> thank you, caitlyn. >> thank you. >> thank you. let's keep talking about the iowa caucuses what surprised you most about the results. log on to our "fox & friends" facebook page, #keeptalking. >> thanks, everyone. >> bye-bye. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. the democrats here seem to be in a virtual tie between one candidate who admits he's a socialist and the other candidate who pretends she's not. >> we had no political organization. we had no money. we had no name recognition. and


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