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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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officials strapped for cash changed the system forever. 326 years ago today. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. this just in, now trending. trumper tantrum. she says to the federal prosecutor i'll beat her rear end. after i beat her, she will be relieved that i was going to serve her a subpoena. >> donald who? chris christie lighting up the air waves, no doubt responses from the clinton campaign with remarks earlier at a town hall meeting. the candidate joining us from new jersey, governor chris christie or i should say new hampshire. i apologize. governor, do you regret the remarks? >> no, not at all. that's exactly what we're going to do on stage.
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we're going to make sure she gets the rhetorical beating she deserves for lies on benghazi, for lies on the e-mail, for awful foreign policy in libya and around the world. hillary clinton needs to be held to account. i am going to hold her account better than anybody on the stage could. >> you'll hear those that will say that's not the proper language you use in a town hall forum. you say what? >> i say everybody should stop being so politically correct. you know, i was having fun there, as was the crowd as you can hear. believe me, if she is too sensitive to take that, then she's too sensitive to be president of the united states, and i don't think that's the case. hillary clinton has been accused of a lot of things over time, being too sensitive is not one of them. >> have not heard from her camp. maybe much ado about nothing. meantime, you probably heard donald trump wanting a redo in iowa, saying there were enough issued raised with ted cruz and
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how he was working with supporters online at the caucuses that something weird is going on, redo the vote. wh do you think? >> i don't think we need to redo the iowa vote. i know donald is upset that he lost and told everybody he would win and he lost, and i know he's upset about that. we are onto new hampshire now. i am in new hampshire. i was in the rearview mirror. we are moving on to the first in the nation primary tuesday. >> it is going further than that. the prosecutor, good lawyer in your own right, the donald is saying ted cruz didn't win iowa, tweeting this, he stole it. that's why all the polls are so wrong, why he got far more votes than anticipated. what do you think? >> i think it is a lot of complaining after the fact. it doesn't get you anywhere. move to the next contest, win the next one, then you won't worry about the last one. >> were you disappointed? you didn't put all of the
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emphasis and eggs in the iowa basket, were you disappointed by your performance and that you hoped to be the best performing governor, but weren't, you were ahead of gilmer. do you feel that's a bad harbinger of things to come for new hampshire? >> listen, all of us were at 2%. jeb bush at 3%. between the super pac that has been supportive of my candidacy and our campaign, we spent about $500,000 in iowa and got 2%. jeb bush spent $15 million and got 3%. it is better off to be where i sit than where he does. >> governor, you probably heard that rand paul is out of the race, mike huckabee out, rick santorum presumably will be out of the race. do you pick up or think you should pick up any of their voters? >> i think we will. there will be voters from santorum, huckabee, rand paul looking for a new home.
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we want to offer them the home of someone that's experienced, ready to go, who made tough decisions, who has been through difficult times and knows how to manage and run a government. they do not want to go to a first term united states senator that's never run a thing, doesn't answer questions, who does drive by town hall meetings. they want to go to someone that will fight hillary clinton and beat her. i am the best person on stage to do it. >> governor, you opened up with comments today referencing hillary clinton, but they come little more than 24 hours after you refer to marco rubio as the boy in the bubble. said it is time for him to man up, stop letting his handlers write his speeches. maybe answer more than two or three questions in a town hall. his people get back to me, says we answer a lot of questions in a town hall, no one handles marco rubio than marco rubio. you say what? >> i say his town hall meetings run on average 40 to 45 minutes. our town hall meetings run two hours. we answered over 1100 questions,
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senator rubio barely answers any. and he acts like the king of england. has a press aide next to him, preselect which reporters get to ask him questions. i mean, this is a guy that's been protected and coddles. he needs to come out of the bubble and get to work in new hampshire. we have three times the number of events he has done, he hasn't worked as hard. he didn't work hard here at all. if he wants to come out, earn people's vote, he needs to come out and earn their vote. anyone competing for the nomination can go toe to toe with hillary clinton, and his 60 second memorized speeches, all of which we heard over and over and over again the last six years are getting stale and tired. senator rubio needs to come up with new material, needs to start answering questions. the boy needs to come out of the bubble. >> why is he a boy in a bubble, guy his age, little younger, ted cruz is nowhere on your radar?
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>> senator cruz answers questions. senator cruz gets into the skrum and answers questions. i may not agree with answers, but he does that. senator rubio does not. just an observation from watching them on the trail the last year, senator rubio had a strategy, don't offenders, don't work too hard in one particular place, don't be exposed too much. it sounds like he is in the witness protection program. it is time for him to come out, time to get the boy out of the bubble, time to come out and start fighting for votes. no one is going to hand anyone this nomination. come fight for it. senator cruz has won something, he won the iowa caucus. marco rubio came in third place when he was expected to come in third place. some in the media acted like it was a great triumph. he was predicted third. >> 23%, was better than expected. >> but neil, is that a testimony on the polls or not? 23% didn't get him third to
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second. 23% kicked him in third where everybody thought he would be from the beginning. >> why is he the focus then, i'm sorry, sir, why is he the focus of a lot of your attacks? seems to be a recent phenomenon. >> because the media has already tried to anoint him as the person who is going to be one of the last three people in the primary race. and there should be no annointing by the media. if they're doing that, what i want to remind them is this is a guy that hasn't answered questions. this is a guy that does drive by town hall meetings. so tightly controlled by his own staff that he doesn't even call on reporters he wants to ask him questions. a staff person prescreened the questions calls on reporters. it is ridiculous. >> to be fair, he is not here, governor, but we did sort of study his town hall meetings, takes an average of 20 questions. may vary by town hall, takes an average of 20 questions. >> neil, he is in and out of
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there 45 minutes. that means the average answer with all of the rest of the stuff, an opening and closing statement, average answer is about the average answer he does in debate. 60 second answers won't stop america's problems. i agree with senator rubio, he said america's problems won't be solved by senators and congressmen and i think he is absolutely right. >> slightly out of context. he was talking about the back and forth between governors and senators. you think governors are better fit to deal with crises, not senators. >> right. what senator rubio was talking about, senators and congressmen aren't solving problems in washington, d.c. the institution has a 32% approval rating. he wants to be promoted that 87% of the people don't think he is doing the job of the presidency. i don't think that's the way to go. that's why i push the candidacy here. >> do you have to win new hampshire, governor?
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>> no, no. >> what's good enough? >> listen, we'll see as we get closer to the weekend and get through the debate. important thing is for us to do very well, meet or exceed expectations. when people see results tuesday night, they're going to be very happy, somewhat surprised and understand this is a race going forward where the governor of new jersey is right in the middle of it, fighting with donald trump and ted cruz and marco rubio and anybody else that survives tuesday night. >> does that mean we are third, governor, if you get worse than third you're in trouble? polls are all over the map. it is tight between the four locked between third and sixth where you are now, two points like you say, even in iowa by 2,000 votes. could have been a move of four places. if you're worse than third, are you okay with that? >> i'm okay with doing the best we can do, neil. we will be able to make that
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evaluation then. we are not now going to write the victory speech or obituary speech. we will wait for tuesday night to see what happens. >> john kasich, your ohio governor rival said if he doesn't do well here, again he didn't put a number to it, then he would have to consider leaving the race. you don't have any back sort of number or place where you would have to reassess things? >> i agree with john. if he doesn't do well, he has to leave the race. if i don't do well, i have to leave the race. i made no secret that new hampshire was a key to my candidacy for president. that's no secret. but i don't think you can pick a particular plate at the moment. >> if you do well, do you have the structure in place, ground game in place to continue that in the southern states? >> we have staff in south carolina ready to go, working hard down there. we are sending more staff to
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south carolina to prepare for that primary. we will be ready off good performance tuesday night in new hampshire to head right to south carolina, get on the plane, fly right there, get to work in south carolina. >> you probably heard scott brown supporting donald trump. i know he hosted a backyard barbeque with you and all of the candidates. were you disappointed he didn't throw support to you? >> i like to get every endorsement that i can, but more importantly, i got endorsement from someone that won elections in new hampshire, speaker of the house in new hampshire. every republican candidate courted him. speaker jasper today endorsed my candidacy. speaker of the house, person that leads the house republicans and every republican candidate courted speaker jasper. he came out and endorsed me today. listen, i am always disappointed, i like scott. scott and his family are wonderful people. i have been very friendly with them over time. but i am not disappointed he
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endorsed donald trump. scott lost his race in new hampshire last year, hasn't won a race since 2010. i don't know what kind of impact he would have. good for donald, he got that endorsement. i will take speaker jasper's endorsement, someone governing now with a great deal of influence in new hampshire. >> certainly no shortage of time spent in the state, 66 days at the least. 155 events, more since we have been talking here, endorsed by the two most conservative newspapers. on paper you've got a lot of backing and support, still struggling in the polls. is there a disconnect between your hard work and the energizer bunny in the state and so far not pumping through or are others getting too much attention? >> listen, donald trump has gotten disproportionately more attention than anyone. that's part of what effects everybody in terms of the polls. remember how wrong the polls were in iowa. polls had donald trump winning
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by five points and lost by four. they were nine points off. had marco rubio at 15. he wound up getting 23%. the polls have been notoriously bad of late. i can say, neil, when i was chairman of the rga, we had at least four different governor races where the last poll showed our candidate losing by anywhere from 2 to 5 points, and every one of those candidates won. so the fact is that polling is becoming more and more difficult in a world where people use more cell phones than land lines and all of the rest. i am not worried about what polling says. we have the best organization on the ground in new hampshire. i spend more time here than anybody else. we are going to work real hard between now and tuesday night. tuesday we can talk about whether we met expectations, exceeded them. >> your staff trying to clarify that she was sending out a sees and desist to your camp, to donald trump's camp, don't use
1:14 pm
my phone in any way, shape or form politically. what i have to get clear, is she talking about in your case something used in a tweet response to marco rubio earlier last month or something you've done since? what's going on. >> i think it is the marco rubio reference with the song "hello." that's what adele was concerned about. if adele doesn't want us to use that any longer, we definitely won't. we want to respect her copyright and her ability to control her music. if she doesn't want us to use it even in a joking way, i told the campaign no more using it. >> is that the legal response or your personal view that if she doesn't want it, it shouldn't be done. >> both. it is in the background. >> it is a nice song. >> if she's making a statement, if she has not responded to them, she jumps over
1:15 pm
republicans, would make you think differently of her as an artist. >> listen, no shock that many artists lean more to the democratic party than to the republican party, but she has the right to have whatever opinion she wants. it is her music. i told the staff no more using adele's music. if she doesn't want us to, fine. we will use jon bon jovi music. he offered his. >> all right, governor, thank you very much. if she calls, just say hello. horrible joke. >> hello, how are you. >> good luck. governor, thank you very much. governor chris christie, the governor of new jersey. ben carson coming up and more. stick around. you're watching "your world." across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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henry. he is in concorde, you have been off the charts. let's talk about the bernie sanders phenomenon because he raises a lot of money. but raises money in small denominations. that's what is striking. >> right. that's scaring the clinton campaign. you're right. 20, $25 a chunk. small money, but grass roots money. shows excitement, enthusiasm, and he just raised $3 million in 24 hours after the iowa caucus. why is that significant? lot of money, but came in second. yet money is pouring in. maybe some of his supporters think he has a shot at this. maybe for the first time they're pouring in money. you can see me on dash cam, roof cam up top. gives you a bird's eye view of concorde. it is a rainy, dreary day, little cold and raw. as you noted, a lot of
1:20 pm
candidates including bernie sanders and where we are headed is a news conference bernie sanders is having 5:00 p.m. eastern. looking to question him about the campaign. earlier he was pressed on cbs about irregularities on the ground in iowa, coin flips. six went to hillary clinton in various precincts and whether or not he is going to contest results from iowa. listen. >> we started in iowa 50 points behind. it air pierce we lost by two-tenths%. we will talk to iowa state democratic officials. we are focusing on new hampshire, working hard to try to win that primary. >> the point is he doesn't want it to look like sour grapes. he wants to talk to iowa officia officials, see if there was a problem there. the money is pouring in, why look like you're angry about the defeat. meanwhile, hillary clinton is
1:21 pm
looking at the fact she's behind here double digits in new hampshire. she's trying to lower expectations. watch what she said earlier. >> behind here, i am, you're in your opponent's backyard, new hampshire favors neighbors, which i think is neighborly. and maybe you should have moved onto other states where everybody says you have big leads and all of that. i have to tell you, i could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here. >> hillary clinton trying to suggest to her opponents skip new hampshire, i am fighting for every vote. yes, she's behind, good chance she will close here. think of what bill clinton did in 1992, the come back kid, hillary clinton, loses iowa,
1:22 pm
stormed back in new hampshire. >> ed henry, thanks very much. on the road. you heard what chris christie said about scott brown. he is here. and the other candidate that was very angry, the doctor is in the house, ben carson.
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all right. so soon. we just talked to rand paul a couple days ago, was confident he would surprise people in the iowa caucus. he is out of the race as the new hampshire beat goes on. molly is in new hampshire with the latest on how the folks dropping out, rumored to drop out are factoring out in that state. what's the latest, kiddo? >> despite finishing fifth, rand paul has decided to drop his run for the white house. he will be focused on
1:26 pm
re-election to the senate. really interesting story with ted cruz, as far as he is concerned, he apologized after allegations surfaced his campaign spread rumors in the iowa caucus that ben carson was pulling out of the race. they blamed a cnn post saying he was headed to florida after iowa. cruz said they misinterpreted the story. the second place finisher donald trump claiming cruz didn't win it, stole it saying a new election should take place. cruz responded calling trump's actions a trumper tantrum. >> listen, it is no surprise that donald is throwing another temper tantrum, if you like yet another trumper tantrum. i understand that donald finds it very hard to lose. >> third place finisher marco rubio working to hold onto campaign momentum out of iowa, but he is taking a pounding from
1:27 pm
rivals. super pac supporting john kasich, former florida governor hit rubio hard with negative ads. and chris christie slammed the florida senator on the trail. rubio acknowledged there's a lot of fire coming his way, but what he says, we had multiple people attacking us, it is fine. he feels good about our message. neil? >> thank you very much. now we have former massachusetts republican senator scott brown on the phone. your support of donald trump has ruffled some of mr. trump's colleagues. we will get to that in a second. why did you settle, i don't mean to speak negatively, settle, choose donald trump. >> first of all, let me say good to be on. i have a basketball game so i'm sorry i couldn't be there live. that being said, i think any one of the people running would make
1:28 pm
a better president than hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that also being said, having barbeques, meeting, seeing him in action, one thing for me that came through, there's tremendous good luck in washington, don't work together, i need someone that's a change agent. somebody that will be an agent of change and shake things up. that was the first thing, i felt donald trump could do that. he is not a politician. he finished second in iowa. number two, he is a businessman, creating jobs. going to surround himself by brilliant people that give new and creative ideas how to step back on incredible debt and deficit and get this economic engine going again, that's number two. number three, all of the stuff he is saying, neil, you know it, you interviewed him, i have been saying the same thing about isis, the border, terrorists, criminals coming through the border, what we needed to do. i agreed with him on the issues.
1:29 pm
i don't necessarily like how he says it, but i agree with him. that said, i want somebody that's a change agent, that will work on the economic issues. i think it is good to have some new blood in there. >> we don't have the sound bite, but from a few minutes ago talking to chris christie, he wasn't pleased with your endorsement. we have it. listen to this, react to this. >> you probably heard scott brown supporting donald trump. he hosted a backyard barbeque with you and all of the candidates. were you disappointed he didn't throw support to you? >> listen, i like to get every endorsement i possibly can. more importantly, i got endorsement today from one that won elections in new hampshire, speaker of the house in new hampshire, every republican candidate courted him. and speaker jasper today endorsed my candidacy.
1:30 pm
>> did you hear that? no he didn't. >> chris is like a brother from another mother. i love him, always will. i will continue to support him if this doesn't work out, so that being said, listen, all politics is local. speaker jasper is a great guy. i like him a lot personally and congratulations to chris. he has got some wonderful endorsements. that's what politics is about. that's the reason i am supporting donald trump. now, if donald doesn't prevail, i will be doing everything i can to make sure we put a republican in the white house, retain the senate and become the majority leader. that's my goal. >> too bad. i was hoping to get under your skin. >> no. >> but let me ask you this. you know things are getting divisive. donald trump is not happy with the way iowa went down. after the fact, has to be gracious and give a short concession speech the night of
1:31 pm
caucuses. said maybe his ground game wasn't up to par, maybe he should have gone to the fox debate. taking all of that back, saying there are enough potential problems with iowa to have a do over. what do you think of that. >> that's not going to happen. i did speak to him about all those topics. he was not disappointed. he did recognize that he didn't have a strong enough ground game. >> what did he think? taking a different posture. >> just that, a different posture. he is moving to new hampshire. >> did you talk to trump about it, say it was a mistake? >> i spoke to trump last night about it. everything that you're talking about. >> what did he say? >> we had good brainstorming about it that i will keep private. >> just between you and me now. >> i can tell you somebody that's not a politician, never done this before, you make mistakes, live and learn, adjust, adapt. one thing i enjoyed about donald, he makes a mistake, he is going to fix it. that's why the ground game will
1:32 pm
be different here. >> scott brown, good luck at the basketball game. the doctor is in the house and he is not happy at all with ted cruz's so-called apology, not quite real until something and someone has to follow up with something. dr. carson next. doermts. ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go.
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1:37 pm
campaign apology and from the senator, cruz himself on any confusion the night of iowa caucuses and that they might have been hastening the talk of you skipping the race and early message from the campaign is you were headed back to get new clothes and get back on the stump. be that as it may, he apologized not good enough. why is it not good enough? >> well, i always will accept the apology as a christian, recognizing that we are all imperfect human beings. the question is what's being done about it. when you see that there's a problem, what do you do about it? i noticed in my campaign things were not as i expected. i talked about it, nothing changed. so i made some substantial changes and things are much, much better now. if, in fact, senator cruz does not agree with things that were done, with the deceit that was carried out, i would expect that
1:38 pm
he would do something about it. if he does nothing about it, it means he agrees with it. >> that means someone has to lose their job, someone has to go is what you're saying. >> i can't see how you do it otherwise, at least those people who are responsible should come out publicly and admit what they did and ask for forgiveness, but to simply try to brush it under the rug and say it doesn't matter doesn't make any sense. you know, those caucuses, my wife went to some of them. at one of them, one of the cruz people had spoken before she came in, tried to dissuade people, say i wasn't going to stay in the race. she wasn't supposed to speak, but people saw her, they wanted her to speak. >> they knew who she was. >> but let me finish -- >> you released a tweet confusing people, we saw having our round the clock coverage, and that came up and it confused people, is he dropping out,
1:39 pm
what. >> it may have confused people, but let me finish that story, neil. she spoke and they were wildly enthusiastic and we won that precinct. how many times would that have been duplicated? i had gotten a lot of intelligence that we were going to have prepare dust showing that night and we did not have tremendous showing. and i believe that has something to do with it. whether it did or not, the real issue is this. the reason i got in this race, one of the reasons, i'm so tired like the rest of americans of deceit, deception. and no consequences. no responsibility for anything. look what happened with the irs and lois lerner. >> i understand, doctor, why you're upset. i was looking at how you did during the caucuses. you received little over 9% of
1:40 pm
the vote. 17,300 votes. you polled worse going into the caucus. you did better than expected. >> i think it would have been better. i do believe that. we were seeing very large crowds, standing room only, doing double events, and so many people were telling me they changed their mind and couldn't wait. then to have your hopes disabused, somebody come along, say he is out of it, that's disappointing. that's water under the bridge. the real question is what will be done about it, what will people take from this. >> there's nothing illegal, even if everything was true and it was only to fool voters into thinking you were out of the race, i am told by lawyers, i am not one myself, doctor, that's not illegal. >> it is not mack veilian. won't go that far. fact of the matter is, it is
1:41 pm
politics as usual. isn't that what we don't want? i would hope senator cruz if as he told me he didn't know and doesn't agree with it will come out and do something about it to indicate that he really doesn't approve of it. >> you don't want a do over, another iowa caucus or anything for this. >> i think that would be impractical. if it could be done easily, it would be a great idea. i don't think that can be done easily. >> what are you doing in washington and not new hampshire? >> i am having meetings, going to the national prayer breakfast tomorrow, meeting with a number of dignitaries from around the world to talk about the united states versus other countries and what's going on. >> you heard rand paul, rick santorum thinking of getting out, mike huckabee out. you like them have more money
1:42 pm
and cash on hand as a campaign. you don't have the immediate financial threat. if you don't do well in new hampshire, what then? >> just remember, neil, one of the great american past times is baseball. have you noticed that they don't call the game after the second inning? >> sometimes depending on the game i wish they would. the highlights are fine for me at 11:00. you're not giving up yet. >> it is a marathon, not a sprint. that's a lot of stuff going to be coming out. that's why we have the elongated process. >> dr. carson, thank you for the time. >> thank you. crazy on wall street, you're up a lot, next day you're down a lot. i don't read more significance into the day that we are up a lot. ben stein says behind all of this there's a bigger global picture we're missing.
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we have been focused on the volatility of stocks, see what's going on with oil, platinum, other commodities that are tanking. today notwithstanding, that's a big issue for ben stein, noted author, actor, economist. brilliant guy, brilliant lawyer. i was behind people like ben, tried to copy him. enough of me, back to you. do you think, ben, what's going on is deflation? that is another scary area. what's happening? >> there's been a gigantic worldwide collapse in commodities, long time super cycle up, now having a super cycle down. crb, main commodities index has fallen by a third in roughly a
1:47 pm
year. this means deflation in some big minerals, means hard times in big mineral exporting countries. it is not a gigantic issue for the u.s. directly. what's scary to me, russia is a gigantic mineral deporting country. they depend on it for livelihood. if they feel pain over the minerals collapse, i am worried mr. putin may start a military venture to distract local opinion from the problems with the economy and whether, i question whether anyone in america would know how to deal with that. >> wouldn't be the first time, look what they do in north korea and iran and certainly. >> exactly. >> even with putin, first response in the ukraine. what i worry about, though, is this is a worldwide phenomenon, a lot of nut cases worldwide would be tempted to deflect at the same time.
1:48 pm
>> i worry about that, too. the u.s. does not have military wherewithal to deal with adventurism by north korea and iran, adventurism even in south america at the same time. this minerals collapse is not a big deal for the ordinary american worker but a gigantic deal to the ordinary russian guy or gallon, a very scary thing when dealing with somebody like putin who has to divert attention from domestic problems or he is gone. >> you know what, this whole trump over iowa, he wants a redo, says cruz was cheating. i would love to get your thoughts. >> big sulking baby. >> anything to add to that? >> it is ridiculous. never heard of anybody doing anything like that. look, he had the opportunity to do anything he wanted there, he has unlimited amount of money, this is just an opinion, i am not a pediatrician, i don't know what a big sulking baby is,
1:49 pm
seems to me he is a person that cannot deal with the slightest bit of frustration, that doesn't bode well for a president of the united states, i would like someone with more solid character dealing with the problems we're going to have. i am very disappointed in him. i have a high opinion the way he cuts through the political correctness crap, but i'm really unhappy about what he did about iowa. >> always a pleasure. >> always a pleasure to be here. >> ben stein. you may have heard earlier, chris christie is going after marco rubio. what a rubio donor thinks of that after this.
1:50 pm
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senator rubio had a strategy. don't fenld, don't work too hard in any one place, don't be exposed too much. it sounds like he is in the witness protection program. it is time to come out, get the boy out of bubble and time to come out and start fighting for votes. >> we've been trying to track down marco rubio but we did get a response to that. a big marco rubio donor. his response to all of that. what did you think of what governor christie was saying? >> hello, neil. thanks for having me on. i just heard it and i don't know. i don't know what the appropriate response would be. i think no response. that's how good a candidate marco rubio is. that's the most they can come up with? he is the guy in the bubble? clearly he is the target now. i think jeb bush spent $10
1:54 pm
million in the last three days attacking marco rubio and none of it sticks. he is a great candidate. he will have a chance to respond to all of those if he even thinks it is worth responsibilitying to. and i thi that's where that will land. it is a nonissue. >> any candidate who emerges, and ted cruz that says this. you become a target. and all of a sudden, marco rubio's unexpected performance is getting a lot of attention and maybe unwarranted attention. what do you advise he do? to ignore it is one thing. to keep dealing with these is quite another. it looks like you are in a bubble. what do you do? >> well, i think he's responding perfectly well. and he's doing the right thing. he is staying on the issues. he won't even respond to those kinds of things. at least i'm thinking he won't. >> he will point out that well,
1:55 pm
look at the new jersey governor's record. going negative is always in the eyes of the beholder, i know. it seems like we'll see more of this stuff. >> well, you're going to see lots of attacks on him. i think he will stick with the issues. >> he will swing back, right? >> he'll defend himself. where he thinks that's appropriate. i do not think we have seen him attack individuals. i haven't seen it. i don't think anyone has seen it and i don't expect him to start going now after chris christie, for example, or slamming chris christie. i think he'll defend his position. he'll explain why he's doing what he's doing. he is really great at that. and when he is done it will make sense to people. he is a very good candidate. >> he had a chance to catch one iowa in one of his events. he is an impressive young man. what i always wonder about, whether it harms the party
1:56 pm
longer term. whoever is the nominee. a bunch of beaten up fighters. >> isn't that the case? some of these candidates still left in the race. i've heard some folks have bowed out as recently as yesterday and today. that's what this will coalesce around one individual. i think they fear that will be marco rubio. clearly going to be marco rubio. >> what if it isn't? does he need other people? even a jeb bush to drop out to close the deal? >> i think in the end jeb bush will drop out and chris christie will drop out and you will see all of them drop out. eventually. it depends how much money they have. >> trump's crews are in front of them now. >> that as we saw in iowa on monday night, marco rubio is becoming discovered. as he starts getting anywhere close the air time that donald trump has gotten, he'll get his point across. and it will resonate with the
1:57 pm
people. people will respond and he will do extremely well. >> that will do it here. don't forget new hampshire. 7 days ago, phil wasn't thinking about dancing. he was thinking about his joints. but now he's taking osteo bi-flex, and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look
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but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. hello. i'm eric gutfeld, kimberly guilfoyle, eric bolling. >> i speak of trump's humility which came and went like bad chipotle. he is now demanding a do-over. claiming an e-mail by ted cruz should nix the results because it was strongly suggesting that carson was pulling out. it was a dirty trick men to keep folks from supporting ted. now


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