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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 5, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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he talking about how he proposed? >> says whether he gets down on one knee with melania and ever smokes weed and ever tried anything like that. harris: you asked him, wow. melissa: i learn things i didn't know about trump. harris: we are back on tv monday at noon eastern. "happening now," now. %
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across seven continents. meet the service man behind this feat. ♪ but we begin with campaign 2016 and the countdown to new hampshire. welcome to "happening now", i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. bernie sanders and hillary clinton cross the state after butting heads in the debate last night. she continues to trial sanders in new hampshire.
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hi, ed? >> reporter: there is a big town hall here and bernie sanders will be here. there is a large crowd bep hind me. without martin o'malley there was direct combat between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. and good news for bernie sanders. a new poll nationally shows hillary clinton only leading 44 percent to 42 percent. basically a dead heat nationally and on top of the fact that bernie sanders is up in various polls right here in new hampshire where everyone will be voting. as we watch him rise in the polls, he's getting more questions about p how to pay for all of these plans that the democratic socialist wants to bring like single payer health
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care. >> one of the arguments i am nice guy and want to give away free stuff and i don't pay for it. we do actually pay for it. >> reporter: sanders said he had a tax on wall street speculation that will pay for a lot of his plans. that faced scrutiny from hillary clinton. she's on defense. not only because of ties to wall street, but the looming fbi investigation in her e-mails. she was pressed on who she will be indicted and this is what she said. >> are you 100 percent confident that nothing will come from it. >> i am 100 percent confident. it will be carried out and resolved. >> reporter: very bold prediction by hillary clinton. bernie sanders steered clear and said he will not criticize her
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on the e-mail situation and he wants to focus on economy and health care and people are responding here. i was he two weeks ago with bill clinton and it was a big crowd and it was not capacity. they are close to reaching the capacity. he is drawing much bigger crowds out here than hillary clinton, jenna. >> we can't keep track of you. that is how fast moving the campaign is. we did make. >> reporter: i have a runner up. >> there was discussion that hillary clinton made moves in polls, but what you are seeing on the ground, bigger crowds and different energy with bernie sanders? >> absolutely. you are seeing the energy and enthusiasm. and yesterday we saw the money. in the month of january bernie sanders raised 21 million. and hillary clinton raised 15 million. and that's the first month we
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are aware. and i don't want to exagerate the situation. the nbc poll that came out before the debate suggested that sanders is up 20 points. some say when you get to south carolina it is a different story. great to have you as always. we want to hear from you. who do you think won the democratic debate and what do you make of what ed is seeing him on the ground? our live chat is up and running and go to to join the conversation. >> well, as a new hampshire primary is approaching. the republican race is looking like a three way fight. donald trump is lead nothing the polls, but ted cruz and rubio is
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in striking distance. charles kraut hammer said each represent a three way fight. between trump's popullism and two flavors of conservativism. rubioo's mainstream and cruz's take no prisoners. and the new hampshire voters are leaning to the mainstream. rubio has the largest jump up seven points from monday. and we'll talk about it with elizabeth harington, staff writer for the washington beacon. marco rubio came on strong and finished third in iowa. is he peaking in new hampshire? >> yes, i think the polls are showing that he outperformed the polls in iowa and getting more attention and people are giving him a stronger look in new
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hampshire. he can break some ground. it looks like trump has a solid lead in iowa, i mean new hampshire, they tend to turn away from iowa and want to be different than what iowa chooses. it looks like trump has a good lead but rubio will issue. >> trump is issuing things and saying i don't know if i am going to win. that was not the case for him ahead in iowa. >> right, i think he's grappling with a loss there, he's trying to tamper down the expectations. the entire argument the entire i am a winner and i am going to win and once you don't win in iowa, you can't say you are winning all of the time and he's not talk about this polls as much as he has in the months of the campaign because he's been winning and everything. he's taking a step back and doesn't want to increase expectations too much if the
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polls do tighten up. and he doesn't perform as well as he thought or said he would be. >> some analyst said trump has to win new hampshire. and if he loses the first two contests he's done as a candidate. how do you see it? >> i think it would be very difficult for him to make its case as a winner, as the strong contender, if he's not winning. i mean, if rubio is able to overcome him in new hampshire, that is a huge blow to him. and i just think his ego in a way, to. if he is not winning, what is the point for him. he will not feel happy about campaigning. and he's not going to really, what is in it for me? and i agree with that assessment, i think it would be too big of a blow to him and he might start to think about getting out of the race.
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>> let's talk about the democratic side of things and this will be the year that hillary clinton would be coordinated and bernie sanders was a candicate out of far left field and all of the sudden giving her a run for her money. how do you assess that race? >> i think it is it incredible. the latest poll, bernie sanders bridged a 31 point gap and tide in the margin of error. this is a 74-year-old social, self described socialist like you said way out in left field, but he's been able to you know, make a compelling case, to young voters who are excited about him. i think that is hillary's problem in the campaign. he has an enthusiasm gap and she's been around forever and
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they don't believe she is trustworthy and say what you want about bernie sanders, he has conviction and his message is consistent and people graveitate toward that. it is it stunning to think that hillary, i think it shows her weak withness as a candidate that he has pulled this close in new hampshire and almost won iowa. >> that debate with the two of them on stage. a lot of fireworks there. and elizabeth harington from the washington free beacon. thank you. >> thank you. to new york city. the person killed in the crane collapse was sit nothing a parked car when the metal structure came down. david lee, has more? >> reporter: jenna, it was tragic, but authorities said it could have been much worse. the incident took place in the height of the rush hour.
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and first responders arrived, an amateur video grapher captured the scene. look and listen. >> this is right here. oh, no. this crane recently passed inspection when it was extended to a length of 575 feet. that is about two city blocks in length. it crushed several car cans and one of the people killed sitting in his vehicle. two others seriously hurt. and the injuries we are told not life threatening. it was used to replace a generator and air conditioning unit. there was nasty winter weather
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here in manhattan, moderate snow and winds. new york mayor de blasio said the crane at the time was being secured. >> it was moved in to a secure position because by the manufacture's instructions as winds topped 20 miles per hour. and this particular company, instructions were that the crane should be put in a secure position as the winds were approaching 25 miles per hour. >> reporter: according to the mayor he said it was the first crane incident since 2008. precautions had been put in place and if not today it could have been more lethal. a panel rules that julianne
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a safrj's restraining was unlawful. and the sentencing of the facebook killer. he actually spoke against his lawyer's advice before the judge delivered a ruling. we have a live report from oszéi
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miami. >> here is another story in which sovereignty governments don't necessarily agree with the pronouncements of the u.n. a safrj is declaring victory after the governments have arbitrarily detained them. he called it legally binning. he's wanted in sweden on rape allegations and the uk arrested him. not everyone grease. he is a fugitive from justice.
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i reject the report from un wga o. >> 33 year ode derek medinna learned his fate. he uploaded a photoof her on facebook. and so phil. we are learning that the defense is motioning for a new trial after all of this? >> reporter: the judge dismissed this. derek medinna who on on social media, his 15 seconds of infamy and forever known as facebook killer. medinna sat smugly and not looking at family members directly as parents and uncles of the wife that he killed stuggled to speak. he put eight bullets in his wife
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jennifer in a heated argument in their apartment as she threatened to leave them and all while her 10-year-old daughter was upstairs. medinna posted pictures of the body and left. >> jennifer's loss is behind words and there will be no more birthday parties or celebrations or activities to share. we will never be able to tell her, i love you. >> jennifer is not going to come back to me in 25 years. and not 40 years. she's not come canning back at all. please keep that in mind. >> that's what the judge did. >> reporter: he sentenced medinna to life in prison. the maximum.
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>> it is it a horrible case. and you hear the families. derek medinna spoke in court? >> his attorneys didn't want him to talk and they plan to appeal his conviction. it was bizarre and for prison he plans to sue every single one of them. >> presidents and future presidents of the world, okay, i will be suing this world. >> reporter: again, hiss attorneys plan to appeal. and the judge disallowed them introducing evidence of her abuse toward him. he was bloweding self defense and the battered spouse syndrome. and now he's heading to prison for the rest of his life. >> thank you.
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>> north korea might be ready to launch a long range missile alú early as monday. and how the u.s. is getting ready to respond if kim jong-un tries to threaten the home land. it is all in the family for jeb bush and if there is a bush that will speak her mind and stand up for her kid it is barbara. >> i don't know how women can vote for someone who said what jose about megyn kelliy. and money doesn't buy everything. itjy" accomplishments and what you are doing. hi hey you look good. thank you, i feel good. it all starts with eating right. that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates.
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>> u.s. defense officials telling fox news that north korea will likely complete fuel
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iffing a long range missile. and the u.s. navy responding and if the united states military thinks it is a threat to the home land can be shot down. >> well, presidential candidate jeb bush is bringing in the big guns and hoping to light a fire, namely his family with older brother cutting cam can pain ads and his mom appearing alongside him in an interview to talk about the prospect of a third bush in the oval office. n20 can't is different than 201988. and the country has changed and the issues are different and i am different. people understand that.
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>> you said it is okay to have another bush in the white house. what about another clinton. >> i don't think see. the bush will beat the clinton on. >> and here is stephen who is vice-president of the strategy group and communication's director for jon corzien. matt, what about the barbara factor, can it light this fire under jeb's candidacy. >> you know, john, in every poll p, republican voters want a candidate who is strong and feisty. they might be talking about barbara bush in her 90s. she has all of that strength and it came so amazingly in that interview. it is a smart thing for jeb to do. his mother is a revered figure in politics. why not sit with his mother and let her make the case as well.
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it is a good move. >> and coming from the democratic point of view. >> jeb bush should have done it earlier. it is more authentic. he can be proud of what his family and particularly his parents contributed to american politics in a time when things are getting done mattered. but moderates like he and john kasich have no chance in a electorate. and marco rubio is anti- choice, neeven the cases of rape and incest. and climate change. and against immigration reform. and has a tax plan. 0 percent on capitol gains and would explode the debt. and so jeb bush should have used his family all a long and in
10:27 am
this interview, it is a electorate that doesn't accept moderate candidates. >> we know you worked with george bush in his presidency and it is said the reason bark bookkeeper obama won the white house is because of bush fatigue. should jeb have brought barbara bush in the race early. >> he needs to channel his inner barbara bush. she's popular and really strong and it is smart to use his brother. his brother cut an adfor him. and republican voters remember about george bush, he kept us safe and that is a california debate in the reagan library where jeb bush reminded that was a strong applause line. number one issue is security and responding conservative voters
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that jeb will continue the policys that keep us safe. and that is a smart tactic to take. >> that is run by right to rise. it is a super pac that is support issing jeb's candidacy. i want to play it now. >> first job of a president is protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb and i know his good heart and back bone. he knows when tough measures must be taken. >> stephen, effective? >> yes. i think it is just too little, too late. and in running in the wrong electorate. he has to finish 12 or 15 percent in a very strong fourth in new hampshire to be able to stay in the race and that is true with john kasich as well. in the end out of new hampshire, you will have a republican race
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down to three even more extreme than the next. >> john kasich has said he has to finish well in new hampshire or he will pack it in. do you believe that? >> yes. >> okay, what defines well? does he have to be first, second or throw. what is the line? >> jon, marco rubio is on an upward conjectory for chris kristy and john kasich and jeb bush as well. they have to muddle that marco rubio rise and if they finish in a bunch together they can declare a victory. but the problem for kasich, especially will, his only foot print of the campaign is new hampshire. if he is not in the top three, it is not a case to go forward. christie and bush have legs to go forward. but you will not get the
10:30 am
nomination if you don't win the nomination. that becomes true to everybody. >> we'll see what happens in new hampshire next week. >> thanks for having is us. >> january job numbers out. and it is not all bad news from the labor department. we'll see what we are seeing in the market. and everybody loves a now day. it is not easy to find out if schools close. how hot technology can help out on a cool day.
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>> you might have heard the president in the last hour trying to talk up the economic situation. wall street is not listening and stocks are sharply lowered after the labor department released the job's report. and economist predicted closer to 190000 and a disappointing number there. and unemployment rate dipping to the lowest level in eight years. nicole is live in the new york stock exchange. >> john, what we are seeing is slower growth and hiring. we saw 100 jobs added and the prior months were lower and unemployment rate went down to 4.9 and that is right, but since president obama took office in
10:35 am
2009, the unemployment rate went down and that is amount of americans looking for work is going up. there is a little bit of wage growth and that helps the market. this week, dow jones industrial average. a losing week. 1.3 percent on the dow and nasdaq to the side. and sincip down. and dow is down seven percent. and linked in is the talk of wall street. it is having the worst day ever. and dropping over $80. forecast missed and weigh withing on the stocks. and facebook and google. you have a couple of winners and losers. michael kohres seeing strong
10:36 am
demand. and there is ralph lauren. and mattel. that is down 20 percent. and connocophillip system down. and last but not least, janet yellen will speak to congress and will there be a rate hike. and that's going to be key as well. these are the things that we are keying on, wall street. if you can't take the heat take it off the table. >> chicken wings sales will be big. >> 1.3 billion chicken wings and hot. >> thank you very much. >> and the war of words between ted cruz and donald trump dominating iowa in the back and forth insults are the catnip for the media. but also said there is something of value there as well. and host of media buzz.
10:37 am
howard kurtz. what is the value of the back and forth is what? >> the value for the media, we can't get enough of the slugfest. donald trump saying that ted cruz is a cheat and a fraud and he stole the iowa caucus and should be a do over. it is it an easy story to report. i am not going back to do a do over on. and senator going nuclear against trump and said if he was president we would find out he had nuked denmark. there is a silver lining and it is it a character test for the voters. and we get to see how they bounce back from a loss and deal with personal attacks and insults. >> is that learning about the character from something that is legitimate news item or something that the media created by some of the reporting that was done over the last woke?
10:38 am
>> it is it a relationship. any time the press has a choice of covering a complicated issue and varying degrees of immigration and versus he hit me in the eye and i punched him in the stomach, i can tell you where the press is going for. trump and cruz haven't needed much prodding in order to start swinging away and ha is part of the story and no one sayses we need to sugar coat it. i do worry about what do the voters care b. terrorism, health care or jobs. and it is it is over shadowed in the crunch time between iowa and new hampshire. but you can see a rough approximation of how they would perform in the oval office. you have pressure coming 24 hours a day in all directions. >> what is coming up on the media buzz. >> we'll be in new hampshire and covering the race and also the
10:39 am
way the media is looking at the democratic race now that bernie sanders is giving hillary clinton a run for her money. and rubio, declared the winner? and bernie sanders almost beat hillary clinton. and a lot to talk about in manchester this sunday. >> thank you, howard. >> well, it is always the big question with the a snowy forecast. will they or will they not cancel schools. possibility of a snow day can send kids in a frnzy and now's new app to keep families in the loop. doug list? >> reporter: right, snow means a lot of things to different people. but school kids, it can mean just one thing, how much do you
10:40 am
love missing school? >> i love it. so much fun. >> reporter: no one loveses a snow day more than 14-year-old kayly. they are not guaranteed and you can't predict the weather and don't know if your school administrator will do the right thing. >> i ask my parents do i have school tomorrow. >> reporter: last year the high school in newroicle only gave students four snow days and students in a surrounding schools had ten. it can drive them crazy. >> hoping that the school would will close. >> reporter: this is the snow calculator app. you can get up to 2 million kids asking you if they are having school. >> next day hundreds of e-mails. satisfied kids that they are home from school. >> reporter: it used a complex
10:41 am
allegoruthim from every school district and takes in to account the prediction. >> and local snow removal. and the storm hype on social media. >> we'll have a to the and half of snow. >> reporter: factor in the school district that gives snow days. >> and if they have given a lot it may be less likely to close. joishgs it is rarely wrong which is a relief to kayly. when it comes to snow days, the waiting is the hardest part. >> you want to know if you are or aren't. >> i county know if i should make plans for the next day or what to do. joishgs even though he's accurate. it is better to be prepared and do your home work just in case.
10:42 am
>> i remember my daughter wore the pajamas inside out. >> reporter: probably works. >> i think this system looks better. douglas kennedy, good to have you on. >> multiple ways to figure it out on. a volcano shooting off lava. and what happened next. >> and setting a world record in a race that took him all over the world. he said he was in it only to win it. the reasons to run not one, but seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. feel a cold coming on?
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10:46 am
and the video shows flashes of volcanoic lightning. there is a no go zone as a precaution. and believe it or not and sen is a lucky number and it caring more moaning for the marine. he ran seven in seven days. they join us now. and daniel. you feel pretty good all things considered. how are you doing today? >> i feel well. i did a work out this morning. and that is six days after the event. and my body responded.
10:47 am
it is important to point out to the viewers why you decided to to the race and what inspired you? >> correct. july 16th. 2015, the terrorist attack in chattanooga, tennessee, unfortunately, we lost you know four marine brothers, one navy sailor, and i just felt that it was very, very important. i don't want the numbers of those servicemen. and the sacrifice of the ultimate warriors to be forgotten and i wanted to do something to show the family members of the servicemembers that they are courageous individuals and awesome guys and if i could do a small part in helping the country remember the servicemen i would do that. >> how did that motivate you on the journey in seven couldn'tinates in seven daps in
10:48 am
seven races. >> there was a point in dubai on mile ten i started to get pain in my right ham string and felt like a knife was pricking me. and i took time in that period of mile ten. and can i had to think about my rationale and motivation and realize, those five service members. i didn't know them directly or have contact or relationship with their family members. but i knew they had the never quit attitude and desire to suck sowed. and i decided, now it is time to go and push through the pain. >> you still rain every race with an average time of three hourses and 33 per marathon. and you were moving despite the pain in dube down.
10:49 am
how do you flesh seven races in seven continents? >> we basically with the exception offantarticka. 15 of us hopped on a russian military jet and landed on's ice strip and took atv's down to the base camp and run a marathon and eat food and quickly shower and get to the airport and fly to the next continent. it was very, very quick pattern. but it was an awesome opportunity and unique experience. >> have you always been a great runner, daniel? excelled at it? >> i think athletes in my family. my parents and my dad is a new york city fire chief and my mom is a nurse. i grew up playing sports and i
10:50 am
didn't decide until the senior of high school that i had talent in running and i don't consider myself an avid runner. i think i am an endurance. >> and your dad 35 years in fdny. our hats off to him as well. from the whole experience? >> i was very fortunate to have met some awesome individuals. there was a marine out there. he was inspired by a 6-year-old boy named johnny wade. his last wish on december 24th was no kid ever has to get cancer. it was really just the relationships i established with the other 15 individuals that i'll never forget. >> wow, that sounds incredibly
10:51 am
memorable. and you finished it a champion, by the way. we want to make sure everyone knows that world error. record. thank you for joining us. >> we'll be right back. can this much love be cleanedrlin' by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone.
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happy friday. we have an analytical data team between ted cruz's win. turns out the numbers were closest to the results than any poll. we're going to get them to share their secrets. plus guess which candidates received more money from wall street. ted cruz, jeb bush, hillary clinton or marco rubio.
10:55 am
why was nicole brutally killed by two teens? find out on the real story moments from now. >> a crime spree throughout much of the south ends with a deadly shoot out. blake fitzgerald was killed and brittney harper injured both on the run since late january acushi accused of several crimes in missouri and robberies and kidnappings in alabama and georgia. a modern day bonnie and collide and its violent end, jonathan. >> hi, john, this couple allegedly led police on a foot chase and two car chases in the florida panhandle overnight near pensacola. it all came to a head around 1:00 in morning. the sheriff describes what happened next. >> an arms stand off pursued for 15 minutes.
10:56 am
the suspects refused to surrender. they attempted to exit the vehicle and enter an occupied dwelling. >> shots were fired and the suspect died in the shoot out. his alleged accomplice is undergoing treatment. she faces charges of home invasion robbery, grand theft auto and false imprisonment. despite this long straying abductions and armed robberies, all the victims involved with these crimes somehow managed to escape injury. john. >> john, thank you. we'll be right back. we have over 15,000 activities that you can book on our app to make sure your little animal, enjoys her first trip to the kingdom. expedia, technology connecting you to what matters.
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>> we've already made up our mind. that's my little son trace and his peyton manning jersey. had it on all day yesterday. >> i knew you had a smart boy. go broncos. thanks for joining us. >> the real story with grechen starts now. >> happy friday everybody. presidential candidates on new hampshire days before voters hit the polls. this is the real story. some of the white house hopefuls are trying to continue the momentum they picked up in the state of iowa. others are tweaking their strategy in terms of turning things around. we're going to begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron live in collin. hi, carl. >> this is where john kasich is about to


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