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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 7, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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that's it for us tonight. thanks so much for watching. "the greg gutfeld show" is next. see you next week. next. we'll see you at noon eastern tomorrow. >> and three days away from the new hampshire primary. and the gloves are coming off before the first primary. good evening, everyone. i am julie banderas and you are watching the fox report. we are watchingment 2015 race evolve in before ouries. there are fewer candidates now. and seven republican presidential candidates will debate one final time before the tuesday primary. here is the line up it does not
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include carly fiorina. we should report that former governor gillmore was left out as well. they have a lot running on the granite states and candidates like chris christie and john kasich and jeb bush spent a substantial amount of time there. there was loiter moments on the trail as well. all is fun to watch. politicians having fun. ed henry follows the democratic race. and they are looking at the final hours before the primary. and we start with campaign carl cameron in man ester the site of the night's gop debate. does that cloning around help candidates or help them unwind.
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>> reporter: i joined that snow ball fight. it gives them an opportunity to show is they are personal and real and give voters something that is relatable. kasich is trying to connect with the voters and it is a complimentary thing to what is an imprinted personal relationship with the new hampshire voters. and donald trump is crit otherwised for not spending enough time doing retail politicking. and visiting peep in the homes and going to stores and malls and essentially taking people off of the street and talk to them. it is very, very important and trump hasn't participated in that. and marco rubio didn't campaign much last year but he is
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campaigning. and he amped it up. and marco rubio has momentum from the third place showing in iowa with. and the strategy to time for the best possible last-minute seems to be coming to fruition. we'll see if trump is losing ground and could result in a big surprise on tuesday night. how they perform tonight. trump has high negative unfavorable ratings and he needs to address that. and marco rubio needs to show he has experience beyond the rhetoric. >> who is fighting for survival in tonight's debate, carl? >> reporter: watch out for jeb bush, john kasich and chris christie. kasich, it means a lot. but for jeb bush and chris christie. it may be the most important couple of hours in their
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campaign. they have spent more time and money in new hampshire. in terms of money, jeb bush for sure. but chris christie has spent time here. and if they don't get traction, the odds of them surviving past south carolina drop fast. jeb bush has to show he can deal with donald trump and talk about issues and a strong leader. chris christie has to show he's in command of the issues and has experience of the governor unlike the legislators, like cruz and marco who are freshman and do so he is not the new jersey governor that told people to get off of the beach. they will have a lot of incoming to distract them. >> where does that leave ted cruz? >> the winner --
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>> reporter: the winner out of iowa. he had the trumper tantrum line. and talking about the redo. the secretary of state certified them. and cruz was accused of dirtet tricks and eroded his support and because he is a texan and he's introducing himself to new hampshire voters and the way he did flaming truck a aggressives. doing that and being likeable battling everybody is a tough trick. thank you very much. there is snow on the ground. and fox news followed two
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campaigns as they went door to door to talk to voters. john? >> reporter: it is something to point out that throw front runners, trump, rubio and cruz were not out on the campaign trail where as the other five were. the front runner here in new hampshire, governor kasich is in a tie with ted cruz for third place. he was making sure he was out and about in new hampshire. we had an event in a restaurant and came by head quarters to talk to volunteers that will go outdoor knocking and inside of here all day working the phone. john kasich put a lot of effort in to it making sure he reaches out to voters. he has a super pack that has been working here since last summer and august. and his campaign is making sure
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no one goes uncontact canned. i talked to john kasich about the importance of that? how much does the ground game mean here in new hampshire? >> it is paramount. it is not important as oneindivg another individual on behalf of the candidate. that is the most influential thing you can do. i have done it all of my career. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie was holding a town hall meeting in bedford and touting endorsements from america's most popular governor baker of massachusetts and they jumped on the christie bandwagon. it could be a short lived bandwagon. christie will go after the senators showing they have not
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done anything for the country and it has been christie and bush and kasich that have done the operations. >> it is incredibly important. we figure 35 or 40 percent are undecided and they will be watching tonight. >> reporter: even though last place. ben carson is trying to charge hard. he was out rallying his troops. and he's leaning hard on the cruz tactic. and had people stand up and say it looks like ben carson is out of it. and trying to bring them over to the cruz camp. it is a question of morality. >> i think the goal is to make sure people know who we are and what we accept. there is washington ethics that say you can do anything as long
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as it is legal, and then there's what i call real morerality and ethics that says, you do what is right. >> ben carson is raising a lot of money over what cruz did to him in iowa. >> what about trump. what does his ground game do? >> it is better than it was in iowa>> reporter: he didn't have a ground game at all. it was a beehive of activity in trump's headquarters. they say that this has been in place for a while. hopefully for them it has been. it is not the sort of thing you can do in the closing hours of a campaign and hope it is going to work. trump's campaign manager said they are positive about p where they are in new hampshire. >> something has resonated.
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i don't want to overstate or understate. we invested a lot of time and energy. and making phone calls and we feel good about our ground game here. >> reporter: trump underpore formed and lost four points. and 24 pors percent of the people stayed home, but compared to 13 percent for rubio and cruz. and some polls, trump has a 21 point lead. i talked to lou. it is not 21 points. they don't want to lose on tuesday. julie. >> that would be a good idea. thank you very much. fox news is america's election head quarters and our coverage continues tomorrow. and chris wallace sits down with three republican candidates.
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reb bush and chris christie and john kasich. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders ramping up their campaigns in new hampshire. the vermont senate issors encouraging young people to vote. and clinton is getting help from big games. will it be enough.
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>> hillary clinton working hard to close the gap between her and bern sanders with little help from big names. polls suggest he has a big lead and throw days before the primary. here is a look at her live event in fort smith. the iowa democratic party is looking at the fundraiser and calls for a recount.
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he was declared a winner by a hair. he was before iowa and getting a bump nationally and that makes this especially interesting. >> reporter: absolutely right. here on the ground in new hampshire bernie sanders with a double-digit lead. clinton campaign says he is from neighboring vermont. but a new poll is pulled within two points of hillary clinton nationally and far beyond just new hampshire. that is significant. they did the same poll and they were up 31 points and at a eral willy here in the granite state berniey sanders felt the burn. >> with that. i am taking off my jacket. and i feel like a rock and roll
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star. nothing more coming off; that's it. even if bernie sanders wins here in new hampshire, he has to look south. that's where hillary clinton thinks she has a fire wall with african-american voters. >> so clinton's camp is ramping up the rhetoric as well? >> they have an event bep hind me, pretty big crowd. she's had smaller crowds in recent days, but closer, they are trying to get more people out and in concorde she had madeline albright and corey booker who made an entering
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comparsisson. >> we have not seen a person as qualified for the white house as george washington. let me tell you something, let me something you something. it is not surpriseing that a whole bunch of people, not just other folks out in the democratic primary, a bunch of people are trying to attack her. >> reporter: madeline albright went on to say. there is a special place in hell for woman who do not help other women. unique way to make the pitch. >> i would say. unique place in hell. all right. ed henry, thank you very much. local police and bomb squads working together in america's biggest event of the year. when it comes to security, authorities are hard at work to
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keep fans safe. >> we are looking for anything that can do harm or disrupt the super bowl or people attending. and a couple of sports animal placing the bets. what
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>> biggest night in football. 24 hours until kick off. and it is super bowl 50 demanding a massive security presence as you can imagine, involving more than 4000 people from local police and bomb
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squads and federal agents and screening delivery trucks and more. they are live in santa clara, california. what are law enforcement concerned about? >> primarily the 75000 people filling up the stands tomorrow when the big game kicks you have and so they are taking no chances when it comes to security. 50 different agencies. 700 security cameras in and around the stadium. and black hawk helicopters across the san fran air. and license tags and trucks are scanned. there is a no-fly zone or drone zone and it takes a lot of work to keep a lot of people safe, julie. >> are there any tickets up for
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grabs? joishgs there are a lot of tickets left. but they come at a steep price as you can imagine. they have gone down a bit. earlier the average of the 4000 and now it is about throw thousand and the price original willy, the face value was 2852 to 1500. a lot of folks are just here to enjoy the experience. 1 million people have been here since last saturday. and the nfl experience and the sfr super bowl city and chance to meet your favorite player. bottom line is the game tomorrow. diehard broncho and panthers fans, they don't care what it takings. >> it is 3000 a person. and i got on booking air and
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hotel. >> it was 10:45 and i had the arrangements that same night to come out. >> we are in row one on the broncho side. yeah. >> a lot. super bowl and bronchos are playing. money doesn't matter. >> row one. did you hear that? she would not tell us how much it was. but no doubt it was a pretty penny. >> i am dying to know what she spent and how much money they spent on the matching outfits. do they all show up like that? >> or they buy it out here. all of the merchandise and 200 or 500 million and all of that rev now coming in to the host
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city. >> very interesting. and then the sportses ads and advertising, it is incredible what this rakes in. >> reporter: you're welcome. meanwhile the san francisco zoo holding a competition known as the zoo per bowl. two animals going head-to-head to predict the game. representing the denver broncho black rinno. he tried to knock over a barrel. and spoiler alert for denver fans. he was not as fast as a five month old lion cub. you can't expect a rinno to be as fast as the cub. and he wasted no time chowing down on the treat. they argue hay got to which help
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from the mom. hillary clinton standing by her story that nothing will come to the fbi probe. but a long- time fbi official appears she is down playing how serious of a situation she is in. will it hurt her with the voters. >> the battle for new hampshire is heating up. can they muster trump to knock donald trump from the top spot. >> you understand what millions of americans are starting to understand. that this election is different.
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>> time now for the top of the news. seven president theial candidates will go tshlgs oe to to, oe 30 minutes from now. it is the final presidential debate. not on stage, carly fiorina and jim gill more. they didn't meet abc's criteria. donald trump is still on top. and ted cruz and marco rubio gaining support. and one- third of likely republican voter ises say they could actually still change their minds before tuesday. so a lot is lying on tonight. and so that could be a make or
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break from the candidates. >> julie the stacks are huge. and the candidates are trying to turn out the vote in hopes to get them to support them in the granite. carly fiorina will not be on stage which took this swoip at abc that televised the debate. >> you know i am the best debater on the stage and i am foreless in telling the truth about mrs. clinton. she is a liar, and been wrong on every foreign policy challenge and maybe that's the reason anybody but carly doesn't have me on the stage. >> and chris christie said the debate will provide a contrast to voters.
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>> on that stage you will see a difference. we'll make sure you see a difference. >> ted cruz campaign spread the rumor that it dr. carson's campaign would dropout in iowa wa. dr. carson talked about the future. >> do not let anybody. i don't care who it is convince you that i am going anywhere. [applause] finally new hampshire is so critical. former first lady barbara bush out in the snow campaigning on her son, jeb. stakes are that high and snow did not phase her. >> fox news of course, will be having live coverage right up through primary day. >> well, peace talks aimed at
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ending the 15-year-old war in afghanistan wrapping up with with a call between direct talls by the taliban government and afghanistan. and theiry representatives claiming that they agreed on a road map for peace. but they didn't provide more details than that. and the last direct talk between kabul and the taliban broke down after one round after the announcement of the death of a long- time taliban leader. syria warning that foreign troops that enter the country will return in coffins. the latest view on peace efforts fella hart and syria government launched an attack on a leppo. the syrian foreign minister
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insist russia backed government is making gains and ending the bloody conflict. aid groups are helping refugees on the border and turkey will open the gates to more refugee only in the event of an extraordinary crisis. >> the u.s. is japan taking precautions after north korea is moving up's scheduled rocket launch. it was expected to take place in a launch facility. and it could happen this weekend. pyongyang insists it is only a satellite launch like the one you see in 2012. it could be a cover for a ballistic missile test. garrett has more from washington. >> reporter: north korea could launch it during the super bowl. the communist nation said they
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are trying to launch a satellite. but that would be in violation of the u.n. security banning a launch that uses ballistic missile technology. this is after north korea carried out the fourth nuclear bomb test. and the fear is, that north korea is moving closer to getting a missile capable of reaching the united states. >> nuclear weapons in the hands of north korea coupled with ballistic missileses and their odd demeanor and position right there on the dmz that is a serious combination. >> reporter: they tonight believe it would carry a nuclear war head but there is a destroyer ship complete with the missile defense in case there is a defense to the home
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land. china has been reluctant, but it could impact north korea. >> they have economic material and assistance through china. and so there are things that the chinese could do using that economic leverage. >> yesterday president obama and the chinese president spoke on on the phone with north korea and they agreed a strong and united international response was needed. back here at home, the senate is prepared to put more sanctions on north korea for the latest missile test. >> call it the granite state grind. candidates are going all out to rally support. >> here in new hampshire, if we bring out a decent vote on today we will win.
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>> how important is winning new hampshire. it is important and we'll explain
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>> welcome back. it is just dayses to go for the new hampshire primarily. and no candidate ever lost new hampshire and iowa and dpn on to win the nomination. brian is here to break it all down. what is the historical precedent here? >> reporter: new hampshire is celebrating the 100th year of primary. and the caucus narrows down the candidate. the new hampshire primary is a better predictor of who will
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win. no candidate who lost the new hampshire primary went on to win the white house. since '52 only throw candidates have lost new hampshire and gone on to be president. bill clinton lost it and he finished second. but that earned him the nickname of come back kid can. and joerng bush lost it to john mccain. and president obama lost it to hillary clinton. the current secretary of state is currently oezing to bernie sanders. she is hoping to it stage a come back. and those are more exceptions and history is not on the the side of the candidate. >> and so the underdogs have a chance. looking ark head, brian. what is next? >> the primaries are all about
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momentum. and a candidate needs 2500 delegates to win the nomination. for the democrats it is on to nevada. they will show case the true power poof the hispanic vote. it will be interesting to see how they shape their topics of immigration. and on republicans, south carolina. and the black vote will play a large vote and both clinton and trump have double-digit leads and then on to super tuesday on march 1st. it is 15 primary votes that take place from colorado to matsch. 865 delegates are up for grabs in the democrats and republicans 595 up for grabs. it will either reaffirm the
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victors or it could turn it all on its head. and march 2nd. it is expected that the republican field will feel less crowded than it does tonight. >> and the debate stages and town hall meetings. i have to say with will all of these candidates, who being run in. i like watching more. more the merrier. makes it entertaining. brian, thank you so much. former fbi agents that hillary clinton may be misleading the public and down playing the e-mail. she's confident the fbi will find no wrongdoing and she suggested that former secretary of state used private e-mail accounts for government business. kristin fisher is live from washington. what is the fbi saying now?
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>> reporter: well, jowly former senior fbi agents said the characterization of the fbi investigation is misleading. she called it a security rerow and 100 percent confident that nothing would come from it. >> absolutely no concern what so ever. 100 percent confident. this is a security review that was requested and carried out and will be resolved. >> reporter: but former fbi agents said that the fbi doesn't do secure review and only do criminal investigations. snshg calling it a security review was a maching it to appear to min myself the consequence of what is a serious situation. >> reporter: that former fbi agent said no way someone in the
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center of the ongoing investigation can know the outcome. >> so during the debate clinton claimed that two of her predecessor received private e-mails? joishgs two other former secretary of state colun power and staffers for condoleezza rice sent and received class foyed e-mails. but how they responded about this yesterday? >> these e-mails originated from state department and using unclass foyed e-mail in the tenures of condoleezza rice and colin powell. i will not speak to the content. they were not marked classified at the time they were sent. >> reporter: clinton said it is nothing knew. critics say powell and rice's
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staffers had only a handful compared to clinton's 1600. and they had not set up their personal server. >> good point. thank you very much. thousands of mothers to be infected with the virus that causes birth defects. we are are learning more about how the zika virus is spreading here in the united states. remember the terrifying scene? we know what caused the deadly blast on board of
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>> right now the search continues for survivors for a deadly earthquake in taiwan. 14 people confirmed dead so far.
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and hundreds are rescued and people are missing at this hour. the quake hit the southern part of the island and most people were a sleep. one apartment building collapsed and look at this. rescuers pulling a small puppy from the rubble. the dog was shaken bow clearly happy to be free. >> we now know what blew a hole in the side of a jet this week. government officials from somalia confirming it was a bomb. the bomb blew into the side of the plane. but the pilots managed to make an emergency landing. one passenger died and the man killed in the explosion may have been the one setting off the bomb and boarded the plane in a wheelchair.
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officials have arrested six suspects in connection with the blast. so far no terrorist groups claimed responsibility. >> more than 3000 pregnant women in colombia with infected with the zika virus. there is no vaccine is. the disease is spreading over the americas. and now the cvc said there have been be 35 cases at least reported here in the u.s. all of them associated with travel. and it comes as we learn more about how the virus spreads. fox news dr. mark segal has the latest. >> it measures normal. ndr. ashley, in the care center. >> we are looking closely in the fetus body and looking for any
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signs of the zika virus infekdz and determine whether or not the patient needs blood testing. >> here in new york. governor cuomo announcedy free zika virus training. >> she needs to protect the child. symptoms of the zika virus may be mild. but the fear of microcephaly is overwhelming. >> rick the shot of florida announced a health emergency in five counties in brazil there is a case dew to blood transfusion and in dallas there was spreading with sexual contact. but zika will not be a common std. >> is no surprise it is spread sexually. it is an unusual way of
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spreading zika, but when there is lots of cases, it is possible. >> they have worked with brazilian health authorities. and the infectious disease director said he doesn't think zika will take hold in the u.s. the key to mosquito control. >> historically brazil had rid themselves of the mosquito decades ago, but when the mosquito control efforts were stopped, the atmosphere came back. i believe we can do that gaep since that is the major tool we have in our disposal. >> there is efforts on a zika vaccine and expects one to be available in 2 or 3 years. >> we have a fox news alert. south korea saying that north korea defoyed the world by
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launching a long range rocket that critics say is a test of a missile that could strike thez mainland. north korea claimed last month they tested a hydrogen bomb and likely draw more sanctions in the united nations. they have pulled it off and we'll have more as the story develops. >> the election coverage. new hampshire is known for the first in the nation's primary and what do voters really care about? we head to a diner in new hampshire to get the latest over a cup of jo.
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>> voters in new hampshire have seen political ads. what issues do people care about?
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molly line spoke to new hampshire voters and has more. >> reporter: well, here is a diner that we talked to voters. undecided and a lot have made up their mind. these are two ladies, friends. at least this year there are markka, who are you voting for and why? >> hillary and she's strong and all of her campaign and i will vote for hillary and i will watch the debate tonight but my choice is hillary. >> reporter: why are you so strong? >> it is time for a woman and i love her background and i love her standards and getting insurance and attacking care of loans for students and grandmother who can't buy the medication. and i think she will help a lot of people. >> patty, who are you voting
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for? >> rubio. i want him because he is making us strong again and getting it back to improve your military. that is important to me. i feel america needs to be strong and we can't be walked on. i like him. >> how did you narrow down the choice. >> i didn't like what we had to peck from. i like what he had to say more than other people. that's all. i think trump is dangerous. and so i am with rubio. >> thank you you so much. i really appreciate it. the voters are so kind. we with have interrupted their lunches. casting votes again on thursday morning, julie? snshg and thank you. look at hard-core fans that are feeling the band. sanders are showing love with
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tattoo. they are offering free ink. and thenny will serenade you with regrets, i have had a here. and i'm greg gutfeld, and thank you for watching. it was rocky even before they could get on the stage. >> former senator marco rubio. >> and then the battle was on. >> the think that i would walk away ten minutes before the caucus and say, forget about you guys. who would do something like this the? >> donald trump showed up. >> and he is a tough guy, and a lot of times, you will have, and it does not work well -- and let me talk. quiet. >> and attacking marco rubio. >> he may have the skills to be the president of t


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