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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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it's not to talk about it but to do it. and i love the steve martin motto. be so good they can't ignore you. >> twitter. see you tomorrow night as we get results in new hampshire. > . tonight -- >> it is going to be i think something special tomorrow. >> the new hampshire primaries only hours away and donald trump looks to capitalize on his lead in the polls. he is here tonight. >> in the state of iowa, we saw that old reagan coalition coming back together. >> after winning in iowa, ted cruz is aiming for a repeat in the granite state. >> the gop contender will join us. >> there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> and hillary clinton's campaign gets desperate and plays the gender card. laura ingraham and geraldo
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rivera are here to weigh in and all of that and jeb bush and "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." coming to you live from manchest manchester, new hampshire, where the state's primary is hours away. brand new poll numbers out of the granite state and showing you throughout the evening according to to awe umass lowell 7 news poll. donald trump first place. second place there's a tie of marco rubio and ted cruz and then john kasich and former governor jeb bush tied with chris christie at 5%. earlier today, we caught up with donald trump before he headed out the a campaign rally with his supporters. >> mr. trump, great to see you in new hampshire. >> thank you. >> snowstorm, 5,000 people at least. >> we have a lot of people. i know we've had three of our people in accidents already. i don't know how many can show up. 7,000 say they were going to show up. we have a big storm tonight.
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>> last two days, the polls you have not been below 30. things are certainly looking good for you. how do you feel about things on the ground? >> we hope so. we have a good ground game, good everything. we'll see what happens. it's on the election no matter what. we'll see. we feel very good about it. >> talk about the debate saturday night. it was interesting to me. i watched you. i thought you had a very good debate and watched ted cruz. everybody's going after marco rubio. is it because they think you're inevitable in new hampshire? they think -- >> well, they were going after him and it was sort of a tough night for him but they were going after him an i was a little surprised. i felt quite good, actually. not because they went after him but nobody but jeb and jeb is easy but nobody really came after me. >> and the issue of iminnoceemi domain and then ranger stadium built. >> yeah. jeb was mentioning and i used it an we found out this morning that they used that for one of his parent's projects.
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and in texas they used eminent doma domain, private. he's embarrassed. i heard he's like a nervous wreck. too bad. >> in the case that was mentioned here, you did not take the woman's home. >> no. we never took it. could have taken it. could have bought it at some point. we didn't. good thing. atlantic city was not exactly a thriving destination. worked out well for me. i never did take it, no. >> talk about the campaign. new hampshire you're doing well in the polls. double digit lead by every poll and heading into south carolina, nevada an super tuesday. walk us through the strategy that you think gets you the nomination. >> well, we are going through a process. we left iowa. i think we did really well in iowa, especially after what happened to ben carson which was fortunate and did really, really well. came in a very strong strong and come here and we seem to be doing well. new hampshire is special. i know the people up here. i come here a lot and have
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friends here and going to south carolina and then going to nevada. i should do well. south carolina been amazing. and then we have the s.e.c. by that time i think somebody's going to be -- people know what's happening and i think at the end there you'll know whether somebody's getting it or a little bit further. why see a convention to go and start a fight. >> brokered convention. >> i don't see it. >> trying to make money through punditry. >> that's interesting. >> something stuck out in your speech. you have a lot of people offering you advice i assume. you're your own man, though. you make your own decision and telling you don't go to iowa. you decided to go anyway. tell me about that process. what were they telling you don't go to iowa? >> i'm glad i did go. we had fun there. we did well there. i got the second most votes in the history of the caucus, the republican caucus. >> more than any other winner in
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past cycle. >> evangelicals were great. just did well. we were told don't go there. i said i think it is for me. we have lot of delegates. second most delegates an now we are in new hampshire and i think that's going to be tremendous. >> hillary clinton says that donald trump doesn't think america's great. campaign slogan is make america great again. what do you say to hillary? >> america is great but it could -- look. it is troubled. you report on it every single night. >> i think we are in decline. >> we are absolutely in decline. my whole campaign is make america great again. right now, we are in a lot of trouble. we are being scoffed at, laughed at by everybody on the planet. we can't even beat isis in a war. can you imagine telling general douglas macarthur or patton we can't beat isis in a war?
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they would be spinning in their grave. mine is a positive message. people say it's negative. it's very positive. i go around, we have the biggest crowds of anybody. nobody has crowds like we have. and the message is that we're going to make it greater than ever before and i really believe that. >> when you meet people losing their homes, don't have a job. almost 100 million americans out of the labor fers. >> true. >> they tell you their stories, does that motivate you more to run? does that say justify in your mind this is why i got into this? >> it does motivate me. you know what? i could be doing so many other things right now. it is wonderful standing with you and talking to you in a hotel room. >> there are other things, other people? is that what you're saying? >> doing other things. there's no question about that. but i will say this. there is such potential in this country. and when i say, you know, i have to do it. just i have to do it. i'm a worker. i'm somebody that understands how things have to work.
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>> you're thinking about those people out of work, in poverty, on food staffmps. >> unemployment less than 5%. okay? you know everybody looks, they look and look for a job months and then give up and they're considered statistically employed. it's 25%, 28%. some people say 42%. the actual employment rate. and you report on it all the time. close to 100 million people. >> i don't know where they get that calculator in washington. but using in it your business they'd send you to jail. >> that was developed before obama to make presidents look good and the economy look good. when you hear less than 5%. honestly, i probably wouldn't be running. if you had 5% unemployment, you wouldn't have crowds showing up like show up for this. >> you get to the white house you'll remember the people that told you about the lost job, lost home? older people can't live in new
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york, for example. can't afford the taxes. >> we're bringing jobs back from choo that, mexico, vietnam. that's a new buone. from all over the world. bringing the jobs back. killing us with evaluation and manipulation of the currency. me, i understand it. obama, he doesn't understand it. >> if i could get you to project in your mind, win the election, in the white house, what are the type of people to surround yourself with? >> great and different people. we have the best business people anywhere in the world. use them for trade. we have political hacks. military, pick the people. we'll get the right people. not people that go on even your show and talk on your show. i mean, i see the generals -- >> great people. >> you're right but they're on the shows. you have pretty good ones an retired. i see people going on the different shows and they're talking about what we're going to do. i always envision our great generals, do you think they're going on talk show s discussing how to fight isis?
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i don't want to hear about it. do it. there are so many people out there. we have political people and we have many political hacks. they get the job because they give contributions. not going the happen that way anymore. >> hillary paid between $225,000 a speech and $400,000 a speech. and all of them have business with government or lobby in some capacity. >> she's been terrible. lock at the republicans. jeb bush said he doesn't like the idea of superpacs. $117 million on superpacs. he said he wouldn't do it again. it's been abusive and people are being abused by them. but you look at the kind of money being thrown around and then you look at hillary, what she has done and taken to a whole new level. >> would you if president go to the private trust secret trust where you don't know about the business? >> i would do that. my children are capable. i would do that. and my executives and my
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children would run my companies. >> you have been hard on the other candidates at different times in the campaign. as you look at the slate of candidates, 17, and you're leading in the polls, if you win that nomination, won the job, would you pick some of those guys to work with you, hire them? >> i would. some are very good and can't tell you. >> sure you can. you can tell me whatever you want. you're donald trump. you can say whatever you went. >> some are very good and some i don't have much respect for. to be honest. i could see some of them working with me and straightening out the country and making america great again. >> do you give thought to a vp choice? >> not much thought. so many really good, talented people. i would have maybe two or three. i don't want to think about it. i want to think about closing the deal. i want to close the deal. i want do get it done. get it closed and plenty of time. i would speak to lots of people about it. >> who? >> including you. by the way. >> right. one of the best things in the art of the deal is any moment
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willing to walk away. never want a deal that bad. >> well, we should have walked away from the iran deal five times. we could have made the deal so much betterment they were dancing in the streets of iran. dancing all over the country. >> embarrassing, isn't it? >> not made yet because just they heard the details and told to do it. they negotiate, negotiate, losing. i mean, when you think about deals, that's one of the worst. but there are others. actually, iran making the next best deal, taking over iraq. we made it possible for them to take over iraq. that's a better deal. >> sfee the sunnis and saudi arabia will protect their own territory, their own lands and stand up against the rise of the shia and mullahs. >> going in yemen, took over yemen. they want yemen with the nice beautiful long border. they want the oil. okay? 100%. >> all right. you got thousands of people waiting for you. i think you can throw me out.
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i'm fired. >> you can always stay. have a good time. thank you very much. >> appreciate it. coming up, senator ted cruz on the campaign bus earlier today. that interview is next and also later tonight -- >> hillary clinton will always be there for you and just remember there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> special place in hell? all right. former secretary of state albright tries to guilt women into supporting hillary. geraldo rivera are reaction and governor jeb bush in a new poll second place out of new hampshire. we'll have the governor right here on set with us as we continue live tonight from manchester, new hampshire. seemsd ♪ they say you shouldn't spoil your kids.
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welcome back. texas senator ted cruz scored an important victory in the iowa republican caucuses and now with the new hampshire primary hours away, can senator cruz use the momentum to outperform expectations right here in the granite state? earlier today we caught up with senator cruz on the cam pane bus. take a look. con garage ligss on your iowa win. >> thank you, sean. >> you feel momentum coming up here in new hampshire? >> it is incredible. what we saw in iowa a week ago, i mean, the night before, all the pundits said we didn't have a prayer before. every station every pundit said we were certain to lose and then -- >> they said it on my show. i was not one of these. >> you were not. 6 for 6. six experts and every one of them said i'd lose. >> i like when they're wrong. i'm a fn of that. >> we saw, number one, the highest turnout in history.
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republican turnout in iowa up 50%. democratic turnout was down 30% from 2008. and what was amazing is that we won across the whole reagan coalition so the campaign, we won conservatives but we also won evangelicals and reagan democrats. and we also won young people. in each of those four categories we were the first place finisher and a broad reagan coalition that led to the most votes ever cast for a candidate in iowa caucus. >> i asked you this. i said, okay, this is a state, iowa, mike huckabee and rick santorum won but they didn't get the nomination. >> right. >> you have a plan you told me that you're not going to follow their model. >> oh look. that was very different. both of the last two winners are good, honorable men. people i really respect and came out of iowa broke. no money. no national team. no national infrastructure. so they weren't in a position to be able to capitalize on it and
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compete effectively for the nomination. we came out in a very different position. the last fund-raising report showed as of december 31st we have almost as much money in the bank as jeb bush plus marco rubio plus john kasich plus chris christie combined with nearly $20 million cash in the bank on december 31st. >> why is that? are you just spending less? >> so it's a come byings in of two things. number one, we are shattering fund-raising records. we have over 800,000 contributions at ted ted every time we go on your show, they go online. our average contribution has been around $66. i mean, it's been incredible, the grass droots fueling it. i'm a fiscal conservative and so our burn rate is a fraction of what the other campaigns are so, you know, the other candidates
10:18 pm
flying in private jets last year all the place. i sit on southwest airlines and doing that for a year -- save your money. we save every penny to communicate our positive optimistic conservative message to the voters. >> i watched the debate saturday and two things surprised me. is you and trump are one and two. >> yeah. >> okay? they didn't go after you. they went after marco. >> yeah. >> so what does that mean that the governors, kasich, casety, bush, maybe have decided that they're a win for them is number three? >> look. i think they have assessed in their view new hampshire is going to be moderate-apalooza. a bat tell' who's the prevailing moderate. we think we'll do well in new hampshire. we hope we l. we've worked hard and have a lot of support but the day after new hampshire we are in south carolina. we have an amazing team in south carolina. i think we are poised to do
10:19 pm
very, very well there and nevada. and then ten days after south carolina -- >> big super tuesday. >> you look at the states there. georgia, alabama, tennessee, arkansas, oklahoma, tennessee. my campaign manager said if his daughter drew a map for us, we couldn't draw a better map that that. it's a amazn amazing day on sup tuesday and i think why you saw the moderates fighting is one of them comes out as the lead moderate an each of them wants to be the lead moderate. >> do you think this comes down now to a three-person race heading into super tuesday? >> more and more people are seeing it that way. i think it's clearly donald and me right now, may be a third, maybe marco and the other moderates fighting hard to say i want to be the guy and not mar ke. >> after the last debate, a lot
10:20 pm
was made after the news report on cnn. it was funny. i watched and played it. they were pretty obvious saying he wasn't going to new hampshire. he came earlier and didn't plan to go to saturday. are you good with carson? >> look. certainly from my perspective i am. he's someone i like and respect. i apologized to him because he was unhappy. we passed down news reports that were true and accurate. what cnn reported which is that he was not going on to new hampshire and south carolina and said he was going home to florida, that's what happened. >> and i would think that you and trump after saturday best friends again. >> well, you know, that can change on any given day. you wake up not sure what the case will be. you know, from my end it's easier which is that if others engage in attacks i don't respond in kind. we have done a lot of interviews and i have never sat here with you and insulted other
10:21 pm
candidates personally attacked them. i'm not willing to go into the mud and so if others choose to go there, my response, you know, it's a scriptural response, it's like heaping coals on their head. >> let's talk about how well you think you have to do in new hampshire and what you expect you're going to do. you are in a couple of polls in second or third place. what do you think? >> look. it is hard to say. i mean, the polls consistently show donald up front. marco is surging. it's possible they're fighting for first place in new hampshire. >> what about kasich? >> you know, he has had a couple of double digit numbers and candidates clustered in new hampshire. second through fifth place -- >> i agree. >> almost a thstatistical tie. >> did you build a ground game you had -- i don't think anyone doubts you had the best organization, got the voters out in record numbers in i with. >> why. >> do you have that same ground
10:22 pm
game here? >> we had an amazing ground game in iowa. 12,000 volunteers in the state of i with and unbelievable. big part of the reason why turnout was so unbelievably high. listen. you don't donald trump won more votes in the iowa caucus than any candidate in the history of the republican caucus and we beat him because the turnout was even higher. so that, that really the credit goes to the grassroots activists, the pastors, the women, the youngople, to all the people that knocked on doors, to the volunteers. we have an amazing team here in new hampshire. making phone culls. >> do you have as many volunteers or more? >> not as many but we have a lot of volunteers here and one of the interesting things, you know, you look at the reagan coalition. typically a candidate competes in either iowa or new hampshire. most can't do both. it is very unusual for a candidate to be able to compete effectively in both and part of the reason we can is we have
10:23 pm
tremendous support among libertarians so when rand paul dropped out, rand is a friend of mine. a good man. but we have seen in the last 24 hours 5 state reps part of the leadership team endorsed me. rand's new hampshire state chairman, a state senator, endorsed our campaign today and seeing libertarians coming together on the ground and when you combine conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats and young people, that is a broad and powerful coalition. >> last question. i think a case can be made that hillary didn't win iowa. my own -- if you have to win by a coin flip, that's a pretty tough run for her. >> you know, i will make a point. this is not the first political issue that democrats have involved by just throwing money in the air. >> i think that's probably true. she's in trouble. >> w >> yeah. >> what is your take? >> legally, she's got real jeopardy. look at general david petraeus.
10:24 pm
the defense department really vind iktively trying to strip him of one or two stars. shameful. >> i agree. >> by any measure what he did is a fraction of what it appears hillary did and the legal jeopardy is significant. there are a lot of reports about the fbi being unhappy about a potential political cover-up at the justice department. and then politically, listen. you know, for hillary to essentially tie in i with and it looks like the reports show that she's going to be walloped in new hampshire -- >> yep. >> that's got a lot of democrats concerned. i'm most interested to be honest, i don't care if it's hillary or bernie. they're both out of touch, have the same left-wing socialist policies and neither one says radical islam terrorism. both running to be the third term of obama. i do think the point about the iowa turnout is a reason for
10:25 pm
great encouragement. you know, historically, the democratic turnout in iowa in the caucuses is vastly exceeded the republican turnout. this year, for the first time, in recent history, the republican turnout jumped 50% above all records. the democratic turnout dropped 30% below 2008. so more republicans showed up for the caucuses than democrats. that really underscores the energy, the passion. >> there have been years republicans got won iowa with 28,000 or 32,000 votes. big year. >> it shows i believe we're in a position to do very well in the general and also how we win the general. the people that came out and voted for me were reagan democrats. people who had been democrats and been obama supporters, working class union members that came out. they were young people who had been supporting the democrats who came out. one of the reasons their turnout is down is we were taking the voters away and coming over to vote for us in the caucuses. that augustered very, very well
10:26 pm
for winning the general election and turning the country around. >> senator, good to be with you. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up tonight right here on "hannity." >> hillary clinton will always be there for you, and just remember, there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> madeline albright saying a special place in hell shaming women into voting for hillary clinton. we'll check in with laura ingraham and geraldo rivera. brand new polling numbers show the florida former governor in second place. this and much more live tonight from manchester, new hampshire. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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florida governor jeb bush in second place. donald trump is 31%. bush with 16%. a lead over john kasich, marco rubio and ted cruz. joining us, 2016 republican president candidate former florida governor jeb bush. saying don't count you out. >> it's saying it's an interesting evening tomorrow night. there's a lot of grassroots activity on our team and everybody else is working hard, as well. we have knocked on 100,000 doors in this state. >> 100,000? >> yeah. volunteers. people out of state and people here. it's how you do it in new hampshire. i think people respect the retail politics here a lot. i enjoyed it. about 100 different kinds of meetings answering questions. i got better at it. i learned -- you learn along the way an it's -- >> you say you got better. as governor, you were the governor and answered the e-mail. that's how i got an interview with you. i sent you an e-mail. >> it's interesting. you just learn. there's a context that kind of develops and the questions that
10:30 pm
people ask, it added a -- i don't know. i found it interesting. for those that think that the first in the nation primary status should be removed, i totally disagree after going through this. >> isn't it hard? i was asking trump about this today. seeing the people out of work, in poverty, on food stamps. drives me nuts. we double the debt. home ownership at a low. i'm like, what are we doing here? >> we had a -- 700 people at a town hall meeting on saturday and a daughter of a guy who was there told the story of how she got a death certificate from her father, her father died according to the department of veteran affairs and the benefits coming and social security and medicaid cut off. this is just -- it took nine months to get it fixed. this is the real people with real concerns. >> the people out of work. the people drk. >> working part time. having a woman that i met that is living paycheck to paycheck.
10:31 pm
paid the fine rather than, you know, the mandated benefits. she could n't akrord the co-payments. >> for obamacare. >> yeah. this is the story that played out and validate it is belief we need major change in washington. >> my reporter for my radio show on the ground said you had overflow crowds all weekend. >> why. >> turning people away. so when's the difference between iowa and here? and this poll obviously you're pretty happy about. >> we have worked hard here. we have worked really hard here. well, you know, i went and campaigned in iowa. this is a place where i've spent more time. the national security issues are important here. veterans issues are more important here. we have donald trump today said that we don't need to spend more money on defense. it's the one place we need to spend more money and being a commander and chief is helpful. >> do you think this is breaking out as analysts say between the
10:32 pm
insurgent sy candidates and you look -- i can tell by your look you're not buying this at all. in other words, everybody seems to think there's one governor, you, christie or kasich or marco rubio that pulls through on that establishment lane. do you buy this argument or not? >> i just think you have to go earn it and you have to go do it and sort out organically rather than how the -- i'm written off. i have seen obituaries about myself and like the guy from the town hall meeting. i'm still alive. >> after iowa, does that get you down? >> no. no, not at all. i did feel good about this. we'll see how it plays out tomorrow. i'm heading wednesday morning. >> you're in it to super tuesday? >> why. >> to the end. the debate on saturday night to me was one of the more interesting debates because it was like an assault on your friend marco rubio.
10:33 pm
what did you think about it? >> i didn't do much. >> i pissed him off once saying he hugged obama. all right. >> it's one of the rare moments where a narrative had been built up and then it was validated by the candidate himself. fair or unfair, this's the way it is. >> that is blood sport. i try to tell people they don't like the in-fighting. isn't it the reality every four years? >> marco complains that my superpac is attacking him. his is attacking me. the nature of the beast. frankly, we need all to toughen up. whoever's the nominee, can you imagine the clinton hit machine? they have nothing to offer than tearing down the republicans. >> accusing bernie sanders of being a sexist. >> this is -- this is -- they're just chomping at the bit to get after someone. i think a proven record is helpful in that record. >> last question. so this poll's encouraging to you. >> yeah. >> you think you can pull second
10:34 pm
and surprise the -- >> i don't know. it's -- i think it's very volatile. it's a jump ball. five candidates looks like, trump's ahead. who knows? it's hard to tell how nn nn, they're an independent spirit. see how it plays out. >> live free or die. thank you. >> thanks, sean. coming up next, tonight right here on "hannity" -- >> hillary clinton will always be there for you and remember there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> wow. special place in hell? former secretary of state albright is shaming female voters supporting -- not supporting hillary clinton. check in with geraldo rivera and laura ingraham here right from new hampshire.
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rough night in new hampshire tomorrow night and her campaign, they're using every dirty trick in the book to try to avoid a major embarrass. over the weekend, former secretary of state albright tried to shame women into voting for hillary. >> what kind of a revolution would it be to have the first woman president of the united states? there's some few i have heard somewhere out there that don't understand the importance of why young women have to support hillary clinton. we can tell our story about how we climbed the ladder and a lot of you younger women don't think you have to -- it's been done. . and you have to help. hillary clinton will always be there for you and just remember there's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. here with reaction, fox news
10:41 pm
contributor, laura ingraham, geraldo rivera. laura, this means if herral do doesn't help me, there's a special place in hell for him. >> this wasn't the first time albright said this. she used that same line, special place in hell line, in 2006. she was speaking at a wnba banquet, a celebration of all-stars for the wnba and used the line then. it is recycled and new importance in the primary so we are now supposed to believe that all these young women who have different experiences, different views of democratic politics, that they should vote for hillary just because she's a woman. now, how is that feminist? i thought feminism was supposed to be women have an opportunity and they can advance. but it doesn't mean you have a special place ahead of the line. of any man out there who's
10:42 pm
actually in this case more progressive and more in line with the way a lot of young people feel. how's that feminist? that seems like the damsel in distress bailed out by the former secretary of state. >> well, then you can go to the issue of taking the money from countries like saudi arabia and then, of course, then you have got as trump said she is an enabler and bill clinton abused women and geraldo, i guess the thing that's amazing, i feel sorry for bernie sanders. >> go on. >> they played the gender card on the 74-year-old kra mud jon. >> you mean gloria sty them said that the young ladies are voting for bernie because that's where the boys are? >> dating yourself. >> yeah, maybe. that's the point. you see you have a situation of absolutely zero social cache attached to hillary clinton. donald trump emasculated bill
10:43 pm
clinton bringing up the old scandals, bill was the only cool thing about hillary. the ladies flocking to bernie sanders, the cool candidate. may be the oldest guy but old-school cool and cool thing to do. the gloria steinem mistake of supporting bernie sanders to make it gender specific. just said the millennials are flocking to bernie sanders because it's the cool thing to do, it is in that generation. free college. forgiving student loans. >> no one's going to -- yeah. no bills coming due. >> cure the climate. free stuff. never have to pay for anything. bernie sanders is now the cool school guy. >> laura, she is going to get crushed here in new hampshire tomorrow. probably bernie wins by 20 points. the problems have gotten worse. two national polls out. bernie was an asterisk when he started. hillary up by 2 points in one poll, up by 3 points in another
10:44 pm
poll meaning it's all within the margin of error at this point. and she's got a whole legal issue over her head with the fbi. this is really troublesome for her. >> and she has bloomberg today saying, yes, i'm really considering it and could be stepping closer to a run, as well. not good news for her. i think geraldo is right. the cool thing for kids to go with what at the moment is cool. bill clinton out there today in new hampshire, yesterday with that red and black checkered like lumberjack shirt not working at all. he just -- he just -- he looks like he would rather be anywhere except on the stump for a candidate as lame in so many ways as hillary clinton. she goes down big by double digits in new hampshire and south carolina difficult territory and the past for the establishment candidates. we'll see if she can hold on.
10:45 pm
i think the veneer of the clintons worn thin and i don't think the younger women and younger male voters feel any obligation, any historical obligation to vote for the clintons. that's just a joke. >> while that is true, bernie sanders is proposing a platform that reminds me of george mcgovern in 1972 who got absolutely routed as bernie sanders would be absolutely routed and why michael bloomberg is contemplating spending his money for this race. bernie sanders to anyone with any kind of sense, when you look at bernie sanders and these programs that he's proposing, trillion-dollar free health care for everyone, forgiving college loans, but i understand where the millennials are coming from. i was there in 1972. they're coming from a situation where they didncan't get a job. the gen-x people can't move up and the baby boomers refuse to leave. >> bad trade deal.
10:46 pm
>> frustrated by the professional inability to advance and student loans. you graduate from a b-level school with a "b" and $300,000. >> blame obama for that. >> well, obama was -- i'm glad you mentioned that. hope and change, hillary clinton is -- >> pocket change. >> i'll ease the pain. you don't want that. you want hope and say i have a future to pay for. >> sean, the whole thing, college kids just want to play ultimate frisbee, a free kegger, free sex and want tuition. bernie is promising autoof this. >> why did i spend my time washing dishes, tending bar, hanging wallpaper, building houses, rehabbing -- why did i do that when everything is free? i could have gotten it from geraldo. >> now the jobs are taken by the hard working mexicans that donald trump wants to stop coming into the country. >> stop it. >> you aren't getting sued for libel in college like i was. you were the cool guy and doing something.
10:47 pm
>> you wear a hillary clinton shirt on any campus in this country you are drummed out. >> all right. good to see you both. coming up, new hampshire primary make or break for constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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welcome back to "hannity"
10:52 pm
we're just hours from the new hampshire primary. and you, madeline albright made you mad. >> yes. i just think, young women voting for bernie sanders because that is where the boys are. she's kind of apologized but not really. it's just sexist. right? i mean it's just straight up sexism. >> and accusing poor little bernie sanders of being sexist? >> he's not responsible if his followers are saying sexist things he's not responsible for that. who are these people anyway? they're not high profile people as far as we know. gloria steinham is incredibly high profile. and if you don't vote for hillary there is a special place in hell for you. >> really digging deep into the
10:53 pm
e-mail issue, and the fbi, i don't expect loretta lynch to do the right thing but i think the fbi will put forward a criminal referral. >> there was an admission that mrs. clinton and her e-mail server are the targets of the investigation. for a long time, mrs. clinton was saying i am not the target of the investigation, now, fbi documents are saying she is. the clintons tried to say this is somehow a nothing burger, the fbi does not assign 50,000 agents to a nothing burger. this is a storm of her own making. >> do you agree with monica? i agree with her. >> what a shock. >> 150 agents is a a lot of
10:54 pm
people. >> there is no question there are serious issues here. the issue is whether or not she did it intentionally. >> as a matter of law, that is not true. she has to knowingly have done it. >> reckless disregard can be a standard. >> petraeus was charged with a misdemeanor. >> that was one case. these are dozens of e-mails. prediction, monica. does she get the criminal referral from the fbi? . >> i think our knowledge is limited to what has been publicly leaked. it looks like the fbi is conceding on two tracks. the mishandling of classified pearl and corruption side of it. pearl and corruption side of it. i think knowing what we know, this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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from beautiful new hampshire. we'll see you tomorrow night with the winner, we'll know who it is. thanks for being with us. this is a fox news alert. five hours from right now the first votes in new hampshire primary will be cast. but there is a campaign trail bombshell and this could change everything. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg appears serious about jumping into the presidential race. mayor bloomberg telling the financial "times" he is looking at all the options. more on this developing story in just moments. right now "on the record" taking you behind the scene on new hampshire's primary eve. 24 hours from right now. all the new hampshire poll also close and the votes will be counted. the 2016 candidate spending campaign day crisscrossing the state hoping to make