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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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vegas? daniel says, hitting the blackjack table and then the buffet. >> watching the fountains at the bellagio. sometimes they have fireworks. >> thanks for being part of the day today. i'm gretchen. here's shep. it's caucus day for the gop. donald trump has been leading there but anything can happen come caucus time. we're watching the race for second place, ahead, how marco rubio and ted cruz are trying to position themselves as the man to take on trump. the new poll that shows ohio's governor, john kasich, trailing in his own state. the app that may let campaign workers tell you exactly what you want to hear. does it really have information on hundreds of millions of us? plus, president obama on his new plan to close guantanamo bay for good. where exactly would the detai e detainees go and would congress
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ever give the okay. and if not, why is he bothering? why now? let's get to it. live from the fox newsdesk. >> first from the newsdesk this tuesday afternoon only hours from the republicans caucus in nevada and the front-runner, donald trump is trashing the system as dangerous and warning strange things can happen. the only other gop caucus so far was in iowa and the only state donald trump has lost. just as we saw there, polls have trump leading in nevada ahead of the kawasaki caucuses but polly unreliable and the big test is how many show up. a massive crowd came to see donald trump speak in lfs last night. his supporters went wild after trump went offer after a prot t protester, calling the guy, nasty as hell. >> i love the old day, you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in place like this, they would be
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carried out on a stretcher. he's walking out and smiling and lau laughing, i'd like to punch him in the face, i tell you. >> just this week, donald trump said he would start acting more presidential pretty soon. clearly, pretty soon has not yet come. trump savaged his rival, ted cruz last night and called him sick and said ted cruz lies more than any other human. and last night, ted cruz fired his aide who put out a report that said he mocked the bible. he said they're the ones pulling dirty tricks. >> they won't defend or discuss their record and just scream liar liar liar. both have been engaging in relentless attacks daily. >> for his part, marco rubio is standing up for ted cruz' sta
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staffer that got booted. he said it's not the spokesman who's crooked but the candidate himself. he talked to the media on his chartered jet. >> basically a guy executing a culture. and the bigger issue there is the culture and how they created it. >> in the meantime, john kasich is staying away from this messy fight. he seems determined to introduce himself to voters and sometimes emotional. >> i got a call my parents had been in a horrible accident, my father was lost and my mother would be gone the next day. sometimes -- i only wish these camera s would shut off, okay. >> for the only other candidate still standing, ben carson spent the day stumping in nevada even though the polls show him at the bottom of the pack, carson said he is not about to give up. republican caucus day in nevada.
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carl joins us in las vegas. does it look like trump can pull off three in a row here, carl? >> it would be new hampshire, south carolina and nevada, three of the four states. he comes in with a big polling lead. polls are not particularly reliable. turnout very small, between 10 and 12%, 50 to 70,000 votes. anybody who organized aggress e aggressively, marco and ted cruz have been trying could potentially catch trump. but they have again called out cruz just as yesterday we will do again today. yesterday, the cruz campaign suggested they wanted their supporters to go to the caucuses tonight with the video portion of their cell phones rolling to catch any possible irregulari irregularities in the caucus process. the trump campaign has now sent a letter to the republican party of nevada itemizing a whole series what it considers to be ted cruz'stablished dirty
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tricks and this idea of caucus voters going in rolling video amounts to voter intimidation and yet another dirty trick that violated the spirit of the caucuses and could ultimately depress the votes of others in order to give cruz an advantage. no response from the cruz campaign yet. obviously, they were concerned there might be dirty tricks in the caucuses and why they suggested their voters go in with phones rolling. that has never been attempted by a campaign or suggested by supporters. so the cruz campaign is once again under fire by donald trump called them over and over again liar and serial liar and more and at one point pathological. trump could win tonight. but he is trying to do in cruz permanently. >> the whole narrative had been trusted, trust ted. yesterday, you said they needed a change in that narrative and
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getting rid of the spokesperson was a way to start that. has it worked or is the kind of thing that can really bury ted cruz? >> we won't know until the caucus supplements come out. we do know ted cruz is redoub redoubling his conservative message that it is exceeding lie important republicans look for somebody with a record of consistent conservatism and not constantly changing positions and argues donald trump can be on both sides in one sentence and marco rubio is somewhat moderate and liberal on immigration and casting himself as conservative now. here's ted cruz today essenti essentially aiming his missiles at donald trump's flip-flopping. watch. i thought we had one. sorry, i guess we don't. suffice to it say, shep, ted cruz is fighting back as best he can.
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it's been a rough week. he didn't perform as well as he did in south carolina but having fired his spokesman yesterday it's a setback and distraction. >> ted cruz said for a long time he needed to win that state, he needed to win there or the road ahead was going to be very difficult. he didn't and clearly it is. >> we will be watching a number of things in nevada, one is how long will it take to get the vote in? place people don't come out to vote a lot and will have a small number of people in caucuses. in 2012 it was days before we had a final vote. will there be that confusion? >> not much better the first two times they've done this, only done this twice before. >> is trump going to be true to the polls which have him ahead double differentiate digits or system going to surprise us with a victory by somebody else. who is number two?
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cruz or rub io? the polls sometimes show them running ahead of each other in nevada. critically, how does this set up the campaign for march 1, super tuesday, when a number of states are holding primaries, big states, massachusetts, texas, virginia, a number of others. is this going to be a tailwind for donald trump or another issue? >> is there a chance one of those who is not donald trump might get out between now and super tuesday, a week from to y today? >> there's not that much distance, i don't believe anybody is expecting for that to happen. there was a great column yesterday. donald trump is remaking the republican party. this is not your typical election. this is not your regular republican party. this is a populist movement donald trump has managed to galvanize.
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it is not based on the old republican party platform of fiscal conservativism and natural security conservism. he has tapped into national and cultural alienation and frigh n frightened concern among the population that goes -- that's particularly strong in the high school educated and below group of voters in the united states. it's a big group, goes across moderates, goes across independents. that's his base. >> there's today in nevada and next tuesday, whatever you want to call it and after that next tuesday, if there are still five on the republican side, even four, is donald trump a feta come ply? >> yes. the establishment republican party would hope that's not the case, there's a clear strong enough number two they can put their endorsements behind.
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right now, that gap is still substantial between donald trump and a number two. right now, rubio seems to be coalescing as the so-called establishment candidate. that could easily disintegrate as the republican party thinks who can beat hillary clinton in the national election in november. thanks very much, john from "wall street journal." the analysts say the ground game can be crucial in caucus states like nevada and this year they have extra ammunition as they go door-to-door thanks to companies that collect information about millions of potential voters. fox jerry will has has that. they have access to a lot more than voting records, right? >> my goodness. unbelievable what they have access to. yes, voter records and private data sets managed by those all over the country including whether they have a gym membership, whether you belong
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to a hunti ing club, might be a clue whether you support gun rights, loads of details about your shopping pattern and this is used by america's biggest companies, target, pharmacies, you name it, this is what's going on to 1e8 y-- sell you a bowling ball, you name it. and now the candidates are using it. here is their data and how they're using it, they're turning it into an app that can be used referenced by hand as a campaign worker walks through neighborhoods and knocks on doors and talking to potential vote others to influence and get them out in a way the campaign supports. this is astonishing the level of professionalism, detail, influence these apps have and information, the dcompany we're showing you is i360.
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the website, you saw part of what it is in its apps. i've seen a lots but this rivals it. >> do you know what campaign is using this technology? >> virtually every one. the republicans are with the koch brothers behind this and cruz has been using it to get behind people and he had success early on predicting what they wanted to hear and answer what they want to hear. this allows you to tailor your message as a political candidate in a way virtually impossible otherwise. >> there is an app for that. much more ahead in the race in nevada including the reporter on the battle for second place. also, democrats get set to take a turn in south carolina, hillary clinton leading in the polls there but bernie sanders
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republicans are caucusing in nevada today. more on that in a moment. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are heading to south carolina and super tuesday a week from today, he held a rally
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in virginia a few hours ago. meantime, hillary clinton is coming off a break after a fund-raising trip to california. most polls show she's up by 20 points in south carolina. there's a new national survey out that show most americans have a negative view of hillary clinton and 20% of senator sanders and the african-american vote is critical. >> reporter: that's right, why they were happy to roll out an endorsement by spike lee and the clinton camp with a respected leader in the house of representatives and today, he said bernie sanders didn't even bother to ask for his support. listen. >> 99% of americans were hurt by the great recession of 2008 and many are still recovering. that's why i'm officially endorsing my brother, bernie
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sanders. >> he never asked me for an endorsement, and so i never considered giving one. the debate i was having was between my head and my heart. my head was staying neutral and my heart was telling me it was always with hillary. >> now, yesterday, sanders left here to go to massachusetts, then started the day today in virginia, as you mentioned. those are both super tuesday states, a clear sign sanders realizes. he's likely to lose here in south carolina saturday, already trying to look ahead to tuesday. >> this poll doesn't sound great for either democratic candidate. >> reporter: no. they basically said, look, with unaided response, what do you think when i mention the name bernie sanders, 12%, socialist, 6%, older or aged. 5% favorable.
12:18 pm
for hillary clinton, 21% say s dishonest. 9%, dislike. 7% capable of being president and 7% criminal. hillary clinton was asked about trust issues on cnn. she says she realized republicans have been attacking her and why they might have that negative view of her and her challenge in this campaign in the days ahead, to turn that around. fox weather alert, very serious. severe storms down south, tornado warning on the border of mississippi. see the maps, south and west of hattiesburg, new orleans, baton rou rouge, beloiloxi and mississipp. and continues to the evening hours. three waterspouts on lake pontchartrain. three schools cancelled classes and could affect 4 million
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people across five states. thunderstorms knocked out power to thousands of people. president obama launched a push to close the prison at guantanamo bay and keep one of his biggest campaign promises, we'll have the details coming up on shepherd smith reporting -- shepard smith reporting.
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representatives for syria's government and the rebels say they have agreed now to a postponed cease-fire in what has become a proxy between the united states and russia. it has support from washington but does not include the islamic state, a group that controls large parts of syria and iraq.
12:23 pm
they released images of an abandoned resort that now serves as a refugee camp for hundreds of iraqi families. you can see what remains of that hotel, an anbar province that has seen bloody battles against isis. a view of the lake around this property at the hotel there. a swimming pool. the hotel one of the largest in the middle east. some farm animals as you see where the pointer is. a couple kids alongside the pool with not much to do. no running water or electricity. the hotel was once the pride of iraq's tremendoourism industry home for families with nowhere else to go and the fighti ining syria and other countries forced millions aafrom their homes and a global refugee crisis this image along turkey's border.
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president obama says closing guantanamo bay would save taxpayer money and strengthen national security and uphold american values. given with that once it was once a bipartisan issue, why can't he get it done? that was his argument in a push to shut down the facility once and for all. >> this is about closing a chapter in our history, reflects the lessons we've learned since 9/11, lessons that need to guide our nation going forward. >> closing guantanamo was one of the first orders he signed taking office in 2009. he says under his plan the government would remove 60 detainees to the united states but was not specific where. congress has banned transferring any prisoners to the united states and republican leaders say they have no plans to change that law. critics have slammed the president for releasing some of the detainees, today, spanish
12:25 pm
and moroccan police said a former gitmo prisoner was among four they arrested for trying to recruit fighters for the islamic state. what else is in this plan, blake? >> shepard, the president's plan to close the guantanamo prison facility has four main points to it. of the 91 detainees there, the process will continue for 35 of them already deemed elibgible fr transfer and the others accelerate. they're currently in the military trial phase and will carry on as well. the most controversial aspect is what to do with the most dangerous. the president said his administration will work with congress to identify a current or future secure facility right here in the united states. he also said that will be good for taxpayers, part of his argument, a savings up to 8$85 million a year. >> george w. bush was for this and his primary opponent, john mccain was for this and his
12:26 pm
opponents for this and with politics nobody is for this. how in the world can he get this passed through? the short answer is the can't. why is he doing this now? >> congress asked him for a plan. it seems this is potentially dead on arrival at least a u.s.-based replacement for gitmo detain detainees. and loretta lynch acknowledged does not even acknowledge transfer for gitmo detainees to the u.s. on the senate floor, mitch mcconnell majority leader said that won't be changing any time soon. >> we'll review president obama's plan but since it includes bringing terrorists to the u.s. communities he should know the bipartisan will in congress has already been expressed against that proposal. >> the white house secretary said they're focused on congress taking action to allow prisoners
12:27 pm
to come back here on u.s. soil but also added they won't take any of the president's options off the table either. thank you. this is happening. donald trump holding his last rally ahead of the republican caucus in nevada, in sparks, east of reno. trump told support others to keep an eye open at the caucuses in case his rival try any dirty tricks. he says it's been completely outrageous or more outrageous than normal or if there is any news that breaks out we will bring it to you. the top story of the republican caucus, the message from some analyst, donald trump may not have as much sport as we think, may not. why that has some analysts s saying tonight's real winner could be whoever comes in second which is what we've been trying to convince us a long time.
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the real winner is the one that comes in second which is, of course, not a true thing. the real winner is the one who w wins, like, well, always. that's just -- just is. sorry. ♪ hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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12:31 pm
workers at sea world say it took them hours to free that whale. some chest players may have ice water in their veins. others play chess in ice water. in russia's rural mountain. they met in a lake there with temperatures around the freezing mark. players said it was cold.
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bottom of the hour, top of the news. no matter who comes out on top the republican caucus in nevada, it's up for grabs for super tuesday. donald trump is killing it but a crawford candidates splitting the vote oppose him and keeping alternatives from gaining steam. marco rubio says he's not as popular as seems. >> the highest he has ever
12:34 pm
performed is 30% at any given right, 35% and 55% is against him. that's divided up among a lot of people. >> that's disputable. the fact, political reports, some republican bigwigs are encouraging john kasich to quit already. that from a new poll showing donald trump edging ahead in ohio where john kasich is currently the governor and very well liked. live in vegas, what's the ted cruz focus today, mike? >> shep, senator ted cruz is trying to change his momentum and rally his supporters ahead of tonight's nevada caucuses. cruz is rolling out new attacks on the campaign trail in the silver state and ripping president obama and donald trump. cruz is attacking the president on his plan to close guantanamo bay and in respect to attacks on
12:35 pm
trump, cruz is calling him a flip-fl flip-flopper. >> i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today, tomorrow or the next day, they change every day. i don't care what they are but pick one and defend it. >> cruz continues saying he is the only true conservative in this race who can win. we are at cruz headquarters in nevada where his volunteers are trying to make that happen. >> what's the rubio approach in nevada? >> reporter: senator marco rubio is saying as the field of candidates thins out he is gettingstronger. rubio is trying to rally support ahead of the nevada caucuses and says he may not be the choice for some but is the best choice in november. earlier he expressed frustration many are expressing this election cycle. >> you have a right to be
12:36 pm
frustrated. here's the problem. frustration is not a plan, being angry is not a problem. that won't solve the problem. it may motivate you to take action, that alone will not solve the problem. >> rubio and cruz clearly trying to break donald trump's momentum. >> senior politics writer for u.s. news and world report. see anything new here? >> no, i don't. it's more of silver is the new gold came out of south carolina and now we have that in nevada. they're battling over second place. it looks like trump will romp here later tonight when we get the results in, but if he does, that big picture, that means he has won three of the first four conte contests. you head to next week and put the question to these guys, cruz' camp and rubio's camp,
12:37 pm
where can you win? they don't have a state yet and won't guarantee their home state. that is essentially their problem. >> why do they continue with all this pressure not to and know if they do continue it's president candidate trump? >> they want to be the last man standing. there's five candidates left. rubio and cruz seem to be the most plausible likely nominees unless you're talking about trump and rubio and cruz still want that one-on-one match. they're trying to outlast each other essentially to get to that final round. trump is already in the finals and he's looking for -- they're looking for one more candidate to make it to the finals against trump. that's what rubio and cruz are campaigning for. >> let's talk about how to get rid of somebody. toad cr ted cruz's message is trust ted,
12:38 pm
trust ted. if the polls announce they don't trust him and don't see a path a ahead, might he disappear between now and next tuesday? >> no. he will not disappear before super tuesday. he has put much of his resources and campaign time into the south. super tuesday is a lot of southern states. cruz has to do well. tonight will be fun and interesting burt i don't think it will be crushal in the end. frankly only 30 delegates. next week, you will have 600 delegates at stake with 11 or 12 states holding caucuses or prima primaries. many in the south. georgia, tennessee, arkansas. these are the states ted cruz needs to win. i think coming out of march 1st, if trump is running the table, then there's a huge question. the next big pivotal date on the calendar is march 15th. that's when florida rolls around. obviously that's got to be a b
12:39 pm
rubio victory. >> you would think. >> if he continues. >> either way. david, thank you. no more weird buildings. i read this in the "new york times" this morning. the chinese in all their brilliance. first of all, they're trying to tell all the reporters in all of the nation, you have to be nice to the government because unless you're nice to the government china will fail. at the same time, they said no more weird buildings. what is that? lillian. sorry. i forgot. >> a big pair of pants. >> that's the government tv bui building, right? >> yes. chinese central television. that's another example. they want things to at least be representative of the chinese heritage and not just be desi designed for the sake of design like this the shape of a violin and piano and actually pretty cool but not exactly cost effective or space effective off of this sheridan. >> what is that horseshoe? >> horseshoe thing, different to
12:40 pm
be different not increasingly practical or uniform. a big spaceship, a tech museum but pretty ugly in my opinion. this building like a waterfall and doesn't match the urban landscape behind it and one of the guidelines, it needs to look like the neighborhood it's being built in and more uniform. >> they have 10 white houses. no more white houses. >> glorification of the culture. >> and they must be nice the regime. >> yes. >> and apple weighing in whether the feds and should help them break see the iphone. why bill gates says that absolutely should help the feds. plus, there is crazy weather in the south in south mississippi and louisiana.
12:41 pm
what's happening? >> we're concerned for tornadoes not only this afternoon and overnight. the storm prediction center issued this particularly dangerous situation for mississippi. this watch good until 10:00 p.m. it's rare for them to issue a particularly dangerous situation tornado watch. that means we have all the ingredients that will come together for a severe weather outbreak including long lasting dangerous tornadoes and that's why we have a moderate risk for the gulf state, mobile, tallahassee and montgomery, alabama. we look at this hatched area, a high risk of tornadoes through the overnight. people will be sleeping and you're urged to keep your noaa radios on. you can see temperatures ahead of this system in the 80s behind it. all the dynamics in place for severe weather outbreak, not only this afternoon but tonight and on it through the evening.
12:42 pm
back to you. >> thanks. news continues right after this. choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap.
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help the fbi unlock the iphone from the san bernardino shooting investigation. that's from microsoft bill ga gates. this is a specific case with the government asking for access for information. he said it's like getting police records from a phone company. of course it's not like that, it's just not. the heads of other tech companies, facebook, google, twitter are siding with apple and say that doing that would set a dangerous precedent that anybody could use to access a limited number of devices in the future. let's bring in our judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> it's an interesting legal issue. if apple had something the
12:46 pm
government needed to exonerate someone or convict somebody, they could get a search warrant. bill gates is saying that would be the same. >> that's right. what the government wants doesn't exist. i looked at the search warrant issued in secret between the fbi and apple collapsed, that alone is enough to invalidate the search warrant. the search warrant is the most unusual i've seen in 40 years of reading search warrants. it commands the fbi go get something that is not there. it requires apple to create a key, k-e-y, key, to let the fbi get into this phone, a key apple, google, facebook and many many techies inside and out of the government say, once it gets on the internet, there's no stopping who can access it. it's a key that will expose the government itself to more ha hacking from people who wish all of us harm. >> it wants apple to create
12:47 pm
something, the government is telling a private entity to create something. >> i have argued that's called involuntary servitude and is there an amendment to the constitution prohibiting it. the government is without authority to force a nonparty. not somebody in the case, apple's not being prosecuted for these massacre, the people are dead to force a nonparty to do its work for it. can the government hire apple's engineers away from apple? absolutely. can the government go to the nsa, has everybody's phone records, metadata and digital records. they don't want to do that but by doing that they admit nsa has this stuff. can they force them? i say no and it will go to the supreme court of the united states. >> the prosecutors know they're asking apple to do something for them, something not legal. are they trying to create a bigger opening that would last
12:48 pm
forever. >> often prosecutors are doing what the department of justice in d.c. want done and often that crowd is a political crowd. the prosecutors on the ground trying to find out what happened in san bernardino, trying to find out who the confederates were and who the monsters are who perpetrated this, hard working decent employees doing their job. somewhere in this chain of come manned are people pushing these buttons to try and cow apple to submit to the government. i commend tim cook for resisting and letting the judiciary decide the right outcome. >> it will. forget your password to a website, no problem, take a photo of your face. mastercard is launching an app to let you verify your identity by taking a selfie instead of password. customers can authenticate purchases by using their
12:49 pm
fingerprint as well. one executive says this will be saver than pass words because they often use codes easy to guess. you can expect big bangs to roll out new technology the next few months. your smartphone could become key to your car. volvo plans to sell vehicles that don't have keys and instead a digital app will unlock or start the car. if somebody wants to borrow your car, you send them a digital key over the phone. what if your phone dies or you lose your phone? they say, what happens if you lose your key? you have to get a replacement. we have an answer for anybody who has visited new york city and says what's the deal with that pointy thing? >> a message of love to the city and this country. >> a train station and bit of a controversy. a look inside the brand new world transportation hub.
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show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. the new transportation hub at the world trade center set to open next week after years of delays and huge overruns in cost. the agency that controls the site tells us there will be no ribbon cutting ceremony, as the port authority's own executive chairman calls the project "a symbol of excess." we wanted you to get a chance to see the place for yourself, so we asked the architect who designed it to give us a look inside. soon, this plaza will be filled with people hustling between skyscrapers and subway lines. some will visit the shops set to open late they are year, while
12:54 pm
many stare up in awe at the vaulted ceiling 16 stories above them. sthz is much more than a regular station. this is an anchor for the whole neighborhood. >> an anchor which has weighed on the port authority's efforts to rebuild here. one executive called ate boondoggle as it took twice as long to complete and cost twice as much as estimated 12 years ago. overlooking the september 11 memorial, the building is supposed to evoke a bird in flight. a concept of architect santiago calatraba. >> here you see the main hall. >> this is overwhelming, almost. >> yes, and look how the roof opens. >> the plan, to have the sunroof open every year on september 11, allowing light to fill the hall.
12:55 pm
yet as construction crews wrap up, some early reactions have not been kind. a new york times critic referred to the building as a stegasauras. >> we have the hope that will be a -- one of the rare models of the development of lower manhattan and will transform manhattan into one of the most liveable neighborhoods. >> the final price tag, just short of $4 billion, earning it the reputation as the world's most expensive train station. underground passages connect towers one and four. they'll eventually lead to tower three which is under construction, and tower two, which remains at ground level.
12:56 pm
stay whatever you want, it is an awesome structure. we'll be right back with a look at the debut of one of the world east most iconic candies. what do you think that is? it happened on this day in history. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
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on this day in 1896, the first tootsie roll went on sale in brooklyn. the inventor named the chocolates after his daughter. today, the company makes more than 64 million tootty rolls a day. you can still find them selling for a penny a piece, somewhere, not here. the company has also given us the tootsie pop, as well as the mystery over how many licks does it take to get to the center. but a candy store began selling an american classic, 120 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in, because breaking news changes everything on fox news
1:00 pm
channel. the dow is clearly broken, all over the place with each day with no rhyme or reason. just like politics. "your world with neil cavuto" is coming up now. this is fox news channel. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. and i've been listening to donald trump speaking to loyal backers in nevada. among some of the revelations he made about gitmo, for example, hey, let's just have the cubans deal with that. but more to the point is the fact that on this caucus day, he is loaded for bear and ready to fight, and i mean fight. mr. trump just a few minutes ago. >> watch out for dishonest stuff. because i'll tell you what, you have to be careful. they have paper ballots, the whole deal. so just watch out. if you see anything, legal us know about it. but we have a lot of people