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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪óít this is a fox news alert. and it n. just one hour caucusing begins in the silver state, ned. already people are ingoing their all republican presidential picks. we have an action packed "on the record" tonight. senator marco rubio, ben carson and donald trump's son jr. will be here. caucuses are just moments away. carl? few days since the south carolina primary where donald trump picked up his second back-to-back win and he is hoping for a third this evening. he comes in the caucuses this evening with a lead in the polls as of yesterday. he has not put in the type of effort that other candidates have here. he has been traveling around
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the country but in the last country at -- couple of days campaigning very hard. there hasn't been a lot about issues but a lot of pounding of rivals for dishonesty particularly ted cruz trump knows as victory tonight will really make it hard for others to catch him. as for ted cruz he has been battling a whole series of allegations about dirty tricks and lying. a the loft allegations from donald trump but also from marco rubio. rubio is looking to pull off a second place tonight to cast himself as the candidate who can really unite the mainstream republican establishment and be the contender, the conservative alternative to donald trump. sort of leaves ted cruz in a tough situation tonight, greta. and we shouldn't forget about either ben carson or john kasich. ben carson today used a phrase that jeb bush used to -- a met for jeb bush used to describe his own candidacy saying he is the tortoise and it's against a bunch of hares it's a marathon not a sprint. john kasich has not been spending time in nevada at all. he has been concentrating on
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the big super tuesdays a week from now and a hoping to wrap up big w win there4(1ñ carl, what about turnout? any idea where it's going to be blockbuster or snow? >> well, blockbuster is a relative term when you are talking about the nebraska caucuses. first four states to vote. this is the first in the west to vote. caucus. expecting 0% of the turnout of the republican vote that would be between 50 and 70,000 votes. there has been two other caucuses in the four and eight years past. in both cases the turnout was 7% and 12% respectively. this is not a big turnout affair. it's rarely a blockbuster. organizational exercise. both marco rubio and ted cruz were working the ground troops aggressively here. donald trump has not concentrated on ground game. concentrated on his attention to capture the media and drive the message through his own ideas and rhetoric. he has been very, very tough this he can would. the allegations of dirty tricks and lying.
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eclipse most of the discussions of issue. gret? the president delivering his plan to congress to shut down the gitmo detainee center. the 91 detainee suspects remain in prison. some of them could be headed to the united states. the gitmo fight is becoming a hot 2016 topic. >> the president is planning to close guantanamo. maybe even giving it back to the cuban government. >> this morning i watched president obama talking about gitmo, guantanamo bay. , which by the way, which by the way, we are keeping open. >> let me say, this mr. president, don't shut down gitmo. expand it and let's have some new terrorists there. >> i'm not for closing gitmo. plain and simple. >> not only are we not going to close guantanamo. if i'm president if we capture a terrorists alive. they are not getting a hearing in manhattan and sent to nevada they're going to guantanamo. >> we are going to load it up with bad dudes. >> you don't have the ability to give away vital
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military assets of the united states of america. >> to it 16 presidential candidate marco rubio goes "on the record." nice to so you, sir. >> nice to talk to you again, greta. >> senator, big news again today is get gitmo. continuation of prior or advertising his over gitmo. are you saying he cares more about his legacyoy than he does about the american people. >> there is no national doing. saying things that al qaeda and ice sis is are attacking us because of gitmo? that's absurd. they don't have anything to do with gitmo they are attacking us because they are radical jihadists. there is no national security rationale for what he is doing because many of released from gitmo are returning to the fight against us. today, we wake up to the news that spanish police have arrested a former gitmo detainee that returned to the battlefield against the
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united states. this is all about fulfilling a campaign promise to close guantanamo and it leaves america more vulnerable. it isn't going to happen it. we will fight it every step of the way. >> would you make that same argument, sir, to president bush because when he was president he released 500 had and on apparently aorderring to the numbers and according to president obama released 1 had had 7. when you get down the chain you get to the more dangerous ones. would you make that same statement to president bush. >> that's important distinction. some who wound upmd' there were some rounded up in operations and didn't pose a threat. as you said the less and less people you have there, more down the line the more dangerous they become. i would say this about anybody who was in favor of releasing enemy combatants who are trained killers from guantanamo, many of whom have been pretty open and expressing their desire to the return to the battlefield against america. that's, in fact, what many of them have done. they leave and they return to the fight against us. so i would say that about anybody, republican or democrat that puts our national security at risk. >> all right.
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when you talk about release, from my understanding of the plan is that some of them will be transferred. they use the word transfer. but i agree, i call it released too. a number of them who are the more serious one willó be brought to the united states and placed in regional federal prisons here. do you have object to that? they will be in custody. >> yeah, but there is no need for them to be here. guantanamo is a first rate facility for holding enemy combatants. i visited there personally. there is no rationale or reason for moving them there none whatsoever or bringing them to the homeland of the united states which could create problems for us here. so, i think it goes back to point, why? we have the guantanamo facility. it is a facility that was built and is capable for detaining people such as these. who are enemy combatants and a war on terror. and that's where this should continue to be held. i think we should be moving more people there if we capture terrorists in the battle field in the fight against ice or whoever it may be we should be taking them to guantanamo as well. >> there is a press release
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out of your office in nevada suggesting that your campaign is worried about dirty tricks tonight in nevada. are you worried about them? >> we're concerned in the sense that we have seen them in the past in an effort to mislead voters. we saw that in iowa and we saw that in south carolina. we want to be prepared. the release tells our supporter ifs they run across any sort of misinformation that they report it immediately so we can get the word out. the nevada process is a new caucus. only had had two. a new process for people participating in it i don't want people to be told that i have dropped out of the race or some of these other silly things that have happened over the last weeks. >> i think that is a remark against senator cruz since that's what happened vis-a-vis dr. ben carson in iowa. >> it happened to us to. in south carolina a gentleman fainted and had a seizure at one of our events. i stopped the event and said a prayer to him. and we ended it because we wanted emergency personnel. they put out a robo call announcing i was dropping out of the race if i didn't
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win in south carolina. we want to be prepared for anything that happens. the cruz campaign has been a big part of some of those things over the last few election cycles. we want to make sure our voters are aware of the truth and no one isna mislead toward changing their vote because they think something has happened that, in fact, has not happened. >> senator, thank you very much. as i say to all the candidates. good luck, sir, i hope you come back. >> yes. thank you, gretanifñ >> nearly all of the remaining g.o.p. candidates spending this nevada caucus day in nevada making last minute pushes to get as many votes as possible. >> first of all, i don't know if my purpose is to be president. my purpose is to be out here doing what i think i need to be doing and we'll see. >> our political class in both political parties have been failing this country for over two decades. >> for me, it's real simple. i have two guide books, the bible and the constitution. >> i have met much tougher people than ted cruz. is he like a baby. >> when anybody points to his record he is like liar. >> he is like a soft, weak
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little baby for comparison. but for lying, he is the best i have ever seen. he is the best. >> this is a long process and when you get to the winner take all states. >> we have a marathon here and not a sprint. >> the "on the record" political panel is here abc political director rick klein and from the daily beast jackie kucinich. rick, we anticipate that donald trump is going to win tonight. we don't know the numbers for sure what the margin will be probably ted cruz or marco rubio. the personal who comes in three tonight where weather that's cruz or rubio. >> there is only one name on a hotel when you3q fly into vegas. i think the number three person is going to be at a disadvantage in making a critical argument right now that this should be a two person race, one-on-one race. what dr. carson said is not exactly accurate. this is not a marathon. it's a sprint to even get to the starting line of what could become a marathon
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between two u maybe a third person but legitimately, if someone is going to stop donald trump it needs to be one-on-one. the second place finisher or maybe the first place finisher tonight has that edge going into super delegate tuesday. >> supporters of senator marco rubio that they want him because that would be a way to stop donaldi w trump. but the fact is that he has+y+&x not stopped donald trump. i mean, donald trump not only has he won the last two but even in iowa that he came out what wayúg ahead of mao rubio and in new hampshire senator marco rubio was fifth. >> at some point this argument first is the worst, second is the best isn't going to work forever. it just can't. so marco rubio needs to show he can actually win somewhere. and, he spent a lot of his childhood in nevada. he has spent a lot -- they have really worked nevada. now, whether they can turn that in to a wins a we know, nevada caucuses are really hard to poll. ted cruz has super pac out there knocking on doors. talk about the ground game and how big it is, he is going to be tough to beat
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there we will see how much the liar, liar narrative has really dragged him down after this. >> how can second and third place be winning? i mean, we have heard this now for many months. where i grew up, the one who comes in first is the winner. >> it's all about expectations. the rubio campaign frankly has been masterful at managing them. they could take a third place fifth frks we can beat donald trump. donald trump is not going to beat himself. someone has to beat him. ted cruz makes the argument i'm one and two and is he two and one. ultimately it will happen to happen quickly. as soon as this race goes winner take all marsath, it's a national race, donald trump puts himself in overwhelmingly likely position to become the nominee if he is still romping over a divided fieldfñ as late as the middle of march. >> viewers, now is your vote atn twitter. accusations of dirty tricks on the trail. do you think the cruz campaign is up to dirty tricks? tweet yes or no using #
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#greta. senator ted cruz has been back with his heels on this allegation. taken it from both donald trump and senator marco rubio. >> he tried to make amends with dr. carson. >> in a closet. >> in a closet. he has really tried to put this narrative down and it just isn't working. even donald trump is keeping it going with -- he also sent a letter to the nevada republican party preempting any cruz dirty tricks. so, he really is, keeping this alive and he has been really good at that. >> rick, jackie, stick around. and 2016 g.o.p. presidential candidate dr. ben carson creating a controversy today. dr. carson in a recent political podcast saying president obama was raised white. g.o.p. presidential candidate dr. ben carson goes "on the record" in las vegas. good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. >> dr. carson, nice to see you. i'm sure you have seen the controversy about your remarks about president obama being raised white. can you explain that? >> very easily.
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first of all, you know, it tells you that some people are incredibly sensitive to any racial issue i basically made the statement that the way that he was brought up is not typical of the black experience in america. he was raised in hawaii by two white grandparents. spent his formative years with his white mother in indonesia. went to private schools. i mean, it really is not a typical black experience. that's what i was saying. take that and say that i was saying that there is something wrong with anybody who isn't brought up black and that racism& is rampant and that it's causing problems. these are all their interpretations. this is the narrative they want to present. and it's so typical. i would think people would >> all right. the dirty tricks allegation. and i know that in iowa what happened to you is -- look, that was rotten what
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happened in iowa with your campaign. i agree with you on that. do you anticipate any sort of dirty tricks tonight in nevada toward you or toward anybody else? >> i'm not anticipating them. are we going to be vigilant? of course we will be. you know, i'm hopeful that we will get to it a point the very near future where we actually start talking about the issues. because there is such big issues and they really threaten the future of our country. and i really feel bad for our young people because they are not getting any attention. we are spending august of our time talking about silly things. >> that our fault? the media we start out right away. i asked you the first questions about the remark that's caught everybody's attention about president obama. and then i asked you about dirty tricks. do you lay that blame on us that we are not talking more about the issues? >> well, particularly, you know, when you go to the debates, what do they talk about? he said this about you.
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he said this about your momma. i mean, give me a break. you know, when we are talking about most americans don't even know what the fiscal gap is and what the implications are in terms of our financial foundation. 17 to 24-year-olds who apply for the voluntary service. 71% of them are rejected for physical, mental or educational reasons the vast it effects our security. these are the kind of issues we need to be talking about when you talk to people or rallies or meet them on the street. what's the issue that they ask you about most? >> i think the issue that is what's going to happen to our children. because we're being so incredibly irresponsible. and then i get a lot of people who want to know about immigration policy and
4:16 pm
quite a few who want to know about the bureau of land management. and the fact that our federal government owns 877% of the land here in nevada which makes no sense what sofer. >> those probably weren't the questions you were asked about land in new hampshire or south carolina. it it's a big country, isn't it? >> yeah, for sure. you know, people always say well, what's different about the voter in this state or voter in that state in the fact of the matter is, one of the blessings of our nation is you can be in maine. you can be in new mexico co. we have basically the same culture. there may be some different issues, you know. you have got yucca mountain here in nevada mostvm; don't even know what that is. so, every state is going to have their particular issues. but, we do have a united culture. and we're going to have to starlight concentrating on unity in this country once again, not let the purveyors of division who gain their
4:17 pm
power by strife and division continue to prevail. dr. car some good luck tonight as i say to all the candidates and thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much, greta. >> and tonight the fight to replace justice scalia is fierce. what just happened? that's next. also, you better pay attention to this one. are you in the deadly path? tornadoes bearing down on parts of the nation and breaking right now a reported tornado touching down in louisiana. "on the record" is tracking this dangerous storm. [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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a major blow to president obama's' vow to appoint a new supreme court justice. all all members of the senate judiciary committee refusing to have any hearings or any votes on any nominee fox news correspondent shannon bream is there shannon? >> all right. they say they mean it, greta. senate republicans say they are standing firm, every member of the senate judiciary committee, all the republicans they signed on to a letter today saying they plan to exercise their constitutional rights and they say that means they essentially plan to ignore the president's supreme court nominee. here is a lit bit of the letter it says our decision is based on constitutional principle and born of a necessity to protect the will of the american people. this committee will not hold hearings on any supreme court nominee until after
4:22 pm
our next president is sworn in january 20th, 2017. and when asked about whether he would even take a meeting with the president's nominee senator majority leader mitch mcconnell said it would serve no purpose and the senate is not going to take any action at all. here is the white house's response. >> there is no denying that what republicans are threatening to do in the context of this supreme court nominee is unprecedented. >> so, greta, now we wait. i mean, the white house is taking a little bit more time, being a little more deliberate about this than we thought. i don't know who is going to want to accept this nomination and weighed into weighed into that. this letter says something in the letter it says the president may nominate judges go to the supreme court it says shall. so the letter has a little slight amendment. i think the president should nominate someone. if they don't want to vote on the person, so be it. but this is, you know, this is petty, sometime the shoe is going to be on the other
4:23 pm
foot. >> that's the argument the republicans are making at this time. do we think if it there is a republican president on the way out and democrats control this committee would they be willing to hear a nominee? i don't know. >> that's so seventh grade school yard. i hate to insult seventh graders. thank you. >> thank you. drop developing right now. president obama calling on congress to approve his plan to shut down get know. many republican senators rejecting the plan. kelly ayotte is saying the plan will,v make americans less safe. she goes "on the record." nice to see you, senator. >> good to see you, greta. >> do we have any authority to take the gitmo detainees and bring them here to the united states? can we hold them here in the united states? >> first of all, the authority right now is that the law is that the president can transfer them to the united states. that's been the definition authorization for years. there is also the law that he can't actually spend funds to modify in the u.s. the congress would have to change the law. that would be the first step. let me say something about the plan. the plan isn't really a plan. he doesn't even identify
4:24 pm
where in the u.s. he would like to transfer them. he identify as number of locations. doesn't say which one he thinks is best. then there is absolutely no plan for if we capture a terrorist tomorrow, where we are going to interrogate them, where we are going to detain them. this is something i have been focusing on for years and haven't gotten an answer. >> this appears to me to be -- let me ask you. this did he call you or anybody else before he released a plan and said let's discuss the plan. >> >> he didn't call me. >> did he reach out to anyone. >> if he didn't reach out to anyone on capitol hill and has no authorization to bring them to the united states. doesn't have funds to do modifications. this is political theater. >> this is about a campaign from miss. >> political theater. >> first of all not a real plan. second, here we have unfortunately the thing that troubles meks also. evidence continues to transfer people from guantanamo and release them. >> released as we talked about. >> i don't consider that transfer. >> released. we know they have gotten back in.
4:25 pm
just today we learned that there was another individual who was arrested by spanish authorities who is involved with isis, a former detainee and plotting with isis. >> so, are we to hold these people forever? >> we're at war. we are at war with al qaeda, still. we are at war with isis. and they are, held under war detention. we don't release into the battle so the men and women in uniform can see them again and they can commit more acts of terror. we wouldn't do that in any conflict. these people are dangerous. especially the remaining population needs to beé;í held. why would we transfer them to the united states? congress doesn't want to do it. i don't think this plan is going to go anywhere. >> i don't understand. if he never bother to do make a phone call to try to work something out. maybe thinks the republicans won't work with him. on the other hand, i don't know why the republicans won't -- are jumping all over him for nominating to the supreme court should he do that both parties have a little splaining to do tonight. >> i think this is one, also, that the republicans want the people to speak on. >> senator, nice to see you.
4:26 pm
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donald trump expecting to strike gold again in nevada. if trump can pull off a win again tonight, that would be his third in a row and put serious distance between trump and next two close rest contenders. what's going on behind the scene as trump keeps racking up wins? donald trump's eldest son donald trump jr. joins us from vegas. >> good to be here. how are you? >> good. so, tell me what's the plan tonight? >> win. what else is there, greta? we're going to win and have a good time. we have amazing experience in nevada. the people have been amazing. the message is resonating so well. i'm prowld of what my father is doing. it's incredible. >> let me ask you a really can dom question. why is your event tonight not at the trump hotel? >> honestly, because there are just too many people here. we are north big enough to hold as many people as want to go this-to-this event. the reception here in the state has been phenomenal both in las vegas clark county as well as the mining towns in erka where i gave a
4:31 pm
mess yesterday. americans are sick of stupid and people making decisions that don't benefit them and sick of people making decisions based on what special interests are telling them to do. they are ready for a nonpolitician. >> what what should we make of the remark your father made, i think itwb was last night when there was a protester and said something like he wanted to punch him in the face or something? >> listen, i think that's the sentiment you see from the average person. they are sick of getting -- being beat up. they are sick of being pushed around by everyone. they are sick of not having a voice anymore. that's not something that's unusual. i mean, if somebody is trying to break up something, doing a great thing, there is 10,000 people in a room watching an event and someone is trying to heckle them. that's a natural response. people love is he honest about that he doesn't pretend that's great is he is exercising whatever it may be his freedoms. is he going to say it like it is. that's what's resonating so well with the american people. >> there is somethingxx sort of refreshing about the fact that in our nation you can actually protest outside the white house.
4:32 pm
i mean it's sort of like even when people yell awful things it's like in some nations you can't do that, some nations you don't even have elections. they stay in power forever. >> something being able to say i want punch that person in the face it works both ways. i think it's great people can exercise that and he can exercise his right to say what he wants about it it that's what he is doing. he is finally saying the things that people are thinking in their minds. when they're beating beat up by government or being pushed around, he is saying what the hard working, blue collar, you know, middle class measure family is thinking e is giving them a voice. he is talking with them. is he talking toi. them. he is not talking at them like regular politicians are doing. and that's why he is getting such a warm reception everywhere we go. i mean, i can't even tell you the incredible stories of the people that are coming up to me when i'm in these small towns all over the country and just saying
4:33 pm
thank you for letting your father do this as though i have any control over that whatsoever. they are excite to do have a voice again. >> is there any way, don, in your mind if he wins tonight that the other two or three or four can catch up to him? or is this it. >> listen, i'm not going to count anything out. the one thing i know is4ñ!lñ not only is the left going to go after him eventually but the g.o.p. and the establishment, all of these guys are going to try to attack him because they know when he gets this, when he wins, it's all over for them. you know, the little cushy system that they have going where everyone takes care of everyone else and everyone has their special interests doing all this stuff and they have these great jobs at the expense of the american people, they know that system is over. so, they there is very little limit to what i think the establishment will do to pry to prevent him from getting in here. >> don, thank you. as i say to all candidates. you are the closest thing i have to the trump campaign tonight. good luck to your father tonight. >> thanks so much, greta. i really appreciate it. >> and at the 2016 campaign rolls on, it's starting to look like no one can slow
4:34 pm
down donald trump. ohio governor john kasich is hoping for a giant win in his home state but tonight, the popular ohio governor might have a reason to be worried. a brand new quinnipiac university poll of likely ohio republican voters shows donald trump beating the sitting governor with 31% governor kasich is five points behind trump with 26%. the "on the record" political panel is back, rick klein and from the daily beast and from ohio jackie kucinich. so, jackie, i'm going straight to you. why is governor kasich behind donald trump in his home state? >> you know, there is a huge blue collar contingent in ohio of republican voters. and the other thing is, you know, kasich has tried to push through a couple things. the republican voters weren't really happy about. he has been rebucked by the guess, getting their reventricle right now and looking at his -- revenge and looking at his opponent. >> the path is to win michigan and to win ohio.
4:35 pm
then he would be a contender. i imagine this poll, i mean, it's on the edge of the but still troubling for him. >> yeah, also before jeb bush got out of race. the poll happened before south carolina. >> so that's good for kasich? >> potentially. but, not winning in ohio would be lights out for his campaign. >> totally. >> donald trump has something that he is able to do against his opponents that's unique because of the calendar right now. is he is beat them one by one. if he beats ted cruz in texas on march 1st, he beats marco rubio and john kasich in their home states in florida and ohio on march 15th, those are winner take all states, it's game over. no one is going to catch donald trump. so he said the other night he wants to end this thing quickly. that's the way to do it. >> could be over march 15th. >> that's right. if the field doesn't win know enough, he beats them boom, boom, boom. i don't see that anyone possibly catches them. >> are we on the path for that? as much as sort of some in the g.o.p. think that that's not happening, isn't that the likely scenario? >> what will be interesting is, yeah, you are absolutely
4:36 pm
right. what will be interesting to see if it branches off into we're looking at a brokered convention situation where marco rubio doesn't drop out. and he keeps on trying. >> if donald trump has the did he goes, there is going to be no brokered convention. >> true. >> and there should be. >> brokers anyway. whole fallacy to this brokerpf%. they don't exist. >> fascinating to see assuming donald trump does win tonight is the margin. proportional delegates but, still, that margin is going to send a big message in some direction. anyway, thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> warning right ÷ now, powerful tornado threatening several states. that's next. you are looking live at louisiana rv park where emergency officials are investigating another possible tornado. about to start the nevada caucus kick off in just minutes. a live report coming up. something special coming up tomorrow night. can you join us immediately after "on the record" for a facebook live stream
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raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. get ready to speed read the news. a high rise horror two new york city window washers stuck 52 floors off the ground. the workers were installing new glass panels on the high rise building when their scaferlding failed stranding the pair. the fndy was able to remove a window and pull the pair to safety. update on vicious kalamazoo murder spree that left six people dead, murdered. the suspected gunman jason dalton entering the gun store before the killing spree. dalton seemed calm, jacket designed to hide a gun. dalton has confess to do the killing but given no motive. and one person is dead and two more are missing when a british power station collapsed. two dust clouds sent billows
4:42 pm
into to the sky from the former coal plant. witnesses say the noise was so loud they thought it was a massive explosion. the plant closed in to 2013 was due to be demolished but this collapse was unplanned. international terror raid nabbing four suspectedq terrorists with ties to isis. one of those arrested former gitmo detainee. spanish say working to get bomb making supplies to carry out acts in spain and that's tonight's speed read. >> this is a fox news alert. two people are dead as tornadoes pound and whipped several states. fox news seniorbhd meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. janice, horrible news. >> really horrible, greta. unfortunately we are in the midst of a severe weather outbreak right now across the gulf coast. that's going to be ongoing tonight and overnight. people need to be on alert for the potential of tornadoes moving through the area of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and the florida panhandle where we have several tornado
4:43 pm
watches in effect latest won moving to alabama is good until midnight and a the one across mississippi is a particularly dangerous situation tornado watch, meaning that we are sure we are going to seat potential for tornadoes over the next couple of hours. tornado warn storms here north of monroe and east of meridian. ongoing and seen a lot of damage. reports of tornadoes on the ground and already one death being reported because of severe weather. severe threat continues through tonight. we have this moderate risk. look at the high risk. very high risk for tornadoes throughout the evening. people aren't going to see them coming because it's dark and some of these tornadoes could be rain-wrapped. again no weather radios on. know where you are going to get your warnings tonight. tomorrow we see move into the southeast, mid-atlantic. delmarva need to be on alert. even isolated tornadoes it could happen on the cold side of this, greta, a snow storm. yes, 6 to 12 inches of snow
4:44 pm
across portions of the midwest, the great lakes, and even into the the northeast. we're going to see several inches of rainfall and 6 to 12 inches of snow, again for areas anywhere from missouri up towards michigan. and, a quick look at your snowfall forecast. it's going to be a quick mover but could drop significant amounts of snow over othe next 6 to 12 hours. watching this overnight underway right now. greta, back to you. >> it's terribly dangerous and awful. janice, thank you. >> okay. >> nevada caucus goers are lining up. big night ahead. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't...
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developing right now, an update to horrific beating we brought you right here "on the record." two teenagers arrested in the brutal beating of a decorated u.s. marine it happened here in washington, d.c. two 17-year-olds, a girl and boy, are accused of attacking and robbing marine sergeant christopher marquez outside of mcdonald's. he thinks about black lives matter and then they beat him. last week sergeant marquez told us this right here "on the record." >> i don't really remember much. originally i thought i was attacked inside of mcdonald's. i was able to speak to the manager and he was reviewing the videotape and he was going over with me. he said they had attacked me as soon as i left mcdonald's. i was opening the door and that's when i got assaulted in the back of my head. >> police are still searching for a third suspect in the attack. this a fox news alert. just minutes from right now the nevada caucus kicks off.
4:50 pm
u.s. news and world reports david catanese is in las vegas with a preview. david, what does it look like? how does the turnout look? >> well, it's just getting started. people are really just starting to begin to trickle in. this does start at 5:00 local time. and we will go until 9:00 tonight. and you really you have two option os here. can you come in, can you cast a ballot. and you can leave. or you can come in and stay here and watch the process because there will be speeches from representatives from all the candidates. obviously that part takes a little bit longer. but officials are are telling people that you can just come in and leave. so, it doesn't deter people from showingñb up, meaning they have to give up their whole night. >> you have come across people today, in the last couple hours who are undecided? >> yeah. there are people that say they are undecided. i think most people at this point are are leaning towards a candidate. but, look, we saw this in iowa where there was a
4:51 pm
caucus where you had representatives from different campaigns make a case. make a point. and people can change their minds at the last moment. especially if they have got it narrowed down to two candidates. there are people that say they are undecided but, you know, as i said before, people they love to say they are undecided because then they are going to be courted. that means the candidates have to make the case to them. >> the county you are in, where las vegas is the most populated county and where we can expect the most people to participate. when you drive around town, who has the most sign and who has the most enthusiasm does it appear on the ground? >> you definitely see trump and cruz signs as far as what i have seen just driving down to clark county area. but, you know, the polling has shown donald trump has a big lead out here and it's sort of a battle for second between ted cruz and marco rubio. but the polling is usually bad. and, frankly, the nevada caucus has had a lot of problems in the past,
4:52 pm
reporting their results in a timely manner. and getting them out. they have had this problem the last couple times. and really only 300,000([ people. 32,000 people participated in the caucuses last time. they are hoping to get that turnout up a little bit this year. it's going to rest on the republican party to get these results in at a time and not take three days like they did did in 2012. >> single most important issue. is there one there? >> you know, you hear definitely a lot about immigration. i talked to two voters at a ted cruz rally. and the first thing they said was they liked ted cruz's stance on immigration. they thought trump was a little bit too over the top on it but they didn't like that marco rubio participated in the gang of eight, the bipartisan bill that was ultimately unsuccessful. so i think you hear that, but, there is a lot of personality driven in this election, too. they like that trump is straightforward with them.
4:53 pm
that he doesn't b.s. them. so you hear a lot of that from voters on the ground here as well. >> david, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> and coming up, i have a message for anyone throwing stones, including me. my off-the-record is next. i tried depend last weekend. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at out on the town or in for the night, at&t helps keep everyone connected. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones. no matter how you hang out,
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heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at let's all go off-the-record remember last week when the pope said when a person thinks only about building walls and not building bridges is not a christian. we all know who he meant. donald trump. well, the twitter universe went absolutely wild pointing out the man, the
4:58 pm
pope has pretty high walls himself at the vatican. then there is the statement yesterday about governor john kasich talking about his first run for state senate in ohio in 1978. >> how did i get elected? nobody -- i didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people who, and many women who left their kitchens who went go-to-go door to door to put yard signs up for me. >> then secretary hillary clinton sharply criticized governor kasich for women leaving their kitchens. then he tweeted 2016. a woman's place is wherever she wants it to be. well rewind to her husband's 1992 presidential campaign when then candidate clinton's wife, hillary, said. this. >> i suppose i could have stayed home and baked i decide to do do was to fulfill my profession when i entered before my husband was in public life. baking cookies. she got in trouble for that my message to everybody. i mean everybody. i will throw myself into
4:59 pm
this one. perhaps we should focus on issues and solutions and not smacking the other guy. mean all live in glass+te?z houses. and that's my off-the-the record comment tonight. and it's time for your campaign flash. you are looking live at las vegas high school cafeteria where caucus goers are registers. senator ted cruz wrapping up final nevada rally in carson city. and donald trump holding his last caucus rally in sparks nevada. later tonight trump is holding a caucus night party at the treasure island hotel and casino. that's tonight's campaign flash. and your live twitter voting results on your screen right now. do you think the cruz campaign suspect to dirty tricks? here are the results no 22% yes 58%. that's all a for now. we will see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. do not forget tomorrow night immediately after this show you can join us for something very special. a facebook celebrating 3500
5:00 pm
episodes of "on the record." i will be answering your questions live. just go to my facebook page right after tomorrow night's "on the record." we will see you there. good night from washington, d.c. "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> i love the old days. do you know what they used to do to guys like that when they were in a place like this? they would be carried out on a stretcher. i would like to punch him in the face. >> donald trump responding to a heckler in nevad-i is that kind of blunt talk actually helping him with some voters? we'll have a special report. >> this is about closing a chapter in our history. it reflects the lessons that we have learned since 9/11. >> the president announcing the closing of the guantanamo bay prison. is that legal? can he do it unilaterally? is it legal on the case. >> bernie sanders, i see a man saying that the emperor has no clothes while everyone around him is saying they insisthe


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