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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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we pick up with the results from south carolina as late as it goes. again, the screaming woman is welcome. that's the kind of -- that's the reaction i get. screaming women. see you tomorrow. hello, everyone. along with kimberly guilfoyle, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." oh, boy. on the cusp of super-tuesday and on the heels of the most intense debate of this election cycle so far, a dramatic new development in the gop race today. donald trump got another big endorsement. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump as president of the united states. there is no one who is better prepared to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. the best person to beat hillary
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clinton in november. on that stage last night is undoubtedly donald trump. so i'm thrilled to be here this morning to lend my support. >> chris christie surprising a lot of folks with his appearance at trump's news conference in texas earlier, two weeks after spe suspending his own campaign for the presidency. christie dealt a crushing blow to marco rubio on the debate stage right before the new hampshire primary. rubio is now being hailed for his performance last night but christie's still determined to take him out this time on behalf of trump. >> he's an articulate guy. donald probably needs a lifeline after last night. so he brings in chris christie. i respect that. >> rubio reacted to christie's endorsement earlier. >> he's a conman. i think it's time to unmask him for what he is. he's trying to take over the conservative movement even though he's not a conservative. more importantly he's a conman who is taking over people's
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fears portraying himself as a strong guy. he's not a strong guy. he's never faced real adversity before. >> trump is saying that politics at this stage of the game is all about momentum. the momentum has been in the trump camp and time is running out for rubio. some are saying rubio's debate performance last night was a momentum changer that is until a christie endorsement today. trump has once again taken hold of the news cycle, the christie endorsement, that is, and with that wild campaign event may have just shut the front door on some of his main competitors. that, of course, is my opinion. marco rubio will be on special report tonight. this afternoon all of a sudden big endorsement. i mean big in the sense of momentous. >> yeah. and rubio was so smiling and happy last night. he looked like he just won the super bowl and said he's on the way to disneyland or disney world. he had a great night.
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people wanted to take on donald trump, like why are you showing up in the ninth inning? you should have been playing ball all along. you had research against him. why didn't you bring out things before? it's all a little suspect. he was taking heavy hits, from the left, from the right and he was fending them off. he was like doing like jedi moves like trying to deflect away from it, slamming this one, then slamming that one. it was a little bit crazy. chris wallace described it like a demolition derby but not necessarily anybody up there becoming to the office of the presidency. greg, you even said it went by so fast. barely, boom. >> three hours. it was fast. i thought rubio did a great job. however, like you said, it should have happened sooner, but the problem is you had 17 candidates. so you had slifbers of character rather than the full character. and then you have a brilliant move by trump which is basically he's like a quick thinking carjacker, you know?
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he saw what happened last night. he lost it a little on twitter but then he came through with this thing. and by the way, we are complicit. i mean, the lead is christie. and also christie is now trending on twitter, not rubio. so this all worked out really well. you know who trump reminds me of? he's the political version of deadpool. he's the superhero that has regenerative powers. no matter what you do, he heals immediately. he really is deadpool. he's a smart ass, but nothing seems to hurt him. >> kind of like in trial when you know you have such a losing case, so as a defense you just throw everything against the wall just to see if anything will stick. i kind of feel like that's where these candidates are. so little, so late in the game, you have to question how much is going to have to even stick. not talking about marco rubio. >> talk about the christie endorsement. came as a surprise. especially a lot of people would think that a christie type would
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back marco rubio, no? >> dana, you called it this morning before it happened. >> thank you very much, k.g., reading her e-mails this morning. >> at 6:00 a.m. >> you know my theory about endorsements. i think this is important especially from a news perspective. i don't know how much votes it brings along with you. christie came in dead last in iowa. he has a lot of fans and supporters, but it's a narrow slice. i actually think that in some ways it felt a little awkward to me watching it because a few weeks ago chris christie said a vote for trump is a vote for hillary clinton. and donald trump said, about bridgegate, he said, chris christie knew about it all along. so this happens in politics where then you have an unholy alliance and they come together. think biden and obama. they were competitors, then they come together. christie always said that he would support the eventual nominee. there are some people with strong feelings that this is a negative for chris christie. and you can read all about them
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on the twitter. >> also, this does explain why christie took out rubio's legs in the previous debate. like let's face it. trump is known for one thing -- making deals. and he clearly made a deal with christie. i think he made a deal with kasich as well. because kasich was very helpful to trump last night. we're watching the kind of cabinet take shape. >> you think trump made a deal with kasich? that was after his third glass of pinot noir. i see deals. >> you don't see christie as the transportation secretary? >> no, attorney general. >> attorney general. >> they are both on the opposite side of entitlement reform. how does that -- does that matter? >> also, can i mention one other thing on the endorsement? >> sure. >> so throughout the campaign, people that mistakenly thought that donald trump wouldn't go the distance, that chris christie would pick up his supporters because if you like someone that tells it like it is, christie was that type of person.
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to me, this isn't all that surprising. what would be really surprising, which would be great for donald trump, if he could pull it off, is to get somebody like a governor scott walker, right? somebody who would be different so that you're adding a whole different dimension and you're growing your audience. are you going to call that? >> no. i'll check my e-mail in the morning. >> yeah. >> if trump wants the pivot to be a little bit more statesman-like, he can use chris christie to be more trump-like. the guy clearly was the biggest, loudest voice in the room for a long time. >> trump likes his style, too. he said it was a masterful prosecution, what he did to rubio. these two fit together well in terms of they're kind of simpatico. if you come after them, they'll hit you twice as hard. similar personality. he's the only guy that knows how to hire people, has executive level experience like myself, et cetera. i thought christie did a very good job today doing what he needed and wanted to do and i know a lot of his supporters are
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also supporting trump. >> conservatives remember christie hugging obama. >> not anymore. >> not anymore. >> one of those things that slips away. >> this endorsement comes after a heated debate last night where trump and rubio shared many harsh words. rubio especially tried hard to get under trump's skin. >> i've hired tens of thousands of people over my lifetime. >> many from other -- >> just be quiet. let me talk. this is a world that's goiall t work. >> if he builds that the way he builds trump tower, he'll be using illegal immigrants to build it. >> he sells it to a lobbyist who is probably here for $380,000 then legislation is passed. >> here is a guy that hired at 200 million. if he hadn't inherited 200 million million, you know where he would be now? >> he lied, 100%.
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>> you lied about the polish workers. >> yeah, yeah, 38 years. >> he lied 38 years ago. i guess there's a statute of limitations on lies. >> that was unbelievable last night. >> that's like the real housewives of the district of columbia. it really is. but at this point in the game we kind of expect this. we're post south carolina. the gloves have come off. i can't even be mad at rubio for throwing and see what is sticking. some of that slid off. we know that trump takes this stuff a little personally. i don't think he was happy at all with what happened last night. that's why he came out swinging big time today. >> can i throw out something here? the poll numbers out today. virginia, trump plus 23, florida, trump plus 20, michigan trump plus 24, massachusetts trump plus 21. yesterday texas trump even. >> he brought that up there. >> what they needed was a change of momentum last night. they started to get it.
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>> they had it. >> it's back in the trump camp. >> that goes back to what i said about him being the political version of deadpool. when you saw trump talk about planned parenthood. in the old days that would have hurt any republican candidate to come out strongly on planned parenthood, but the primary charm of trump is exactly what his arde esent supporters fail see. he is not going up against the establishment. he's going up against the do youopoly of right versus left. >> good word. duopoly. >> he's apolitical, he's neither right nor left, he's not ideological. and that's his charm, but it's also could be his criticism. rubio tried to go after that. but it doesn't matter to his fans because his fans are new to this game. >> that's right. also i think this, he's not a real conservative. i don't think people care because people feel like this. they'd rather take a chance with
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trump, even though they maybe don't know for sure what they're going to get. that feels a lot better to people than going with what they already know hasn't worked before. >> people said i like trump but whisper. they won't say it out loud. >> he had 40 hss this people at his rally. that's like shouting. >> now be had a couple of congressmen come out and endorse him. wasn't christie the chairman of the republican governors association. >> right. which is why i think also -- not to take away from the endorsement. adding is better than subtracting. but believe me, there are conservatives all across the country, republicans, not even of the establishment ilk who are looking at this going it doesn't matter to them or they think that chris christie sold out. i do think that chris christie deserves so much credit for -- look at across the country the number of republican governors. just amazing. he worked his tail off for that and deslfs a lot of credit for it.
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if you look at someone today like in oklahoma, one of the states that will have a vote on super tuesday, you have senator inhofe who is supporting marco rubio. no shrinking violet. we haven't seen talked about senator cruz yet. and i know we have another block and we'll hopefully get to it. he had a good debate, too. >> this is where rubio was successful. he's kind of limiting the conversation to trump/rubio which is helpful for him. >> which is a problem for ted cruz because ted cruz needs texas on supertuesday. if he doesn't get 50% of the vote that goes straight proportion proportional. >> and that weakens his argument that -- >> all you cruz-ettes don't yell at me. it's just by the math. >> right now cruz gets to say look i'm the one person still standing that has beaten donald trump. and that's a stronger argument if he wins texas.
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if he loses texas, that argument loses steam. >> he went from c3po to the karate kid. >> ralph macchio. >> but two people we haven't talked about, carson and kasich. i felt when i was watching the debate those were like the slow parts in action movies, where you get up and you get something to drink or go to the men's room. because there was just nothing happening. >> the romance scene. >> the romantic scenes in action films when mel gibson talks to his kid. >> that's not romantic when you talk to the kid. >> carson had the best line of the night. >> he did. can someone attack me. >> we'll leave right there. catch marco rubio on special report tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern for more on his reaction to the christie endorsement of trump and lots more on last night's debate coming up. later, it's facebook friday. post your questions now at ♪ you got to be free
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♪ you better take me down ♪ take me down to the little white church ♪ >> i wasn't just trump versus rubio last night, senator cruz also tried to take down the front-runner. here's cruz for hitting trump for his position on health care. >> true or false, you said the government should pay for everyone's health care. >> that's false. >> you've never said that. >> i said it worked in a couple of countries. >> you never stood on this debate stage and said it works great in canada and scotland, we should do it here? >> no, i did not. >> you said if you want people to die on the streets if you don't support socialized health care you have no heart. >> -- on the streets is unprecedented. >> are you a liberal?
2:19 pm
>> let me talk. >> explain your plan, please. >> my plan is simple. we'll have private health care. >> that was really the first time that we had a chance to really see a candidate drill down on health care and i think that obamacare is still this dark cloud that hangs over the country. and that's useful. donald trump's answer about i'm not going to let anyone die in the streets is a good one. if you follow this in terms of scotland and canada, 20 weeks to see a specialist is not so great. >> no. this is an important issue. obamacare is like that rash that keeps coming back. greg, you can relate. >> i know. thank you for bringing that up. by the way, where did i get it from, kimberly? >> bowling. >> all righty. >> the gloves off. >> the gloves are off. >> that's how it happened. >> i kid. >> i'll go to you. do you want to follow up on that? >> i'll try my best. >> a bunch of counterpunchers.
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>> i think k.g. is right. this is exposing a more liberal position on trump's part smart by cruz. i don't think the style looked good. it's kind of like badgering the witness. poking and poking. donald is literally -- >> can't win. >> the other day you're like go after him. today you're like don't no after him. >> you have to be careful with the style. >> i agree. no, i agree. >> a little more reserved. it would have been more effective than it even was. >> do you think the democratic party is going to treat the republican front-runner any less? >> no. >> any time somebody goes after somebody, they're doing them a huge favor. >> sure. >> imagine hillary. hillary's going to look at all the things like the stuff that you heard, whether business practices or being mean to hispanics or mean to muslims, underlying aggression. they're going to go after this. the protectionism, the terrifies. he's got to get prepared for
2:21 pm
this sort of thing. >> i'm not criticizing cruz for going there. he should have gone there a long time ago. >> let's get eric in here. >> yesterday we talked about this, what's it going to be. you said no, trump is smart. he's got these leads. you want to pad the lead, coast in, clubhouse, i'll lay it out and putt it in and win this tournament. cruz and rubio went at him. and he dug in and fought. but that's donald trump. that's him. >> you were saying that last night. i was like, what do you mean? he's got to respond becoack. >> at the end they got shots in on him, but he got shots back. it seemed to play into the narrative of him just saying stuff and putting it out there and people liking what he's saying. >> some people. >> he says he can't yet. it's a subject he was pressed on again last night. >> a year ago you told me on my
2:22 pm
radio show, the audio and the transcript are out there on youtube, that you would release your tax returns. are you going back on your -- >> first of all, very few people listen to your radio show. that's the good news. which happens to be true. check out the ratings. i want to release my tax returns, but i can't release it while i'm under an audit. we're under a routine audit. i've had it for years i get audited. u obviously, if i'm being audited, i'm not going to release a return. >> i don't blame him for saying i can't do that. but the irs apparently says that he's allowed to. >> he's allowed to but then nerls under the advice of counsel you would be told not to do that. greta made that point earlier. i don't blame him. if i was representing him, i'd told him wait, stand down. but once that's cleared who knows how long it will take to do that. but it's just not advisable.
2:23 pm
>> what do you think, ebony on tax returns? >> this is the area that he's a little vulnerable. not on the releasing of the tax returns. that will probably turn out okay. barring some big bombshell. i don't think there will be. but if there were to be, financial success is a big part of his power play. if there are any questions around that that are valid, that may be an opportunity for vulnerability. >> pressure mounting on hillary clinton for her to release her big money contributions to wall street. now she's pushing back. does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. ♪ right now, get 25% back in rewards on hp ink, toner, and paper! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®. she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort... karen: "she's single." ...and high levels of humiliation in her daughter. in just 7 days,
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that's how we do it. tomorrow is decision day. once again in south carolina democrats hold their primary this time. hillary clinton has a commanding lead been but today she's facing more heat over her big money
2:28 pm
speeches to wall street. "the new york times" endorsed clinton last month, but now it's demanding she turn over those transcripts saying voters have a right to know what she said to financial groups. bernie sanders thinks so, too. >> it might be a good idea to release the transcript of what you said to wall street, you know. maybe what you said behind closed doors is a little bit different than what you're saying to the american people. i would hope that she will do that. secretary clinton said she'll do it if other people do it. i'm prepared to release all of the transcripts i got for secret meetings in wall street. here they are. >> that means zero. hillary insists she's been transparent, has nothing hide. >> people can go back, they can look at what i said and what i did when i was a senator. i'm the one who called out wall street. i actually went to wall street in '07. i said you guys are going to wreck the economy.
2:29 pm
and i went after hedge fund loopholes. >> can you assure the american people that you didn't say anything in those speeches that would undermine your promise to be tough on wall street. >> absolutely. >> and the big banks. >> absolutely. besides, i'm on the public record. i've told them what i'm going to do. i've said i'm good to go after big banks that pose a systemic risk. i want you to hold me accountable for that because i will do that exactly. >> but i want you to show me the money in the meantime, mm-mm. donations, dana, right? come on. >> i don't know who has transcripts of their speeches? i thought donald trump has a good point. i'll give you transcripts -- he just speaks off the cuff. you guys give speeches. i never get a transcript. maybe it's recorded at some point. maybe she does. i don't understand. i do think that bernie sanders, oh, maybe this is something i can attack her on. talk about being a little late to the party. that is one.
2:30 pm
i don't know if the transcripts will be forthcoming. i do know this, wall street doesn't care what hillary said behind closed doors or now, because they know if she became president she would do exactly what they wanted. >> like, it's in the bag. >> she's definitely for them. >> this is puzzling to me for hillary clinton because this is an opportunity. she knows she has these really low poll numbers around trustworthiness. i don't say always do what the public asks. don't take my word for you, i'm going to prove it to you that i'm being consistent both with wall street and behind closed doors. >> she can't. she can't do it. >> what are you saying? >> here's what i'm saying, first of all, i think she's going to be the nominee. i agree with dana. what's on those transcripts isn't going to change the election whatsoever. it's important that "the new york times" is calling for the transcripts as well. but the reason why she can't do it is because i will almost guarantee, in fact, i'll bet $10,000 to a charity if there is anywhere in any of her
2:31 pm
transcripts in a speech to anyone on wall street saying you guys are going to undermine the economy. $10,000 to a charity if she produces a transcript that says that to a wall street bank. you know why? because when you go do a speech in front of someone, you tell them what they want to hear. and they'll pay you 200, $300,000 to do your speech, you won't tell them it will undermine the economy. >> at this point then she plays the gender card throwing down an x on the spot. listen to this. >> you know, it is painful, it's hurtful to have people say, oh, we don't truss her. don't know why she's doing it. and it totally struck me, you know, maybe there is this underlying question like is she doing it for herself or is she really in it for us? and i've always thought of myself as being service oriented still today when you are a high achieving woman, particularly one in the public eye, you really are just expected to perform at a higher level all
2:32 pm
the time. men, my goodness, there's a million different ways you can be successful, you can communicate and all the rest of it. i'm not a natural politician like mr. clinton or barack obama, so for me it really came through the route of service. >> x chromosome. did it help her, hurt hur? >> she said she was service oriented, her husband was serviced oriented. >> look away. don't make eye contact. >> when it comes to transcripts nothing good comes from releasing them. just ask bill tp. the problem with the tax return. get your minds out of the gutter. her gender, you could argue the opposite that her gender helps her that if she were a male, they would trust her less. >> how can you be less trustworthy in the polls than she is now. >> i was saying if she were a
2:33 pm
man, perhaps. it was a hypothetical. not fact based. >> i just wish i knew her better so i could understand how best maybe i could, if i were a communications person, advising her, i could say that she could answer this. because i know how i would probably answer it, but i feel like she's constantly searching for a way to convince people that she's trustworthy and each time it's like going backwards. however, on her point about women having to perform better at higher levels of an organization, if you look at her target market of the people who are likely to come out and vote for her, there's a strong possibility that that is persuasive to them. and especially for single women. when bernie sanders is no longer in the running, they might not be as enthusiastic for her. but that's going to speak to them. so i think she's laying the groundwork for a very important demographic that will be important to her in the general election. >> all right. don't move. we've got facebook fridays up next.
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test. i believe that was "big valley." my nickname in high school. this is for eileen, we're doing facebook friday. start with you, kimberly. >> oh, great. >> if you could challenge any of the candidates to a game of trut or dare, which one would it be, why and what would your dare to them be? keep it clean. >> in my ear so much going pg, pg. who is that? >> what does pg stand for? >> they're saying keep it pg. i would rather do twister. >> that could have been your funniest joke ever. >> of all time. >> i missed it? >> yep. >> so who would i want to do -- truth or dare with? >> yes.
2:39 pm
>> no, no, no, no, no. that's not an appropriate game to play with someone you're covering in an election. >> i've never played that game. >> neither have i. >> you do a dare and then you have to kiss them? >> no, you ask them to tell you something, and if they don't tell you, you dare them. i go to hillary and dare her to tell the truth. >> maybe it's a different game that i -- >> you took my dare to tell the truth. i would pick hillary clinton, and i would dare her let me style her for the rest of the campaign. >> would you dare her to tell the truth, too. >> but i would actually really like to get my hands on her and she'd do much, much better. >> i think she looks pretty good. >> interesting. >> i would dare hillary as well but i'd dare her to come on fox news and do a sitdown, fair and balanced. >> that's a good one. never happen. >> dream on. >> i don't know. >> how about this? dare donald trump not to be on twitter for three days? >> i'd like to dare myself that.
2:40 pm
i would love to -- >> he'd definitely be the most fun to play with. >> yes, but, my goodness, where that would end up. chris, this question is, if you could be on the next potus cabinet, which role would you want? let's go this way. >> oh, wow. that's a great question. you know what? >> you already had one. >> department of interior. >> that's not fair! >> why? >> because that was my choice. >> department of interior. you get all the national parks and you also could help restore balance to federal land use and for coal country. >> see, i would just like to tell everybody that i'm a park ranger. >> you want an outfit? >> yes, i'd wear it every day. >> could the park police please send him one of those green outfits? >> the best job in a cabinet would be the treasury secretary because you're so close to the president. is that accurate? >> right next door. >> right next door. that's what i hear. maybe that would be the one.
2:41 pm
>> hm. >> i like it. secretary of education. >> why am i getting the sad face? >> because it's near and dear to my heart. you're a hot mess, greg. no, i think it's a great equalizer. i think i could save america's kids. >> that is liberal. >> national security adviser. i want to be in charge of isis. >> there you go. >> and i wouldn't even sleep. >> they might give up. if you were appointed, they might say, we're done here. you just do the recruitment videos. why are we over here? let's go over there. >> come to the bright side. >> 22 virgin s has nothing on kimberly. i'll go with secretary of agriculture because i love to grow. >> this is not a good -- >> this is fun. i love this segment. starting with you, eric, from lorraine m., how will this
2:42 pm
leaked be depicted in the history books? >> i think a sea change. american politics is changed forever, donald trump brought it. rubio, cruz, they were all brawling it out. >> is that a positive? >> i like it. i personally like it. i also like in parliament, you know how they yell at each other? >> the band? >> no, in the british parliament. >> but they don't like speak over each other. >> they do. they insult each other, which is fine. >> prime minister -- >> and then they oh oh, they do that. >> so i can answer yours. but this is taking too long. >> you don't get through all the questions. >> he's just like fire it up. >> we are done. >> no, one more, one more. this is from kevin. i'll start with you, ebony. how many drinks -- >> i just did that one. >> how many drinks did you have while watching the debate?
2:43 pm
>> this is the one i said we should get to. >> i had two, a beer and a margarita. i know. i have learned over time i have a two drink max. unless i'm like really -- >> i was like four when i had a two drink max. kimber kimberly? >> so one. >> one? you just had one. why did it take so long? >> i was thinking about potato chips and all the other stuff that i ate and sushi. >> somebody hanging out at walgreen's. >> i had zero because i did the hannity midnight thing, so there were tempting things to head over to del frisco's and get a drink. you were there. >> i was. >> i stayed in my office and watched the whole debate. >> you cannot get hannity drunk. >> i have drunk less since these elections started than in a long time. because i got an offer to be on the special election focus team.
2:44 pm
so you don't drink before you go on television, right? >> yes, well, it depends what show it is. >> right. >> "fox & friends" i'm hammered. >> before you go to sleep? >> no, i'm joking. i've never done that. i had three glasses of delightful pinot. >> and you were screaming at the tv. >> noir or grigio. >> no grigio for me. i'm a man. >> barely. >> wow. >> i'm sorry, you know what? maybe i'm man enough to have a pinot, all right? >> oh, my god. >> i said pinot. >> the finger is hovering over the bleep button. >> please, please. >> you always say that. and i always do, kimberly. >> oh, god. >> al sharpton, remember him? he doesn't want trump to be president, but he just gave americans the best incentive there is to elect him when "the five" returns.
2:45 pm
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♪ i don't like it i love it >> did al sharpton just seal the deal for the donald? some of my colleagues here at "the five" think that he did. he's given the gop an amazing get out the vote strategy with
2:49 pm
his new threat to leave america if trump wins. >> if donald trump is the nominee, i'm open to support anyone while i'm also reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins. only because he probably would have me deported anyway. >> wow. "the view" co-host rafbven-symo said she would leave the country but she'd leave if any of the republican candidate s win. >> i'd move to canada with my entire family. >> are you really? >> i already have my ticket. no, i literally bought my ticket. >> you're not a citizen, you know, of canada. >> that's okay. i'll make it. i'll figure it out. >> she said even if they're nominated. we think that she means elected because obviously one of them will be nominated. >> stupid. can we get this right out now?
2:50 pm
she's getting political analysis from "the view" is like getting recipes from "the walking dead." if al sharpton is leaving maybe he'll go with tawana brawley went? >> ew. >> what do you mean, ew? >> bringing up old stuff. >> it's all stuff. >> that's funny. >> bye, al. >> mobilizing like as if like gop turnout needed more motivation certainly. >> this is the kind of thing that both parties say in the lead-up to an leaked like if obama win, i'm leaving. if bush wins i'm moving to paris. johnny depp actually did. no, i literally bought my ticket. if they were donald trump and they were giving him a hard time, the next time they ask for my tax returns, show me that ticket that you literally bought. >> you think she knows what literally means, like it would be figuratively? >> people get it wrong. >> yes. >> why is sharpton talking about being deported?
2:51 pm
>> maybe because he didn't pay the taxes. >> i would definitely cut that down and use that as a campaign to get some votes. raven-symone, isn't she conservative? she was on the side of some conservative cause recently, no? am i wrong? >> don't know. >> she made fun of someone about their name, remember that? >> that's true. anne coulter came for her on "the view" which was a weird thing where all these liberals were actually cheering for anne coulter for once. raven is very new to politics. >> clearly. >> any republican nominated. >> people feel passionate. you say you're going to leave your country. but america is going to be great no matter what. >> you'll have to pay taxes if he stays here. you're the president in the white house. show us the money, al. >> candidate show build a wall so that americans can't move after trump's elected.
2:52 pm
>> and we'll pay for it. >> and we'll pay for it. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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2:56 pm
edition of the five live at five, preview super tuesday coming up in a couple days from there. all right. kg. >> i have been looking forward to this. welcome to kimberly's food court. that's how we do it, yeah. you need your hand, use a fork. here today, i-hop. lower it. i-hop is the originator of the all day breakfast. nothing frustrates me more than missing it by five minutes. no, i know you have the ingredients, let me back there. they started it, everybody has been trying to copy it. a year ago introduced these fabulous dishes. blackberry and vanilla double dipped bree oesh french coast, and banana peanut butter and chocolate french toast. >> look how that turned out. >> in corn flakes. i highly encourage you to stop by. >> that's amazing.
2:57 pm
>> you can see them. ebony, does this not look delicious? >> the texture. >> oh, my god. >> stuff it in. there you go. >> there's another fork. >> go for it, evan. >> this is fantastic. i-hop, thank you, we love you. >> dana is up. >> i want to thank, we have guests that came today, john and mary and a, brought tulip sweet shop from new york chocolate box, which is great. next friday, march 4th, i will be in washington, d.c. for cpac. millenial issues and conservative values, meeting millenial goals, that's friday afternoon. i hope if you can be there you make it. surprise shoutout from the five for everybody. >> gregory. >> those are pep ridge farm. >> they come in mint? >> yes.
2:58 pm
>> time for something. greg's crime corner. spread them. all right. a unicorn got loose and led police on a four hour chase in california wednesday night. look at this. it was in a photo shoot. owner is a photographer sandra booze, odd name. with a group of kids, got loose, ran all over town. why is this crime corner? if you take a close look, that's not a unicorn. that's a horse wearing a horn. you know what? you might think it is fun to trick children into thinking that's a real unicorn, where i come from, that's disgusting. that's disgusting. this woman should be ashamed of
2:59 pm
herself. never try to be a unicorn, unless it is a honeymoon. >> halloween. >> speaking of holidays, it is only february but starting the christmas gifts early. mom, lean into the television. this is for you. this is the newest girl from the american girl doll collection, melody ellison, celebrating the civil rights era. i am holding a grudge with my mother almost 30 years. >> why? >> never gave me a doll. i wanted one of these so bad. >> never once got a doll? >> no, i wanted an american girl doll, this fancy 100 plus dollar doll. >> my sister wanted a cabbage patch kid, those dolls are too expensive, knew someone that was hand making them, got one for my sister, she was mortified. my sister got a real cabbage patch doll. >> used to take pantyhose, fill
3:00 pm
it with sand, put eyes on it. >> on the heels of that, promo this. chris christie will now sit down with greta vansusteren on the record, 7:00 p.m. don't miss that. don't forget. special report on deck coming up. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. the gloves are officially off after a night of blistering attacks leveled at the front runner from senators marco rubio and ted cruz, a man known for not backing down, and chris christie. christie endorsed donald trump today. you may remember, christie attacked rubio for repeating himself at the debate in new hampshire. a short time ago i asked senator rubio about christie's endorsement of trump, i will have that answer in a moment. first, chief correspondent


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