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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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it with sand, put eyes on it. >> on the heels of that, promo this. chris christie will now sit down with greta vansusteren on the record, 7:00 p.m. don't miss that. don't forget. special report on deck coming up. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i am bret baier. the gloves are officially off after a night of blistering attacks leveled at the front runner from senators marco rubio and ted cruz, a man known for not backing down, and chris christie. christie endorsed donald trump today. you may remember, christie attacked rubio for repeating himself at the debate in new hampshire. a short time ago i asked senator rubio about christie's endorsement of trump, i will have that answer in a moment. first, chief correspondent carl cameron with the intense fight
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for the nomination. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> reporter: he tried to shift attention from what many saw as a debate drubbing, to a news conference in new york that lasted three hours. he called marco rubio a nervous sweating lightweight scared puppy gl he was trying to cover the sweat. did you ever see a guy sweat like this? it's rubio. that's why they -- >> reporter: yet to win any state, rubio mocked trump's vanity after ridiculing his tweets. >> lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is he is a chalker. then he asked for a full length mirror, i don't know why, the
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podium goes up to here. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> reporter: he attacked trump for touting his personal greed. >> his actions demonstrate the only thing he cared about is putting money in his bank account. >> reporter: they hit trump from both sides for his business record. >> you're the only person fined for hiring people to work on projects illegally. hired workers from poland. >> i am not one of the only that hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> marco is right, a federal court found donald guilty of conspiracy to hire people illegally, entered a $1 million judgment against him. >> reporter: despite the onslaught, trump was aggressive, too. >> this guy is a choke artist, this guy is a liar. i know you're embarrassed, i know you're embarrassed, keep swinging. >> reporter: trump declared he is changing the republican party. >> i am bringing people over, democrats and independents over and building a bigger, stronger
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republican party. >> reporter: john kasich went out of his way to be positive. >> lot of young people watching tonight. you can do whatever you want to do in your life. >> reporter: ben carson joked about being left out of the brawl. >> can somebody attack me, please? >> wolf -- >> reporter: trump said he wouldn't release back tax returns until an on-going audit is done. his rivals pounced. >> donald says he is being audited. all the more reason. >> do you guys want to have some fun? let's read some tweets. >> reporter: every event today, rubio referred to trump as con man or con artist. the frontrunner was on the defense. even if ted cruz wins texas, if trump wins the majority of everything else, he will be very hard to catch, bret.
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>> carl, thanks. joining me with reaction to the christie endorsement and thoughts about super tuesday, senator marco rubio. senator, thanks for being here. >> thanks, bret. >> what's your thoughts? you probably heard about the endorsement of chris christie and donald trump? >> i respect chris christie. obviously i respect the decision he made, not going to get every endorsement. he is a talented communicator. they probably called him to help donald after a rough evening last night and rough day on the trail as he is being expose td as a con man. he is trying to convince people he is something he is not and won confidence of a lot of people, trying to take over the party of reagan and the conservative movement. we can't let that happen. >> let me play what donald trump said about you after he heard the quote about him. >> let's talk about our lightweight senator from florida who is losing big in the polls. nervous basket case. here's a guy, you had to see him
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back stage. he was putting on makeup with a trowl. he was so scared, like a little frightened puppy. he is a choker. he choked with chris and i watched it both times, but the one time i'm right next to him, and i looked at the puddle on the ground, i said what is that? what is it? he's a nasty guy. we don't need nasty. we don't need nasty. >> senator? >> he's a clown. look, i saw him back stage. he was nervous, waving his arms around, hud egg in the corner, asked for a full length mirror. people watched the debate. not only was i not nervous, it is time to take the mask off this guy. he portrays himself as defender of the little guy. he has been exploiting working americans 40 years. when his businesses went bankrupt, first people not paid were small contractors. he had people put confidence in
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him, signed up for trump university. some paid 35, $36,000 and got nothing for it because they trusted in his name and got stuck. he says he is a fighter against illegal immigration, he is hiring illegal immigrants to build trump towers. in florida, he hires foreign workers instead of floridians, americans applying for those jobs. he is being unmasked, no one did that to him before. we can't let it go on. he is the frontrunner now, and it is unacceptable that he is a con man taking over the party of reagan. we are not going to let that happen. >> you said that a few times today. you were asked if you would support him if he was the nominee, you said he is not going to be the nominee, the republican party would quote, be split apart if he is the nominee. my question is is that a prediction. >> that's correct. >> or a threat? >> that's a prediction if he is the nominee. the republican party will split apart, he is not a conservative. you had someone on the air last
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night arguing in favor of planned parenthood. if you see his position on planned parenthood, his statement that we are not taking sides between israel and palestinian authority, his notion that unless you're in favor of government sponsored health care, you let people die in the streets, he was defending those positions better than harry reid does. he is a dream for the democrats. if he is the nominee, they'll take him apart, all his business dealings apart, have a guy that can't disagree on policy. how can someone that defends planned parenthood, supports government takeover by government, how can someone like that be the head of the party of reagan or head of the conservative movement. it cannot and will not happen. >> senator, if you look at the polls heading into super tuesday, you trail donald trump in all of the states, as you look at the map. georgia, down by 16, texas down by 16. massachusetts down by 28. oklahoma, down by 9. this is the average. virginia, down by 15.
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florida which is as you know a couple weeks away, down by almost 20. what state are you winning? >> bret, i didn't say he was a good con man, he's been able to convince people of the arguments he is making. our job is to reverse it. i am an underdog in the race, been an underdog my whole life. unlike donald trump, didn't start with a $1 million loan from my dad or inherit money. i had to fight, scratch and claw for everything. i am not going to allow this con man to take control to the party of ronald reagan or be the head of the conservative movement. we are going to fight as long and hard as we can to keep that from happening, the stakes are too high. this country needs a strong, vibrant reagan conservative party, donald trump will never have that. if he is the nominee, that will never happen. we will fight as hard as we can no matter the odds. >> one issue you have been hammered on by donald trump and senator ted cruz is on immigration. you talked about it almost every
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single debate. i want to talk about one thing you said to neil cavuto about chris crane, head of this union. you says he wasn't an i.c.e. officer, he had critical things to say. chris crane is a an i.c.e. officer, that's his job. we are not a separate entity as union officials action we are employees of the federal government, that's a negotiate item so we can represent officers in yob functions. they're critical how you handled the gang of eight bill. >> yeah. first of all, bret, i didn't say he wasn't an i.c.e. officer, he was not an i.c.e. official, he wasn't advocating on behalf of i.c.e., it was on behalf of a labor union for the officers. i have admiration for the i.c.e. officers and what they're doing. he talks about criticisms he made, he wasn't doing on behalf of the agency. we worked with the agency and him. he gave a list of
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recommendations, many i fought for, some had nothing to do. he wanted more labor union stuff. i have nothing against him. i was correcting the record about what he said. >> this is what you said to neil cavuto. >> number one, that's not true. he is not an i.c.e. official, it is reported on a website that's not a credible source. >> i said he is not an i.c.e. official. he wasn't speaking on behalf of i.c.e. the question made it sound like he was a representative of the agency i.c.e. advocating for specific policy, he was representing the union. this is the same website that said because one of my employees has a relative that works for fox news, you were giving me questions to the debate. did you give me the questions to the debate? >> that would be a no. >> you didn't. that's what they claimed. exactly. that's what i was questioning was the credibility of the website. as far as immigration is concerned, look, go back to donald trump. donald trump supported pathway to citizenship. the only one running for president that hired illegal
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aliens and gets workers from abroad instead of americans. he is a con man. he can start by hiring floridians to work at mira lag oh instead of hiring foreigners to take those jobs from americans. >> can you be clear. would you support, let's not talk about politics of getting through, would you support that gang of eight legislation if the politics was lined up? >> as president, absolutely not. yeah. see, that's what i explained to everybody. that bill was the best we could do in a senate run by harry reid at the time. you go back, see my quotes. i was clear this law is not strong enough, it will go to the house and they'll make it stronger. it would never become law the way it was constructed. it was the best we could do in a democratic controlled senate. when i am president, we don't have to do it that way, we can do it the way we want to. enforce the law, secure the border first, and see what the american people are willing to support. what do you do with people here illegally and what process would they support for someone that's been here a long time, not a
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criminal. if you're a criminal, you'll be deported. who has been here a long time, willing to pay a fine, pay taxes and pass a background check and learn english, all they want is a work permit. we won't ram it down the throat of the american people, but none of that will begin until we secure the border, bring illegal immigration under control. that's what we are going to do when i am president, that's what i am for. >> senator, can you go on if you don't win florida? >> we are going to win florida, i intend to be in this race as long as it takes to prevent someone like donald trump who isn't a conservative and is a con man from taking over the conservative movement and party of reagan. i don't believe he will get 1277 delegates which is what you need to become the nominee. i will never give up the fight, i will never give up the fight to ensure the party of reagan remains a conservative party, not one headed by a con man. >> the fact you say 1237 delegates, does that mean you're setting up, you and your team,
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race for a contested convention? >> i hope that's not what it leads to. i hope what will happen the next few days is voters on super tuesday states will realize that we need to start consolidating against someone that can't just beat donald trump but also beat hillary clinton. i hope voters open their eyes, see he is not who he says he is, he is being unmasked, not comfortable what he is doing, he lied to us, mislead us, led us to believe one things like students at trump university, instead is something different. i hope we can consolidate that, i hope it consolidates behind me. i believe that will happen eventually in this race. obviously there are provisions in place for a convention, i don't think it is the ideal outcome. it isn't what we are aiming for. >> senator, thanks for the time. >> thanks, bret. up next, call for the president to weigh in on the fight over privacy versus security. first, this is what some of our affiliates are covering. fox 13 in tampa, women must wait 24 hours before getting an
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abortion. florida appeals court ordered enforcement of a waiting period. the law was challenged by the aclu citing privacy concerns. the suspect in thursday's shooting in kansas was served a protection from abuse order 90 minutes before he went on a shooting spree that killed three people, wounded 15 others. cedric ford was a 38-year-old plant worker at excel psychiatrist in hesston and had a prior history. ford shot two people driving to the factory where he opened fire on co-workers, he was shot and killed by a police officer. this is a live look from detroit from our affiliate there, fox 2. the big story there, recently released e-mails showed two in the governor's office urged them to switch the water source back to detroit a few months after that switch was made. in e-mails, they cite general motors plant switching systems because water was rusting engine
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parts. the revelation came as rick snyder signed a $30 million bill to reimburse residents for water they could not drink. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report. we will be right back. from the moment they wake up, doers don't stop. every day is a chance to do something great. and for the ones they love, they'd do anything. sears optical has glasses made for doing. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical.
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the number of taxpayers whose information may have been stolen from the irs is more than double the agency's original estimate. the irs says the number of accounts hacked exceeds 700,000. the breach was first discovered in may, 2015. the irs says taxpayers whose information may have been compromised will be notified by mail. the fbi versus apple, about opening a terrorist's cell phone, has been the talk of the nation several days. now the issue could make its way to the supreme court. one presidential candidate is saying it should have been handled with one meeting at the white house. critics are asking where is the president's leadership on this issue. >> reporter: we are a staunch advocate of privacy, the words of apple ceo tim cook that told shareholders the tech titan would resist demand that they
3:20 pm
unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters so the fbi could access the data. >> tim is absolutely right, the problem is not breaking into one phone, the problem is the precedent. >> i don't necessarily agree apple made the right decision. >> reporter: shareholders debate that strategy, others are vocal in the president refuse to go intervene. >> where's the president. you sit in a back room with the parties and get this worked out. you don't litigate it on the front page of the "the new york times." >> better leader would say we are entering a new age now, i'm your president, i am going to guarantee not only privacy of the american people but security of the american people. >> reporter: instead of the president, the fbi director james comey is the face of that push to get apple to comply. ten days ago, a federal judge ordered them to help the fbi unlock the phone. in the response thursday, apple asked them to vacate the order
3:21 pm
saying it violates first and fifth amendment rights. other giants like facebook, microsoft, twitter, google plan to file a support brief. >> the need to extract as much information as possible to learn as much as we can about that incident is something that our law enforcement officials have concluded is a priority. >> reporter: apple argues the government is trying to get it to make a software that makes it possible to hack their software and they don't want to do it. congress will weigh in tuesday as a house judiciary hearing gets under way involving director comey and apple general counsel. >> kevin, thank you. the u.s. economy slow down in the final three months of 2015 wasn't as bad as initially
3:22 pm
thought. commerce department reported that gross domestic product grew at 1%, slight improvement from the estimate of .7, still marks the slowest growth in six months. mixed end to the week for the markets. dow dropped 57, s&p 500 lost 4. nasdaq was up 8. for the week, dow and s&p 500 jumped 1.5%. nasdaq up almost 2%. state department officials say it is put up or shut up time for russia to show it is serious about stopping hostilities in syria. a cease-fire hammered down by the u.s. and russia went into effect at midnight. russian president vladimir putin said despite that cease-fire agreement, russia will continue the fight against terrorist groups including isis. critics on the hill and critics in the region says russia is targeting fighters for assad's
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this is a fox news alert, the state department and another friday night dump of hillary clinton e-mails. fox news confirms top spy agencies told congress entire sections much top secret documents were lifted and found on clinton's private, unsecure server. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us with details. >> reporter: the batch contains 88 with classified information, roughly 10% of today's total. these among the most complex, they contain information from multiple intelligence agencies, each agency weighed in on classification. a government source confirms that the spy agency recently told congress some of the 22 top
3:28 pm
secret e-mails too damaging to national security to release contain wording that match or closely tracked with entire sections of highly classified government documents. the source says it strongly suggests the information was copied or lifted, didn't get into the clinton e-mails by accident. when pressed by fox, the state department says it is possible more e-mails won't be made public. >> aware there are still conversations taking place between the various parts of the interagency, talking about some of the e-mails. those are on-going. but we hope to resolve them by monday. >> reporter: speaking to msnbc, mrs. clinton seemed to dismiss the serious nature of the fbi investigation, a characterization that conflicts with the attorney general's testimony. >> there's a security inquiry going on and we respect that. it is on its own timetable, but it is moving forward. then there are these lawsuits.
3:29 pm
i think when people say well, oklo, this lawsuit, that's what they're talking about. >> that matter is being handled by career independent law enforcement agents, fbi agents as well as the career independent attorneys in the department of justice. they follow the evidence, they look at the law, and they'll make a recommendation to me when the time is appropriate. >> reporter: keeping with the court mandated timetable, the final round of e-mails will be released monday bringing the total to 30,000. another 30,000 clinton claimed were work related and deleted, but fox is told the majority were recovered by the fbi. also new tonight, the state department turned over more than 1600 pages of new documents related to former secretary clinton and libya, turning them over to the house select committee investigating bengh i benghazi. they claimed that they only recently discovered new documents from the office of the secretary. the e-mail release is on the
3:30 pm
eve of the democrats' south carolina primary. ed henry is on the trail with the laidest on the candidates' on the final push. >> reporter: before bernie sanders returned today, one last stand ahead of the primary, he stayed focus on super tuesday states he must have next week, using a rally in minnesota to rip hillary clinton, accusing her of being too cozy with wall street. >> she also received, you know, many millions of dollars in speaker fees. now, she's a very good speaker, i admit that. but to get $225,000 for a speech to goldman, sachs, you got to be really good. >> reporter: clinton is looking good in the polls, hasn't held a media availability since early december. she said very little about wall street speeches or her e-mail controversy. instead loading her schedule with events in south carolina, with an eye toward protecting
3:31 pm
her big lead. enduring a quick detour to super tuesday state of georgia, she attacked republican frontrunner donald trump as if she's already prepping for the general election. >> i am not going to ask you to contribute your tax dollars to send trump's youngest child to college. >> reporter: republicans join sanders trying to stop clinton from looking too far ahead, by fanning the claims over her refusal to release transcripts of wall street speeches, conservative super pac released an ad called paid, demands to know what she told big banks behind closed doors. >> don't you deserve to know what she promised them? >> reporter: while clinton routinely dismisses such attacks as right wing, it is harder to ignore a blistering editorial from "the new york times," charging her excuse that everybody does it is better suited for a mischievous child. by stonewalling on these
3:32 pm
transcripts, mrs. clinton plays into the hands of those who say she's not trustworthy and makes her own rules. clinton insisted to msnbc she's been transparent and claims she was tough on wall street as a senator. >> i actually went to wall street in '07, said you guys are going to wreck the economy. >> reporter: this is one of the smallest sanders crowds, speech just ended, especially on a college campus. advisers hope he doesn't lose too badly tomorrow in south carolina, hope to surprise people on super tuesday. >> ed henry, thanks. coming up, top gop candidates let the insults fly. whether the new line of attacks will work for anyone. and a well known attacker signs on with donald trump. your credit is in pretty good shape. chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to
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♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? single most important thing for the republican party is to nominate the person that gives us the best chance to beat
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hillary clinton. i can guarantee you one person hillary and bill clinton don't want to see on the stage come september is donald trump. they know how to run the standard political play book against junior senators and run them around the block. they do not know the play book of donald trump. >> i respect chris christie. obviously i respect the decision he made, i can't get every endorsement. he is a talented communicator, they probably called him in to help after a rough day on the trail as he was exposed as a con man. >> the talk was the debate and fallout from the debate until that endorsement. new jersey governor chris christie endorsing donald trump. a big deal for donald trump today. obviously candidates involved and how they think about other candidates as we will see here. >> donald's a great guy, good person, i don't think he is suited to be president of the united states. >> why? >> i don't think his temperament
3:38 pm
is suited and his experience. >> no one better prepared to give america the strong leadership at home and around the world than donald trump. >> it happens, it is politics. let's bring in the panel. charles hert, amy stoddard, and charles krauthammer. as far as turning the discussion, this did it today. >> you know, we get tired of saying endorsements don't matter and they never do matter, but this endorsement does matter, it is the shock and awe endorsement. i think long term, what's so devastating for the other candidates is that chris christie was very much presented as the truth speaker, straight shooter, probably wanting to fill that lane that donald trump filled so completely. for him to get behind him,
3:39 pm
obviously you could say that it is trying to get back at marco rubio for what rubio did to christie in the last debate, but i do think it is a significant endorsement. >> i would argue that christie did it to rubio in the last debate and hurt him in new hampshire, but you know for chris christie to do this and not to endorse governor kasich, the last standing governor, people i heard today saying christie was never an idea log, he was a political realist and realizes this train is leaving the station. >> yeah. there's a lot of talk about him being an opportunist. you remember that he gave the keynote address at the republican convention in 2012 for mitt romney, barely mentioned the guy. the campaign for romney was in horror over that speech. he had all along been out for
3:40 pm
himself, according to republican party stall stall werts. they thought he would have a problem with the base because he was selfish with romney, et cetera. the thing that's interesting, he said all this stuff. there are more quotes than the one he gave greta. he said a vote for trump was a vote for hillary. he said a lot of stuff to put himself in a corner. told mcquaid, from new hampshire, a vis ral critic of donald trump and endorsed chris christie that he would never endorse him. joe said today, he heard that the day after christie dropped out of the new hampshire primary. he is going to be called an opportunist, maybe he is going to get a good opportunity. >> charles? >> i think it is less important for the effect on christie than on trump. this is an extremely important endorsement for two reasons. number one, it legitimizes trump in a way that i think is going to be extremely crucial here.
3:41 pm
trump has not been endorsed by anybody. >> couple of congressmen. >> no one heard of outside the family. christie emerges, a guy who took the endorsement of the union leader in new hampshire, a lot of argument there, he endorses. as a.b. said, he said that at the last convention. in a sense, he gives license to other senators, congress people and governors to go ahead and endorse. i think they'll start with a trickle, but you will be the first one and accused of opportunist. the second one, short effect, the genius of trump in story and media management. this was going to be a day today and a weekend of people going over and over loops of the debate last night where trump got wobbled, he got pummeled
3:42 pm
with rubio in the ring and cruz leaning over the ropes from the outside, hitting trump in the back of the head. that was a dramatic debate. the story was stomped on. today has taken over, it will wear off, but it will have an effect of ending over this weekend that story line that would have otherwise dominated. it would have been trump loses, now he wins christie. >> obviously he has a different view, points to online polls that say he won. ted cruz is trying to make his own swipes at donald trump as he tries to ptect his home state of texas. >> do you want to go with donald trump and have the general election in november be two rich new york liberals. the debate last night highlighted that donald trump is the only person running who had a million dollar court judgment against him for participating in conspiracy, that's what the federal court found, a conspiracy to hire illegal
3:43 pm
aliens. >> it is striking, charlie, that it has taken ten debates for these guys to step up to the plate like they are now, both of them swinging. >> yeah, and the scene during the debate where you had cruz on one side, rubio on the other, looked like the scene from king kong, the chains coming down, pulling him down, kasich lobbing insults from the outside, and ben carson begging somebody insult me. ted cruz is in a tough situation. he is defending his own state super tuesday, and he is a prosecutor. people obviously elect prosecutors to be jerks and to put bad people in jail. they don't elect prosecutors to be their president. i think we saw that last night. he is flinty, he is not -- it is not fun to watch him. what you saw with rubio, this is why i think rubio had his best night yet, he was enjoying it,
3:44 pm
and he was bouncing around the canvas, having fun, landing punches. really enjoying it. >> last night before we head to the casino, i will say rubio must have said the con man line 50 times. >> message discipline. >> 50 times in various interviews and maybe 7 in mine. >> he learned from donald trump to repeat the message over and over again. >> when you search for seven months for an insult that's going to work and you find it, you repeat it. >> with that, we will head to a place we go to friday's, called candidate casino. there has been an evolution here, like chris christie, there's been an evolution in bets. $100 in chips. you get to pick who is going to be the nominee. charlie. >> 70 for trump, 30 for rubio, which is a jump up for rubio. after last night's performance,
3:45 pm
as good as it was, may be too late, but it was a good performance. >> brandon butler, 60 trump, 30 rubio, 10 cruz. mick 15132. will 0 trump, 15 rubio, 5 cruz. >> ab? >> you guys are wooses. 85 on trump, 15 on rubio. other could include kasich, could include cruz, mitt romney, whatever this brokered contested convention idea means, it could mean a surprise. i think chance of it is really slim, but i wouldn't put a name on the other yet. >> charles? >> trump over 50, 55. rubio 30. cruz at 10. my biggest evolution is now wine, whiskey and song. the times are now serious, i
3:46 pm
need stronger drink. >> wine women and song. now women -- >> go for the real stuff. tune into fox news sunday for chris wallace's interview with the republican frontrunner donald trump. check your local listings. next up, friday round. and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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much campaign trail. but there is a lot going on here in washington. one of the big things going on supreme court and filling the vacancy of the late justice antonin scalia. we're back with the panel. the president is going forward with this nomination. we don't know when, but soon. republicans so far holding the line, even though they are taking meetings now with the president and they said they are just going to say we're not doing anything. >> i think the fact that governor sandoval of nevada has sort of declined the offer, the honor being a moderate republican tells you that there is a lot more unity on the g.o.p. side than people think. i think they are going to hold the line. >> a.b.? >> well, charles has recommended a total stone call and they do take his ad vice. but, i still disagree. i think that when another person surfaces who is not going to pull themselves from consideration and they are an attractive candidate to the country attorney
3:51 pm
general lynch. >> that's not a consensus pick. if there is another con ken success pick a noncontroversial nonpartisan pick and that person is really out there and getting a lot of spotlight, then those people who are running for re-election, 24 senators are going to have a harder time, senator susan collins today or yesterday said i feel that we have to fill our constitutional duty it. it is going to become a more difficult -- if sandoval wouldn't have pulled out it would have been more difficult to move on. >> if obamanom united states the pope the republicans are going to say no. >> this pope or a pope'? i'm just kidding. >> a no becomes more. >> henry the great. doesn't matter who it is. >> charlie four of those re-election, this gets sticky or it doesn't? >> well, these things can always go either way. but that's what -- that's why we have these fights. and supreme court justices, that is one of the best
3:52 pm
fights on the republican side. that's when they win races. when they win senate seats. and so they are holding the line and it's the first time i have ever seen them hold the line this strongly. with you if they don't manage to twin this with winning the white house and keeping the senate, they're screwed. >> strong letter to follow. here is the war cease-fire started at midnight. will it hold? >> it's hard to say. i mean if you watched president obama's statement, he looked hopeless to me. >> a.b.? >> they are always a good idea. we'll have to check in and see what the russians did next week. >> the russians clearly are" targeting anti-bash share -- bashar al assad. >> and using this as excuse to bomb civilian areas and opposition areas. our own head of the cia, our own head of defense think this is useless, it's not
3:53 pm
going to work and they're right. >> winners and losers. winners first? >> my winner is mitch mcconnell holding the line. pope is nominates and he understands that the minute you start to consider a person, you are going to lose on this. hold the line. it's got to be nobody and he has got to hold the line. this is his moment. this is what he was created for and this is his test. my loser is apple, tim cook they are trying to protect themselves and protect the brand. i don't think it's going to work with an american citizenry that is worried about terrorism and believes if you have information with the names of accomplices, you help to turn it over. >> winner and loser? >> my winner is governor sandoval who wouldn't have want to do have the week that he had? and my loser is mitch mcconnell in the senate republican leadership. they do not have to confirm any nominees before this president leave office. they have give meetings and hearings and they have to let the process work. they should do their job. >> i think we disagree on
3:54 pm
that. >> i think so. winner and loser? >> winner hillary clinton, she put the democratic race away. it's just a matter of time how long bernie sanders manages to bleed her. the yuge loser is the bush dynasty. >> bush "duck -- bush dynasty w? >> because jeb got out. >> h.w. was huge in the crowd. >> didn't you feel for him? >> you wonder what his commentary was. >> i thought that was great that they came anyway just days after their son leaves the race. >> the classy show of solidarity with the party is very bushian. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for friday feedback from you.
3:55 pm
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common side effects include urinary tract infections, changes in urination, and runny nose. farxiga. we are everyday people. ♪i am everyday people. yeah. yeah.♪ ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. finally tonight, your friday feedback during carl cameron's piece on the feud between marco rubio and donald trump. we asked who is winning the fight? mark writes today trump because in spite of his spelling problems, being exposed, he stole the news cycle. adds all i know is the voters are losing. during kevin kevin corke's story about why the president hasn'td =]x weighed in in the apple vs. fbi case. >> apple is in the right,
3:59 pm
allowing this will set a dangerous precedent for the fbi and dod. >> doug said both sides. if apple can get the in without compromising security, they should. but, if they can't, they shouldn't. once you open a gate at a some point the wolf gets in? jesse wrote fbi. how many more people have to die in order to apple to comply? then we asked you if the latest email dump from the state department will hurt hillary clinton in the election. ron writes not until republicans get in office. that is it for us tonight. join us tomorrow evening yes, it's saturday and we will be here for a full two hours of coverage from 7 to 9:00 p.m. measures election headquarters. we turn the switch on. we will be analyzing the south carolina results for the democrats and looking forward to super tuesday battles in both parties' nominations. we have some surprises in the show. you never know. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid.
4:00 pm
greta goes "on the record" right now. don't forget "fox news sunday" donald trump with chris wallace. that could be interesting. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record," well, you better brace yourself. rubio suggesting donald trump wet his pants last night during the debate. and today trump announcing a woman shell. donald trump getting the huge endorsement of former rival new jersey governor chris christie. and governor christie is going to be right here to go "on the record." also right now donald trump is about to take the stage at a rally in oklahoma city. "on the record" will monitor the rally and take you there live. but, first, shear is a look at the big announcement from donald trump and his rival turned supporter governor chris christie. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states he will make sure that people around the world know that america keeps its word again. donald trump is someone who when he makes