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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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snuck up on us. >> i'm just looking at my producer. >> tomorrow, fox and friends debut, you're not going to want to miss it. see you guys. happy sunday. good morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures." donald trump out in front. the businessman leading in several states as super tuesday approaches. we will speak to donald trump jr., the presidential candidate's son, about the state of his father's campaign. plus, a big victory for hillary clinton in south carolina last night. how much momentum will this give her going forward. >> plus, apple refusing to comply with the feds. we'll talk with michael hayden and former new york city police commissioner ray kelly about
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this dispute as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures" right now. good morning, donald trump hitting the campaign trail on this last weekend before the critical super tuesday contest. with new jersey governor chris christie introducing the billionaire businessman at a rally in arkansas yesterday. meanwhile, rivals ted cruz and marco rubio are ramping up the attacks against the frontrunner and releasing partial tax returns seeking to capitalize on trump's refusal to do the same. trump tweeted this morning, the republican establishment has been pushing for lightweight senator marco rubio to say anything to hit trump. i signed the pledge, careful. the son of the presidential candidate joins me. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> great to be here. >> it looks like your father is leading in several of these states going into super tuesday.
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what's the strategy to get even better results by taking a texas or an arkansas where you're not seeing the leadership as you are in other states? >> i think he's focusing on those areas. i think he's giving a lot of great speeches. so we're just going to go and do what we've been doing. and that's winning and having a good time. >> now the other candidates are out with their tax returns. you've got marco rubio and cruz basically saying, look, the reason to release these tax returns in the face of getting audited is because you're getting audited. your father has said when you're in the middle of an audit you can't release tax returns. ted cruz says that's exactly why he should release the tax returns to quiet down the critics. >> anyone who has any business sense knows that crazy. ted cruz and marco rubio have a two-page tax return.
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our tax return is 20,000 pages. releasing it now would ba story line to create a problem. it's just very disingenuous. mitt romney said he didn't release his tax returns until about one month before the general election. it's just establishment games manship. they're scared to death. they see their little pretty world where they're all taking care of each other. the only people that don't get taken care of are the actual constituents. i'm going to make you guys do this, but we won't hold ourselves to the same standard. it's a little bit ridiculous. >> one of the real critical parts of your father's campaign has been building this wall at the border between mexico and the united states. he has said from the get-go, mexico will pay for it. i had the former president of
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mexico on my morning program on friday just last week. he said he is definitely not going to pay for the wall. i want to get your reaction to what he said to me on mornings with maria on the fox business network just this past friday. >> i am not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. i am not. and he should know that. and i'm not going to apologize. trump, which is a false prophet, this great nation cannot be taken on a different path than what it is. already great. it's the greatest nation in the world. it's the largest economy in the world. and together, canada, united states and mexico, we are the largest consumer block in the world. >> obviously caught us all off guard by cursing on live
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television. how are we going to pay for this wall? you're looking -- >> you can do it with trade, you can do it by cutting off the 25 billion sent to mexico that you can do legally. you can cut that off right off the bat. all of a sudden you cut off a $25 billion annual annuity. it's nice to say, okay, maybe we'll throw $8 billion at this thing today for that annuity. we're going through all of that right now. i think he'll eat his words in time. >> this is a major trading partner for the united states. do we really want to get into a trade war -- >> it's a major trading partner that's been taking advantage of this country forever. there was a big article, mexico and china, they don't want trump, they think it could be a disaster. no wonder. who countries that take the most
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advantage of us, they don't want trump. you know why? he's onto it. it's so flagrantly obvious it's actually hard to believe. the one guy that will actually do something different, the one guy that will actually take a stand aside from what his special interests will do, they don't want him. i think that bodes very well for us. we're finally speaking with the american people. we're not speaking at the american people. all these guys, they do their data analytics. what do i have to do? we're actually speaking with real hard working blue collar americans. and the message is resonating very well. it's going over perfectly. because we're finally giving real americans a voice again, maria. that's what these guys haven't done. the democrats, they want to give people who don't belong in the country, they want to give them more of a voice than actual americans. >> so do you see any backlash,
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any negative impact from having, you know, issues around our trade like the potential for 45% tariff on chinese goods coming into the country? or messing with nafta? is this going to come back and haunt us to the tune of higher priced goods for all those working americans? >> listen, there's foreseeable backlash in anything. we're going to make this an equal playing field again. we're not going to be taken advantage of. we're going to give americans a chance. we're going to bring jobs back here. we're going to give american manufacturing an opportunity to finally be successful again. we're going to start worrying about americans first. not everyone else and everyone else's feelings. >> how important was this endorsement from chris christie? coming out of your father's plane with governor christie was an amazing shot. it was on all the tvs.
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which was the endorsement your father said he was particularly looking for. >> i think it's very important. i think you guys will speak better to it than me. i'm not a politician. i billed buildings. you guys can tell us that. it's very important. you have another guy that speaks the truth that actually will take on controversial positions, that will take on the establishment coming out and saying, hey, this is another guy that can get it done. done a great job within his own state. is it powerful? tough talking guy saying this is the only guy that's not paid for by the establishment. again, i billbuild buildings. >> would your father consider naming chris christie as his running mate? >> i haven't been part of those conversations. i think there's definitely something there. i think there's a lot of opportunities. again, he's said it pretty
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openly in, he does want to bring someone in that has some of that experience. we're new to this. we're good at getting things done. we have a long track record of getting things done and accomplishing a lot. we're going to bring in someone who understands some of those inner workings so that we can get it done more effectively. >> we'll see if the place for chris christie is in fact running the justice department then. thanks for coming in. we'll be watching on tuesday. dr. ben carson may be down in the polls, but he's not backing down. he'll join us live next. what would you like to hear from dr. ben carson coming up next. we're looking ahead this morning on "sunday morning futures."
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welcome back. just two days away from the biggest prize so far in the primary season. super tuesday. 595 delegates are up for grabs. despite trailing in the polls going into super tuesday, my next guest says he is not going anywhere. gop presidential candidate dr. ben carson joins us right now live. good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> you have been talking about being offered money, political support to drop out. people have said what are you doing in this race. it was funny the other night in the debate when you said can somebody ploez attack me. is that true? you've been offered money and political support to drop out of this race? >> absolutely. you know, the machine in washington is extremely complicated and complecomplex.
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it is corrupt. that's one of the reasons that i'm running. people say that's just the way it is. i don't think we have to accept that. i think there is such a thing as right and wrong. i think there are values and principles that made this into a great nation. as we continue to decline because we're giving away all of those things for political correctness and political power, i'm hoping and praying that we will wake up. that's what my supporters are saying, please fight for us. and i'm going to do that. >> this costs a lot of money. this is a lot of your time and energy. what is the justification then considering the poll numbers that you're seeing, considering where donald trump is and the rest behind him? >> well, the justification is that i have millions of followers. and that's the reason that i got in the race in the first place. they say please don't drop out. they are continuing to support
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me. you know, last week, we had our biggest 24-hour fund raising period since the campaign started. they're not going anywhere. therefore i'm not going anywhere either. >> i was very impressed reading through a number of your ideas on the economic side. i've told you before, i think you've got a great tax policy plan. you've said more times than i can remember that, you know, debt and deficits are very important and they're not being talked about enough on the campaign trail. let's talk about that for a moment. we just had donald trump jr. on. he says mexico is going to pay for the wall. i hope so because we don't have the money to pay for such a wall given the $19 trillion in debt. what is your solution to get the debt down and move the needle on economic growth in this country? >> thank you for asking that. first of all,, read all about it. we have to recognize that we have the most powerful economic engine that the world has ever
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known. but it's impossible for it to function when it is tethered down with so many regulations. and i'm talking about ridiculous regulations. and those cost money in terms of goods and services. it's the most regressive type of taxation that there is. you've got that coupled with a ridiculous tax structure. if we rectify that, make it truly fair, flat, get rid of deductions and loopholes, no double taxation. we reincentivize the corporate tax rate particularly overseas and bring that money back here. those kinds of things will explode the economy because there's tens of trillions of dollars sitting on the sideline. that's what we need to think about. entrepreneurial risk taking and capital investment, those are the fuels for that economic engine. our policies need to be aimed on
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the those things. the kinds of things that we're doing now just don't make any sense. look at the complications associated with that. that knocks out part of the american dream. the part where people used to put 5 to 10% of their check in the bank every friday and watch it grow over the next few decades and then be able to retire. that's gone. the bond market, same thing. it's gone. the only place you can make money is in the stock market. who can do that? rich people. then along comes bernie sanders and hillary clinton talking about the income gap. it's the evil government that continues to drive these debts to a level that it's destroying our economy. >> it's an important subject for sure. dr. carson, good to see you. >> okay. thank you. >> the dispute between apple and the fbi over a terrorist's iphone heads to capitol hill this week.
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both sides set to testify in a congressional hearing. what's ahead as we look ahead to tuesday on "sunday morning futures." that's next.
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my name is griselda zendejas. i love working in the salinas area because i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area. and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. apple is taking its dispute with the justice department to capitol hill. apple's general council and the director of the fbi will each be testifying this upcoming tuesday at a hearing before the house judiciary committee. the hearing follows the recent dispute over unlocking the iphone of one of the terrorists
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responsible for the san bernardino shooting. joining me right now is ray kelly, the vice chairman of k2 intelligence and the author of the book "vigilance." also joining us right now is general michael hayden. he's the former director of the cia and the nsa. good to see you both. >> good morning, maria. >> good morning. >> general, i want to kick this up with you because there are people out there that are saying why are we even having this discussion? we know that the nsa can get this information if it in fact wants to pursue this. why isn't the nsa coming across and saying look, we know what's on that phone, here it is? >> that's simply not true, maria. apple builds very good encryption. it's hard to break. without the assistance that the fbi is asking for right now, we may never be able to see what's on that phone which is a different argument than saying
7:23 am
james comey is correct or tim cook is wrong. >> it is a complicated issue. it comes down to whether or not we're talking about one phone and getting the data from that one phone or if the government is asking apple to write new code that will make everybody else vulnerable. commissioner, how do you see it? >> i saw in the papers that it's all about one phone. i think probably in the court process, it could be limited to one phone. there's concern about setting a precedent. we understand that. the fbi obviously doing exactly what we want them to do, to geter scintilla of information to prevent another terrorist attack. there's no bad people in this discussion, but it's something that's critical to the country, critical to all of us. >> it is a slippery slope, isn't it general? apple put out a note last week that basically says, if we do
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what the government is asking us to do, it is going to enable, somebody, a bad actor somewhere, to be able to hack into everybody's data, see your medical information, see your whereabouts, perhaps even turn your camera or microphone on your phone on without you knowing it. >> there are no bad actors in this play other than the terrorist. it may be maria that everyone is doing the right thing according to their lane in the road. now, here's my overall bottom line. all right? you can argue this on legal grounds, does the government has the right to do this. you can argue this on privacy grounds. that's not my specialty. my focus is security. and i actually think this is a difficult choice even on security grounds. i actually think america is more secure with unbreakable end-to-end encryption. if you create exceptional access, which ask what the fbi
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director wants to do, that increases the attack surface against encontributed american communications. on balance, america may be less safe with that kind of arrangement. >> so it sounds like you think apple should keep doing what it's doing and not give into this pressure. >> number one, i'm happy this is going to capitol hill. we shouldn't be giving this to just one court based on a law written in 1789. let's huddle up and look at all the considerations here. what the fbi might be asking for might be legal, but it may not be wise. let's get the political branches involved here to set out a way ahead. >> i would like to see a lot more discussion. because if you move to congress, we can all get a law that you're not happy with. and particularly apple, they may win this court case and that will bring about major
7:26 am
legislation that they won't be happy with. so i see getting the best minds in silicon valley and washington together, let's work out something before we get to that stage. ultimately, maybe we do it under the threat of legislation. but it's too important an issue for all of us. we got to keep talking and not necessarily in a courtroom. >> so you're saying be careful of what you wish for apple. >> absolutely. >> congress getting involved may very well mean legislations coming to track all of our data. >> absolutely. that's why you see apple lobbying quite a bit these days in washington. which is something they haven't done for quite a while. >> and also be careful what you wish for, fbi. you may actually drive encryption offshore and therefore not have any options available. >> i was just going to actually go there. because some people feel that this is all about china and russia and other countries, that
7:27 am
apple basically wants to make sure the chinese and the russians know, we're not in the u.s. government's pocket, you can still be having your private conversations and data because we're not cow towing to government. if they do create that so-called code, it's opening up the u.s. to the bad actors in china and russia. >> if we go down this path, move down the board two or three or four moves, these are the kinds of things you got to really think through. what then happens when the chinese government or the russian government or the iranian government come to apple with what they think are legitimate law enforcement needs and ask apple to do the very same thing. >> that's why this is so complex. that's why the dialogue has to begin now. i hope it's not been cut off. i hope behind the scenes, this discussion is going forward. >> we've got this hearing on
7:28 am
tuesday. certainly we're all watching closely to see what comes out of it. gentlemen, thank you very much for your insights. ray kelly, former commissioner as well as general michael hayden. donald trump meanwhile remaining the frontrunner ahead of super tuesday. is the republican party coming to terms that he could be the nominee? i'll talk with former house speaker newt gingrich ahead as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." stay with us. ♪ pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ welcome back. former house speaker newt gingrich speaking out this past week after new jersey governor chris christie endorsed donald trump at a news conference in tex texas. he tweeted out, the gop establishment should now see that trump is the party's presidential nominee. he joins me right now. sir, it's good to see you again. >> it's good to be with you. i thought it was very impressive both that chris christie endorsed him and the way he endorsed him and the things he said. >> tell us more about that. why? and you think the establishment needs to just get their heads around this, that trump will be
7:33 am
the nominee. >> i think it's healthy to go for another couple weeks. all this talk about stop trump super pacs and assaults on trump's character, these are nonsense. governor lepage of maine has also endorsed donald trump. these are both northeastern governors. this is not a right/left kind of fight in the traditional sense. this is about people want to dramatically change washington and are willing to go with somebody that's very, very different. i think on tuesday -- i'll go out on a limb here. i think probably trump loses mn minnesota, he may lose arkansas, and he will lose to cruz, not by 50%. but cruz will win. so cruz -- >> in texas. >> the texas, arkansas, and minnesota. at the present time, rubio might win minnesota, which i think the
7:34 am
only place he has any hope. everything else, trump's going to win. you take that momentum and look at the fact that rubio is currently 20 points behind trump in florida, his home state, and you ask yourself, what's the base for this stop trump movement going to be? and i think by the way, christie who had been the head of the republican governor's association had tremendous nationwide ties to major donors, he represents a very important get because he brings an entire network of supporters who see him as a responsible northeastern governor. this is not somebody who represents the hard right wing and therefore i think he really brings an additional level of networking and influence. >> do you worry that we could see the kind of actions of president obama when it comes to executive order? should donald trump win the presidency? a lot of people are talking about that moment when he was
7:35 am
talking with chris christie after the endorsement where his mic was hot -- this was just yesterday. and trump basically said to chris christie, you go on the plane, now go home. you know the moment i'm referring to. >> yeah. i actually don't. i didn't see that. >> in terms of trump's style and leading, do you see executive orders in the future the way that president obama has gone around congress? >> no. in fact, what you've had trump say, just the opposite. he has said again and again, he said frankly i'll probably pick an insider, because i want to get legislation passed and you can't get legislation passed as a pure outsider. he's also said that under our constitution, a lot of the stuff has to be done by the congress and the president today, which is why he prides himself on the art of the deal and the idea he
7:36 am
can get in a room and negotiate. this is going to be hard. the trump presidency will be the most disruptive thing we have seen probably since franklin roosevelt in 1932. do you think america is in enough trouble that that level of disruption is actually good for the country? obviously right now among republicans, a very substantial number believe we need somebody who is going to kick over the table and change the game being played in washington. >> let me ask you about him putting together a cabinet. you said that he said as my running mate, i would totally consider an insider. a lot of people were betting on john kasich. we know he has the goods in terms of economics, managing the budget, balancing the budget. would that be once choice do you think or do you think he would go for chris christie? we just had donald trump jr. on. he said there might be a place
7:37 am
for chris christie overseeing the justice department. did he just make news? >> i don't know he made news. when i used to watch the debating group up there and watched christie's style and his skills, my thought was attorney general. but that's me. i'm not the candidate. i don't think you get into that stuff until after election. clearly christie is a man of enormous talent and would be very effective at overhauling the justice department. kasich is clearly -- john is the most experienced person in this race. he had 18 years in the congress. he balanced the budget for four straight years. he was on armed services the whole 18 years. he's done on amazing job in ohio. trump's got to make these decisions. the rest of us can look, we can advise and give him a plus or a minus, but this is the guy who's winning the nomination. here's my prediction. he will have a cabinet that has democrats and republicans and independents.
7:38 am
he will have a cabinet that has a lot of non-washington experience, maybe the most since dwight eisenhower in 1952. he will consciously look for people who have enormous energy and are very willing to take on the status quo. >> i totally agree with that. look ahead to super tuesday for us and what about the democratic side? in a trump/hillary clinton head to head, who wins? >> i think trump wins in the end. i think hillary has to be given credit despite everything going on, all the investigations, all the e-mail leaks, all the indications of corruption involving the clinton foundation, she just keeps moving forward. she won a very important win in nevada. you have to say as of today that she is the presumptive nominee. they are the insider party.
7:39 am
their whole zone of super delegates is about the biggest insider game you can get. she will sweep those. as of tuesday night, she'll be far and away the frontrunner, not quite, barring something happening at the justice department. >> well, it's going to be ugly going into the general election, that's for sure. both campaigns must be looking at the other one, i'm talking trump versus hillary, to get as much dirt on each other as possible as we head into what's going to be a serious t also may be that they both come to the conclusion that the country is sick of this baby talk and they really offer two radically different views of the future. >> and they very much are incredibly different. newt gingrich, great to talk with you, sir. let's get a look at what's coming up on "media buzz." >> good morning, maria.
7:40 am
look at how the pundits went from saying donald trump was impossible to now saying he's practically unstoppable. we've got national review editor rich lowry on what conservative commentators will do if trump does become the nominee. as you just heard newt gingrich say, gone from saying that hillary was unstoppable. >> thanks so much. see you at the top of the hour. meanwhile, hillary clinton cruises to victories in south carolina. how will this impact super tuesday? i'll panel will weigh in next. that's where we start and look ahead on "sunday morning futures" with the panel next.
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thank you, thank you so much from one end of this state to another, i am so greatly appreciative because day you
7:44 am
sent a message in america when we stand together. >> that was hillary clinton after her big victory in south carolina against bernie sanders. what is next for those two? we want to bring in our panel, ed rollins, mary kissel, and steven sigmand. good to see everybody. steven, let me kick this off with you. reaction to south carolina. >> it was a very good night for hillary clinton. what a difference a few weeks makes, right? she's clearly gotten a lot better as a candidate. now she does a lot better when there's real competition for her, frankly. her message is about we and us and unity which is clearly trying to position herself against donald trump who is the
7:45 am
presumptive republican nominee. bernie sanders would really have to win all fives states in which he may be competitive to really change the media conversation. >> one things that strikes me, mary, the conversations on the democratic and the republican side could not be more different. it seems like the campaigns are running on different things. >> yeah, they are. the grim hillary train rolls on. let's not kid aurss. bernie sanders is not real competition for hillary clinton. he's a fringe candidate. he only won in south carolina with white men in the ultra ultraliberals. hillary, unless the fbi investigation goes somewhere, hillary is rolling to a victory. this isn't hope and change. she's lamenting the record of the economy. she's playing the race card very, very hard. >> i mean, i have to disagree with that. if you saw her speech last night, what she said was america
7:46 am
is great, it doesn't have to be made great again, it has to be made whole. she was talking about unity and uplifting people and about continuing the progress we've made under obama. in fact, she was saying we're in a good place and need to get better. >> but we have to face the reality of systemic racism. if that's not the race card, i don't know what it is. >> the democratic party in the south, african-americans are an overwhelming vote. she got nine out of ten of them. the critical thing to obama's victory was increased african-american turnout. if she can intense fie that vote, it will help her immensely. she still has problems with young voters. there's lots of things that we can go after her on. most important thing from my perspective was overwhelming number of those people want the
7:47 am
obama administration agenda to continue and i think that's a very vulnerable agenda. >> and she keeps pushing it. >> the question is why is bernie sanders not going after her character. the only question he's raised about hillary so far has been the money she's taken from wall street. >> he's really not presenting any kind of real competition to the clinton campaign. >> he's been very gentle. >> i actually don't think he's been gentle on substance, which is who he is. if bernie sanders suddenly starts going after her about e-mails, it's changing entirely who his campaign, what he is and who he is about. he really can't do that. >> when i say the two parties could not be more different in terms of what they're talking about, the gop is very clear. they're talking about tax reform, moving the needle on economic growth and national security. that's not what we're hearing from hillary clinton. >> i think you're hearing a lot of things from hillary clinton from the --
7:48 am
>> she says she wants obamacare to stay in place. >> that's right. which is where most of the country is. >> no. >> more importantly -- >> obamacare has never had majority support. never. >> whatever they say repeal it, it loses in polls. over and over and over again, which is why republican attempts to appeal it have now failed. >> there's not a republican in the white house stwl the conversation right now is about yelling at each other, about sweating and who's peeing in their pants. not really about foreign policy or anything else. >> let's hope hillary gets into a conversation about foreign policy because her record is abysmal. she got rolled by china and the south china sea. the list is very long. >> equally as important, by not being forced to defend the e-mail crisis, she's going to have to defend it in the fall. she's very vulnerable on many, many fronts on that part. whatever the fbi does, whether it basically comes forth and the
7:49 am
justice department won't indict her, it's going to be part of the dialogue. >> will we see an indictment or a recommendation? >> so far, the fbi has said she's not a target and it's not even a criminal investigation. i don't think you're seeing an indictment out of that. >> the integrity of the fbi is at stake. >> we'll take a short break. where things stand. we're looking ahead this morning on "sunday morning futures" ahead of super tuesday. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control
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welcome back with our fantastic panel this morning. we're looking at the republicans now. 600 delegates up for grabs on
7:53 am
so super tuesday. what is your take way? >> this will be a very decisive day. trump is leading. the big battleground is texas. what a lot of people don't understand, there is a threshold. if you don't get 20% of the vote, then you don't get any delegates. it could be no one but rubio or cruz and they get delegates in the big states. the carsons and kasiches and what have you will be diminished. you could have in texas, for example, you could just have cruz and trump splitting up 155 delegates. second largest delegation in the country. >> mitt romnor marco rubio has state. >> and break the 20% threshold in georgia, texas, tennessee. if he does get 20%, which he hasn't done, it will be hard to get any delegates. >> it's do or die for cruz in texas. it's going to be a test to see whether cruz and rubio waited too long to attack donald trump on the substance. trump is very, very canny. he had a horrible debate last
7:54 am
week, a lot of questions raised about his hypocrisy, his income, tax returns. trump university, hiring illegal workers. yet, the next day he gets endorsed by chris christie and there's the news cycle. everyone teams to have forgotten about the debate. we'll see if voters heard the same debate or if they remember that debate when at the go to the polls. >> i agree with all that. i can go further. i think what donald trump is the presumptive nominee. this in any other year, won big in the northeast, south and west. republicans will be crowning him. the problem is they created a monster. they create aid monster that they don't have enough flame to put away, frankly. and now he's an establishment candidate. >> the establishment is going to war on the potential candidate. they're going to spend enormous sums of money and lay out the research that hillary's team will be able to use in the fall. our party went away from proportional.
7:55 am
we went to winner take all. there are 26 winner take all or most ahead of us. so the truth is as i was talking about tlesh holds, this thing can move quick and trump could be the nominee fast. >> which is what you said a month ago. if he wins south carolina, there is no stopping him. >> let's talk about a potential cabinet. earlier donald trump jr. said, look being maybe there is a place for chris christie in terms of overseeing the justice department. was he suggesting that chris christie would be the attorney general under a president trump? and who would be a running mate? >> i wouldn't go to president trump just yet. yes, trump is the pro sumtive nominee. kroou cruz and rubio are within seven points of trump. you have serious questions here about his character and about the substance. in terms of a trump -- i'm not even going go there. >> i think there could be, then.
7:56 am
>> i think the only plan now to stop him is with a brokered convention. there is no one going to beat him or have more delegates going into the convention. the difference is that even though reagan was the outsider and lost by 111 votes, the party wasn't divided. they came back together again very quickly. my fear this time is if the establishment goes after trump and diminishes him, it will weaken us in the fall. >> quick break and then watch in the next week ahead." sunday morning futures" continues next.
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? things to watch? >> i'm watching texas. if cruz didn't win texas, he's done. >> can he pull out a state. >> at least one state. >> i'm watching the democrats to see if bernie sanders can start to make it a race again, i don't think it will happen. >> we have the unemployment report out on friday. we'll see where we are on jobs. plus, a lot of manufacturing data also.
8:00 am
we'll have it all on the fox business network next week. that will do it for us, "sunday morning futures." thank you all. i'll be back 6:00 a.m. bright and early toechl morrow on the business network. see you then. on a buzz beater today, two days until super tuesday, the media finally jumping on the trump express. asking if anyone can derail the donald. >> the bigger question at this point, can anyone catch up to donald trump? >> he is definitely going to be dominated. he's going to route nerve tonight's caucus. my vibe is trump is going all the way. >> we said for ted cruz, it's over. for marco, it's over. unless something really draw mattmat -- dra mat being happens. >> you listen to the nervousness. it's line the titanic has taken over the establishment. >> slamming trump in a debate filled with shouting at cn


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