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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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thank you for being with us. no. get ready, tonight on the record polls about to open in 13 states. will trump dominate super tuesday or someone else steal the show. delegates are at stake for republicans 595 delegates are up for grabs and for democrats it is 865 delegates on the line. "on the record" takes you inside the race with live report and smart analysis and it all begins with fox news carl cameron in san antonio, texas. carl, biggest election to date and arguably the most consequential one for the republicans. half the delegates to clinch the nomination are available with binding primaries tomorrow. donald trump is the heavy favorite. over the course of the last week trump has faced more
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incoming attacks and criticism than any other time in his campaign. over the course of this weekend, allegations that he was refusing to disavow david duke the former grand wizard of the kkk. ku klux klan and racism has been ongoing theme in the parking lots and in the rallies of donald trump's campaign events. and it is something that he has not yet resolved and is not likely to go away. and, still, he has a big advantage across the super tuesday states. here in texas, the senator from texas, ted cruz desperately needs a win. losing one's home state can be a crippling relation on the campaign trail. and cruz knows he has to pull off a victory here tomorrow. but, marco rubio and john kasich and ben carson continue to campaign in this race. rubio has suggested in the last couple of days that even though he may not pull off any victories in the super tuesday states, does expect to get delegates and regardless when he wins, if he wins, he is prepared to go all the way for the
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nomination and fight for the nomination on the floor in contested convention nomination. john kasich has pretty much said the same thing. both kasich and rubio face home state battles on march 15th, but tomorrow they are not likely to come in first. rubio would be happy with a string of second places in order to keep his candidacy alive it is nail-biting time for them and for donald trump, he is looking at a big win. he will be watching the returns tomorrow from his hotel, his resort in palm beach, and have a news conference for what he hopes will be taking questions from the press about his huge victory it is not over it is going to be increasingly combative. lots of states to vote after tomorrow. if the polls are right, trump is looking for a very, very big night. greta? >> carl, just 30 seconds left. any sense on the ground? can trump pull it off in texas and unseat senator cruz who has been leading there? >> very, very difficult. texans very conservative.
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trump has made some visits down here, but nothing like the senator who is from here. and it was only a few years ago that he was elected here, so he still has some sort of a campaign apparatus to count on. and cruz is going to lay it all on the table there will be nothing left. he will spend every nickel. he will campaign right straight through tomorrow until the polls close. he has to get this win that would rejuvenate his candidacy. trump himself has suggested texas would be pretty tough. although he is looking to win oklahoma, which is a state that cruz had wanted to. and arkansas, which is another state that cruz had been targeting. so, trump is very competitive and looking to trim some of cruz's sails. >> carl, thank you. super tuesday polls open in just hours. with so much on the line, candidates are pulling out all the stops. >> are we having a good time? yes. i love it. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. you could even print that on a baseball cap. >> he has lost his voice. >> i got a little bit of a
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voice back. i got my voice back just a little bit. >> this is a country in big trouble. bigger than you understand, folks. >> the critical question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. >> a vote for donald trump tomorrow is a vote for hillary clinton in november. >> you are going to look back on this day in two years from now, in four years from now, and you are going to say that you were there at the beginning. we are going to have a renaissance in this country. >> well, how many delegates are at stake and can anyone slow down donald trump? former speaker of the house newt gingrich goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good to be with you. >> news on friday that governor chris christie endorsed donald trump? significant endorsement? >> i thought it was a big deal because christie was a competitor. he is from new jersey. he is northeastern. the fact that the governor of maine promptly followed him, you wouldn't have thought the way people characterized trump you would have two northeastern governors endorsing him. i thought it was a big help.
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>> is donald trump on his way to getting the nomination as we hear senator floor flight and governor kasich says he have a floor fight is that saber rattling? >> first of all i thought it was very interesting that carl cammeron was reporting in front of the alamo. i don't know symbolically if that means anything. trump's opponents are all gathering at the alamo and hoping for a last stand. cruz is going to have a good day tomorrow. rubio could or could not. rubio might pull off a real surprise in minnesota in the caucuses. but trump will dominate tomorrow. and then the big test will be on the 15th. and if neither kasich nor rubio can carry their home state, then it really is pretty much over. you can't take little bits of delegates and have a floor fight. you have to have enough delegates to have a floor fight. at the rate they are going, none of them are going to. >> new cnn national poll, donald trump 49%. that's 33% ahead of the next person, number two, which is
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senator marco rubio way down at 16%. senator ted cruz at 15%. dr. ben carson at 10% and governor kasich at 6%. >> simple rule of thumb is it's better to be at 49% than 16%. >> i guess i would agree with that and that, by the way, shows up in the florida poll where i think trump is 20 points ahead of rubio. one place where trump has been candid is cruz has done a great job in texas. he has a very strong base. the governor endorsed him. governor perry endorsed him. he has worked very hard. and he is going to win. the question is can he win 50% which is what you need to sweep the delegates. i don't think so. he and trump are certainly going to have delegates out of texas and possibly, if rubio can get over 20, he will get some delegates, too. if he only gets 18 or 19, he only gets zero delegates. >> governor kasich, does he have a path? >> i don't know. i love john. is he like a younger brother. he was absolutely key to our getting a balanced budget for four straight years. he has been a great
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governor. it's easy for me to see how john ends up as vice president. it's really hard for me to see a path for the nomination at this point. >> what if he wins michigan and sweeps ohio? >> he is a very serious player. no republican president has ever won without carrying ohio. so there are a lot of good reasons to look at john kasich. >> that may be voodoo. >> could be be voodoo. it's pretty useful voodoo. >> mr. speaker, nice to see you. thank you, sir. donald trump wound up in another controversy. this time it's about former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. duke, a white supremacist, not at trump's request, but he endorsed trump. last week when asked about that support, trump said. this. >> mr. trump, how do you feel about the recent endorsement from david duke? >> i didn't even know he endorsed me. david duke endorsed me? okay. all right. i disavow, okay? >> but yesterday when asked the same thing, trump said.
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this. >> will you, unequivocally condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in this election? >> well, just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. >> would just say unequivocally you condemn them and you don't want their support. >> well, i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you are are talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group that i know nothing about. >> just talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here. >> honestly i don't know david i don't believe i ever met him. i'm pretty sure i didn't meet him and i just don't know anything about him. >> this morning on "the today show" here is what trump had to say. >> the question was asked about david duke and various groups, and i don't know hot groups are i said would you do me a favor and tell me the groups? he was unable to tell me that. >> he says i'm just talking about the david duke and the ku klux klan here you said honestly i don't know david duke. >> let me tell you, i'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad ear
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piece that they gave me, and you could hardly hear what he was saying. but what i heard was various groups. and i don't mind disavowing anybody. and i disavow david duke and i disavowed him the day before at a major news conference. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the "boston globe." anna linskey and from the "weekly standard" john mccormick. if you really want to destroy someone, accuse someone of being a racist because that's pretty bad and in my view that is a disqualifier if you are indeed a racist. donald trump has been asked about david duke. first knee jerk is i disavow. are these fair questions being put to donald trump. or are these journalists doing a little more? >> it's a fair question. shoulder shrug i don't want their support. i don't want their support at all. his explanation that he didn't hear because he had a bad ear piece is simply unbelievable. he repeated the name david duke multiple times it and his response on cnn he also
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said in 2000 that he was a clansman and did not want to be part of the reform party are. >> who didn't want. >> david duke. donald trump said that in 2000. that's why he didn't want to be part of reform party in 2,000. >> he knows who he is. when he said i don't know who david duke is, people would ask why are you doing this? do you assume that there are some portion of your supporters that don't want you to disavow him on national television? two days before the sec primary? >> annie? >> you know, i think this is such a classic donald trump controversy, right? i mean, he -- something comes um. this is one of those controversies that come from the media didn't come from him. he disavowed david duke. he has got a long history of disavowing david duke. and then you have this one kind of odd cnn interview where he says something that's kind of confusing answered looks a little confused. and then today he disavows him. he has left space for everybody. right?
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anything you want to think about how david duke or how donald trump feels about david duke you walk away from the exchange. >> should he have the presumption of innocence, so to speak? is there anything else in his whole history where he has shown any sort of racial animus? >> i think he has just -- his whole history to date has been to distance himself from david duke. and then you are talking about one single interview that he has since been very clear on. you know, i think we have to just kind of remember the whole context here, which is we're talking about this just because of one single interview. it's not something that he has repeatedly done. he didn't run on the reform party ticket in part. >> if you look at that's what his history and he has this one very odd, awkward moment that i don't really understand, quite frankly but isn't consistent. >> that single interview. people may not hear this
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quote before they go out to vote tomorrow. 60% of the general electorate already has unfavorable view of him. and democrats, if he is the nominee, are going to run this on repeat that is a toxic is and poisonous position to take. to not simply disavow the kkk and david duke when it's clear that you know who david duke is about d. it three names an interview. maybe he didn't mean anything of it. maybe he did. it's going to hurt him. >> i mean, it's such an explosive and serious allegation. it really is and, you know. you talk about he says this ear piece. i have been on situations where i will put cotton in my ear because there is ambient noise, a lot different than one-on-one. i don't know. i just want to make sure that we're fair and also that if he has got problems, he needs to lay those out as well. anyway, this is, you know, it's a very disturbing topic. annie and john, thank you. and the 2016 race has had some ugly moments as super tuesday gets closer, the candidate attacks are
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getting nastier and even more personal. >> i'm dealing with some real sleaze bags up here, excuse believe me. >> i don't know why his hands are the size of someone who is 2. >> robot talk. >> you know what they say about guys with small hands. >> oh is he a can con van. >> is he a good con man. >> i see him starting to sweat. i have never seen anything like it. >> he doesn't sweat because his poors are clogged from spray tan that he uses. this guy is is a choke art glis donald is not going to make america great. he is going to make america orange. >> we call him the light weight. but you we call him the light weight robot. >> maybe the fact is that mitt romney is rich arer than donald trump. >> we call him lying ted. >> have been multiple media reports about donald's business dealings with the mob. the mafia. >> he has done a good job of convincing people that he, the guy who has spent his life cheating the little guy that he is a champion for the little guy.
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this guy is a choke artist. we cannot have choke artists running our country. >> how do voters feel about these attacks? former white house press secretary ari flish everywhere goes "on the record." ari, i would say that this was not particularly inspirational these past few weeks. your thoughts? >> well said, greta. i just hope that this is a phase that this campaign is going through in a year of the oddest campaign any of us could ever imagine. trump brought it down to that level and what's so fascinating to me is can marco rubio, by also descending ton that level, prove that he is the alpha male in the race and actually improve his numbers. i think that's what he is trying to do. >> what's interesting is that so far he hasn't gotten a whole lot of traction, senator marco rubio. his numbers at least, we don't have a lot of polls but in the last few days he has changed. but i don't know if that's what the voters are going to think, obviously about now that he is down in the gutter. >> well, but he started really this counter punching against trump two days ago so i wouldn't expect it to
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show up frankly before tomorrow and super tuesday. i think what he is making the play for is to be the one-on-one, the guy who can take trump on. only one who can take trump on. are a march 15th when this election shifts into winner take all states, if this race is not a one-on-one race against donald trump, donald trump will win. if somebody emerges as the one-on-one and i think the most likely bet is rubio, then there is a chance that you can beat donald trump. but that's what i think rubio is making his play for that he's the guy. >> all right. viewers. now is your chance to viewpoint at home on twitter. is senator rubio going on the attack against donald trump going to help or hurt rubio's campaign. tweet help or hurt using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. let me turn to the other issue, this david duke issue. this is such an explosive issue. we have to be fair to everybody, including being fair to donald trump. as the attract -- detractors going to dump all over him.
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>> play what people say. fair to show his denunciation at the david duke at the chris christie rally but also fair to show the jake tapper interview where he didn't. let people decide whether having a hundred batting average against racism is acceptable? i don't think so. i think he should also speak out against david duke and the kkk. i don't know what donald trump was trying to play dumb that interview. , he knows who david duke is it's just not good enough. the presidency should never allow any acceptance of anything touching the kkk. >> do you think this will have any impact whatsoever on the voting? >> no, i don't think it's going to change super tuesday vote. i do think it has an veeskt on the jennings general election, it could have an effect beyond super tuesday after this gets absorbed. there is so much other noise out there that's going to shape tuesday's election not just because of the region of the country. i don't think it's going to change things in vermont or mass miswhere they're is a primary tomorrow. no because there is too much noise right now.
11:17 pm
when people digest who is donald trump, this will be one of the things they remember. >> i think it would behoove us all to see what has donald trump done. has he actually ever done anything to indicate this? you know, it's like this is one of those horrible situations where i think people are going to take sides. that's, you know, that's always painful taking sides. without, you know, figuring out what really is, ari, thank you. do you want it say something? >> i was going to say something that he does muslims, wanting to ban all of them from the country. the kkk he needs more time to study it. that gives me pause. >> thank you for joining us. and nothing has slowed down donald trump. will he continue his role on super tuesday? eric trump is here next. also tonight, we have secretary hillary clinton email news. catherine
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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> hillary said she doesn't like my tone. the word tone was used. i'm saying to myself, you know, we have people in the middle east if you are a a christian you get your head chopsd off. the world is a mean and evil place. and we need a strong tone. we can't have that weak, weak, pathetic tone. >> that was donald trump today out on the campaign trail. trump has been leading in the polls and won the last three primary contests. can donald trump keep up the momentum and rack up multiple wins tomorrow? donald trump's son eric trump goes "on the record." nice to see you, trump. >> hi, greta, how are you? >> good. the good news is that the national poll comes out and your father is '3 points out in front of number two. the bad news is he has this controversy about david duke. and i imagine it's
11:22 pm
enormously tough for you as a child. but help us understand this. >> the whole thing is ridiculous. i don't know how many times you can denounce a person. he has denounced david duke no more than 400 times the minute he has tweeted about it he tweeted many days about it he came out and said it 50 different times. my father is a great man. three letters shouldn't even be used in the same sentence with my father. is he unbelievable man. greatest father in the world to us. politics at ugliest. really politics at ugliest. people told us getting into presidential races it was going to be ugly. it was going to be nasty. this is politics at its worst. >> even former governor mitt romney who has been out, you know, hitting him a couple times he wants his tax returns he says last week and he made an innuendo that there was something in the tax returns that would show us or surprise us. he tweeted a disqualifying and disgusting response by real donald trump that's his twitter handle to the kkk. at is not in the character of america.
11:23 pm
how do you persuade ---how do you persuade america that he is not that? >> well, you know, mitt romney certainly wasn't saying that when he was begging for money from my father when he was running for presidential candidate. it's really sad. my father there isn't a mean bone in his body. he is amazing guy. i have said this before. one of the pelosi philanthropic guy he is amazing person. you had cruz go out there and say maybe if trump releases his tax return you will see some sort of mob affiliation like people mention. >> i thought that was terrible. >> it's ridiculous. that's the nature of this, greta. it's just ridiculous. >> i thought that was terrible and senator cruz made that allegation. i mean, and there is a lot going on. and i suppose they are saying it in part because your father swings hard, too. it's been going back and forth. >> the problem is these guys are drowning, and they are trying to grab at anything they can. they are trying to pull him under with them. it's sad. people are seeing it and i'm seeing it i'm proud of what he has accomplished thus far. >> what do you expect tomorrow? is there any chance he is going to win in texas?
11:24 pm
that's one that senator ted cruz says he is going to win. >> well, i hope. so we have endorse. s out of texas whether it be ice. he will build that wall so quickly people's heads are going to spin. texas is a place we love. it's a place we have spent a lot of time. i think we are going to do very well there. my father is going to do great tomorrow and do great in the whole campaign. you saw the cnn poll and mentioned it before but nationwide he has 33% lead over all the other candidates. is he just doing fantastic. greta, that's a man that hopped into a race seven or eight months ago. self-funded whole campaign. spent by far the least amount of money of any candidate. by far the best results. that's what we want in commander in chief. at least that's what i in the commander and chief. best results. spend the least amount of money. is he doing amazing. again, i love the man to death. he is my best friend in the world. i could not be more proud of him. he is doing awesome. >> eric, thank you. i say what i saw to all the candidates so i'm saying to the children tomorrow is a big day. good luck tomorrow. >> thank you, fingers crossed.
11:25 pm
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tomorrow is a big day, super tuesday, nearly quarter of all republican delegates are on the line. right now. donald trump and senator marco rubio are both on the attack. two candidates stepping up the insults with some sounding more like a school yard fight than a presidential election he doesn't sweat because his poors are clogged from the
11:29 pm
spray tan that he uses. donald is not going to make america great. he is he is going to make america orange. >> when you are up 20 points in florida, we're up, the guy they hate him in florida, he can't be elected dogcatcher in florida. this guy, you know, little -- i call him little marco, nice guy. >> 2016 presidential candidate senator marco rubio goes "on the record" from conway, arkansas. good evening, sir. >> thanks, greta. thanks for having me back. >> i laugh when i shouldn't have. beginning to sound like snl than presidential race. tacky ties, man small hands, spray paint, con artist. that's a change in campaign than earlier times. is it not and send question is what do you say to your
11:30 pm
kids? >> well, first of all donald trump has spent a year now insulting virtually everyone, including people that work at your networks, virtually everyone. very few groups or individuals in america that he hasn't personally insult. every now and then someone like that needs a taste of their own medicine medicine. that's called a bully. using the pulpit of the presidential run to insult people. that's not the core of our message. 99% of what i spook about are serious issues. on the issue of con artists that i won't stop saying. donald trump is indeed a con artist. he conned the students at trump university. for example, greta, we now know he went off-the-record with the "new york times" and he told them what i he really believed about immigration which apparently is not the same as what he is telling audiences. donald trump should give the "new york times" permission to release the audio of that interview. >> so, do you feel comfortable with the tonal of it because it is a departure. do you say to your kids you are just fighting back to a bully? is that what you say? >> yeah, no, what i say is
11:31 pm
we try to make this campaign about issues. i continue to make it about issues. i talk about issues all the time. fortunately nobody ever covers issues these days very much. that's why donald has gotten 10 times as much coverage as anybody else because is he always insulting people and saying outrageous things. it's funny thed me media spends a lot of time covering insults he has been laying out throughout the last year. i will continue to talk about ideas. my website is full of ideas. i go to debates and talk specific ideas. donald trump does not have a specific idea about any policy before marker and yet somehow he has convinced a percentage number of americans that he should be the next president. there is no way we are going to let a con artist get control of the republican party or conservative movement. >> other candidates have said all along since way back in the summer that we tend to cover more of the colorful language than we do some of the substantive issues on the campaign trail. you are not the only one who has said that about us in the media one thing you did say about donald trump he is a con artist who should not get access to nuclear codes.
11:32 pm
>> absolutely. >> you really believe that? i mean -- >> -- absolutely. >> i know you don't want him as president, but he shouldn't have the nuclear codes? >> absolutely. he is dangerous. he has dangerous views about the world. this is a person who says he is not going to stand on israel's said. he has not even a fundamental understanding of the defense needs of this country. he didn't know what the nuclear triad was. he has no understanding of our asia-pacific relationships. evidence has known zero interests whatsoever in the specific details. this stuff matters. >> he doesn't know it or is he dangerous? those are two different things. >> i would say both. i would say he doesn't know it and he has dangerous views. yesterday he was talking about how firm the chinese government is as if that is something to look up to. talked about admiration for vladimir putin strong leader. tweeting tweets from mussolini. he has refused to condemn the kkk. he has been given multiple opportunities to condemn the
11:33 pm
are ku klux klan and he refuses to do so and he prehe tends he doesn't know who david duke is he knows who david duke is. he has talked about him before. >> let me ask you about my sort of issues that i am particularly interested. in dr. al freda helped the cia find usama bin laden. he is rotting in a prison in pakistan. we seem to do have left him behind. if you become president, is that going to be -- i mean is, there anything that you can do to help bring him to the united states because he did help us. >> we will make it a priority of our relationship with pakistan. i have raised that issue with personal whether i pakistan's foreign minister. raised it personal whether i with ambassador core in meetings we have had over the last couple of years. individual who was of assistance to the u.s. in learning information about that. that somehow they found it out o. and they stuck him in jail. now they are -- the pakistans are arguing that he is there for charges unrelated whatsoever to the bin laden raid. we know that's not true. and it undermines our ability to work with foreign nationals around the world. i would absolutely make that a priority. >> and there is former fbi
11:34 pm
agent bob levinson in 2007 disappeared in iran. we have some our hostages back. we have no information for the levinson family, they are left in mystery. is there anything you would do differentry than this information for the levinson family. >> we have been involved in that issue. i want to be care of what we say about it suffice it to say that i am convinced that iran knows where bob levinson is or has been. they know what happened to him at a minimum. i think that should have been part of the conversation cans that were being had here even if we weren't going to have this deal with iran that should have been a priority. i think it's outrageous that he was not one of the people that was mentioned. i want to be careful in discussing that because it's an issue that is very close in florida. bill nelson and i have kept a close issue on that over the last few years. i do want to say it's amazing that even after iran has released prisoners they have taken more prisoners hostage again. barack obama will make concessions in return for american hostages. in the last week they have
11:35 pm
just taken another american hostage and sitting in that evin prison. >> senator, thank you very much. i say to it all at candidates good luck tomorrow, it's a big day tomorrow. thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> and breaking right now, the last batch of secretary of state hillary clinton emails just released. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine? >> thank you, greta. so based on the emails that we reviewed tonight, another 261 contain classified information. of that there are 23 that contain classified information at the high level of secret. now, it's important to note that two emails are being withheld in full so the public will never be able to see them. one is an exchange between mrs. clinton and president obama. and a second is being withheld at the request of a law enforcement agency. i believe this email is wanted by the fbi because it speaks to intent, that the people using the server understood that they were send ising classified information at that time.
11:36 pm
that it was not a surprise to them later. >> all right. now, first of all, the one between president obama and secretary clinton that would come under -- that's sort of privileged -- >> -- correct. >> that was not dleafd. >> he we shouldn't be suspicious of that one that would be withheld, that's normal, the one he says that the other one was held -- withheld by law enforcement that you say would show intent, is that something that you have been pieced together? have you been tipped off on that? how strong is your information on that that you believe. >> i had a tip many months ago that there was at least one email that clearly confirmed that the people sending the information to mrs. clinton knew it was classified at the time. i think it is striking that one email is being withheld at the request of law enforcement because you know that would be a very important piece to the fbi investigation. understanding the intent and whether the individuals knew or believed at the time that the information they were sending was classified. >> all right. all emails now released, are
11:37 pm
now turned over with the exception of the so-called deleted ones? >> i want to say simple answer is yes, based on what the state department has said. but, as you know, it's like groundhog's day. they keep going back and finding glor we still don't know anything about the so-called deleted ones that she deleted. >> we do know something about that our understanding ised that the fbi has been able to recover a lot of those emails from that backup hard drive that was held by mrs. clinton's lawyer and then handed over last year. we don't know whatter. >> what's in it. >> right. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> did you hear what former president of mexico is calling donald trump? does the president of mexico really mean that? staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories.
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get ready to speed read the news. apple getting some legal help from a federal judge in new york. the judge ruling the u.s. department of justice cannot force apple to provide the fbi can access to a locked iphone. now, this case involves not terrorism. it can have an impact on
11:42 pm
apple to hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. north korea -- university of virginia student confessing to, quote, a hostile act. his confession is broadcast on north korean state tv. that hostile act was stealing a political banner he want to keep as souvenir. the 21-year-old has been held since january. that's tonight's speed read. and donald trump's plan to build a wall along the mexican border has been a big part of his 2016 campaign but not everyone is happy. former mexican president fox is blasting the idea and trump's plan to make mexico pay for the wall. >> i have to say we're not -- i am not going to pay for that [bleep] wall. i am not. and he should know that i'm not going to apologize. >> and just a short time ago, former president of mexico vincent fox went "on the record." >> mr. president, it's very nice to you have join us,
11:43 pm
sir. >> greta, it's a pleasure. thank you for inviting me. >> mr. president, do you think the united states has a problem with illegal immigration and, if so, does mexico have any part or any role in this? >> yeah. we both have a problem. we are partners. we are friends. we are neighbors. and we have to deal with huge amount of problems that come in that border. this specific problem, migration, was dealt with when i was president with the administration of president bush. and with the cooperation of senator mccain and senator kennedy who present a bipartisan bill to congress. and congress, unfortunately has not processed that bill. so when you do not take action, then everything can happen like is happening today. >> all right. what would you propose as a solution to this problem?
11:44 pm
>> okay. i think it's right there in that bill, number one, you have to solve the case of this 11 million undocumented mexicans working in the u.s. economy that are working productively, consistently, with loyalty they are working for many families, companies, harvesting the vegetables in california, harvesting the apples in washington, working with the service industry, kitchens and the restaurants. and so it's good people. people that is honest, decent, and loyal and they deserve this opportunity. now, we must work together to legalize or to document that situation. that's an act of congress. not in the hands of donald trump ideas of buildingat's nota problem. part ofners, friends,
11:45 pm
neighbors, like we are, the united states, canada, and mexico can -- >> i read over the weekend that you referred to donald trump as like hitler. was that just you getting hot under the collar or do you believe that? >> no. i believe that. because he his messages, the language he is using his -- race and everybody else out of the box. out of the wall. and not wanting to deal with anybody and the way she deals with congress. u.s. congress and the way she refers to congressman, to senators is incredible. a lot of things show that he -- person. but ego centric in that is he a false prophet. >> mr. president, thank you so much for joining us, sir. i hope you will join us again. >> my pleasure. greta. see you soon. >> thank you, sir. >> and you can see more of
11:46 pm
my interview, the rest of the interview with mexico's former president just go to and texas is super tuesday's biggest prize. can hometown
11:47 pm
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11:51 pm
ted cruz. governor perry goes "on the record" from houston. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta. good evening. this race. there is a lot of mud-slinging going on. >> it's pretty heavy duty out there. but, you know, texas is going to play a major role, that's for sure. that's the reason there is a loft resources, a lot of focus. i think two groups are going to have an extraordinary amount of impact here. the evangelical christians and the veterans. veterans organization called keep the promise to the vets is one that i have beenworking with very closely. and it's really a fascinating new concept that we have put together here. it drives people to a site where dakota myers. marcus luttrell, myself, a number of veterans that are really known well across the country are talking about these issues that important to veterans. you know, veterans are tired of being used as political pawns and they want somebody that will stand up for them and say, listen, these are the issues that we really care about. he we need more than just a
11:52 pm
bumper sticker for our veterans out there. and that's the reason to keep the promise to the vets is where i have decide to do throw loot of my effort and work. >> i know that you have endorsed senator ted cruz. i have got to do this to you. back in june, you were talking to sean hannity. and to sean you were talking about if you are going to fly to dallas to london do you want to get on a very high time season pilot. heck of a speech and tell you about you will at aerodynamics and meet i you are going to your family in the most experienced position they can. i take that that was directed then at senator ted cruz because he was that freshman senator. am i wrong in thinking that? and i might add some other folks, too. it was pointed to. a year ago i thought it would be jeb bush and myself talking about who had the most experience and that's not what the american people want. and i recognize that. so we're down to between three people. and actually i think we are down to two.
11:53 pm
between trump and senator cruz. and now you just got to decide is donald trump really that committed conservative and i have got to say, beats me. which donald trump are we talking about here in the one that used to be for an assault weapons ban and has become mr. second amendment or talking about the one !! publicly. ted cruz doesn't have that problem. ted cruz is a. >> it's sort of interesting that jerry falwell jr., president of liberty university, evangelical christian, you know, he has come out strong for donald trump. >> i know, it's stunning to me that, i mean, either mr. falwell is not paying attention or he has a whole different concept about
11:54 pm
salvation by grace than i do. if you don't understand it in your mind, intellectually, and you don't understand it in your heart, spiritually, that salvation comes through grace, and you get that by asking god for forgiveness, i don't know where jerry falwell is coming from, but that's not the church i grew up in. >> governor, always nice to see you. all eyes on texas tomorrow. thank you, sir. >> greta, it's going to be a big show in texas. >> it always is. anyway, thank you, sir. >> it always is. >> and cummings coming up, i >> and cummings coming up, i have a message for ♪ ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there.
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let's all go off-the-record. look closely. that is ashley, in 2011 she interned at the prince william county police department in v.a. she also worked as a marine corps reservist for six years. she obviously wanted to serve and thank you to her for doing that. but this past friday, she
11:59 pm
was sworn into active duty as member of the prince william county police department. check out the picture. the department proudly posted it on its twitter page. after swearing in, i bet she felt enormous pride just putting on that uniform for the first time. the next day, saturday, she was on the street patrolling for the first time. officer gwenden was shot and killed responding to did he mows stick disturbance. two of her fellow partners were shot and injured. share officer's story. tell your friends and family about her it will remind everyone of the daily risks and sacrifices of all our brave men and women in uniform. they put their lives on the line to protect us. officer, like some others, made that ultimate sacrifice. her name will now be etched on the national law enforcement officer's memorial with more than 20,000 others. other fallen officers. and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and before we go, live
12:00 am
twitter voting results on your screen right now senator rubio going on the attack against donald trump going to help or hurt his campaign. 69 say -- hurt. 69% say welcome to "red eye." let's check in with andy levy to see what exciting stories we will be discussing this evening. andy? >> thanks, tom. coming up on the big show marco rubio makes fun of donald trump for having freakish fingers and baby hands. and who were the big winners at last night's oscars? tom shillue and his fellow white people. and energy drinks lead to high risk sexual behavior and they are looking into banning college in general. back to you sewer of [inaudible]. >> thank you, andy. >> you're wel


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