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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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[ female announcer ] for your free quote, call the hartford at... or go to today. get this free calculator just for requesting a quote. . . >> see you back here in an hour. >> see you back here in an hour. >> fox news alert. it is finally here. day could go a long way determining which republican and democrat faces off for the white house in november. this is "outnumbered." here with us harris faulkner. sandra smith. political and legal analyst fox news contributor eboni williams is back. today's #oneluckyguy, anchor of "fox news sunday," we welcome back chris wallace. chris, you're outnumbered for second time on a big day. >> i am one lucky guy. andrea: we're four lucky gals. harris: great to have you here. >> thank you.
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andrea: let's begin. super tuesday, the biggest day yet in the race for the white house. republicans and democrats from alaska to georgia casting votes today. there could not be more at stake for republicans. nearly 600 delegates on the line as people head to the polls and caucus in 13 states. frontrunner donald trump with a rally about to get underway in columbus, ohio, has been steamrolling the competition aiming for a sweep. his closest competitors, marco rubio, ted cruz, they're trying to slow "the donald's" momentum as candidates make final pitches to voters. >> we are going to win at every single level. we are going to win with help. we are going to win with education. we are going to win at the borders. we're going to win with our military. we're going to win-win, win. [applause] >> i don't know if america has four more years. not direction we're headed now.
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and if we lose this election if donald trump is in knee, hillary clinton will will be next president of the united states. >> easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the critical question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? the. [cheering] andrea: meantime newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and presidential candidate says today, could be the last chance for these guys to stop the trump train. >> i do have a sense that trump's opponents are all gathering at the alamo and hoping for a last stand. trump will dominate tomorrow. the big test will be on the 15th. if neither kasich nor rubio can carry their home state, it is really pretty much over. you can't take little bits of delegates and have a floor fight. andrea: so will trump run the table, chris wallace?
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if he does, does it speak to his strengths and the gop establishment's weakness because they are spending millions of dollars and time and effort attacking him? >> in terms whether he will, one of the great things about today, we don't have to speculate. every other day, what will happen. what is the effect going to be. we'll find out in about 10, 12 hours. we'll find out whether or not he is going to run the table. there are a couple of things. there are 11 states we're talking about here. i find it very interesting that ted cruz spent all yesterday in texas. i always say, don't watch what politicians say, watch what they do. for ted cruz senator from texas with 11 states at stake to feel he has to spend final day before the campaign in dallas, houston and san antonio, to me is a statement of weakness, not strength. that he isn't out there trying to win other states. he is still defending his home state. he knows if he loses texas he is dead. now marco rubio. marco rubio is 0-4 going into
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today. he could be-15 if he didn't he could be o for 15. if he goes 0-15, he has florida, and go to march fifth teen not won a single state? andrea: that reminds me of rudy giuliani. play the speculation game a little bit, chris, if that happens, how does someone like rubio continue? would somebody like trump be inevitable? >> those are good questions. andrea: lie praise indeed coming from the master. >> i was going to say pulling a chris wallace. i would say, if what i talk about happens, let's say trump wins everything except texas and does pretty well in texas, i don't see how you stop him, i really don't. harris: interesting, ted cruz knows this. more than 150 delegates you scoop up in texas.
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>> but it is not winner-take-all. harris: no, no. >> it is allocated proportionally. harris: but at least taking state puts him in the ballgame, cruz, maybe, maybe. if you talk about if trump runs away with it, what does that say about the republican party in general? if you ask how does rubio stay in, if others stay in, and they go to the convention do a deal behind scenes, however it might work out to push trump out, you heard from senator mitch mcconnell saying, drawing a line in the sand for those anti-trump, purportedly according to "times," what does that say about the party going forward if they don't like the candidate people have chosen? they will tick off a lot of people, chris. >> what could happen, mitch mcconnell suggested this, if trump doesn't come to the center, start a accommodating that is open question whether he would change after he won the nomination and become a more centrist candidate. become presidential.
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mitch mcconnell says we'll run against him. say everybody look, save yourselves if you're a senate candidate in a swing state that doesn't like trump. if you're a house candidate who this is problem. you run for yourself. if you have to run negative ad against republican nominee, go ahead and do it. harris: doesn't that kill the party? >> i don't know if it kills it. doesn't help it. harris, this reflects what is going on in the republican party. there is a huge split. this is what trump is all about between grassroots and d.c. harris: where does that leave the people i wonder? >> talk about the, everything notably, chris wallace, following last gop debate you said that was embarassment for the party. >> right. sandra: referencing infighting. we've only seen rhetoric and attacks step up from there. you said gop candidates are not exacting presidential. i remember you asking donald trump do you think it is time you start acting presidential. instead of defending himself was, yeah, probably i do.
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did anything change? has he changed? >> no, it has gotten worse. it is very interesting to see. one of the things i'm looking most closely. rubio obviously made strategic decision, i have to get into the game with trump. i have to, you know, out insult the master. we'll find out today did that help him or hurt him. the david duke flap. all the variety of things that have gone on. all stuff about trump's background and illegal immigrants all that he hired in the past, we'll find out, if he runs the table you have to wonder, what's left in the playbook for these guys. andrea: exactly if he runs the table, eboni, and you're democrat looking at donald trump saying gosh, nothing sticks to this man? if the republican party opened the dogs of hell they're saying on donald trump and he survived, does it worry democrats? >> they have to be incredibly worried, andrea, simply because it seems like you can throw the entire kitchen sink at this
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candidate nothing seems to stick because what is working so brilliantly in his favor, once again this fact he is selling an argument that he can be a winner in his own life, make america a winner again. really i don't see bernie sanders nor hillary clinton making a compelling argument around that in the way donald trump certainly been able to resonate. rubio is interesting to me. chris wallace, you hit the nail on the head, he kind of made a pivot. doing a different tone. seeing that policy stuff wasn't working. now he will get in this thing any way he can. okay, fine, but he has got to do more than be protest candidate. i really see so much of what he is talking about now, being i am the only thing that can save this party from a trump candidacy. i don't know that is going to be enough to get him even a win. harris: you know what is interesting about that? he isn't only one. they had to team up against him, rather. i don't know if they did any sort of a deal. kind of worked out that way. cruz and rubio were going at it pretty hard against trump. i don't know if it would have worked against one of them.
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they had him in circles. >> come back one thing you said, eboni. it hasn't worked, these kind of attacks in republican primaries, you get to general election in november, a whole lot of people aren't voting. things that didn't work in the republican primaries might work. there was recent poll in "washington post," 80% of the hispanics said they had unfavorable opinion. a lot of those are not voting in republican primaries. they will vote in general. a lot of attacks aren't working against trump in february or now march might begin to work in november. harris: but i do un-- >> unfavorable opinion, i wonder, people in the booth, even in the general, have to side someone they don't like very much but think maybe, maybe might be in their best fiscal interest. just start thinking about the is still at leastf you will, if becomes an option. andrea: eboni, do you believe donald trump is racist with all the talk about the kk play? >> i don't.
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i understand what a actual racist is. that is term many of us in america don't understand the nature of, we apply it in too broad, incorrect way. no. he is not a racist. now has he made statements target xenophobic nature of some of this country? of course. i don't believe he is himself is racist. that is my take on that. andrea: we'll watch results tonight, certainly if he runs table. chris it will speak to republican party that has become feckless and ineffective. we'll see. we'll be watching you tonight. to get to all things super tuesday, right here on fox news channel, all day, all night. chris wallace will be there. wall to wall coverage of delegate bonanza, 6:00 eastern. we're across the country as folks go to the polls they want to see in the white house come january. thursday night, fox news channel hosting a republican presidential debate that will be very interesting as we see how tonight shakes out. who will be riding high and who might be on the ropes.
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you can not miss this one. join bret baier, megyn kelly and our own lucky guy, chris wallace, brand new glasses everyone was talking about during the last debate, thursday night 9:00 p.m. eastern. as hillary make as final push to voters today, the final batch of her emails released last night includes hundreds of additional messages now marked classified. her senior aide still has her top secret security clearance now having sent classified info to the clinton foundation, and, her boss's private unsecured email account. is this special treatment and how might it impact super tuesday? also evangelicals are expected to play a big roll for republicans today but one influential christian paper is telling readers to back away from donald trump. scathing editorial and how big of an impact it could have. right after the show catch more from the couch, a super tuesday, certainly needs a super overtime.
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harris: welcome back to super "outnumbered" on super tuesday. democrats headed to polls right now on super tuesday. hillary clinton expected to have a good night, hmmm, there may be surprises with bernie sanders potentially pulling off wins in states like colorado and minnesota. the clinton email scandal? it is still raging. state department released her final batch of messages bringing total number of classified e-mails to 2,000. there are lawsuits like one filed by conservative group pushing to get 30,000 other emails which clinton said personal and deleted. we're learning her senior aide, cheryl mills still has her top secret security clearance despite possibly broken the law sending emails that were classified. attorney general loretta lynch says there is not any special treatment. >> i will not comment on any
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individuals may or may not be involved in this. depends on facts of those particular circumstance. >> bottom line, is there any double-standard here? >> there is no double-standard in this or any other matter being handled by the department of justice. harris: if not hillary clinton, maybe one of those people attached to her. you know i was talking to judge napolitano, one of our fox news contributors here. he said it is not potentially a law broken forwarding emails but a felony, very serious law being broken. are we seeing a situation potentially, chris, where everybody else gets dirty but hillary clinton somehow manages to emerge? >> we've seen that happen before in various investigations. i got to say, first of all in earls it of security clearance or cheryl mills, i don't know legality of it. seems curious on its face she would still have the clearance. that is not justice department issue. that's a state department issue. so that's on them. in terms of the fbi investigation obviously we don't know if there is double-standard. we don't know if there is
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political cover-up, we haven't seen results of investigation. i will say james comey, fbi director, everybody i talk to say he is straight-shooter. that he is a serious guy, that he is non-political, and you know, i think you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. let's wait and see if there is criminal referral or not. that is different issue than does the justice department take that referral and actually indict. harris: right. >> but let me say this, if there were a criminal referral and they didn't indict, i don't think there is any question it would get out. i suspect comey would resign. and in a sense it would be even bigger firestorm than indictment. harris: it is interesting what you say too, these people with careers supposedly non-partisan would like to have jobs after current president. you're an attorney. what are your thoughts about the evidence that you've seen so far in this case? >> to me, harris, it looks overwhelming and here's why. people forget, this crime, this felony is all under espionage act. it does not require intent.
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hillary clinton's defense so far is predicated they were marked classified after the fact. okay, make that argument but content in the emails that carries it at end of the day. harris: right. >> really she has to be careful around is notion of reckless negligence. all evidence, harris, it is at least reckless. that is problem i think she is going to have. harris: is it a crime to do your job so badly, that it's, cord -- >> according to espionage act, yes. harris: put us in danger, fill in the blanks? >> it is not a victimless crime. to your point it puts american citizens and their safety -- look, i'm not prosecuting her. this is the argument prosecutors will make. andrea: eboni, what about staffers taking classified information from a government server putting it on to a private server? that to me, folks i talked to, that is a felony and prove a conspiracy. >> sure. andrea: we sat here with brit hume. he said i don't believe they are going to indict.
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o'reilly and i have a don't be a pinhead windbreaker on this thing. do you think huma abedin and cheryl mills going to prison? >> i think she is not going to be indicted, she being hillary, at best we get recommendation from comey, this has to be looked at. you can't get around that. when you talk about private servers and this type of behavior that is recklessness on its face, andrea. per se recklessness. harris: when all over, it would be interesting to ask voters, particularly democrats, why it doesn't matter to them. >> wait, it does matter to some. when we see polls, what is the most important candidate quality, one of the four is honesty and trustworthiness. for people who care about that, that is usually quarter of electorate, sanders is beatinger 90-10. for other 75% doesn't seem an issue. issue for trump might not be so
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disqualifying could be big in general election, this, whoever the republican is, whether trump, rubio or cruz will be a big issue when you get to the general election. sandra: great point, chris, thank you. meantime voters head to the polls this super tuesday evangelicals are expected to be major influence in at least seven of southern states holding nominating contests. pew research shows they make up majorities in of republicans in tennessee, alabama, arkansas, georgia and oklahoma. nearly after of gop voters in texas. the biggest prize of the day, with 155 delegates at stake. exit polling shows donald trump won evangelical support in south carolina, but now a highly influential christian paper is urging readers to back away from the billionaire businessman. the christian post editorial says in part, quote, trump is misogynous and philanderer. he demeans women and minorities.
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his preferred forms of communications are insults obscenities and untruth. while christians ha been guilty of all of these, we unlike trump ask for forgiveness and seek restitution with the aid of the holy spirit and community of believers. that playing off donald trump saying during this election process he has never had to ask god for forgiveness. but yet it didn't hurt him in south carolina. >> it didn't hurd him in nevada. that is the point you have to make. evangelicals are no more single issue voters than any other demographic group or value group that you would talk about. and he did beat cruz, who is run as more typical christian conservative, social values conservative. did beat them in south carolina, did beat them in nevada, the reason is he has been able to split off the blue-collar working evangelicals, working class evangelicals who are more concerned about other issues,
9:23 am
tell it like it is, change agent, fed up with the establishment than they are necessarily with values. they don't like him on values issue but there are other things more important. sandra: it goes back to what we've been talking about on the couch, right, andrea? quoting evangelical leaders, evangelicals, at this point in history they're not looking for somebody just like them. they're looking for somebody who doesn't hate them. makes you want to ask the question when it comes to donald trump, of course this paper reaching out saying don't vote for him. andrea: yeah. sandra: why has his personal life been off limits? he has been married three times. seems like that is sort of been untouched in all of this. andrea: it's a great question, sandra. i think we're more forgiving as a nation. we're a nation where divorce is highest ever been, divorce rates. people are acutely aware the fact we're all sinners and he who does not have sin, casts the first stone, i would like to see
9:24 am
that person. i think there is more forgive forgiveing. our culture has more coarse sended. they want someone who doesn't hate them and they want a fighter. if donald trump is willing to fight, fight, fight, against the establishment, he is willing to fight for religious freedom laws and everything else that protects them. that is their m.o. with that. >> i agree. chris's point they're not being single issue voters, sure maybe their values don't align with what they see in trump's personal life but they also have pocketbook issues and things not politically correct. maybe he is resonating in ways that are important to them. harris: we'll get more on the information. because we're talking a little bit donald trump i want to show you this picture. the big trump plane just landed. this is columbus, ohio, the signature flight hangar at columbus international airport. he stepped up to the lecturn. we'll follow this. look who is with him, governor
9:25 am
chris christie of new jersey is standing there. he got christie's endorsement a few days ago. he now seems to be warm-up opening act just about every place they go. so he will speak for a few words. then when donald trump steps up you see the camera pull out there is quite a crowd there. we'll follow this. we'll let you know, and we may even watch it in a second box here. let's come back to the conversation now at the couch. sandra: so' van gel call vote -- evangelical vote, state of florida, will the evangelical vote stay away from donald trump? harris: what is really interesting, the guardian has a very interesting article. you should read it. google it. about a oklahoma christian college student, a young woman, how evangelicals are voting bloc who feel misunderstood. points directly to what you said, chris. they're not single issue. this is a cross-section of evangelical and very young voters.
9:26 am
don't put me in the box of necessarily ted cruz or marco rubio. let me go into the booth as an american thinking about lots of different issues. so as a candidate, it might help to say something like, make america great. it speaks to the issue why he is resonating even among young people. he is not necessarily all that young. we don't talk about people's age very much but it is a thing. it is a thing. oh, right now we're taking a look, we said we would follow this. this is in houston, texas, ted cruz, senator cruz is casting his ballot. we don't have to guess. he will vote for himself, right? couple things going on simultaneously as i bring that to you as well. we have a third thing watching with rubio. when it happens -- >> i have to ask you one question. did you say trump is in ohio. harris: at columbus, ohio, international. >> again, remember when i said don't pay attention, pay attention to what they do. harris: what does it mean? >> well it means here is super tuesday, 11 states.
9:27 am
ohio is not for two weeks and he is in ohio. what does that say about his strength and confidence. harris: what else is in ohio? republican convention. >> yes. harris: may wind up against him. >> he is worried about election two weeks from now. that would seem to indicate he is feeling pretty good. sandra: how great to have live reaction analysis from chris wallace. harris: we love it. sandra: we're keeping our ice on the future of the supreme court. what we're learning about president obama's sit-down at the white house with republican leaders. we're all over super tuesday coverage for you. hundreds and hundreds of delegates up for grabs as millions of americans exercise their democratic rights today. keep it right here. we have coverage now and all through the day. ♪ hi i'm kristie.
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and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we're a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video." oh! this is so good. if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis. just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac, i'm jealous of that. you put a big bug in a kids hands and change their world view. [ laugh ] harris: fox news alert. we want to take to you columbus,
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ohio, airport hangar we sewed awe few minutes ago donald trump is speaking. former president vicente fox dropped the f-bomb talking about donald trump. he is talking about fox now. >> i just won in nevada and they did a poll of the hispanics and i won by a lot, over second place, by a lot. we're going to win the hispanic vote. we're going to do great because i will bring jobs back from china. i will bring jobs back from japan. i will be, we're bringing our jobs back, folks. we're bringing our jobs back. but the anger, the anger of ex-president fox, it is almost like how dare you. they have got to get used to it, they have got to get used to it, folks. because we'll reverse the tables. you know what the interesting thing? we will have better relationship with mexico than we have now. we don't have a good rip.
9:33 am
remember sergeant tahmooressi, i helped him a lot afterwards. we couldn't get him out. don't we love it. it is always nice. we couldn't get him out of jail, we had a president i don't think he made one phone call. i don't think he made a phone call. that he was in there a long, long period of time. we're going to get respect of other nations. we lose as an example, with mexico $58 billion a year on trade. so we have a trade deficit. we have a trade deficit of 58 billion. when they say the wall, when they say the wall, these politicians come up to me, they say, donald, you don't really mean mexico is going to pay for the wall? i said you don't understand. 100%. they go, no way you're going to get them to pay! they used say no way will build the wall. now the other day i hear this rubio i call him -- correct.
9:34 am
i call him little marco. little marco. hello, marco. he said i had small hands. actually i'm 6'3", not 6'2". he said i had small hands. they're not small, are they? i never heard that one before. [shouting] i always had people say, donald you have the most beautiful hands, right? [cheering] i never heard that. but that is politicians. they do this stuff. he wanted to be don rickles and it hasn't worked because he has gone down, you know he has gone down. but i see this guy and he is doing a thing, we will build a wall. i said where did this come from? all of sudden. same thing with ted cruz. i call him lying ted. we will build a wall he says. lying ted, we will build a wall. anything you do, you take a position, you see him on television when he is not around you, he says exactly the opposite of what your position is. the only advantage i have we have aing about, big, speaker
9:35 am
out there. we have a lot of people. so we can call people when they lie. but these politicians are bad. i mean they lie and lie and, we're going to get it straightened out folks. we don't have to lie. we don't have to lie. we don't have to lie. [cheering] so it all began on, it all began on june 16th, fame must escalator ride. i said to my wife, we've got to do it. oh, good, they're friends. >> trump, trump, trump. >> thank you. thank you. i was hoping it was a protester so the cameras would show what a big crowd we have. oh, so many, so many false stories. the only way -- harris: we dipped in a little bit to watch donald trump in columbus ohio. as chris wallace pointed out a few minutes ago, this is state still a couple weeks out in terms of playing in the primary/caucus game. we have seen him do this. new hampshire was in play, in
9:36 am
south carolina. he said, no i'm not going to go there while jeb bush brought out his mom and so on, so forth. i'm going to south carolina. this is not uncommon for him. little marco and lying ted. so the mudslinging continues but why does it work for him and not the others do you think? >> because it's trump. andrea: he started it. >> it is his copyright. and, you whether you like it or not, whether you think it is presidential or not, it's authentic trump it is who he is. he has amazing ability to find a phrase that sticks in your head. even if you thought jeb bush should have been president, low energy. immediately attached to that. you will see marco rubio, say little marco. >> instantaneous marketing trump is doing single-handedly to the opposition. talking during the break, do same thing with hillary clinton. works for trump. chris is exactly right.
9:37 am
this is authentically donald trump who we've seen who is in pub eye. versus marco rubio, to me looks like feigned swagger. andrea: poll tested. >> yeah. andrea: think about trump is he marketing master. he studied the american electorate. he had to doing the "apprentice." he understands national audience better than cruz and marco rubio do. he looks at polling. he brands trump everywhere, golf clucks. he knows these communities and states. he has research because his company done it for long time. he is masterful antagonist. you got to give him that. harris: think about that, you could focus group who you thought your audience would be. marco rubio doing the yo mama contest. is that kind of a character for him. speaking of which he has rally also this hour. hasn't started yet, i don't believe in and dover, minnesota. those are other things watching. we're showing them to you on
9:38 am
super tuesday. speaking of donald trump, neither political party has presidential nominee yet. hillary clinton and allies are reportedly already planning how she would defeat the billionaire businessman should she face him. her strategy against "the donald" and whether that will work. stay close. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. dog chow for 36 years now.d i've been making my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. ♪ andrea: there are no nominees for the white house yet but hillary clinton and her allies are already said to be working on a plan to defeat donald trump, should they end up facing off in the general election. advisors reportedly say that she is laying groundwork for a so-called, campaign against bigotry. listen to what she told a crowd at a rally in massachusetts yesterday. >> the hateful rhetoric, the insults, that's not who we are. what we can't let happen is the
9:43 am
scapegoating, the blaming, the, the fingerpointing going on on republican side. it really undermines our fabric as a nation. so i want to do everything i can in this campaign with your help, to set us on a different course. andrea: meanwhile "the new york times" is reporting groups that support the former secretary of state are already scripting and testing ads that would portray trump as miss son gift with a dangerous temper. "the washington post" says clinton will focus on comparing trump's immigration program to hers. sandra, listen to hillary clinton lecture on not blame-shifting, not fingerpointing, it was masterfully clintonian in nature. sandra: it was. did you notice, it softened her voice, her tone changed. hillary clinton has been trying to do that somewhat artificially throughout the campaign.
9:44 am
when she says she we have to get rid of mean-spirited hateful rhetoric, it may already be working for her. i have gone through this several times, plan to run against trump. i'm not sure when it is sat top the charts for american voter is economy. i'm not sure that how she will be beat donald trump on the economy. andrea: if she talkses about the economy, 90 million americans out of work and everything we talk about on fox business every day, isn't that referendum on her old boss, one barack obama? >> she sound ad lot like marco rubio sounds like now. it sounds like a protest candidacy against everything you think donald trump is saying and that's fine. i just don't think it is enough people are more interested hering what your plan is, not how you are anti-trump. that is one argument. what is your compelling argument
9:45 am
around the good news that we get with your candidacy? >> i have a different take on this. there was a big leaked, leaked not the right word, authorized story, lead in the "new york times" today. there was a big authorized story in "the washington post" today, both about how she will take on donald trump. you know what the message was? i'm nominee of the party. here we are super tuesday. she is running against bernie sanders, piv voting in effect saying this race is over. don't take bernie sanders seriously and that in a sense is, i think this was less about donald trump and more about trying to score a sweeping trick oy on super tuesday against bernie sanders to try to say i'm the nominee. andrea: doesn't it, chris, point to the fact she has no plan on discarding that old playbook, that war on women playbook that she has tried in the past? she will make it, it is my turn,
9:46 am
i'm a woman, bigotry be damned 2016? >> yeah. look, let's assume, thought experiment, it ends up being trump and hillary clinton, it will be an ugly campaign because guess what? people don't like, a lot of people don't like hillary clinton. a lot of people don't like donald trump. so how do you run in that kind of an environment?u have to make other one, your opponent even less than they like you. so i think it would be extremely negative campaign. harris: agree with you, this is scoop on super tuesday for her to tell everybody she is the nominee, in part because those crowds are still huge when bernie sanders goes out. she has to speak to those voters. many of those young sanders voters said we would look at trump, he is passionate and authentic. she is also probably looking ahead to the general as well but she will do good to tip your hat to those bernie sanders supporters, you will need them against trump if she becomes the nominee. >> absolutely. andrea: europe on the brink. police using tear gas to evict
9:47 am
migrants from this camp. germany under fire as migrants keep pouring. reports that president obama wants to boost number of syrian refugees brought here. could we face the same crisis? this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. to jenna lee with what is happening in the second hour of "happening now." >> harris, we'll take a quick tour of super tuesday states. we're awaiting hillary clinton who will be speaking in minneapolis. she is expected to handily win most of the democratic delegates today. on republican side, donald trump speaking in columbus, ohio, after being introduced by chris christie. we listened to a little of that. he is expected to win most states in republican primaries and caucuses. marco rubio is holding a rally in just a few minutes in an dover, minnesota. we have a instant analysis on "happening now" in a few minutes. harris: we can't wait. great to see you. sandra: white house quietly pushing to bring more syrian refugees in the u.s., according to "washington examiner," which reports that the obama administration wants u.s. to play a bigger role in helping alleviate the growing crisis.
9:52 am
this as europe's migrant problem appears to be worsening. in france police forcibly evicting refugees from this camp in the northern port city of calle, using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons as rioters throw rocks at police. children can be seen among those escaping. meantime german chancellor angela merkel facing huge backlash as people call to stop the flow of migrants. but merkel doubling down, saying germany will continue its open door policy despite reports of migrant violence across the country. including many allegations of rapes and sexual assaults. andrea, i know you've been following this story very closely and how this could possibly impact us here. andrea: no question. the refugees you see in europe often espouse the same beliefs that refugees that president obama want to bring here. and look, just had to look at news reports new year's eve what
9:53 am
happened in germany. it is mind-boggling that angela merkel would not at least temporarily seal the borders until they get the situation under control. in the united states of america we're poised to repeat the same mistake. where are the women's groups? where is the national organization for women? where are the women's magazines? i recently talked with "glamour" magazine about, please, make some noise. our rights, equal rights and safety is in jeopardy right now if the president moves forward with this, sandra. not that we don't like immigrants or migrants. it is that we can't vet them and administration admits it can not. sandra: are we, chris wallace, going to learn anything from this? >> it is interesting what is going on in germ i in initially their response was come on in. i saw an interview with angela merkel yesterday where she said, quote, she was going to do her, quote, damned duty and keep admitting them. harris: wow. >> the talk about polls, 90-10 against admitting them. there has been a huge backlash
9:54 am
there. andrea: wow. >> interesting to see, in fairness there is law, limit of 10,000, the president could admit to this country. we haven't been admitting that many. we are not getting flood they got of hundreds of thousands in germany. andrea's point is well-taken. if you can't vet them, you don't know who you let in. it doesn't matter if you let in 10,000 or 100,000, you only need a couple. harris: the type of crime we're looking at. if thousands of women in this country simultaneously, cologne, germany, the sexual assaults that happened on new year's day and days after, if simultaneously hundreds of women would have a problem with that, we would be up in arms we would hope. andrea: cops covered it up in europe. they actively covered it up. sandra: that is the problem. you see this happening there, how far are we seeing happening here?
9:55 am
>> to me this is beyond my comprehension. some things are simple. some things are complicated. this is very simple to me. we're seeing in front of our faces outcome of result of inability to properly vet. james comey told us all they do not have the intelligence do do it properly. for me that is end of analysis. furthermore to continue down this road and not make adjustments when we know what the outcome can be, beyond my comprehension for me. harris: sandra: so many delegates, so little time, many americans carving out room to hit their local polling place. we're all over super tuesday until the wee hours of the night. chris wallace of course will be. keep it right here. with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen.
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why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. harris: it is on. huge day determining which candidate will be nominee from president of the states. it helps super tuesday covered from around the nation all day and all night. our wall-to-wall coverage beginning attasks p.m. eastern. you're night is made. -- at 6:00 p.m. bring it here to fox news channel. before we to we have to thank chris wallace. it has been a very special hour with you. >> thank you for having me i enjoyed this. done it twice. first time i survived. second time i enjoyed it. i want to come back. harris: anytime. three-times a charm. we're so glad you were here. stay right here. he is actually going to stick
10:00 am
around for our web chat! ot baby. click on the "overtime" tab. we're back on television tomorrow. i wonder what we will talk about? noon eastern. "happening now," now. will bring them to justice for the crime. >> the man suspected in the murder is pleading guilty with her moth


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