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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we are going to be back here with more in one hour. >> "outnumbered." starts right now. ♪ andrea: this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today, harris faulkner, sandra smith, democratic strategist and fox news contributor julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, straight from the "new york post," we welcome to the couch for the first time "washington times" columnist and "washington post" columnist, mr. charlie hurt. you're outnumbered first time and we are thrilled. >> thank you for having me. i had no idea being outnumbered is this nice. >> wait until we get going. andrea: one of our favorite columnists. i read you religiously. >> you're so kind. harris: illusion will stop here.
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sandra: big night is coffee and red bull finally wearing off? >> i had so much coffee by about 7:00 this morning i had to switch over to red bull. harris: take it down a notch. >> if i kept the could havefy up we would be shaking. >> your head might explode. andrea: heads will explode in the control room if we don't get to the news. well to the victors, many spoils. hillary clinton and donald trump wrapping up big super tuesday wins and huge delegate hauls. hillary winning seven states to bernie sanders's four. "the donald," winning seven of the 11 states. tightening his grip on the republican nomination. and claiming victory all over the map, winning from arkansas to massachusetts. but trump didn't have leaderboard all to himself, nope. ted cruz winning home state of texas as expected but also reeling in wins in neighboring oklahoma and alaska. marco rubio finally notching his
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first win, winning gop caucuses in minnesota. though he is well behind cruz and trump in the delegate math, rubio is vowing he will fight on especially in his home state of florida, which by the way is winner-take-all. that primary is on march 15th. charles krauthamer with this take on rubio's night and on a contest in the sunshine state that he says could either sink or boost rubio's candidacy. >> rubio i thought had a rough night. he did win one state but that i think is highly offset by the fact that he did not get to the 20% threshold in texas which will cost him a lot of delegates. everything will happen in florida. that is going to be waterloo for rubio. if he loses, springboard if he wins. andrea: talk about the evening. charlie hurt, donald trump had a he have, very good night. despite millions of dollars, attacks by the establishment,
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marco rubio not so much. he made a lot of people laugh before last night. nobody's laughing now. >> with his attempted don rickles routine. andrea: yeah. >> that was a pretty good shot from donald trump at end of the night. but obviously donald trump was the big winner last night. ironically he could have done better, won more places ironically one of the big reasons he was big winner because ted cruz won a couple of states and quite frankly marco rubio won a state. and what that does, it gives both candidates, what they previous, i don't really see a path forward or path to the nomination, gives them a reason to stay in the race. as long the two of them are in the race will keep trump just ahead of the law. andrea: just to clarify you meant a path forward for ted cruz. >> or marco rubio for that matter. andrea: he has to win florida, marco rubio? >> absolutely. harris: andrea: even if he doesn't, charlie, do you see a pathway for him? >> no, i don't. but i also realize -- i know
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these politicians well enough that even if rubio doesn't win florida, he will somehow delude himself thinking he has a path to the nomination and he will stay in the race. harris: one thing assured, you have 1237 delegates up. and total now for donald trump is north of 300. so you still have like 900 out there, right? what this does do, it may not open a pathway for cruz or rubio but it does put a big question mark on the convention because if he doesn't have the majority of delegates, if he doesn't get to the 1237 before then, then they can do behind the scenes deals voters said, please don't do that, we'll hate i for doing that. rubio tipping his hat to early voting today. early voting started in florida couple days ago. we have video of him, i don't know if we can tee it up, had it this morning of him voting. he is already looking ahead. he knows the battle he has to win florida. >> problem for him he does well among late deciders. i'm not sure early votes help
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him. you said he needs is 237. trump has 316. rubio has 106. you're "rain man." wow looking at my notes. that is off your head? harris: my skills, baby. sandra: you were tweeting out last night, the one you tweeted out before you switched over to red bull this morning, donald trump, marco rubio gasping for air. you before that made a specific reference to party's performance and way party came across. absolutely devastating night for the gop establishment. >> i think it is, largely because, the state of the race doesn't change at all. you still have trump cruising at higher altitude and cruz and rubio staying in the race. the one problem, the one thing that maybe the establishment can take some solace in is that
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trump still hasn't broken 50% in any one of these races. and by, this point in the primary, the person who's going to wind up being the nominee usually has started to hit some of those 50% marks. doesn't matter now but going forward, everybody talks about all these states are winner-take-all after this, they are but a lot of them aren't exactly winner-take-all unless you break that 50%. >> usually at this point a top delegate, a top candidate would have more support from his own party. >> exactly. harris: have a little bit more wind at his back taken town the fact he hasn't broken 50% and establishment spent millions of dollars attacking him -- harris: headwinds. andrea: dogs of hell. tried to tie him to the mafia. tried to tie him to the kkk. called him a racist. called him a big government. called him a sex i. it hasn't work. i still think it is remarkable he is not lower than where he is at now. julie, hillary clinton hasn't really gotten over 50% either.
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i want to shift to democrats as well. last night it seemed like even though both parties are struggling with their establishments and their paces, seems like you guys on democratic side, rallying around, tightening up the game when republican aren't. >> i have to say bill clinton had great line in the '90s. democrats fall in love, republican fall in line. completely flipped 20 years later. you republicans shocking to me watching this, jeb bush, marco rubio, mitt romney, coalescing behind him. meanwhile you have a super-pac, exactly what you're saying, gearing up at this late date gearing up to try to take him out. first of all it is getting to be too late. secondly are you doing anything other than helping democrats defeat the haven't all nominee. harris: ticking off voters. can i ask you a question, andrea? last night watching speech with donald trump seemed like he was
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warm and fuzzy to ted cruz. i was scratching my head. i know i have a cartoon question mark above my head. sandra: cruz did a little better last night. as you put it, charlie, his position improved. harris: why cozy up to the man you have beaten down? andrea: you wonder what is going on in their brain. i always wondered what deal could they have concocted that went south. his tone entirely changed when you look at donald trump last night. it was like he said, okay i'm really going to tamper down the rhetoric. start acting presidential. it was noticed. twitter was ablaze noticing his shift in tone. i also think to charlie, to your point, he knows ted cruz does not have pathway to the nomination. so he has no problem being nice to him. in fact, sandra i think he can neutralize that cruz crew or maybe mitigate. if he gets out he needs and wants ted cruz's support maybe as vp. who knows. i wants his vote years your big
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takeaway last night trump clearly did the best, ted cruz at least improved the position in this race? >> so he sticks around longer. i think donald trump realizes, as much as establishment going hay hire over donald trump, they will not get behind ted cruz. andrea: right but do they need to do, julie, do with democrats what they are doing for clintons week, talk to them about issues. media will calm down and stop nasty tweets and get behind donald trump, is it going to happen? >> of course not. not mitt romney, excuse me, speaker of the house paul ryan, disavowing him on account kk stuff. mitch mcconnell is threatening him, saying he wail pay a big price if he doesn't get along with me. i think suicidal for the republican party doing what they are doing. harris: trump fired back on paul ryan. i mean, he's on.
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andrea: if he can beat the pope he can beat paul ryan. harris: the states were so different ted cruz won, texas and alaska. i don't know that he doesn't have a path forward. maybe we haven't seen exactly what that could be yet. andrea: i agree. all right, with super tuesday behind us we're looking ahead to tomorrow night's republican debate in detroit. what to expect from trump and his rivals and how the billionaire businessman may handle their attacks. also, hillary clinton won big yesterday but bernie sanders isn't done yet. so should she be worried? right after the show catch more from the couch on the web, "outnumbered overtime," we're breaking records, folks. log on to, click the "overtime" tab, tweet questions and comment. we have charlie hurt here. fire them away. ♪
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and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. ♪ sandra: hillary clinton coming out on top last night winning seven of the democrat 11 states up for grabs on super tuesday but the former secretary of state failed to knock out rival
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bernie sanders. the democratic socialist scoring big victories in four states. his home state of vermont, oklahoma, colorado, and minnesota. meantime exit polls show hillary is still struggling with voters younger than 30, failing to get a majority in any of these four states. she also has low support from independent voters, among the southern states, voting yesterday, hillary cracked majority only in georgia. charlie, what do you make of the results on democrat side last night? >> well obviously, great night for hillary but, i think she already was pretty much had cleared up any hope that bernie, bernie sanders would have a path to the nomination himself but he has no reason to get out and he is not going to get out. he is raising more money than she is at this point. he's got a movement behind him and people are so excited about him. and obviously there are her supporters are excited about her but it is nothing like they are
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about him. and his are about him and they're also, is some degree of her support is like, oh, my gosh, we have to support the front-runner, the nominee. so, i think he is going to stick around forever and will basically -- [laughter] harris: you mean after the race? still running november 9th? >> the problem is, that by, being the contrast to her, sort of reminds people, which i think is good for republicans, reminds people of sort of enthusiasm gap. sandra: good point. it is easy to notice where she's lacking. she is still not getting the young, the youth vote under 30. we learned last night. and the independent vote. >> well, first of all i love the analogy of her as japanese calm causey pilot on island in the atoll in the pacific. not realizing the war is over. you are rightly said. no reason to drop out. he has a movement behind him.
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writing is on the wall in the democratic primary pretty much as it is in the republican primary. i know more than half the states haven't voted but look at numbers. trump has 25% of the delegates he needs. she has 25% she needs. granted two-way race, his is much larger race. she has incredible strength in democratic coalition. unprecedented strength among african-american voters are so crucial to democratic voters. among latinos, trump says he has a great latino strategy. andrea: remember she was not their awella they said, no they are not. >> he will try to support, who will deport the awella will go with her. she has pretty broad strengths. some states better among african-americans than obama did in '08. i'm not sure this is reaction to the fear of trump and democrats saying my god we have to coalesce quickly. this is not a race we anticipated.
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don't forget a year ago we thought it would be jeb bush. the fact people are terrified of donald trump, rightly so, i don't think democrats taking donald trump lightly. i don't think they understand what the race will be about. he is strong candidate. i would urge anybody who think he is joke look what he has done in the republican race and take him seriously. that is what you're seeing now. >> is there anything she can give to bernie or democrats that he would want? andrea: vacation, two tickets very far, far away. julie, you have to admit she has superdelegates on lock. >> yep. andrea: this is coronation from the word go. they will not allow bernie sanders a socialist, a socialist, people, to ascend. they need the goldman sachs money at dnc. it would never happen. the cake has been baked. last night it was surprising she didn't dodge a bullet, dodged a war. i think she did better than what she thought she would do. she was never going to get run
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out of the race in the first place. they would never let her be beat by a socialist. harris: minnesota, my former home state always surprises other people. you saw rubio pick it up, you saw sanders pick it up. that might be a surprise. we called it on sunday night on "the fox report." i thought it would break out that way. it is a very different state. i will say i didn't think hillary would win by margins you're talking about and what that really communicates to me is that, yeah, she probably can grab some of those bernie sanders voters. they might not be as young as she would want but she can scoop up some. that is really going to help her. my husband, a staunch democrat, used to work on the hill, said to me last night, he goes, you know, if its trump against hillary i'm starting to get worried because she doesn't have a movement. i thought, how interesting. she will need the bernie voters because they're movement voters. those are the "beliebers." justin "beliebers." >> democrats will fall in line.
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premise of donald trump is so terrifying to the democratic party. sandra: we'll leave it there. can donald trump unite republicans if he become as party nominee? trump's response is rattling leaders in congress. that's next. plus with the stakes higher than ever, gop candidates about to face off yet again. their next debate here on fox news channel, less than 48 hours from now. there you see the venue in detroit, getting ready. will the race get even uglier if that is possible? and what can we expect tomorrow night? we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving
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♪ harris: welcome back to
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"outnumbered." growing concern about deep divide in be republican party as donald trump's apparent path to victory seems to be causing a rift. some in the establishment say they will do anything to keep him from becoming nominee including senator lindsey graham who will back ted cruz who you probably know he depieces if it keeps trump out of the white house. here is what trimp says. >> i am a unifier. i would love to see the republican party, and everybody get together and unify. and when we unify, there is nobody, nobody that is going to beat us. harris: somebody make chris christie smile. but when trump was asked how he would get along with congress after house speaker paul ryan criticized him earlier in the week, his answer was not all about unity. >> i'm going to get along great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him well but i'm sure i'm getting along great with him, and if i don't, he will have to pay a big price, okay? harris: this is happening, ted
9:26 am
cruz, marco rubio calling for the other one to drop out, each claiming to be the best candidate to beat trump. here is cruz. >> republicans together we have a choice. we are blessed with at deep, talented, honorable field. for the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, i ask you to prayerful consider our coming together. uniting. harris: is the rift real or imagined? >> oh it is definitely quite real. it is very real. and, but oddly i think it is only now setting in for a lot of the establishment republicans. harris: have they been asleep? >> completely asleep. they have been asleep not just since last summer but going back years so far, that they're the ones that, basically opened the lane, made it possible for donald trump to step in. and then when he did step in, and they should have had their ear to the ground.
9:27 am
they should have realized just what powerful message he was delivering, they should have instantly seized on it realized it was a problem. instead they made fun of him. called him a clown. said he was buffoon and call him an ape. as you pointed out all the venom, vitriol, nasty things they called him, all it did, covered him in teflon to the point that he, later on, when people actually had legitimate criticisms about him, it all bounces off of him because he heard it all. harris: you know what is interesting about what charlie is saying, julie, they built him up because he was able then to make the comparison of himself that money. he could say look how badly they're picking on me. imagine what they would do to you? >> i don't feel badly for them at all. in 2008, john mccain, shedding tears over sarah palin, excuse me, i'm sorry, donald trump who is basically sarah palin in male form, put sarah palin on ticket.
9:28 am
you had tea party wave in 2010, which these guys cynically rose to the majority. i remember going to town hall meetings with some coning men and tea party, what they were saying, mitch mcconnell and establishment road that wave to majority. they exploited them. they used them. ginned them up. now the manifestation of that, donald trump has essentially taken over the republican party and they can't believe it. they created this monster. they're essentially dr. frankenstein and now they can't control frankenstein, they don't know what to do about it. i don't feel badly at all. sandra: about what to do about it, gerry seib wrote a piece in the "wall street journal" this morning, republican face the moment of truth. he spoke out about a few options the anti-trump forces they have. the first they said they could fight it out and hope for different outcome on march 15th. the second option i want to run by you, charlie. party leaders could persuade everybody but mr. cruz to get out of the race to consolidate the anti-trump vote.
9:29 am
the problem party leaders despise mr. cruz. so that wouldn't really work. >> truthfully that is only viable option for them, i don't think they are going to do it. i don't even think they would actually succeed. but, all the other options such as running a third party candidate, magically producing a candidate who wasn't good enough six months ago to run but is so good now they're going be this perfect nominee or launching anti-trump pac, all that does just promotes hillary. just assures hillary clinton wins. andrea: they could essentially hand hillary clinton election. the establishment is embarrassed. they should be embarrassed. it was humiliating for them, last night. sandra they got this so wrong. charlie is right, they create ad pathway for him. it is rebuke of their policies. a lot are on the payrolls of other candidates. bush phamly, you have seen this, they have been in d.c. a little too long. not that they're asleep, not -- harris: naval gazing what you're saying taken town arrogance.
9:30 am
every time they attack frum trump, call him kkk supporter, idiot, everything they label, they're labeling his supporters as racist. it only hurts them and helps him. and it was, humiliating. some people on tv last night, twitter looked like they were covering a funeral, not election. guess what they were covering their own funeral. harris: you could see people on social media saying we're the voters. it matters what we say. andrea: it does matter. the people did rule. they should rule. how founders set it up, not elites. with super tuesday in the rear view mirror all eyes turning to the republican debate that is going to happen right here on fox news, with possible make-or-break contests looming for marco rubio, cruz and kasich, the debate gives them a chance to try to take down front-runner donald trump and there is speculation we could see more attack make last week's debate look like child's play. imagine that. all right you're going to be watching this. i know we all are glued to the
9:31 am
fox news debate tomorrow. could it even get wilder, charlie? >> i think definitely could but i also think that marco rubio has, it's hard, i have a hard time looking at numbers and proving this point but i think that after the last debate that he had, he did very, very well in the debate and then he came out of that -- his attacks on donald trump, they were buoyant, they were positive, they were you know, a lot of it was funny. but then after couple days it turned kind of nasty and kind of turned to the point where it sounded like he was basically trying to be a miniature donald trump and i think that, i really do think it turn ad lot of people away. marco rubio does well among late deciders but i wonder if he wouldn't have done better among late deciders if he toned down that stuff, calling him a con man, over and over. if that is a lesson he might have learned from last night, then i think he might tone it down a little bit but if he
9:32 am
didn't he will amp it up. andrea: presidential debate moderator on the couch. sandra: i quoted one of my comoderators, gerry seib from "the wall street journal" in the first debate. this is opportunity for moderators and for the presidential candidates to ask some real questions and get some real substance behind the answers. donald trump, you know those who criticize donald trump in the campaign that he has run continue to say where are the specifics behind his policies? where are the specifics behind his plans? andrea, i don't know, maybe he is provided more but that is still really is the criticism of the anti-trump crowd. andrea: no question. sandra: not saying how he will do these things. andrea: no question he needs better answer on a lot of these things. getting into details does mire him and put people to sleep. i agree with you. single-payer and foreign policy he needs to go deeper. do you expect him to tone his rhetoric down like we saw him do last night? harris: you know what?
9:33 am
he doesn't have to tone his rhetoric down. he has to do something he is wont not to do, he has to be more like a politician. when somebody asks you this question, you know this is one of questions you have to quite not prepared for you ever toking gel back to what you know you could sell. that is what politicians do. he has to get that in his game. people love that he is real and smart thinking and talks what is real but he has to do that on the stage tomorrow night. everybody will be gunning for him again. it will not be replay, i'm cranky and i'm angry. that is not going to work for him in the long haul. sandra: by the way real quick, you asked me about moderating debates. my first debate, chris christie, in it. he is absolutely wonderful debater. this is first debate donald trump has announced endorsement of chris christie has him on the side. you think chris christie will coach him a little bit, andrea? andrea: i don't think donald trump needs any coaching or
9:34 am
wants or take. >> except for a hostage video? andrea: all that action we talked about on the debate stage tomorrow night. bret baier, megyn kelly, our one lucky guy from yesterday, chris wallace are all at the helm. the waters could get pretty rough. it is appointment tv you don't want to miss. it is at 9:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. hillary clinton may be moving on from bernie sanders and now turning her fire to donald trump. the two candidates are stepping up their latest attacks last night. so is this a preview of a possible general election battle? what would a clinton versus trump showdown look like? oh, boy, it will be good. vo: across america,
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♪ sandra: 2016 race may entering a new stage with donald trump and hillary clinton leading their nomination races. the two candidates went at each
9:39 am
other last night in what could be preview of their general election matchup. clinton putting her own spin on trump's campaign slowing again, make america great again, during her victory speech, watch. >> america prospers when we all prosper. america is strong when we're all strong. [cheering] and we know we've got work to do but, that work, that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in. fill in what has been hollowed out. >> usa,usa. sandra: time fired back, clinton is one of the politicians who failed hard-working americans. >> watched hillary's speech. she is talking about wages have been poor and everything is poor
9:40 am
and everything is doing badly but we'll make it -- she has been there for so long. if she hasn't straightened it out by now, she is not going to straighten it out in the next four years if she wants to make america whole again. i'm trying to figure out what that is all about. make america great again will be much better than making america whole again. sandra: he has a knack for saying what we're all thinking. i'll admit, that when she said that, i thought the same thing, make america whole again, charlie, what did she mean by that? >> i have no idea. she sounded like an ambulance-chasing lawyer trying to seek restitution from low goalmaking somebody whole again. this is great thing about donald trump. make america great again. talking about trying to rebuild a great country beacon of hope and freedom around the world. she goes for sort of loyally, goal of just making people whole. i don't know -- >> i think she is talking about uniting people.
9:41 am
i don't mean louis farrakhan and david duke. people from all walks of life. she is, i think that is what making america whole was all about. sandra: was effective for you, julie? >> touched me deeply. i think trump has been effective one thing, many like obama was in 2008. much like all good campaigns are. comes down to simple slogan, make america great. hope and change. you know what campaign is about. this is what she decided she will be run as great unifier. considering both she and trump have incredibly high negatives that is tough, tough lift. probably wouldn't work against anybody but trump. with trump she could potentially get away with that. harris: do you think she made that up on the cuff or planned? >> of course. harris: that just makes me want to say make up your own stuff. i mean -- sandra: harris is very upset about think, i don't understand it. why would you feel part of his words and put in another word not quite clear? sounds like accident. >> you brought this to mind. this is out of the playbook her
9:42 am
husband used, 1996 when bob dole said i want to be your bridge back to the earlier days, world war ii, whatever he said. bill clinton said i want to be bridge to 21st century. that is what i remember from 199. >> it made sense. harris: this likes needs clarification. this is second, make america whole again on front of the t-shirt. you have the rest of the message on the back of the t-shirt. >> i think context. maybe we -- sandra: that being said we talked yesterday about hillary clinton already coming up with ways she will target trump in the general election, really putting herself out there as the already the democrat nominee. are we getting a preview of the general here? >> she said yesterday she was going to run on anti-bigotry. that is what she would rally around. again if you're talking about that, then reminder of the clintons past but even that, i don't think it is going to work this time around. this is outdated playbook. one of the best observations i
9:43 am
saw on twitter at time was, remember, they tried this against barack obama. they tried to link him to a number of racist -- you went down the list. harris: reverend wright. andrea: ties to terrorist, on and on everything they're doing to donald trump and it didn't work. so, i don't know if she is quoting something from woman's magazine? maybe something you tell a friend after bad breakup. we have to get i whole after what he did. after what he who did? barack obama? are we not whole. harris: on front of t-shirt, you turn it around, julie's explanation what it meant. >> i will be the interpreter here. you have soft spot for her. >> i have a soft spot democratic values not consistent with donald trump. we do agree on planned parenthood, donald trump and i. sandra: maybe we got a little bit of a taste what that would look like. the battle over whether apple gives fbi access to one of the san bernardino killers phones just got more intense. both sides taking case to
9:44 am
capitol hill, asking law makers to step in. how this could play out if congress gets involved. it's everything you've ialways wanted. and you work hard to keep it that way. sometimes... ...maybe too hard. get claim rateguard® from allstate. it helps keep your homeowners' rate from going up just because of a claim. so protect your home and your rates. talk to a local allstate agent and discover how much more their personal service can do for you.
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>> you know you want more, so we're going to give it to you. first jon scott gives you what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now."
9:48 am
>> we're 12 minutes away and in that next hour, big night last night for hillary clinton. she won seven states on super tuesday. bernie sanders still giving her a run for her money but he is sounding more and more like an issue candidate. and clinton is turning her fire on to the presumed front-runner on the republican side donald trump. meantime mr. trump enjoying victories of last night. he also won seven states. we saw a change in tone in his victory address last night to the media. are we seeing donald trump 2.0? and could that be a good thing in the battle with hillary clinton? ted cruz pulled off a couple of big wins last night, not only his home state of texas but also oklahoma. does he have a path forward? we will ask our political panel. it's all ahead "happening now." andrea: all right. thank you. >> thanks. harris: apple and the fbi taking their fight over hacking a phone to congress. both testifying before lawmakers. it's their fight whether apple
9:49 am
should write new software that would help the fbi access one of the san bernardino killers's iphones. the government says it needs to know who syed farook was talking to. it is his phone alone is the issue. apple claims the move would endanger other customers privacy. the decision forcing them to unlock the phone should be made by elected leaders, not a 222-year-old statute. in separate case a federal judge ruled they federal government can not compel apple to get information from a locked. attorney general loretta lynch says that does not change their view on the whole thing. >> part of the social compact we agreed to, we'll work under this framework of laws. do we let one company, no matter how great the company, no matter how beautiful their devices, do we let one company decide this issue for all of us? harris: one word seems to come up every time we have this
9:50 am
conversation, and now with this new york case it comes up again, precedents. is that what they're trying to set with this? this judge is saying here in new york, with the drug case, no you can not crack that phone. apple is saying you shouldn't be able to crack, you shouldn't be able to force us to crack any phone. we don't want to set a precedence of the federal government forcing a corporation to do something with regard to individual privacy. >> you know the first time that this came up and we first heard about it, my immediate reaction was she should send drones over to bomb apple until they open the phone. andrea: wow. >> when you start reading stories and get into particulars of it, it gets pretty complicated. when you get down to the issue of, is it -- do you want the federal government to basically tell a company that they can not forbid a company, from making a device that is so well-encrypted that it can not be broken into? and i don't know that i do want the federal government to do that. that starts to get kind of scary.
9:51 am
so, it is obviously a complicated issue. i want this guy's phone to get open but i don't know that i want something like that to happen. harris: i wonder how genuine the discussion has been, if you will, how they can really work this out. one thing dawned on me, sandra, why couldn't apple break into the phone using technology and then make even more money by making a phone that could never be done too? then getting all of us to buy that particular phone, then the government would go, uh -- >> darrell issa made the argument. did the fbi exhaust all it could before it went, before it went to apple to tell them they had to do this which is why, andrea, and many out there are speculating this is about much more. this is about the fbi and the government wanting always to be able to get into those iphones that this isn't a one-off situation. the government is very good making this look like this is one-off scenario. the way they put it, and it stuck with me, the government said we're asking apple to remove vicious guard dog that
9:52 am
hurts national security so that we can pick the lock. harris: oh, wow. sandra: this is just one house or one-tone situation which is turning out very much it is not. harris: that also, sandra, makes apple a villain in this entire situation. you're going to label apple as the vicious dog? andrea: it is kabuki theater. the most important headline, i don't know if the media conveniently missing "new york times" story or facts of this, not doing their homework, "new york times" reports fbi acknowledged that they screwed this up from the start. sandra: yeah. andrea: they went in and messed this case up by changing the pass code. that is why we're talking about this. the fbi dropped the ball. harris: they acknowledge that. andrea: they acknowledge that. yet you hear emotional argument from people, need to unlock the phone, people are going to die. i heard even lawyers make arguments that don't make sense. the facts of the matter are, this is larger agenda. it is not about opening one phone. the government wants to end all encryption technologies and this
9:53 am
is the way to do it. everything else is pr and kabuki theater. get congress away from this. they're only doing it to get free airtime and raise money from lobbyists. keep them away from this. apple should stand firm. harris: the government doesn't particularly have a great track record with technology, julie. >> i got to tell you, am i only person terrified the greatest intelligence service in the world can't break a phone? should call up israel. they can do it. harris: taking over the internet, not donald trump's big speech but look on chris christie's face standing behind the front are upper, for what seemed like an eternity, i'm sure to him. explosion on social media what people thought was going through the governor's mind. the reaction, you don't want to miss. ♪ i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading.
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you both have a perfect driperfect.ord. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck,
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9:58 am
even appearing on milk carton of the get this the governor reportedly number one trend on twitter last night. charlie, what did you think of face-gate? >> this is perfect encapsulation of the entire campaign with donald trump. you have a situation where he is standing there and there is a guy not even saying anything behind him. takes over all the media waves. and the guy, he just has a knack for drawing a great crowd. and, then, obviously he performs pretty well. even if it is not about his performance, just the crowd he draws in to watch these things. it is amazing. i think it's a very good thing. i think republicans should figure out how to be grateful to him. andrea: this about chris christie's face or how obsessed media is? did they want chris christie to make silly faces. >> this is from with chris christie, went from serious governor of serious state to becoming a joke.
9:59 am
andrea: how? >> everybody is laughing at chris christie. is anybody taking him seriously. this guy is like, i don't even know where to begin with this. harris: wow, what language are you speaking? andrea: how would you prefer his face to be last night? like, what did you want him to do? >> face back in new jersey where he is get being paid by taxpayers. sandra: you know where i think his face was? i think his face and thoughts were in ohio. we're rallying there yesterday. they're looking forward. harris: yesterday at noon, basics, no they were in columbus, ohio, kasich's home state. at 9:00 eastern they were in rubio's home state of florida. they were getting around. andrea: i don't think he should play poker. harris: what is going on in chris christie's mind. he looked clearly vacant. andrea: you guys are harsh. >> this is like revenge of the nerds. where the nerds finally team up get the bully. what you're seeing with chris christie.
10:00 am
andrea: you have christie derangement syndrome. most people have trump derangement syndrome. staying right here for "outnumbered overtime." go to see you book here tomorrow at fox news alert. breaking news in the race for the white house. our senior national correspondent john roberts has the latest from miami. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, jenna. fox news learned that mitt romney who was the gop standard bearer in 2012 will make a major speak from the university of nevada on the current state of the race. he is looking at what happened last night and seeing how this is going and got thought its share with the party and country and talk about p where he sees the race and where it is headed and the choices facing the republican party and the country and talk about what the


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