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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 2, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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andrea: you have christie derangement syndrome. most people have trump derangement syndrome. staying right here for "outnumbered overtime." go to see you book here tomorrow at fox news alert. breaking news in the race for the white house. our senior national correspondent john roberts has the latest from miami. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, jenna. fox news learned that mitt romney who was the gop standard bearer in 2012 will make a major speak from the university of nevada on the current state of the race. he is looking at what happened last night and seeing how this is going and got thought its share with the party and country and talk about p where he sees the race and where it is headed and the choices facing the republican party and the country and talk about what the
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direction of the party will be if the course continues. he may not single out donald trump, but we have seen romney talk about donald trump and the tweet he sent out when donald trump tried to clear up kkk and former later david duke and qualifying and disgrunteled response. and it is not in the character of america. let me stress that this is not an indication that mitt romney is jumping in the race. it is not an endorsement either. this is a man who was the standard bearer coming out and saying what he thinks about the state of the race. clearly with the emerging split in the republican party. that there are many as mitt romney as a member of the old
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guard. there are people who will take to heart what mitt romney says and others will stand in strong opposition. >> he's not endorsing and not entering the race and seen the anger in the back lash in the party, why does he think it is impactful. >> reporter: he's like the republican establishment member looking at the way it is going. many people believe that don would trump will be nominee and the party will fracture and it may take a decade or more to recovery from it. others say donald trump is what the republican party needs and we need to shake things up in washington and need an outsider that is not part of the establishment. it will be a polarizing speech and one mitt romney feels he has to make. it will be from the music hall in the university of utah. >> final question for you.
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how long has this been in preparation? the timing is obvious. right before the debate and after super tuesday. do you know how long they have thought about this? is it something that came together in the last several days. >> reporter: the idea of a speech is something that manifested itself and with mitt romney. you >> you think he ruled out answering the race. that's not what tomorrow is about. but from your sense and reporting, is that something that he's entertaining? >> reporter: from everything i heard. he's not entertaining getting into this race. but this is a year where the unusual is usual. and if we go into, and the nation goes into the convention
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in july and no candidate has 1237 delegates to win and no nominee that declared in the first vote. it is a fro for all and anyone even if they are not victim offed in the primary process can jump in the race. while romney and people close to him say he doesn't want to get back in the race, it could be be the final tale will not be told until july. >> interesting the timing. it is something that we are watching. he's not endorsing or entering the race. and what will jose and will it matter? and that's the next conversation we'll have. thank you very much. we'll follow the breaking story. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> i am a unifier. >> after months and miles of scorcher politics. >> i hope to get along with
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everybody of >> when we unify is no one is going to boat us. >> he is now laying the foundation to be the now face of the party. and plus. >> it is so insane. >> it is addictive and deadly and spreading. >> this drug and what it makes you do. >> heroin injections with taxpayer help. what some call inabling. the mayor calls a good idea. >> scott kelly back on mother earth. >> after a year in space, an american astronaut comes home. would he do it again? it's all on "happening now". >> in the meantime we begin with the potential turning point in the republican race for president. >> i am jenna lee. nand i am jon scott.
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donald trump beginning a now phase in his campaign, listen. after winning seven states, the republican front runner holding a news conference. and the billionaire businessman and positioning himself as a man to bring the splintered republican together. >> there is much less enthusiasm in the democrats. i am an unfoyer and i know people feel hard. i will go after one person hillary clinton on the assumption that she is allowed to run. combroen that she will be allowed to run. and i think that is going to be the easy race. i beat p hillary in men polls. i don't think marco will boat her and i think ted has a hard time. the least he's won a little bit
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and has a shot. but we are a finer are party and we are going to be a unified party to be honest with you. and a bigger party. you can see that happening. we are going to be a much bigger party. our party is expanding. >> our super tuesday newses team megyn kellyy and bret baier said it could be a sign of things to come. >> donald trump using the night in a now's conference that was a different environment. it was a different look and frankly, it looked kind of presidential and probably what he was trying to do. >> not only that out there striking a reasonable tonight. there were a few jabses, but sounding presidential and that will help his detractors to see him focus. and he said i am a unifier and
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once we get it finished, i will go after one person hillary clinton if she's allowed to run. and that is one thing that republican party as a whole wants to hear. >> we'll bring mike warren and shera. shera of the boston globe. is this a kinder and gentler donald trump. >> it could be a preview of the general election that started last night. you have donald trump and hillary clinton take questions for reporterses and in hillary clinton's first press conference on 85 days. and they turned the attacks on each other. this is what it could look like. i will be interested to see if he softens his tonight. usually when the candidates move from the primary to general. they show moderate position.
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he is anything but moderate. but he is not afraid to change his mind on key issues. >> michael, there was an a pole from donald trump. i will be a unifier. there are so many in the republican party saying unite behind but don would truch. is he trying to preempt that kind of fervor. >> he has a problem, i think he does, that a big chunk of the party doesn't like him and doesn't want to vote is for him or support him. how big that group by the end of the whole process, we don't know. i think the relative strength of ted cruz in the super tuesday states, donald trump didn't do as well as he could have in the delegate race. i think if you are john kasich or marco rubio supporter on
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march 15th, that they can come up in the delegate race if they win the respective states and you have a more devided party than ever. i think he is kidding himself as he says he wants to unite the party. >> mike huckabee and herman caine were giving their vow of don would trump. >> i just believe be at some point, if you want to oppose donald trump do it. but don't pretend the voters are stupid. they are not. they areangry at the very establishment who is going nuts because donald trump is doing so well. >> get over it. i mean don would trump, i think
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he made good comments last night in his acceptance speech and when he was talking. the establishment needs to get over it. >> shera, is donald trump winning fans among former presidential contenders? >> there is no question we have seen the percentages go up as candidates dropout. the republicans thought he had a ceiling of 35 percent like what he got in new hampshire. but his ceiling is growing. there is a certain percentage of the republican voter who will never vote for donald trump and maybe as high as 40 percent. what are they going to do in november? >> i don't think they will show up in the polls. and in america, where the country is split politically, that will damage him in
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november. trump said he is a unifier, there is a party of the republican party he will need to win over to have a shot in november, even if hillary clinton is politically damaged. >> one of the largest things driving voters to the poles is angry with the federal government. in texas, 48 percent said they are angry with with the federal government. 47 percent in tense dispense 46 percent in georgia and 43 percent in oklahoma. they want an outsider in government. so donald trump seems to encapsuleate that for them, doesn't he? >> absolutely he does. this is something that he's been able to ride all the way to leading the delegates and winning. and the problem for republicans, they haven't make a good case.
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anti- trump republicans that donald trump can't deliver to it shake things up and come from an outsider perspective. if you listen to the things that donald trump promised. bring back american jobs to america. the president of the united states has no ability to do that. donald trump has a problem convincing the republicans who think that he is misleading people about what he can do. and ultimately it will be a threat to the conservative movement that gives the republican party you know, its base in this country. we are headed to a major split no matter what happens if donald trump continues to marshal the nomination and can't wrap it up and get the majority of the delegates. >> more on on that. a lot of republicans are going to be be dissatisfied if donald
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trump wins the nomination. 54 percent in virginia would be dissatisfied. and same number in texas and 50 percent in arkansas. if he wants to be a unifier he has a lot to do. >> and some of those people come to the convention this summer assuming it is not contested. they are plain going to get over it. and see him as the republican nom no and see him as hillary clinton and hold their nose and vote for don would trump. >> or they will not vote. >> right, you could be looking at five percent, ten percent or 15 percent of the republican party that is going to stay home because they don't want to vote for donald trump. and that is a problem. and if i am michael bloomberg, i am considering about this for the next month. >> we talked about him in the
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first hour today. shera center, and michael warren. thank you. >> names you recognize. michael blom bloom and mitt romney. >> and even herman caine.
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flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. >> the new information on the worldwide threat on terrorism. a top intelligence officer telling the panel that is the world are is more dangerous than a year ago and they are preparing for the absolute worst with. catherine herridge joining us with more. >> reporter: they laid out the priorities and directors testifying five problem sets. russia, china, and north korea and iran and isis. the military intelligence looked at the out of the box threats
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and rise of isis is predictable. >> the morphing of al-qaeda to isil took elements by surprise. but all of the pieces were there. much of what we are seeing today, we saw the precursors of those things in 2009, '10, and '11. >> reporter: the terror group is focusing on recruiting individuals to it create biological and chemical weapons. also in the allegation that a u.s. central command were pushed to paint a more positive picture. stewart was pressed by the committee chairman. >> it is it a matter of interest for this committee if in fact, that intelligence is shaped in a way to please superiors whether they will military or political superiors.
10:20 am
>> mr. chairman, there is an issue there. and the only thing i asked folks to do is let the investigation play out. >> reporter: the lack of capture and interrogations, stewart said special operations forces are doing more and expect more in the future. this is a big departure from an administration that is critized for abandoning intergaegzs because they wanted to close guantanamo. >> in the meantime, a sober reminder of the threat of isis. seven militants killed in a raid this morning. one jordanian special operations forces died. the suspect planned attacks on military and civilian targets. 13 other men were arrested in the previous raids. jordan is an american partner in
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the fight against isis and syria and iraq. it is more and more apparent that voter ises are moving away from the washington establishment. will this movement have consequences down the rod? and heroin is spreading across the country. one mayor in upstate new york can help addicts and city by giving them a safe place to shoot up. taxpayer money would be involved. the criticism and why he thinks it is a good idea, that's next. ♪ (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok.
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(announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> now a follow-up to a controversial story brought to you last week on "happening now". it is a new idea to search for new toolses to fight america's problems for heroin addiction.
10:25 am
new hampshire's heroin addiction came up in the primary last month and now the mayor of ithicca wants a center where a tickets can shoot up legally under medical supervision. >> it is the path of least resistance and giving up on the heroin addicts and in the short term they may be giving up the dirty needles, but are they addressing addiction and figuring out a way to get sober. no, that is not happening and many studies in other countries that tried it, the success rate is not successful. >> is the governor the enabler. >> no one finds recovery if they are dead. if they look at injection rooms. 115 americans have an overdose.
10:26 am
the fiscal argument is weak at best. there is no bigger or wasteful government than the drug war. >> very different opinions, right. joining us is the mayor myrick. and he is part of the proposal to bring forward this idea. mr. mayor, this is part p of a comprehensive proposal. i read through the 60 pages. why do you think a super vised injection center is part of the plan. >> sure, thank you for having me on. and thank you for looking at the full plan. this is for folks with prevention treatment has not worked. these are hardest to get in to treatment. we think it is important to get part of the plan. we saw in neighboring city of syracuse. other person overdosed in a bath
10:27 am
rom of duncan doughnuts. he will never employ. recover. and the employees are traumatized by it. we can come up with a new system. we know the system is not working. we have tried it 40 years and we know we have to try something new and we have models in vancouver and 40 years and 2 million injections had 0, 0 overdose and remarkable rates of recovery. >> describe how it works. if it gets approved and we'll go in challenges for that. how would that work? >> sure, it is not all that fancy and involved. it is usually a room with a desk and a nurse on hand. somebody comes in with heroin that they themselves scored and nurse stands by in case they
10:28 am
overdose. the nurse is not only there to save their lives but making sure they are not transmitting needles and in the moment after they get the fix and why heroin is so different, it is so powerfully addictive. people who are ready to move in to treatment, they can't if they are in withdrawal. and so right after they get their fix. the nurse is there to help them to move in treatment. and that doesn't happen if you are shooting up in an alley house and illegal. >> we know that drugs are illegal. there might be a space to do things illegal. how do you work with law enforcement when it seems that it could be confusing as to what is legal and isn't? >> you have to change the law. and this is, no one knows how
10:29 am
bad drugs can be. in my personal life, i have seen how bad drugs are. and a lot of things that are bad for you are not illegal. we have done that on purpose. when you try to make alcohol illegal for example. the negtev causes are worse than if you legal otherwise it. tobacco cigarettes are a perfect example. and that is we instead of arresting people we give them nicorette. >> i am glad you brought that up. there are other ways taxpayer money is used. and viewers might recognize this it advertisement. >> i am mary and i use it. i want [inaudible] in the morning. [inaudible]
10:30 am
>> and we have seen the ads before mr. mayor. and i was surprised they are taxpayer funded ads. and that is one way it is used. and other than giving a place where taxpayer money is used. >> i don't think the scale of the problem is either oregon. we have to do both. that approach to using cigarettes has worked. it has dropped the rate far more and we have arrested people 40 years and the rate of usership is what it was. >> i know you are personally impacted about this. how has that influenced you. >> my father is an addict and the sighingle of jail and rehab did not work and it broke my family.
10:31 am
we are third generation of black generation raised without their fathers and the drug war will continue to be failing and largest failed program. >> you have a new idea out there. and some worry about it being a pathway of legalization to drugs. we would love to continue the the conversation and talk to you about what is worse and hasn't. you are the youngest mayor elected in the state of new york and you have an interesting personal story and look forward to hearing from you. >> talk about laws, they have the toughest anti- gun restrictions on the books, but now a group of law makers in california are pushing for more restrictions and we'll tell you what they are. ted cruz wants marco rubio out and rubio said he's not going anywhere. this is a moot point? >> bottom line for last mid it
10:32 am
was supposed to be ted cruz. it was not. 65 percent of the people who voted against donald trump. he can never bring the party together and never a time when our supporters can -- it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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candidates who have not racked up delegates or won a state. i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together and uniting. >> texas senator cruz after his three state win and calling on arrivals to dropout so he can take on donald trump solo. cruz is running second in the delegate count. he argues that he is best positioned to give trump a run for the money. is he? it is democratic radio and talk show host. mark. from the stand point of the republicans. do combf these guys have a reason to get out after last night? >> no, not until a week from tuesday. they have been in it this far. and the only question is dr. carson and he is popular in many areas and he still has a book
10:37 am
and his wife has a book. more the merrier. i wish more were running on the democratic side so it was not a coronation for hillary clinton. >> is that what it is going to be? >> it looks pretty clear hillary clinton has the rounded up. the person who wants a democratic to win there are concerns. right now hillary is blowing bernie out in a state she has no chance of winning. in the blue states, only four of four. and as a democrat i do have concern. i believe the republicans will have a tough time to get a candidate to oppose her. >> i think it is intchlth marco rubio and ted cruz with similar backgrounds, they are in a death match to see who is going to be
10:38 am
the first one to field and make way for donald trump and neither one of them is showing signs of doing that. >> rubio knows that the new unfettered rubio is just starting out. and remember policy wonks think one way and the people take longer to connect. one of the big searches on google is bern py sanders a vega n and is hillary clinton a democrat? obviously we haven't seen the impact of the same rubio that is unfettered. facts are facts that the republicans are engaging people in terms of issues and all of them. they make people look. and with all respect to garland, it is a good thing that the republicans are doing the death match, because more people pay attention. >> look at the strengths that
10:39 am
voters identify in ted cruz. this is what apparently has drawn voters to them. conservative voters like him according to the fox news. evangelical christians and those angry with government and he shares their values. but you can say pretty much the same about rubio as well, couldn't you garland. >> the problem that both p of them has. they are trying to be out. particularly ted cruz, trying to be an outsider while he is appealing as an evangelical and up against a guy in donald trump who is all things to all people. whatever henys to be. he likes the klanand then he doesn't. and look for an endorsement from ms 13. >> how do you defeat that? >> he said he will be a unifier.
10:40 am
and mark rubio said he's not going anywhere. listen to this. >> the states on the map, do they look like virginia or the other states. they look more like virginia and so we feel good like that. i never said super tuesday would be be our big p night. we wanted to pick up delegates, but we understood that other campaigns spent more time and money in the states and that was reflected. in georgia, where cruz badly outspent us, we cruz last night. >> we lost our connection to mark larson. garland you can wrap it up for us. he thinks the states are more hike virginia. he did well in virginia. can he catch up with donald truch and ted cruz. >> i really don't think he is.
10:41 am
i think that nobody hits the magic number and marco rubio is attractive to a lot of people and it gets to, you know, if they go to at this time floor and make a decision and not based on the delegates. he is an attractive option. >> garland nixon and our a pogs to la rson. thank you both. >> this is a potential in an election year. making a push for gun regulatio regulations. many argue they already have the toughest in the country. joishgs -->> reporter: put together, they would change the state gun laws. the bills introduced by assembly members driven to act in part by the san bernardino terrorist
10:42 am
attacks last year. their goal is very simple they say. >> to prohibit firearms that have the potential to provide the power to a shooter and to have virtually unlimited killer capacity. >> it is clear that we have to do more to keep firearms out of the hands of people who seek to harm our community. >> reporter: now among the proposed measure is a ban on the bull p -- bullet button. and limiting the gun sales to one gun per person per month. others are vowing to fight the proposal. a spokesman said more people die driving fast cars. and they have a goal to ban the private possession of firearms.
10:43 am
and that is not going to happen in america or here in california. they have a long legal path to travel before being law. and jerry brown questioned the need for new legislation. as with the country a whole. it is a fight to go on and on. jenna? >> thank you. one theme of the election. establishment versus the outsider. it seems that the anti- establishment is winning, what does that mean for capitol hill and high profile congress members that work for you? we'll take a closer look.
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test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test testest theest theest theest theest theest test test test test test test test test test test test test
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>> the super tuesday in the bocks and it is becoming more and more clear that the antiestablishment movement is not going away. that could mean consequences for
10:47 am
the members in congress. >> reporter: good afternoon, jenna. especially for republicans run nothing congressional elections. of the top two in the delegate count can. one senator ted cruz called the senate majority leader a li arar. and he's running against the washington cartel and front runner donald trump is refusing for a endorsement. >> i don't know paul ri upon an well. i am sure i will like him well. if he doesn't, he will pay a price. >> and republican campaign aides say if a congressional candidate wants to separate themselves from a nom no like trump or cruz, they will have to
10:48 am
aggressively embrace their the top ticket and democrats are tying republicans to trump. >> donald trump is the republican party's franken stein. they have stoked fires of hatred and building trump piece by piece. >> perhaps eventually they will draw candidates to embrace it. >> we'll see. thank you. >> just call him the man who fell to earth. astronaut scott kelly back from space after a year. his scientific journey is far from over. hey diddle diddle,
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. hi everyone. mitt romney going to give a big speech tomorrow about the state of the presidential race. what the heck is he going to say? new details on that. plus donald trump saying he's going to do great things with african americans but a new super path highlights some of the challenges he may have with racial issues. we'll debate that. boarder agents told if they don't want to follow president obama's new relax immigration rules they can find another job. really? join me. top of the hour. >> a yearlong space mission finally ending for scott kelly whom i misidentified earlier. the american at tro naught
10:53 am
touching down safely today with his colleague. the two now undergoing a broad assessment after sacrificing their bodies for the sake of future. steve following that story live from miami. steve. >> reporter: john, kelly said it was the simple things about earth he missed while being on board the international space station. simple things like running water and fresh air. he got his first taste of fresh air in 340 days on wednesday. when the capsule opened up he said it was terrific but overall his feelings are bittersweet leaving the international space station after being up in space so long. he said if necessary he could stayed longer. >> i'm encouraged on our ability to go longer. even though i looked forward to coming home and there's things i miss, i felt like if it was for the right reason i could clearly
10:54 am
stayed however long it took. >> part of the reason for this long term stay is to see how to body reacted for a possible mission to mars after 2030. that ground trip alone would take two and a half years. he got a lot of attention for posting things on social media. has more than a million followers and put up incredible pictures from his unique vantage point. the plan now is for kelly to reunite with his family members in houston and go in his backyard and jump in his swimming pool. >> he looks good. can't tell how he is on the inside. looks good. >> yeah. >> all right. steve from florida. thanks, steve. >> can you imagine having to get back on a plane after that trip back to earth. have to get on a plane to get home. one ship returning to another. nothing really to celebrate here. the cruise ship cutting a voyage
10:55 am
two days short and returning to port this morning in new jersey. the accompany says it was to avoid stormy weather and not because more than a hundred people on board were experiencing symptoms of neurovirus. the incident comes weeks after last month's p.r. incident when the ship was battled with hurricane forced winds. people had to hold on to their beds to keep from calling off. it looked not exactly like the big issue. >> there is a big cast. you have to put away your phone. our final 30 after this.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
some chick fil a rotations are offering ice cream cones if people can go without looking at their phones. >> they have a cell phone coup where customers can place their devices. one says the free ice cream is an incentive for family and friends to enjoy quality time. >> apparently, some people want to actually take it home with them so they can put the cell phone away and have good quality family time. what do you think about that? >> i think it's a great idea. so many kids can't communicate without using their phones. they'll text their friend across the room. >> i have to admit i'm guilty of this too. you can't help but check. what am i checking?
11:00 am
i don't know what i'm checking half the time. you can't help but check your phone. >> free ice cream works for me. thanks for joining us. >> thanks everybody. the real story with gretchen starts now. >> starting today withty fox news alert. mitt romney delivering a major address tomorrow. he's going to address the state of the 2016 presidential race. he's going to do it at the university of utah. john roberts joins us now in the miami airport. he's in route to detroit. he got the scoop on this story. what did you find out? >> gretchen, good afternoon to you. hopefully, it's all going to work well for you. tomorrow morning, 11:30 eastern time the center for the institute of politics, mitt romney will be delivering a major speech on where he sees this race going and where he


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