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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  March 3, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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a nine-foot alligator at the bottom of the pool. took a professional to get that alligator out of there. a 300-pound beast. thanks for being here. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day. >> bye-bye. >> bye. good morning. it's thursday, march 3rd. 2016, a flight on fire, a plane packed with passengers on fire. we have those breaking details. >> it's a big day for motor city. four candidates gearing up to take the debate stage. and we're certain sparks will fly. but do you remember how we got here? >> you're never going to be president of the united states. >> yeah. let's see i'm at 42, you're at 3. >> doesn't matter. doesn't matter. >> so far, i'm doing better. so far, i'm doing better. >> we're live in detroit with a preview of tonight. >> i'm going to say remind me.
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you never know. hey, it may be the worst hiding spot ever. we have the hilarious photos of kids trying to play hide and seek. take that, nation, your move. because mornings are better with friends. ♪ good morning to you. it is a big day here at fox news because tonight is the debate. >> and the good news is donald trump is going to show up this time for a fox debate in that. >> yes, he is. >> and that's going to be interesting and ben carson is not. that was breaking news yesterday. you're going to have four guys to answer the questions because they're going to have more time. >> absolutely, that's what most of us were looking for, when there were 17 podiums, it's down now. with rubio and trump trying position. it's going to be a big night. >> meanwhile, started with 17,
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remember that, the lists kept getting longer and longer. >> it's a little sad for heather. you've got to update. >> they've been working so much lately. good morning, everybody. fox news alert right now. an american airlines flight attendant tried to paint himself agency a hero but ended up being the villain. 23-year-old jonathan tafoya montana accused of lighting paper towels on fire in the bathroom. he told everyone on board he eventually admitted he was the one who started it. he's charged with destroying an airplane. a massive manhunt for a 33-year-old murder suspect. the 33-year-old escaping from a county jail while wearing an employee's uniform.
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he took an employee hostage using a makeshift knife before taking that person's clothes and keys. mccloud is charged with robbery and rape. a marriott rep neil passkin is his name, accused of showing the nude video of andrews to a friend at a restaurant. he allegedly said that the case is costing him millions of dollars so he was going to show that video to everyone. he denies that claim. the restaurant is backing that allegation saying that some of the workers there at the restaurant had to ask him to stop showing that video while he was there. andrews is suing the hotel for letting them book the room next to her. and the eagle has landed. astronaut scott kelly arriving in houston after a record-breaking stay on the international space station. he was greeted by friends and
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family with beer and apple pie. nice. >> there's no greater privilege serving your country wherever and however you might do it. this is the latest achievement in our country's space program but it's not the last. there will be more. it's in the dna of our country and we must never stop. >> you may have noticed his identical brother, mark kelly there. the comparing the effects on the body. so far, say kelly grew two inches and now is slightly younger since time goes by slower in space. >> talking about he grew two inches. >> i thought i never wanted to go to space, it's kind of scary to me. but now i'm thinking about it. >> i'm thinking about it, too. maybe because of the effect of gravity on his body.
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>> the knicks frontfrontcourt, need additional life. we'll keep you updated on that if we have any movement on his height. meanwhile, four minutes after the hour, as ansley was mentioned before, we have a debate. >> there are now four presidential candidates, ben carson, he's going to sit out for tonight's debate, fox news debate, signaling they may soon be suspending the campaign. >> john roberts is in detroit. john, isn't that exactly what the gop candidates want? >> reporter: it is, it's opposite of what is going on with mark kelly. peter, ainsley, brian, good morning to you. the republican party in near freak-out mode in the way donald trump has been steamrolling his opponents winning 7 out of 11 on super tuesday. some people saying they'll never support donald trump, others are even calling for a temporary
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third party just for this election cycle to come up with another candidate. ted cruz who has never been the darling of the establishment is now out there on the campaign trail making a support for so-called establishment telling voters he is the only one who can beat donald trump. listen. >> if you've been supporting ben carson or john kasich or marco rubio, all good, honorable men, we welcome you on our team. if you've been supporting donald trump, we really welcome you on our team. >> reporter: marco rubio also making the case to voters, voters at least, to coalesce around him saying he is the best candidate to defeat not only donald trump but hillary clinton and bernie sanders, too. >> that's why i ask you for your vote. that's why i ask you to get friends to come out and vote for
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me. because friends don't let friends vote for socialists. and friends don't let friends vote for people under fbi investigation. and friends don't let friends vote for con artists, either. >> reporter: and, of course, in addition to tonight's debate other big news, mitt romney is going to come out in a major address at 11:30 this morning to talk about the state of the race and where he sees the party going. it's expected a lot of that will be at the expense of donald trump who last night was tweeting about mitt romney's appearance saying, quote, looks like two-time failed candidate mitt romney is going to be telling republicans how to get elected. not a good messenger. a good day of politics here. one thing i can't figure out why i'm standing out in the cold again after a couple days in miami. >> i'm not sure why you're standing out, but we're glad you're up and glad you chose that tie. it's the only thing that can overshadow the neon behind you.
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>> reporter: do you like the fact that we renamed the theater here, apropos, huh? >> i love it. you got some power. john roberts, thanks so much. >> thank you, john. >> reporter: thanks. >> we were talking about the candidates. they're now four. we're going to be watching the debate. it's going to be very exciting, you have mitt romney coming out making a big announcement at 11:30 this morning. people asking what is he going to be talking about? at my household we were saying is he going to endorsing the other candidates we know he's come out against trump in the past. is he announcing he's getting in the race or a third party? what's he going to be talking about? >> it's anyone's guess. clearly it's not a pro-trump message. it's ultimately a delegate fight, so establishment or serve tiffs, traditional members of the party are looking at florida, ohio, closed primaries coming on march 15th where they think there's a mini firewall to prevent a majority of delegates
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going to trump. they're looking at potentially a convention floor fight. but what the happening here, all of this anti-trump message is leading to a split in the party. we haven't seen a true split in the party since 1912 when teddy roosevelt ran against howard taft. is that where it's going? i don't know. >> new york post, trump realizes there's a problem. and we did find out that donald trump can reach out to speaker line was critical without using his name, yet, two days ago in some remarks. he was also critical of donald trump when he came out we got stop muslims and find out what the hell is bowing on, that famous speech. so he's reached out before, maybe donald trump seize the factor and seize the issue. and some are saying i'm worried that he alienated hispanics, i'm
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worried that he alienates muslims. but in the big picture is it just a matter of the guy in the club winning the club tournament and nobody likes that. >> when is the republican party event goal going to get behind it. is looks like he's going to be the nominee. eventually, the party is going to have to get behind him, don't you agree? >> that's part of the aequation. it's the establishment club who said we weren't want you but it's also conservatives who say donald trump may be the front-runner, but we're not sure if he's a true conservative, or johnny come lately. that's where you hear about conserve ticon ser conservative options. >> he's not close to 1200. he's up in a bunch of states but not by many delegates but here's
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the thing, you're insulting the people voting for donald trump by saying -- excuse me, republican, you had a chance to vote, you're not doing it right. now is the time to take it away from you. >> people are speaking, they're clearly saying you're anti-establishment. then you have the establishment saying we don't want your guy. >> that would be a terrible result. you're right, the overreaction to that in a smoke-filled room in a convention would be terrible. these folks are saying donald trump is getting 35% to 40% in some of these primaries. maybe a blocking crew, rubio and kasich could prevent the nomination which turns it into a floor fight. floor fights have happened before which come downs to rules. >> but as the party as a whole, if they continue to separate themselves, then what's going to happen to the democratic party? they're so loyal to each other, and they stick behind their candidate. you have the republicans, if they're split, it's going to get -- this is exactly what democrats want. >> it's happened before.
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look at ross perot and bill clinton. >> here's the thing, right now, the democrats are in a panic. no one showed up for their votes. coalition showed -- hillary clinton, one thing they're ignoring to their advantage. people are excited, people are engaging. donald trump, if you love him or hate him, he's bringing new people to the party. you have people legitimately shifting to republican. and tuesday on the press conference, that was the first move to the middle. he might have a plan after all about bringing people together. maybe we'll see the first indication of that tonight if it's indeed possible. >> more establishment and conservative republic chance say that is true. we're moving into closed primary seasons where only republicans can vote in republican primaries. coming up next, 12 minutes after the hour, john kasich is poised to challenge the budget.
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as governor, i went in, we were, you know, we had lost 350,000 jobs, now we're up over 400,000 jobs and our wages are growing faster than the national average. >> those issues can be addressed by balancing budgets by reforming regulations, by making sure that you cut taxes. >> by balancing that federal budget, by sending power and money and influence to some degree is -- as much as we could against a president who was opposed to us, we paid down the largest amount of the publicly held debt in modern history. >> john kasich continues to look back at his record as he moves forward. in the racily he be able to replicate the success and balance the federal budget. here to weigh in, head of the
3:18 am
finance program in manhattan, my main man. john kasich, where does he compare? >> we look at the candidates that have big eye popping plans. kasich wants to cut the tax rate down to 28%. the capital gains rate to 15%. but what he really wants to do is run on his record. he doesn't want to run on a plan, he wants to run on his record. >> sure. >> back at what he did in ohio in the past years that's the tact that he's taking. >> he's come to balancing budgets before. what implication could balancing the budget have on him? >> yeah, the case he's trying to make, look if we balance budgets we don't have to worry about government borrowering, government borrowing can crank up interest rates. he wants to create a business atmosphere that's strong and he feels that balancing the budget is part of that.
3:19 am
>> does he contribute to balancing the budget as growth? does he feel like balancing the budget will lead to a boom or part of it? >> he is saying, business investment, job growth, the private sector is not going to lead that. our job for the government is to create the space for that to happen. part of that is not jacking up interest rates. >> obviously debt is a huge issue at the national level. has he presented a comprehensive plan? >> he wants to move a lot of spending to the is states. he want to reform medicare. he's talking about the big issues that you have to talk about to balance the budgets long term and get debt under control. of course, everything changes when you're in office and you're working with the other side. >> i know in debate he's talked about entitlement reform and medicare and medicaid. on the scale of all of the
3:20 am
candidates where does the kasich plan rate on the terms of economic growth? they all talk about economic growth as the holy grail. is this the best plan? there's only four left? >> well it's much more moderate than some of the other plans. he's probably not going to get quite as much growth out of that. on the other hand, it probably spends a chance of actually passing if you're not going to that extreme. maybe not that ambitious but focusing on what we can get done. >> interesting. it's decrises in margin ago taxes? >> yeah, he wants to take the southern brackets down to 3. he hasn't talked about what the other two rates are, presumably lower than today. it's an ambitious plan. that's kind of been his approach. i'm a guy that gets things down. >> brian, thank you. brian is going to be back tomorrow to analyze hillary clinton's tax program. >> it's a story in the making, dog tag lost in vietnam is found
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by a strange here found it on vacation. this morning that veteran is reunited for the first time with the dog tag right here on fsh"f& friends." stick around. you're going to want to see this. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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announcement: thisbiggest of the decade.the with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. ♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. here's some quick headlines for you. the ivy league wants to eliminate tackling from all football practices to reduce injuries and concussions. >> what! >> yeah, you played, didn't you? >> not only football. >> to approve the change, the presidents and athletic directors are expected to do the same during league meet information june. we'll keep you posted. and a ohio professor who
3:25 am
says that jews behind the september 11 attacks will keep her job. her name is joy corega, she's been presenting rants and conspiracy theory on social media. the president of that college said she has a right to her view. you've got to love it. listen to this, he served his country in vietnam, opened his e-mail to find this, quote, i have something i think belongs tole following a recent trip to vietnam. a local man was selling thing art fa tacts that he had discovered from out in the jungle. i saw this among his items a rusted dog tag. he has the chance to return to the original owner, retired marine rick tillman.
3:26 am
great to have you here. >> powerful story. >> you say i need to do something different i got to go to vietnam. you come up on this stand, what do you see on this stand? >> just some buddies in the middle of the country. on the stand, a number of art. immediately amongst i saw this dog tag, i thought quite a significant thing. and, right then, i thought i had an opportunity to get this and transfer it back. >> when you found it, did you make an assumption that the person was dead or alive, what did you think? >> naturally, i immediately assumed they were dead because the departure from the dog tag, sadly thought, i'd get this back to his family. >> rick, what happened next, you got a phone call, you got an e-mail? >> i got an e-mail. i came in early, i was going over e-mails that kim in overnight. this one came in, i saw the headline that you read, i got about halfway through and i said uh-oh, and i was just about to
3:27 am
push the delete button figuring it was another spam offering me $5 million or something like that. then i caught the word vietnam, and i opened it up and was amazed to see the story that charlie had found my dog tag. >> do you remember losing it? how did you lose it? >> i don't remember it. you know, we used to wear it sometimes on our boots. you wore it on a smaller chain and your neck. i do not remember losing it. but, you know, from the picture it looks like mine. >> you were relentless to get this to him. it took you a year. you kept looking and you kept looking. >> yeah, it really wasn't easy. frankly with modern technology i was able to find it. a little searching and time spent. >> rick, you're serving over in vietnam, you serve there a year and a half. you were in marines, you drop out. in college you sign up in '69,
3:28 am
you go over there. what are your thoughts as these dog tags come back to you? >> i was amazed. it brings back a lot of memories of that time. the memories are ones that, you know, it's kind of dulled over the year. and the dog tag certainly brings that up full force. >> it's not that you didn't want to think about it? >> not really. but i really want -- what i was most impressed with was the fact that charlie bought it and then was, you know, persevered through all of what his e-mail told me and was able to find me. and felt obligated to find the owner or the family of someone who might have passed away. >> rick, like so many veterans. especially vietnam veterans i know you don't talk a whole lot about your service. i do want to show rick as not just a marine who served a year and a half, two purple hearts and a bronze star with a "v." not a lot given out with "v." with means you on the battlefield and two purple
3:29 am
hearts. that dog tag could have been found anywhere because you were under any number of tough conditions. >> it's been 50 years it could have circulated anywhere and been found and just happened to be on the table that charlie was passing by. >> how did you track down -- i know you said it took a lot of time. brian was asking about that. you got the dog tag. how do you find someone in america. you're from the uk. this dog tag was locked in vietnam, you take it back to the uk. >> yeah, i immediately searched. it turns out both of our companies do quite a bit for veterans. >> i work for byn mellon. and both groups do a lot for veterans. >> now, can we see the exchange of dog tags? >> ready? >> from your trip.
3:30 am
>> i hope he brought it. >> all right. all right. >> how are you feeling right now before you open it? >> well i've completed my goal now. and this is -- the responsibility is now with me. i can give it back to rick. >> look at that. >> oh, man. >> thank you very much, my pleasure, my pleasure. >> wow, look at that. >> that's been through the rigors. >> yes. >> thank you. see that. >> a little rusty. >> what goes through your mind right now when you're holding it? >> it kind of makes me think of some of the times when i was back there and this was clanking around my neck. nothing in particular, but it's so nice to have this back. again, as we say, i'm just fascinated by the fact that charlie felt the need to do that.
3:31 am
i wanted to give charlie something here, a book about vietnam. it's a novel about one person's events over in vietnam, just as a thank you for finding this and tracking me down. this book say very good book about vietnam. and it happens to be written by my roommate in college. >> wow. >> matterhornmatterhorn. >> a lot of guys don't give you guys the respect that you deserve for the service and work that you did. we'd like to offer that. thank you for returning it. >> i know how your religion and blood type, by the way. >> i don't believe they would still put the religion on a dog tag today. >> thanks a lot, guys. coming up, caught on camera, a highly planned smash and grab job on a gun store.
3:32 am
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good morning to you. 6:35 here on the east coast. but you're looking at a shot in detroit, michigan. that's the fox theater. that's where the debate is going to be held tonight. the fox news debate. you can watch it tonight. we're going to be watching. got to get a nap -- >> you better. >> are you going to make it? >> yes. by the way, michigan where donald trump leads. on the stage with four people, it's a new dynamic.
3:36 am
the question is how much do you remember in the process we went through in the debates leading up to this to get to where we are today. let's look back. >> is there anyone on stage, can i see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party, and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? mr. trump. >> he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> well, there's plenty of money. >> i'm the only one to separate siamese twins. the only one to take out half of brain although you would think if you go to washington that someone had beat me to it. >> seems like this election is a whole lot about a person who is high in the polls who has been filled with scandals and who could not lead. and of course, i'm talking about hillary clinton. >> we have a president who doesn't have a clue. i would say he's incompetent because i don't want to do that because that's not nice. >> i never attacked him on his looks, and believe me, there's
3:37 am
plenty of subject matter right there. >> we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. >> you know who is not successful the middle class which is getting plowed over by barack obama and hillary clinton. >> she's got a beautiful face. >> i think women all over the country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> if i were at home listening to this, i'd be inclined to turn it off. >> senate, what is it like a french work week you? get three days where you have to show up? >> i don't remember you ever complaining about john mcclain's record. the only reason you're doing it is, someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> there are more wording in the the irs code than there are in the bible. and not a one of them is as good. >> hillary clinton has said that barack obama policy get an "a." really? 1 in 5 children is on food
3:38 am
stamps. that's not an "a." that may be the best that hillary clinton can do but not america. >> you're tough -- >> you're really tough. >> you're never going to be president of the united states. >> let's see, i'm at 42, you're at 3. so far i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. doesn't matter. >> so far, i'm doing better. you started off over here, jeb. you're moving over further and further, pretty soon you'll be off the end. >> i was very happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up when it's time. >> this country is being run by incompetent people and yes, i am angry. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully more humanely than new york. and i have to tell you that was a very insulting statement. >> you used to say you support doubling the number of green cards. now you say you're against it. you used to say you used
3:39 am
positive support a 500 guest. now you're against it. >> let me say, i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, facility and istupi stupid, fat and ugly. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> it's call -- >> no one can prosecute the case against hillary clinton than i am. >> do what you have to say, lie as long as you can get away with it. >> i guarantee one thing, he will never get ten miles within the white house. >> that's what washington, d.c. does, a drive-by with incorrect information and the memorized 25-second speech that is exactly on this stage. >> let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing, he knows what he's doing. this notion that he doesn't know what he's doing, he knows exactly what he's doing. >> there it is, there it is, the
3:40 am
25-second speech. there it is. >> that one was a beauty. we should never have been in iraq. >> i'm sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. >> i've got to tell you, this is just crazy, huh? this is just nuts, okay, geez oh, man. >> this guy sis a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> if you hadn't inherited millions of dollars -- >> i've watched it repeated five times yesterday. >> you're the only person on this stage that's ever been find for hiring people to work illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. >> oh, man. >> wow. >> that is fantastic. >> this is very entertaining. >> all i can tell you is, there are some -- there was some talent on that stage. >> definitely. >> and the four remaining deserve credit for being the four remaining. just rememberer it's only march.
3:41 am
>> this is the beginning of th middle. >> he said if he gets the nomination, just wait if he goe. >> fox news debate. megyn kelly and donald trump again. they have a lot of catching up to do. >> yuge. >> when you were looking back at sound bites, when you were at home, did you say, i forgot about that, i forgot about that one. heather, what did you it think? >> you at home during maternity leave watching the debates -- >> i know. it was fun to watch from afar. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great day. got incredible video to show you of a brazen heist at a gun store by ten masked men. one thief smashes the glass with
3:42 am
a hammer and then wraps a chain around the door. all of this unfolding in houston, texas. just moments later, a truck speeds up and rips the door off while the group runs inside. one suspect jumps over the counter and grabs a rifle. another one scoops up -- well, an arm full of guns and smashes the cases before they eventually get away. about 50 weapons, we are told were stolen in less than two minutes. an energy ceo -- on to another story right now -- was killed in a fiery car crash just hours before he was due to turn himself in for fraud. oklahoma police say that 56-year-old aubrey mcclendon pretty much drove his car straight into the wall. it happened less than 24 hours after being indicted on conspiracy charges alleging that he had rigged oil and natural gas prices. mcclendon who also owned part of oklahoma's nba team previously.
3:43 am
officials have not ruled out suicide. he was driving 50 miles an hour and not wearing a seat belt. they are the worst at hide and seek. parents love this. this happens at my house. takening to social media, hilarious attempts to hide. many children think that getting understand a rugs, partially under a rug, that the parents won't see us. i like this as the ghost. now, we're starting to see so many of these online. look at the shadow right here. that's a tricky one. i don't know how you do this one, you hide in a toilet bowl -- or toilet tank? if you have pictures of your kids, i know you do, e-mail to us. we'll talk about them later in the show. my favorite is my little boy that can hide behind a skinny tree. i see you. >> you see an arm coming out of each side of the tree. >> oh, no, you see pretty much
3:44 am
the whole torso. >> what do you do as a parent, you say, gage, where are you, i can't see you? >> exactly. straight ahead, the state department staffer who set up hillary clinton's private e-mail is off the hook. judge napolitano is here. what this guy is up against. i can't wait to see the judge. he's almost next to me. ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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a fox news alert. listen to this. a potential key witness in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal just granted immunity by the justice department, brian pagliano, a former clinton state department staffer who set up that private server in her house. so, how will this affect the criminal investigation? let's ask fox news judicial analyst judge napolitano, judge, this is big. what does this mean? >> this is enough to shake the
3:48 am
american political system to its foundation because we now know the following. we know that the fbi recommendation that we've been waiting for has already been made. >> why do you know that? >> because the fact that immunity has been granted means that the justice department, lawyers in the justice department, not the fbi agents went to a federal judge and asked for immunity. a federal judge would only grant immunity for a witness to testify. a witness would only testify if a grand jury is already hearing evidence. if the grand jury is hearing evidence, the evidence was obtained by the fbi and obtained by the justice department. the justice department decides it's going to excite somebody. not brian pagliano, a guy who performed technical procedures for that server for which she paid him $5,000. they want him to testify against some person or persons north of him on the totem pole. >> is it hillary clinton? >> well, she's obviously at the
3:49 am
top of the totem pole but there are numerous people between mr. pagliano and others. last week in the freedom of information case, not the criminal case, said there might have been a conspiracy in the state department to violate the federal laws. what federal laws would have been violated? the laws that require those who receive state secrets to keep them secure. >> wow. >> you can commit espionage under federal law by intentionally or negligently failing to keep state secrets secure. mr. pagliano, the justice department apparently believes was present at the creation of this conspiracy. he knows who led it. and he knows who was in it. and he's about to spill the beans to a grand jury. >> timing is everything. she is the front-runner for the democratic party. if she's indicted, what do the democrats do? >> it will shake the democratic party and american political establishment to the core if she's indicted. >> joe biden come back?
3:50 am
>> i would think so, perhaps even al gore on a treadmill if we can make light of this in some respects pipe don't think the democrats are going to put bernie sanders against whoever >> going to be interesting to watch. thanks so much, judge. i know you're up late last week researching this. coming up, the world's most important secrets come each day to the president in a form of a daily briefing and some get well cards here and there. so we have an insider look at the oval office like you have never seen before. and see you later, alligator. this pool party had a dangerous uninvited guest and there's video to prove it. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn.
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that's nexium level protection. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you client: great proposal! let's readytalk more over golf. mes? craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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3:54 am
after the victory rally one of the things that hillary said she wants to build is a ladder of opportunity. people in mexico said, great, we'll use it to climb over the other guy's dumb wall. go over the wall. build a ladder. [ applause ] >> oh, jimmy fallon last night. all right, 6:50. finally, maybe the future first lady of the country, melania trump has been sitting down and talking a little bit. last week with anderson cooper and last night with greta van susteren. >> did you watch it last night? >> i saw a little bit of it, yeah. it's interesting. she does a nice job of softening his image. this is part of what she told greta about how she and the donald met. >> so you called him? >> yes. >> he didn't call you? >> well, at first when we met i didn't give him the number. he was with a date. so i told him give me your number and i will call you.
3:55 am
i wanted to see what kind of number he would give me. business, home. if he would give me business number, i'm not a girl doing business with him, but he would give me a business number. so he gave me all of them. and when i came back, i said give me your number, i promise to call you. and i came back after the photo shoot. and i called him. >> good for her. >> wow. >> there you go. >> she took greta on the tour of the apartment. it was beautiful. wow. all the picture, it was fun to see the pictures of the family. it does soften him. i think you're right. >> right. obviously they have private conversations behind the scenes about the ongoing race which they talked about last night. you know, does she give him advice, does she not give him advice? >> every eastern european person i have dealt with in my life are very blunt speaking, because when you play soccer a lot of your coaches are from over there. she reminds me of every one of
3:56 am
them. she said i'm not a yes person. i tell him exactly how it is and how i see it. whether he likes it north. she says, i say, listen, go easy on jeb bush. he went easier on jeb bush. you have to look out if you say that word, if you repeat that word it will become the headlines. everything else. she says she's got very thick skin. >> well, what's the saying behind every great man is great woman. >> right. i think a woman said that. >> and every man agrees. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> oh, indeed. if you don't have someone willing to take you down a peg every once in a while, then you're -- you need that every once in a while. >> we have had a chance to see her. she has a jewelry line. we go to the "apprentice" finales, she is first and foremost a mom. >> she does the disciplining in the house. and important secrets come to the president each day, called the daily briefing. and one of -- and one got this.
3:57 am
get well card. which president was it? an inside look at the oval office like you have never seen before. we're live in detroit before tonight's big debate.
3:58 am
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good thursday morning to you. it's march 3rd. i'm ainsley earhardt and we begin with this some breaking news. a flight attendant accused of setting a fire on a packed plane. this story is terrifying and it is outrageous. four presidential candidates getting ready for face-off on fox news and the establishment is all hands on deck trying to stop donald trump. but should they just get out of if the way? we report you decide. how's this for a hiding spot? parents now sharing pictures like this of their kids hiding in the worst spots ever in the games of hide and seek. do you have pictures of your kids doing hide and seek? got one here.
4:01 am
has anyone seen or floor manager because unless i see john i don't know whether to cue the animati animation. john, john, cue the animation. do we play extra for that? >> that's cute. >> character actor john the floor manager. >> good morning. >> it's going to be a big hour coming your way. also on our show paul ryan. we have to find -- wait a second. where's heather? >> heather? has anyone seen heather? where's heather? there she is. >> there we go. >> good morning. i'm hiding like the kids. good morning. i'll take it away from here. fox news alert right now. serious story. american airlines flight attendant tried to paint himself as a hero but he ended up being the villain. 23-year-old jonathan tafoya montana is accused of lighting
4:02 am
paper towels on fire in the plane's path room up in the sky. he told everyone on the flight there was an emergency on board and he ran to put out the flames. he eventually admitted he was the one who started it. he's now charged with destroying an airplane and can't fly without permission. a massive manhunt under way in mississippi heigright now fo dangerous murder escape. rafael mccloud escaped while wearing an employee's uniform. he briefly took a jail employee hostage using a makeshift knife before taking the person's clothes and also the keys. mccloud is charged with murder and rape and considered armed and dangerous. the erin andrews trial briefly delayed after a stunning revelation that the marriott rep neal peskind is accused of showing the nude video of erin andrews to friends at the restaurant. he said if the case was costing him millions of dollars he was planning to show the video to everyone. well, peskind denies that claim,
4:03 am
but the restaurant is backing the allegations saying that workers at that restaurant had to ask him to stop showing that video. andrews is suing the hotel for letting them book the stalker in the room next door. that's where he filmed her through a peep hole. an eagle has landed. scott kelly, welcome home, after a record setting stay aboard the international space station. he was there for a year. he looks back on his time in space as he was greeted by friends and family with beer and apple pie. >> whoo! >> there's no greater privilege than serving your country how ever and where ever you might do it. this is the latest achievement in the country's space program but it's not the last. there will be more. it's in our dna. of our country to explore and we must never stop. >> well, you can see his identical twin brother over his shoulder. they are going to compare -- the scientists will, kelly to his other brother to see what effect long term stays in space have on
4:04 am
the body. so far we're told that kelly grew two inches and is now slightly younger since time goes by a lot slower in space. so all ladies, we're heading up to space. >> yeah. >> when i was watching melania interview with greta, gosh, i wish i were that tall. now we need to go to space. come back two inches taller. >> no beer in space. that's a problem. >> a big problem. >> there might be an opportunity there. >> there's -- they can't drink at all? >> if you had beer when he came down, i'm guessing they didn't have beer. >> they have ice cream. >> the ice cream of the future. >> that's right. >> four minutes after the hour. then, there was four. >> yep, ben carson looks like he's dropping out. sitting out the debate and probably suspending his campaign. john roberts is live on the scene in detroit. looking good. >> reporter: you know, brian, it's difficult compete with the marquee behind me. i had to bump it up a little bit this morning. don't you think? i'm trying hard.
4:05 am
speaking of bumping it up, i think the candidates are going to have to bump it up a little bit in terms of the fisticuffs because, you know, the opponents are running out of time to try to take donald trump out. and the sense of urgency to stop him is almost at a panic level. donald trump going seven for 11 on super tuesday seems poised to win the state of michigan as well. the real clear politics has him 18 points ahead of the recent competition. a recent poll found that poll was closer, ten points. and ted cruz is urging the party to coalesce around him. listen. >> simple realities of this r e race, if we're going to beat donald trump the field can't remain fractured. as long as the feel is fractured that benefits donald and allows him to win state after state because there are multiple
4:06 am
candidates dividing the votes. the only candidate who is able to beat donald trump repeatedly is our campaign. >> reporter: ted cruz has won in three states, and cruz sending a subtle message to marco rubio that if he doesn't win florida on march the 15th, he should drop out. cruz saying yesterday if he had lost texas, he wouldn't be able to continue on. so ohio governor john kasich is sending rubio very much that same message. listen. >> gets down to can he win florida? do i win ohio? and that's what we'll see, because if you can't win your own state, then i don't know how you move on. >> reporter: rubio has not said that florida is a must win state for him. but you know, it would be pretty difficult to make the case to go on if he didn't win your home state. particularly when it's winner take all in three of the five contests on the 15th. there's going to be an awful lot of delegates that are going to be awarded. if he doesn't win he gets zip.
4:07 am
>> john, great job, thanks. here's the thing to keep in mind. there are three groups spending at least $5 million to take down trump maybe suitably on behalf of marco rubio because he'd be the chief beneficiary. >> yeah. mitt romney is going to be speaking out this morning at 11:30. he said that's a big announcement he wants to make. many people are saying is he going to go out and attack donald trump? we all know he doesn't support donald trump or is he getting in the race? we don't know. >> even before he spoke, of course as mr. trump, he fought back right away. he put out a tweert that says looks like mitt romney going to be telling republicans how to get elected. not a good messenger. this is going to be a brawl. that money being spent is almost all in florida alone. that's a firewall. >> meant to say in florida. >> that's right. florida and ohio. these are establishment folks saying, hey, we want our guy, of course. but it's some conservatives who say we don't know what donald
4:08 am
trump is. so you have two factions there. not even necessarily working together. so even the opposition to donald trump is itself not quite sure where to go. >> do you know what i think is interesting, donald trump's first reaction is to put out tweets like that, but his reaction with the establishment has not been to get angry, but to put out his hand. corey lewandowski reached out to higher-ups in the republican party to let them know, you can work with me, and i want to work with you. >> lewandowski is the campaign manager who works with donald trump. >> i guess we'll have speaker ryan later. listen, i have said some things on the campaign trail perhaps that may be very direct or misinterpreted. maybe he can walk back the statement on the muslims. and look at how i have expanded
4:09 am
the party. look at every single state, the turnout as high as 110% in a state like virginia, who else gets credit for that? it's him. >> well, there are a -- you know, a lot of people are saying there's going to be a brokered convention. i personally don't think it will get that far. i think that -- i think the establishment is pouring all this money before florida, before ohio and then after that, the party is going to have to unify. >> that will be a huge moment. right there it will either go to a brokered convention with contested with cruz and rubio or others are kasich, trying to block trump. trump wins on those days and it becomes a cascading effect then it's a different story. >> our viewers are saying they want the party to unify. many of them are saying we want -- we went to facebook. one said i'm not a trump fan per se by the republicans need to shut up if they had been doing their jobs instead of being lightly disguised democrats, trump would not be where he is. i shall vote trump over hillary in a second. >> all right. another said he agreed to support the gop front-runner if it's not him.
4:10 am
the gop must back trump as the front-runner. it is hypocrisy to do anything else. they're clearly more concerned about the establishment than the people. this is why trump is winning. >> a lot of shut up in there. a lot of people will say a lot of states have not spoken, a lot of delegates not spoken for. the convention isn't until july or august. so while trump is by far the front-runner, there's still a lot of votes yet to come. a lot of firewalls yet to come and a lot of money to be spent. doesn't look like the course will change course. but who knows? >> see the tenor tonight as all eyes will be on the big debate. meanwhile, a fox news alert. new clues that the justice -- is turning up the investigation into the hillary clinton's e-mail server. the staffer has been granted immunity who set up the server. >> we have the breaking details
4:11 am
from garrett tenney. >> reporter: yeah, this is big news for the criminal investigation into hillary clinton's use of that private e-mail server and many of the viewers will remember brian pagliano. he's the former state department staffer who set up the private server at clinton's home back in 2009. in september, he refused to answer any questions about his work on this server during an appearance before a congressional panel. but now, according to a report from "the washington post," citing a senior u.s. law enforcement officer, pagliano has been granted immunity and said he's now working with the fbi on the investigation. the clinton campaign which has been dogged by this investigation for months says they're pleased to hear that pagliano is now cooperating. on the campaign trail though, bill clinton took it a step further saying the e-mail scandal is actually a good thing for hillary. and helps people relate to her. >> i saw this remarkable story by a woman who said, you know, i
4:12 am
didn't support hillary in 2008. i didn't even like her, but i never really was enthusiastic until i read her e-mail. it made me appreciate how really good she is as a human being, as well as a public servant. >> reporter: well, that's one way to spin it. on monday in an interview with our own bret baier, loretta lynch said that the justice department has no deadline for complaining the investigation into clinton's e-mails. back to you all. >> that's what happens when you only release the good ones. >> right. >> well, yeah. there's thousands that would have been listed classified. 12 minutes after the hour, we move ahead. coming up the video is insane. a coordinated attack on a gun store. the thieves making off with dozens of guns in under two minutes. what we know about the suspects. and the daily briefing to the president, can you guess who got this briefing on film? it's not that guy.
4:13 am
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4:17 am
it's the document every president has started his day with since 1961. the contents so classified only a handful of senior officials are allowed to even view it. now a former cia analyst himself is giving us an inside look at how our commander in chief receive the day lie intelligence briefing as we know it. he served under both clinton and george w. bush. he's the "the president's book of secrets, the untold briefings from kennedy to obama." that's the last one. david, welcome. >> good morning, brian. >> all right. first off, tell us how this started. was it because kennedy said this is too voluminous and it takes too much time, not you, but someone had to make an adjustment? >> that's right. he was getting a huge stack of intelligence downs from every agency and the advisers found he could not sit still long enough for the briefing so the cia was asked to make a new document, it
4:18 am
was called the president's checklist. he could carry it around with him during the day, so he could read it when we had the time. >> first thing, it was important to get at away from state department and he thought that the state department was forming their own government there. >> he found the cia was more agile and nimble to get him the information briefly. >> let's go to reagan if we can for a second. you bring up the anecdote, where reagan after he was shot. he couldn't keep up with things so as they closed the book and put it away, what fell out? >> well, there were a bunch of cards taken from a bunch kindergarteners from where his daughter was at. reagan said, dick, what is that? he showed him the card, reagan leafed through every one and
4:19 am
ended up signing a thank you note to dick allen's daughter right on the card itself. >> he said which one is yours? he finally did. how did reagan like his intelligence given to him? >> reagan actually defies conventional wisdom a bit because a lot of people think reagan didn't read much at all. not serious intelligence documents. in fact looking back at the history, we can find marginal comments in his presidents' daily brief where he would yi z underline things and he corrected the briefs. >> he liked it on video, if possible. >> that's right. several have received videos to their daily book of secrets. reagan was one of them. >> i saw a quote in your book from president george w. bush. one of the most interesting part of the days was getting the briefs in the morning and everyone going to the daily be briefing, bin laden determined to attack in the u.s. could that have been done differently? >> it could have been done differently.
4:20 am
at the time, the cia owned the presidents' daily brief. now, it's an intelligence community document. but at the time, although it received inputs from other agencies, it did not fully coordinate with them in the wait does now. therefore, fbi information was almost an after thought into the presidents' daily brief. that's certainly the different case today. >> right. and the woman that actually put -- i wish we would have made a bigger deal of it in august, correct? >> she wishes she would have hit the point a little harder to say all of these threats that we are seeing could be here in the united states. >> it's just a fascinating book. something i never thought we'd see, but you put it together. david, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. coming up, it's tax season. will you get a refund and if so, what do you do with it? rachel cruze says she'll tell you. don't book that resort vacation just yet. calm down, pete. some kids are better at hide and seek than others. these are the hilarious photos of the worst hiding places ever ahead. i don't know where she is.
4:21 am
honey, have you seen our daughter?
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some quick headlines. animal edition. you don't want this guy crashing your party. a family in florida finds a nine foot alligator at the bottom of their pool. they think it crawled over from the lake behind their house. a professional gator trapper was called to get -- called in to get the 300 pound beast. look at that thing. out of the water. i do not want that job. and she has her paws in the air like she just doesn't care. this cat's pose is taking the internet by storm. her owner said it started as
4:25 am
stretch and she gave her a treat doing the pose and the funny feline hasn't stopped putting her paws up since. give them a treat. they put their hands up. ansley? >> thanks. tax season can be rough for some of us, but if you're lucky enough to get cash back from the government how should we be spending it? americans will get back $330 billion in refunds this year, nearly 50% of the u.s. will put it into savings. 40% will use it to pay down their debt. what's the best way to spend your money if you're getting a refund? here to answer your questions, from ramsey solutions, rachel cruze. good to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning. all right, we have gotten some viewers who have written in some questions. i'm going to read their questions and if you'll kindly answer them i'll appreciate that. the first question is from iva, this year we get 2500 back for our refund. we have three options but can't decide which is best. should we pay off the tax bill, put it towards debt or pay it to
4:26 am
send our daughter to europe in the summer? >> europe sounds fun, but pay off that tax bill first. any cash you have after that, pay off all of your debt and then save up and the whole family can go to europe. >> that's a good plan. europe is not going anywhere. natasha writes this, this year we're getting about $5,000 in the tax refund. we owe $3,000 on both a medical debt and our vans. the van has a higher interest rate. but the hospital will give us 30% off if we pay that bill in full. so which should we pay first? >> sure, well, since each debt is an equal amount of $3,000, start with the medical bill, because they're giving you a deal. pay that off first and then put the rest to the van. which means she'll only have $1,000 left of debt. that is awesome. you can sell something and be completely debt free which is great. >> that's so good, you pay off your credit card or whatever it is. so good for them.
4:27 am
joy is asking you, we expect about $5,000 from our tax refund. my husband recently lost his job, he works part-time but we're careful about spending. we have a small emergency fund and $26,000 in debt. should we pay off the debt or pay day to day expenses? what do you think on this one? >> well, this is hard situation because of the job loss. so in this case, i would say put that money away. unless that -- and let that be a cushion between you and life. it will lower a lot of stress. then once he gets a full-time job again, your income is back up to where it used to be, take that cash and pay off the debt. everyone is intentional with their tax refunds, so make sure you have a game plan when you get that refund. >> we're sorry for that job loss, that's so stressful. we hope things will turn around in the coming months. thank you for being with us this morning. you did a great job. >> thank you for having me. coming up, he calls it instinct. they called it grounds for
4:28 am
firing him. why an army veteran working at a cvs store saved the day and then lost his job at the same time. that story is coming up next. and some kids are better at hide and seek than others. look at that little one. your hilarious photos showing the worst hiding places ever. straight ahead. huh. ♪ introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients... new centrum vitamints. they say you shouldn't spoil your kids.
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trustit powers...sher with cascade platinum. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you baked-on? dish issues?onna work. ...through... your toughestuck-on food. better than finish. cascade. you know after all that's happened over the past several months, people are finally coming to terms with the fact -- he's probably going to be the republican nominee and maybe even president of the united states which would have been hard to believe this time last year. still hard to believe, but you have -- it's true.
4:32 am
so with that in mind, we took the liberty of compiling the -- he makes a lot of noises, unusual sounds come out of his body. we set them to music and this is the donald trump version of "hail to the chief". enjoy. >> baba baba. blah -- boom, be baba baba -- ♪ >> okay. >> that is great. >> you can't put that in the prompter. >> i'm so glad you included that. i hadn't seen that before. that's funny. >> very cool. so listen tonight is debate number 11. it's a fox debate, a packed house in a beautiful theater. remember how we got here? let's take a look back.
4:33 am
>> is there anyone on stage and can i see hands who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? mr. trump? he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> there's plenty of money. >> i'm the only one what separates siamese twins, the only one to take out half a brain, although if you go to washington you'd think someone would beat me to it. >> he seems high in the polls, it's been filled with scandals and who could not lead. of course i'm talking about hillary clinton. >> we have a president who doesn't have a clue. i would say he's incompetent but i don't want to do that because that's not nice. >> i never attacked on his looks and believe me there's plenty of subject matter there. >> we don't need an apprentice
4:34 am
in the white house. we have one right now. >> do you know who's not successful? the middle class who getting plowed over by obama and hillary clinton. >> i think she's a beautiful woman. >> i think all the women in this country heard what mr. trump said. >> if i was at home watching this back and forth i would be inclined to turn it now. >> when you signed up it's a six-year term. the senate, what is it like a french workweek? you get three days that you show up. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're doing it, we're running for the same position and someone convinced you to attack me. >> i want a small government, so small you can barely see it. >> there are more words in the irs code than there are in the bible. not a one of them is as good. >> hillary clinton has said that barack obama's policies get an "a." really? one in five children are on food stamps. that is not an "a." it may be the best that hillary clinton can do, but not the best
4:35 am
that america can do. >> this is a tough business. >> you're a tough guy, jeb. you're tough. >> you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way to -- >> i'm at 42 and you're at 3, so far i'm doing better. >> doesn't matter. >> you started off all the jab, you're moving over further and further. pretty soon you'll be off the end. >> i'm sure happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake up me when the time came. >> our country is being run by incompetent people and yes, i am angry. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement. >> you used to say you you supported the double the number of green cards and now you're against it. >> i appreciate your dumping your research folder on the debate table. >> let me say i'm a maniac, and
4:36 am
everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way -- [ laughter ] >> it's called the clinton way. both bill and hillary practice it. >> you better prepare -- no one is better equipped to prosecute against hillary clinton than i am. >> you lie and get away with it. >> she won't get within ten miles of the white house. that's what washington, d.c. does. incorrect and incomplete information and then the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly what -- >> dispel once and for all the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing, he knows what he's doing. >> there it is the, the 25 second memorized speech.
4:37 am
>> george bush made a mistake, we all make mistakes but that was a beauty. >> i'm sick and tired of him going after my family. my dad is the greatest man alive in my mind. >> i have to tell you, this is just crazy. huh? this is just nuts, okay? geez oh, man. >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> if he hadn't inherited $200 million do you know where donald trump would be, selling watches in -- >> i saw you repeat yourself. >> you have been fined for hiring people illegally -- >> i'm the only one on the stage who hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> wow. >> another reason to watch tonight. it begins at 9:00 and it will end whenever they run out of energy. i think two hours. about 11:00. it will be bret baier, megyn kelly and chris wallace in detroit. >> fireworks for sure. >> right. >> this is only just the beginning. >> only halfway through. just the beginning. in your opinion. >> it's true.
4:38 am
we have another eight or nine months before november. a lot more to come. >> it's plausible this goes through june and let alone to cleveland in july. meanwhile, tonight in detroit, many will be looking ahead and talking about hillary clinton. many on the right believe -- believe it on the right are assuming that hillary clinton is thinking that donald trump will be a walk in the park. by the way, that's a huge mistake. not only do i think so, maybe you think so, so does david plouffe who got barack obama elected twice. listen. >> let's leave trump aside, one of the challenges for hillary clinton can she recreate that obama coalition, can you get african-american turnout, support among the latinos and the young voters. that's the tough thing to get the right vote turnout. if you don't maximize the quote/unquote barack obama coalition, then it becomes
4:39 am
close. there's no playbook for how to deal with this. clinton has some challenges irrespective of trump. it's energizing and getting a strong enough performance with young voters. >> he was responsible for hope and change in 2008 and that worked for president obama and that's what exactly donald trump is hoping to do this year. hope and change. >> plouffe, you know, he had some interesting analysis. playing it pretty straight. the democrats -- we talked about a playbook. the democrats have their playbook running against -- >> mitt romney. >> the rich, the elite. running against donald trump, even though he's rich, it's a different kind of playbook. i don't know that they have figured it out yet. >> hillary clinton's donations are down, the turnout is down. 40% in tennessee, arkansas, georgia. 50% in -- over in texas. so there's some worry on the left that they don't have the momentum at their back. >> and david plouffe was talking about hillary not getting the
4:40 am
young vote, well, guess who is getting those? donald trump. >> heather nauert will get the young vote. >> we'll try. so great to have you back with us again today. we have incredible video of a brazen heist at a gun store by ten masked men. take a look at this. one thief smashes the glass with a hammer and then wraps a chain around the door, that's the front door to that gun shop. this unfolded in houston, texas. moments later a truck speeds up and rips that door off and they all run inside. one suspect grabs a rifle, another one scoops up an armful of guns and the rest of the guys smash the display cases. at least 50 weapons were stolen in less than two minutes. this morning at least three people were arrested. we'll keep you posted on what else with -- we learn. a veteran saves the day at the cvs pharmacy and gets fired. joe marichi ran up to two shot
4:41 am
shoplifters and one said he'd shoot him. but after serving in the army, he said he knew he didn't have a gun. >> i don't know that they didn't have one. i just kind of assumed. >> you did a heck of a thing, he looked at me and he said, probably going to be fired. i was like what? yeah. it's company policy you don't do that. >> well, that did happen. he was fired. well, he didn't waste any time trying to find a new job. while police were investigating he asked if they were hiring. and then he filled out an application to join the police force there. kind of an unusual story. they are some of the worst hiding spots ever. parents, you have seen this at home. and now a lot of these pictures are going viral. parents posting pictures of their kids hilariously trying to play hide and seek. i love this one. the kid in the see-through container. another one behind the tree. while making a shadow on the fence. we ask you to send in your
4:42 am
pictures of your kids and we have gotten quite a response. pete, you have little ones. ainsley, yours isn't old enough yet and brian, you remember these days. >> yeah. pete, you have the first one. >> hide and seek, nancy sends this one of her grandson when he was sure nobody could see him. [ laughter ] >> a box over his head. cute. >> you have to get rid of the wipes. put it on your head. >> here's michael's child hiding under a see-through lamp shade. >> later on in college he'll have the same lamp shade on. christy sent in this one. hiding inside the patio door curtain. >> then this one from joe hiding from his son. [ laughter ] i'm a lot more amazed at how he got in there than by finding him. look at that big old dad leg. >> e-mail us more at -- what is it? >> i'm learning. >> you got it.
4:43 am
>> just yell it out the window here in new york. as drug addiction in america continues to rise the number of counselors working is dropping out. one of them with the stunning reasons next. and donald trump's success is striking fear in the core of the republican party. that includes house speaker paul ryan. we'll have an exclusive interview with him next hour. ♪ ♪ it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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4:46 am
well, the deaths are rising so how does the number of people leaving the profession that's supposed to help them stop them? so we don't have the counselors how can we stop the problem? a shocking report finds every year nearly one in four substance abuse counselors decides to leave the field altogether. why are they leaving? and where are they going?
4:47 am
joining us right now is a former drug addiction counselor, melissa chickering. she has a decade of experience in the field and says -- she's done a lot of great work. welcome. can you provide -- >> thank you. thank you very much for me. >> thanks for all you have done. can you provide -- can you put a face behind the reason that people leave? why did you get out of it? >> well, i think an important distinction to make, i'm still a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and i have a license in mental health counseling as well. i think it's common for substance abuse counselors to not necessarily leave the field altogether but to move into positions that are administrative or academia. things like that, to move away from the one-on-one clinical work. >> and a lot has to do because of the personal toll, right? you take on people's lives and some people use the term, compassion fatigue. >> yeah. i think compassion fatigue is a real thing. there's not enough education or support around that.
4:48 am
but i also think a really important point is that addiction counselors have extensive training in working with addictions. we're not leaving the field. many of us are not leaving the field because addicts are difficult to work with. we're leaving the field because the system in which we're supposed to be working with ties our hands to be able to do the work that we want to do, the work that we need to do. >> yeah. right. i mean, for example not enough beds. not enough funding. not enough time at the rehab, not enough facilities. if you can shed light on one story that you remember going home dealing with somebody that desperately needed to be put in a facility and start their rehab program and didn't have a bed available. can you tell us about this? >> yeah. it's not uncommon. the people working in the field right now see it every day. but in the previous position that i was in, as the program director of a facility, i would do the interviews to help
4:49 am
adolescents and teenagers come into treatment. it would be heart breaking at times because if you see a 17-year-old who is shooting heroin and the parents are begging you for a treatment bed and the beds are open, but that 17-year-old doesn't have exactly the right funding source to get into treatment, they end up getting put on a waiting list. one client in particular really fielded the treatment bed. didn't have the right funding. was put on a waiting list for six weeks and died while they were on the waiting list. and that's not uncommon. it's not -- it's not an unusual story or uncommon story. i think for the addiction counselors, then they're expected to, you know, show up again at 9:00 a.m. the next day and continue listening and trying to get clients into treatment and hearing parents cry and all those things. >> it's brutal. they never get enough time in there because their insurance runs out.
4:50 am
usually, you don't have a ton of money if you're addicted to substance because you have a tough financial system for the most part and you make on an average $40,000. so you put all those things together it's hard to keep it going. >> it is. it's very hard to keep up the stamina to continue doing this. >> melissa chickering, appreciate what you've done and what you're doing. >> thank you. all right, straight ahead, you have heard of renting the own, right? as an affordable option for home buyers. is it too good to be true? bob massi has a word of warning, next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
well, the real estate market
4:54 am
might be a bit more stable but the ability to buy is still difficult. that's why so many aspiring homeowners consider a lease with the option to buy later. but is the rent to own deal too good to be true? let's ask fox news legal analyst and host of "the property man" right here on fox news, bob massi. okay, a lease with an option to purchase, something i'm familiar with with vehicles but not so much with homes, what are the risks? >> so i represent you as the seller, and you have somebody you want to move your property. and the buyer does not have the credit, so here's your risk. generally speaking there's a lot of them, but generally speaking as the seller you have to lock in the purchase price whenever the buyer decides to exercise the option. you're also taking your property off the market to sell. and you're going to get some money from the buyer as nonrefundable, but is this buyer ever going to be able to qualify? if i'm representing you, i
4:55 am
basically build a ladder. what i mean by that, i'll state to the buy years representative, the first two years this is the purchase price. if you go past the first two years, it goes up 10%. so those are the real important things. >> on the seller's side. it's oftentimes buyer beware. so one of the risks for those who want a home, with the ability to purchase outright, what are the risks? >> so i say to you, you make sure that seller is going to require some nonrefundable money down. make sure you get your credit up so you can buy it. the other thing that's concerning is, what happens in if the seller decides because of the value of the home, what what that seller files bankruptcy or dies, god forbid, then you're dealing with the heirs.
4:56 am
you as the buyer are always vulnerable as to what -- as to why? you're losing control of the home even though you want to buy it. and until you exercise that option. so be very careful and keep on top of the condition of the home. you know, that you take care of the home because if you decide to buy it, you want to make sure it's in the kind of state you want. >> briefly, how do you proboth? what are the rules of the road on this? >> if you're the buyer, record that option agreement. make it a matter of public record. why? so that seller can't transfer it to the third party. you give constructive notice to the world and do a title search on that property. when you go to do this as a lease option, the title companies say make sure that's no judgments or liens or that the seller has been sued because then if you buy it, you've got a problem. >> bob massi, i'm coming to you when i buy my next house for sure. thanks, bob. coming up, mitt romney is
4:57 am
set to bash donald trump today and moments ago we got our hands on his speech. we'll share it with you at the top of the hour. and does paul ryan think all -- what does he think about this? he's been vocal about it and it's not pretty. we'll talk to the house speaker later.
4:58 am
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good morning to you. tail end of the week, congratulations. it's thursday. it's march 3rd. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. mitt romney is set to bash donald trump today and moments ago we got our hands on the romney speech. the breaking details in just moments. meanwhile, four presidential candidates are getting ready for a face-off right here on fox news. the establishment is all hands on deck. trying to stop donald trump. should they just get out of the way? and melania trump on the record with hillary clinton. >> any thoughts about his opponent? >> she will eventually answer i
5:01 am
promise. coming straight ahead. because mornings are better with "friends." >> welcome back. if you're just waking up, it's 8:00. anyway, we're having a lot of fun. you're in for steve. >> great to be here. we have been playing hide and seek all morning. >> we are showing you pictures of kids not hiding very well. look at this one. >> yeah. one of the things we're doing we found some classic pictures on the internet that kids are playing hide and seek, but not too well. here under the auspices of if you can't see me, i can't see you. >> and this one has a black belt -- >> don't you want to squeeze those little legs. she's adorable. holly sent in this picture of her daughter when she thought no one can see her. sitting down or the floor. >> getting better.
5:02 am
>> pretty close. >> if your children are hiding and you can see them, send them in. >> fox news alert, just hours from now, mitt romney is going to give a speech blasting donald trump's rise to the top of the republican party. >> fox news senior national correspondent john roberts is live from detroit with that speech. >> reporter: good morning to you. when we were told about this speech yesterday, we thought it would occur at 11:30 at the university of utah, we were told that mitt romney was going to make a speech about the direction of the party, the choices facing the party and the american people going forward. really a statement more on the state of the race than anything. but it's pretty clear after getting some excerpts from the speech this morning that a lot of this, a good portion, is going to be about bashing trump. listen to this excerpt and this will be in the romney speech. quote, here's what i know, donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from donald trump university. gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat.
5:03 am
he goes on to say, quote, his domestic policies would lead to recession, his foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament or the judgment to be president and his personal qualities are that america would cease to be the shining city on the hill. romney has praise for the remaining candidates in the race now that ben carson has indicated he'll more likely drop out. of the remaining candidates the only serious policy proposals that deal with the broad range of what we face have come from ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich. don't forget back in in 2012, mitt romney travelled to las vegas to kiss the ring of trump, seeking his endorsement which donald trump fully gave him. and freely gave him. now, donald trump is tweeting about that, saying this morning, quote, why did mitt romney beg me for my endorsement four years ago and then also saying, quote, i'm the only one who can beat
5:04 am
hillary clinton. i'm not a mitt romney who doesn't know how to win. hillary wants no part of trump. trump also addressed this earlier this morning on the "today" show. listen. >> mitt romney is a stiff. mitt romney will not get elected. mitt romney failed twice and really failed last time. nobody came out to vote for mitt romney. and i'm talking about republicans. they didn't come out. i mean, it's well documented. i'm not just saying this. >> reporter: donald trump is potentially having a change of heart about a third party run. when i talked to him in an exclusive interview a couple of weeks ago, he said he was 99.9% sure that he'd running as a republican, but now dialing it back, saying he hasn't ruled it o out. there are some republicans who are thinking of running third party, thinking that donald trump is the inevitable
5:05 am
candidate. a lot to chew over on an important day for the republican party. >> i heard ben sasse bring that up yesterday, america deserves better than running two new york liberals so that's how they label donald trump, because he was a democrat at one time. but john, what is that going to do? what does a mitt romney address to the university of utah -- what changes after that is completed? >> reporter: if mitt romney doesn't get in the race, let's charge up the hill together, probably not a whole lot, because he's not telling the republican establishment anything they don't know and in fact if he does say to the conservatives in the party, hey, you have to work harder to defeat trump i don't think they'll appreciate that message from anyone who is more willing than talk about it. >> if he does get in the race, doesn't that divide the republican party? >> reporter: you know, it's late for him to get into the race. it's not impossible because -- he could even get in the rice in the convention if they don't
5:06 am
have a nominee on the first ballot as long as the rules stipulate and the rules haven't been written yet -- as long as the rules stipulate you don't have to have won any states. that's highly unusual and if trump goes in with the majority or with the plurality of the vote, not necessarily the majority and then the rules committ committee said the whole primary thing didn't matter, trump would push the nuclear button. >> wow. unbelievable, john. thanks so much. >> reporter: and here's the other thing. if i could have another second. if he launches an independent run or if conservatives put out a third party candidate, i mean, they're handing the election to the democrats because, you know, it's pretty clear after looking what happened in the primary that donald trump has a good solid, 30 to 35% of the electorate. maybe 49 or 50% in georgia, alabama and others. they would be cutting off their nose to spite their face.
5:07 am
>> john robert, thanks. the other thing that he said, donald trump was 100% accurate. romney could never figure out where the republicans went on election day, so many people stayed home. and donald trump, without a shadow of a doubt, he's bringing people out. there are more people coming ought to -- out to vote. i thought he was right on the money. i'm expanding the party. i might be turning some people off, but open up your eyes. >> sure, but mitt romney -- he may not run today. but this could be the signaling of a civil war. i'm not saying it could happen, but that could be what they're signaling. never trump could be their mantra, trying to lock arms and prevent a nomination. this speech, it may not be important in and of itself, but the establishment conservatives are trying to build an opposition to trump. >> there are republicans are saying that the party needs to unify because you'll give it to
5:08 am
the democrats if the party does not unify. we might not agree with donald trump on everything, but he's better one of the democrats. >> speaking of unifying, this was mitt romney accepting donald trump's endorsement in february of 2012. mitt romney said of donald trump, donald trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works. to create jobs for the american people. >> mitt romney said that about -- >> mitt romney said that about donald trump in 2012. that's how it work, politics pat each over on the back. that's why people like donald trump. because politicians are patting each other on the backs during the election cycle and nothing changes. >> you have the establishment, you have donald trump, and the voters. and the voters are saying wait a second, you're fighting and ignoring me? i'm not showing up to your convention. i'm not paying attention to whatever you want, so you're ignoring what the voters are saying about the primary/caucus process? that's a nonwinning situation for any party. >> but you have the groups saying we have the majority,
5:09 am
we're winning states and other conservatives and establishment folks are saying no no no. 60, 65% of voters are not voting for trump and the majority of the delegates haven't been voted for yet. this is still an open race. this is denying the guy -- >> people are fascinated with donald trump. like it or not, we're fascinated by him. it's fun to meet the spouses or, you know, the spouses behind some of the candidates. >> a first couple. >> right. greta got to sit down with melania trump and here's a snip pet of that. >> any thoughts on hillary clinton as his opponent? >> we'll see what he's getting into. so we'll see. i know my husband is a tough and strong leader and he'll do what the country needs. >> so it's going to get pretty rugged i would imagine between the two of them if they're both the candidates? >> yes, we'll see. >> that's okay with you?
5:10 am
>> that's okay with me. nothing personal. it's all business. >> yeah, she went on to say, talk about how they met each other. i call him up, i let him know how i feel. he's always traveling, but i will see him at the debate. there they are. when they first met. >> so you called him? >> yes. >> he didn't call you? >> well, at first when i met i didn't give him my number. he was with a date. so i told him, give me your number and i will call you. i wanted to see what kind of number he would give me. business, home? if he would give me business number i'm not a girl doing with him. so he gave me all of them. and when i came back, i said give me your number, i promise to call you and i came back after the photo shoot. and i called him. >> two things are funny about
5:11 am
that. he was on a date with another girl. and giving his number to melania. but didn't he tell you that he asked for melania number and she didn't give it to him. usually the girl said i'm never going to call him, but she called him and it all worked out. >> the interesting part about this too, she said she's not a yes man or yes woman to him. there are all the pundits and political advisers, sometimes the most important adviser is your wife or spouse. giving you a ton of advice. meanwhile, a fox news alert, heather nauert? >> a couple of other things are going on today. a flight attendant under arrest accused of lighting a plane packed with passengers on it on fire. it happened on an american flight. the flight attendant is accused of lighting paper towels on fire and he told everyone on board there was an emergency and then he ran to put out the fire. he eventually admitted he was the one who started it.
5:12 am
he's now been charged with an attempt to destroy an airplane and now can't fly without permission. okay. well, while you were sleeping, the astronaut scott kelly arrived back in houston after a record setting stay in the american space station. he was greeted by family and friends with apple pie and beer. >> there's no greater privilege than serving your country where ever and how ever you might do it. this was a great achievement, but it's not the last. there will be more. it's in our dna of our country to explore and we must never stop. >> his twin brother right over his shoulder and scientists are going to compare the two of them to study the long term effects that space has on the body. so far they say that kelly grew two inches and is now slightly younger since time goes by slower in space. how interesting is that? it was gravity actually that made him shrink and they expect him to go back to his regular
5:13 am
height. the erin andrews trial briefly delayed after a revelation. marriott executive neal peskind showed the video to friends at a restaurant. he said he was planning to show the video to everyone and he denies the claim. the restaurant said workers at the restaurant had to ask him to stop watching that video while he was there. andrews is suing the hotel for letting the hotel book the stalker in the room next door and that's where he filmed her through a peep hole. those are your headlines. >> game, set, match for erin andrews. 13 minutes after the hour. >> coming up, a billionaire dies in a fiery car crash hours before he was supposed to turn himself in. was the crash an accident or was it suicide? the breaking details up next. and the latest attempt to make football safer, banning tackling at practice. the future belongs to the fast.
5:14 am
and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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5:17 am
we are back with a fox news alert. a ceo killed in a fiery crash hours after being indicted for fraud. but was it an accident or suicide? >> kokh reporter julie calhoun
5:18 am
has more on this investigation. good morning, julie. >> reporter: good morning. while police are still looking into that, they say they're collecting more evidence and that includes the computer system from the vehicle where they'll find out just exactly how fast he was going and if he used his brakes. people have been coming and leaving chesapeake caps at the memorial where this crash happened. i'll show you video from the crash early wednesday morning. police tell us that he was speeding and going much faster than the 50 mile per hour speed limit and he was heading north and crossed over into the embankment and that's when he crashed. his vehicle caught fire. they tell us he was not wearing a seat belt. police say he had plenty of opportunities to correct and get back on the road, but that didn't happen. so right now, it's up to the medical examiner to determine his cause of death. of course as we get word on that we'll let you know. but right now we'll show you some video of the former ceo. mcclendon's death coming less
5:19 am
than 24 hours after being indicted by a federal grand jury. he's accused of conspiring to rig bids on oil and gas leases in oklahoma with a goal of keeping lease prices artificially low between 2007 and 2012. mcclendon did release a statement on tuesday vowing he was going to prove his innocence in his case. that happened a day before the crash. he leaves behind a wife and three children. we don't know how much jail time he could have been facing, and when it comes to the case we did reach out to the court system to see how it will affect the investigation. right now, they have no word on that, as far as the investigation. on the police side, they say it will last a couple more weeks. as soon as get any more information we'll be following that and keep you updated. back to you. >> all right, julie calhoun, thank you. >> it's eerie when you're a reporter and you're standing in a spot where someone has just
5:20 am
died. it's so surreal. our thoughts with the family. >> especially at their own hand. we just told you about mitt romney's speech. coming up the woman who took on president obama over his immigration policies, she is going to respond. why she's endorsing trump for his immigration policy. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement.... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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5:23 am
we have some quick headlines for you. trouble with school edition. eight ivy league coaches calling for an end to tackling at the
5:24 am
football practice to prevent concussions. the president and the athletic directors are expected to do the same. and the over land college instructor has been posting anti-semitic rants and conspiracy theories on social media. overland's president says she has right to express her personal views. brian? all right. mitt romney ready to bash donald trump in a few hours and moments ago we got an excerpt from the speech. this is what romney is about to say. here's what i know. donald trump is a phony. donald trump is a fraud. his promises are as worthless as the degree from trump university. he is playing the american public for suckers. governor jan brewer is here to react and after all, the
5:25 am
governor has already -- is going to support mitt romney. what -- not mitt romney, but donald trump. what's your reaction to what mitt romney is about to say? >> well, i just heard it being played. wow. that's pretty harsh. i guess it goes back to the old saying that republicans eat their open. >> do you think it's appropriate for a former nominee to go after somebody leading the race four years later? >> i think it's pretty shocking. i think it's a little unbelievable. what happened to the 11th commandment? >> right. governor, do you think it's accurate at all? how do you characterize -- i have never seen this in my lifetime. how do you characterize the outrage that people are having towards his nomination? >> well, the bottom line is, that the federal government has failed us miserably and mr. trump has said that he's going to fight for us and that people are angry, angry. and i think he's going to win this election and he's listening to the people. and he will respond. i know donald trump. i know the kind of person that i have met.
5:26 am
when i had been with him. and he is very thoughtful, he's very kind. he listens. and we know he's been successful. so i don't agree with mr. trump on everything, but i certainly agree with him on economics and job growth and securing our border. >> when you talk about securing the border everybody talks about the wall. it will get two feet higher since vicente fox used the "f" word. will a wall help arizona? >> whatever we can get done it will help arizona and help the united states of america and no one has listened. they turned a blind eye to us. they left us very vulnerable. certainly within our state, the cost of it all has been astronomical. and the people are angry. i have always said that, you know, our country without borders is like a house without walls. it collapses. that's what we're seeing happen. >> will a wall help the border
5:27 am
of arizona? >> yes, absolutely. unequivocally. >> great. are you supporting donald trump? >> i am. >> because of what you have experienced in the past? i understand since trump started talking about building the wall between october and february, the amount of illegals and including child immigrant -- migrants coming across the border illegally has gone up 24%. to the tune of 150,000 people over the last few months. how do you explain that? how do you stop that? >> well, we need a border -- better border enforcement. we need somebody in the federal government to stand up and to do something about it. we all know what the solution is. secure the border. you know? and donald trump will support our police officers and our immigration officers and that's what it's going to take. somebody that understands the issues and fighting for the people, because the people are fired up. >> you're probably not going to win an election as a republican unless you get over 27% hispanic vote that mitt romney got last
5:28 am
time. do you think -- what is your reaction to fact that the hispanic community seems to be repelled from donald trump because of his stance on the border? because of his vow to throw out 11 million people here illegally. >> well, all the statistics and all this data is proving to be a little wrong in this election cycle. i think that there's a lot of hispanics in the united states that will support donald trump. they too understand that having this border open, this illegal immigration issue has taken jobs away from them. certainly has hurt our economy. the expenses that it costs us to take care of all of them so we don't know. i never thought that mr. trump would do this far and he's been very, very successful because he's representing the people. and he tells it like it is. i believe he's a truth teller. >> governor, what do you say to the establishment and a lot of others who are doing everything they can, including threatening
5:29 am
a third party run -- a third party candidate to stop donald trump from being the nominee? what's your response to that? >> well, i think it's outrageous, you know? every one of those candidates took a pledge that they would support the nominee and the people are speaking and they have spoken and now they all need to rally behind the republican nominee. whomever that is. i think it will be donald trump, but whoever it is. and it's just another example of the establishment again not listening to the people. >> well, governor chris christie, you have senator jeff sessions and you have governor jan brewer, donald trump has some establishment in his corner -- conservatives. thank you. >> thank you. just ahead, you just heard governor brewer endorse trump, but you won't hear that from the next guest. at least yet. house speaker paul ryan has been vocal on his opinion on the donald. we'll talk to the speaker about
5:30 am
that and a lawsuit. and some kids are better at hide and seek than other kids. these are the other kids. your hilarious photos showing the worst hiding places ever. they're just as cute as a button. hey marc. how you feeling? don't ask. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye.
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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. a fox news alert. mitt romney set to attack donald trump in just a few hours and moments ago we learned what exactly he is planning to say. >> in these excerpts romney says donald trump says he admires vladimir putin. but has called george w. bush a liar. that is a twisted example of evil trumping good. he has neither the temperament or judgment to be president and his personal qualities would mean that america would cease to be a shining city on a hill. >> speaker paul ryan, a 2008 running mate of mitt romney joins us right now.
5:34 am
now he's speaker of the house. much has changed. first, your reaction to your good friend and former running mate's speech at 11:30 today. >> well, first good morning. let me say, ainsley, congratulations on the new gig. >> thank you so much. >> brian, congratulations on the new hair cut. did you get a free bowl of soup with the hair cut? >> a personal attack? that's not the america i grew up in, speaker ryan. >> looks great. it looks great. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. >> i'm shocked. >> i'm getting ready for tonight at 9:00. i think we have been watching to many debates. >> you throw me a curveball. i'm throwing one back at you. >> we are throwing you a curveball because we got the excerpts from mitt romney's speech at 11:30. you have the tone and the tenor, what's your reaction? >> i haven't seen it. i heard about it last night. i haven't seen what mitt going to say. look, as you know, mitt and i are very close friends. he's very worried about the future of our party and our country.
5:35 am
he's a principled conservative, he's got a lot to say. i look forward to seeing what he has to say. i haven't seen what he's saying and i haven't seen the excerpt. >> i don't know how well you know it, but we read it off the a.p. wire, he's concerned about the direction of the country and the country will cease to be the country it is if donald trump is elected. and he's concerned about him being the nominee. do you share that concern? >> look, i'm going to keep my powder dry. i'm the speaker of the house so i'm neutral in this race. i'm the chair of the convention, so -- but mitt has strong feelings about this. i want to see what he has to say. i think he as lot to offer in that -- he's concerned about the future of our party and the country. you just read this to me. i just heard that he was going to give the speech last night, so i'm going to keep my powder dry on it. but look, here's the point. we're all really worried about the future of this country. here's that i can control as speaker of the house.
5:36 am
i can control what we offer americans from the house republicans, and that's why we're working on a very specific and bold agenda, a total alternative to the left agenda. that's what we're working on here because the other things are outside of our control. we're not running for president. we're not involved in the presidential election. we're involved in the battle of iideas here in congress. and we want to offer the country a very clear and compelling choice and a complete alternative to the left's agenda that's what we can control here in congress and that's what i'm focused on. >> mitt romney, in 2012 he got donald trump's support and asked for it. what do you make of it? many people are saying this is hypocrisy? >> look, i haven't seen what mitt said yet. i don't know. >> he's basically coming out and speaking against trump. >> i know mitt feels strongly about this election and mitt is one of the leaders. he's worried about the future of the party. i'll let him speak for what it is. i won't get into who endorsed who in 2012.
5:37 am
if you're the nominee, you want everybody's endorsement. we don't have a nominee -- we don't have a nominee yet. in thing is still -- this thing has a way to play out. people are speaking their minds while we are selecting a nominee. everything is on fair game on the way to the nomination. that's the way it is. >> looking at romney's remarks they're focused out to trump. we know that donald trump reached out to your office specifically. there seems to be an effort to reach out to the quote/unquote establishment or other conservatives. what is your response to donald trump reaching out to you directly? >> i'm pleased with it. we're working on setting something up right now. i'm actually reaching out to each of the remaining candidates to walk them through what we call our agenda project so that they understand exactly what we're doing and where we're going in the house republicans. we are working on getting something set up, over the next few days. probably a phone call, because our schedules will be too difficult to meet. >> so he did reach out and he
5:38 am
mentioned -- >> i'm also reaching out to marco and kasich and the others. >> do you treat him like every other candidate? >> i don't know. i met him four years ago for about 30 seconds. it was a very pleasant meeting but i don't know the guy. i can only hope and assume that our nominee will want to enact our bold conservative agenda that we're going to be offering. we're taking the principles that we share, the principles that built this country. we're applying them to the problems of the day to offer the country a better way forward, a very specific solution for our countries's balance, how do you balance the budget, how do you get people out of poverty? what do you replace obamacare with? how do you restore the constitution so unelected bureaucrats aren't writing our laws? i think our five point agenda is something that everybody running for president should easily
5:39 am
support and grab on to. i don't know donald. i would assume so. >> i know you're talking about your poverty program at cpac, but i want to find out about this lawsuit. i understand you're suing president obama over giving jobs to illegals. jan brewer joined us earlier. she thinks trump by the way is the best candidate to crack down on the immigration. can you tell us about the suit? >> yes, we are joining in a lawsuit that the border state governors have sued for the executive amnesty that the president has put in place. we have been successful so far. the supreme court has opened the question which invites congress into this lawsuit. and this is really a lawsuit about our article one powers. it said that it's congress that writes the law, article two of constitution is that the executive branch executes laws faithfully. this is a question of who writes our laws? the president does not unilaterally write laws whether it's immigration law or any law. congress does. we are fighting to protect our legislative powers in the separation of powers under our
5:40 am
article one powers. so we are joining and i'll be passing a resolution in the house in a week's time to send to the supreme court in defense of the separation of powers. we the legislative branch are the ones who write laws. the president can't write it, whether immigration or anything. that's what we're depending here. >> something else you're doing this week, you're pushing further. your push amongst republicans in the -- in the name and the spirit of jack kemp your program to help families get out of a cycle of poverty in many cases. and how you plan on doing that. republicans known rightly or wrongly as someone who doesn't go for the votes but you're going for the program. >> absolutely. this is one of the big issues we're laying out the country this year. we think we have better ideas for fighting poverty because brian, what we have been doing in this war on poverty, we have been treating the symptoms of poverty, making it more tolerable, but with ekeep people in poverty. people are trapped in poverty. we have a poverty trap. we want to offer solutions to get people out of poverty and
5:41 am
move people from welfare to work. right now the federal government disincentivizes work and it pays not to work and we think that's ridiculous. we want to restore opportunity and upward mobility and go at the root causes of poverty and we have a lot of ideas about that. that is what we think we need to do to reconnect every american with the american idea. the condition of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life. this is who we are as a nation and tens of millions of people don't believe that that's there for them, we want to offer solutions. that's what i'm talking about today. but that's also one of the big agenda points we're rolling out later this spring. >> that's great. the number one issue that all the voters are saying is the economy this year. so hats off to you for addressing that issue, poverty is something we field to be talk -- we need to be talking at. >> that's right. speaker ryan, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you and congratulations, ainsley. >> thanks so much. it means so much coming from
5:42 am
you. >> i need a hair cut. unbelievable. i'm the first guy paul ryan ever attacked in his life. coming up, the stakes couldn't be higher ahead of tonight's debate on fox news and anna kooiman snuck into the debate hall. don't tell anybody. she will give us the tour, next. and you know her from "that '70s show" and "orange is the new black." she is awesome. this morning, laura prepon, she is "cooking with friends" this morning. yay! i've been claritin clear for 14 days.
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when your allergy symptoms start... ...doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day. tonight is a huge night, presidential candidates face off inside detroit, the historic fox theater. our own anna kooiman just snuck into the theater. take a close look. that blue light -- we hear you,
5:46 am
anna. that blue light -- >> ainsley, ainsley? >> what? >> pete, brian, ainsley, we had to sneak in here. we left the diner, we're doing politics and pancakes yesterday after super tuesday in nashville, but we really wanted to see this magnificent theater. the fox theater. so i rushed to the hotel, got my credentials, yep, that's me. we got past security. now we're in here. they haven't brought the lights up. it opened in 1928, according to their website. it's an oriental style. absolutely beautiful. the detailing and all of the gold. it was actually the very first theater to have escalators and elevators for the patrons and the very first in the world to have talking movies. things did decline in the 1960s and 1970s. but then in 1989 it was declared a national historic site. partially because of that history i gave you. so there's a lot of history here. we'll be making some tonight as well. enthusiasm here in michigan does seem very strong for this election.
5:47 am
in fact, the detroit news is reporting that 21,000 people in michigan registered for the lottery tickets to come see the show tonight. but guess how many of the public is actually going to be get tickets? >> 50. the reason is because the republican national committee according to the detroit news gave 400 of them to the michigan state party. 350 are going to state committee members and elected officials and grass roots activists, so there's only 50 left for the public. why does this matter, ainsley, pete and brian? you know, every time donald trump is up on the stage and he hears the booing from the crowd, what does he always say, he points his finger and says that's the lobbyist and special interest groups. is that who's in here tonight? we don't know. the rnc won't get back to them on the allotment of the tickets. that's the latest they're reporting. a lot of questions swirling about that again tonight. >> yeah. and anna, it starts tonight at 9:00 eastern time.
5:48 am
that'll be -- we know about megyn, chris and bret tonight. it will be thunderous the crowd's reaction. >> i appreciate anna slipping under the cover of darkness. >> she's a good burglar. >> thank you, anna. great job. coming up, you know her from "that '70s show" and i know her from "orange is the new black." but today, laura acting but cooking. "cooking with friends." >> and let's go to martha. >> all right, thank you. debate night in detroit as the forces for and against donald trump mobilize in an unprecedented battle. doug and monica on the meaning of mitt romney in 2016. they'll talk to us this morning. paul ryan, you heard from him a moment ago. he said he'll sit down with
5:49 am
donald trump, what does this all mean? on the hillary side, the person who installed the server in the bathroom in chappaqua has a deal to spill what he knows. this could get interesting. judge napolitano talks about that one when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. make a dep-- vo: it happens so often... (box smashing) you almost get used to it. (voice on phone) main menu. representative. please hold-- representative! hello, retirement account number 61414-- here's a retirement plan built just for you. vo: which is why being put first-- you built this just for me? that's how it works. takes some getting used to. not always. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side [bassist] two late nights in blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks.
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you know her from the popular -- her popular roles in these hit shows. >> what did you do? >> everyone in here will judge. >> how am i better? >> what have you done with prince princess leia? >> hi, guy.
5:53 am
>> what are you doing with darth vader? >> we're just friends, luke. i think you'll like him. [ laughter ] >> all right. your passion about piper on "orange is the new black" but did you know that laura prepon is passionate about wellness? she just released her new cookbook it's called "the stash plan." laura, congratulations. >> yeah, it's on the shelves right now. >> why is it called "the stash plan"? >> >> because it's how i'm able to live my life, the way i control my nutrition and how i feel. twice in week in really short sessions we teach you to cook a stash of food and every morning you take ten minutes. you build your meals and you have your food throughout the day. it's free and affordable. you know what you're eating. >> 21 days you do it ahead of time?
5:54 am
>> no, for a week and you prepare your meals for two days after that. it's 80/20, so on sunday you eat what you want. >> okay. i'm hungry. >> so here's an example. there's actually six different stashes in the book. each stash is protein and carbs and vegetable. for example, we have broth infused brown rice. everything i cook, i try to put brown broth in it whenever possible. we have roasted cauliflower. what i'll do is pull this out of the fridge, put some rice, some roasted cauliflower and then right here, i use real butter. real oil. anything -- >> outstanding. >> i always use my hands. >> i do too. i get lazy. >> why the brown broth? is it healthy for you? >> it's like a light -- when you have the organic bones and you cook them down for 16 or 17
5:55 am
hours all of the bone marrow and the cartilage and everything goes into this amazing broth and then you strain it and what's left is like the fountain of youth. >> right. >> so this comes in perfectly. >> you need more bone in your diet. >> exactly. organic, farm fresh eggs. again, i use real butter. because one of the underbelly of the book, we teach people about the liver and the gallbladder. which is assimilating nutrients. everyone wants to know about fat burning and detoxifying. the liver and the gallbladder when you eat something that the body can recognize, i know what to do with this. it's real butter. i know how to assimilate it in my body. >> helping parents, as much as keeping your lifestyle going. you have food allergiallergies. and you can get ahead of it. >> it's more about making your life worry free.
5:56 am
absolutely. in two short sessions a week. >> can i stash pizza? >> if it's organic. you can do whatever you want. >> there you go. >> if you want to book, this is what it looks like. called "the stash plan." it's just been released. congratulations on your career. this is amazing. >> thank you. this is breakfast. some kids are better at hide and seek than other kids. they are hilarious. laura, stick around. me pain her. in my lower back but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my lower back pain. find a machine at ♪uh. introducing centrum vitamints. a new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint... with a full spectrum of nutrients... new centrum vitamints.
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before it's history it's news. ♪ >> here's one for the road. we showed you the worst hide and seek spots, now they're going viral. here are some of yours. >> rose aland that's her 2-year-old grandson trying to hide from her. >> and one said her daughter has a black belt in hide and seek.
6:00 am
>> lori's son zach says no one would think to look in the crib. >> there's great. >> so cute. >> if you want to learn how to stash away your food for the whole week, laura is here. >> i'm stashing the food in my mouth. bill: we are only hours away from what can be a pivotal point in the race for the nomination. dr. ben carson will not be in his hometown of detroit tonight. martha: there is a sense of urgency setting in for the 3 who need to catch up to donald trump and tonight is a big opportunity for them. delegate-rich michigan holds i


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