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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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he didn't say double dog dare you. but that is apparently what he really meant. we'll see what donald trump says at 1:30 eastern time because we will get his official response. >> hour 1/2 from now. we'll see you during that hour. >>out numbered starts right now. harris: fox news alert. a blistering rebuke of republican front-runner of donald trump from none other than one of the big name in republican party sills the man who was nominee four years ago. this is "outnumbered". i'm harris faulkner. hire andrea tantaros. we have radio show host, meghan mccain. today's #oneluckyguy, co-host of "the five" and host of cashing inch. eric bolling. on "outnumbered." >> this is where i live. i come to visit you guys once in a while. harris: always a big day when you show up. we made news for you.
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>> we did this? heard that i was being on "outnumbered," let's do this thing at 11:45. andrea: that is how big you are, bolling. harris: let's rock and roll. >> let's do it. harris: well in a presidential race with some unpredictable turns we have yet another one. mitt romney, just minutes ago, lashing out at donald trump, unloading on "the donald" and in a way quite frankly, we may never have seen coming from a party leader about a candidate who could very well be his party's nominee. speaking at university of utah, romney with some harsh words, urging his fellow republicans to reject donald trump, warning that a trump presidency would be disasterous for the nation. watch. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as degree from trump university. [cheers and applause]
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he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. he get as free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. [laughter] his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make america the and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgement to be president and his personal qualities, would mean that america would cease to be a shining city on a hill. harris: now hours before the speech when some of the details began to come out, they were released trump fired back at romney. >> mitt romney is a stiff. mitt romney will not get elected. mitt romney failed twice and really failed last time. he was going answer a president should have been beaten of the president was not doing well and he should have been beaten. that should have been an easy election. the problem nobody came out to vote for mitt romney.
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i'm talking about republicans. they didn't come out. i mean it is well-documented. i'm not just saying this. harris: while all of that is going on, gop control of congress possibly on the line. mitch mcconnell and paul ryan reportedly have a plan to deal with trump that includes speaking up when he steps out of line. hmmm. all this as a small but growing group of conservative leaders are calling for a third party option. eric, i will come to you first. your thoughts. >> my thoughts were very powerful speech. mitt romney hold as lot of weight for some reason still in the gop establishment class, d.c. elites. so delivery was powerful, my question, why now if he really feels that way why didn't he say this three months ago when it may have made a difference? i did some math on "the five," there is only one path to the nomination right now and it is donald trump's path. marco rubio's path is almost completely closed down. ted cruz is doing well but he doesn't have numerical path
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there unless rubio drops out. that doesn't seem like it will happen. establishment doesn't want him to drop out. romney, great. only thing i can think of why now, maybe they hope that rubio and cruz stay in the race and bring all the way down to convention time and donald trump has 1236, not 1237, it goes to brokered convention. here comes mitt romney for 30 shot at title, to bring him in as brokered gop establishment candidate, give it a shot that way. harris: splinter the vote to create pathway for somebody else. >> only way to keep donald trump out of it this point. numbers are staggering going forward. harris: why mitt romney? why a government, andrea, who lost couple times in the race to the white house? >> it is an excellent question. doesn't make very much sense. look at how "national review" did when they spoke up and tried to get trump out of the race and lecture voters on how to vote.
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harris: was this lecture? andrea: i thought it was. mitt romney, smart guy, good family, man, you got to give him that. wrong messenger. like a coach lost super bowl 42-0, telling the winning coach to what plays to call. i want to take him to task. mitt romney is liberal. he used to be pro-choice. jonathan gruber, called everybody stupid wrote romneycare and obamacare. that was mitt romney's top aide. i didn't see him in the audience. he lectured donald trump on foreign policy? mitt romney did not want to go after osama bin laden. said we should attack pakistan or ask pakistan for permission before we attack. i can go on and on. mitt romney has no business electing voters on electability and conservativeism voters look at him to and tell him take his brand of conservatism and tell
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him to shove it. harris: mitt romney talked specifically about the islamic state savages. watch that. >> what he said about six sy minutes. did you hear this? it was about syria and isis. it has to go down as the most ridiculous and dangerous idea of the entire campaign season. let isis take out assad, he said. and then we can pick up the remnants. now think about that. let the most dangerous terror organization the world has ever known take over an entire country? this recklessness is recklessness in the extreme. harris: there might be a little theme in the mccain household against donald trump specifically where there is foreign policy. i heard your father, senator mccain talk about. what was your response to that? >> well i think many people's biggest concern the fact that donald trump has such nice things to say about vladmir putin. i want to just, i feel like, awkward for me right now because obviously i'm tone establishment spawn sitting on couch right now.
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according to recent cnn poll, 48% of the republicans who do not already back donald trump say they would probably not or definitely not support him in november. i want to know what happens to republicans like me? meaning i want to support the nominee. there is not a chance in holy gila bend, arizona, i will vote for hillary clinton. what about republicans questioning donald trump, questioning his tactics, at what point in time will he start reaching out? when you're a general candidate, you're the nominee, you're representing all republicans an speaking for all of us, at what point may he take a look, see 48% is big number. harris: were you okay with mitt romney delivering message? was he as andrea said not really right messenger. >> i like mitt romney. always have. i voted for him. i agree with you, eric, would have been lot more helpful endorsing rubio or cruz or whatever. harris: you would or himself. >> throw your hat in the ring if i want to be emphatic what a
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terrible choice donald trump is, get back in, mitt. >> this is important though. i get asked this a lot. i host a radio show. i speak to a lot of young people, people are confused exactly what establishment means. d.c. establishment elite everyone except donald trump? who is also -- harris: good question for donald trump. one of the things talked about a lot was economy. in fact, mitt romney started with, i'm not going to declare candidacy today. i'm not making that announcement. i'm not going to pick and endorse a candidate but where he did go on economy and creation of jobs. he hit donald trump this way being a bad businessman, something donald trump has gotten a lot of credit for for creating jobs. let's watch that. get your reaction. >> you say, wait, wait, isn't he a huge business success? doesn't know what he is talking about? no, he isn't. and no, he doesn't. [cheering]
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look, his bankruptcies have crushed small businesses, and men and women who work for them. he inherited his business. he didn't create it. and whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? and then there's trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. sandra: so to add to andrea's point being a smart man and family man, and mitt romney successful business man at that and savvy businessman. he is trying to go at trump where it hurts and a lot of credibility that being said, there is big debate, we're wondering how trump will respond to this we're monitoring his twitter. he is very active on twitter. i went on air at 6:00 a.m. he sent out four tweets before then. he has not responded to mitt romney's attacks yet. romney said in the speech a few moments ago, watch how he
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responds to my speech today. will he talk about our policy differences or attack me. that is not really fair is it? mitt romney just went after him with personal attacks! harris: right. sandra: he didn't stick to policy. andrea: if i were donald trump i would roll the tape of mitt romney praising me in 2012 for me being job creator. if you want to talk about, talk about -- i think we have the tape. harris: not just praising, endorsing. let's watch. >> donald trump has shown an an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works, to create jobs for the american people. he has done it here in nevada. he has done it across the country. he understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. i spent my life in the private sector, not quite as successful as this guy but successful nonetheless. i want to say thank you to donald trump for his endorsement. it means a great deal to me to have the endorsement of mr. trump. thank you so much for your help and your endorsement today. look forward to seeing you out on the trail. thank you, donald.
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[cheers and applause] harris: donald trump endorsing mitt romney and being thanked for being even a better businessman than mitt romney by mitt romney. cue the videotape. don't you love -- >> finish up, this is exactly why the american people are so fed up with politics and politicians and the way d.c. has been run for the last 40 years when eight years ago mitt romney can say, hey, this man is great businessman, he is better businessman than i am. now when the fire is at the front door, and they're looking for a hose they go back to what they, forget everything that brought them into the house in the first place, you know what? he is a terrible businessman. donald trump has some businesses, vodka that failed or a college that failed. harris: fake. he brought that up. >> this is america. how many people out there tried a is business that didn't work out? thank god the economy is strong enough you can come back and get a job doing something else. failing at vodka -- by no means
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should we take anything away from mitt romney's business sense, spot on, fantastic. don't take shots -- andrea: it is, mitt romney was corporate raider threw house thousand out of work. where he was vulnerable in the 2012 election. he is smart man. this showed bad character. it was embarrassing it humiliating. no credibility to speak on this. we saw him in with shirt off in boxing ring. maybe this is getting own press. this is typical of d.c. establishment, self-promotion and self-celebration. i look at record, harris, mitt romney demanding the release of his taxes after what harry reid did to him. reinforces republican stereotype. rich white guy battling other rich white guy. it was so humiliating. should just go away. harris: doubles down on that. exactly not just calling for donald trump to release his taxes. but specifically speaking about some of the things that you should be looking for. how would know? sandra: i'm confused on that. saying there is bombshell.
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tell us what it is if you know it is there. >> i'm not sure anyone noise as harry reid didn't know, accused mitt romney of a bombshell in his taxes and there wasn't anything. there is no there there. mitt romney, i like mitt romney. i voted for mitt romney as well. andrea: i did too. >> i was behind, both times i was behind mitt romney. however it's time to move on. the american people have said we're done with you. just getting a little weird now. time for them to say, you know, all right for a new breed. >> are any of you concerned with what i told you, 48% of the republicans don't already back trump? >> you know what numbers have been this season so far, 2016 versus 2008, last time uncontested, in super tuesday, 60% increase in republican turnout. 30% drop in democrat turnout. across the board. iowa, nevada, new hampshire, breaking records. whatever is happening, you may not like it but there is grassroots movement that is bringing people who haven't been
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there on gop side. harris: one problem, we're watching -- >> can i respond? harris: go ahead. >> all i'm saying there is splintering within the party. i understand the american people are speaking. i understand this man will more than likely short of a nuclear war hitting debate stage will -- sandra: megyn, spending all time attacking their own. why not focusing attacks on hillary clinton? andrea: great point, sandra. harris: focus on clintons they said they coined phrase crony capitalism. they embody it. he side a little. basically turning on a friend who had given him money for a campaign, call this for what it is, all i could think about what trump said in very beginning. this is exactly what we would see. because he had, because he had seen the flow of money that when you flow money to people, the powerful people, eventually, eventually it comes out. and this is how it comes out. there is this somewhat of a
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betrayal. why do it? what is in it for mitt? look -- andrea: trending on twitter. gotten most he received in years, years. harris: this is man of integrity? will you announce do you think? third time's charm? >> i don't think he can announce but one they pick to go in brokered convention. andrea: i don't think that is the plan. >> he is not going to do it. andrea: even if he did, eric, establishment fed us mitt romney last time and you and i others voted for him even though he wasn't conservative. got behind him. we'll do this your way. he wouldn't go negative against barack obama. so, he lost that election for a number of reasons a and now they're elevating him to tell us how to vote? it is just astounding. harris: now going any of against donald trump. we were talking about, wouldn't go against opposite party he was running against but within his own. >> super-pac set up by romney
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senior visor, i can't remember name of it, but her name is katie packer, joined by tim member who ran the bush campaign, joining super-pac, the super-pac as one purpose. not to beat hillary clinton. it is to take down donald trump. harris: imagine if they would turn that on the democratic party? andrea: this is a sick pit of professional, political exploiters that make their money off of campaigns. meghan mccain can attest to this specifically. all of these people, they're the same people worked for her father, spent millions of dollars and unfortunately ran her father's campaign into the ground. he was able to rise from ashes and come back and win. same people worked for rudy. same people that worked for bush. same people worked for romney, prevented republicans winning white house. voters are sick and tired of having to support these candidates that are propped up by these people make money to feather their own bank account. we're sick of it. a lot of people.
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that is why they're getting behind trump. you know what? he might not be conservative but he can fight and win and not be beholden to special interests. harris: megyn, tell me about that, behind the scenes. >> we had discussions on and off the record. we actually had discussion on "the five." a lot of people working for jeb's campaign. there is incestuousness from failed campaigns to failed campaigns. jeb bush was completely ill-served by number of people around. i don't know about the super-pac. a big problem how campaigns are run. donald trump seen he doesn't have to listen to so-called strategists and experts. i don't want to complicate this too much. i'm still worried about 48% at that don't support him. harris: i hear you on that. one time i heard romney talk about senators cruz, rubio and governor john kasich was when he said they would be at one point better for the economy than donald trump. other than that, i'm confused at
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how this helped anybody other than the establishment and mitt romney. sandra: real quick i would update donald trump tweeted out a little bit ago he is on his way to see great people of maine. he will land in portland in an hour. harris: i'm sure he will have something to say. andrea: every time they attack trump supporters calling them racist, sexist, calling them bigots they hurt themselves and only help trump. there are insulting republican voters, mitt romney, establishment, every time they do it. it is foolish, it is embarrassing. harris: we'll cover the news as it happens. boy, it has been a fiery one to start this hour. all this as we're hours away from the next republican debate right here on the fox news channel. stage is being set in detroit for what is expected to be intense showdown. gop candidates hoping for a game-changer ahead of big primary season ahead in florida and ohio. what can we expect tonight? stay where you are. stay close. this is sheldon
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back to the news.
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♪ sandra: 2016 race about to shift into high gear in the motor city. right now in detroit gop candidates preparing to face off in tonight's big debate right here on the fox news channel and
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it could be the final chance for donald trump's rivals to lay a glove on him, ahead of winner-take-all contests in florida, and ohio. just four candidates set to take the stage, after ben carson took a step towards suspending his campaign. all right, completely different landscape tonight, megyn. just four candidates up on stage. this will look and sound a lot difference of previous debates. >> rematch with megyn kelly. she will ask him tough questions. we'll see how he responds. cruz has to come out swinging. has to show he can beat trump. shows in several states already. rubio has to look he is not failing. john kasich might as well not be there as far as i'm concerned. sandra: personal attacks against trump past several weeks, some awkward some strong. do you expect same reaction. >> i do. i was completely wrong before
9:24 am
debate on super tuesday. donald trump with big mess of lead coming out of nevada and new hampshire. winning most of the states of super tuesday i would think he lay back not take the bait. rubio and cruz, boom to trump. cruz to trump boom. he fought back. some would say he didn't need to do that, he puts it sometimes, you see the clubhouse. it means you're about to win the golf match. lay up short, chip-and-putt in and win. he fought back. my guess that is his nature. has a massive win under his belt on super tuesday. he has great win to his back side, sailing term, coming up on march 15th where its winner-take-all. harris: we start to see something like that. >> 370 delegates winner-take-all. he is winning those states. he should technically lay up, chip-and-putt in but doesn't seem like he is going to. sandra: heard calls for trump, andrea, to act presidential.
9:25 am
not just anti-trumpers but his supporters as well. time to take a different tone. do you expect trump tom to take different tone in tonight's debate at all? andrea: potentially until he is attacked. on press conference, super tuesday, moderate the tone and temperament is cause of concern. temperament shows, begs the question, is it presidential? i expect he will open that way but in marco rubio decides to take same tack he did last time, that will not last very long with trump. which marco rubio will show up? will he be on point? he is very good debater, you have to give him that we've seen him not able to perform under pressure before. i want to know what strategy marco rubio will have. again very good. is it going personal? is it going to be the same comedy routine. ted cruz also a phenomenal debater. how will he stand out in this debate? sandra: speech or lecture we heard from mitt romney, does that change anything?
9:26 am
will that play a part on the stage tonight? harris: couple things. i don't think it helps either one of them. if i'm them i'm pretty angry. this guy is trying to get to 1237. he is already 316 in terms of delegates. you might have handed him a few. now you have the electorate mad. they will certainly make people know that they will be vocal about that. they will now, seen miles of voterss right outside, look at new hampshire. now you may see miles again. that may have refired up base, that says you know what? gosh, we don't feel like we're being heard. i'm rubio and cruz, i'm thinking, dude, that didn't help me out at all. the other thing i'm thinking, rubio does a lot better when he is on offensive. the one-time he stumbled i believe donald trump wasn't there. he was on defense. in my opinion, to be on defense. he needs somebody to spar with. if that the is marco rubio who shows up, fine but that mud sticks to you when you fling it
9:27 am
as well. you saw that. >> if i'm marco rubio i would be ridiculous and dirty as possible, like stubby hands. harris: you think that will do it? >> i don't think it matters anymore. tough go out swinging. one thing offends came out and said i have beautiful hands. amazing. really doesn't matter anymore. i think it doesn't matter anymore. i think he has to finish and come out to get his digs in where he can. >> everyone is trying to get rid of donald trump. marco rubio can't, that is not presidential. harris: not at all. >> has no path to victory, everyone knows that. >> here is why he doesn't get out. can i explain it. here's why. rubio doesn't get out, if rubio stays in, ted cruz has enough votes to grab conservative vote, kasich takes ohio, they take in enough delegates away from donald trump he might not get to the path. if anyone of those three drops out, it's over, done with scenario with donald trump wins.
9:28 am
sandra: what about dr. ben carson? >> advice give him for the debate night? >> stop donald trump? not become president. >> get as many digs for donald trump. andrea: didn't work last time, megyn. there is also question does it hurt the character going forward harris: if he wants to run for governor of florida? andrea: right. >> i like this marco rubio. i like one who seems i can hang out with him in miami. >> you don't like donald trump saying same thing? you like rubio says it -- >> donald trump attacked my father's service. that is entirely different thing. no more decorum in the presidential election. everybody might as well take the gloves off and -- sandra: if that didn't set it up, don't miss the debate. grab popcorn, whatever you fancy, do not forget to tune in to night's republican debate on fox news channel. will rubio, cruz, kasich, stop donald trump? it's a showdown we do not want to miss.
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join bret baier, megyn kelly, chris wallace 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. major development in the hillary clinton email scandal. the justice department reportedly granting immunity to a state department staffer who worked on clinton's private server in her home. what does that mean for the woman who wants to be president? ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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9:34 am
fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano, believes that this means that a grand jury is well underway, hearing evidence about hillary's e-mail use and so much more. >> a federal judge would only grant immunity for a witness to testify. a witness could only testify if a grand jury was already hearing evidence. so if a grand jury is hearing evidence, the evidence was obtained by the fbi and delivered to the justice department. the justice department decided it's going to indict someone. not brian pagliano, the guy who installed her server in her house. they want him to testify against some person or persons north of him on the totem pole. andrea: and if this is not enough of a bombshell, get this. "the new york times" reporting that hillary could possibly be questioned by the fbi within weeks. and that their investigation could conclude by early may. that's according to -- reportedly -- to anonymous law
9:35 am
enforcement official. okay, eric. first, to you on the pagliano getting immunity. as the judge pointed out, it looks like they're going higher for an indictment. >> yeah. okay, well, two types of immunity, whatever he testifies to right now or a general immunity. i'm guessing it would be the former, not the latter, saying whatever you say now, we will grant you immunity to so you can't be prosecuted. interesting. that's just good legal counsel saying if you're going to do this, fine. the issue though for me is right now this is, if i'm not mistaken, this is a civil lawsuit, right? so they're looking, and they're bringing civil charges to -- investigating to see if they can charge her with anything civilly. if they were to turn and say, well, we found enough now and turned it into a criminal lawsuit -- harris: i see where you're going. >> in indicting her on a criminal lawsuit, i think that would be a big, huge, momentous thing. outside of that i think this is a bit of a fishing expedition.
9:36 am
by the way, the democrats don't really care anyway. harris: well, you know, our unit here, our investigative unit have been looking into this very closely. here are the things that we at fox have been wondering, the parameters that were set for that server, you know? specifically, the logistics of what it would be handling. the passwords, you see some reporting on who got passwords and whether or not those people had the kinds of clearances with classified information in those e-mails. and what were the conversations that would have been had about sensitive material within the e-mails that the secretary of state no doubt would have been fielding since she didn't have a those are the things you would look to a brian pagliano to be able to tell you since he set it up. he has not spoken. he has been been the ungettable. this makes him gettable. if they get enough in a civil case, does that change immunity? that's an excellent question for the judge but right now, gosh, it would be great to have some of this information. andrea: we already have it.
9:37 am
sandra, we don't need pagliano, and you know why? the fbi has 1100 e-mails that show not just huma abedin, but others who are also being investigated were conspiring while they were under investigation by the fbi to cover all of this up. can you imagine the hubris, sandra? 1100 e-mails. they're already being investigated, and they are conspiring on how to cover it up. this is criminal, and it is punishable of a felony proportion. sandra: okay. so the whole point is to prove there was intent because we still have to rely on what hillary clinton uses as the excuse for having this private e-mail server set up, and that was convenience, right? so pagliano first, right? judge napolitano says go up the ladder. he's actually predicting, judge is -- i spoke with him this morning -- that there is going to be an indictment somewhere along the line by may. so it's amazing, andrea, and i wonder, megan, if this surprises you guys, how fast this is -- megyn: all of a sudden i'm like
9:38 am
are they waiting until she becomes the nominee to take her out? are people in the obama administration have this much animosity? harris: oh, man. meghan: give me the popcorn, give me the beer, but it looks like that could be what's happening. andrea: written proof they were conspiring to suppress evidence is huge, and it's not getting enough coverage in the media. all right, we have much more on mitt romney's blistering attack on donald trump. why he says the gop-front-runner should never be given any real power.
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>> dishonesty is donald trump's hallmark. he claimed that he had spoken clearly and boldly against going into iraq. wrong. he spoke in favor of invading iraq. he said he saw thousands of
9:43 am
muslims in new jersey celebrating 9/11. wrong. he saw no such thing. he imagined it. he's not of the temperament of the kind of stable, thoughtful person we need as leader. his imagination must not be married to real power. sandra: all right. there he is, mitt romney. that was last hour, firing off this blistering attack against gop front-runner donald trump who, by the way, donald trump responding, calling mitt romney a failed candidate. eric bolling. >> well, that's true. i mean, mitt romney did fail twice at running for -- i just don't know why he's doing it. there are so many people who say let's unite the party. donald says let's unite the party, marco rubio. well, why not start now? i mean, look, we're, i don't know, 400, 319 delegates for trump -- harris: 316, yep.
9:44 am
>> 226 for cruz and 94 for rubio. you're deep into the race. if you want to do this, do it earlier than where we are right now. if not, if you're going to lose, you're going to lose, but get behind the team you want to win anyway. you're not going to be in the playoffs, but let's make sure our division beats their division. sandra: so we just saw mitt romney urging republicans to reject donald trump. when we have seen these attacks in the past, meghan, it's actually bolstered donald trump rather than hurt him. will this be effective, these attacks there mitt romney in meghan: i think, unfortunately, mitt romney is just speaking to his audience, fans of his and not fans of donald trump. i agree i don't know how much this is going to move the needle one way or the other. and one thing i agree with is a lot of this is too little, too late. i think we should been hitting donald trump harder, way, way sooner than what's happening right now. donald trump is the most likely nominee for the party, and people are going to have to deal with it -- sandra: that's it? there's no path forward for
9:45 am
marco rubio or ted cruz? meghan: if somehow ted cruz were able to win florida and ohio, there is the possibility of a brokered convention, but that's going to make our party so vulnerable. >> yeah. the only pathway is through the brokered convention route, and it's so weird that this group of people who are just trying to hang onto power in d.c -- meghan: i don't think it's about hanging on to power. >> they would be willing not to win a nomination -- sandra: but, just said -- meghan, you just said you're against donald trump because of the attacks he made against your father. meghan: i'm ardently pro-life diswhrsh so is he. meghan: just let me finish one moment. after those videos came out at planned parenthood, how any conservative can say they still support -- andrea: but, meghan, i've got to stop you. mitt romney had planned parenthood on the board of romneycare. meghan: i'm not talking about
9:46 am
mitt romney, i'm talking about my problems with donald trump. ann that's why people are saying why would you roll out a mitt romney? i think that's why voters are confused today. somebody like a mitt romney and the establishment paved the way, arguably created the way for donald trump to rise up. i mean, the voters feel like they have given money to these campaigns, they handed the senate and the house to republicans, and they squandered it this last two years, sandra. so they want somebody this time around that's not afraid to fight. i wish mitt romney would have taken that attack with donald trump to barack obama. meghan: all i'm being asked is why i don't support donald trump. i think he and mitt romney's support are two entirely different thicks. sandra: do you support him if he is the -- meghan: i don't think i could ever vote for donald. >> why this is so important for everyone who hates donald trump to still support donald trump if he's the nominee. one reason.
9:47 am
there's an open seat on the supreme court right now that the president of the united states will nominate, and it better be a republican whether you like him or not. whoever it is will be vastly -- andrea: very good point, eric. sandra: all right. guys, we're going to have more on this right after this on "outnumbered." stay tuneed.
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harris: a second helping of "outnumbered" coming up, but first, jenna lee with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." you like that? jenna: it's good, harris, love it. former governor mitt romney lashed out at donald trump, well, now donald trump will fire back. if he will. we'll see, right? how will he spin romney's remarks to his advantage? is he's done it before, he'll do it again. you're going to have it live here on "happening now." also a bombshell twist in the oscar pistorius case, the news he was just dealt that'll actually put him behind bars. and a possible break in a mystery of doom canned malaysia flight 370. we're going to have all of that, top of the hour. harris: ooh, that blade runner news, very interesting. we'll see you then. thank you. >> there's plenty of evidence that mr. trump is a con man, a fake, mr. trump has changed his positions not just over the
9:52 am
years, but over the course of the campaign. and on the ku klux klan, daily for three days in a row. andrea: okay. so there is the ku klux klan reference and also that word con man which other republicans, eric, have been using. it almost looks like this is quite coordinated. does something like this just hand hillary clinton the nomination if they can't unite? >> yeah, i think so. and, again, that's the most important reason because you need a republican president. like i said, i will be the first person in line to vote for a rubio if he's the nominee, but there's no path. look, i think this is ben saz the other day -- sass the other day saying i can't vote for donald trump. this is damaging the gop brand, maybe beyond repair. harris: i realize he's in salt lake city. i don't think that's an accident, right? that's probably one of the places that you're going to hear a crowd, and you could hear it, at one point he said isn't he -- talking about trump -- a huge success? doesn't he know what he's doing?
9:53 am
no, he isn't, no, he momentum. and the crowd roared. i wondered whether or not this was a little bit of a trial balloon by mitt romney to show the party not only can i take shots at donald trump, but maybe i'm still popular. i mean, i don't -- like you, meghan -- like to see the conspiracy sort of side of things, but logistically, he could run again if he wanted. if donald trump didn't get to 1237 with the delegate count, he could be that man waiting in the wings like a bridesmaid for the third time. hope he saved the dress, sort of thing. i mean, it's a thought. andrea: sandra -- [laughter] you heard mitt romney attack donald trump on the economy, you have moderated presidential debates for the fox news channel. sandra: great question. on the last debate stage we saw rubio saying what's your plan, what's your plan, and there was criticism of that moderator for not following up and saying, hey, can you be more specific?
9:54 am
i don't want to sound like i'm dreaming here, but maybe there will be some more specifics on that stage tonight or at least some demands for them. maybe not from the moderators, but maybe from the candidates themselves. how is he going to grow -- we just reported 1% gdp growth in this cup, somebody's governor got to say how they're going to get this economy going. andrea: trump released a plan to replace obamacare, a very specific plan. this runs directly into mitt romney's territory because romney, of course, remember, jonathan gruber wrote obamacare, romneycare, a huge disaster in massachusetts. caused premiums to skyrocket. it wasn't the best policy. will trump go there tonight? meghan: i hope he gets as specific as possible. i think that's a lot of people's problems. he can't just keep saying we're going to make america great again, i build big houses, whatever. i would like him to get as specific as possible. andrea: what do you think, eric? the obamacare replacement plan by trump. >> this is what spurred the rise
9:55 am
in donald trump. republicans have elected senators and congressmen to repeal obamacare, to bring wages up, to bring spending down, and none of that has happened. so they said we're done with this, let's try something new. and it's coming to fruition in front of their face, and the establishment who's been there for all these years are saying, how did we let this happen? >> you know, if you are in the establishment, if you are an outsider, if you are an american today, what this says is the republicans are so focused on each other, and who benefits from that? the people across the political aisle. they're amazing. bernie sanders is still getting huge crowds. they're going to have to do some of the same work to pull together, but they are coalescing and getting behind their candidate getting ready for the fight. andrea: yes. when the democrats lick their chops, you know it's a bad thing for republicans. we will be right back with more. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
9:56 am
then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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♪ ♪ harris: that song makes my neck move. [laughter] tonight is going to be a good night. don't forget to tune into fox news channel. of course you won't forget, you're tubing in now, for the republican presidential debate. >> just leave the tv on. harris: the four remaining candidates will face off in what's sure to be a showdown you won't forget. kind of like an "outnumbered" with popcorn.
10:00 am
bret baier, megyn kelly, chris wallace kick it off on at 9 p.m. eastern right here on fnc. >> i had a great time. harris: live on the web next,, click on the overtime tab. "happening now" happening now. >> he will respond from the tough words from mitt romney. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> you don't know how long four minutes is, until your body. >> sports caster stalked with a video cam. that is at the middle of a trial. details on the accusation. >> are we any closer to it resolving the mystery of the


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