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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  March 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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fox business network's elizabeth macdonald. emac as we call her. today's #oneluckyguy, look who flew back in from the debate in detroit, republican strategist, campaign veteran tony sayegh.
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you're outnumbered. you're outnumbered. >> i flew in to be with you lovely ladies. harris: how do you do that? delta. andrea: was that a debate or was that a brawl? must-see tv in the motor city right here on fox news. four republican white house con end iters facing off for the 11th time on debate stage after donald trump's wins tuesday night. they expected them to steak a statesman like approach but didn't take long for the debate to get into the gutter. "the donald" into the middle of the fray. >> this little guy lied so much. >> here we go. >> about my record. he has lied so much about my record. >> don't worry about it, little marco, how will -- >> don't worry about it, big don. >> don't worry about it little
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marco. you ought to -- >> gentlemen. you have to do better than this. >> people in florida wouldn't elect him dog catcher. he couldn't, right now 21 point to me. i doubt it. >> i'm coming to you next. >> he scammed the people of florida. he scammed the -- he doesn't vote. he doesn't vote. >> let him respond please. he hit my hands. nobody ever hit my hands. look at those hands. are they small hands? [applause] and he referred to my hand if they're small, something else must be small. i guarranty you there is no problem. i guarranty it. [cheering] >> moving on -- >> donald actually cares about. >> that is what not what you said. >> donald, please i know it is hard not to interrupt. >> lying ted. >> donald, breathe, breathe. you can do it. i know it's hard. i know it's hard. >> when they're done with the growing today can i answer? >> you can not. i really hope that we don't see
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yoga on this stage. >> he is very flexible, so you never know. [laughter] andrea: that was face that i made last night numerous times. shock, ah, surprise, you were there. what did you think of the debate last night and performance by the candidates? >> you know if you got over the shock and awe of some of these comments, which were frankly downright crass an rude. >> highly inappropriate. >> you actually saw a very substantive debate. that was the design by the moderators who by all aclaim done a great job, focusing this debate. the problem we're talking about donald trump's reference to his hand and potentially other parts of his anatomy. great debates on urban issues, economy, openly four people on the stage. sandra you moderated debates. you know how hard it is this
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whole group versus intimate setting where they had more time to get into the depth. but instead we're talking about montage, because that what was memorable piece. andrea: those were memorable moments sadly, i think, sandra, for the republican party. went into the gutter, disgusting conversation sexualized all over social media. as tony points out there was a lot of substance there. there were opportunities to get into issues. as former presidential debate moderator what do you think of effort trying to get substance even though some people criticizing it and fact-checking it this morning. then it went dirty. what do you think of that? sandra: a-plus to the moderators. they did get to substance, four candidates on the stage, we didn't see that before. they had a lot more time and bigger chance to get to the substance. the economy was hit more so than i think i've seen in any of the previous debates. as you can imagine, harris, that
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made me very, very happy. trump was, speaking of economy, forced to defend a lot of these business deals. trump university came up. trump vodka. all these kind of things. but i think the message tated as "washington post" piece this morning points out the message tated saw him get was targeted attack by cruz and rubio to make him look like he could not possibly be the president. he doesn't look presidential. he is not electable for the republican party. that to me, as far as tone and tenor, that is when you saw donald trump have hardest time. andrea: right. harris i said before when i look and read plato he talks about keys to statesman. courage, you could give donald trump that the other piece that is needed temperment. i said that is where the question mark is with donald trump. yesterday he tried to open being presidential, then it just was shot. harris: okay, two things. i agree the moderators did such a wonderful job. chris wallace off the bat, full screens and all graphics and
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everything, injecting that fact information in there. but what i thought was really interesting was the aftermath. it is now up to us in the media and i hear what you're saying, i hear it, and i hear call in media to focus in on substance. there was a lot to chew on. we actually got to hear quite a bit. donald trump put out health care plan two flights nice ago. there was opportunity to, he came out with hard numbers on trade deficits with specific countries, they were such specific numbers, maybe chris christie has been coaching him a little bit in the wings, right? he really came out ready to go. then it devolved into something else. as we cover this today, really incumbent upon us to focus in on the substance. people who really matter weren't in the room. they will go to the polls and depend on us to fill in gaps, not be distracted by shiny objects and dirty talk. andrea: it was emac,
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unfortunate, as harris mentioned there were substantive answers give even by donald trump but that was lost. it deinvolved into something else. you have temperament question coming up again. maybe it was answered last night because it went seedy. >> right. and you don't want to debate to turn into jerry springer debate where the train of thought is making all nasty stops because it gets really mean, really rapidly. we were in such dangerous time, i say that economically for this country because we're in lost decade of growth where, we haven't seen this lost decade of growth since the depressionra. and at other side of the political aisle you are having them say go to tax rates of eisenhower era, 80%, 90%. that was not average tax rate. it was around 70. the reason it looked great and military spending and highway system spending, makes it look
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like a great gdp growth area. andrea: people don't talk about those important details of history. >> i don't want a 90% tax rate. andrea: i thought ted cruz did a great job. would declare him winner. marco rubio great debate performance. harris: let me with some breaking news here, my blackberry, we're getting new information. we're awaiting news conference by the l.a.p.d. we learned about the long-time saga with o.j. simpson. all those years ago, nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman murdered on the property o.j. simpson was destroyed. it happened in 1998 a knife was found on property during that time and turned over to authorities by a construction worker. that knife apparently has been back into existence if you will in this investigation. how that has come about we'll have to learn more perhaps in
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the news conference. the attorney, o.j. simpson former dream team, this part of the story, this part of the investigation, he considers to be quote, ridiculous. he says amazing how the world can not move on from this case. it is the media apparently still fascinated by everything o.j. simpson. o.j. simpson we should tell you still behind bars on another case dealing with grand larceny and robbery. he is up for parole next year. we'll see how that goes. with this case a bombshell piece of evidence in this case, would have been all those years ago. now surfaced back into the picture now. a buck knife is what it is called at the center of this investigation. when they step up to the lecturn we'll bring it to you live. stay close. try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing.
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i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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harris: fox news alert. press conference at l.a.p.d. headquarters and the case years old. the murders that happened then. let's watch now. >> i will go into description of the knife. that could be germane whether this actual piece of evidence is in fact evidence or just a backs
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sim lee or made up facsimile or made up story. our robbery homicide will look into that. the what i can tell you the story told to us by the person we received it from, an the person that we received this knife from is retired lapd officer, who retired back in the late '90s. he was a motor officer, and at the time according to him he was working an off-duty, which is, he was working a moving job which a lot of our officers do on off-duty basis as well as our retired officers. so i do not know whether he was retired at the time that he allegedly received this item, from the person who claimed they found it on the property, or whether he was still in fact an lapp officer and retired sometime after that. we're looking into that. the bottom line, with all cases that remain open such as the o.j. simpson and other murder cases and robbery case, unless
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there is an actual arrest or conviction to prove that we have actually closed the case the cases remain open. that is where we are with the o.j. simpson case. i shouldn't say the o.j. simpson case. this is the nicole brown case, this is double homicide that is still open and ongoing. so the, investigators will continue to look at that. that item is recovered by robbery homicide investigators. it is treated as we would all evidence. with our lab and they will study it and examine it for all forensics including serology and dna and hair samples, and that is ongoing as we speak. with that i take a couple questions. i may not be able to answer all your questions. let me start right here first. >> [inaudible]. give us reaction, allegations --
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[inaudible] what is your reaction to this? >> i was really surprised. i would think that an lapd officer, if this story is accurate as we're being told would know that anytime you are, you come into contact with evidence that you should and shall submit that to investigators. so i don't know what the circumstances are, why that didn't happen or if that is entirely accurate or if this whole story is possibly bogus from the get-go involving a variety of people. so we're looking into that but i was quite shocked. so in terms of charges, the officer is retired. so, in terms of administrative charges, with the department, we'll look into that but, at this point i don't believe there are any administrative charges could be filed because he is no longer an employee of the department. in terms of criminal allegation, robbery hop side, our
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investigators will look into potentiality of criminal charges related to this, so. >> the knife, condition it was in, how long the knife is, anything on it -- [inaudible] >> i don't have that information. the investigators asked we not be very descriptive the knife. they haven't actually told me and i can't tell you for obvious reasons for one, first of all we have to determine it is evidence and how do we prove whether it is not. only way we do that challenge the people involved where it was recovered, how long, where it was alleged to have been, et cetera. >> can you at least say whether or not it was a machete or kitchen knife or penknife? >> it is my understanding that it's a knife. not a machete so. >> [inaudible] -- even with incriminating
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evidence is found on the knife? >> my understanding, i'm not an attorney, my understanding from being a police officer for nearly 30 years, that double jeopardy would be in place here. so we could not charge mr. same son with the homicides that he already has been charged with because he has been acquitted. >> how long will the investigation of forensics takes? >> it depends. it depends what kind of evidence they are able to glean from the item. but we're working on that. obviously there is a lot of attention to this. we are interested in finding out quickly as possible, put the story to rest or confirm something. >> [inaudible] >> so, as i'm told, the off-duty or retired officer was working in the area of the rockingham estate and he claimed that an individual who claimed to be construction worker provided him with this knife, claiming that it was found on the property. so he held on to it until just recently when we disever coulded that he had it.
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and we have now recovered it within the last month. >> [inaudible] >> that may be part of the investigation but i don't know. >> are you planning to go back to the property to do any further investigation back on his estate? >> there will be plenty of additional investigation. i don't know where that will lead our investigators. that property as you know has been demolish and rebuilt. i don't know if they will be going back there. certainly they will look into all options. let me go over here. >> what year was the knife recovered? >> we are not going to provide exact dates because again that could go to our investigators proving or disproving the legitimacy of this item and where it came from and who was involved. >> where exactly on the property was found? >> i don't know that. >> was any other knives recovered or turned in by the public? >> i don't have that information, sorry. >> what is the explanation for holding it so long? no it is my understanding that
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he believed that it was the, the case was closed, which again, is a possibility, that he had that misunderstanding. so again, as i explained at the beginning, any case that is not, where we don't have a conviction on all of the charges, or we're not able to prove to our satisfaction that we have proved the facts of case remains an open case. that is the case here. >> lapd officer, he didn't know that to turn it in? >> i don't know what his same is. that is information i have at this time. i'm sure we'll look into that further. >> releasing name the officer? >> we're not releasing his name at this time? >> do you know the person who found the knife? >> we don't. i would ask the public, you are seeing this story, you believe you are the individual that provided this knife, love to have you contact our robbery whom division and we get more
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information from then. >> is there possible obstruction of justice not returning the knife in. >> i don't know about that we'll look into potentiality of any criminal charges involved here. >> is it true that he tried to turn in the knife at one point and investigators told him -- [inaudible] >> i don't know that. >> how much dna evidence -- [inaudible]. >> i'm not a forensic expert but my understanding that depending on where an item is kept and stored and maintained, it is possible to get dna -- look what we do forsenically with our natural history, discovery of items that are very old. so we're hopeful, if this is involved, our investigators will submit it to the labs that are very good at what they do. we'll see. >> what will -- [inaudible] >> i don't know. >> how long until you guys look after the test before any type of analysis? >> it depends on the type of testing and the condition of the forensics that we, if we
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discover any forensics. there is a lot of processes. again, i'm not a scientist. we have folks experts in that. they will do everything in their power to maintain that and produce anything that is producible okay? >> apologies if you already mentioned this, talk about how lapd found out about this right now? >> so it was brought to our attention that this retired officer had an item that was believed to or alleged to be possibly taken from or recovered from the rockingham estate back in the '90s. and that is how, once we learned about that and followed up and recovered it from him. >> did he contact lapd? >> i don't know how the contact was made. we discovered it and investigators immediately followed up on that. >> tell us the report of how the knife was found? [inaudible] >> that i don't know. i don't know where it was recovered or how it was reported to have been recovered. >> [inaudible]
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>> well, when a case is, remains open it is handed off to special team, our open case team and that is who has it at robbery homicide. so they would not have been original investigators on this case. that happens in many cases that go on for years. we have number of cases still open, from decades ago, where the officers and investigators will certainly retired by now. last question. >> if you could, retired officer, was he retired back in the time he received the item? >> i don't have that information. we're trying to determine that. with his status was when the item was allegedly handed to him. whether he was in fact retired or retired shortly after that. all i can tell you he did retire in the late '90s. i'm not sure when this item actually came into his possession. >> he was working on a movie shift? >> a lot of our officers work around the community in los angeles and elsewhere. typically on lapd motorcycles,
9:25 am
not lapd motorcycles, they work on bikes that look like lapd officers. that in uniforms and agreement with the city and that they work the jobs for traffic safety and safety of the public. he was working one of those jobs as motor officer for the movie job. he would in any case be off-duty, whether he was retired or still employed by lapd but in off duty capacity. >> what is his name? >> we're not providing his name at this time. thank you very much. harris: if you are just joining us on this hour of "outnumbered," we went from politics to a bombshell piece of information in the nearly 20-year-old or more than 20-year-old o.j. simpson case. he was acquitted in it the former nfl star but the case remained open. we just found out from the lapd department now with new evidence coming into play. a knife that was turned over to an off-duty police officer some time ago, still not clear
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exactly what transpired between a construction worker who would have been on o.j. simpson's old property an an off suit police officer and chain furthering to the police department. they have this buck knife in their possession. wouldn't give many details bit but they did say this they're looking at dna and what is left on the knife to see if there is any evidence that potentially could be the mid weapon in the case, where nicole brown simpson, ex-wife of nfl star o.j. same son and ron goldman were murdered. today we have one of the forensic experts who worked for defense in that case, dr. michael baden joining us by forensic pathology expert with us now. dr. baden, we've known each other for years. did you ever think this day will we learn? >> harris, so many bizarre things happened originally and continue to happen with mr. simpson, that is shocking as
9:27 am
this is, really not a surprise that there are more twists and turns. i think that at the time. murder of nicole and mr. goldman, a number of knives were recovered. in fact some went to the judge and kept in special, specially to be analyzed and none of them matched the shape of the stab wounds. now the first thing is, does this weapon, this knife match the stab wound geographically, the size of the stab wound? but even more interesting whether or not there is still dna on the knife or even fingerprints, depending how it was kept. washing will take away some of the blood. whatever knife was used would have a lot of blood on it at the time. and as was mentioned, in the presser conference, that stays on for decades an decades and hundreds of years you can find
9:28 am
dna, blood spots that are good enough to be analyzed. so that depoints. i'm sure there will be a thorough examination, even fingerprints -- that might still be there as well as dna from blood. sandra: dr. baden, this is sandra smith. based on what we have been told about the knife that has been turned over -- >> right. sandra: -- they're describing the as a buck knife, some cases buck knives are folding knives. we're told what a typical buck knife would look like. >> right. sandra: would this fit description of a knife long sought-after by investigators. >> will, it depends. cut wounds, nicole simpson died of cut wound to the neck. it doesn't necessarily leave distinguishing feature, but stab wound in ron goldman or, would have a specific shape.
9:29 am
the length, the width, the thickness and that was measured and photographs were, lots of photographs were taken. so t3ere has to be a, a comparison of the blade to the stab wounds and that takes more than just my memory. i have to sit down and go over the materials we have and that were taken at the time and that, so one way or another, if, remember, there has been a lot of false alarms in the past on this. remember they found a knife in the bushes some other knives and found a knife that was in the, that was kept with the preliminary hearing that had all kind of fingerprints of those people who were not supposed to be handling the knife when it came into their possession. harris: yeah. >> a lot of people touched these things. but all that, they have a very good crime lab. they will be able to figure this out within 24 hours. harris: that is such a good caution for all of us to hear
9:30 am
you say, remind us of, there are some calls alarms and twists and turns in this case. we'll go on the couch. put this fact in, see if it makes any difference, elite robbery homicide division is investigating this buck knife to be found in the possession of the lapd now. i don't know if that makes a difference in terms how the case has gone so far. they have had so many experts. would divisionally would this even matter? >> would, i'm sorry -- harris: robbery homicide division. >> they can handle this. this has to go to the crime lab. it has to be, whatever the knife is, it has to be handled with gloves, from the time that they get it. can't undo whatever has been done past 20 odd years to it. but, if it was a knife, that o.j. preserved for bizarre reasons, and kept in a proper spot, as was pointed out, there
9:31 am
should still be blood and dna on it, even, knife that has been, the buck knife has been washed off. there are crevices that blood acame lates you have -- aaccumulates, take it apart to determine whether or not there is dna. i'm sure crime lab is doing it. whether it is elite squad or whatever squad it goes to the one crime lab and they're very good at doing this. harris: very quickly the officer whod the knife was retiring and informed homicide detectives of the weapon's existence past few months. we're talking about how that came about. at news conference there was no administrative charges against the officer or anything untoward. where the knife has been all this time and we'll take a quick break. dr. baden, will you stick with us? >> yes. harris: we'll step away quickly, stay close to "outnumbered."
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harris: fox news alert on a case that was cold after acquittal of o.j. simpson, former nfl star is now red hot with new information. lapd saying it has in its possession a knife. they're looking to see, could that have been the murder weapon that was used to kill o.j. simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown-simpson and her friend ron goldman? more than 20 years, this surfaced from a construction worker through an off-duty police officer. we have many more details to get to now. jonathan hunt live for us at our los angeles bureau, with what he has learned. hi, jonathan. reporter: harris this is yet another bizarre twist in extraordinary saga of o.j. simpson. let's look at the facts here as we know them. what we essentially boil down to are two facts. the lapd is confirming that it is in possession of a knife that it has been told was found on the grounds of o.j. simpson's
9:37 am
old home where he lived at the time of the murders of nicole brown-simpson and ron goldman. fact number two, that the lapd has confirmed it is indeed testing that knife for any dna traces, any evidence that might connect the knife to those murders. that's it as far as facts go. i was very interesting to hear captain andy neiman of the lapd repeatedly say, the story we have been told, the story he kept saying. he said that a construction worker, a man who claimed in fact as he put it to be a construction worker, claimed to have found it on the rockingham estate that once belonged to o.j. simpson and again the story the lapd has been told that construction worker handed it to an off-duty lapd officer. that officer, according to some of the reporting we are hearing simply kept it, kept it a secret for many years. because this knife we believe
9:38 am
was found no later than 1998 when o.j. simpson's former home was destroyed by the new owners. extraordinarily that that lapd officer would keep the knife and keep it secretly for such a long time. captain neiman in fact said he was quote really surprised that any officer of the law would do such a thing in any case, let alone, what was known of course as the trial of the century. so, bottom line, lapd has a knife that was supposedly found at the rockingham estate. they are testing it. a couple of other things here. a lot of people would say, well if that was there, how on earth did the lapd not find it at the time? remember as dr. michael baden would also remember, this was not the lapd's finest hour in terms of investigating the case. so that might explain why it sat there for so long if indeed it did. second point, the important legal point here confirmed again
9:39 am
by captain andy neiman of the lapd, the case remains open. they are at liberty to investigate it because there is no conviction but equally important to remember here is o.j. simpson was found not guilty. the double jeopardy law exists. he can not be tried again on those murder charges, whatever develops from this potential new evidence, harris. harris: yeah, it would appear not the finest hour has tentacles that we learned from the lapd one of their own had this evidence. now we're just learning about it. jonathan hunt, thank you very much. let's bring in rod wheeler, former d.c. homicide detective always along with us for these types of cases. you know, rod, you and i talked about this case many times over the years but never with new evidence. what are your thoughts? >> that's right, harris. first of all i think it is important that viewers understand it is not unusual to find evidence years later from a potential, from a crime, especially things like a knife or a gun or something like that.
9:40 am
so i don't think people should be totally surprised. what i am surprised about what jonathan just talked about, because he was 100% correct, is that this police officer, harris, been a police officer for many years, he didn't turn that evidence over to the investigators and that's really surprising, and not only is that surprising, harris, that is relatively suspicious. so what are investigators doing right now as i speak? let me tell you real quick what they're doing. they're going out to interview that construction worker and his colleagues in case this guy said something back then if the guy did find the knife and they're interviewing the retired police officer and his colleagues. trying to corroborate stories of these individuals and testing the knife as dr. baden indicated to see if there is any remaining evidence. i want to emphasize, harris, sometimes you do get evidence after many, many years off an object. harris: sure. sandra: rod, this is sandra smith.
9:41 am
carl douglas, an attorney, a member of o.j. simpson's legal dream team that secured acquittal for o.j. he is responding to "the l.a. times" in response to finding of this knife calling the storied includes. amazing how the world can not move on from this case and in the media, still apparently fascinating, the media is still fascinated by this story. it is important to point out that investigators, we just had the news conference there saying this is way early on. this might have nothing to do with this. are you at this point this may be a knife tied to this crime or just be another knife found? >> you know, sandra, that an excellent question because i will answer from the perspective of experienced homicide detective. no, i'm not surprised about this knife. yes, this case is wide open as captain neiman said. i think it is important that viewers understand just because a person is acquitted in a murder case, that doesn't mean the case is closed.
9:42 am
that case remains open. any evidence we find, whether a knife, gun or anything can be used against the accused going forward if somebody else is identified. obviously in o.j.'s case he can never be charged again because of the double jeopardy. as investigator myself i'm excited they found evidence and would be knife if they did find more evidence. harris: it is interesting because we learned at that news conference there are currently no administrative charges against the off-duty police officer who would held on to this evidence. we'll have to see what happens with that. clearly they have a lot more information they want to get from that person. you talked about the construction worker, anybody else, even new owners of that property. technically they should have been notified if anything was being taken off their new property. there is a whole lot to get to on this. rod wheeler, dr. michael baud en, jonathan hunt, thank you for being along with us as this news is breaking right now. we'll continue to cover as new details come up. there is more to tell you, we'll toggle back to politics.
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andrea: this is fox news alert. donald trump pushing o.j. simpson out of the headlines as this just breaking. republican front-runner dropping out of cpac, the conservative political action committee. of course the annual greeting, most people know as the place where conservatives go to make their case every year, in the nation's capitol. donald trump has attended in the past but he has said he is not going to go this year. he was expected to speak tomorrow. instead opting to campaign in kansas and florida. the conservative political action committee just issued a statement saying quote, they are very disappointed. they're also saying this sends a clear message to conservatives. let's bring it out to the couch.
9:48 am
tony sayegh, the conservative political action committee, how big of a deal is this that he is not going? >> it's a big deal because there was controversy leading up to today trump was actually preference of this group. given money to the acu, which parent organization puts on c pac. a lot of people involved with leadership backing trump privately. there was rumor ben carson would endorse donald trump today at cpac. this is obviously shocking. i'm sure "the donald's" campaign has reasonably good answer, to talk about cpac in this regard, still important organization when discussing conservative movement. we see donald trump bring in this progressive center, you and i talked about this not engaged in the republican party before. if he is nominee, his mandate will be marrying these two organizations, these two groups in a way to rebuild the republican party which is clearly fractured right now. andrea: this general election move to snub it. i attended, it has been a little
9:49 am
controversial. they did not invite chris christie years ago. christie now with donald trump. they also did not invite log cabin republicans, republican gay organization that promotes gay rights. it has had a controversial past but how much does this impact, say a donald trump if he doesn't go? does he need to go? harris: well that is a great question because he is bringing out reagan democrats, would they be represented at cpac? that is a question. there is issue whether or not the marco rubio campaign said wait a second, we don't want donald trump at cpac at all. have you heard that, tony? >> look, clearly there has been a push by the opponents of donald trump that cpac was somehow rigged in his favor. he had given money. he had gotten support but i think something important to remember, there is good question about the conservative importance right now. the next round of primaries are closed primaries. so you can't have independent voter come in and support donald trump. so this is going to be a real test how much conservatives are
9:50 am
going to actually hold them accountable for rebuking or at least dissing for lack of a better expression one of their groups. andrea: we have to go. we have more on this breaking story right after the break. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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andrea: fox news alert. we're picking up on a story just breaking, donald trump dropping out of cpac the annual gathering of conservatives in our nation's capitol. i want to bring this out to you, harris, i remember donald trump attending many, many years in a row. the establishment went after him for that. don't let him go. why is he going. i remember saying at time same thing we're saying now, let the guy speak. give him a voice if he wants to go. this cpac a little bit different. i notice faces down there, rynos, lot of people never been before suddenly conservative. what do you make of trump not going? harris: those are two different things. you have got the people who may not want him there and reason he manot be there. i wanted to know all week long what he meant last week said he was a common sense conservative. so i would imagine he would have to answer that question at a gathering like this. you hit nail on head earlier, made me think, chris christie being, i wouldn't call it
9:55 am
disinvited. carpet was not rolled out for him to come to cpac in the past. andrea: no carpet at all. harris: red or otherwise. is he advising donald trump at this point? maybe a lion's den. if trump has a group he doesn't try to date them too hard. i got you. i think i may have you. i will focus on other states. it does not surprise me at all he will go to florida and marco rubio's home turf. andrea: does he feel like he needs to go, sandra? or does he need to go if he has the ring in his mind from the group? sandra: look, other candidates are looking at donald trump thinking they may need to take a page from his playbook. to your point, harris, going out there in marco rubio's home state. going to florida. he will be in kansas. look, at the end of the statement that donald trump put out saying i'm not going to attend cpac because i will be out at these events campaigning, at end of it he said i will be
9:56 am
there next year as president. there was a planned stage walkout, right? andrea: complex when you look at this, tony. as political observer, you have been against cpac. it is not as clear conservative as it used to be. there have been some controversy again, disinvitings, chris christie that was a big story. now chris christie is with trump. trump has been, they didn't want him there before. how big of a deal is it though? i think he might not even need it but it hurts him with conservatives quickly. >> i agree. this is time donald trump is from the time runner. talking about unity. dissing cpac is not the right way to do it. harris: it has been very busy hour of breaking news. thank you for watching us on this friday on "outnumbered."st this friday on "outnumbered."st tony thanks for being here. "happening now" comes after this commercial break. ws.
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