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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 9, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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unbelievable. >> fake! didn't happen! >> that's it for us. this is a fox news alert. in washington thing could not be much better for republican front-runner donald trump. an winning three of last night's four primary season contests, he is in position to knock out two of the three remaining rival in next week's match-ups in ohio and florida. let's get your first look at new fox polls out. trump has a commanding lead in florida. he has more than double the support of marco rubio who faces a win or stay home scenario. in ohio, governor john kasich is also in a must-win situation. he has taken the lead in the new
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survey. but trump is just 5 points back with a week to go. good evening, carl. you are down in hialeah. >> donald trump won three of the last four races last night that that comfortably the helps his momentum. he urged his rival to get on the trump train. >> they call them elites. those are the people that don't respect yet. i say embrace it. we will win the election easily. >> trump's aides say rubio has to drop out now to avoid a politically lethal situation in his home state. trump said he'll drop out if he loses ohio. >> what are you kidding me? i'm running for this job because first of all, i have the
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national security experience and the record of lifting people with this economy. why the heck would anybody think we ought to make deal? >> december pipt tegs of millions spent on attack ads. ted cruz was the only one to win in ohio and today carly fiorina endorsed him will. >> you know there are other people in our party that are kind of horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. >> if he were a jeb supporter, if you're a marco support he now, if you're a came supporterering with welcome you to our team. >> late this afternoon -- >> they are saying john kasich will drop out. now there are people spreading rumors that we will end our campaign. i will be on on that ballot on tuesday. we are going to the white house. we are going to win this nomination. >> rubio is on the ropes and
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knows it. he had a meeting plan with jeb bush today. if bush supports anyone but rubio, it would be a huge blow. >> and rubio is in the middle of a town hall. a heavily cuban american bo population. rubio knows he has six days to pull out a come from behind effort. >> all right. thank you. >> so what do you think will happen? do you think it will be trump versus cruz or what? let me know. >> you can use the #special report. like a sports team that refuses to accept defeat, bernie sanders keeps hanging in against hillary clinton in the democratic race. the socialist senator picked up a major victory last night. >> good evening, ed.
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>> bernie sandersroved he can seize the momentum but he is still struggling when it come to the math. >> new trouble for hillary clinton whose stunning loss in michigan revealed long material problems from her e-mail and other controversies. bernie sanders won in part because exit polls in michigan show among democrats being honest and trust worthy was important to them. sanders beat clinton 78% to 20%. behinding at concerns for the front-runner, even if she survives and wins the democratic nomination. >> i want to thank the people of michigan. >> sanders' next move is to take the momentum and win over white working class voters in illinois and ohio as well as wisconsin early next month. while clinton rode her big edge
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in mississippi, in michigan, sanders posted his best numbers yet. securing 28 efforts that black vote exit polls showed sanders beat cleanse by 11 points and among white voter by 14 points. yet the campaign manager noted, her massive win in mississippi translates into her netting as much as four time what she got in michigan. we are nearing the point. >> even if she wins in ohio, she is poised to clean up in delegate rich state. a new quinnipiac poll in the sunshine state shows that among likely democratic primary voters, clinton leads by 45 points among women and 8 points among men. as she continues to look past sanders by bashing what she call ugliness on the republican side. >> now, running for president shouldn't be about delivering
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insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people. >> to give you an idea of the magazine any tooted, they predicted clinton had over a 99% chag of winning michigan. to challenge now for sanders, to recommendly indicate that kind of comeback in a place like florida which votes next tuesday, it will be a much bigger climb though. >> thank you. president obama's attorney general was pressed on capitol hill. about what the fbi knows about the clinton server. >> have you ever discussed with it president obama or anyone at the white house? >> no, sir, i have not. >> so when josh earnest speaks about the investigation, and talks about basically, to reassure the american people that this is no big deal, do you know where he gets information from in. >> senator, no, i do not.
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>> i can assure you that we have not briefed anyone at the white house about this or other law enforcement matters. >> similar to what she told me a couple week ago. the chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris joins us. how did the white house respond to the attorney general's testimony? >> that was back in late january whether mrs. clinton might be indicted. they said the fbi investigation was not focused on mrs. clinton even though ten days earlier the community said that things beyond top seek was in her e-mails. josh earnest had to walk back those comments that at the time appeared very helpful to the campaign. >> they said it did not occur. so i wouldn't have any reason to disagree her or to think that she is not correct. what that i know some officials have said is that she is not a target of the investigation.
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>> it seem clear from lynch's testimony today, lasting nearly two hours, that she wants the administration as a whole to remajor silent on this matter. >> the former state department employee who helped set up the server. >> chuck grass 11 has asked lench for a company of the immunity deal. and grassley pressed lynch on whether the justice department deal will allow him to testify before congress. >> does immunity agreement contain a provision requiring that staffer to cooperate with all government inquiries? >> we are providing a response to your letter in writing. i don't want to get heat of that. the consistency, where the matters involve someone with a
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famous last name or not, is something we take very seriously. >> it was emphasize that had she will give considerable weight to the fbi agents and their investigative findings. thank you. iran is thumbing its nose at the u.s. weeks after that nuclear deal that brought in tens of billions. it is testing, saying that it should be wyoming from the pages of history. hillary clinton was quoted saying iran should face sanctions for these activities and the international community must dmen sfrat iran's threats toward israel will not be tolerated. >> any hope that's iran had turned over a new leaf went up in flame today as the country tested two new ballistic missiles. they showed the missiles being launched from northern iran. in a direct threat to israel,
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according to iranian tv on the side of those missiles were the words, israel should be wiped from the pages of history. written in hub. the 1,200 mile range of the missile means iran can easily strike tel aviv or jerusalem. today, u.s. vice president joe biden was visiting as part of a middle east talk. >> the belief that a nuclear armed iran is unacceptable threat to israel, to the region of the united states. and i want to reiterate. people still doubt here. if in fact they break the deal, we will act. >> the deal to cush iran's nuclear program doesn't include missile development. because iran refused to negotiate on that point. so these launches don't break the deal. however they do break u.n. skoigs resolution 2231 which states iran should not develop ballistic missiles. the white house responded. >> we know that iran is working aggressively to try to enhance
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their ballistic missile capability and prevent them from being able to nuclearize their missiles. it is obvious important to the united states. >> this is iran's second launch in a week. on tuesday they launched two missiles and showed off their missile facilities. today kerry discussed it with iran's foreign minister. after the nuclear deal, many observers feel little can be done to contain iran. >> in london, thank you. vice president biden is criticizing palestinians for their praise of an attacker who killed an american student and war veteran yesterday in tel aviv. 28-year-old taylor was a west point graduate who served tours of duty in gang and iraq. the stabbing spree occurred not far from where vice president biden and his family were having dinner. president abbas is saying he was
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a hero and a martyr. there is new unsirt at this about the president's fight against isis terrorists. in line to become the next chief of central command, says the situation in afghanistan is deteriorating and now the fight is expanding into libya. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from the pentagon. >> reporter: the u.s. defense forces say the u.s. has been drawing up war plans for libya, expecting to and panel. >> no doubt they have metastasized. >> that particular part of ungoverned space requires potentially unique special operations solutions and we're attempting to provide those options. >> the size of isis in libya has nearly doubled in the last year from 2,500 fighters to around 5,000 today.
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>> would you consider libya at this point a failed state? >> yes, sirful. >> they are battling for control of will he be i can't. be isis has begun beheading its opponents. the u.s. policy is to wait for the libyans to form a government so the new government can invite the u.s. military in. >> at some point in the future if i believe that we're at risk with that strategy, i'll certainly come back to the secretary and make some different recommendations. >> we've already identified some formative organizations that we hope to work with in the future. >> hillary clinton, a key pro possibly of intervening in libya in 2011 was asked about her role in that decision during a fox news town hall. >> what has happened is deeply regrettable. i think it is fair to say, if there had not been that intervention to go after gadhafi, we would be at something much more resembling syria now than what we face in libya. >> some say it already is. >> i do have concerns about our
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broader strategy against isil. how we are applying resources and focusing authorities. >> they are pushing into libya. a task force of 200 special operators who arrived in iraq in december, have been detaining high value targets. like this one in a raid last month. the iraqis claim he is the chemical weapons. >> the fighters have laced artillery cells with surif you are mustard, a powdered form of this lethal kept agent. >> thank you. more on all this with the panel. up next, is president obama wasting his time interviewing candidates for the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court? first, some of our fox affiliates around the country. a chip olt reopens after a brief
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closing as one employee come down with a confirmed case of norovirus and two others have suspected cases. they said the restaurant has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. fox 5 in new york with worries over drinking water in newark public schools. official have shut off all water fountains in three buildings where elevated levels of lead have been found. and a live look at seattle. a natural gas explosion rocks an area north of downtown earlier this morning. nine firefighters suffered minor injuries. one building was obliterated. several others damaged. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. i've been on my feel all day.
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an air force pilot is at hard time after trying to join isis. he was detained in turkey last year. investigators say a search of his computer revealed maps of border crossings into syria and thundershowers of isis propaganda files. his lawyers argue that he went
3:20 pm
to turkey to clear his head and look for jobs. he will be sentenced in september. a positive day for the markets today. the dow rows 36. the s&p 500 was up 10. the interview process for one of the most high profile job openings. president obama is meeting with candidates for the vacancy to the u.s. supreme court. for many, it is a wasted effort. kevin corke tells us why. >> reporter: if there is a short list for possible supreme court nominees, there's little doubt these judges are on it. they are the proverbial final four. the white house officials do admit, president obama is slowly closing in on a nominee. >> the president has made some progress. >> progress. antonin scalia was a conservative voice on the high bench. the battle will be waged on capitol hill where today
3:21 pm
senators traded barbs over the ache ancy. >> it is a dereliction of our constitutional duty. >> it isn't any different than if the president of the united states notifies congress well in advance of passing a piece of legislation. he is going to veto it. >> translation, no mat here the president sends to the hill. >> what republicans are proposing to do and have been doing in this process thus far is an unprecedented and unwarranted escalation of partisan politics. >> to high court observers, the name are familiar. the judge clerked for sandra day o'connor. judge kelly was a harvard classmate of the president. and 63-year-old judge garland who clearinged for justice william brennan and has strong support on both sides of the aisle. in this politically charged
3:22 pm
environment, they doubt the gop will relent. >> i think they believe there's a the love political benefits from their base to not holding hearings. i think that many of these nominees under normal circumstances would be acceptable to them. i don't think anyone gets through. no way no how. >> high stakes in a high stakes environment. press secretary said the president is taking seriously recommendations from senators and other experts on both sides of the political aisle which was a bit of news day. you can add to the growing news, appellate judge alberto jordan telling the white house thanks but no thanks. >> kevin corke live on the north launl. thank you. what would a contested republican convention mean this summer in cleveland?
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prudential. bring your challenges. friends, family and admirers of form he first lady nancy reagan are gathered in simi valley, california for the start of memorial activities. she died sunday at the age of 94. senior correspondent adam housley is at the reagan presidential library right now. >> a farewell to a former first lady. as three days of solemn ceremonies and public mourning for nancy reagan began with her motorcade to the that reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. american flanls lined the highway that lead her final resting place alongside her husband. she will lie in repose in the lobby for two days.
3:28 pm
even the smallest details planned by the first lady herself. >> mrs. reagan was intimately involved from who the guests were to who the pall bearers are, the people reading in the program. everything down to the flowers. so we're just following her orders to make sure she has the funeral that's deserving of her. >> members of the close family including the house speaker paul ryan got to pay their respects first. a former adviser said mrs. reagan looked forward to the day she would be reunited with her beloved ronny. >> she said people, they say it gets easier with time but it doesn't. the sadness never left her. she was ready. >> casket viewing open to the public who will have an opportunity to say goodbye over two days. >> both reagans touched so many people. the hollywood years, the presidential years and beyond. making sure that everyone who can be here will be here.
3:29 pm
>> she brought class to the white house. >> i revered the reagan white house. i think it is important to pass on to my kids. >> more than 1,000 people have passed by the casket in the first two hours. the librarydy adding six buses and extenting hours for both today and tomorrow. besides the political big wigs will be here, the former first family and such interesting hollywood starlets, people like tom sell everything, wayne newton and from the just say no campaign, mr. t. >> thank you. >> america's legislation headquarters in depth. what could be a best case scenario for some republicans. and a worst-case scenario for others. a contested convention. tonight, james rosen shows us what that might look like. >> america's last contested convention was the democratic gathering of 1980 when forces loyal the ted kennedy seeking to
3:30 pm
tumble jimmy carter, it would have freed delegates to vote for anyone they wanted. that failed and it meant with jimmy carter would be the nominee again. >> and we will make america great again. >> today donald trump is moving toward the 1237. but what if he doesn't? and no other candidate does sneeth on the first ballot, 95% of delegates are bound to support the candidate to whom they were pledged as a result of their state's primary or caucus. >> these the establishment times. they are college from the state parties. these campaigns are already courting delegates, talking to delegates. they're making their cases to the delegates. they are well aware this could end up in a convention. >> four years ago, forces loyal
3:31 pm
to mitt romney who already had the nomination sewn up, secured changes to the convention bill which among other things prork hibltd even the counting of votes for any candidate how failed to win the majority of state delegations in at least eight states. so far donald trump has secured a majority of state delegations in five states. yet the romney rule also pro hinted candidates who failed to make that having their votes counted on subsequent ballots. >> i assume they'll change the rule. >> well placed sources tell me senator leader mitch mcconnell is heeding an effort to change the convention rules to deprive donald trump of the nomination. they said the topic regularly come up. but he has convened no meetings
3:32 pm
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3:36 pm our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. we started with 17. we're down to four. of the four, they're pretty much all gone. only one person who did well tonight. donald trump. i will tell you that. >> at this point i've got 361 delegates. donald has about 100 more. and nobody else is close in the delegate count. >> with those states that have not yet selected a delegate, basically the three. donald trump, ted cruz and i are dead even. >> if you come out and vote, we are going to win florida. we are going to take 99 delegates and i'll be the nominee of the republican party. >> sights and sounds from the trail today. as new fox polls out in florida. donald trump with a big lead now
3:37 pm
in florida. 43% over rubio at 20%. you see kasich at 16. interesting questioning. do you feel betrayed by politicians from your own political party? yes. 63%, yes. 32%, no. >> a slight lead for john kasich but donald trump within striking distance with the plus or minus 3 1/2. you see cruz with 19. and you see governor john kasich's job performance in this latest poll. this as the delegate count is counting up. and michigan, donald trump with 458. jason riley, columnist with the "wall street journal." okay. what about this? you look at the number. boy, it doesn't seem like the
3:38 pm
stop trump movement is stopping much. there was a glimmer of hope when cruz did better than expected and we saw late deciders break by even bigger margins. that didn't happen last night. john kasich is an extremely popular governor of ohio. he won 84 of 88 counties and you see that reflected. i think it will be very, very hard. when you see john kasich talking about the states that haven't voted. we're up in there. he hasn't won anything yet. marco rubio has won in two places. >> he is essentially tied. >> the thing about proportional allegation of delgss, it is hard to catch up with someone if they're ahead because they keep on getting farther and farther ahead. but ted cruz has legitimate bragging rights. he is 99 delegates behind.
3:39 pm
>> trump had a good night. it is still his delegation to lose. ted cruz didn't have as good a night as he needed to have. and that's a problem. the deep south was supposed to be his strength. yet he's regularly been whimmed down there by be donald trump. the math isn't going to get easier. but trump has a problem, half the republican party doesn't like him. that's what we saw last night. the number has been growing. in reason weeks. that is going to be a problem. he has a solid third of the party behind him but two-thirds regularly vote against him. and he loses badly. he also loses one-on-one with rubio and cruz.
3:40 pm
>> trump has some work to do. he hand had any conversations with known including ted cruz about dropping out. emthe talk about the cruz should be rubio ticket and all the formulation that's out and about he says is 100% false. >> very dismal results for him. he didn't even get michigan. howard baker was like this. people said of howard, funny, intelligent, glad he's in public life, not president when he tried in 1980. john kasich's problem is this. in order to win before cleveland to get to 1237, he has to win 83% of the remaining delegates. not going to happen. my third takeaway is this. the race that ted cruz had a year ago was absolutely right. that the key to winning this
3:41 pm
nomination was down scale, disaffected voters. noncollege educated. absence the presence of trump which he did not factor in, i think it is reasonable to say if trump had never entered, cruz would seal up the nomination this tuesday. >> it's important to look at exiting polls. similar demographics as far as how it breaks out. michigan in this question. trade takes away u.s. jobs. trump, 45%. trade takes away u.s. jobs. and you see bernie sanders. 56%. >> they are striking the same chord. >> and sanders says, look, i'm winning in the states that are battle ground states in the fall. she's winning in the red states that don't really matter in the general election. that was a huge, huge thing that happened last night.
3:42 pm
it wasn't expected. it wasn't even expected by bernie sanders. he looked as stunned as everybody else was. it resembles the national much more than mississippi. african-americans have a big chunk of it. if she can get beat by a democratic populist in march. why not in november? >> not just a pom list but a socialist. >> that was a big win in michigan. i think it might have been the town hall. but who knows? >> that might have been it. the thing about bernie sanders, you look at the delegate math. it is just not there. >> right. the went was not processed. in no way a game changer. but i do think the significance of. vect ri was what mara said. that the trade issue is probably what did it for him.
3:43 pm
there is not a lot of daylight between donald trump and bernie sanders. >> hill's best they know that people like is her husband. she couldn't use him very much. his finest achievement was nafta which he passed over the strenuous objectives of his own party. the man of the unfolding socialist future ran a retrospective campaign. if only it could be like it was in the 1950s. >> another thing he has. >> it could be ohio, pennsylvania, sanders exposed some reit was about senate vote. >> too political. sanders is authentic and
3:44 pm
everybody knows that he is against these trade deals and for the union. >> i want to ask you. >> now you know, there are people in our party that are kind of horrified by donald trump. i'm one of them. but here's the thing. we won't beat people in our party by having voters go tsk, tsk. we'll to have beat him at the ballot box. the only guy who can beept donald trump is ted cruz. >> do you think there's a coalescing that's happening by looking at the numbers, that ted cruz is the guy that will end up being the one man standing? >> i think so. but coalescing is not a rapid process and time is running out. she gave the best speech i have heard in the entire political season. >> i was going to say, she found her calling. she is one heck of a surrogate.
3:45 pm
this is a great role for her. >> and she was not faking it. i think she really believes that ted cruz is the person who can further what she was doing. her point about hillary clinton and donald trump being two sides of the same coin. trump won't challenge the system. he is the system. it was very, very powerful. >> if cruz gets him one-on-one. he still gives enough delegates but he can win almost all the remaining primaries which will have an effect on the delegates. >> we'll break it all down tomorrow. we'll have some fancy graphics. a big night tonight. next up, president obama's
3:46 pm
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could you tell me if we have a strategy, and therefore a policy to defeat isis? we take mosul and we take
3:50 pm
raqqah? >> i believe we have a strategy. i do have concerns about our broader strategy. about how we are focusing our authorities, how we are leveraging all the required instruments of government and our own and our partners in going after that. >> the general who is set to be the next commander of u.s. central command talking about isis. described by the military as a significant operative who was captured a month ago by commanders and the elite special operations force has under
3:51 pm
it is a full plate. >> i wonder how many americans know that 19 days ago, we were waging war in libya. without the by your leave of congress or anything else. we're doing that to try to tidy up the mess that we made when we decapitated the regime and created what the administration itself now admits is a failed state. one of the problems that would result from nominating marco rubio, he supported this adventure. therefore calling into question his judgment. but also, he could not prosecute the case against hillary clinton who the former second of defense gates says was the driving force behind this. gate also says, by the way, 20,000 shoulder fired surface to
3:52 pm
air missiles in libya have gone missing. >> i pressed secretary clinton about that the other day. >> leaving a dictator in place where we have at least 250,000 people killed. libya, the number are miniscule in comparison. about 1,500 lastier. there is a concerted effort the u.s. and others are working hard to unify. so it has been a couple years. they haven't been as successful as their neighbor tunisia. but they are attempting to move forward. would you consider libya at this point a failed state? >> yes, sir. >> two different messages there. >> i mean, hillary clinton put the best possible, positive spin on this that she could. she was not glowing about how great they're doing but she said they're moving forward.
3:53 pm
then you hear them say they're not a failed state. across the middle east, it seemed wonderful if we could swoop in and stave off a humanitarian disaster. what we get instead of the dictator generally is chaos. >> in the meantime, iran firing these missiles with messages in hebrew that israel should be wiped off the map after receiving temperature of million of dollars. >> more evidence that the deal isn't working. that the mullahs are thumbing their nose at us. and they're not doing it secretly. this missile test was announced on state-run media. in iran. so it is being done openly. and the sanctions, i think it is more evidence that it is not working. they have been engaged in a six-month civil war prior to that happening. as thing stand today, however,
3:54 pm
the penn has a plan to deal with isis' growth in libya. what is lacking is the political will to carry it out. we have a president who is more interested in containing isis than defeating it. and i think that concerns the general public. when they see a san bernardino or a paris attack or other attacks carried out, they know that the growth of isis is inspiring these attacks and we have a president unwilling to do what it takes to stop the source of that inspiration. >> one of the generals says isis has metastasized. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for your chance to tell us what you think.
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3:58 pm
it is time to check out this week's results from the special report contenders al. we've added up the results. the statement about syria that was most agreed with, had president obama crossed the line and really gone in with forceful done something to assad, if he had gone in with tremendous force, you wouldn't have millions of people displaced all over the the world. that statement belongs to gop front-runner donald trump. here's how all the candidates
3:59 pm
did. the scale is 1 to 100 with 1 being complete disagreement and 100 total agreement. the users ranked the syria topic as a fairly important issue, giving on it average 3 1/3 out of five stars. >> i had a lot of fun with this. i actually agreed with bernie sanders when emthe u.s. should be part of the response to the syrian refugee crisis. and i disagreed with ted cruz who. president obama was right to seek congress' authorization to use military force but he was going to vote against it. the reason i disagreed is now you have all these republican candidates who say they would use military force but they wouldn't vote for it. >> i agree with trump's statement that obama should have been more assertive sooner. i disagreed with cruz as well. taking military action in syria. i also agreed with bernie sanders that the u.s. should play a role in addressing this refugee crisis. it is what do you when you're
4:00 pm
the leader of the free world. you lead by example. >> i agreed most with kasich and disagreed most with trump. >> thanks for letting us into your home tonight. a special "on the record" with greta right now. welcome. to our one-hour town hall with presidential candidates john kasich. we're here live in chicago as the next big primary election day approach and we have an audience packed approaches, and audience packed with mostly undecided voters and some governor kasich supporters. and i have many questions for governor kasich, but so does our live audience, and we're also going to take some questions from you at home. so, now, let's welcome presidential candidate, ohio governor john kasich. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ]


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