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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  March 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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you know what? don't say thank you, because i should say thank you. this was fun. andrea: good, juan. harris: great to have you. we're going to stay right here for outnumbered overtime on the web,, click overtime on the web. for now, "happening now."
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>> torrential flooding. >> you are reactive to it. >> how people in louisiana are are dealing with more rain on the horizon. it is all "happening now". we begin in south florida where the republican presidential candidates are preparing to square off in the final debate. including two key contests that could change the race. >> and i am jenna lee. nand it am jon scott. the win or take all. all four contenders appeared on fox news and the democratic candidates in the sunshine state after a heated debate. >> ed henry is in tampa and we
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begin with chef correspondent carl cameron in coral gables in the university of miami, carl? >> reporter: hi, john. there is a new's conference planned here in the spin room by ted cruz who is crit otherwised for the lack of support for many senators. the cruz campaign is doing everything they can and not confirm or spoil the surprise senator from utah. mike lee, who is in the senate will be his first senate endorsement. they are not confirming it because they want to keep the hype going about this. it is it a shot here in florida, happening in marco rubio's home state. rubio is trailing in the polls and he said he will continue on and go all the way to the
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convention. but cruz to pick up an endorsement and announce it here could further erode what momentum mark rubio has left. donald trump comes in leading in florida but trail nothing ohio. mr. trump will look to be be a the bit more presidential, but quick to point out when he is attacked he is counter attack. when i get hit, i hit back ten times harder. it will probably be a feisty debate cruz and trump going at it. and in the case of rubio in the home state, he regrets some of the personal attacks and insults he traded with trump himself and embarrassed him and his kids and wife didn't like it and he will not do more of that.
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could be difficult tonight given the nature of the fisticuffs. and john kasich is clearly making headway in ohio and it hasn't helped him anywhere else and this could be the last of the primary debates on the republican side, if donald trump wins florida andut puts away marco rubio. he might decide no debates and decide his campaign doesn't need to have the debates or trade elbows with his rivals and march to the nomination on his own. >> making it a one man show. >> reporter: you got it. >> in the meantime, democrats are shaking off hits in miami and making their way around the state with the florida heavy delegate primary. ed? >> reporter: jenna, they are
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racing around the state, clinton and sanders after the debate in miami. a bit of a shaky performance by clinton. he was being asked whether or not she would dropout of the race after being indicted. she did not take kindly and would not engage in that speculation at all. she will be in a theater in tampa. and what she was doing is going through the employee break room and strategy and replicating what she did in nevada and she went through all of the casino breakrooms and got the hispanic employees to it turn out in the caucus and where she beat sanders. and trying it in sanders, in the university of florida and going back to the base with the college students and said gains
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in the midwest could give him momentum in the south. >> we just pulled off a major upset in michigan the the other day. on tuesday, we have five states, coming up including florida. if you guys come out to vote, we'll pull off an upset here as well. >> so he's talking about the upset in michigan a few days ago, he hopes to make more gains in the midwest, illinois and ohio voting next tuesday. clinton is hoping to offset gains by sanders in florida. 250 delegates on the democratic side and that is a mother load of delegates. >> just before the win or take all republican primaries and donald trum is beating marco rubio by double-digits. he has the support of 43 percent
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of the florida voters and senator rubio 20 percent p. and ted cruz and john cruz 10 and 16 percent and 99 delegates and the sunshine state is crucial. chris wallace is anchor of fox news sunday and over in the rubio campaign, they have to be looking at the numbers and hoping they are an aberration or thinking that it might be the beginning of the end? >> it is the not an aberration. and if you look at the average of polls, somewhere between a 15 and 20 point lead consistently for donald trump. and rubio campaign there are discussions if he would dropout before florida and spare himself the indignity.
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and he is staying in. the campaign is in terrible trouble. you look at him. he didn't get in double-digits in mississippi or michigan and didn't get a delegate and hindsight is 20/20, i think there is wide agreement in the rubio camp that his decision to outtrump, trum about the size of his hands and other things and personal insults in the debates, was a miscalculation. it went against the rubio brand that was aspirerational and hope and change in the 21st century and making personal wise cracks and he seems to have realized it. and his family was embarrassed and rubio supporters did not like it. >> he's getting thumped by
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donald trump. ted cruz is beg ping his rivals to get out or supporters to support him instead. i want to play that, chris. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as nominee and don't want to hand the election to hillary clinton and the democrats, i ask you to join us. jeb or marco supporter or kasich supporter, we welcome you to our team. >> how many of them are likely to do that? are voters likely to look at the numbers and answer ted cruz' call there? >> maybe. remember a week ago, romney, basically said let's do a home state strategy. if you don't like trump vote for rubio roar or if you don't like trump vote for kasich. cruz is going all out in florida
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even by splitting the vote and having his people vote for him and maybe trying to get rubio supporters, he may be knocking rubio out of the race. cruz decided only chance not in splitville, but even if trump ends up with all 99 delegates, win or take all, his best chance to take him on one and bon. and hopes to rubio and kasich. i am not sure that favors him. his real strength was in the south with conservative voters and christian evangelicals and he didn't do as well in the sec primary, the first super tuesday on march first. and the primary map goes to big industrial space like pennsylvania and new york and new jersey, they don't have the kind of voters that would seem naturally oriented toward voting
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for cruz as the southern states would. and the bottom line, it is going to be tough to stop donald trump winning the majority outright by july. >> he might stumble in ohio, governor john kasich is going all out there. and the latest polls from fox news show him leading by five points and trump at 29. and cruz at 19 percent and rubio just seven percent. and if kasich wins ohio, and the numbers have him ahead right now, does that give him a slingshot to power on to the convention? >> no. it is not. john kasich is 0- 24. 24 contest and not won a single one and now he's going to get a slingshot for being a two- term dpof -- governor.
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that is a low bar and not a spring board to the nomination. and actually looking at those industrial states, that cruz would have a problem in, they look better for kasich than for cruz. but if he is 1- 25 or 1- 27 at the end of next tuesday, it is not much of a slingshot. >> you don't you sugar coat it. >> numbers are numbers and donald trump seems to have a clear path. things can happen and trump has a clear path. >> fox news sunday will be interesting, we'll be watching. >> coming up, a closer look at the show down between hillary clinton and bernie sanders on iligration and reaction over a political pan ple over why hillary clinton is having trouble wrapping up the
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>> of the people, undocumented people lives in our country, i do not want to see them deported, i want to see them on a path to citizenship. that's what i will do. >> senator, can you you tell me tonight that you -- >> i don't think the secretary fully answered your question and i think the proof may be in the pudding. secretary clinton did not support those children coming in to the country, i did. >> if you get indicted will you you -- >> that is ridiculous. i am not answer. >> senator sanders you demanded that hillary clinton release trances scripts.
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why is it important? >> you are paid 225000 that means that speech must have been an extraordinarily wonderful speech. i would think that a speech so great, that you got paid so much money, you would like to share it with the american people. >> those are contentious moments. it was the last face off before primaries in ohio and florida. >> and bernie sanders and hillary clinton and a primary battle. we'll bring in our guests. just highlights there. simon, you tweeted out. bernie sanders ate his wheaties. and how impactful is his performance. >> he's had an amazing week. i was on last week we talked about how it could be the win for bernie. he had a huge win in michigan.
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and i don't think he's won combf these debates. in every debate he struggled and he was really good and he was commanding at times and she struggled a bit. you are starting to see the momentum change. next tuesday is an important day for the democrats. >> it will be for everyone. and brad, several months ago, you might not have thought bernie sanders made it this far. there are questions of if he can win. what is the impact for republicans, what opportunity do the longer primary season for democrats present? >> it prevents the attention on the inner squabbling in a honest to goodness primary. the fix is in for hillary clinton. there is no way he will win with the super delegates that are hand picked and not elected by
10:19 am
the people at large and they th and file grassroots. bernie is in it for messaging and the fact that bernie is winning shows there is a support in the democrat party that doesn't like hillary clinton. it is good for the republicans to have it continue and good for the democrats and good for bernie. he will not go anywhere. why? they are races right up to the convention. he can win dell gates as he goes. >> simon do you agree bernie can't win? >> no they i don't. hillary clinton is in a stronger position man donald trump is on the nomination. and if the clinton took their foot off of the gas in michigan. i am sure they are wondering what is happening. it looks like she will have to
10:20 am
beat him. he will not let her kaek walk in. and we have a real race on our hands. >> we will talk about immigration. that was a topic last night. bernie sanders sees the pathway for citizenship for those here five years and a contrast to what we see on the the gop side that is opposite of that. how you are watching what is playing and who is reacting to the different policies, dew think as you look to the general election, how the democrats present their policy will impact the republicans and their pathway for it? >> no doubt 12 million who came here. we were compliceit meaning the united states government. if we did not provide work or porous borders.
10:21 am
they would be in their home country. the fact of the matter is, republicans have to soften their position on immigration to be elected. you are selected and can be right. you better be in the center. >> this sets you up for another debate. there is a controversy over bernie sanders. what do you see. simon what is the truth here? >> i watched the debate and i thought it was brown all night long. i am not sure are where the blue. >> i think 30 years ago, that suit was blue. >> who anyhow it was like the dress controversy. and anyway, bernie sanders feeling the burn when it comes to fashion. >> fashionistas.
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>> well, if you are are reading the polls, they point to a likely match up with donald trump and hillary clinton. another one out today shows that clinton would have the edge, leading trump 50 to 41 percent. they are already throwing barbes at each other. here is clinton last night. >> when he was engaging rhetoric
10:26 am
that i found deeply offensive i am pleased. others are joining in making chlor that his rhetoric and his demagoguory and traffic in prejudice and paranoia has no place in our political system especially for somebody running for president who couldn't decide whether or not to disavow david duke and ku klux klan. trump said if he was president he would indict hillary clinton and issued a warning p a poeficial feud. >> i was hit by hillary for weeks ago and i haven't heard from her since. and i will tell you, i was not given proper credit. she went down during that period
10:27 am
of time and bernie sand sand did well. i did a favor to him. and she said about me and i said something about her. i haven't started on her yet. leslie marshal radio host and fox news computer. lars for the alphamedia network. you are a donald trump fan, right? >> i am absolutely a donald trump and i endorsed him at cpac. i said garbage what she says. >> those numbers in the poll we put up, 50 to 41, hillary clinton leads among likely voters. >> would you mind me pointing out that the greatest president in the last hundred years was trailing the worst president,
10:28 am
jimmy carter, worst until obama by 25 points in march of 1980 and i think all of the prediction of don would trump's demise have been wrong for six or sen months. i think he will win in november. >> i suspect leslie marshal sees it differently. it is amazing to me that you and trump supporters like polls when they are leading. but when they are trailing they are not accurate and cite ronald reagan. you are wrong about november. i think he will be your nominee and i as a democrat like. that they will come out and vote for hillary clinton. he does not have the support of the majority of the republican party and he has 40 percent of
10:29 am
the support and even though republicans will vote for him. people will switch sides and vote for hillary clinton and more democrats will come out. and so this poll may not be double-digits and i am looking for hillary clinton's poll numbers to rise in november. >> do you think jon would mind if you fax in the argument. it is 40 percent in a four candidate and he will pull democrats, look at pennsylvania. 42000 democrats dumped the democrat membership and transferred to the republican party and it appears the only motivating factor is donald trump. he will get republicans and democrats as well, just like ronald reagan did. >> we'll break down the numbers a little bit more. on four key issues. hillary clinton beats him on all
10:30 am
four. he comes closest on the economy. lose are 49- 45. and terrorism 54- 40. and international crisis. 61- tlo. donald loses. lars? >> how does that work when the likely democrat nominee is the woman who couldn't handle a crisis involving a few employees in the state department and she managed to put them in harm's way and got four of them murdered and many maimed and wounded. and they trust her to answer the 3:00 a.m. phone call. >> it is true that donald trump hasn't spent a lot of time attacking hillary clinton. he's gone after the republicans and hasn't done a lot against hillary clinton. could that change? >> the numbers could change,
10:31 am
jon. with the people who have that mindset and rhetoric are supporting him. and he will end up losing people. i always said it would be women and minorities that determine the outcome of the scomplekz who will be president p. and with his rhetorics and attacks on hillary clinton with her having a higher percentage of the female vote that will hurt him with females. if she continues to stick with professionally in the democratic debate with issues, that's what the majority of the american voters and those who come out in november. a president to lead this nation and not talk about the size of various body parts. >> we have more than seven months of the election. we'll see if they make it all the way. >> thank you, jon. >> invasion of privacy lawsuit by p hulk hogan plague out in
10:32 am
court. our legal panel weighs in on that. >> and the murder of a police officer in point blank range. we'll have that, next. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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this is brilliant for me. ♪ >> a man heads to court to face charges after admitting he shot a police officer in the name of islam. it was caught on surveillance video. we have showed it to you on "happening now". edward archer ambushed and opened fire on officer hartman
10:36 am
as he sat in a police cruiser. we'll have rick with an undate. >> reporter: dramatic moments in court. as the police officer stared down the man accused of shooting him. hartman was first on the stand to recount the events in the night of january 7th and when he was on patrol and he saw the suspect in a muslim robe wearing a hood and surgical mask and holding a gun and open the fire. hart mand shielded his arm. and he's required seven surgeries so far and bleeding bad leechlt he was able to kick open the door. and shot at the gunman and wounded him.
10:37 am
and the judge found there was sufficient evident to move in the case. and this is a prelimary hearing. and we are looking forward to trial. >> archer confessed when he was caught and said he targeted police because they department enforce the rules of the quran. his court appointed lawyer said he is exploring an insanity defense. >> i wouldn't do my job if i didn't look at whether that is a viable defense. it is my job to explore that and see if that is the case and i am in the process of doing that. >> archer could face material charges if the fbi determines it is it a terror attack. he is due back. >> he was hit when the officer returned fire? >> he was hit in his rear end and the other officers were able
10:38 am
to chase him down and put him in hand cuffs and found the gun that he used to shoot the officer. >> what an amazing display of heroism. thank you, rick. >> it is day four of hulk hogan's civil trial against who posted a tex tape. that was posted without hogan's knowledge. gawker maintained that because hogan spoke partially about his sex life that the video is news worthy. eby williams is a attorney and fox news contributor. the person on the stand is the editor who published and wrote about the video in question. his argument is this, this is no different than posting pictures of the topless kate middleton.
10:39 am
he said she's public, even though it was on private property. someone else is going to publish it and therefore it is news worthy. does that hold up? >> it is it a fair comparison. but that is the question, right how many privacy rights? and how far do they go? what is news worthy. the supreme court has not defined that for us. and they stopped short of what is news worthy. but in certain cases, personal and private acts of public figures can trump news worthiness. >> the editor thought it was a mousing and he was excited to write about it and that was the judgment he used in addition to the entire team. they didn't think of the violation of privacy they said?
10:40 am
>> that's right, jenna. one of the things that gives jorappeal, a celebrities should be able to have a private life? this is not the case about hulk hogan. it is it a case of terry. that is the point. this man wants a private life. this ex- wrester doesn't want a x- rated tape on the internet and they tried to settle. he didn't want what happens in the bedroom to end up in the courtroom. that is the case. it is humanizing the client. this is it a case about mr. polean about him being a human being. and not his character. he wants a private life and the argument is that it is not news worthy. >> we know him as hulk hogan.
10:41 am
and he has a bandanna on in court. is it too difficult to divorce those characters from the man in this case and what challenges that. >> it is going to be difficult, but it is it about more than look. the facts of the case are clear cut. what the defense is going to try to coand what hulk hogan's lawyer is demonize the media and making it so obvious. when they cross examined him. he didn't consider how embarrassing it might be. that is going to cast a nasty light on gawker. >> i am glad you brought that out. i was curious about the gawker as well. the edtheiter flippantly. when the lawyer said can you imagine when a celebrity news tape was not news worthy.
10:42 am
and he said as a child. and they asked what age. four. he said that. and how does that impact the jury. >> that type of attitude has no place in the case of invasion of someone's privacy. did is going to set the precedent. and we had another verdict on the invasion of privacy and horrible it is to film without your consent. and that callousness will not play well with the jury and the majority of them are women. >> and we'll see what happen when the trial continues. >> thank you, gen a. >> maria shara polan admits a using a drug banned in her sport.
10:43 am
10:44 am
. . .
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10:46 am
>> right now airline passengers getting fired up in baltimore and to l.a. five women in the fight and two of them intoxicated and refused to turn down the muc in a boom box. they taunted them with the bomb box. and it spread in the aisles and there was hair pulling involved and police removed all five womened. >> i am glad i am not on the fight. turbulence is enough. i don't need the boom box. and a scannal that maria faces that could end her are career. she admitted to using a ban drug. nike cut ties and but admission
10:47 am
earned admireration by seleppa williams. and they join me now. and an interesting article in the ap. this is a banned substance and if you competed against her, maybe you are questioning whether you could have beat p her if she didn't take it. what is the drug in question. >> we are talking called meldonnian. it is not cleared by the fda. it is largely an eastern europe and a lot of russian athletes and shea russia and has been here since a young child and she used it for ten years and that it was recommended by her doctor and indicated at the press conference in los angeles. that she's had diabetes- like symptoms and irregular ekdpshgs- results and gotten sick in the year 2006.
10:48 am
and kept getting the flu. and gave a couple of different reasons why she used. it but it was only illegal by the international tennis federation by the first of this year. and she failed her drug test and she's not the only one. accept athletes that failed for this drug since the start of the new year. >> what else do you know about the drug and giving athletes an advantage over the other athletes? >> it can work as a recovering from strenous exercise and basically give more energy in like a human growth hormone but a shorter format. we like to think it is heart medicine. the criminal is one step ahead
10:49 am
of the law and they have might used it. and until it was did detected. it is it a legitimate performance. niowa ke suspend a long-standing relationship. and that raised red flags and the company made a quick move on this. wait a minute. it is a bigger deal than what is portrayed. think of other athletes. whether it be lance armstrong. they were not immediately pulled from the deals. when it was tag. and then porche. and then the head said they will be looking to it head said they will be working to extend their agreement with maria sharapova.
10:50 am
a tennis maker is in bed with them trying to help out the sport. tennis is trying to become more than a niche sport. she's won 35 tournaments throughout the year. it doesn't look good for the sport. 35 career titles, how many of those are legitimate. sports fans ask how many of the barry bonds home runs are legitimate. >> she's been taking this drug for ten years. the company that makes the drug says that the normal treatment is four to six weeks. i believe that we're going to get cut off by commercial. is her career over? will she continue? great to have you on the program. >> thanks for having me, jenna. heavy rain turns roads into rivers forcing people out of their homes in the southeast. is the worst of it over? a look at the forecast coming up. this little guy is about to make his first deposit. we'd like to open a savings account for him. yes yes. great thanks to mom and dad and their safe driving bonus check from allstate.
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hey, everyone. ohio state football coach. and nascar getting heat for endorsing trump. and we'll ask the panel of veterans which candidate should be the next gop and maybe even commander in chief. the bernie sanders campaign accusing hillary clinton of breaking debate rules and, guess what, our own ed henry photographic proof he says he has. he'll give it to us on "the real story" top of the hour. fox extreme weather alert. now storms moving across louisiana dumping heavy rain and flooding is forcing people out of their homes. chief meteorologist has more. rick? >> hey, john. really dangerous situation. we had a lot of flooding
10:55 am
earlier, really january across parts of the south and so the ground is really saturated. in the last couple of days we've seen some spots that have picked up a foot and a half of rain. anywhere you see red there is flash flooding going on now. parts of texas, throughout louisiana, arkansas, mississippi up into tennessee. we're not done. we have a lot of moisture that's going to be coming in still over the next four to five case. you see all of this high and dry over here. this is indicative of high pressure that's controlling and not letting this systemtowards . that keeps things stuck right here. we see very heavy rain that's falling right now across parts of the mississippi river valley, the lower mississippi river valley but it doesn't really go anywhere. we're going to keep on seeing waves of rain moving here. we're going to see some spots pick up an additional ten inches of rain. we saw it farther towards the west. it is inching off towards the east. it's happening so slowly. that's why the flooding is such a big threat. we'll continue to see that. we have hundreds of people evac
10:56 am
ckuwaiting off to the south. one ton says they don't have enough signs. so people need to be aware. >> that is a lot of water. thank you. the convicted felon whose mug shot nearly broke the internet is now apparently out of prison. hear what mug shot mcdreamy wants to do with all of that fame. the final 30 next.
10:57 am
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♪ the roles you play in life are part of what make you, you. and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. from the #1 doctr recommended bran.
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ensure. always stay you. time for the final 30 now. remember the hot convict. >> who could forget? >> you can't forget him. gary meeks is out of prison less than two years after his mug shot went viral when they busted him on weapons charges. women swooned at that picture. >> yeah. >> i know you are doing the same right now. >> explain this to me. is it the neck tattoo? >> i don't know.
11:00 am
>> i don't know. meeks is free now looking for a career in modeling and acting. apparently he has several offers, however, we should mention he's married. >> taken. has a son as well. they learned. >> stick to the straight and narrow, jeremy. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story with gretchen" starts now. fox news alert for you. major shift points to a new front-runner now in the buckeye state. governor john kasich flying high in ohio. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." governor kasich getting a boost. he's now jumped ahead of donald trump in the latest fox news poll. 34% of likely republican primary voters in ohio saying they prefer kasich over trump as the republican nominee. it's the first time kasich has taken the lead there since september. kathryn is a columnist for the fox news. and bernard whitman is a former pollster for bill clinton.


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