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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  March 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> i don't know. meeks is free now looking for a career in modeling and acting. apparently he has several offers, however, we should mention he's married. >> taken. has a son as well. they learned. >> stick to the straight and narrow, jeremy. >> thanks for joining us. >> "the real story with gretchen" starts now. fox news alert for you. major shift points to a new front-runner now in the buckeye state. governor john kasich flying high in ohio. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is "the real story." governor kasich getting a boost. he's now jumped ahead of donald trump in the latest fox news poll. 34% of likely republican primary voters in ohio saying they prefer kasich over trump as the republican nominee. it's the first time kasich has taken the lead there since september. kathryn is a columnist for the fox news. and bernard whitman is a former pollster for bill clinton. kathryn, some other polls don't
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have him this far ahead of trump. this is the most recent one now. could it be that kasich will actually win his home state? >> he might, but it does not really matter whether he wins it or not. >> why? >> trump's going to be the nominee at this point. kasich might win ohio. it's more likely if he doesn't win ohio it's especially embarrassing for kasich. if he does, maybe he'll get a little momentum, who knows. he has all kinds of support from independents, democrats, and more support than polls show generally. a lot of people don't want to admit they're trump supporters. a lot of people will admit they don't want to admit they're trump supporters. i wouldn't be surprised if he has more support than we think. >> the other thing to consider in ohio, at least, bernard is it's an open primary. you can be registered whatever and you can go and vote. democrats may vote for trump. >> that is possible. i think that john kasich, i'd love him to win ohio. he's the only adult from my perspective left in the gop room
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not that there were many to begin with. >> i love kasich. >> if he's counting on that and trump is counting on democrats to bring him over the top, that's a bit of a fool's errand. >> why? >> at least for democrats the contest among democrats is still pretty fluid. i think hillary clinton will do very well. i think it will be very close. i think she has great appeal among the working class. she's one of the few people that has a plan to bring back manufacturing jobs with taxes in it. >> i would think that would be scary for democrats if trump can get independents and democrats because that's ultimately what decides general elections. i know we're going fast forward. let's move on to this. there are still other people in the race. remember when marco rubio got down in the mud insulting donald trump about the size of his hands. it was around then his poll numbers took a dive. rub rubio announcing regret. >> you got a little naughty out on the campaign -- >> first of all, that's not who i am.
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>> you no he what i'm talking about, right? a little bit. >> i'd do it differently, i really would. my kids were embarrassed by it. my wife don't like it. i don't think it reflects good. that's not who i am. >> do you regret that? >> yeah, i do at this point. >> i don't know if his poll numbers went down because of that. by the way, once he started attacking donald trump, kathryn, a lot of people said, where was he? he should have started that earlier. >> it was funny. it was interesting to watch, but it wasn't worth it because he said i'm not going to stoop to this level. it goes against my principles to do personal attacks and then he did that which proved that you're desperate if you go against what you said you were going to do before. he needs to get out. he keeps embarrassing himself. >> really? >> i think so. he might lose florida. >> so what. he's not a politician anymore. >> if he dozen lose florida, the benefit of winning florida, he's still not going to win the nomination versus the cost. he would be so embarrassed. >> the benefit of winning one
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state, not going to be the nominee, not worth the risk of how bad it would look if he did lose. >> do you think it's that monumental? what if he is going to win? >> he's not going to. 10, 20 points behind. he's a total embarrassment. his poll numbers were low before this. >> they were higher before. >> he was always behind trump, behind cruz. >> he won one state, i think hawaii. >> minnesota. >> the thing that bothers me about marco rubio, he's the overly earnest guy running for senior class president. i know that because i was that guy but i won my election. >> touche. great analysis. time now for my take. while ohio looks too close to call in the latest fox news poll between kasich and donald trump, florida a different story. trump by a long shot, 43%. senator marco rubio far behind at just 20. part of it is no doubt rubio's
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approval rating in his own state at only 48% for the job he's done as senator compared to a whopping 79% of likely republican voters in ohio saying they approve of the job governor kasich is doing there. let's go back to florida now. when you break it down to look at early voters, people who may have voted before the major dustup started between rubio and trump, it appears voters still went for trump. he gets 47% of the early votes compared to rubio's 22. so far the only candidate who's taken on trump and continued to do well is ted cruz but maybe the smartest person of all has been john kasich who as he says is sometimes the only adult in the room. how many adults will we see tonight at the gop debate? over to the dems side, dramatic clash between hillary clinton and bernie sanders after sanders scored an upset victory in michigan. chief white house correspondent ed henry still live down in
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miami. ed, clinton had a tough night in michigan. last night at the debate was it better or not? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. she had a tough night. you were mentioning florida. look, what she's trying to do is there's about 250 electoral votes next tuesday here. she wants to offset any gains that sanders has in ohio on top of what he had in michigan. today, by the way, is the one year anniversary of hillary clinton's news conference at the united nations where she had to defend herself over having this personal server. last night she was under fire, even asked at one point what will happen if she's indicted. watch. >> if you've been indicted would you -- >> oh, for goodness -- that's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> you can see that there now. in the last few moments i just obtained a letter that some senior democrats on the hill have written to the inspectors general of the intelligence committee and state department saying they believe there's been an anti-clinton bias in their investigation and number two they're challenging the
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classification of some of the e-mails that have been considered classified. the point is, this is new push back from the clinton camp that suggest one year after that news conference this e-mail controversy still unfolding. >> you were at the debate last night, ed. there seems to be controversy about mrs. clinton breaking the debate rules. i understand you have photographic proof? >> yes. a source behind the scenes backstage last night at this debate in miami slipped me a photo that shows, you can see, hillary clinton with several staffers walking behind the scenes during one of the commercial breaks. why is that important? the rules are supposed to be on both sides, this happens in the republican debates as well, that the candidates are supposed to use the bathroom, get aye drink of water, whatever they're going to do, not consult with any staffers or get any help. this suggests during one of the breaks clinton was with some of her staff. i asked the communications director, i showed her the photo. i also showed it to bernie sanders campaign manager.
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watch what happens? >> no, i'm not aware of that. >> i just heard about this a little bit ago so i don't have all of the information so it's tough for me to know. obviously she's meeting in breaks with staffers. that would be a clear violation of dnc rules. >> reporter: once i posted it on twitter, people were saying, why is this another example of the clinton camp not following the rules. they think it's much to do about nothing. >> we'll see how it plays out. ed, you're in the middle of it. thanks. president obama welcoming canada's new prime minister today with a red carpet ceremony at the white house. first state visit by a canadian leader in 20 years. it's more pomp and circumstance with pledges on cooperation and trade. kevin cork live at the white house with more. hi, concern. >> reporter: the united states and canada have a great
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relationship. it stands to reason in the first visit to the white house via canadian prime minister in some two decades would center on trade and this was the first official visit for justin trudeau, canada's new prime minister. yes, talking about trade and in particular the trans-pacific partnership. they talked a lot about climate change. speaking of ice, i should throw this out. the president did take an occasion to rib prime minister trudeau that the stanley cup is back here on american soil thanks to the chicago blackhawks. in the oval office they suggested the bilateral relationship. that's been the envy of the world despite natural differences in the natural resources sector. in the rose garden the conversation shifted if the president was asked if he felt partially responsible for the ranker between the democrats and republicans and the rise of donald trump. >> what i'm not going to do is
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validate some notion that the republican crackup that's been taking place is -- is a consequence of actions that i'm -- i've taken. >> okay. a crackup. we've actually heard that terminology floated out there by democratic operatives. we also heard about dumpster fire and other such phraseology. i'll just say this, it was interesting to see the president weigh in on that topic. i should point out very quickly for you, gretchen, we did learn that the president will be headed up to dan to address canada's parliament. that should happen in early june. >> fitting prime minister here, president goes there. concern, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. you heard ed henry talk about this. where was hillary clinton one year ago exactly today? what was she saying about her mobile devices then? we'll tell you why this date is so significant. plus, a defense attorney
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roughed up at the courthouse. wow, look at that picture. you won't believe who he says did that. >> he made some obnoxious comment that defense attorneys can't be trusted. you're supposed to have trust in law enforcement and here they are over reaching, going over the edge, abusing their authority. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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being urged to lock their doors and use extreme caution. we'll keep you apprised of that story. back to politics now and real talk. hillary clinton e-mail scandal flashback. it is already exactly one year ago today that the democratic presidential candidate held that news conference at the united nations where she emphatically said she did not e-mail any classified e-mail. >> i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. i have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the state department. i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. >> well, just last night at the
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democratic presidential debate clinton brushed off a question about whether she would drop out of the race if she's indicted. joining me now, guy benson, fox news contributor at let's start with last night because when she was asked, if you're indicted -- she basically said, that's not going to happen, and they moved on. what did you make of that? >> reporter: yeah, she laughed it off. let's be clear. this is not funny for her and she knows it. she is not amused that there as an ongoing criminal investigation by this scheme. she's not amused that the person who set up the unsecure server has immunity. she's not pleased to read that it's likely that she'll be interviewed by the federal bureau of investigation in the next couple of weeks. she has to chuckle it off but i think based on polling and others, most voters understand how serious this is. >> earlier this week bret baier from special report held a
11:17 am
democratic town hall with sanders and clinton. topic, of course, came back up with some pointed questioning. here's part of that. >> you said at a march press conference in 2015, quote, i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. so can we say definitively that that statement's not accurate? >> no, you can't. >> okay. so she's going down -- obviously she's going to say that, right? it all is contingent on what the fbi finds out, of course. if they recommend some sort of indictment, what the department of justice chooses to do. >> that's true, but going back to bret's question and her answer. she said, no, we can't. the correct answer, the verify bring true answer is, yes, we can. when you go back and you look at her e-mails, she sends more than 2,000 e-mails that were classified through that server. personally sent more than 100 of them herself. dozens of them are secret, top secret or above top secret
11:18 am
according to the state department and the inspector general for the intelligence agencies -- i mean, for her to say that her march claim -- at the beginning of the segment, gretchen, you played a montage of a number of statements and assertions she made one year ago today. >> right. >> i counted in my head as we watched along maybe six or seven prove bring false things that she said, one of which, the biggest of which there was no classified material. there was lots of classified material. that is a fact, period. >> the other thing she said at the top of that montage was that the reason she did this was a matter of convenience and she only wanted to have one device but it didn't take journalist the very long long to find her using ipads, blackberries, more than one device. >> she had two or three devices. she said this was allowed by the state department. not true. state department officials telling politico months ago she violated, quote, clear-cut state department guidelines. a clinton appointed judge
11:19 am
confirming that she broke and violated federal guidelines when she set up this bootleg unsecure server. i mean, there was just a whole litany of untruths that she told and she continues to double down hoping and keeping her fingers crossed that the obama justice department ultimately will protect her based on what we know right now. it seems that she probably violated the law. whether or not she's called to account for that under the law remains to be seen. >> could be weeks away when we finally know what the fbi actually knows. guy benson, thank you. >> thank you. mourners gathering at the reagan presidential library again today to honor the life and legacy of nancy reagan. a former first lady who truly redefined the office. >> last night's democratic debate setting off another one over social media over the color of bernie sanders suit. that brings us to our question of the day. was bernie sanders wearing a brown or was he wearing a blue suit last night?
11:20 am
tweet me at gretchen carlson. use #therealstory. kind of like that dress, debating gold or white? so was the suit brown or blue? let me know.
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welcome back to "the real story." frightening hitd and r frightening hit and run caught on camera. police are hoping to find the driver of the dark green chevrolet right there. horrific video. that slams into an 8-year-old boy and that car just keeps on going. thankfully that young boy had only minor injuries and, oh, my goodness, it looks much worse than that. mourners paying their
11:24 am
respects to nancy reagan today. the former first lady lies in repose at the presidential library. her funeral will take place there tomorrow afternoon where those closest to her say their final good-bye where she is laid to rest next to her beloved husband just inches away from her. trace, tell us about the pope races underway. >> reporter: well, you can see behind me, gretchen, the buses are pulling up. the viewing for nancy reagan is underway. she will lie in repose for the next 3 or 3 1/2 hours. we expect a very large turnout today. in fact, yesterday more than 3,000 people came here to the reagan library to pay their final respects to nancy reagan. in fact, last night when they were about to close the library, there were still some 1,000 people in line. everyone that we talked to said that it was well worth the wait. listen to this. >> i just feel that she's a role model for all women and i think she's the mold that all future
11:25 am
first ladies should follow. amazing person. >> that commitment carried on in his presidency. >> reporter: of course, nancy reagan will be laid to rest tomorrow 11:00 here on the west coast. she will be set just three or four inches away from her husband, dwresh chen, which, of course, is the exact way that nancy reagan wanted it. >> yes. she did core rio graph the entire service for tomorrow including the flowers and everything else. tell us a few more details about the service tomorrow. >> well, it's said to be very emotional. it will start with "the battle himalaya of t hymn of the republic." and then a letter will be read written from ronald regan to nancy reagan. the eulogies will be given by first tom brokaw, the former
11:26 am
"nbc nightly news" writer, ron reagan and then patti davis will speak. when ronald regan was diagnosed with aflts in the '90s, they reconciled. at the time of nancy reagan's death they were very close. the celebrity list is very long from mr. t to tom celek and of course the former first ladies along with michelle obama will also be on hand. gretchen. >> we will look forward to that. trace, thank you. defense attorney said he was attacked at the santa than courthouse in southern california. he claims an investigator with the da's office was behind that horrific bruise. james crawford saying the incident started when the investigator told him defense attorneys are sleazy and can't be trusted. he said he didn't throw a punch but wound up with that black eye and a bloodied shirt after his
11:27 am
face was slammed into a bench. a juror in the building snapped a picture on the floor. the da's office says it is cooperating with the police. they're calling crawford's account one sided and simile not zwru one of the biggest duties for the next commander in chief is how to fix the department of veterans affairs. which candidate has a plan for that. we have a panel of veterans. they're going weigh in coming up next. stunning revelations of the inner workings of isis. they detail the recruiting process and it's surprising where all that information came from. >> they're releasing what they want to release just to get in their heads. they're messing with them. i'm certain they have more stuff than they're saying. keep them on the run. not able to bed down and plan as well as they can. just get it going. relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that.
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top of the hour, fox news alert. new information on the fight against isis. we have a batch of documents that appear to contain key documents leaked to several news organizations. the documents said to show that militants are spread across dozens of countries including right here in the united states. bret has more from our london bureau. what did you find? >> reporter: gretchen, this is potentially a huge break through in the effort to break up the isis terror network. this is a possible treasure trove of some 22,000 documents
11:32 am
all contained on one thumb drive obtained from a defector from isis and given to correspondents here at sky news in london. incredibly, allegedly, they are employment applications for thousands of former jihad disfrom over 50 nations, including the united states. 12 americans were included in these documents including 33-year-old douglas macarthur mccain. he's the minneapolis native that went to fight for isis in early 2014. he was killed in fighting near aleppo, iraq, in august of that year. on his questionnaire, like others, he gave his name, his nationality, two phone numbers, his former job, how he got to syria, who referred him and whether he wants to be a martyr or not. he said he did not. now german intelligence authorities who are the other folks who have these documents believe that they are authentic.
11:33 am
as for their importance, here's what one former u.k. spy chief had to say. >> it's a fantastic coup. it will be an absolute gold mine of information and significant interest to many people, of course the security and intelligence services. >> reporter: now many of the fighters listed in these documents were killed in combat just like the american i just mentioned, but what's really important in these papers for investigators, they could try and break up a network to bring these fighters back and forth and also make sure the fighters who might come back to places like the united states don't cause more trouble. we reached out to the justice department, gretchen. they tell us that they are aware of the media reports but still can't vouch for the authenticity. got to believe they're hoping it's real and they can follow up on it. back to you. >> very interesting. greg, thank you. another alert to tell you
11:34 am
about now because in addition to those leaked docs, the pentagon announcing a transfer to the iraqi government. u.s. special forces captured him in a raid in northern iraq. he's apparently the commander group's top commander in charge of chemical weapons. while reportedly he told our intell officials they planned to use mustard gas on our allies in the region. in light of all of this, which of the republican presidential candidates has the best plan to take on isis at home and abroad? let's bring in for some real talk retired marine staff sergeant johnny joey jones, a marco rubio supporter. ted hendricks who supports ted cruz and john moe supports john kasich. we tried vigorously to get a veteran supporting the trump campaign. they are out there but neither we nor the campaign could get someone who could fit it in their schedule today so we have the three of you gentlemen. thank you for being here on "the real story."
11:35 am
joey, let me start with you. we have a picture of you at a rubio event. you are a supporter of him. what is it about him that you think will help combat isis the most? >> first and foremost, my support of rubio came from his support of veterans. when you look at the three front-runners, rubio included, he has funded the foreign service act. he has information and he's traveled to the middle east and he showed a clear vision of what we need to do beyond carpet bombing or let's all get along. >> captain hendricks, i know you're a supporter of senator ted cruz. i'm going to give you the same question about isis. what is it about cruz that makes you comfortable that he will be able to eliminate them? >> senator cruz plays on the strentsz of the american military. he targets isis with the use of overwhelming american air power and he uses precision strike
11:36 am
weapons. these are things we have advantages in. he also seeks to reach out to america's traditional allies in the region, jordan, egypt, israel as well as the kurds in northern iraq and seeks to fund them with more weapons and give them most up-to-date training so they can take on kurds in that local environment. one of the things to understand is a lot of resentment falls along cultural and religious lines. we need to focus on the natural enemies. >> colonel mo, you have been campaigning and you support john kasich. do you agree with any of what your colleagues have just said or what is it about kasich that you think will help to eradicate isis? >> thank you, gretchen. it's great to be here today. i also want to thank my two colleagues for their service, especially joey's great sacrifice for his country when he lost his legs in afghanistan.
11:37 am
i think one of the most important things to stress about governor kasich is that much of what he talks about is not theory. he spent 18 years on the house armed services committee. he worked very closely with the reagan administration on security issues. and he's been governor of this state not only working issues with the national guard who have served overseas but also with our veterans and he has come on very early in regard to the fight against isis that we need to go in strong but as has been said already, and i do agree, that we need to have a good, effective alliance. we need to go in on the ground. we need to go in the air. we need to have a no fly zone. i think most important is that we need to look for the future and know why we are involved and that we're not involved because we're going to go in and conduct some sort of nation building or that we're going to stick around for 50 years with troops.
11:38 am
>> okay. >> we want to finish the job and let the folks in the region take care of it. >> yeah. i hear all three of you. another really, really important question for veterans and quite frankly for every american is something that joey jones touched on at the beginning of his first answer which is which candidate has the best plan to fix the troubled department of veterans affairs including the health care system? veterans have died waiting for care. why is marco rubio the best pick for the va? >> he not only drafted legislation to allow the va to fire bad actors and ill administrators but also was brought into a committee concerning when the accountability, that piece was in that legislation. chairman jeff miller is our strongest ally in the house. he personally has a relationship with senator rubio, and has endorsed him. yeah, listen, i lost my legs.
11:39 am
i'm having to go find private health care so i don't have to drive 50, 100 miles, wait for someone to tell me my appointment was messed up. that's a big part of taking care of us. that's something that senator rubio has promised to take care of. >> captain hendricks, why do you think ted cruz would do a better job? >> the affordable care act, you look at the size of bureaucracy in the veterans administration right now and you'll see where we'll all end up. it is over burdened with bureaucracy. we wasted $1.1 billion on one hospital in denver and it seems to be out of control. senator cruz suggests that we need to essentially allow our veterans to be able to reach out to the private doctors, choose the doctor of their own, give them a benefit, allow them to have portability, go out and find somebody that's local, good, someone that they can trust rather than be burdened by this very large, overwhelming
11:40 am
bureaucracy. >> privatize it is what you're saying. i want to get in colonel mo. you're picking kasich. he's been in government. he's been part of the bureaucracy. you don't see that that is not a disadvantage for him? >> well, the experience he has, he's been able to carry out the things that he wants to do. i don't find any difference with the comments that he's made. we need to do a lot of things, particularly bring the strength of the veterans services back to the state. i worked with the governor as his director of state veterans services to do just those sort of things. one of the biggest problems we have is transitioning to become a veteran for the armed forces. so we worked with the pentagon, we've worked with the va. we've got jobs for veterans that we know we line up before they even separate for the service. >> great idea. >> so we've actually walked the walk with these veterans and we're proud of what we've done. he'll just continue that in washington. >> staff sergeant jones, captain
11:41 am
hendricks, colonel mo, thank you so much for your service and your thoughts today. >> thank you both. a college major football coach endorsing governor kasich today. we'll tell you who that is. and the head of nascar taking some heat now for endorsing donald trump. why? we'll explain. tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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shepard smith at the reagan library in simi valley, california. we're waiting for what's being billed as a major campaign event for the republican presidential candidate, ted cruz. his first endorsement from a former republican candidate. it's happening. why so long? there are signs that the millions of dollars going to stop donald trump might actually be working. really? but is it too late? shepard smith reporting begins in just 16 minutes.
11:45 am
back to politics on "the real story" now. the ohio state football coach urban meyer had this to say about the gov. >> the leadership that you've shown the state of ohio since we've been back before your friendship as a friend and as a true supporter of what you stand for now that i really know what you stand for, we'd like to tell you we wish you guys the best. >> so joining me now, the host of sports court. did you know on and a fox news contributor, tamara holder. i love the fact that we both love sports. >> yes. >> i'm really interested in asking you right out of the gate whether or not you think sports endorsements or any endorsements matter this time around? >> i think they've always mattered and they definitely matter this time around. more people are watching in recent memory, recent history.
11:46 am
i don't know what you think, but definitely people are more involved in politics and i would give credit to donald trump for that. but, yeah, if you look at history and just advertising in general, athletes have been used to sell products. now with social media we're seeing that athletes are coming out to endorse the product of a political figure in the presidential candidate. >> this one in ohio is a big one. if you know anything about the state of ohio or the ohio state university, i mean, they are huge into football. and to get urban meyer endorsing john kasich because i think he was considering going with trump, big deal. >> it's a huge deal. urban meyer has the rock star status. he is -- he's really the biggest figure -- one of the biggest figures in sports. he is the highest paid person in ohio -- well, public -- public employee. people love him. i've been to an ohio state football game. it was literally the best day of
11:47 am
my life. it was so fun. people are insane. >> i hope you wore red? >> yes. i bought a t-shirt there. i went to arizona but i had to fit in. >> let's talk about another sports figure endorsing another candidate. nascar facing heat after its chairman and ceo decided to back donald trump. here's brian france on why he's supporting the republican front-runner. >> you know about his winning in business and success. i'm here to tell you he wins with his family. he does. he does. and i'll tell you one thing, if you -- if you leave with one other thing, any of his children, you'd be proud to have on his party, your family. that's how i judge a winner. >> after that trump telling his supporters he's grateful for that endorsement. >> i just had a visitor backstage. nascar endorsed trump. can you believe that? and we love brian france and the whole group at nascar. >> now here's the thing, tamara,
11:48 am
france had to come back out and give a quote later on that he endorsed him but he doesn't necessarily agree with all of his views, including his immigration views. feeling the heat, right? >> oh, yeah. back in july nascar actually pulled out of a trump -- an awards ceremony outside of florida at a trump resort because of his comments about immigration. and donald trump too political, it is not nascar's endorsement. >> right. >> but that being said, i am also a nascar fan and nascar has been very pro diversity for many years. in 2004 they created the drive for diversity. they have an urban youth program or urban youth day. in 1963 wendel scott was the first nascar winner who was african-american. we have danica patrick who is a female. >> right. >> so to just come out and blast donald trump for his views and, i don't know, be upset with him, i think that france is making a personal decision here. >> okay.
11:49 am
yeah. not every nascar driver is necessarily going to fall in suit with what the ceo has done. >> people need to relax. >> yeah, need to relax. this is a personal choice for every single person but these endorsements probably do matter on some levels. tamara, thank you. >> thank you. brand-new information on a failed part of obama care and the billions of dollars it now owes. whose pocket is that money coming out of? i'll give you a clue. h'm. yours and mine. check this out, trump supporter clocking a protestor at an event and now charges being filed. those details coming up next. this is sheldon whose long day setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors.
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welcome back. new obamacare controversy today involving the now failed healthcare cooperative and a congressional report that fines the co-ops have not paid a
11:53 am
whopping 1.2 billion in federal loans. check out all the zeros. they still owe more than a billion in additional liabilities. rich edson is live to crunch the numbers. what happened? >> obamacare set up cooperatives that are nonprofit insurance companies toyí increase competition and lower healthcare costs. $2.4 billion in federal loan money helped create 23 of them. and more than half have failed. now report by the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations majority staff first reported on by fox news says the administration continued funding them before their failures despite flaws in their business? plans. >> i think we need to acknowledge the just utter incompetence of trying to centrally plan a program like this. i'm not asserting anyone is evilly motivate but whether or not anybody is competent to oversea the -- oversee the program i have not seen heft. >> 90% of americans have health
11:54 am
coverage and even in states where co-ops were unsuccessful, the uninsured rates decreased. >> the administration says it worked with the cooperatives to address their problems in their business model, and when they determined they were going to fail they cut off funding. of the remaining 11 co-ops, eight are under inscreesed oversight. >> i teased before the segment, how much money can taxpayers expect to recover? >> well, they're out 1.2 billion me. report claims the cooperatives have yet to repay anything to the government. the administration says they'll refuse to offer a forecast but they're beginning the process of trying to recoverk)pá taxpayer money they say much of that depends on state law and the specific loan agreementslñ but committee republicans say because the failed co-ops owe more than a billion dollars to others it's unlikely they'll get much back. >> that's what i thought. why do canadians want to put
11:55 am
president obama in the penalty box after he made choice comments to their country's prime minister when they were both at the white house. yeah, it's a hockey term. do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear?
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fox news alert. a trump supporter now in major hot water. check out the video. a rally
11:59 am
i'm sorry. is it in my home town? with the chicago blackhawks? >> all right. all right. that's good news for america. president obama hitting canada
12:00 pm
where it hurts. country's nhl teams have not won the stanley cup since 1993. montreal, canadiens. holly -- holy smokes. thanks for being part of "the real story." here's shep at the reagan library. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon in southern california, perhaps time for more moderate donald trump. he is moving away from some of his harsher rhetoric and saying he wants republicans to come together. is this a change in tactics ahead of the general election? also, a tough crowd at a trump rally. [shouting] >> you see what happened when somebody threw a punch at a demonstrator. also, we know ted cruz is trying to win over donaldqf trump supporters, and he has found an interesting way to go about it by saying they aren't well informed. and trump is taking advantage of them. as for the democrats, bernie sanders to' team says hillary clinton broke a rule at the debate and his


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