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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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where it hurts. country's nhl teams have not won the stanley cup since 1993. montreal, canadiens. holly -- holy smokes. thanks for being part of "the real story." here's shep at the reagan library. >> 3:00 on the east coast, noon in southern california, perhaps time for more moderate donald trump. he is moving away from some of his harsher rhetoric and saying he wants republicans to come together. is this a change in tactics ahead of the general election? also, a tough crowd at a trump rally. [shouting] >> you see what happened when somebody threw a punch at a demonstrator. also, we know ted cruz is trying to win over donaldqf trump supporters, and he has found an interesting way to go about it by saying they aren't well informed. and trump is taking advantage of them. as for the democrats, bernie sanders to' team says hillary clinton broke a rule at the debate and his representatives
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say they have the picture to prove it. the politician who doesn't whatnot to be president so much, his lawyers are ordering a group to stop trying to make it happen. let's get to it. from simi valley, california, "shepard smith reporting" reporting. >> good afternoon from the reagan library where members of the public are paying respects to the former first lady, nancy reagan. thousandsthousands of people has bid her casket at the library. from those who knew her and total strangers brought to tears. we'll have much more later on in thy the hour. first, politics, and we're waiting for what the ted cruz campaign has label merged event for republican candidate ted cruz. his very first endorsement from a fellow senator. after all this time it's finally happening. the republican senator from utah, mike lee, is set to give his support to ted cruz at an moment. but while we wait, the bitter and sometimes bizarre republican
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primary race has now come to this. the party's national chairman essentially begging the candidates to keep it g-rated at tonight's debate, after the last debate broke down in angry attacks, in name-calling, even bragging about a certain -- well, you remember. the republican national committee boss, reince priebus, says the group has talked with the campaigns and debate sponsors about toning it down a bit tonight. the front runner in donald trump says he hopes it will be, quote, nicey, sorter, lighter debate. you heard that right. trump says he wants is nicer, softer, lighter. but if tonight is anything like the top two candidates' most recent events don't expect cease fire. >> lying ted. you know, don't forget, lying ted was supposed to win mississippi. but they don't like liars. >> 65 to 70% of republicans recognize donald trump would be a disaster. if he is the nominee, hillary7l
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wins. >> doesn't sound like kinder, gentler. tonight's debate in is south% florida where marco rubio is fighting to keep his campaign alive, and there's another new poll that shows trump is leading rubio in his home state by nine points. even if trump racks up big wins next tuesday, the anti-trump forces say they're in this for the long haul. the super pac whose only mission is to take down donald trump is spending money in contests into the months ahead. those anti-trump people are so desperate to find somebody, anybody, who can beat donald trump, that today the house speaker paul ryan sent out a cease and desist notice to a group trying to draft him to enter the race. carl cameron is live in florida. tell us about this major campaignu8was event. >> well, we'll have a news conference in matter of minutes with ted cruz. the cruz campaigned acknowledged
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he'll get his first endorsement% from a fellow senator in the important utah's like me. mike lee and ted cruz has co librated on a variety of causes and issues, legislative matters and even on some colloquies on the senate floor during mr. cruz's filibusters against a variety of obama item agenda -- agenda items they object. to this puts an end to the assertion that cruz is unable to get any of his sam)gues in the senate to endorse im. hit a first one and takes away at least one arrow on donald trump's quiver. he has been pointing out that cruz is, quote, nasty guy without guys in the senate, and mike lee and cruz came into the senate the same year, will stand by him in a matter of moments. it's notable that cruz has chosen to unveil this endorsement in florida in miami, marco rubio's home town, with
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marco rubio trailing the polls, and in danger of being beaten in his home state, which could be a potentially crippling blow 0 to his candidacy. >> what's with this whole draft paul ryan thing,2 carl? >> well, it's a measure really of the dissatisfaction and angst in the run party over trump's candidacy and the state of the field in the state of the race. there's this constant banter among so-called establishment mainstream republicans that trump can't beat hmm hmm and if he were the nominee it would hurt downballot candidates in the house and senate. governors races, et cetera, and could damage -- do lasting damage to the republican brand. donald trump's big into branding, and the idea that paué ryan, who was of course mitt's running mate and was elected as the house speaker, they could bring him in and he would be able to perhaps unite the party more effectively. ryan said, no, not interested it
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in and sent a letter to the organization that has been collecting online petition signatures for ryan to get into÷ the race, and copied the federal election commission, saying this isn't legal and runs the risk of misleading voters and donors and supporter, not just of the existing presidential candidates but also paul ryan, house speaker. so they'll be asked to stop. doesn't mean it's going to stop. there's a large contingent of republican establishment types who are look agent anything to do to top trump. >> what's the fancy room you're in? it's like a spaceship. >> this is a spin room here at the u. miami u. the site of the debate. it's the same layout we have had in all of the debates. a combination of google graphics and the red, white and blue, and it's south florida so also air conditioned and inside. which has an add benefit.
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>> it's very, very nice, carl. feels like -- it's beautiful. enjoy your day there it's gorgeous in simi valley. it's like 100 in new york today. i don't know what happened. "washington post" reporter ed o'keefe here. explain the weather. >> explain the weather?),=ñ >> no. i don't know. i figure i would try to throw you off your game. what's ted cruz doing toda4ñ he said the phrase of the day from carl was, take another much out trump's quiver, and i just wonder if you think this going to be the major event that the cruz campaigning billing it to be? >> i think if ted cruz is going to get any senators to support him, it would be mike lee. mike lee wa'u the one that stayd up late with him that night that ted cruz kept the senate open and basically led to the shutdown of the government. if there was any other senator mike lee would have endorsed it would have been rubio. they worked together an legislation as well. the three of them around the same age, the same conservative
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temperment and philosophy. so by doing it here, knew minutes from rubio's home, it's a bit of a jab at the local senator and that suggests that lee, now sees the writing on the wall for senator rubio and realizes -- >> i wonder if you can tell us what the chatter is on rubio in coral gables. poll out at the "washington post" with our friends a univision that shows it's an eight-point game between donald trump and senator rubio. you put that in the mix -- there's anothers that put at 20, some at six. either way trump is winning and this suggests is he is starting to close the gap and has support among hispanic republicans and among women, and donald trump i(ñ among men and older voters. there's all sorts -- all of those in florida, so a real tossup here in the closing days. >> there is anything your reporting to suggest that some of this stops donald trump, some
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of these millions and millions and millions are having an effect in any way? >> i think if you look at some of those surveysny coming out ts week that show a single point gap as opposed to a double-digit gap, that would suggest that they see rubio within striking distance. also been told if you talk to different groups and campaigns they're doing their own surveys they see the gap tightening just a bit. >> we're cutting away because mike lee, the senator from utah, is now speaking and begin -- so let's listen. >> unity is more possible than ever before in this race. we need to unite behind ted cruz. ted is a good friend of mine, and we have worked together a lot in the senate. i consider him a close personal friend in additionw to being a professional ally. one thing that's significant about friends regardless of whatever characteristics they have friend, good(pañ friend hao
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things. a good friend extends to tell you the dispute a good friend does what he says he's going to do. ted possesses both of those characteristics to a very, very significant degree, a remarkable degree in fact. and that's why i'm privileged to call him myndyf friend. but he is a friend not just to me but to the american people. he is a friend to the people he represents in the state of texas. when ted ran for the senate in 2012 he made some promises to the people of texas. he promised why stand up for them. he would stand up to a growing overbearing series -- federal government that tacks us too knows no bound. he prom mess it he would fight against obamacare and resist efforts to undermine the second amendment right as americans. promised he would oppose any efforts to undermine religious liberties. ted has kept those promises and every other promise he has made
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and it's with that trust that he has earned that he is going to move forward and unite our party. you see, too many people throughout this country have been toldqí over and over againy the political establishment in washington, dc that our best days are behind us, but we simply have to settle for the status quo, settle for sluggish economic growth, settle for more of the same, business as usual, in washington. ted doesn't believe you have to settle. ted doesn't believe you should settle. there's a big difference between confusion and confidence, and ted is that difference. there is a big difference between platitudes and a plan. ted is that difference. there is a big difference between slogans and.
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this is a man who believes in his own family. has stood with his own family. i have enjoyed getting to knit?ñ ted and his wife heidih and his daughters. i've seen ted stand with them and for them. i've seen him stand with and for his father and for and with his mother. and you know, he will stand for you. he will stand for every mother and father and son and daughter in america. he will do -- all within the sound of my voice. to join me in this cause.
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to look forward to the first 100 days of a ted cruz presidency. 100 days that will be marked by reforms. a reform that will restore the greatness of our economic mobility society. we have seen in recent years our economic mobility society has been endangered. we see the poor and the middle class held back. we see economic opportunity in america fading as there are more and more backroom deals that serve only to enrich and further empower those incumbents whom! e already enriched and already in power. ted cruz will work to undo that. and to restore the greatness of the czár(p' people, to put the power back where it belongs, which is with the people. it's time, my fellow americans, and in particular today my fellow republicans, to unite behind one candidate. that candidate is ted cruz.
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>> what took you so long to endorse ted cruz and what kind of signal are you sending with there is endorsement. >> i'm sending the signal it's time to unite. that the time has finally come, the time is finallied a hand when we need unite behind one leader. >> should senator rubio drop out? >> everyone will have to make that choice. if senator rubio were asking me that, i would encourage him and i do encourage him to get behind ted cruz. >> [inaudible] rubio. >> yes, senator rubio and i speak on a regular basis. >> what was his reaction? >> that's a private conversation between us. [inaudible question] >> first of all my focus here is on why i support ted cruz. i'm#l#pgju here to trash talk ay other candidates, including the
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one you mentioned. i will say that the candidate whom i have many questions. i'm still waiting to hear a lot of things i still don't know about what motivates donald trump, about what informs his policy positions, what his policy positions actually are an whole host of issues, and i of those questions. >> senator, you're now the first colleague in the senate to endorse ted cruz, and marco rubio has the lion's share of republican endorsements. what would you have to say to your colleagues and why are they wrong. >> the overwhelming majority of republican senators have not endorses anyone. i expect that will change, and i expect that i'll be the first of many republican senators who will endorse ted cruz. i'm confident that more are on the way, and i welcome others to join me.
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>> senator -- >> there you go, senator mike lee of utah, who stood/x with td cruz during the shutdown of the government before, is the first senator now to endorse ted cruz. mike lee said, ted cruz is the difference between confusion and confidence, the difference between slogan and substance, and he went on to say, ted cruz believes in his own family and he will stand for you, but the most interesting thing that jusí happened, the thing that will get the headlines and you'll get an alert from on your phone is this. a reporter asked him, should marco rubio drop out of the race? and the sitting senator, mike lee of utah said, well, if rubio were to ask me i encourage him to get behind ted cruz, which human speak, marco rubio, get out of the race. but a sitting u.s. senator just asked another sitting u.s. senator to get out of the race for the presidency returning toward the primary down in florida next tuesday, where marco rubio's people are spending millions of dollars, the apts trump people are
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spending many more millions of dollars. in comes mike lee to sea, marco, get out. let's bring in ed o'keefe again. was that surprising? >> you heard what i heard, shep. definitely was the call for senator rubio to get4÷zñ out, jt about ten mints from his -- ten minutes from his own front door. bold of lee to do that. this is 2009 largest reporter gaggles mike lee has addressed. a well-liked and well-reef suspected conservative senator on capitol hill, npw perhaps as well-known family but he is giving ted cruz street cred among conservatives. there's about a lon another talk in the next republican administration mike lee would blow a great concern general or perhaps even a supreme court nominee because he has legal backgroundwalk attorney in utah, and was in private practice at one time also. if that's a reason he is endorse ted cruz that will resonate with
12:19 pm
conservatives who are concern who might serve next on the supreme court. rubio is pretty -- >> that was planned, the words there were very carefully chosen. he didn't say anything specifici he said if marco rubio were to ask me, i would tell him, and rubio a couple times a day. are we to enfear he has told marco rubio, marco, get out? >> i think we could infer that. we don't know for certain and he doesn't describe his private conversations and not the only one trying to reach rubio. governor kashich and others to say clear the field for ted cruz to take on donald trump. >> well, if i'm marco rubio sitting around spending the last millions wondering what the rest millions wondering what the rest you're around a bunch of yes people for a long time, and then others start to see the hand
12:20 pm
writing on the recall and you realize the polls aren't there marco rubio wanting to show the world he can win his state, and here comes the senateuj colleagues, i'm not happy if i'm marco rubio. >> i wouldn't be either if i were him right now, especially doing it here in his home town. i think based on the comments that senator rubio made last night, apologizing for the way he had gone after donald trump, there's hope in his camp he will be a little more serious, focused on the serious concerns he has about donald trump's potential presidency, but with talk like this i imagine he'll face question busy his liability and see how he answers. appears to be all systems grow florida and then probably have to re-assess. >> as mike lie put it, don't settle. ted cruz believe in his own family. when donald trump got a $300 tax break from new york city, he took it. except when new york city
12:21 pm
changed the rules so it no longer applied to the rich he kept taking it. who made the mistake and is new york getting a refund?no that's coming up on this thursday afternoon on a picture perfect day from the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost. now try new boost® compact and 100 calories. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you!
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don't make new york mad. new york city is now calling for donald trump to return money to the taxpaye after his campaign now admits he has been receiving a tax break in error for years. gregg jarrett is back in new york with details from the knocks news deck. billions of dollars i hear, billions. >> look, shep, donald trump is the first person to boast that he is a billionaire, so how did he qualify for a tax break that only goes to folk with annual bucks? well, either there's some
12:25 pm
mistake or maybe trump isn't as rich as he claims. >> i'm really rich. >> it may seem strange that a really rich person would apply for a property tax break of just $302, but records at the new york department of finance show donald trump not only applied but received the tax deduction, and trump improperly pocketed that savings not once, not twice, but for three years. trump's campaign manager insists it's all may have -- mistake not but triple but by the city. we reached out to the city which tolds the following, quote: we're looking into what happened in this case, but as mr. trump's spokesman confirmed he should not have received the abatement and should return the full value the trump campaign told fox news, trump was not aware he has issued a star credit from the
12:26 pm
city of new york for those three years until the past 249;kú hou. still the question of trump's wealth is unsettled. statement last june pronouncing this net worth at 8-point 'billion, but look closely. no accounting firm signed. it's just trump's worked which he himself cast in doubt by admitting in a deposition some years back to inflating his finances. an attorney asked him, have you ever exaggerated in statements about your properties? his response, i think everyonelq does. the truth about trump's may lie in his tax returns, signed under oath but so far he has refused to make them public, citing an irs audit. >> i don't know why but for some reason the irs audits me every year. >> an audit does not prevent donald trump from releasing his tax return.
12:27 pm
and when we asked if trump is going to pay back the money to new york, his campaign manager said, i'll have to ask mr. trump. shep? >> 906 bucks. that will buy a lot of trump steak, except there nor trump steaks. hillary clinton will take a break d;x bee here for the funeral tomorrow for nancy reagan. today she and bernie sanders are focusing on biggest states up on tuesday.
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west of jackson, the convict escaped last week by holding a jail worker at knife point. officers in new jersey closed water fountains in 30 schools because of lead contamination. they say there's no serious health threat but students are drinking bostonleed water. er been on a bus or train when someone is having a loud conversation? cops in chicago says a train passenger used a device to jam cell phone signals so no one could talk. investigators say they've been getting complaint busy cell reception on plains and undercover cophn spotted him wih the jammer. the news continues with shepard smith right after this. ur years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™,
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12:33 pm
his aide say they're hoping he'll do well in two other big states on tuesday, ohio and illinois. hillary clinton has more than half of the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination, but that includes the super delegates, the part insiders who can change their mind. most polls show hillary clinton dominating bernie sanders in all five states where they vote on tuesday. the polls also predicted she would win big in michigan and we saw how that turned out. ed henry is in tampa. both campaigns fighting hard, i hear. >> reporter: that's right. as one clear reason. there's a motherlode of delegates next tuesday in florida for the delegates, 248. so hillary clinton leading big-time in the poll nets sunshine state right now, even though it's award proportional yay. bernie sanders could get some delegates. if clinton can have a big win that puts her closer to securing the name. the somewhats out here trying to
12:34 pm
look past sanders, saying she ready to beat any republican candidate she has to face in november and sanders says this race isn't done yet. >> people ask me all the time, who die want to run against? that's not for me to decide. but given what they've all said, i will take any one of them. >> now, i know that florida is big football country. right? [cheering] >> but unless you're out on the playing field, football is a spectator sport. democracy is not a spectator support. >> in gainesville, earlier. obviously at the university of florida. bernie sanders shortly will be bracket clinton. what he is trying to do is he has ohio, illinois, next week. he wants to build on that victory in michigan. do well in the midwest next week, but again, if clinton can clean up here in florida, it
12:35 pm
might be all for not. >> that could do it. jed, thanks. breast inning the center 0 politics jet for authorize at the daily beast. that would do it? >> absolutely. bernie sanders needs a win in either ohio, illinois, or missouri to keep his momentum up that he has, that michigan started for him, and he has a really good chance because of the demographics in each place, because of his message on trade, particularly places like ohio and illinois. bernie -- even if he doesn't he has enough money to keep going forward. so he is in a pretty good place. >> did you see when mike lee, the senator from utah, stood up and basically told rubio, i got word from ted cruz you need to get out of sneer. >> yeah. they're friends. i believe that mike lee was -- >> that's a friend. >> -- cosponsor of rubio's tax plan. these are two people that have a will say mike d
12:36 pm
cruz are closer friends. ted cruz basically writes love poetry to mike lee in his book about his life. so the two of them are fairly close and now they're certainly better friends than marco rubio and lear. >> they were brothers in arms on shut down the government night, and still reminisce about that over the dinner table as they believe in their own family. i wonder if what you make of this, let's all come together, the idea that we might have a kinder, gentler donald trump, hard to get your head around that. >> i'll believe that when i see it. we have heard this before, and he was actually acting like a steak-.a( salesman the other ni. ' he keeps upon pulling-n it don stranger-zñ things have happene. so maybe it will be a softer donald trump but i don't know. >> i keep wondering if there's
12:37 pm
not in room for kashich to get in there he is coming up in some polls. more moderates like him. >> john kashich is -- he has ohio coming up. if he can win ohio and stick around and get the -- all of those delegates, wayne take all state -- winner take all states and if rubio falls to the side, kashich is the prototype of the establishment candidate. he was in congress, sitting governor, everything that kind of hoped for and more, and it's funny when you hear about kashich talk about there's this cool, calm, collected moderate guy. those from ohio know a different john kashich. he has a lot of opinions and is volatile. but maybe we'll see that kashich come out but certainly -- he certainly stands to gain the most if he manages to win his homel state. >> jackie kucinich. nice to talk to you. thank you. >> likewise, thank you.
12:38 pm
>> near simi valley, people are saying goodbye to the form are first lady, nancy reagan, about two hours ago the doors here at the reagan presidential library again opened, so members of the public could come in and pay respects. a live look at people file by. by the thousands they've come. busloads of them. you have to park four miles away and then shuttle buses bring you here, and it's the most beautiful drive up in the hills. every -- don't know -- 20 or 30 feet there's another american flag on the right and the left, hundreds if not thousands of them on the way up here. people out on the roadside, with big signs remembering nancy reagan. just a huge expression of love, and such a vast departuret@r&k m alves else we're talking about. it's beautiful here. >> they picked this spot because you can see the ocean.
12:39 pm
not today because it's cloudy. you can see the oceani and -- >> not cloudy. >> but california cloudy. we'll talk more about that later. it's an amazing spot. nancy reagan has been heavily involved in this entire process of putting the library together so this is an amazing place. >> we learned know about plans for the funeral. >> it stands to be very easterly moment battle him of the republic sung bay local high school choir, and the former canadian prime minister -- they became good friends -- he will read a letter from ronald reagan written to nancy reagan. that stands to be very emotional. and then the eulogies, one by james baker, who was also ronald reagan's chief of staff. the former nbc news anchor tom brow co, and the children, ron reagan and pati davis and the bats between north carolinay reagan and her daughter, patty davis, in the 19 0s again we
12:40 pm
ronald reagan was diagnosed with alzheimer's they recoks%1% and the oft -- by the time of her death. >> isn't the funeral tomorrow night? >> it was, they were trying to replicate the funeral we had here 12 years ago. anybody can see that video, nancy reagan, when she laid her head on the case set after being so strong and finally breaking down on the casket. this was the most emotional moment. so they were trying to replicate the timing of that. but there's rain in the forecast, and they're trying to get this thing in in the morning, prior to the rain and the afternoon, but rain or shine, this gill on. if it rains they'll shuttle everyone under big tens, republicans and democrats. >> they're expecting 10 or 12 inches of rain in oxnard the next couple of days. it's coming in a noon soon. -- monsoon, the fox weather
12:41 pm
alert says rain every hour, all day long. the total rain they're expecting, a quarter áe÷ inch. they do rain different hi here. >> el niño. that's our el niño. we need it. >> maybe it will hold off for u will be a moving expee and i'm honored to be here for it tomorrow. just this week, speaking of dish just wonder what ronald reagan would think about all that is going on in his grand old party. if there is a place on a hill that's more beautiful in this country, i've not seen it, and he talked about this shining city on a hill. it wasn't his. he was repeating it. but what would he think? selling steaks and body parts and almosts feels blaspheme mouse to talk about this stuff. this week, donald trump said he can be more presidential than anybody. except abe lincoln. what he said.
12:42 pm
i mean, one reporter covering his campaign saying she is seeing signs trump is trying to tone down things. some signs but not total transformation. we'll talk to that reporter next. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. her long day as anne. hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks.
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well, donald trump is once again linking an entire religion to terrorism, claiming that, and i quote, isis, islam, hates us. trump told cnn it's, quote, very hard to separate radical extremists from the rest of the religion. what he said. a claim that its getting a lot of credit sump, but if rhetoric like that bothers you, fear not. trump says he's going to tone it down. he already said some of his hardline proposals could be up for negotiation. he says he'll stop being nasty so he can appeal more to women. what he said. trump is also warming up to the
12:46 pm
g.o.p.'s so-called establish: yesterday the speaker of the house is -- is that another salute for him? i don't think so. warming up for speaker of the house paul ryan said he respects the speaker a lot. trump is also claiming he can unite the republican party and insist hefts is the only candidate who can beat hillary clinton. >> i watch these people and shay say, number one, i'm beating her beautifully in polls. one came out today where i'm beating her nicely but i haven't started on her yet. >> we don't know what polls he is citing. donald trump has never beaten hillary clinton in the real clear politics average of the hypothetical head-to-head matchup, never once. the latest real clear politics average shows donald trump losing to hillary clinton by six points. the averagehq shows donald trums closest rival is ted cruz in a dead heat withh; clinton, basically tied in a hypothetical matchup. marco rubio beat hillary clinton by four points in the polling
12:47 pm
average there are no recent surveys pitting john kashich against hillary clinton but all three polls that came out last might showed kashich beating clinton. julie protest an article about donald trump. are you feeling in most areas --er is your reporting suggesting suggesting the pivot is on? >> he has primary work to do, he has to win big on march 15th 15th when florida and ohio, the big winner take all states, are up for grabs, but you are seeing signs as his delegate lead is mounting of trump in his unore --aj unorthodox way, makig a pivot to the general election. i think the most notable area in which trump is doing this is signaling flexibility on immigration, and immigration, his very hardline position on that has been a rallying cry for supporters who will be
12:48 pm
interesting to see how they react. he hayes -- he has emphasized the position even more. >> there were a lot of questions for the democratic candidates on univision about deporting children. you wonder if to the requests wilt come along in the republican event testimony. you've seen polls where donald trump cites he is beating hillary beautifully? i can't find them. >> well, look, there are lot of polls out there most i have seen do show that hillary would beat trump, but really these head-to-head polls are irrelevant. you have to wait growl get into: the fall before people start making an actual judgment about who they would vote for. so i would sort of caution people against reading too much into the general election head-to-head polling at this point. >> as a new yorker and sort of an outsider on politics coverage looking in, i like to ask the insiders in politics coverage
12:49 pm
what they're hearing. specifically about this. what are donald trump's plans for hillary clinton? he always says i haven't even gotten started yet. what is the plan grow hear exister ands about ideas. >> we haven't seen him really lay this out yet, though he is forecasting he will go after her very hard. one specific thing that he did do earlier in the campaign was he started talking about bill clinton's indiscretions, and i think that is something you may see him roll out in a general election, and that would be -- >> may? >> -- very unusual -- probably. but this is unusual. people obviously talk about this around hillary clinton but i am not sure i've ever seen a political rival of hers bring it up on a debate stage. >> nor have i. >> -- campaigns are prepared -- the clinton campaigns and allies are preparing for anything. >> the satellite delay is difficult and i apologize. i'm trying to think if you can
12:50 pm
take it up another notch beyond this little marco thing and low energy( jeb! and all we have seen which is well'll the smog line, trying to figure out what might look like in a bill and hillary clinton world. ronald reagan, he is laid to rest behind me. i can't even think about it. >> it really is amazing when you think about all of the things have been said so far in the campaign. as i'm writing my stories i stop as i'm writing lines thinking i can't believe that it's possible that this is happening in the context of a presidential election. that said, so far it's working for donald trump. so, why change the formula if it's not working, but a general election audience is a different audience. he may have to moderate on that heading into the fall. >> they call it the general election pivot.
12:51 pm
julie, thank you very much. from the going place down there in coral gables. >> even isis terrorists have to fill out job8b applications, revealing phone nones and skills and family contacts. what if you got ahold of that information? someone just dade. customers ask if all vitamins are the same.
12:52 pm
i tell them the difference is quality. gnc formulas exceed the highest standards. now buy one get one half off select fish oils, probiotics, multivitamins and more. what's right for you? just ask. we make it simple. gnc.
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12:54 pm
six minutes to the top of the hour them personal information of thousands of isis fighters, now appears to be out in the open. after a detector from isis leaked what looks like a job application that recruits filled out. our sister network in great britain, sky news, reports it has these8îu5qm1ñ thousands of them. and apparently the terror group likes to know lots of details about who it's hiring, including family contacts, blood type, previous jobs and special skills. according to their reporting of
12:55 pm
sky news the documents could be extremely helpful to investigators looking to track down members of isis. would-bev terrorist had to fill out1ukj a 23-question form. greg palkot is in london. what more do we know about this leak? >> reporter: well, incredible. could be a huge breakthrough in the effort to break downuájuwash isis terror organization. as you noted, it is a trove, treasure trove, of possible documents from the organization. i was told they all fit on to one thumb drive, which the defector brought out of the isis headquarters there in syria. on you print out the documents they filled ten different cartons. incredibly, allegedly, as you say, their employment applications, more like entry forms. people have already decided to get into the fight with isis when they filled this out. foreign fighters came from 50 nations, including the you'd.
12:56 pm
they're still counting then various jihadsys but my colleagues counted 12 american month the documents, one 33-year-old douglas macarthur mccain, a minneapolis native. went to fight isis in 2014, fight with isis. he was killed on the battlefield. washington says they're aware#ff it. can't vouch for the authenticity. back to you. >> greg palkot. thank you. we'll be right back. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
on this day in 1849, honest abe lincoln filed an application which made him the only utah -- only u.s. president to patent an invention. he said he liked to go out on his boat and would often get stuck on sand bars so he rigged a flow addition device to help lift boats in shallow waters. lincoln's law partner said he didn't think anybody used it.
1:00 pm
honest abe got back into politics as he tried his hand as an inventor, 167 years ago tonight. today abe would note there's a difference between confusion and confidence. don't settle. believe in your family. here's comes cavuto.4 battle for the buckeye state. welcome everyone. i'm chase indian for neil cavuto and this is your world in a brand new fox news poll showing ohio governor john kashich leading donald trump by five with five days to go before at the primary it's getting hot and heavy. blake? >> donald trump said if he wins ohio /# wins florida, he feels ñ essentially over. well, the polling suggests he'll john kashich in ohio than marco rubio in florida. take a look at the latest fox news poll from ohio. it shows the