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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. stirewalt, baer, charlotte hurt, dana loesch. see you at 11:00. welcome to the special edition of "hannity road to the white house." we've been traveling all around the country to meet up with the gop 2016 presidential candidates as they've been hitting the campaign trail to talk directly to the voters. tonight, for the hour, highlights from our recent interviews with republican contenders donald trump, senator ted cruz, governor john kasich, plus show you part of my speech from cpac 2016. first, yesterday we caught up with donald trump in north carolina before he addressed a rally of supporters. in case you didn't get a chance to see it, here are some highlights. >> government spending is out of control. how do we stop the growth of government? >> so i've been watching him for
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so many years, and you can learn from this guy and you can learn from the guests. you know, sometimes you get criticized, oh, he gets his information from television. well, the people that write the greatest of all papers are always on television. >> good point. >> i do watch this one right here, and he's got a thing called -- [ cheers and applause ] we can learn from our sean. he's got a thing called the penny plan. it's a very simple plan, right? >> you want me to tell it? 1 cent out of every dollar, every year for six years you balance the budget. no more increases built into government spending, they got to live within their means. it's amazing. >> except the military. >> you would increase spending on the military. >> i would increase on the military but i'd take more than a penny out of certain -- >> what do we do -- every time you look at the equation, all right, you got discretionary spending then we have social security and medicare. the third rail. >> right. >> would you consider raising the retirement age? would you consider maybe getting rid of cost of living benefits?
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>> i am going to -- i tell you what, we're going to make our country so rich it's going to be so good. we're going to make it good again. we're going to make it vibrant again. we had no growth in the last two quarters, essentially no growth. it's unheard of. if china gets down to 7%, just like they're going to have a national catastrophe, we have nothing, we have nothing left. we've been stripped. if we get our growth up to 4% or 5% i think that's absolutely doable. we can pay for everything. we can have plenty of money left over for infrastructure. the infrastructure of our country -- also create jobs. the roads, the airports, the hospitals, the tunnels, the bridges -- >> you don't think we'll have to cut entitlements? >> i -- >> i want to -- there's two issue you have discussed with me in detail maybe if you can explain to this audience. the money that corporations have overseas, trillions of dollars. >> corporate inversion. >> you talk about corporate inversions, repatriating the
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money. >> right. >> and energy independence and the number of jobs that would be created doing that. >> exactly. well, look, we spend a tremendous amount of money on energy in the sense that we're protecting all of these people that don't like us too much, folks. i'll give you an example. saudi arabia. no problems with saudi arabia. they were before the prices went down, they were making -- a year ago they were making a billion dollars a day. a billion a day. money that, like nobody's ever seen. we protect them for peanuts, practically nothing. we spent a tremendous amount of money. south korea, when you want a television set we go to south -- lg, samsung, they're made in south korea. it's a monster in terms of economic that goes with air-condition, goes with so many different things. even ships coming out of south korea. you look at china. you look at so many differents -- you know, we actually have a -- it's not a lot anymore, but we actually subsidized china. we gave them subsidies for certain things. you've seen that, too. sort of a little bit of a scandal. not a huge amount of money but it's still money. we're subsidizing things in
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china. but japan, we protect japan. now, japan's interesting because we protect them. if we're attacked, they don't have to do anything. if somebody attacks japan, we end up in world war iii, we have to fight for japan but they don't have to fight for us. germany. we take care of germany. we protect germany. the money we spend on our military is massive. everyone says we spend ten times more money than everybody else. we're spending it protecting other nations. and many of those nations are very rich. they got to pay up. we want their help. they got to pay up. okay? [ cheers and applause ] >> let me ask this. [ cheers and applause ] the biggest criticism, and when i read social media about you, is some people that are on the conservative side, they listen to ted cruz's attacks, they listen to rubio's attacks. the other opponents. they say donald trump is not going to be a conservative because he was not a
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conservative in new york. tell us where you are conservative, in your mind, what kind of conservative you are, how do you define conservatism? >> let me start off by saying it's true, years ago, and 100%, i was a businessman. one of the magazines said donald trump is a world-class businessman. i had to get along with everybody. and i get along with everybody. i didn't know i'd be running for office someday. in fact, i was told if you're very successful, you basically can't run for office and i understand that because you go under a microscope. but i took -- i was friendly with everybody. i helped everybody. i contributed to everybody. and to be honest with you, when i needed somebody or had to make a phone call, everybody took my call. it's very good. it's not a bad thing. it's a good thing. so i think people understand it. that includes hillary, included everybody. if i needed secretary of state, they were there. that's what we're supposed to do. when i saw the country going so bad, when i saw the iran deal being made, i said don't make that deal, see so many things going wrong, i see these horrible trade deals, i said, let's do this, i'm going to run, let's see how it works out. i decided to run and from
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literally june 16th i've been number one. as you said, center stage. now, what happens is this. i'm a conservative person. i'm very conservative in many respects, but i'm a conservative person, but i like to say a common sense conservative because i'm conservative on independence and energy. i'm very, very, very conservative on the border and all that. extremely conservative on the milita military. we're going to rebuild our military. [ cheers and applause ] stronger than ever before. i'm very, very conservative on our vets, our veterans are treated horribly and we're going to take care of our veterans. we're going to take care of our veterans. our veterans are treated -- honestly, our veterans are treated in many cases worse than illegal immigrants who come across and have a lot of -- pose a lot of problems. i'm very, very conservative when it comes to education. we're getting rid of common core. we're going to have local education. we've already discussed repealing and replacing
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obamacare. it's going to happen. >> you'd put education back to the states completely? >> 100%. >> all the money would go to the states? >> yeah, to the states. i'm serious. you knows, sean, it's interesting, we are in the top 30, we're number 30 in the world, the united states. number 30 in the world on education. right? we're last. number 30 in the world. you have sweden and norway and denmark and china, number one and, you know, one through four. but we're number 30 and yet we're number one per pupil in terms of money spent so we spend more per pupil. number two doesn't exist because they're so much less expensive. we spend the most by far and we're at the worst part of the list. not going to happen anymore, sean. we're going to bring it back to the local -- i've seen it where the parents are involved, the parents love their kids. the local education -- >> is there anything you think you're liberal on? >> not liberal. i am common sense. look, here's the one thing that the conservatives can't get me, free trade. i'm a free trader. just so you understand. but free trade has to go along
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with the word "smart trade." i don't want to be a free trader, you know, it's free on our side but on their side they're killing us, okay? like china. i have great relationships with china. i made a lot of money in china. i made a fortune in china dealing with china. i don't blame china. i blame our leaders. i wish our leaders were doing -- they currency manipulate greater than anybody in the history of the world. >> here's my question. every time your opponents are attacking you, are they attacking your old positions and not -- >> they like to atake the old positions and they also say i'm not a free trader. let me tell you, i love -- >> here's my other -- >> we don't have the capability -- our leaders aren't smart enough to deal with the other -- these guys in china, in mexico, in japan, these are total killers. these are smart, smart people. they stay awake at night thinking about what to do. whereas obama is out playing golf. >> you've also said -- [ cheers and applause ] you've also said -- you've explained from the first day debate on how you became
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pro-life. you're very pro-second amendment. i know your son, don, is big hunter. >> right. >> you carry gun. >> i do. i'm a member of the nra. [ cheers and applause ] my son is a member of the nra. >> so on -- if all of -- do you pledge -- i guess for those people that write me on twitter and facebook and say, hannity, you're too nice to mr. trump, you don't challenge him on his conservatism, is it your promise and pledge everything you listed, energy independence, cutting the budget, the penny plan, the military, the borders -- hang on -- is everything you're saying, is that a promise and a pledge, this is you? >> it's a pledge. you know why it's a pledge? i wouldn't do that if i thought -- who wouldn't pledge that stuff? it's like basic common se and coming up, highlights of our interviews from cpac, the 2016 republican presidential candidates, senator ted cruz, governor john kasich. plus we'll play part of my
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speech from cpac about why the republican party in the end must united candidate. that when this special edition of "hannity: the road to the white house" continues. ♪ save big during bass pro shops' dog days event and sale.
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i'm patricia stark and now back to "hannity." welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: road to the white house." at cpac i sat down with republican candidates on stage for q&a conversations. this is part of my conversation with ted cruz. take a look. >> this is great. here's a question. i'm going to give everybody in this room the democratic playbook and i want you to tell this audience how you're going to deal with this. republic chance are racist, sexist, homophobic, they want to poison the air and water, want to kill children and every grandmother in the country in a
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wheelchair, paul ryan and ted cruz wants to throw over a cliff. how do you deal with the predictable lies that are coming? >> well, you know, there is this psychological term freud talked about called projection. let's go through each of those. raci raci racist. the democratic party is unwilling to say the words "all lives matter." [ applause ] when did it become controversial to say every human being is a precious gift from god and we vow you, everybody? [ cheers and applause ] and by the way, you want to talk about black lives mattering. you know, in 1990, there were 2,200 homicides in new york city. last year, there were 300.
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that is over 2,000 a year. roughly 2,000 a year. murders that were prevented by the brave men and women of the nypd. you want to talk about thousands of black lives that have been saved because of the bravery of our police officers and all lives matter, but let me tell you, blue lives matter and we stand with the men and women who protect us. [ cheers and applause ] >> so i take from your answer you go and fight and you make the case. >> you take the case right to them. listen, i got to tell you, i cannot wait to stand on that general election debate stage with hillary clinton. [ applause ] she will inevitably stand up and like barack obama prattle on
10:16 pm
about income inequality, and i'll be ready to say, secretary clinton, i'm very glad you raised that because it's increased dramatically under your policies. you know, sean, i'll actually say a sentence that i suspect has never before been said at cpac. >> oh, boy. >> i'm not donald trump, so it won't be x-rated. i agree with bernie sanders. listen, bernie sanders talks all of the time about the liberal media's back there, that's going to be the quote of the day. >> go ahead. >> bernie sanders talks all the time about the corruption in washington, how career politicians in both parties get in bed with the giant corporations, with the lobbyists and special interests and how the game is rigged. bernie's right. when he's defining the problem,
10:17 pm
he is exactly right that washington is fundamentally corrupt. here's where i disagree with bern bernie. if the problem is government's corrupt, then the answer ain't let's have a whole bunch more government. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, senator, one of the reasons i love coming back to cpac every year, and you referenced it earlier, is that there are so many young people here. they are our future. i know, and i'm not trying to be repetiti repetitive, i've asked you this question before, but i want to go through it because this is how profound and deep the problems are right now. you know, you got kids that graduate school, they got to go home and live with mom and dad. >> yep. >> 94.5 million of our fellow citizens are out of the labor force. millions more of them when barack obama became president. 50 million americans in poverty. millions more than when obama
10:18 pm
became president. 46 million americans are on food stamps. we now have doubled the national debt. we have $120 trillion in unfunded liability. the last seven years median income has gone down. my question is for all these young people that want a home and a job and a career and a future and a ladder up, how fast can you help them if you become president? >> we can turn things around overnight. listen, young people are told this is as good as it gets. accept stagnation, accept misery, accept coming out of school drowning in student loans with no hope of a good job. malaise. we've heard that before. democrats say that jimmy carter told us this is as good as it gets and history teaches that is an utter lie. [ applause ] let me tell you how as conservatives we get young people. there's both substance and style. on substance, if you sat down and tried to design an agenda to
10:19 pm
hammer the living daylights out of young people, it would be hard to come up with a more effective agenda than the obama economic agenda. for seven years, young people come out of school with stagnation and can't find jobs. obamacare is a massive wealth transfer from young healthy people to everybody else. and $18 trillion in national debt, who the heck do you think is going to pay for that? we got to go and make the case, look, it is like, for young people, your parents went to vegas, took out a credit card in your name, partied it up, and stuck you with the bill. and i'll tell you an interesting thing the media hasn't reported. we've had 15 states so far. many of them didn't have exit polls but of the one that did have exit polls, our campaign won young people in the state of iowa. we won young people in the state of south carolina.
10:20 pm
we won young people in the state of oklahoma. we won young people in the state of arkansas. and we won young people in the great state of texas. >> there might be something that you and donald trump can put together. we have -- >> i'm terrified. >> it might work out. you might like this. because isis is evil in our time. you agree. i think everybody in this audience understands the evil we face and for the generation, we have got to stop this evil in its tracks. you have stated that you think we should carpet bomb the islamic state which, by the way, is islamic, president obama, and he has said we should bomb the living -- out of them. i'm thinking maybe we should carpet bomb the living -- out of them and i think it's the perfect plan. is that okay? get along with trump on that? >> listen, every militant on the face of the planet, if they go and join isis, if they wage
10:21 pm
jihad against the united states of america, they are going to understand that they are signing their death warrant. [ applause ] and you know, it's interesting, a lot of people in the media characterize strength against our enemies as somehow being a warmonger. i think it's exactly the opposite. i believe like ronald reagan in peace through strength. i actually think the weakness of barack obama invites military conflict. it encourages our enemy. and let me point out that the nation of iran in 1981 released our hostages the day ronald reagan was sworn into office. that's the difference a strong commander in chief can make because the ayatollah komeni
10:22 pm
realized this wasn't jimmy carter, wasn't wringing his hands in fear, he wasn't bluffing. let me tell you, sean, i don't bluff, either. and when your enemies understand that, more often than not you don't need to use military power. you know, biggest country ronald reagan invaded in eight years was grenada. that's what happens when america is strong and your enemies understand it and we can have that again. that is who we are. and i want to finally say to everyone here, i ask you to stand with us. this is a grassroots army. washington, d.c., the establishment, is terrified of everyone gathered here. [ applause ] but if we come together right now, if we unite, we will win this primary. we will defeat hillary clinton
10:23 pm
in november. and we will turn this country around and i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and bill of rights and i give you my solemn promise that when i take that oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution, that i will faithfully execute that oath every single day in office. [ cheers and applause ] coming up, highlights of my interview with ohio governor john kasich. plus the republican party is divided over which presidential candidate to support, but does it have to rally around the eventual nominee? that was one of the themes of my cpac speech. in case you missed it, we'll show you part of that later. this and more as this special edition of "hannity: road to the white house" continues straight ahead.
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. welcome back to this special
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edition of "hannity: road to the white house." last week at cpac i interviewed 2016 republican presidential candidate, ohio governor john kasich on stage as part of the conference. let's take a look. you think your only path to the nomination is through a brokered convention. >> i have to win, it's not impossible. i have to win. after i win ohio, i have to win 68% of the remaining delegates. marco's got to win, like, 64%. ted is somewhere around 59 or 6 0. it's unlikely. and so if nobody goes to the convention with enough delega s delegates, then we're going have to meet -- by the way, they told me the convention is going to be held in cleveland. that's kind of interesting. >> place close to home. all right. i want to talk about your background and experience. i actually think there's some truth to what you say that a lot of people didn't know you. maybe i'm showing my age here but i remember you and pete domenici. >> and newt. >> newt gingrich became speaker of the house. you guys took on a sitting
10:27 pm
president. you did get to a balanced budget, get to a surplus. >> reform welfare. >> now we have $20 trillion in debt, $120 trillion in unfunded liabilities. the numbers are much bigger. can you do that? >> of course. >> how do you duplicate that? >> let me remind you of something that's really sad. when i left washington, we had a projected $5 trillion surplus. okay? and my friends told me in ohio, now that you and your buddies are leaving, they're going to spend it. i said, you can't spend $5 trillion. we could have had private accounts for all the young people which would have given them not only social security, but the ability to grow with the strength of the economy. guess who controlled congress. republican house, republican house, and a republican president no one stood in the breach and remembered the people. and they blew $5 trillion, put us deeper in the hole. i like to say, you know, democrats, they love to spend, so do republicans. they just feel guilty when they do it. i mean, we have to think about this. here's, at the end ofday, if he cannot control this fiscal
10:28 pm
policy, if we cannot reduce the taxes or control regulations, we're going to drift. and we're going have a lousy economy and these young people who want to realize their god-given purpose will be denied it. see, what politicians worry about too much is being popular. you can't -- if that's your goal is to be popular and loved and you worry about the next election, get out. just go away. go do something else. you're in there to raise everybody and make hard choices. i've done it all my life. this is not rhetoric, folks. go check my record. a lot of people run away from their record. please go check my record. okay? and you'll see that it's true, we stand together, we'll have victory in this country. i'm telling you. >> chris christie said there's no way to balance the budget without dealing with entitlements. >> correct. >> we've always been told that's the third rail of politics. hang on. does that -- he said to me, he goes, politicians already stole your social security. it's never been put in a lock box. so does that mean you raise the eligibility age to one day
10:29 pm
before i die and i've been paying in since i'm 12? does that mean that you're going to means test it and the government gets to confiscate all the money they said they'd give you back later in your life? you know, is that the only way to do it or other ways to do it? >> first of all, there is no third rail. if you think there's a third rail, don't run. you go in there to do something, okay, can we fix social security? yes. i'll tell you what it's going to mean. it's going to mean if you've been wealthy throughout your life, you'll still get social security, you won't get as much and those who really depend on it -- >> legalize the government stealing money from some people? >> well, look, sean, at the end of the day we are where we are. i lad a plan 17 years ago that would have fixed this program for 75 years and they just wouldn't deal with it so what i would suggest to you is i don't want to get into all the details but there's basically ious being paid back. the problem we have today is we have a lot of retirees living longer. that's a good thing. and fewer workers. i mean, it's a demographic issue. let's deal with. and let's be as fair as we can.
10:30 pm
on medicare and medicaid, i believe that we can have a system that actually gives us better quality care at lower prices. look, i took medicaid in ohio from a 10.5% growth to 2.5% in my second year. we didn't cut one benefit and we take one person off the rolls. isn't that amazing? 2.5%. how did we do it? we innovated. i wish i had a smartphone. everything in america -- give me that smartphone here, okay? when my kids were about 10 or 11, they said, daddy, what's that box over there? said what box? i said, oh, that's where superman changes his clothes and mom and dad used to put coins in that thing and they went, no way. okay? everything -- let's uberize the federal government. let's uberize all of government and bring technology, innovation, and the speed of business into everything we do in government. and have some guts. let me talk about -- by the way, just give you a good example. >> as you can see, i'm doing a lot of work up here.
10:31 pm
>> let me give you a good example. uber, okay, doing a great job, right? we all like uber. here's the thing. do you realize in cities that the politicians and the regulators are lining up to try to snuff it out. you see, the fact of the matter is we need to welcome innovation and change. it makes us fresh, new, alive again. we got to stop that kind of stuff. >> i want to talk about homeland security. we have people chopping off people's heads, burning them alive. they're saying convert or die. and it raises questions about the safety and security of every american. isis is the modern day evil in our time. >> yes. >> okay. is this an ongoing war? do we have the ability to win it without boots on the ground? >> no. we have to go. no, we have to get -- just like what we did to push saddam hussein out of kuwait. look, here's my view. you get the arabs, okay, you get egypt and jordan and saudi arabia, the gulf states and others and bring our western allies who are really sitting
10:32 pm
right there. we got to go in the air, on the ground, and we have to destroy isis. >> we're going back on the ground -- >> yeah, but look, get in, beat, win it, destroy them, settle it down, and come home. let them over there draw the map. don't be policemen of the world. >> why aren't they doing it on their own? >> because they won't, sean. they won't. so we have to lead or nothing's going to happen and isis is going to grow bigger and dig in deeper. now, let's talk about here at home. the fbi heads the counterterrorism task force along with homeland security state and local officials, and that's good. and they do a great job of disrupting. and for everybody here, you see something, call somebody, please. let me also tell you, we got this big fight going on between apple and our intelligence community. if i were president of the united states, i would take apple and the intelligence community, lock them in a room and say, you aren't coming out until you figure this out and when you come out, our not going to talk to the press about it and we're not going to put it on
10:33 pm
the front page of a paper. we're just going to make sure we're secure. that's what a leader does. and i might put hannity in the room with them. >> that will work. but in all honesty, what i would like to see for america, i mean, we all watched our sons and daughters and they shed blood in ramadi and fallujah and mosul and tikrit and now those cities are in the hands of isis. >> i know. >> just like vietnam, once we politicize a war the way this president has and hillary has and all these other people, you know, our sons and daughters died there and i worry that we -- i think we've got to advance and develop the technology where we don't have to send men and women over there to fight and win wars. aren't we on the verge of cutting technology that will allow us to fight wars without going door to door to door and up armored humvees and dealing with ieds? >> sean, you're right about that because technology can play a really good role, but there's not going to be a substitute for
10:34 pm
people, at least in our lifetime, unfortunately having to be on the battlefield. now, i served in defense for 18 years and rumsfeld called me in after 9/11 and i helped out there. i have to tell you the reality of it. i think the people are prepared for this because we look the other way, there's no negotiation, as you know, with isis. they hate our very existence, okay? so, but the key is, don't be a nation builder and don't think you're going to convert all these people to our way of life. it's not going to happen. >> are we fighting wars too politically correct? ted cruz has said carpet bomb them. donald trump said bomb the living -- out of them. >> yeah. >> and i wonder if, you know, america is too concerned -- look, we care about human life. we're pro-life. >> correct. >> but are we overly concerned about collateral damage to the point where we tied our hands so we can't win wars? >> you go to war, you win the war and don't fool around with
10:35 pm
it. you can not win this from the air, sean. you have to take ground. it's the way it has to be. >> we got to wrap up. >> the united states should never involve itself in a civil war. and we also really fouled up this thing in libya where we withdrew gadhafi, knnow isis is there. hillary was behind it. i mean, when you think about hillary's time as the secretary of state, the whole world, i mean, the whole world started doubting america. now she wants to be the commander in chief. give me a break. okay? it's an absurd consideration. and coming up, i had the chance to address the cpac 2016 conference. during my speech, i explained why in the end it's crucial for republicans if they want to win to come together as a party and stand united by whoever wins the nomination. in case you didn't get a chance to see it, we have some of the highlights of my address and more as this special edition of "hannity: road to the white house" continues. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: road to the white house." at cpac i addressed them directly. why insir jeurgent candidates a doing so well, and why republicans need to unite behind whoever wins the nomination or else you get president clinton. here are the highlights of my address. >> how are you all doing, cpac? do you get the feeling that we're about to take our country back? do you get that feeling? do you get the feeling after eight long difficult hard years that this is the year? do you get that -- you don't get the feeling? keep drinking, you'll feel better. do you get the feeling that the possibility of american greatness can come back to the forefront? i love all of you in this room. you know why?
10:42 pm
because everybody here in this room, when you made your decision to pick your candidate, you studied them, you listened to them, you watched them debate, you heard them, you've watched them over the years and you have emotionally and spiritually in your solar plexus, you made a choice and you believe in that person. the problem is at the end of this process, only one person is going to be the winner. and what i'm worried about here tonight is that if your candidate doesn't win that some of you are going to be angry and emotional that your guy lost and some of you are going to want to pout and some of you are going to go on tv and radio and call my show and say i can't support that guy. and then what's going to happen is you are giving half a vote to hillary rodham clinton. now, we are at a point in the
10:43 pm
process that if you don't like who the two leaders are, we have 14 of 15 states this year have gone to insurgent candidates. cruz and trump. there's a -- there is a reason for that. republicans have been weak. they have been timid. they have been feckless. they have been visionless. and they -- and they broke their word to us. in 2010, the republican party said that they would repeal and replace obamacare. why does ted cruz win four states, four big states? why is he in second place? because ted cruz, unlike his colleagues in the senate, in the house, he was willing to use the power of the purse to defund obamacare. [ cheers and applause ] and we appreciate the fact that he kept his word and was willing to fight. now, in 2014, in 2014, weren't
10:44 pm
we promised something? we were promised that they'd stop executive immigration. they ended up funding executive amnesty. so we have every right to be angry, annoyed, frustrated. we feel betrayed. here's what i don't want to have happen, and i want you all to think about this and i'm not telling you to make a decision tonight. you don't have to make a decision now. as i said, this is my 30th year on radio. it's my 20th year on the fox news channel. and i can tell you this, i don't care if you support trump, cruz, rubio, or kasich. i got it. any one, any one of them are better than hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] you see, we know what hillary clinton and the democrats are going to do in the next election. i'm going to tell you what the game plan is.
10:45 pm
republicans are racist, lie, republicans are engaged on a war on women. i see a lot of women here. lie. republicans are homophobic. that's a lie. republicans, they want dirty air and dirty water. lie. republicans want every grandmother in a wheelchair to be thrown over a cliff. lie. republicans are stealing from the poor people in this country. lie. so we know what their game plan is. and coming up, when we come back, more of my highlights from my cpac address. that and more as this special edition of "hannity: road to the white house" continues. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. . welcome back to "hannity" road to the white house. >> the same establishment is out there, calling the front runner in this race and let's be honest here, they don't like cruz. they don't like trump. that is just a fact.
10:51 pm
true or false? and what they're saying is that they don't like how you're voting because 14 out of 15 votes have gone to cruz and trump. i don't like the republican establishment spreading lies about the kkk, when we know it's a lie. i don't like them spreading lies and sounding like hillary clinton's campaign against any of our candidates. that has to stop, tonight. but this is my question for you here. will you ask yourselves if your heart, regardless of who the candidate is you support, will you in the end of the day, i want to ask you, as a matter of fact i want you to stand. wait. wait. don't stand yet. i want to see, in this room if your candidate doesn't win, you know how the republican party made people a pledge. will you pledge to support whoever wins the nomination? if you will, stand up.
10:52 pm
here is what i want to do. every candidate i spent time interviewing, everyone of them will define isis islamic state as islamic and radical islamic. everyone of them. because i've interviewed them all, will cut taxes so we can support a tax cut. everyone of them talked about energy independence and that means we'll no longer be dependent on countries that hate us for the life blood of our economy. i can support that. every single one of the candidates pledged they'll build a wall to stop illegal immigration. i can support that. everyone has said they recognize that there are 94 million americans out of the labor force
10:53 pm
letting people cross our border is hurting the competition and driving down wages, and if people can come here because they want a better life, so, too, can those that are committed to destroying the united states of america. build the wall. we need to build it. so, if on the economy they'll cut taxes and on energy will be energy independent, all have said they'll give ed being back to the states and balancing a budget. all of them have said they'll repeal and replace obamacare. then, i'm looking at it this way. that we're going to be a lot better offer in the end. i know these are tough emotional times for all of you. this is wearing me out, this election. it really is. but i will say at the end of the day, to all of the young people in the room and i see a lot of older people, you know the life we inherited. the reason i had those jobs and
10:54 pm
opportunities was because my poor, broke grandparents from ireland came here from ireland with no money, my father grew up in brooklyn and i stand on their shoulders in front of you tonight and we have a duty, honor, obligation to make sure we preserve, protect and defend this country for these great people that deserve it. >> more special edition of "hannity" right after the break. st pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything.
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11:00 pm
note. tune in tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, we'll be in florida interviewing for the hour, texas senator ted cruz, again, tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for being withs ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special election edition of the factor. personal attacks in the republican primaries. that's the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. some americans are dismayed about all the personal insults being used in the republican campaigns. well, well see if that happens again tonight in the debate. there is no question, however, that donald trump supporters expect him to be an avenger. a man that will go on the attack if he believes it is necessary that does not hold true for the other candidates and the best example is marco rubio. after being soundly defeated on tuesday, senator rubio